Temple University Survey Finds Student Stress Is Causing Various Health Problems


A new study out of Temple University has found that stress is having a profound effect on the lives of college students. With more than 400 students surveyed, the study found that students who are under moderate to high levels of stress on a daily basis suffered ailments such as oily and irritated scalps, scaly skin, hair loss and nail biting. While none of those symptoms are life-threatening, they do suggest that many college students are currently under a level of psychological stress that is so severe, that it is causing a range of physical problems. While itchy scalps and scaly skin can be treated with moisturizers, living under that amount of stress on a long-term basis will raise a person’s risk factor for heart attack, diabetes and certain kinds of cancer.

It’s also worth noting that Temple is far from the only university to have a severely stressed out student body. Universities across the country have addressed this stress epidemic by offering students counseling, yoga classes and massage sessions. To realize any meaningful goal, whether it’s to get a college education or to succeed in your chosen career field, you have to have a certain amount of balance. Proven relaxation techniques such as massage allow both students and working professionals the opportunity to get a much-needed release from the stress of their daily lives.

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