Text Neck Diagnosis Becoming Increasingly Common

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The Edwardsville Intelligencer reports that chiropractors are seeing more and more people coming in with forward head posture, more commonly known as text neck. Caused by holding one’s head down to stare at a smartphone, text neck has become more common because of the wide adoption of mobile devices. Although the disorder is most common among teens and young adults, it has been on the increase among in older individuals as more industries require workers to stay in near constant contact with management via email. And despite its name, text neck is known to afflict those who send a large amount of their free time using social media apps.

The most effective way to stop the development of text neck is to either cut back on the time you spend on your smartphone or to adjust the angle at which you view your device. However, once you’ve contracted the disorder, massage can be an effective in treatment the stiffness and pain that text neck brings about. For one thing, it can relax the tight muscles that have caused your neck to ache. More importantly, it can reset your posture so that your head is no longer exerting pressure on your neck, shoulders and back.

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