Ten reasons why you should always take a lunch break

Their are more reason’s than we realize to make sure we are stepping away from our desks for that daily break we call lunch. The break from your computer reduces your risk of dry eyes associated with looking at your screen and not only improves your concentration but your overall physical and mental health. Reducing your screen time also reduces the amount of blue light you are exposed to which may lead to a better nights sleep. Workers who eat at their desk also tend to feel hungrier and consume more food. If you add a short walk with your meal you may reduce your risk of heart disease, arthritis, and it may provide you enough of a mental health break to decrease your chances of becoming anxious or depressed. Walking outside ups the positive benefits of this minimal activity during the day by exposing your to the sun. The sun helps the absorption of vitamin D, as well as reducing your risk of becoming depressed or anxious.

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