FDA Approved Massage Chairs? Really?? Don’t Believe It!

square grunge red fda approved stamp
square grunge red fda approved stamp

If you have read any of my articles or watched any of my Massage Chair Industry Update videos in the past, you know that there are certain things that I consider my “pet peeves” in the massage chair industry. Topics like 4D vs. 3D massage chairs, chromotherapy, and no-name brand marketing tactics. Well, the subject of “FDA Approved” massage chairs is another one.

FDA & Medical Devices Background

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has specific grading standards and protocols in place to determine if a new medical device or product, that claims a health benefit, is a Class I, Class II, or Class III product and, thus, requires FDA approval of that product for the US marketplace and consumer. Of course, these grades and approvals are designed to make sure the products are safe and do not pose a potential danger or threat to the American consumer. They are in place to protect you and me.

According to www.fda.gov, examples of Class I devices present minimal potential harm to the user and include products like “enema kits and elastic bandages.” Examples of Class II devices include “powered wheelchairs and some pregnancy test kit” and have a higher risk.  Class III devices usually sustain or support life, are implanted, or present potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury. They can include products like “implantable pacemakers and breast implants.”

95% of Class I devices are “exempt from the regulatory process” and, thus, do not require FDA approval. 10% of medical devices are considered Class III do require the FDA approval. 43% of medical devices fall under the Class II category. Some of them require FDA approval and some don’t.

What Does FDA Approval Entail?

Approval involves notifying the FDA with the intent to market a Class III and, in some cases, a Class II medical device. Those companies seeking approval must first submit a PreMarket Approval (PMA) application or 510(k). The FDA will determine if the medical device seeking approval is “substantially equivalent (as safe and effective) to a device already on the market.” If the device is considered “substantially equivalent”, then the manufacturer can market the device. If it is not, then the approval process continues.

Massage chairs are considered Class I devices, therefore they DO NOT require FDA approval. They do not require a PMA or 510(k) application. If you see any advertisement from any massage chair company that says “FDA Approved”, rest assured you are seeing a classic example of false advertising!!

FDA Approval vs. FDA Registration (a big difference!)

Now, let’s talk about “registration” of a product with the FDA, which is not an “approval” by the FDA. From what I got in my research (online search and phone conversation with an FDA medical device rep), any medical device can be registered by a manufacturer or a US rep for a foreign manufacturer. Registration is a simple process that involves divulging information about the company submitting the registration, submitting the products that are being registered, and an annual renewal fee.

I went through the www.fda.gov site and searched for massage chair company registrations. I saw Family Inada, Human Touch, Luraco Technologies, Infinity, and Osaki Titan as listed massage chair companies. I also saw the manufacturing plant for the Cozzia and Ogawa (and, I assume Fujimedic) massage chairs. So, from what I gathered by reviewing those registrations, either the US distributor of the massage chairs or a US contact person for a foreign manufacturing facility can register the medical devices.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: there are no massage chairs that are FDA Approved for the simple reason that they are Class I medical devices and do not require FDA Approval to be marketed in the USA. However, massage chair companies can and do register their company and their medical devices with the FDA by paying a fee and renewing that fee annually. That DOES NOT mean their chairs are FDA Approved. They are quite simply just registered with the FDA. I would say it’s safe to say that most, if not all, massage chair companies in the USA are registered with the FDA. So, when you see a company state that it and it’s products are FDA registered, know that most are and it is nothing unique to that company or products.

So, if you see an advertisement of a massage chair that says “FDA Approved”, just know that it is false advertising and completely misleading. Don’t be afraid to call out companies that do that! Also, if you see an advertisement of a massage that says “FDA Registered”, know that most, if not all, already are. If you doubt the veracity of their claim, just ask for their registration number and you can look it up on www.fda.gov.

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. Give us a “Like”, “Share”, or “+1” and if anyone would like to shed more light on the subject, please feel free to comment below. I am certainly not an expert on FDA approvals, but hopefully this article will get a conversation going.


Massage Chair Industry Update – March 24, 2016 (Video)

golden microphone
golden microphone

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – March 24, 2016”

microphoneAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Thursday, March 24th, 2016, and not a whole lot to talk about today. Of course, I always say that, and I end up yakking forever, but here’s the things that we’ve got cooking.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: Let me get in to stock just briefly. I emailed the massage chair companies last night for information about their stock, and the only one I heard back from was Infinite Therapeutics, so – or Infinity now, as they’re more commonly known as, they have the – oh, and then Human Touch also notified me that the WholeBody 5.1 is out of stock. They didn’t have an estimated time of arrival of the new models. So, that’s the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1. They discontinued the ZeroG 2.0, and I think they’re also discontinuing the Human Touch 7450, so there are some changes there. Now, Infinity, they’ve discontinued the ‘Ivory’ IT-8500, they’ve discontinued the Iyashi, white exterior with the caramel interior, and they’ve discontinued the IT-8100, but I’m going to talk about a new model that they just introduced, to kind of replace that one, and I’ll talk about that in a moment, and also, the black on black Iyashi is just on back-order. So, that’s the only chair they have on back-order, and that’s back-ordered for two to three weeks. As far as Inada goes, I think they’re all in stock there. I haven’t heard of any other Human Touch chairs that’re back-ordered. Osaki, Titan, and, Apex, I never really quite know until I place the order, if they’re back-ordered. I believe the Ogawa chairs are all in stock. I think the Ogawa Refresh was back-ordered until the middle of March, I believe that’s in stock now. So, anyway, if you have any questions about stock at the time of purchasing any particular model, let us know, and I will say that sometimes we think that they’re in stock, or that we’re told that they’re in stock, and then you know, a week later, someone places an order, and then we send the order in, and they tell us ‘Oh, that’s back-ordered.’ Well, sometimes they don’t know fully if the chairs are back-ordered or not, at the moment – well, let me put it to you this way – at the time that they tell me that they’re stocked, or not stocked, I believe that, but the stock could disappear in a day or two, or three, or four after I do this recording. So, a week from now, the stock may be gone, and we’ll let you know if the stock, if it’s back-ordered, and usually it doesn’t take longer than one or two weeks, except for the Infinity Escape, which took like two-and-a-half months. January, February, oh my goodness, yeah, we didn’t – we got it, January, February, half of March – yeah, it was two-and-a-half months. That’s rare, that’s very bothersome to me as a retailer, and very bothersome to my customers, but sometimes that happens. So, anyway, having said that, let’s move on.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Infinity IT-8500X3 & Infinity Evoke]

Alan: Infinity, now, I told you that they were discontinuing – or that they discontinued the IT-8100 – well, they’ve made a couple of exciting announcements, one of which is very interesting to me. The Infinity IT-8500, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the Infinity IT-8500 is a Chinese-made chair, all the Infinity, and Osaki, and Human Touch, they’re all Chinese chairs, but their chair, the IT-8500, has been our top selling Chinese chair for as long as I’ve been selling it. I figure that’s probably five, maybe five years, and our top selling Chinese brand, or Chinese model, made model. It just continues to be a popular chair, and the one thing that it lacked, in my humble opinion, was – it was a – it didn’t have the 3D rollers. Well, people were fine with that, because, and I’ll talk about this a little later as well, as far as adjusting intensity, for a chair that does not have 3D rollers, but this chair, the IT-8500, very popular chair, good bang for the buck. It was priced, for the longest time, at $3995. Now, it’s $4295; still a very good price, for a good feature set in a chair. Well, they’ve come out now, with the new IT-8500X3, and that has – and the X3 alludes to the 3D technology – so it has the same fit, and same body. I’m just looking at the thing here, excuse me, the spec sheets, and let you know what they have. They’ve got new 3D auto programs, they’ve got an auto extend neck feature, they’ve got five 3D intensity levels. Let’s see the chair is going to be selling – it’s going to be retailing for $5795, with a $300 off promo code, so that’s – instant savings, that is, so it’s $5495. So, it’s going to be $1200 more than the IT-8500, which will have the – but it’ll have the 3D rollers, it has – oh, it says here also, it has the Bluetooth compatibility. You know, the 8500 has the older, you know, download your music to a jump drive on your computer, and then plug it in to the USB port in the back of the IT-8500. Well, now it’s going to have Bluetooth connectivity, which is great because you can just connect from your cell phone, and play your music. It has a sleeker, redesigned remote, so I don’t know what sleeker looks like, but I know the remote right now, it’s a fairly, good rectangular shape. It’s a good size, easy to see, but we’ll see how it looks, and it still has the decompression stretch, and spinal alignment. They call it spinal alignment, it’s the shoulder airbags that pin the shoulders back. The stretch program on the IT-8500 is awesome, the neck massage, awesome, foot rollers, awesome, it’s a great chair. So, I’m very curious to see how this new IT-8500X3 is, and I’ll let you know once I find out more about it. I’m sure we’re going to get it in one of our showrooms – but one, maybe both of our showrooms – but definitely we’ll have it in the California showroom. Anyway, there’s another new model they’re sending out, or introducing now, to the market, called the Evoke, E-V-O-K-E, Evoke, and here are the basic features – and again, I’m sorry for not looking at the camera, I’m just looking at the stat sheet that they sent me – zero gravity, deep tissue massage, space saver, airbags from head to toe, well, everybody seems to have that, lumbar heat, foot rollers, heel rubber, and I think that’s the same thing that they have in their Escape, which is their lower priced L-track chair. And that heel rubber kind of – it’s a great foot massage – and I don’t know if it’s going to have the same six rollers per foot that the Escape has, but the heel rubber is pretty cool, as it grabs the heel, and gives that a massage. So, anyway, that’s the Evoke, and that one’s going to be selling for $2695, so it’s going to compete price wise, with the Osaki 4000T. The Osaki 4000T is a real – it’s a workhorse, it’s been around forever – it doesn’t fit some people very well. I’ve found that the Osaki 4000T, and probably the 4000 that you can get on Costco, the Dreamer, the Osaki Dreamer, and the Osaki 7200H, and 7200CR, they have shoulder airbag housing that’s a hard stop, and so what’ll happen is when you sit in the chair, and then you put your arms out, to go in to the armrests for airbag massage, the bottom of the housing, the shoulder airbag housing, digs in to your upper arms, and it can be quite uncomfortable. It’s worse on the Osaki 4000T, and the Osaki 4000, not as bad on the Dreamer, or on the 7200 series, but it is burdensome for a large, broad-shouldered person to sit in that bloody chair, it becomes irritating. Well, this is a chair, $2695, that kind of competes with the 4000T. It has the deep tissue massage, the 4000T is the more moderate, mild massage, this Evoke seems to be more deep tissue. It’s a space saving technology, none of the Osaki 4000, or 4000T models, have it, lumbar heat, foot rollers, the foot rollers on the Osaki 4000T are pretty mild. I suspect with Infinity, knowing their other chairs, it’s going to be a good, intense foot massage. Anyway, that’s the new Evoke, so I don’t know if I’m going to be having that in my showroom either, maybe I will. The 4000T is kind of an older technology, it’s been around for years. That’s kind of – that was the flagship chair for the Osaki brand, and then, of course, they’ve now got so many other models, and model – brand lines, and you know, whatever, so anyway, just so that you know.

[SCREEN TEXT: Update on the SoCal Showroom]

Alan: Alright, what else have we got cooking? Let’s see, oh, our Southern California store, I was just down there last week. We were doing some recording for a television commercial. Well, our walls are still as bare as the day is long, I mean, and they’re long walls. So, the guy that did our buildout is going to put up some sconce lighting for us, and some nice trim, and we’ll put up some pictures, and you know, we’ll have Mona kind of pick some nice artwork, or whatever, or maybe some nice pictures of massage chairs, heaven forbid, and we’ll put that up on the wall to kind of make the wall look a little busier. But I’ll take the videotape of that when we have that done, and it’ll look sharp, but we’ll post that up for you to take a look at, but that Southern California store is a nice store. I like it, it’s wider than our store here in Utah, it’s deeper than our store here in Utah. You feel like you can have more than one person in there at a time, looking at chairs, but I really like that store, great store, and great staff. So, go down and meet Michael and Chris, they’re just awesome, and for those of you that don’t know, and of course, if you’re only Vietnamese speaking, you’re not going to understand a word of what I’m saying now, but Michael Nguyen is our showroom manager, and he’s bilingual, Vietnamese and English. And so, you know, feel free to give us a call at that – at our, well, here – our number there is 562-865-4607, 562-865-4607. Go ahead and call, and you can talk to Michael, if you’re Vietnamese, of course, talk to him, but for Anglos, you can talk to Michael or Chris.

[SCREEN TEXT: Massage Chair Tip!]

Alan: And one last thing I’ll chitchat about, just – you know, I should do this every one of these video recordings – these biweekly updates, I should give like a massage chair tip, or something like that. But one thing that people – I tell people, all the time, about in our showroom is how to use – how to change the intensity of a massage chair if it’s too intense for you, and you don’t have the 3D rollers. Even if you do have 3D rollers – by the way, 3D rollers mean that the rollers can move forward or back to increase, or decrease, the intensity of the massage – well, what do you do if the lowest intensity setting of the 3D roller is still too much? Or, what do you do if you’ve got a chair like the IT-8500, which is a deep-tissue massage chair, but it doesn’t have the intensity adjustment ability, it doesn’t have the 3D rollers, or now it does, but if you can’t get it low enough? Well, what we always recommend is using something that we call a throw blanket. Now, I don’t know if you know what a throw blanket is, but a throw blanket is like a decorative blanket that a lot of people use for, you know, to decorate a couch, or a chair, and these massage chairs aren’t the prettiest things in the world, so a lot of people use throw blankets to kind of, you know, try to camouflage the chair. But well, you can use that throw blanket, if you fold it up in quarters, or whatever, and you use that as a back pad. It’ll, you know, lay it down the length of the chair, and use that as a back pad. It’s a wonderful way to do it, because sometimes people use pillows, like sleeping, bed pillows, or couch, decorative pillows. They’re too thick, you’re not going to feel much massage at all. So, you know, if you can get a thin foam pad, or something like that, that’d be great, a memory foam pad, like the iRobotics 7 comes with a memory foam pad now, which is great, but just use a throw blanket, it’s awesome. Plus, if you’re the decorator of the house, and you look at that chair, and you go ‘Oh my goodness, that is butt ugly,’ and you want to change the look of it, use a throw blanket for that too. Anyway, there’s my intensity adjustment advice, and my decorative advice, which is so amazing.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: Well, I think that just about does it for this week. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380, there you go, and of course, you can always email me, comment on our YouTube channel, or on our Facebook page, or you can go on our chat software, whatever. You can always reach me, and if you don’t get directly to me, I will always call you back, but anyway, feel free to give us a call. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on YouTube, and of course, share this, or any of our other videos, on your social media platforms to help us spread the word about massage chairs, we appreciate that. Massage chairs are kind of a new thing, relatively infantile in its stage of development here in the United States, and we appreciate you helping us spread the word about it, because this is a great thing. Duh, that’s why I do it. Well, anyway, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com,’ and I will see you in two weeks. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Massage Chair Industry Update on our YouTube channel.

(Transcript) Shoulder & Waist Airbags – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair (Video)

Titan TP Pro Alpine
Titan TP Pro Alpine

Transcript of Video Titled “Shoulder & Waist Airbags – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair”

[SCREEN TEXT: Shoulder & Waist Airbags]

TP-Pro AlpineAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘ and today we’re going to discuss the shoulder airbags and the waist airbags of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. Now, if you take a look here, you can already see these airbags inflating, behind where the shoulders would be if you were seated in here. Now, the reason I’m not sitting in it right now, and demonstrating it to you with me in it, is because it’s not quite as overt when someone’s there. You don’t see the body moving quite as much, but what these airbags do is they inflate from one side, to the other, to induce a rotation of the upper body. So, what’ll happen is these waist airbags will inflate on one side, with the shoulder airbags on the other, and it induces this rotation of the torso, and then the other airbags will inflate, and the opposite waist airbags will inflate. At times, both of them will inflate at the same time – both of the shoulders will inflate at the same time – but in the stretch program on this Alpine chair, they work one after the other, to help induce rotation of the upper body, of the torso.

[SCREEN TEXT: ‘www.massage-chair-relief.com’ 888-259-5380]

Alan: So, shoulder airbags are used differently on different chairs. You may recall from other videos that we’ve done that there’s airbags that inflate to the front of the shoulders, and pull them back, there’s airbags that inflate to the sides of the shoulders, to hold the upper body in place while the rollers go up and down. Well, on the Alpine, the shoulder airbags work from the back, and they are hidden when the chair’s not on, you can’t even see the shoulder airbags, until you turn the chair on, then you can see the airbags inflating, and you can feel it inflating, one side, and the other, and then both of them, and then the hips, or the trained waist, at the same time. Now, the wisdom in a setup like this is that many of these other chairs that have the side shoulder airbags, they have a hard plastic, or fiberglass, shoulder housing, to hold the airbags, and when you sit in there, if you have broad shoulders, or you’re a large upper-bodied person, you might find yourself too tight inside – between those shoulder housings – so it can become uncomfortable. You may not fit comfortably, you might feel a little claustrophobic, or the airbags might push you too hard, and squish you too hard, because there’s not much room – there’s no give, when those inflate, the hard outer casings, or housings, they don’t move – just the airbags move to squish you, and that might be uncomfortable, if you have broad shoulders, like I do, or if you have a large upper body.

[SCREEN TEXT: ‘www.massage-chair-relief.com’ 888-259-5380]

Alan: Well, the airbag solution, for the Alpine, for these issues, is that the airbags inflate from the rear, and when they they inflate from the rear, you can have as wide a body as you want in here, without feeling claustrophobic, or restrained. So, that is how the airbags in the shoulders, and the waist works, on the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. It’s clever for making fit right for larger-bodied people, but it also creates this nice rotation stretch of the upper – or the torso, from the waist up – it’s a great feature to have as well. So, that is the airbags of the shoulders and the waist, of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380. Otherwise, please thumbs up ‘Like’ our video, or share us on any of your social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, whatnot. We appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com,’ and I will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Introduction – Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair (Video)

TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400

Quick Hits – iRobotics 7; 18 Month 0% Financing; Visit to Texas

rss icon
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rss-icon-1-970189-mHere are a few things of note that are going on in our business as well as the massage chair industry:

1. Luraco iRobotics 7

Luraco introduced a new model, the iRobotics 7, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas back in January. At that time, the chair was not fully completed but the body was on display at the show. That model is now about ready for market deployment and I will be checking it out next week during my trip to Texas (see #3 below).

Here is what I know about the chair so far: Continue reading “Quick Hits – iRobotics 7; 18 Month 0% Financing; Visit to Texas”

Review of Titan TP-Pro Alpine

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair
Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair

Pro-Apline  45dThe new Titan TP-Pro Alpine has fast become one of my favorite chairs. It is one of two new chairs from Titan that features the extended roller track, a.k.a. L-Track. This model is a bigger-bodied chair than the 8400 and seems to have a more sophisticated roller mechanism. I will get into a comparison of the 3 L-Track chairs we carry (the Titan 8400, Titan Alpine, and Infinity Iyashi) in another article, but for today I just want to discuss the features of the Alpine. Continue reading “Review of Titan TP-Pro Alpine”

Review of Titan TP-Pro 8400

Just about a year and a half ago, Infinity came out with their Iyashi, the first massage chair that I was aware of that was officially on the market with an extended roller track, now commonly called an L-Track. What a great innovation in the massage chair industry. A couple of years prior to that I had sat on an Inada test model that had rollers extend from the neck down to the calves, covering everything in between. It was called the D2 or something like that but was never officially developed and brought to the USA.

Since the introduction of the Iyashi, we’ve not seen many more chairs with the L-Track, that are name-brands anyways. Until now!

Recently, the Titan line of chairs (same company as Osaki) introduced two new models, both with extended roller tracks…even an inch or two longer than the 49″ roller track of the Iyashi. Those models are the Titan TP-Pro 8400 and the TP-Pro Alpine. I have both of those models in my showroom and both deserve a review. Today, I will be reviewing the 8400. I have already started a playlist on YouTube for the Titan 8400 and, at the time of this writing, have the intro video up of this chair.

Here are my thoughts and experience of the Titan TP-Pro 8400:

1. It is a smaller looking chair so it won’t take up as much space in your room. I have taken a picture of it next to the Osaki OS-4000T model so that you can see the comparative sizes. The outer aesthetics of this chair are great. It is a beautiful looking chair with great lines. The colors that are available incorporate two-tone colors on the exterior vs. the interior. It is a more classic looking chair that I think will look a little more like it belongs in a room, regardless of the decorum.

2. The chair is very easy to assemble. It comes in one box, is relatively light, and does not require the attachment of arm rests, which is the hardest part of the multiple box chairs to assemble. You only have to attach the ottoman and you are good to go.

2014-12-12 12.52.343. The remote control can fit in either one of two side pockets, which makes it easy to reach as well as hides it from visibility (no pedestal).

4. When you first turn on the chair, the chair defaults to one of the 5 auto programs (the “Comfort” program). Just pushing that one button gets the chair in a reclined position and starts the massage program. The chair does not have 3D rollers (I don’t think any of the L-Track chairs have developed that versatility in the 3D roller system yet), so you are set with the default intensity.

5. If you haven’t experienced a massage chair with an extended roller track (L-Track), you’ve been missing out. The 8400 has a 50″ roller track that goes past your low back and into your butt and upper hamstrings. Before these L-Track chairs came along, the only thing in a massage chair that could address things like sciatica, piriformis syndrome, or gluteal muscle soreness or tightness was airbags in the seat. Now, with the extended roller track, this area gets the same attention that the neck, mid back, and low back have been enjoying for years.

It also seems as though this chair’s rollers extend a bit longer than those of the Infinity Iyashi, which was the pioneer L-Track chair in the market (July 2013). You can feel the difference when the rollers hit the top of the hamstrings. It just felt like the rollers in the 8400 were moving lower down the hamstrings.

I’ll just mention that the extended rollers tend to lift your butt up and forward when they hit your hip area. I had to remind myself to shift my butt back up against the chair back to make sure that I was getting the full benefit of the rollers in the glut region.

6. The mechanical foot rollers can be intense when they are on with the associated foot airbags pushing down on the top of your feet. You can drop the intensity of the foot massage in a couple of ways: a.) decrease the foot airbag intensity and b.) change the speed of the foot rollers. That’s right, this is the first massage chair with foot rollers that allows you to adjust something…in this case the speed of the rollers. There are 3 different speed settings. If it is still too intense, you can always shut off the foot rollers altogether.

Another thing I noticed about the foot rollers is that it feels like there are two different types of foot rollers working you over. I could swear that there is a roller at the balls of the feet moving in a circular motion, while at the same time some rollers working lengthwise along the arch of the feet. Pretty cool, if that is really what is happening.

While I’m on the topic of the feet massage, I thought I’d mention how much I like the heel airbags in this chair. There are some airbags that inflate around your heel and anchor them down as part of the foot and calf massage. Feels great and really keeps the feet anchored in the ottoman.

7. This chair does not have a vibration feature or a stretch program. There is a stretch button on the remote, but it does not appear to offer any kind of a stretch program. As near as I can tell, that button just affects how the rollers work on your spine. After having been on the Iyashi, the Titan Alpine, and the 8400, it is obvious that a stretch program is not especially viable in these types of chairs since the back and seat are all one moving unit in order to maintain the integrity of the extended roller track. The chair just can’t physically move the chair back independent of the seat. So, most stretching programs in these types of chairs involve nothing more than the ottoman airbags inflating on the legs and the ottoman extending, thus pulling the lower half of the body out.

8. There are no hip airbags in this chair. This can actually help larger folks fit in the chair (see #14 below).

9. The literature says that this chair accommodates folks as tall as 6’5″. I would totally disagree with that. The ottoman has a manual extension feature but  I haven’t found it to extend too terribly far. I would say that the chair would fit someone as tall as 6’1″ – 6’2″ tops. Otherwise, it seems that the user is too big for the chair.

10. The arm massage has what I have come to call sequential airbag inflation. There appears to be two air cells in each arm, one for the hand and fingers, the other for the forearm. These air cells inflate sequentially and simultaneously throughout a massage session. Both arms inflate at the same time, so if you have to get your arms out quickly to get out of the chair, you might have a little trouble pulling your arms out right away because of that.

11. There is a lower thoracic/upper lumbar heating element that you can feel pretty quickly after turning it on.

12. The chair has a 20′ massage session timer that is displayed on the remote control.

13. As with most massage chairs, the back roller speed and width can only be adjusted in the manual settings.

20140414. Titan designed this chair with shoulder airbags that flare out. This is a pretty smart move as it will allow broader shouldered users to fit in between the shoulder airbags more easily. One of the biggest beefs we have with the new modern massage chairs is the less than optimal distance between the two shoulder airbags and, more specifically, the shoulder airbag housings. It is a little thing but will allow larger bodies to fit in the chair better. The lack of hip airbags also allows for folks who have a larger bottom to fit in the chair.

Well, that’s about it for my review of the Titan TP-Pro 8400. I hope you found it helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have a question or something to add to this topic.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Christmas Shopping Deadlines!

delivery truck
delivery truck

truck-delivery-1042539-mAs anticipated, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday was crazy busy! Because of the number of sales and the number of people who called me to see if they could have a few more days to decide on the right massage chair (it’s not really a spur of the moment decision!), we have extended our Cyber Monday pricing to the end of this week. I can’t put the deals on the website, so you’ve got to call me at 888-259-5380 to find out what pricing is available for the rest of this week. Continue reading “Christmas Shopping Deadlines!”

Quick Hits – Port Strike in LA; TP-Pro 8400 Coming; No 3D On Titan Chairs

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rss-icon-1-970189-mI’ve learned a few things this week that may be of interest to you:

1. A few years back, the port workers in LA went on strike right before Christmas and it wreaked havoc on massage chair stock and shipments. It was resolved but not before chairs had been delayed, even late for Christmas. Continue reading “Quick Hits – Port Strike in LA; TP-Pro 8400 Coming; No 3D On Titan Chairs”

New Massage Chair Category – Titan Chairs!

TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400

I have been carrying Osaki massage chairs for a few years now and they have become one of our best selling categories of chairs. In other words, I sell a lot of the Osaki massage chairs. Well, you may or may not know that Osaki and Titan chairs are both owned by the same company and are manufactured in many of the same factories. I have not carried Titan chairs before because of the lower grade components and the fact that many of their models were copies of some of the Osaki chairs I was already carrying.

A month or so ago, I was approached by the folks at Osaki/Titan to see if I would consider carrying a couple of new Titan models that they wanted to distribute through a few select retailers. They are quite high on these two chairs because they are affordable models that have features that can normally only be found on more expensive models. I checked them out and decided to carry them. You can check them out on our website. Although I haven’t sat on either of them yet, I am excited to see the rich feature-sets for the low price points. Continue reading “New Massage Chair Category – Titan Chairs!”