Zero Gravity – What Exactly Is It?

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus S-Track
Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus S-Track


A frequent question I get from customers looking for a massage chair is whether or not a particular model has zero gravity. When I say that most do nowadays, they usually nod in approval. However, when they are sitting in a chair, they will  invariably ask me “so, what is zero gravity?”

It is a term thrown around quite loosely in our industry because pretty much every chair has it. But, like 3D/4D and L-track vs. S-track, it’s not always immediately clear what it even is or means. I hope to shed some light on it in this article.

According to Lexico (Oxford Dictionary), the definition of zero gravity is, “The state or condition in which there is no apparent force of gravity acting on a body, either because the force is locally weak, or because both the body and its surroundings are freely and equally accelerating under the force.”

Now, when we think of zero gravity, we usually associate that with astronauts and weightlessness in space, which would fall under the first half of the Oxford definition, i.e. “…the state or condition in which there is no apparent force of gravity acting on a body…because the force is locally weak [like in space].” But obviously that does not apply to sitting on a massage chair with earth’s gravitational pull getting in on the act.

The second part of that definition sounds more relevant to a massage chair user because in a zero gravity position, although gravity is still a force…”both the body and it’s surroundings are freely and equally accelerating under the force.” In other words, the body is positioned in such a way that, in a zero gravity position, the body’s weight is more equally distributed relative to the gravitational pull. Let’s talk more about astronauts (and NASA) to see how it all comes together.

The term zero gravity was first introduced to the massage chair industry by Human Touch when it coined it’s “Perfect Chair” a zero gravity chair. According to their website, the chair’s “ergonomics are inspired by the neutral body posture chaise position developed by NASA to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit.” That was the genesis of the term “zero gravity” in the massage chair industry and it has since exploded to the point where pretty much every chair model introduced to the market has the zero gravity feature.

So, we have defined the term “zero gravity” and we have ventured into it’s origin in the massage chair world…but, again, what exactly is it and how is that incorporated into a massage chair?

From my research on the web (the most trusted source of in the world?), I found out that NASA has determined that a body in zero gravity/neutral body position has the following side view measurements: a.) the seat is tilted up at approximately 30 degrees from horizontal, b.)the articulation angle between the chair back and the seat is 128 degrees, c.) the head is tilted forward 24 degrees, d.) the forearms are articulating at a 124 degree angle with the shoulder, e.) the calves are at a 133 degree angle with the thighs, f) and the feet are at a 111 degree angle with the shins. From straight on, the upper arms in a neutral body position would be about 39 degrees outward from the center line of the body. Each of these measurements have margins of error – in other words the true measurements can be within a few degrees more or less than the figures given above and still be considered within normal range (see the diagram below).

zero gravity positioning for massage chairs
Zero Gravity (

(Many folks believe that zero gravity includes having the legs and feet positioned above the heart. That is evidently not true. Although no one would argue that raising your legs and feet above the heart is a healthy thing to do, it is not part of the zero gravity/neutral body positioning.)

It is these measurements, in part, that play a role in the zero gravity positioning of a massage chair. The neutral body position minimizes the effect of gravity on the spine by spreading out the weight distribution of the body relative to gravitational pull. In other words, the weight of the body is evenly distributed so that no one or two points carry the entire weight of the body, let alone an unbalanced amount of that weight. If you think of sitting in a regular kitchen chair, all the weight of your body is forced down onto the seat. Zero gravity or neutral body positioning reclines you to an optimal position wherein the body weight is evenly distributed along the length of the chair. That is what a massage chair tries to do.

Zero Gravity position

I can say that pretty much all massage chairs try to get the seat and chair back angles right, but I can’t say that all of them get the other measurements right. Most chairs with zero gravity have the calves to feet angle higher or lower, the arm angles (side and front view) higher or lower, and the foot to shin angle lower. They aren’t uniform across the board, but the torso to hips measurements usually fall within the normal measurement (taking into account the margin of error). When a massage chair is in a zero gravity position, the chair and body are reclined back.

But, what about 2- or 3-stage zero gravity, which is available on some chairs? Well, those other positions are usually further reclines beyond the “true” zero gravity position. They are nothing special or notable other than helping you recline further with the simple touch of a button. But those other positions are not really zero gravity positions at all. In other words, those additional “zero gravity” settings don’t distribute the body weight of the user as equally as a true zero gravity setting.

I hope this makes some sense and doesn’t confuse you more!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Mail Bag – Iyashi Concerns; Customer with Cancer; Zero-gravity vs. Zero Embrace

CUSTOMER EMAIL #1 (Infinity Iyashi concerns)

emailThanks for the follow-up Alan. There are certain things we really enjoy about the Iyashi but others that have us puzzled and unsure of our decision.

1. love the ‘wall-away’ feature
2. the bluetooth is nice cause it indicates to me that there may be future customization capabilities with programming
the routines of the chair (possibly just wishful thinking on my part?)
3. the very long track on the back rollers that takes it past the glutes to the upper thighs – very nice!
4. the heat and zero gravity features Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi Concerns; Customer with Cancer; Zero-gravity vs. Zero Embrace”

New Immersion Seating From Human Touch – My First Impressions

Last year (2012), Human Touch came out with their new Immersion Seating line of massage chairs. When I first saw them I was impressed with their outward appearance. Human Touch has always been true to the idea of creating chairs that didn’t look like massage chairs, but a piece of furniture that could fit in any room and with any decorum.

ZeroG 4.0

Well, they didn’t deviate from that MO with the new Immersion chairs. They have a contemporary look but not with the overt massage chair features that turn so many people off with traditional massage chairs.

The came out with three models, the lower-priced WholeBody 2.0, the mid-range ZeroG 2.0, and the top of the line ZeroG 4.0. You can check out our massage chair comparison chart to see the specific differences between the chairs, but I will focus a bit of my discussion today on the two ZeroG models.

I flew down to Southern California last month to visit Human Touch, one of my objectives being to try out the ZeroG 4.0 for the first time. I was not disappointed! Here are some of my first impressions: Continue reading “New Immersion Seating From Human Touch – My First Impressions”

A Client Asks – “HT-7450 vs. HT-5320 vs. Panasonic 30007?”

A great email from another massage chair shopper regarding which chair is the better choice…


Just a few questions… What s the difference between Panasonic EP30006 and EP30007 ? Why has the EP30006 been discontinued? Which one s a better brand, Human Touch or Panasonic? I was looking the HT5320 and HT7540 It seen to me HT5320 has more features and is more complete then the HT7540… But it’s a lot cheaper… Why? Is it because the zero gravity? So, overall, what’s the best chair between these that I asked about? EP3007, HT5320 or HT7540 ? Thanks Continue reading “A Client Asks – “HT-7450 vs. HT-5320 vs. Panasonic 30007?””

Zero Gravity vs. Inversion

zero gravity Massage Chairs  seat tilt
zero gravity Massage Chairs  seat tilt

In the past I have written about zero-gravity to dispel misconceptions about what it really is.

Every massage chair seems to be using the zero-gravity feature and it has become very popular. But, the inversion feature is fairly new to the industry and most folks think that it is the same thing as the zero-gravity. It is actually quite different. Continue reading “Zero Gravity vs. Inversion”

My Top 5 Picks for a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Sanyo 7700 Massage Chair
Sanyo 7700 Massage Chair

My Top 5 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Picks

I was asked the other day for my top 5-10 zero gravity massage chairs (As a reminder, zero gravity means a 30 degree tilt of the seat of the chair to reduce gravitational pressure on the low back. Nothing more, nothing less). Well, I could only come up with 5. And, here is the list and my reasoning for listing them in this order:

1. Osaki 7000– a new chinese-made massage chair that fits larger folks quite well. It is a large chair and has a very vigorous massage. The thai stretch feature is also most vigorous stretch program we’ve ever seen in a chair. It is very reasonably priced and comes in ivory, taupe, and black colors. I have the black in my showroom, but my delivery boys who have set up the ivory colored 7000 say it is a very sharp looking chair.


2. Sanyo 7700 – I normally would have suggested this one first, but it may be feel a little cramped for a 6’2″ frame like yours. If you’re all legs, it may not fit as well as the Osaki 7000. But, this is a Japanese-made chair, so the workmanship is probably a little better too. It only comes in black. This model has been around a while and has a very good reputation in the industry. I don’t know what the future holds for the 7700 now that Panasonic has bought Sanyo and they have already discontinued the Sanyo 8700, which was Sanyos answer for folks to tall for the 7700.

3. Osaki 6000 – another from the line of chinese-made Osaki chairs, this one would fit you well and it comes with a very nice range of features, including zero gravity of course. It also has a neck traction unit, imitating the iconic Inada Sogno, which you would enjoy if you have any trapezia shoulder muscle tightness. Comes in a variety of colors and also has an mp3 music system built in, with two external speakers.

4. Human Touch HT-7450 – this is the pioneer in the zero gravity massage chair niche. It has, in the past, been a very popular seller but with the advent of the Osaki line, I don’t see near as many sales of this model as before. I think that when you compare this chair, priced at $3795, to the Osaki 7000, also priced at $3795, you would be hard pressed to pass on the Osaki because of the very rich feature set of the Osaki 7000 (or Osaki 6000, for that matter). Here are the biggest differences between the HT-7450 and the Osaki 6000/7000 models:
HT-7450 Massage Chair
a.) the roller track of the Osaki chairs go way down into the buttocks. The track of the HT-7450 only goes down to the waist/belt-line
b.) no dedicated foot massager on the HT-7450, whereas the Osaki chairs have foot and calf components
c.) the Osaki models have arm massage, the HT-7450 does not
d.) the airbag system in the Osaki chairs are a little more complex in the low back area. The HT-7450 just has airbags that feel like thumbs poking up into your butt and thighs. The Osaki chairs have inflating airbags on either side of the seat as well as in the waist area to induce a rotation motion. The Osaki 6000 also has thigh airbags that inflate to the outside of each thigh.
e.) outer shoulder airbags – the Osaki chairs have them, the HT-7450 does not (I don’t think they are that impressive anyways, so I don’t know if you’re missing out much on that feature).

5. Omega Montage Pro– I have not yet sat on this chair, but there are some things, on paper, that I just love about it in addition to the fact that it boasts a zero gravity feature. Here is what I like:
Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair
a.) rollers in the feet (there are not many other chairs that have this feature and those who have it in their massage chair absolutely love it),
b.) 5 year in-home warranty comes standard with this chair. Hard to find that kind of support for a chinese-made chair as a standard warranty. Very impressive!
c.) The Omega Montage series of massage chairs have an mp3 music system with headphones. Pretty fun if you like to use music while relaxing in a massage chair.

Well, that should just about do it for my recommendations. Many readers familiar with my writings will wonder why I did not include the Inada Sogno in this list. It is because the Sogno is not a true zero gravity massage chair. It has a slight tilt in the seat, but not anywhere near 30 degrees.

I hope these help out in some way in your decision-making process. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions. You can also call me at 801-651-2026 if you’d like to chat on the phone. I am always around to talk.

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-7450 Massage Chair Review – Zero Gravity PLUS More!

Review of the Zero-Gravity HT-7450 Massage Chair

I believe that the HT-7450 massage chair is the first foray into the zero gravity massage chair market, not only for Human Touch but by any massage chair manufacturer. I think the Sanyo 7700 massage chaircame shortly thereafter, but Human Touch was the first to really make the zero gravity concept a winner in this industry.

HT-7450 Massage Chair
HT-7450 Massage Chair

Human Touch had previously introduced their “Perfect Chairs” series, which was a group of zero gravity, non-massage chairs that offered pain relief and an “anti-gravity” positioning which took pressure off the low back.

The concept of zero gravity entails tilting the seat to a 30 degree angle in the reclined position, thus putting the body in the same anti-gravity positioning that NASA first introduced in it’s space program for astronauts who were in weightless environments for extended periods of time.

Along came the HT-7450 massage chair that was the first introduction of that technology to the massage chair market. And, I might add, it has become quite a catch-phrase in this industry. It seems that every company claims to have a zero gravity massage chair, but very few have a true zero gravity feature. Human Touch has won awards for it’s zero gravity massage chair integration.

Now let’s discuss some other features of the HT-7450 massage chair, aside from the zero gravity feature, which make this chair the popular selling chair that it is today.

HT-7450 Massage Chair  Features

  1. Decent price point of $3499 (at the time of this writing). The Sanyo 7700 sells for $4999 and although it has many more features and is manufactured inJapaninstead ofChina, if it’s the zero gravity feature you are after and it is important to you, it is a lot cheaper to go with the HT-7450.
  2. Buttock and thigh airbag massage. The seat has airbags that push up into the buttock and thigh muscles. This is the same airbag massage that the HT-9500 boasts. It is nothing overwhelming but it contributes to a more full body experience.
  3. 8 automatic programs. The remote is very similar to the remote of the HT-7120, but it has 8 automatic programs instead of the 3 of the HT-7120. Instead of just full body, upper back, and lower back programs, you’ll find programs like Sore Muscle Relief, Sports & Back Therapy, Leg/Foot/Hip Therapy, Neck/Shoulders Relief, After Work Stretch, Morning Energize, Night time Soothing, and Auto Demo. It is a very comprehensive program set that caters to pretty much any body needs.
  4. Body Scan technology. Nowadays, most of the nicer massage chair models have a body scan technology of some sort. What this technology does is do a cursory scan of the user’s spine and body morphology to get an idea of the size, width, and shape of the spine and musculature. The chair will then massage according to those scan findings. Human Touch calls their body scan the “Acupoint Detection System.”
  5. Vigorous massage rollers. Human Touch massage chairs are known for their intense roller massage. The HT-7450 is no different. The intensity can be adjusted if the user finds it a little too intense, but if it is a vigorous massage you are looking for, the HT-7450 can give it to you in spades.
  6. The look of the chair does not scream “Massage Chair” to the user. It looks like an executive-type chair. When the calf massaging ottoman is rotated under, one would be hard pressed to know that it is a massage chair. Human Touch is big on esthetics in their chair models. That is evident in the HT-7450.
  7. Safety Stop on the back of the chair base. One of the features I really like about this chair is the safety stop on the back part of the chair base. If a child is behind the chair when mom or dad go to recline the chair, the chair could crush a little one. When that child sits or puts pressure on the safety stop, the chair will not function. This is a very little known detail about this chair that is fantastic. I have two grandkids who love my massage chairs. If they were to be hurt by one, I would be devastated. Great safety feature from Human Touch.
  8. Low back heat feature. I think that heating elements on massage chairs are a little overrated since the rollers will warm up your muscles within moments of starting a program, but if you are after heat, the HT-7450 has it in the low back. You will definitely feel it when it is on!

Well, that about sums up the primary features that make this massage chair so popular. Just a couple of things worth mentioning for massage chair shoppers: it comes in black and espresso (at the time of this writing), with a 1 year comprehensive on-site warranty, and with a  very easy to follow users manual.

By the way, I should mention here also that Human Touch has a fantastic customer service department. It is a well staffed department and they take care of our clients promptly and kindly. Never had a problem with them and I’ve been selling their chairs for almost 10 years.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair – The True Story

My 19 years of chiropractic and the last 9 years of massage chair usage bring me to some conclusions about the zero gravity massage chair. Also, termed “anti-gravity,” zero gravity has become a catch phrase with massage chair shoppers. It has become so

popular that much confusion about the term has resulted.

Unfortunately, many proponents of the feature make claims that cannot be supported. Nearly all sales people lately seem to be saying their chairs are zero gravity. Upon close examination of the chairs said to have this feature, I have to say the claims seem close to false advertising.

History of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity first became known from NASA studies in the space program. The largestUSmassage chair manufacturer, Human Touch, used the concept of zero-gravity to design chairs for the home. They called the line of chairs – Perfect Chair.

To paraphrase the Human Touch website, NASA’s Skylab program discovered a body position which feels like weightlessness.  It is the point at which muscles are balanced with lessened pressure from gravity and the result is true relaxation.  The Perfect Chair recliner is designed to produce zero gravity.

There is a reason you were encouraged to avoid slumping as a teenager. Gravity exerts a horrific force on the body throughout life. If your body is not in proper alignment, gravity will cause all kinds of health problems. By positioning your body at zero gravity, pressure on joints is relieved. All those places like your knees, neck, hips, lower and upper back can relax because gravitational force is lessened. By regular sessions in your chair, you can keep your body structure aligned and healthy.

To give you an example, a common malady is a slouched shoulder posture along with a forward head carriage. Gravitational “pull” adversely affects your spine when you continue in such a body position. Fatigue sets in because it takes energy to battle the effects of gravity on your off-kilter body. The pressure on your joints causes them to wear out with such musculoskeletal conditions as degenerative arthritis the tragic result.

Perhaps you have tried out a zero gravity chair. If so, you know how the term “weightlessness” applies to such a massage chair. Your position in the chair removes pressure and is very comfortable. Sufferers of low back pain are especially helped. I have heard many people say their sleep is better in a zero gravity chair than in their own bed.

So, What On Earth Is Zero Gravity Anyway?

The best seated position to produce “weightlessness” is for the seat to tilt up 30 degrees. That’s zero gravity. A simple idea is what Human Touch used to design the Perfect Chair line. Then they applied the same concept to the HT-7450 massage chair. This was the beginning of zero gravity in a massage chair. This, along with the massage feature, spawned a whole new level of therapy from massage chair manufacturers.

Soon Sanyo introduced the Sanyo 7700 massage chair. They employed the same technology with the 30 degree seat angle along with massage therapy. The true zero gravity chairs, the Sanyo 7700 and the Human Touch HT-7450 are very popular for their respective manufacturers. I believe the tilted seat is the key to their popularity. Since then many new massage chair models have come out with zero gravity as a primary feature. Examples of some of these models include the Osaki 4000, Osaki 6000, Osaki 7000, Omega Montage Pro,

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs – False Advertising?

It is beyond me why there are so many models claiming the zero gravity feature when their seats have nowhere near a 30 degree upward tilt. It appears to be a marketing scheme to take advantage of the current zero gravity frenzy.

Regardless of the massage chair you get for your office or home, whether anti-gravity or not, it will be life changing. You will love it, and your body will thank you. If you want to own a true zero gravity massage chair, now you know enough to ask the right questions before you buy.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Refurbished Massage Chairs!!

I hope you are having a super new year. We, at, just got the go ahead from Human Touch to offer some of their refurbished models to you. This means significant savings for you if you are still looking for a massage chair.

These chairs are factory refurbished AND tested. You will still get a 6 month factory warranty included with the chairs. They may have some cosmetic blemishes but, for all intents and purposes, these chairs are like brand new.

Here is what we have:

1. HT-7450 zero gravity massage chair for only $2395.

ht-7450 massage chair

This chair, new, goes for $3299. Available in black and dark chocolate (not espresso). I sold a used one in 2010 for $2699! So, this price is a very, very good bargain.

You can check it out here:

Just scroll to the bottom of the page and see the refurbished one there. Just click “Add to Cart” when you are ready to go for it!

This chair is one of Human Touch’s “Elite” chairs…top of the line.

2. HT-5320 massage chair for only $1995…normally $2999!

ht-5320 massage chair

Available in black, espresso, and dark chocolate. Check it out here:

Again, scroll to the bottom of the page and “Add to Cart”.

3. Omega Serenity massage chair (white color).

Omega Serenity zero gravity massage chair
Omega Serenity

Although not a Human Touch chair, this is a gently used, 1-month old massage chair that is still in the original packaging. It was hardly used by a very elderly lady and returned to us in pristine, perfect condition last month. Going for only $1699…regularly $2499.

You’ll see this deeply discounted model at the bottom of the page. This is part of the new zero-gravity relaxation chair line-up from Omega. Very stylish, very affordable. Oh yeah, you’ll also get the rest of the 1 year comprehensive warranty
that originally came with the chair.

For each chair you will get:

a.) f*ree shipping
b.) warranty
c.) f*ree bonus gifts that we include with every massage chair on
our website.
d.) in original packaging

(gift cards and 90-day money back guarantee do not apply to used or refurbished chairs)

Please feel f*ree to call me at 801-417-8240 if you have more questions or if you would like to order over the phone.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Omega Serenity Massage Chair in our Showroom

We finally made enough room in our showroom to justify getting one of the new Omega zero gravity massage chairs. Omega came out late last year with two new models, the Skyline and the Serenity. Both nice chairs, but we liked the design

Serenity Massage Chair

of the Serenity and thought it would be cool to have it in our showroom, so that is the one we ordered.

Easy set up and quite a light chair. That made it easy to move around and unpack. We got the white one, which really stands out in our showroom compared to the typical black and dark-colored massage chair models. It is very stylish as you can tell from the image here. The chair retails for $2499 and comes with a standard 1 year comprehensive/3 year limited warranty. We include our $200 Visa Gift Card with that, which essentially brings the price down to $2299. The chair comes in white, black, and brown…pretty standard colors.

It is a very stylish design. The back rollers are not on a track so they do not move up and down your back. The stay isolated primarily to the mid to lower back. There are airbags in the shoulders, neck, buttock, and legs. The Skyline model is exactly the same on the inside, but with different outer design.

Check it out here:

Call if you have any questions.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video

I just realized that it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog entry. You are probably chomping at the bit for more massage chair info, aren’t you! 🙂 Well, nothing too terribly exciting to report. We are still waiting on the new Acutouch 9500 massage chair by Human Touch; Inada will be introducing a new color for the Sogno in a few weeks; we will finally be getting one of the new Omega zero gravity massage chairs in our showroom, now that we have sold the Montage floor model.

I also have another video to share with you of the Inada Sogno massage chair. We get asked all the time if we will make videos of other chairs. YES, we will. I am just too dang busy or lazy to get them done. But, we will be doing them later this summer on other models.

This video introduces the headpiece function of the Inada Sogno, which is very unique. It is the only chair that has a headpiece like this. Check it out…

Inada Sogno Headpiece Functions – Watch more funny videos here

Dr. Alan Weidner

Omega M-2 Orion Massage Chair Redesign

I received a notice from Omega Massage Chairs, whose products we sell on our website and in our showroom, describing to us the design changes to the popular and very affordable M-2 massage chair. Here is what is up with the new design:

Omega M-2 Massage Chair

1. Flat style leg rest with 4 calf and foot rollers. No more calf wells….massage is within the ottoman, but not through the traditional calf wells.
2. Redesigned back pain for added comfort and style.
3. Arched cervical pillow for improved head support.

Great chair for the money. Omega came out with the new Skyline and Serenity zero gravity massage chairs, which also employ the same flat style calf and foot leg rest/ottoman. I don’t know how effective this massage will be compared to the calf well ottoman. I suspect that it will be much less intense, but I have heard through the grapevine that this flat style actually does a fairly vigorous job massaging the calves.

The price remains the same, by the way ($1299).

Dr. Alan Weidner

PART III: Inada Sogno Massage Chair vs. New Sanyo 8700 Massage Chair

Here is the final installment of our comparison between the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair and the Sanyo 8700 zero gravity massage chair:

Comparison between Sanyo 8700 and the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chairs (Part III)

The remotes are very different.  On the Sanyo 8700 the remote stays on a remote stand pedestal and has a separate hand held sensor that detects stress, your areas of stiffness, and your height, so that it can personalize the massage

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair

experience to be as unique as you are! The Inada Sogno has a hand held remote that tucks away into a side pocket on the chair when not in use.  It has a one button touch system for the 8-auto programs that you can choose from on the top.  Under the panel on the bottom of the remote you can use the many buttons to personalize your massage experience every time you use your chair! I feel that the Inada Sogno remote is easier to use and a little more intuitive.

The foot ottoman on both of these chairs is extendable.  This is great to accommodate many different users’ body types.  The Sanyo 8700 massage chair foot ottoman extends out only 8” and can comfortably fit users up to 6’4”.  The extension is made possible by a lever at the side of the seat that, when pulled back, allows the user to push the ottoman out another 8″. The Inada Sogno also has a foot ottoman that extends out to accommodate users up to 6’5”, but it is extended simply by the user extending his/her legs. To retract the ottoman of the Sanyo 8700 the user must pull the lever at the side of the seat and the ottoman will “pop” back into neutral position. The Inada ottoman will automatically retract when the user leaves the chair after the session.

The look of the chairs are very different.  The Inada Sogno is more of a rounded chair and when reclined back seems to cradle you like a hammock.  It has a very contemporary design, for which Inada won a design award at the CES show in 2008. The Sanyo 8700 sits more upright and looks more like a traditional massage chair with an attached foot ottoman.  You can recline this chair back into its zero-gravity position to take all the pressure off of your back. Zero gravity simply means that the seat tilts up to 30 degrees to allow decompression of the lower back. Also, the Sanyo 8700 covers approximately 300 square inches of the body with massage mechanisms whereas the Inada Sogno covers over 1200 square inches of the body with massage mechanisms…significant difference.

Sanyo 8700 massage chair

So, after reading this comparison you can see that there really isn’t much in common between these two chairs, they are very different and both very good in their own rights! Best thing to do now is to get out there and try them out and see which one fits your body the best and feels the best to you! Have fun doing your research! According to our experience, the Inada Sogno massage chair outsells the Sanyo 7700/8700 series by quite a bit.

I hope these 3 posts help you in your shopping experience. I hope these posts are part of your research and due diligence. Call us at 888-259-5380 or our showroom at 801-417-8240 if you have any questions.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair vs. New Sanyo 8700 Massage Chair PART II

Inada Sogno massage chair
Inada Sogno massage chair

I hope you enjoyed Part I of Steffanie’s 3-part series on the comparison between the Inada Sogno massage chair and the new Sanyo 8700 zero gravity massage chair. Here is Part II:

Comparison between Sanyo 8700 and the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chairs (Part II)

The Inada Sogno offers a full-body experience massaging, including air bag compression on the arms, forearms, hands, hips, thighs, calves, and feet.  The intensity can be adjusted by body part individually which adds to the detailed

Inada Sogno massage chair
customization of this chair.  The Sanyo 8700 does not have arm, forearm, hand, or hip massage but it does do compression on the calf and foot.  This model has a two part lower leg and foot ottoman which is different than the Sanyo 7700 models, where the foot and calf components are combined into one unit. The 8″ extension allows for taller users to feel more comfortable in this chair.

The Sanyo 8700 massage chair has 3 specialty programs in zero-gravity reclined position.  This is a very unique aspect of this chair.  The zero-gravity positioning is very comfortable and relieves the gravitational strain that our backs feel every day.  For anyone with chronic back problems sitting in this position for a few minutes every day can make a significance difference in your pain levels. The 3rd zero gravity position is added to accommodate a stretch program in the zero gravity position. This chair also has a very special stress sensor, in addition to the temperature, pulse, and perspiration sensors, that will determine where you are holding your stress and can detect the mental fatigue from stress.  This assists you in retraining your body in dealing with stress in your daily life and can assist you in finding better coping strategies to release and let go of the stress and tension.

The Inada Sogno massage chair has several proprietary features and programs including its Signature Dreamwave program.  This is where the seat moves in a slow figure eight pattern and the air cells inflate to massage and work the lower back, outer thighs, and buttocks from side to side and up and down.  This facilitates passive motion and  flexibility in the hip and lower back. No other chair, including the Sanyo, has this low back technology which, therapeutically, is a phenomenal feature.  It also creates passive movement so that the muscles and joints in that area don’t freeze up, get stiff, or calcify.  For anyone who suffers from low back pain this program truly makes a world of difference because you are not having to actively create the movement.  With the passive movement you can experience the motion without the pain!   It also has a unique stretch program that induces flexion, extension, AND rotational stretch.  It is the only chair on the market that does that!   Its Youth program is a favorite for those active families that have children over 10 years old that may play sports or dance, or may just have tight muscles.  This program takes into account the child’s body size so it doesn’t recline back as far and it keeps the intensity low.  Children can feel great relief from the use of a massage chair as well!

Tomorrow I will post Part III of this series.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair vs. New Sanyo 8700 Massage Chair PART I

Sanyo 8700 zero gravity massage chair
Sanyo 8700 zero gravity massage chair

I just had an inquiry about the difference between the new zero gravity Sanyo 8700 massage chair, which was released last month in the USA market, and the popular Inada Sogno massage chair. It seems everyone wants to compare chairs to


the Inada Sogno. No problem. Here is Part I of a three part series on the comparison between the two chair models (written by our showroom manager, Steffanie Wistos, LMT):

Comparison between Sanyo 8700 and the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chairs (Part I)

Let’s start from the top and work our way down!

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair has an amazing head cradling unit, called a cervical traction unit, that not only kneads and massages the neck muscles but also provides gentle neck traction.  It also has the capability of working the muscles on the top of the shoulders (traps); this is a great way to release tension in these easily abused muscles.  This traction unit is also able to be moved and easily secured at the top of the chair and out of the way, to allow for 2 different ways to use this chair allowing for stronger intensity if so desired.   The Sanyo 8700 incorporates neck massage into the back massage created by the rollers that run the length of the track.   In other words, it does not have a separate unit to specialize in working the neck muscles, like the Sogno.  It does, however, have a neck pillow that allows for some extra support in that area if needed or you can move this pillow out of the way and that will allow for stronger intensity to be felt as well.

The back massage on the Inada Sogno massage chair is going to feel very different than the massage you get while sitting on the Sanyo 8700 massage chair.  The Inada Sogno has 3-D Roller technology.  This is a sophisticated mechanism that works the body from all different planes and not just the X-Y axis.  It feels a lot more realistic…more akin to a massage done by human hands.  The Sanyo has exclusive GK rollers that are wider and have been redesigned and reshaped from the rollers in older Sanyo models. Like most other massage chair models, it only works the X-Y axis of the body.  The track on the Inada Sogno goes very low into the mid-buttocks area and up all the way into the neck. The Sanyo track is also very long and runs from head to hip, but does not go down as low into the buttocks as does the Inada Sogno.

Tomorrow I will post Part II for your enjoyment.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Sanyo 8700 Massage Chair!!

I just found out from a client (it seems I always get the news 2nd hand) that Sanyo has a new model called the 8700 massage chair. I didn’t believe him, so I called my Sanyo rep and, sure enough, 3 weeks ago Sanyo launched this new model. It is in the same family as the 6700 and 7700 massage chairs, but has some upgrades. Here is what I got:

  1. The ottoman extends 8″ instead of 6″ – to make it comfortable for folks up to 6’4″ tall.
  2. The GK roller “balls” are larger on the 8700 than on the 6700/7700 models. This lends to a more gentle roller feel….less of a “shiatsu” feel. This client told me that it is a more comfortable massage than the 6700/7700 roller “balls”.
  3. The foot and calf mechanism is two pieces as opposed to the one piece on the 7700.
  4. 3 zero gravity positions vs 1 or 2 zero gravity positions.
  5. On top of the regular pulse, perspiration, and temperature sensor that the 7700 has, the 8700 massage chair now has a “stress” sensor to measure “mental fatigue” (I have no idea how they measure that, but I am very curious to find out).

The price point is $5999.

We will have this chair on the website by next week, but you can call us anytime for more information or place the order.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Sanyo 7700 Massage Chair…Some Thoughts

As most of you know, we just got in the Sanyo 7700 massage chair into our showroom. I have been sitting on it throughout the week and have some initial feedback on it. Sanyo 7700 zero gravity massage chair

1. I loved the vertical track down the low back on the Sanyo 5000, which is the recently discontinued sister model to the Sanyo 6700/7700 massage chair series. This Sanyo 7700 is just as good if not better. The track goes all the way down to the sacrum (the top of the butt muscles!) and does a wonderful job on the low back. It is far more smooth than that of the Sanyo 5000. After 20 or so years I am back to playing competitive hockey and my sacrum is the area that this 50 year old body laments after a game. The Sanyo hits that spot perfectly. I love it. As a matter of fact, I am playing tonight and will more than likely hit the chair on my way home from the rink!

2. I had to move the rollers up manually to hit my neck. Previous to manually adjusting the roller position, the neck massage consisted mostly of a shoulder massage….a good one, but not all the way up the neck. Once I adjusted the rollers, the neck massage was great.

3. I like the massage roller intensity adjustment for the upper back and lower back. I felt a greater change of intensity when I adjusted the upper back intensity and not as much in the lumbar region.

4. I love the “Home Position” button which, when pressed, will automatically bring the chair back up to the neutral “home” position. This saves having to hold down the incline button whilst waiting for the chair to restore to it’s original position. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but when you have to do it everytime you get a massage, it gets to be an annoyance.

5.  The upper back massage is very intense…and I like that.

6. I may not have figured it out completely yet, but it looks like the 2nd zero gravity position will preclude the chair from using the rollers….it is strictly an air massage when the chair is in that position. I don’t like that. I would prefer to have a full body massage when I am in a full zero gravity position.

I hope this helps you in your massage chair shopping process. Feel free to call us at 801-417-8240 or toll-free at 888-259-5380.

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-7450 Becomes Exclusive to Human Touch September 1st

I was quite surprised to hear this morning in a bulletin from Human Touch that the HT-7450 massage chair and HT-125 massage chair will not be allowed to be sold through distributors such as They will be keeping the chairs in-house and sell them solely through their website,

What does this mean? After September 1, 2009 you can only get the HT-7450 and HT-125 massage chairs through Human Touch, directly. You will not be able to get these models through our site or any other distributor. Of course, I am stuck with a floor model of the HT-7450 but that is good for my visitors because you can get this great 1 1/2 year old chair at a very discounted price ($1999). The downside is that we like that dang HT-7450 massage chair and have enjoyed having it in my showroom.  The zero gravity feature is a great feature. Of course, I have discussed the zero gravity issue, particularly with the new chairs coming our from Omega Massage and the new Sanyo zero gravity chair.

So, the bottom line is there are options if you want a zero gravity massage chair. The best option would be the Sanyo 7700 which is a very popular model. You can check it out here:

Call the showroom if you have any questions about the HT-7450 that we have.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Sanyo 3700 Massage Chair + We Now Carry the Sanyo 7700

I mentioned in my last blog post that I would go into some detail about the new Sanyo 3700 zero gravity (or “best position”) massage chair. It follows the new genre of lower-priced zero gravity massage chairs and is one of Sanyo’s entries into that market. Of course, Sanyo already has the very popular 7700 zero gravity massage chair and it’s sister chair, the 6700 massage chair.

But, these new “best position” massage chairs are a lesser priced model in this market (By the way, we just became approved retailers of the popular Sanyo 7700 zero gravity massage chair. We just put the chair on our website this last weekend and will have one in our showroom in another week or two. We are VERY excited to carry this chair. Because of our great reputation as an online and offline massage chair retailer, we were given permission by Sanyo to carry this model on our website and in our Salt Lake City showroom

Here are some features of the new Sanyo 3700 massage chair:

1. One-button recline to zero gravity position.

2. Firm kneading provided by 4 rollers to lower back, upper back, and shoulders.

3. Tapping/Percussion action.

4. Undulating shiatsu action on the soles of the feet.

5. Airbags for feet and calves massage.

6. Rotating armrests for easier entry and exit into and out of chair.

7. Backrest, footrest, armrests, and seat adjust automatically from upright to fully flat position.

8. Auto-alignment: body-shape sensor automatically adjusts to user’s shoulder height.

9. 6 automatic programs.

10. Synthetic leather upholstery.

11. 23 5/8 inch vertical track.

There is another Sanyo chair in the market, called the Relaxation Chair, that is only carried through Relax the Back. I have been asked what the difference is between these chairs, besides the obvious exterior look. The difference, in a nutshell, is that the Relaxation Chair has massage but it is minimal and only in the form of airbags…no rollers. It is zero gravity, but other than that, not much more in common with the Sanyo 3700 model. It really isn’t a “true” massage chair, as it does not feature the typical rollers that a traditional massage chair would feature. It is also only $200 less than the Sanyo 3700…the Sanyo 3700 going for $2999, the Relaxation Chair going for $2799.

I hope this helps you in your shopping experience.

Dr. Alan Weidner

More Pics & Info of New Omega Chairs…and Our First Client in Bermuda!!

Yesterday I told you a little bit about the new zero gravity massage chairs from Omega Massage. I put up pictures of the Skyline on that post, but have since received more images of the Serenity model. Pretty cool look. Below are those pics of that zero gravity massage chair. Here are some features of both the Skyline and Serenity models, as told to me by Jimi at Omega Massage:

“Zero gravity, Air Massage w/ 7 airbags, Lumbar roller, Vibration massage, total body heat, Auotmatic recline, 360 matching wood Swivel base or chrome legs, Contoured wood back, Mp3 player w/ headphones/memory stick and built in contoller. Keep in mind that the images I am sending are of the first prototypes and things like the black switch on the inside armrest will not be there. Also the Controller top will be color matched to the chair material. We will be offering the chairs in the tradtinal colors and are considering offering exclusive colors to dealers that want to particiapt. I will let you know more as we move forward to the launch of our new line.”

Serenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Omega Massage

Serenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Omega MassageSerenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Omega MassageSerenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Omega Massage

How do you like them? I think I like this model moreso than the Skyline model. I like the different base and the round sides. What do you think?

Hey, we sold our first massage chair to Bermuda yesterday!! A delightful client named Leah purchased the Sanyo 6700 massage chair from our website and this is our first Bermuda sale. I sure wish I was delivering it myself! Way to go, Leah. You’re going to love your new massage chair.

Make sure you check out the chairs in our Discontinued, Closeouts, and Floor Models page: are some great deals there on pristine, like-new massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Massage Chairs Coming From Omega Massage

I just got off the phone today with Jimi and Peter at Omega Massage. We called to find out if the chair back problem that we had experienced with the Omega Montage Elite massage chair is still a problem or if it had been remedied. We had had a few models in our showroom but had decided to not carry them in our showroom because they had recurrent chair back problems, where the chair back wouldn’t come back up once it was fully reclined. Well, they told me that it has been rectified and a new motor has been put in these chairs to make sure that didn’t happen anymore. So, I am glad to hear that.

While on the phone, Jimi told me about the new Skyline and Serenity zero gravity massage chairs that they are coming out with later this year (probably September or later). These are very contemporary-looking massage chairs that go into a zero gravity position, much like the Perfect Chair by Human Touch. But, these ones have massage mechanisms in them, unlike the Perfect Chair. Jimi told me that it has a roller mechanism in the lumbar region but uses more air bags for the other parts for the massage effect. He sent me over a few pics of the new Skyline model and he gave me permission to share them with you. So, here they are:

Skyline zero gravity massage chair by Omega Massage

Skyline zero gravity massage chair by Omega MassageSkyline zero gravity massage chair by Omega Massage

What do you think? Kinda modern looking, but kinda cool looking too. I love the wood accents and the silver legs. We will give you the feature-set for these chairs when I get them from Omega Massage.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Lots of Massage Chair News!

A lot is going on right now with the massage chair biz! I told you last week that Inada is discontinuing their D-5 Robo Chair and D-6 Robostic massage chair models because of the popularity of their new Sogno massage chairs.

Well, I learned last week that Human Touch has dropped their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) on the HT-1650 massage chair to $3999 (from $4795) and on the HT-7450 zero gravity massage chair to $3299 (from $3999). They have also dropped their MAP pricing on the HT-125 to $1999 (from $2299). I wondered if perhaps they were planning on discontinuing these models, too, especially the HT-1650 since they dropped the price on that chair to such a low MAP. I was frankly stunned by the low price on the HT-1650. But, it is great for you, the consumer.

The Panasonic 1285 “Urban” massage chair is now in stock. It has been a popular seller and was out of stock for quite some time. It is now in stock…but for how long, I have no idea.

We sold our Inada Sogno PLUS floor model last weekend because we wanted to bring in the chocolate Inada Sogno PLUS Chocolate with Black Interiormodel with the new black interior material. It had previously had gray interior, but I think with the ease with which that color dirtied, they decided on a black interior. Good move, if you ask me. It stays cleaner and it actually looks pretty sharp…don’t you agree? Well, we got our new Sogno PLUS on Wednesday and Steffanie and I put it together right away. It looks very handsome.

Well, that’s about it for today. Spring is finally in the air here in Utah. It has been a long and cool winter and spring so far. I am so looking forward to a warm summer (I love summer!!). I hope you all have a wonderful and rejuvenating spring.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The New HT-7450 (Anti-Gravity No Less)

I mentioned on my blog entry about the HT-7120 that I would talk next about the HT-7450, which is the Human Touch contribution to the anti-gravity massage chair market. Human Touch has always had the “Perfect Chair”, which is an anti-gravity chair, sans the massage features. Well, now they have integrated the anti-gravity function with the massage features that they are so famous for in their long line of massage chairs.

The whole idea with the anti-gravity is to not just recline your body, but to actually “tilt” it back so that you are seated in a position where the pressure on the lumbar (low back) discs and joints is minimized. A lot of back pain is made worse by the effects of gravity on the discs and the joints of the low back. I have seen it many, many times in practice. This is why the inversion therapies are so popular with so many low back sufferers. This therapy has worked moderately well for conditions like facet syndrome and herniated discs. Well, now you don’ t have to hand yourself upside down screaming for someone to set you back up straight…now you can just recline on the new HT-7450 and get much the same effect.

Now, here are some other features of the new HT-7450:
1. massage intensity adjustment.

2. calf width adjustment on the ottoman.

3. dual lumbar (low back) heaters.

4. seat and thigh massage.

All of these features are also on the new HT-7120 model PLUS the anti-gravity feature.

You see, the HT-7120, like most massage chairs has the back recline and the ottoman raise. What the HT-7450 does is have the whole chair tilt backwards, in addition to the standard reclining features.

You are going to see a lot more of the anti-gravity chairs come out into the mainstream massage chair market, as this is all the rage now in the industry. Sanyo has it’s new 7700 model which also is anti-gravity. But, the price tag on the 7700 is about $1000 more! Both great companies, but with significant price differences if you are just looking for the basic anti-gravity feature.

If any of you have one of these models or are familiar with other manufacturer’s competing models, please feel free to add your comments to this blog. We’d love to hear from you! By the way, we just received one of the new Omega Montage Elite massage chairs in our clinic/showroom. This is a honey of a chair and quite a bit larger than the HT-125 which sits beside it in our clinic.HT-7450 anti-gravity massage chair I can’t wait to learn more about this chair and let you know about it, too.

Dr. Alan Weidner