Mail Bag – DreamWave Classic, iRobotics 7, and L-Track

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Customer Question #1a

Dear Alan,

I have been searching for a good massage chair, but I’m having trouble deciding which chair would be best for me.

Over the years I have tried the basic Panasonic, and brief demos of the newer technology chairs, but I have been disappointed. I’m trying to find a chair that can duplicate the feel and beneficial effects of a human massage on my main trouble spots: back, shoulders, and neck.

I tried using the comparison feature on your website, but it did not help me narrow down my search. Can you recommend a specific model that would solve my issue?



My Response #1a

Inada DreamWave

DreamWave Classic

Hi, Loren
Thank you for your email. Feedback from visitors to my showroom is that the DreamWave Classic massage chair comes the most close to mimicking human hands. It has some versatility as far as the neck and shoulders are concerned…a headpiece that has airbag massage of the neck and traps or rollers to give the neck and upper back a good, stiff massage. It also has a great low back massage. Check it out here…

Customer Question #1b

Thanks for the fast response Alan. I see why you recommend DreamWave; the specs and number of testimonials are very impressive.

One concern I still have: DreamWave uses Airbag pressure to do a lot of the functions. In the past when I briefly tried similar chairs, the Air cylinders held my neck or arms in place, but did not seem to really relax my muscles like an intense roller (or human hands) could do. Is there any airbag technology difference between DreamWave and the other high end chairs?


My Response #1b

Hi, Loren
Yes the DreamWave uses a lot of airbags but aside from the traditional use of airbags in other chairs and uses them a little more creatively…

1. airbags in the headpiece are used to massage the neck and offer compression onto the trap muscles…something we don’t really see in any other chair.

2. airbags on the lateral aspect of the thighs actually offer a pretty deep massage of the IlioTibial Bands…again, something we don’t see very much of. Most other chairs use the hip airbags simply to hold the hips in place while the rollers go up and down the lumbar spine. But, in the DreamWave the airbags actually perform a compression massage.

3. airbags are used to move the seat up and down and side to side…this is what the term “DreamWave” actually alludes to. This is the first chair to use airbags in the seat to introduce passive motion to the low back and pelvis. Again, quite unique and innovative.

4 waist airbags are used to move both sides of the low back forward, simulating a rotation or “twist” of the lumbar spine. Very innovative in this industry…but now everyone has employed that in their chairs.

I hope this helps a bit in understanding how DreamWave uses airbags, but not in a typical fashion. Of course, the rollers in the back reach the neck all the way down to the sacral area of the pelvic area. Great roller massage. Combined with the airbags this chair gives quite a remarkable overall massage experience.

Customer Question #2

After 11 years as a US army physician and more than a decade working at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, I have returned back to the great state of Texas. I have put off buying a massage chair due to the 220 vs 110 voltage difference. Too many sandbox tours have left me with chronic knee pain and lumbar pain. Also as a gastroenterologist, I am constantly looking at monitors while pushing scope and suffer from cervical/thoracic muscle strain. I am looking at a couple different chairs to include the Osaki, Inada, Panasonic and the Luraco. I have touched base with Luraco as they are in Dallas and they do offer veteran discounts. Not surprising as they are the only US massage chair manufacturer. FWIW, I am 5’11” 220 lb and my wife is 6’1” and 160lbs. Is there any particular chair that you would recommend? Jeffery

My Response #2

Hi, Doc
Thanks for your email. My experience is that many massage chairs don’t have the strongest neck massage, although most massage chairs have a great mid thoracic massage and a sufficient lumbar massage. Here are some thoughts that crossed my mind as I read your email:

1. There really aren’t any massage chairs that work directly on the knees, however there are a couple of models that have very good IlioTibial Band airbag massage, soft tissue that is typically affected by knee and back problems. Take a look at the DreamWave Classic and the Panasonic MA73. The Luraco iRobotics 7 has a 2-tiered calf massage mechanism that reaches up to just below the knee, which might also serve your knees well.

2. Most chairs hit the lumbar region well, but there are a couple of models that do an exceptional job in the sacro-iliac area. Again, consider the DreamWave Classic which has a roller track that hits the sacral area better than most. The trade-off is that the DreamWave does not have a zero gravity feature, which allows the roller track to hit lower down the spine. I wrote an article about that trade-off on my blog. Here is the link:

iRobotics 7

iRobotics 7

Incidentally, the Luraco iRobotics 7, mentioned above, does have the zero gravity feature. Another type of chair that might impress your lumbar and gluteal areas is the new L-Track chairs, where an extended roller track goes down the spine and under the seat to the top of the hamstrings. This is a wonderful new feature that really does a dang good job on the low back, glutes, and piriformis muscles. A couple of models to consider would be the Infinity Iyashi (although the neck massage is not stellar), Infinity Escape, the Apex Ultra, and the Titan TP-Pro Alpine. Take a look at those and see what you think.

3. The Osaki chairs are great overall chairs, but I often feel as though they are not outstanding in any one feature. But, they are a great bang for the buck.

4. Our most popular selling Chinese-made chair is the Infinity IT-8500. Awesome neck and upper back massage, good lumbar massage, mechanical foot rollers, and zero gravity to boot. Take a look at that model.

Our top selling Japanese chair is the DreamWave. Therapeutically, one of the best feature-sets around, and the quality, life expectancy, and failure rate are superb, but you pay for it. Great neck roller massage and, as I mentioned above, a great lumbo-sacral massage with a masterful combination of rollers and airbags working on that region. The US-made iRobotics 7 has taken the industry by storm and has a wonderful feature-set, too, including foot rollers and zero gravity.

I hope this helps somewhat. Let me know if you have any other questions or need assistance with your order. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

(Transcript) Shoulder & Waist Airbags – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair (Video)

Titan TP Pro Alpine
Titan TP Pro Alpine

Transcript of Video Titled “Shoulder & Waist Airbags – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair”

[SCREEN TEXT: Shoulder & Waist Airbags]

TP-Pro AlpineAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to discuss the shoulder airbags and the waist airbags of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. Now, if you take a look here, you can already see these airbags inflating, behind where the shoulders would be if you were seated in here. Now, the reason I’m not sitting in it right now, and demonstrating it to you with me in it, is because it’s not quite as overt when someone’s there. You don’t see the body moving quite as much, but what these airbags do is they inflate from one side, to the other, to induce a rotation of the upper body. So, what’ll happen is these waist airbags will inflate on one side, with the shoulder airbags on the other, and it induces this rotation of the torso, and then the other airbags will inflate, and the opposite waist airbags will inflate. At times, both of them will inflate at the same time – both of the shoulders will inflate at the same time – but in the stretch program on this Alpine chair, they work one after the other, to help induce rotation of the upper body, of the torso.

[SCREEN TEXT: ‘’ 888-259-5380]

Alan: So, shoulder airbags are used differently on different chairs. You may recall from other videos that we’ve done that there’s airbags that inflate to the front of the shoulders, and pull them back, there’s airbags that inflate to the sides of the shoulders, to hold the upper body in place while the rollers go up and down. Well, on the Alpine, the shoulder airbags work from the back, and they are hidden when the chair’s not on, you can’t even see the shoulder airbags, until you turn the chair on, then you can see the airbags inflating, and you can feel it inflating, one side, and the other, and then both of them, and then the hips, or the trained waist, at the same time. Now, the wisdom in a setup like this is that many of these other chairs that have the side shoulder airbags, they have a hard plastic, or fiberglass, shoulder housing, to hold the airbags, and when you sit in there, if you have broad shoulders, or you’re a large upper-bodied person, you might find yourself too tight inside – between those shoulder housings – so it can become uncomfortable. You may not fit comfortably, you might feel a little claustrophobic, or the airbags might push you too hard, and squish you too hard, because there’s not much room – there’s no give, when those inflate, the hard outer casings, or housings, they don’t move – just the airbags move to squish you, and that might be uncomfortable, if you have broad shoulders, like I do, or if you have a large upper body.

[SCREEN TEXT: ‘’ 888-259-5380]

Alan: Well, the airbag solution, for the Alpine, for these issues, is that the airbags inflate from the rear, and when they they inflate from the rear, you can have as wide a body as you want in here, without feeling claustrophobic, or restrained. So, that is how the airbags in the shoulders, and the waist works, on the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. It’s clever for making fit right for larger-bodied people, but it also creates this nice rotation stretch of the upper – or the torso, from the waist up – it’s a great feature to have as well. So, that is the airbags of the shoulders and the waist, of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380. Otherwise, please thumbs up ‘Like’ our video, or share us on any of your social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, whatnot. We appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Titan Alpine vs. Titan 8400 – Comparative Review

TP-Pro Alpine
TP-Pro Alpine
TP-Pro Alpine
Titan Alpine

These two models came onto the market at about the same time in 2014. Both are L-track chairs and since they are from the same company, and since lots of folks are interested in an L-track chair, these chairs have been compared with one other. The fact that the Titan 8400 is $2995 and the Titan Alpine is $5495, people always ask me if the chairs are worth the price difference.

Well, I figured it was time to compare the two on our blog so that everyone can get an idea of the similarities and differences, and be able to come to a conclusion as to whether the price difference is justified. I have both chairs in my Utah showroom, so I can also give some subjective input about each chair and how they are received by our showroom visitors. I have also written separate reviews about both chairs. You can read those reviews here: Continue reading “Titan Alpine vs. Titan 8400 – Comparative Review”

A Great Massage Chair Customer Inquiry

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emailAloha Dr. Weidner,


Thank you so much for your e-mails and your highly informative website and You-Tube videos. By all accounts (client testimonials in particular) you seem to be a man of impeccable integrity and honesty.  A very refreshing way for a man of business to build and maintain a loyal clientele. Thank you for providing us with your valuable services.


My wife and I are looking for the perfect massage chair (I know, I know, if you only had a nickel for every time you’ve heard that). I’m hoping that you’ll provide us with some guidance as to which of your chairs you might recommend for us.  Let me list some of the criteria we have in mind for a chair. Continue reading “A Great Massage Chair Customer Inquiry”

Mail Bag – Inada Flex 3S vs. IT-8500; Laundry List of Needs; Chair for 4’11”

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emailQuestion #1
Dr. Weidner I never thought I’d consider a massage chair due to the prohibitive cost for me. I’ve owned all sorts of cheaper massage gadgets over the years for tight muscles. I have very little flexibility in my muscles and have had two cervical spinal fusions with the last being in 12/13. I am fused C3-7 now. I also have lower lumbar tightness.

I’m a Teacher’s Assistant who works with developmentally disabled adults who doesn’t make a lot of money and I’m very careful how I spend my money. It then hit me in brookstone why don’t I invest in something that will benefit my health. This raised my budget from $1000-$3000 That being said I wasn’t going to go crazy. Being price conscious I first looked at Brookstone’s $1200 osim ustyle 2 chairs which gave a great rougher roller back, neck and foot massage but the chair wasn’t big and it wasn’t too comfortable. It was a really narrow small chair. I then tried the Osim divine S $3200 which was great in those same ways, but didn’t have Zero gravity. The Astro 2 $3800 had Zero gravity and stretch but the massage was real soft so I was left confused. I could buy a refurbished brookstone chair to lower cost but I hadn’t tried any others and heard that brookstone didn’t have great customer service if something broke.

I decided to do some research. I came across your massage chair relief site which is a wonderful resource, but my main dilemma has been that besides brookstone in Syracuse N.Y. there is no other place to try chairs out. As you know there are tons of chairs online. I also am not a big flyer so as much as I would love to travel to your store it would be hard given the time of year (school). I went to the recent New York State fair and tried some cozzia chairs last week in the 2-4 thousand range (my range) and wasn’t very impressed and then tried the Flex 3 inada chair which was a revelation. The roller was so wide across my back and the stretch was unbelievable, but the foot part wasn’t working at the time. The other chairs really did feel amateurish compared to the inada. It seems like the rollers were so smooth and well put together. The salesmen there though were very aggressive and after 10 minutes wanted a buy decision. Would anything compare to the inada for $6500 which was way out of my budget? Besides the inada wasn’t zero gravity and I didn’t get to feel the foot massage.

I’ve been looking at your site and amazon and reading reviews. It’s very important to me that if I am going to spend the money even 3-4 thousand that the company be reputable if there is a problem. This is what I’m looking for in a chair:

1. A tougher massage that I can pinpoint and adjust to certain areas to work out knots

2. The upper shoulder, neck and scapula region is very important to me.

3. The lower lumbar region is very important to me

4. The foot massage is very important to me. I like a stronger roller foot massage.

5. I’d like a zero gravity chair

6. I’d like a chair that can give a good stretch similar to the inada flex and works on posture

7. I’d like a 3D roller chair

8. Reputable company to back it up.

What I don’t care about so much is:

1. music

2. lights

3. Vibrational massage isn’t that effective for me

4. Soft massage

5. Forearm, and hand massage isn’t that important to me.

I’m wondering if in my price range 3-4 thousand anything can compare to the Inada feel of the flex 3 with the additional features I’m looking for. I wonder if you can help shed some light on this for me. What is your opinion of the Brookstone chairs? Thanks in advance Chip from Syracuse N.Y.

My Response #1


Hi, Chip
Thanks for your email. After reading your email and considering your pain presentation as well as your list of must-haves, I would strongly recommend that you consider the Infinity IT-8500. It has everything you are asking for, except for the 3D rollers. But, it defaults to a very intense, vigorous roller. You can make it less intense by using a pillow, pad, or folded up blanket. It has everything else you need. Great chair. It is our top selling Chinese-made chair. It’s not an Inada, but it is a very popular chair for our shoppers…particularly those who come to our showroom and try a bunch of chairs out. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Flex 3S vs. IT-8500; Laundry List of Needs; Chair for 4’11””

Introduction – Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair (Video)

TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400

Quick Hits – iRobotics 7; 18 Month 0% Financing; Visit to Texas

rss icon
rss icon

rss-icon-1-970189-mHere are a few things of note that are going on in our business as well as the massage chair industry:

1. Luraco iRobotics 7

Luraco introduced a new model, the iRobotics 7, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas back in January. At that time, the chair was not fully completed but the body was on display at the show. That model is now about ready for market deployment and I will be checking it out next week during my trip to Texas (see #3 below).

Here is what I know about the chair so far: Continue reading “Quick Hits – iRobotics 7; 18 Month 0% Financing; Visit to Texas”

Review of Titan TP-Pro Alpine

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair
Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair

Pro-Apline  45dThe new Titan TP-Pro Alpine has fast become one of my favorite chairs. It is one of two new chairs from Titan that features the extended roller track, a.k.a. L-Track. This model is a bigger-bodied chair than the 8400 and seems to have a more sophisticated roller mechanism. I will get into a comparison of the 3 L-Track chairs we carry (the Titan 8400, Titan Alpine, and Infinity Iyashi) in another article, but for today I just want to discuss the features of the Alpine. Continue reading “Review of Titan TP-Pro Alpine”

Christmas Shopping Deadlines!

delivery truck
delivery truck

truck-delivery-1042539-mAs anticipated, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday was crazy busy! Because of the number of sales and the number of people who called me to see if they could have a few more days to decide on the right massage chair (it’s not really a spur of the moment decision!), we have extended our Cyber Monday pricing to the end of this week. I can’t put the deals on the website, so you’ve got to call me at 888-259-5380 to find out what pricing is available for the rest of this week. Continue reading “Christmas Shopping Deadlines!”

New Massage Chair Category – Titan Chairs!

TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400

I have been carrying Osaki massage chairs for a few years now and they have become one of our best selling categories of chairs. In other words, I sell a lot of the Osaki massage chairs. Well, you may or may not know that Osaki and Titan chairs are both owned by the same company and are manufactured in many of the same factories. I have not carried Titan chairs before because of the lower grade components and the fact that many of their models were copies of some of the Osaki chairs I was already carrying.

A month or so ago, I was approached by the folks at Osaki/Titan to see if I would consider carrying a couple of new Titan models that they wanted to distribute through a few select retailers. They are quite high on these two chairs because they are affordable models that have features that can normally only be found on more expensive models. I checked them out and decided to carry them. You can check them out on our website. Although I haven’t sat on either of them yet, I am excited to see the rich feature-sets for the low price points. Continue reading “New Massage Chair Category – Titan Chairs!”