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Back pain is a common problem which too many people experience. Those who live back pain oftentimes find that it affects their quality of life negatively, causing them to miss the fun events they love in their life. If they are sick and tired of living half the life they want to live, it is time for them start doing something about their back pain. These individuals need to put the five tips to alleviate back pain found in this article to use, and they can say goodbye to this annoyance once and for all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Agonising back pain is turning gyms into no-go zones, experts have warned on the back of new research.
  • While the pain, and twinges in the neck, has deterred a quarter from exercising for up to a month, a survey found
  • ‘The spine is naturally strong and stable so it’s worrying to find that so many people are being prevented from staying active due to back pain.

“Two fifths of adults are avoiding exercise as a result of the intense discomfort in their lower back.”

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