The Beginner’s Guide to Mobility & Stretching


Many men skip stretching and working on their mobility. This can be detrimental to their workout as stretching helps in arms like recovery time and allowing the muscles to take on more strain. One type of stretching is dynamic stretching, in which you gradually work to stretch muscles over a series of smaller movements. Another type is static stretching, in which you stretch and hold the position. Several stretches include: tricep stretches, shoulder stretches, quad stretches, hip flexor stretches, single-leg hamstring stretches, and glute stretches.

Key Takeaways:

  • A static stretch is pretty much exactly as the name implies, a stretch that is held for at least fifteen seconds.
  • A static stretch lasts until the muscle is tight and then released for a short break.
  • When one starts the next set of static stretches the goal is invariably to stretch just a little bit further than before.

“Dynamic stretching consists of movements with a progressive range of motion each time.”

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