Thanks for visiting us at the RV Show!

We met so many wonderful folks at the Salt Lake RV Show this last weekend. We were quite busy teaching everyone about the benefits of the massage chair experience and the different models we offer. The HT-1650 still is the king as far as massage chair popularity goes. We see more folks rave about that chair than any other. I think it is so popular for a few reasons:

1. the foot and calf massage is like nothing we have ever experienced in any other massage chair.

2. the massage chair actually looks like a regular lounger that you would expect to see in any living room. The ottoman is retractable so no one sees it until it is deployed and your feet are in it. It is also made of a premium oxhide leather which is so luxurious looking that it makes anyone drool at the site of it.

3. in a word…solid!! This chair just feels strong and sturdy. It doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap in the least.

Yes, it is our most expensive chair, but it is also our biggest seller. Money doesn’t seem to be a real big object, even in these so-called “recessionary times”,  when folks truly want a great chair and great massage therapy session.

The one highlight of the RV show which drove me nuts was the smell of the cinnamon and roasted almonds wafting toward us from down the hall. It was so delicious that I was constantly starving for those treats…even after I had eaten dinner! MMMM…I could eat some right now…

Dr. Alan Weidner