Las Vegas Furniture Market 1/29/19 – What I Learned!

Dr. Alan Weidner and company
Dr. Alan Weidner and company

I had a wonderful visit to the Las Vegas Furniture Market this last week and will share with you what I learned. I have already posted 3 videos from the trip on our YouTube channel, each video representing a visit with a different supplier of ours.

My video of my visit with Jim Coppins, co-founder of Infinity Massage Chairs, and his demo of the new Overture model was somehow deleted from my video camera and I have been unable to recover it (I’m pretty sure that I’m the one who deleted it, being so savy with electronics and stuff!). So, I will be visiting them in March for a personal tour of their new facility and to go over the new Infinity Overture in greater detail.

Synca Wellnes JP110o & Kagra

These were the two models that Synca had on display at the Furniture Market. They are new models for Synca. The Synca JP1100 massage chair is the first Japanese-made massage chair with mechanical foot rollers. It also comes with a 5 year parts & labor, in-home warranty, which we’ve not seen before as a factory warranty. Quite impressive. It also comes with dual rollers, instead of 4 rollers, for a deeper more target-specific massage.

The Kagra is an upgraded version of the Johnson J6800, which I learned from the rep will be phased out along with the whole Johnson line. They are moving towards the Synca line being their primary line-up. The Kagra is a Chinese-made chair but with the design and engineering input from former Panasonic, Inada, and Fuji engineers.

You can see the video of my visit here…

DreamWave M8

As I have discussed before in my Massage Chair Industry Update, DreamWave is a new line of chairs. The old, familiar Inada DreamWave is now called the DreamWave Classic and the M8 is the newest model for this new line. It is the brainchild of Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA and Furniture For Life. It is a 3D L-track chair with a very unique feature that we’ve never seen before…arm rests that swing open like a car door. It allows for older, less mobile folks and people with back pain to get into the chair easier, a problem we’ve experienced in our showrooms. It is a beautiful chair, made in Japan, and is a great sequel to the DreamWave Classic. It also has mechanical foot rollers and chromotherapy that turns on when you approximate the chair in a darker room. You can check out my interview with Ian Hays, VP of Sales for FFL, in this video at the Furniture Market..

It won’t be fully deployed until May or June of this year. It will be priced in the $9500-$10,000 price range.

Osaki Titan

We dropped by the Osaki Titan showroom and saw an array of many of their models, some of which we carry. They had a new floor model called the Osaki First Class. It is also a 3D L-track chair with the usual features, i.e. mechanical foot rollers, zero gravity, BlueTooth, etc. It has a strong base of neck/shoulders massage, like the Maestro (made in the same factory). It has a comfortable fit and a great stretch program for an L-track. Not sure if we’ll be carrying it, but should have a better idea in the weeks to come. Take a look here…


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, my video interview with Jim Coppins mysteriously disappeared so I can’t show you the Overture. I can tell you, though, that is another high end 3D L-track chair and an upgrade of the Infinity Presidential. It is a J-track chair (you can search J-track vs. L-track on my site search field to see what the differences are) that also has air ionizing, voice recognition, calf rollers and oscillating calf airbags, a USB charging port and a very nice wireless remote. Although I don’t have the video, at least I have a picture of Jim Coppins, Michael Milone, and to prove I was really there!

I will do a thorough video on the Overture when I go visit their new headquarters in New Hampshire in March. Stay tuned.

Human Touch

Although Human Touch did not have a presence at Las Vegas Furniture Market this year, we met our contact from the company, Cathy Lou, at the Furniture Market for lunch and a chit chat about Human Touch’s newest offering, the Super Novo. It is like the XT2 but with some upgrades that escape me now, but I will discuss it in detail after I’ve sat on it at their headquarters in Long Beach, CA. It’s just a skip and a jump from our Cerritos showroom.


I had a chance to see my friends, Nina and John, who own the run the uKnead massage chair business. Although they don’t have any new products right now, they still had a booth at the Furniture Market. They are working on a 3D L-track as we speak and hope to have it later this year. Great people, great visiting with them again.


I visited the Cozzia showroom, although I only have a couple of their e-commerce models on my site. We can’t carry the “good” Cozzia chairs on my site unless I have at least 4 different Cozzia models in at least one of my showrooms. Well, I don’t have room for 4 models of any one brand in my showrooms, so it may be a long while before we can carry any fancy Cozzia models on our site. I put a brief video on our Facebook page of a blinged up Ogawa Smart 3D, which caught my eye when I walked into the showroom. Go check it out. I think you’ll get a kick out of it like I did.

I also had a chance to learn a bit more about the new Fujimedic Kumo massage chair, purportedly the first Japanese-made L-track chair. It is built by EasePal, which is the same company that builds the Cozzia and Ogawa models. It has been a bit of a mystery to all of us until this last week when I spoke with the Cozzia rep at the Market. I found out that it has Chinese-made components AND Japanese-made components. It looks just like the Cozzia QiSE, with the same body, roller mechanism, and non-critical components. The assembly, Quality Control, and some programming is done in Japan. It is not associated with other Fuji products, although the name is a bit misleading. The name will be changed to the JP Medics Kumo at some point.


Southern California Showroom Update

Massage Chair Relief - Southern California
Massage Chair Relief - Southern California

Southern California Showroom Improvements

I visited my Southern California showroom last week to check in on things and meet with some suppliers. I was pleasantly surprised to see some woodwork done on the walls along with some sconce lighting to make the showroom look even better than it did before. The walls were quite bare because of the size of the showroom, but now the decorum is better.

In addition to that, we also have some lettering on the storefront windows as well as on our interior window above the back door. Here are pics to show it all to you…

Southern California showroom window lettering

Southern California showroom wall moulding Southern California showroom wall moulding

I also saw the new Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair which we recently added to our showroom. I sat on it for a bit and enjoyed it’s features. Getting used to the tablet remote will take a bit, but it is pretty cool. When I go back for another visit, I’ll write up some info about my experience on the chair and share it with you.

uKnead Massage Chairs

While I was visiting our store, I had a meeting with Nina and John, the owner’s of uKnead massage chairs. They also run the Zentech massage chair stores in Southern California. They are looking to expand their wholesale business by finding retailers to carry their models and came to us to see if we would be interested in carrying their line. Their chairs, for the most part, are made in the same Rongtai factory in China as a few other of our suppliers and look good from what I saw. I noticed a mid range L-track model that fits a niche in the L-track segment and that interests me. It will be introduced in July and should go for about $5000, comparable to the Titan Alpine and the Infinity Iyashi.

There seem to be a lot of models in the $3000 price range, but not many in the mid to upper price range. Usually, based on my experience with massage chairs, you get what you pay for. The higher priced massage chairs typically have a more sophisticated roller system that justifies the price differential. You don’t really appreciate it until you sit on them in the showroom, side by side, and notice the different feel of each model. I’ll let you know if we decide to carry their line of chairs. Currently, they have 3 models available. Two of them are L-track chairs and I couldn’t help but notice how the rollers actually hit the “belly” of my hamstrings. Most L-track chairs hit the gluts and piriformis muscles, as well as the insertion points of the hamstring to the pelvis. But, these two models seemed to reach lower and massage the middle of the hamstrings. Quite impressive.

Feel free to email or call me anytime to chat about these chairs or any of our other models.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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