How to Tell If You’re Unknowingly Stressed Out

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With all the demands placed upon us by our professional responsibilities, social media accounts, hobbies and interpersonal relationships, it’s incredibly easy to get stressed out without realizing it. However, as excess stress can cause you to lose sleep, gain weight and increase your risk factor for developing serious illnesses like cancer, it’s incredibly important to have an understanding of when your stress level has gotten out of control. Recently, Forbes published a piece detailing five things that might indicate you are stressed out without even knowing it.

The first indicator is that you are constantly thinking about problems that may derail you in the future. While it only makes sense to be mindful of the course of your life is taking, having a consistently negative outlook is a sure sign that you’re under a great deal of unacknowledged anxiety. Another indicator is that find yourself becoming extremely upset after enduring a minor difficulty, such as finding that the market is out of your favorite brand of cookies.

Nearly being brought to tears at the prospect of not being able to buy some Oreos is a definite stress red flag. And if you find yourself feeling resentful toward your coworkers because their unable to effectively read your mind, there’s a good chance you’re more stressed out than you think. Click the link below to learn more signs of hidden stress.

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