The Controversy of Table Thai Massage – Massage Magazine

Doing stretching

Traditional Thai massage happens on a floor mat. So, it is often thought that table Thai massage involves the therapist getting on the table with their client. This is not necessarily true and might be uncomfortable. An interesting thing about Thai Massage is that the client is usually fully clothed. So people worried about other types of massage might find this more appealing. Stretching is another different component in this type of massage that might help people in new ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Table Thai Massage is a hot topic and one that could provide a better career. Be sure to enjoy Table Thai Massage without any injury as well.
  • Get to know the controversy behind Table Thai Massage as it stands. Teachers want to give therapists an opportunity to have long careers in the field.
  • Read Massage Magazine to stay up to date with Table Thai Massage. People simply trust these writers to deliver the facts as they see it.

“I remember thinking to myself, “This is why I teach—to give therapists the opportunity to have long, successful careers filled with passion and free of injury.””

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