Tension neck syndrome – The New Times

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Tension neck syndrome is a condition involving both the neck and the shoulders that consist of severe muscle pain that can actually lead to the person being unable to work. The exact cause is unknown but is likely due to the strains of modern day working life. Specifics of this condition, ways to prevent it through lifestyle changes and nutrition as well as ways to treat it if anyone believes they suffer from it are all detailed here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tension neck syndrome involves a range of disorders affecting the area of the shoulder and neck.
  • It is generally theorized that continual contraction of muscle groups in a fixed position is the cause of tension neck syndrome.
  • Tension neck syndrome can be avoided by maintaining proper working posture in tasks that require use of muscle groups in the neck and arms.

“Aching where the neck and shoulders connect is the most common symptom in this syndrome. The Pain may be only on one side of the neck, shoulder and/or upper arm or on both sides. The pain may be intermittent related to activity or continuous.”

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