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We received the new Infinity Overture massage chair in our California and Utah showrooms this past week. I’ve been excited about this new model since I saw it at the Las Vegas Furniture Market in January. It has been a popular pre-sell model for us since it was announced there. It has virtually the same silhouette as the Infinity Presidential but with a slightly different feature set. I spent 2 hours on it this morning feverishly writing notes about it’s function. This article is the final product of those notes. By the way, you have no idea how hard it is to write notes when sitting on an operating massage chair! I hope you find this review helpful.

  1. Quad (4) Rollers – Although the roller system is a 3D/4D L-track with quad (4 ) rollers, like the Presidential, it has a somewhat different feel. Because of that, I suspect it uses an altogether different roller mechanism. I can’t be sure, but it felt different in the neck and low back, which made me think it is a different mech. I’m not saying it’s better or worse…just different. It reached down to the bottom of my buttocks and all the way up to the middle of the back of my skull. Their literature says this chair will fit someone up to 6’6″ tall. I have no doubt that it will, but, like the literature from most companies whose chairs we carry, the height limits are a bit high for actually getting the neck massaged in a tall body. In other words, someone 6’6″ tall will surely fit in the chair, but the roller track may not reach the top of their neck.
  2. Roller Track Build Quality – I couldn’t help but feel that the build quality of this chair is very good. The rollers seem very solid. Sometimes a chair can feel like the rollers are going to fall off any moment, but the Overture felt solid throughout. By the way, when the chair is shut off, the rollers park under the buttocks. I could actually feel the rollers lifting my butt up from the cavernous cavity that is the roller track home. For folks who say that massage chairs don’t support your back all that well when the rollers aren’t being used, it may ease your mind (and back) a bit knowing that you are getting some low back and pelvic support from the rollers, albeit very simple.
  3. J-Track vs. L-Track Roller Technology – I’ve spoken about the differences between the L-track and it’s variant, the J-track. The Overture is one of the few J-tracks that is out there. You can watch this video I made a while back explaining the differences between the S-track, L-track, and J-track roller systems… The glute and piriformis massage is virtually the same, but the more obtuse angle (approx. 135 degrees vs. 90 degrees) facilitates a better stretch program, for which L-tracks are notoriously bad! A perfect segue into this next point…
  4. Stretch Program – L-track models cannot offer the kind of stretch programs that
    Reclined stretch program

    S-track chairs have for one primary reason: the L-track cannot flatten out to a horizontal position allowing the chair to fully extend the user’s body to get an effective stretch. The J-track changes that. The chair can get much closer to a horizontal position because the J-track does not have a hard 90 angle between torso and seat. It is more like 135 degrees, which is a heck of a lot closer to the 180 degree horizontal position than 90 degrees. That is a large reason why the stretch in the Infinity Overture is the best I’ve seen in any extended roller track configuration. The other reason is that the ottoman is high enough off the ground that it can drop down quite a bit to really give the spine a pull, while the shoulder airbags are pinning the shoulders down. I really loved it. It was quite strong and felt akin to an S-track stretch. I noticed that the heel airbags didn’t grab my foot as much as the Presidential, but the overall pull on the legs was quite satisfactory.

  5. 3D/4D Rollers – It appears as though the roller depth can only be adjusted in the Manual settings and not during any of the Auto programs. I’ve asked Infinity about this to make sure I’m not missing something. I like it when I can adjust the depth of the rollers in any program I am in, be it Auto or Manual programs.  Having said that, the overall intensity of the chair’s rollers is strong. Even with the 3D/4D depth adjustment capability in the Manual programs only, the difference between highest and lowest intensity is not that much. The 4D menu is located in the Manual settings of the remote. When you want to adjust the depth of the rollers, and you are in the Manual 4D menu, just tap the “OK” button on the remote to increase or decrease the depth one level. You do not need to push and hold the “OK” button. It won’t help. You have to momentarily tap/push it only once for each depth change.
  6. Wireless Remote Control – A very nice feature. Other than the concern for
    Infinity Overture remote control
    Remote control

    misplacing or outright losing the remote (ala TV remotes that go missing from time to time!), I found the freedom from the wire “leash” to be quite refreshing. It is a heavy remote that has the feeling of quality in that heaviness alone. I like it very much. It feels good in my hands. It comes with a charging cord that plugs into a USB port at the inside front of the right arm rest and into the remote control. I suppose you could charge any device through that USB port, like your phone, while you are enjoying your splendid massage program. The power button needs to be held down for 4-5 seconds to turn on and about the same to turn off. If, during one of your chair sessions, the remote control display goes black, just push any button on the remote and the screen will “wake up” again for you.

  7. Pair Your Wireless Remote With Your Chair – To pair your remote control to your new chair for the first time, do the following: a.) Turn on the chair, b.) Hold the MENU and OK buttons at the same time for 4 seconds. The screen should indicate that the Bluetooth pairing has begun. c.) The Bluetooth icon will light up on the screen display. d.) After successful pairing is complete, turn the controller off and on again and your wireless remote is now ready to operate your massage chair. Your remote and chair will connect every time after the pairing is done. One of our customers had trouble getting the remote paired with the chair. What finally worked was laying the remote at the back of the chair by the power switch and the pairing eventually happened. After it’s paired, you are in good shape. Just a tip if you have trouble pairing the remote.
  8. Quick Keys – The Infinity Overture has another, more simple remote control
    Infinity Overture quick keys
    Quick Keys

    built into the top of the right arm rest. I like to call these types of controls “Quick Keys”. It contains just enough buttons to get you started in an Auto program as well as position the chairback and the ottoman/footrest to where you want it. It also has a button for the 2-stage zero gravity positioning (2-stage means the chair has two different zero gravity positions). The Quick Keys also include a power button as well as an emergency stop button. Very convenient for fast and easy chair operations.

  9. Speech Recognition Feature – If using the remote or even the Quick Keys are too cumbersome, you can activate the Speech Recognition Feature by simply saying aloud the words “Turn on speech recognition mode”. Once you do, the chair will speak back to you through the speakers that it is activated. Then, you can speak any of a list of commands to get the chair to respond. Words like “Voice Off”, or “Massage Chair Shut Down”, or “Body Stretch”, or “Pain Relief”, etc. The list of commands are conveniently located on the back of the remote control. I tried it today and it was VERY easy to use…not to mention that it’s kinda cool.
  10. Air Ionizer – The ionizer is a feature that uses some kind of ionizing technology to clean the air, around your face, of pollutants. Or, at the very least, it blows “fresh” air around your face. The ports for air passage are located on either side of the your head, just below the music system speakers. To turn on this feature, you just have to press the “OK” button before selecting anything from the chair’s menu. You turn it off the same way.
  11. Bluetooth Music System – You can also pair your personal device with the chair in order to play your playlists over the stereo speaker system of the chair. The speakers are pretty decent. Just go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings and look for a device with the word “Overture” included in the device name. On my Utah chair, the Infinity Overture chair is called “overture1810020”. I’m not sure if it is the same on every Overture chair or unique to your chair.
  12. Calf Massage – This model has a great combination of modalities to make your calf massage a truly therapeutic experience. Of course, as with pretty much all massage chairs, the Infinity Overture has calf airbags that compress the calf muscles. Well, additionally, this model facilitates the up-and-down movement of the calf airbags, creating a kneading or, in Infinity’s terms, “oscillating” of the calf muscles by said air bags. To top it all off, this model has 4 rollers behind each calf that add to the whole therapeutic experience. If you stand, walk, or run a lot during your day, you will love the calf massage.
  13. Mechanical Foot Rollers – Nowadays, we certainly expect a massage chair to have mechanical foot rollers, but something that not many chairs have is the ability to adjust the speed/intensity of those foot rollers. The Infinity Overture has “Quick”, “Slow”, and “Off” options for that feature. Nice to have some choice since feet can be quite sensitive for many different folks.
  14. Heat – You have 3 independent heating options: back, waist, and feet. You can have 1,2, or 3 of the heating elements working at the same time. You can also adjust the temperature of the heating elements through the remote control. I was a bit confused by the ON and OFF menu items. I didn’t feel heat after using the chair for quite a few minutes. I went into the Heat menu item and it said “Back ON”, “Waist ON”, and “Feet ON”. I figure they were on! Well, it actually meant that the heating elements were off and, to turn them on, I had to select the “ON” display option, at which time the display changed to “Back OFF”, “Waist OFF”, and “Feet OFF”. A little confusing at first but quite manageable once you get the hang of it. As a side note, the feet heat combined with the mechanical foot rollers and the foot airbags makes for a wonderfully therapeutic experience.
  15. Massage Quality – I found that the neck massage was strong, with the suboccipital muscles (under the skull – I like to call them the headache muscles) getting a great massage. The midback area, like with all chairs, is quite strong, but I really noticed and enjoyed how far out laterally the rollers traveled during the kneading; it felt like the rollers were hitting the outer third of my rib cage. The low back/lumbar massage was a bit lighter than I had expected. The strength of the roller massage in the buttock area was very good.
  16. Sequential Arm Massage – I like arm massage that employs more than one air cell per side because this air cell configuration creates a sequential massage. It gives you the feeling that the movement of your blood and lymph circulation is being supported and encouraged by successive compression of those air cells. The arm massage also has rubber nobules on the surface of the material that touches your skin. These nobules act as “grippers” to keep your arm in place during the air cell compression.
  17. “Quick Relaxation” Program – This is an auto program with it’s own button on the remote control. It is an easy way to get started in the chair without having to mess around with the remote. It is an 8 minutes program that is ideal for a quick in-and-out massage (a great “Demo” program for our showrooms!).
  18. “Pain Relief” Program – I gave all the programs a try and I really liked the way the “Pain Relief” program worked my low & mid back. It was quite vigorous in terms of roller activity and intensity in conjunction with concurrent air bag deployment and body positioning. Something I didn’t even notice until I tried this program was the hip airbags. A lot of L-track chairs do not have hip airbags. These ones grabbed the sides of my hips during the “Pain Relief” program and anchored my pelvis into the chair while the rollers worked the area over and the chair positioning changed from flexion to extension. I really like this program. I would recommend it to those of you who have low and/or mid back pain.

Of course, this chair comes with all the other things you’d expect in an L-track (or J-track) chair today, like body scanning, auto restore, session timer display on remote, zero gravity (2-stage), space saver, nice color options, 5 year limited warranty, and great customer support from Infinity.

I hope this review helps you in your decision-making process of buying a new massage chair!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Review of the Osaki Pro Maestro Massage Chair

Using Osaki Pro Maestro
Using Osaki Pro Maestro

The new Osaki Pro Maestro massage chair is the latest in a growing list of high end 3D L-track massage chairs (3D refers to the ability of the chair’s rollers to be moved forward and back to increase or decrease roller massage intensity, respectively, and L-track refers to the roller mechanism going all the way from the neck down to under the seat). This seems to be a trend in the industry right now with some good models are already here, i.e. the Human Touch Novo XT & XT2, the Infinity Presidential, the Luraco Legend, and the Osaki Pro Ekon. I call this the “new generation” of 3D L-track models – feature rich and quite a bit more expensive than 2D L-tracks and the earlier generation of L-tracks. They are all built in good factories, which may justify, in part, the increased price point of this list.

Pro MaestroI will review the Osaki Pro Maestro massage chair based on having spent 2-3 uninterrupted hours sitting in it, reading the owner’s manual and trying to figure out how the remote control works. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy getting through the learning curve. Of course, I’m an older guy and I’m sure my kids could have done it in half the time, but I found this chair to be less intuitive and user friendly in terms of getting an understanding of how it works via the remote control. That could be attributed to a.) my age, b.) a remote control that is not very intuitive, and c.) an owner’s manual that doesn’t adequately show or explain the functionality of the model (this last point could be said for many massage chairs from most massage chair companies!). Reading the literature or a literature review will certainly NOT give you the gist and nuances of how this chair actually works. I hope that the time I spent on it will be reflected in my insights and observations and prove to be very helpful for you as you try to decide if this is the chair for you.

Having said all that, the Maestro does have an app by which the chair can be operated. I have not used the app yet and have not become familiar with how it works. But, one of our customers who did noted that the app is a far easier way to operate the chair than the remote  control. In my opinion, that is a good thing! Any comments about the app functionality would be greatly welcomed by everyone in the comments section below. Once I figure out how to make it work, I’ll add to this review.

I should mention that this chair is built in the EasePal factory in China, which is also the home of the Cozzia and Ogawa models.

Some of these points I make are very particular and detailed, which makes this review a bit long. You may even feel, at times, like I am just creating an update to the owner’s manual. In a way, I guess I am. But, I have to get this detailed so that you understand what is not intuitive and clear about this chair, which was a source of some frustration to me when I was going through everything on my own for the first time. So, let’s get down to it.

Overall, we all love this chair. Staff from both of my showrooms really think this chair is a winner, including myself. It has strengths and weaknesses like all chairs, but I would have to say that the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses.

      1. Owner’s manual – It does not answer some questions, like how to adjust the 3D rollers from the remote control, how to explain and adjust “Strength”, how to adjust speed, and what the manual settings entitled “Characteristic I-IV” mean to name a few. You will learn more from using the chair and figuring it out on your own. The manual gets you started but you have to labor through the learning curve to figure it all out (and I’m not sure that I have figured it all out yet myself!). The book itself and the text and images are easy to read and see, but the info doesn’t feel complete (again, this is common with many massage chair companies models).
      2. The Maestro is a nice looking chair, combining the harder plastic exterior and the softer synthetic interior. It’s trim and color combos are quite appealing in my opinion. The foot massager has the enclosed toes, which contributes to the more sleek and modern look of the chair. Just beware if your foot size is greater than a 13!
      3. Speaking of the foot massager, when you first put your feet into it, foam pads on both sides of your feet will make it feel like you can’t get your feet in. Just wiggle your feet in between the pads and they will slide through to the bottom of the massager. The foot massager is definitely a strength of this model. Between the foot pads (which move from side to side in a wave-like pattern) and the mechanical foot rollers under your feet, you will love the way this chair works your feet over. No airbags at all for the feet in this chair.
      4. Calf Massage – like most massage chairs the Maestro uses airbags to compress the side and back of the calf muscles. But, it also uses the same airbags to knead the side of the calf muscles! A very nice feature if you suffer with tight calves or do a lot of standing, walking, or running during the day.
      5. This chair has a fabulous neck and shoulder massage. I would go so far as to say that it has the best neck and shoulder massage of any other 3D L-track chair I’ve tried (and we’ve got quite a few!). It does a particularly good job at the base of the neck where the shoulders meet the neck.
      6. I had my neighbor, who is 6’4″, try out the chair to see if he fit in it. The rollers actually went right up to the base of the skull, which is not a common occurrence in a lot of chairs. The only issue for him was that the foot massager, which is closed toe, was too small for his size 14 feet. Size 13 is probably the maximum foot size for a comfortable fit in this model. The width of the chair is comfortably snug and that snugness is a bit too tight and too narrow for some bodies. It is not as wide as the Novo XT2 or the Osaki Ekon, which are models you might want to check out if you are concerned about the narrowness of the fit of the Maestro.
      7. This chair has 3D/4D roller depth adjustment and, in my opinion, has the capacity to produce the deepest and strongest roller massage of any L-track chair on the market. It has 8 depth settings, the highest of which dug really into my spinal muscles. I was actually kind of shocked at how deep the rollers dug. So, if you want and L-track and a really deep, intense massage, the Maestro is a definite option.
      8. Interestingly enough, the only way to increase or decrease the depth of the 3D/4D rollers is through the quick keys on the right arm rest. You cannot adjust the depth from the remote control, which I found odd. I thought you might be able to touch the screen button 4D indicator to adjust it, but that won’t do it. Maybe it really can be adjusted from the remote control and I just couldn’t figure out how to do  it!
      9. Quick Keys – as I alluded to in the above point, the chair has what I like to call “Quick Keys”,
        Quick Keys

        located on the inside aspect of the right arm rest. Those keys include the “4D” depth adjustment (“4D+” and “4D-“), a zero gravity positioning button, a power button, a pause button, and an “AUTO” button to initiate the Demo program. It also has a USB port to plug in your device for charging purposes.

      10. The remote control fits in a slot on the left arm rest. It has a spooled cord so you don’t have a loose cord to get stuck between the seat and the arm rest. A similar slot is located on the right arm rest, but that is for your phone. The remote control looks very simple at first glance. Don’t be fooled! Once you get into you’ll see what I meant earlier when I said it is not very intuitive. You may want to have the owner’s manual nearby when you get going with it. I was actually quite frustrated with I when I began going deep into the chair functionality (I hope the app makes the control of the chair easier and certainly more intuitive).
      11. You will see two basic sections of the remote: the touch screen at the top and the touch keys at the bottom. The screen will show you where you are and what the chair is doing. You will use the touch screen and touch keys for chair function and navigation. Their are 4 touch keys:
          1. Reset (upright chair schematic image) – this is a nice feature. When you select an auto program, the chair will recline to a pre-programmed default position. If you want to sit up and continue to enjoy your massage program, press this button and the chair will return to the upright position while still continuing your selected program.
          2. Main Page (up arrow) – this button will allow you to change the screen display from the
            LED Lighting

            main page to the massage details page.

          3. Position (reclined chair schematic image) – this button will bring up the chair positioning screen where you can adjust the chair back and ottoman positioning by touching the respective arrows on the screen. You will also find the zero gravity positioning button and the button to turn on and off the side panel blue LED lights.
          4. AUTO – press this button and the chair will automatically start the Demo program.

        Osaki Maestro Remote Interface
        Maestro Remote Interface
      12. The main program screen is where most of your functions are selected and adjusted. The screen will show you the following 6 options: “Neck/Shoulder”, “Lower Back”, “Auto”, “Manual”, “Advanced”, and “Air Massage.” This is the part of the review where you could get confused. Why? Because I was quite confused figuring it all out. Bare with me and it should make some sense when I am done with points #13-20.
      13. “Neck/Shoulder” and “Lower Back” each have their own sub programs. For example, the 4 subprograms for the Neck/Shoulder option are “Relax”, “Recover”, “Rolling”, and “Shiatsu.” The 4 subprograms for the Lower Back option are “Relax”, “Recover”, “Deep Tissue”, and “Kidney Care.”
      14. “Auto” lists the main 8 auto programs of the Maestro: “Demo”, “Relax”, “Swing”, “Stretch”, “Scraping”, “Shiatsu”, “Lady”, and “Rejuvenate.” At the time of the writing of this article, the owner’s manual calls the Lady program “Gentle Relief” and the Gentleman program “Rejuvenation”.
      15. When you select any of these 8 auto programs, a screen display will appear that has 4 icons: “4D Mechanism”, “Strength”, “Intensity”, and “Speed.” Interestingly enough, I couldn’t find anywhere a way to adjust speed or strength. Only the 4D mechanism can be adjusted from the arm rest Quick Keys and the air bag intensity can be adjusted from the “Air Massage” option of the main screen. To further frustrate me, once you have changed the air massage intensity, you can’t go back to the display screen for the program you are in to see the changed level on the “Intensity” icon (or any of those 4 icons for that matter). Very strange indeed!
      16. When you go into the “Manual” section of the remote control, prepare to be confused! You’ll see 4 menu options: “Neck/Shoulder”, “Upper Back”, “Lower Back”, and “Full Back.” When you select “Neck/Shoulder”, “Upper Back”, or “Lower Back” the screen will display 4 options labeled “Characteristic I”, “Characteristic II”, “Characteristic III”, and “Characteristic IV”. It turns out that these are each auto programs for 3 of the 4 Manual program options. I have no idea what each one does or what makes one unique from another. That is nowhere to be found in the owner’s manual. The counter intuitive thing about this is that you can’t adjust the modes, speed, or permanent roller positioning during any of these “Manual” and “Characteristic” programs. So, from what I can tell, there isn’t anything manual about them. However, if you choose the last option, “Full Back”, you can now select and adjust the roller mode (kneading, tapping, shaitsu, and rolling) as well as select a spot or partial massage. This is the only place where the spot and partial massage and roller modes can be selected, adjusted, and set. Although the “Spot” and “Partial” options are displayed in all of the manual subprograms, it can only be permanently set in the “Full Back” program. If you try to move the rollers in those other programs, they will move but as soon as you take your finger off the screen the rollers will go back to the pre-set positioning for that particular program.
      17. By the way, 3 of the 4 modes in the “Full Back” manual program (kneading, tapping, shiatsu) have 2 options each. I noticed that roller speed was the primary difference between each mode option.
      18. The “Advanced” icon on the main program screen has 4 options to pick from: “Calf Kneading”, “Foot Kneading”, “Air”, and “Heating.” The first three options are their own programs. They cannot be deployed while another program is running, unless you want to immediately stop the program you are in and begin the program you just selected, i.e. “Calf Kneading”, “Foot Kneading”, or “Air.” “Calf Kneading” is a program where the calf airbags inflate and knead your calves. “Foot Kneading” involves the mechanical foot rollers and the foam pads moving from side to side in a wave-like pattern at the side of your feet. “Air” is a full body program where only airbags are used…no rollers. You CAN select the “Heating” option when you are in any program and it will immediately start up the heating element so that you can enjoy some warmth during your selected massage program.
      19. A side note to the heating topic. Unlike most other massage chairs, the Maestro does not have heating pads but uses heated rollers to provide therapeutic heat for the back. Not many chairs offer this, but it is a feature that customers really like.
      20. “Air Massage” – this is the place you go to when you want to adjust the air bag compression intensity. You can go here when you are in any program that uses airbags to adjust the degree of compression. Remember, though, from point #15 above, the chair remote won’t let you go back to the original screen of the program that you’re in once you’ve left it to adjust the airbag intensity. The literature states that the Maestro has 30 airbags. What’s interesting about the airbags is that, from the remote control, you can turn off and on any of the regional airbags. The vast majority of other massage chairs will allow you to turn off or on the airbags, too, but you can’t turn off certain airbags without shutting them all down. It is an all or nothing adjustment. The Maestro allows you to turn off certain airbag sections while also allowing you to adjust the compression intensity in those airbags.
      21. When it’s all said and done, this chair actually has more than the 8 auto programs that the literature says that it has. If you add up all the programs and subprograms I’ve listed over the last number of bullet points, you’ll get something closer to 27 auto and semi-auto programs.
      22. A note about the “Stretching” program. I found it to be a very weak program on this chair. Massage chairs typically perform a stretch by reclining the chair back as far back as possible, while at the same time dropping the ottoman with the airbags inflated, and most L-tracks don’t have fabulous stretch programs because of the inability of the L-track to flatten out. The Maestro doesn’t recline very far back because of the L-shaped roller track and when the ottoman drops all you feel are the calf airbags inflating on the calves. No pull or stretch of the low back at all. Very disappointing. Having said that, one thing the chair does well during the stretch program is combine shoulder airbag compression and mid to upper back roller movement, which really accentuates a good posture! If you want a 3D L-track (or any L-track for that matter) that has a good stretch, check out the Infinity Presidential massage chair. It’s J-track, a variation of the L-track, allows for a flatter recline and stretch. The best of any of the L-track models out there.
      23. The Maestro has a longer body scanning period than most Chinese-made chairs. I’m not sure what it’s doing, but the chair measured me well for my massage. I couldn’t find any info about it in the owner’s manual. No complaints at all about it, though. I’d just like to know how comprehensive the scan is. Like most other massage chairs, the Maestro gives you 3 seconds at the tail end of the scan to adjust the shoulder height if you feel the chair is not measuring you accurately.
      24. When the chair reclines at the beginning of a program or if you change a program or the zero gravity positioning during any program, the chair’s ottoman will electronically extend and retract. You will need to push down with your heels when the ottoman has retracted to your preferred leg length. If you don’t push your heels down to stop the retraction, you will have to go into the “Position” button of the touch keys and move the ottoman out to accommodate your leg length.
      25. As far as the BlueTooth connection goes, on my iPhone the chair is labeled/identified as MC171213135. Look for that on your BlueTooth phone settings and the chair will connect easily enough. The speakers are quite good for a massage chair, and that’s saying a lot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sound.
      26. If the remote control screen goes black (goes to sleep), just touch anywhere on the surface of the remote and the screen will wake up again. Also, the power button is located at the top edge of the remote and not on the main viewing surface.

      I hope you found this review helpful. It will help you appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of this chair as well as give you tips to help you climb that learning curve a little quicker.

      Dr. Alan Weidner

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Review of Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Infinity Massage Chair logo
Infinity Massage Chair logo

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is one of Infinity’s offerings into the high end 3D L-track massage chair market. I have written a blog post in the past about the differences between it, the Genesis, and the Imperial, but this article will be dedicated solely to  a review about just the Infinity Presidential.

The Presidential is a good sized chair, slightly wider and taller than the Human Touch Novo XT, but it a space saver, so you don’t have to worry too much about space between the wall and the back of the chair. It is a comfortable when you sit in it, unless you’ve got size 13 feet. The chair is designed to handle taller, bigger bodies, but we have found that the partially-encased foot massager can make the fit a bit uncomfortable for the feet of someone with size 13 or larger. The only other possible obstacle to fitting a taller body into the chair is the dome at the top of the chair that is part of the chair’s frame. We had a fellow who was 6’8″ tall who fit just fine in the chair, and received a good neck massage, but the top of his head hit the dome at the top of the chair. But, shorter than that, this chair will fit a bigger body quite well.

Foot & Calf massager
Foot & Calf massager

One additional comment about the foot massager: make sure that you put your toes underneath the toe airbags. If you are not conscious of where you are putting your feet when you sit in the chair, you may put your toes on top of the toe airbags, which will make the foot massager seem extremely limited in size. The reason I know this is because when we first got the chair in our showroom, customers were complaining about how little room they had for their feet. I just thought the chair had a design and engineering flaw since the chair is built for a bigger body, but small feet couldn’t fit in comfortably. Then, one day when I went to sit in it to experience the chair, my feet went right on top of the toe airbags which had been compressed down to the bottom of the foot massager. I got out of the chair to see what was going on and sure enough the toe airbags had been stepped on repeatedly and pushed down to the floor of the foot massager. It is rather unnoticeable if you aren’t paying attention.

J-Track vs. L-Track

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is considered an L-track chair, but it would be truer to say that it has a J-track. The folks at Infinity describe it this way: the traditional L-track chair, like all L-track models, has an S-track portion of the roller system that moves down the spine following the S-shape of the spine, with the rollers then changing direction to run directly under the seat and buttocks muscles. That is why it is called an L-track. Well, the Presidential has rollers that move down at about a 45 degree angle under the seat.

The significance of that is this allows the chair to recline further into a more horizontal position. What is intriguing about that design is the more horizontal the chair can be positioned, the greater the capacity for the chair to stretch the spine and body of the user.  The knock against L-track chairs is the weakness of the stretch program, when compared to regular S-track chairs like the Infinity IT-8500×3, the Luraco iRobotics 7, and the Inada DreamWave. The more horizontal the chair can be reclined, the greater the stretch. The Infinity Presidential offers the best of both worlds…buttock and hamstring roller massage with a recline that approaches a more horizontal chair position. You can read more about the differences here in this article…

Stretch Program: S-Track vs. L-Track Massage Chairs

Speaking of the stretch program, the Infinity Presidential, like most Infinity chairs, provides strong foot and ankle airbag support when the ottoman drops down. This enhances the overall pull on the spine, especially when coupled with the shoulders being pinned down by the shoulder airbags. Also, during the stretch program, the rollers of the Presidential are very active up and down the whole spine which, I feel, really contributes to the overall stretch experience.

Those same shoulder airbags are deployed in other programs in this chair and, when coupled with the rollers working over the mid back (thoracic spine), help improve the posture of the user. When you get out of this chair, you will feel like your shoulders are back further and you are standing taller. Good stuff!

Ottoman/Foot Rest

I’d just like to mention a few more words about the foot rest/ottoman. It is an electronic extension ottoman, which means that the chair will self adjust and, if you need to change the length of the legs, you can do so with the remote control. It’s a little odd to do it with this chair, but here is what you do if you want to change the length for your legs:

  1. Press “Manual” on the remote control
  2. Select “Foot Rest”
  3. Use the up and down arrows to move the legs out or back, respectively.

The foot rollers on this chair are quite comfortable. You can adjust the speed of the foot rollers to simulate greater or lesser intensity (“Quick” and “Soft” options).

This chair does not have calf rollers, but it does use airbags behind the calves to push hard rubber nobules into the calf muscles to simulate a compression massage.  Most chairs massage the calves this way.

Roller System

Now let’s talk a bit about the rollers. The roller balls feel a bit smaller than many other chairs. Because they are smaller, they have a tendency to dig into the muscles a bit deeper. I found this to be especially beneficial in the neck and suboccipital regions (under the base of the skull). This chair is one of the best at massaging those regions for an L-track chair, in my opinion.

I also find that the rollers are “busier” in this chair than many other models. There is a lot of tapping and knocking by the rollers in conjunction with the kneading and rolling. This lends to a feeling that the chair is really working you over.

One thing I like about this chair is how it deploys the 3D function in the rollers. As you may or may not know, 3D refers to the ability of the chair user to move the rollers further into your back for a deeper, more intense massage, or retract them for a lighter massage. That capacity for deeper forward movement is really utilized well during the auto massage programs. Many times during my massage session on this chair I felt the rollers stop and then move forward into my spinal muscles. This feels like a very effective shiatsu or trigger point therapy. This is part of the “busier” roller feeling. I found this feature to be especially beneficial in the neck and lower back regions, areas that are notoriously under-served by many, many other models.

Like in pretty much every other massage chair, the speed of the rollers can be adjusted to enhance a more intense massage experience. For marketing purposes, other chair companies boast of having 4D rollers. As I’ve written before, I think that’s just marketing mumbo jumbo, especially since our world really deals on a day to day basis in only 3 dimensions. Their 4th Dimension (4D) is really just speed. All 3D chairs have speed adjustment capabilities, so really all 3D chairs have 4D. Oh well.

In the manual settings, you have a roller mode option called “Back Rubbing”. This is different from kneading, which is side to side movement combined with up and down movement – aka kneading. In the “Back Rubbing” mode, the rollers move strictly from side to side without the up and down  circular movement of kneading. This feels a lot like what we used to call “Transfriction Massage” when I was a chiropractor. A very nice mode to use when breaking down trigger points or scar tissue.


Left arm airbags & cover

This chair has plenty of airbags, like most do nowadays. The number of airbags, in my opinion, is not nearly as important as how those airbags are being used. The Presidential has all the airbags in all the right places. I’ve already spoken about the foot and ankle airbags, as well as the shoulder airbags, which are all deployed wonderfully. Another area where I think they’ve excelled in this chair is the sequential arm airbags. The arm airbags are covered by a cloth material that, in turn, is covered with small rubber nobules. These nobules allow for the arm to be tractioned in the arm rest when the airbags compress so that the arms don’t get squeezed out. The arm airbags alternately inflate on the hand and wrist area and then the forearm. The left arm and then the right arm. In the manual settings you can deploy the airbags regionally, i.e. upper body, full body, waist & seat, or legs & feet. The intensity of the compression can also be adjusted, like pretty much every massage chair.


If you are looking for a massage chair with a good heat feature, you won’t find a better one than the Infinity Presidential. Not only does this chair come with heating pads in the back, waist, and seat, but you also can use the “Hot Rocks” program which will heat up the rollers themselves for up to 30′! The only other chairs I’ve known to have heated rollers are the Panasonic MA70 & MA73. But those models didn’t have the heating pads too. The “Hot Rocks” program is activated with a simple button the remote control. Each press of the button will heat up the rollers in 5′ increments.

When I was sitting on the Presidential writing up my findings for this article, I couldn’t believe how hot the pads in my back felt. It was fabulous. Of course, you can adjust the heat levels on the pads using the remote control settings, but if you want warm, man, this chair will give it to you! By the way, you can turn on and off each of the 3 heated areas independent of each other. When I was sitting on it, I turned off the low back and left the seat and waist on. It was too warm for me.

Menu vs. Quick Keys

Quick Keys
Quick Keys

The Infinity Presidential massage chairs have a full menu to scroll through on the remote control with all the regular options, including 12 auto programs. What makes the Presidential really convenient are what I like to call Quick Keys at the bottom of the remote control interface. Rather than having to go into the Menu and scroll through all the options to make an adjustment or program change, which can be slow and a bit cumbersome, you can use the Quick Keys to get it done in seconds. Here are the Quick Keys and what they operate:

  1. 3D+ – Move the rollers forward through 6 depth settings to dig deeper into the user’s back muscles.
  2. 3D-  – Retract the rollers back through 6 depth settings to lessen the depth of the massage.
  3. Auto – Each push of this button will allow the user to go through the main 7 auto programs. There are 5 additional “sub programs” that you can only access through the main menu.
  4. Manual – This allows you to select which mode you want the rollers to provide, i.e. kneading, tapping, knocking, back rubbing, etc.
  5. Air Intensity – 5 different compression settings to increase or decrease the intensity of the airbag compression.
  6. Air Massage – Move through the 4 different airbag regions (as described in the “Airbag” section of this article).
  7. ZeroG – 2-stage Zero Gravity positioning.
  8. Rollers – You can move the rollers up and down the spine once you’ve selected the mode you want the rollers to function in manually with the push of this button.
  9. Hot Rocks – This turns on the heated rollers in 5′ increments with each push of the button.

This & That

Here are a few other things this chair provides:


a. BlueTooth – You can pair your device to the chair and then play your music or whatnot from your phone through the speakers that are built into the chair.

b. Timer – You can increase your massage session in 5 minute increments up to a whopping 45 minutes! Very few chairs give you that much time in a single session.

LED Lights
LED Lights

c. LED Lights – Some lights on the side of the chair can be turned on to illuminate a dark room with a bit of ambience.

d. Multiple Language Displays – You can adjust the language on the remote screen display to English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese.

e. Remote control pouch sites on the outside of the arm rest.

Well, that’s about it. I hope you found this review helpful. I really like this chair for three main reasons: the strength of the rollers on the neck and suboccipital regions, the Quick Keys for easy operation, and the J-track with it’s associated stretch improvements over the other, traditional L-track models. Feel free to give me a call or leave a comment below with any questions about what I’ve written here or anything I haven’t covered. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Infinity Presidential vs. Genesis vs. Imperial

Sleek massage chair
Sleek massage chair

Infinity massage chairs have come out with a triumvirate of new chair models that offer the 3D L-track feature, something that has been lacking in our industry. The Genesis is a Costco exclusive, the Imperial is a Mattress Firm exclusive, while the Infinity Presidential massage chair is the model the rest of the retailers carry (including Mattress Firm, labeled as the Presidential 2).

I have the Presidential in both of my showrooms and it is a very popular model. It came to us in November 2017 and has been a top seller ever since. It competes very nicely with chairs like the Human Touch Novo XT, the Luraco Legend, and the Osaki Ekon…all 3D L-track chairs.

I figured I’d dedicate this brief article to describing the differences between the 3 Infinity models as it has become somewhat confusing to massage chair shoppers who have run across the names of all three in their research. I’ve only sat on the Presidential, so for the feel of the chairs, I can’t speak for the Genesis or the Imperial. So, my points below will be relative to what we have in the Presidential model:

  1. Infinity Genesis massage chair
    Infinity Genesis

    As mentioned above, the Genesis is sold through Costco road shows, while the Imperial is sold through Mattress Firms road shows. These models are not listed on their respective websites and can only be found through the road show sales model.

  2. They all have different looks, but essentially offer many of the same features, i.e. 3D rollers, L-track, foot rollers, lots of airbags, auto programs, manual settings, zero gravity, etc.
  3. The Genesis does not have the heated rollers, heated feet, or stretch program that the Infinity Presidential offers.
  4. Infinity Imperial massage chair
    Infinity Imperial

    The Imperial has calf rollers and an “air ionizer”. Not sure what that is, but it sounds cool. Here is the description as written on the Infinity website…”This feature gently blows fresh air from small vents in the headrest to facilitate healthy oxygen intake. You will feel invigorated and focused after inhaling freshly circulated air during your massage session.” The calf rollers and ionizer are not found on the other two models.

  5. Infinity Presidential massage chair
    Infinity Presidential

    The Presidential actually has a “J”-track, instead of a true L-track. The L-track extends beyond the back 90 degrees to directly under the buttocks. The J-track also extends under the buttocks but at a 45 degree angle. What this does is allow the chair to flatten out more like a true S-track chair to a more horizontal position and, thus, provide a better stretch action than the L-track chairs.


Dr. Alan Weidner

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3D L-Track & The New Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Sleek massage chair
Sleek massage chair

We have added quite a few new chairs to our website over the last few weeks, including the Infinity Presidential, 3 Johnson Wellness models, the Inner Balance Jin, the Synca CirC, the Ogawa Touch 3D, the Ogawa Refresh Plus, and the Luraco Legend. We still have the Titan Pro Jupiter XL, the new Panasonic MAJ7, Ogawa Active L, and Osaki TW-Pro 03 massage chairs to add to the site as well.

Courtesy of

Over the last two weeks we have also added the Infinity Presidential and the Luraco Legend to our showrooms. These are much needed 3D L-track chairs that customers want to know about. 3D L-tracks are a relatively new phenomenon and, until the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair came along, we didn’t even have one on our website or in our showrooms. Now, we have the Novo XT, the Positive Posture Brio, the Luraco Legend, and the Infinity Presidential.  All great chairs, all quite different. Osaki just announced their new Ekon, yet another contribution to the 3D L-track market.

I thought I’d type a few words and comments about my first impression of the Infinity Presidential massage chair. It is an L-track, but also considered a “J track”, which means that the track shape is a little different to accommodate more horizontal flattening of the seat and chair back and, thus, facilitate a better extension spinal stretch. The biggest knocks against any L-track vs. S-track chairs is the weaker stretch programs in the L-track chairs. The Presidential seems to offer a flatter recline and a stronger extension stretch for the user.

Infinity Presidential massage chair
Infinity Presidential

It has a strong roller massage at it’s maximum 3D roller depth adjustment. It is a noisier chair than the Novo XT from Human Touch, but offers a bit stronger roller massage at the maximum setting. It can handle a bit wider body size, while also being able to handle a fairly tall individual.

I like the quick keys it has at the bottom of the remote. These keys save you from having to go into the menu and scroll up and down looking to adjust settings. You can adjust the 3D roller depth, the air bag pressure intensity, scroll through the auto programs, and more from these buttons. It makes it so easy to operate the chair from these 8 buttons. Of course, you can go into the menu, which is quite intuitive, to operate all functions of the chair.

There is a program button called “Hot Rocks” which, from I have been told, is a semi automatic program that has 5′ increments with each push of the button and heats up the rollers of the chair. The chair already comes with heating elements for the back, seat, and feet, but by pushing the Hot Rocks button, you can get the rollers to heat up and give you a more comprehensive heating effect.

Well, there are some things to chew on about this chair. It is priced at $8495, which seems rather high, but it seems to be well received by everyone who has sat on it so far in our showrooms. I’ll write a more comprehensive review and post videos about this chair in the near future.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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2017 Holiday Massage Chair Specials!!

Season's sale tag
Season's sale tag

Well, ’tis the season once again and the special holiday sale prices from massage chair companies are beginning to come in. Since it is the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, kicking off the craziest buying season of the year, I am listing all the sales that are available to you. Some of these “deals” have already begun, and some begin this week. But, all in all, there are lots of offers to choose from. I am sure I will also hear about more that will come in this week…and will let you know when they happen.

If you’d like to be notified of all the sales that are and will be available for this holiday season, go ahead and download my free report, “8 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Even Consider Investing In A High Quality Robotic Massage Chair.” You don’t have to read my report, but downloading it puts you on my email list and it is to that list that I will be announcing all of the current and upcoming sales for this holiday season. Here is a link to download that report and get on my email list…

Now, here are the current sales offerings that I am aware of so far for this holiday season:

Human Touch – From now until January 15, 2017, Human Touch is offering $300 off their ZeroG 5.0, the ZeroG 3.0, and WholeBody 7.1 chairs. They are also offering a free 5 year extended warranty on their incredibly popular Novo XT.

Luraco – $500 off their flagship iRobotics 7 and $300 off of their new 3D L-track, the Luraco Legend. It will be up on our website this week and will be priced at $6990 before the $300 discount. We will have one in each of our showrooms when it ships out on November 27th (plan on the first week of December). The Luraco discounts will be good from midnight, Wednesday, November 22nd to December 31st, 2017.

Infinity – Monday, November 13th to Tuesday morning, November 27th – Free 3 year extended parts and labor warranty with any Infinity massage chair. By the way, we just added the new 3D L-track luxury chair, the Infinity Presidential, this last week. It’s a beauty!

Johnson Wellness – $500 off the J6800 massage chair and $300 off the Inner Balance Jin model. These sales will be in place from 5:00 pm PDT November 22nd to 8:00 am EDT on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

I can promise you that there will be additional offerings by Thanksgiving Thursday, but this is what we’ve got so far. Download my free report and get on my email list and notify you when I have a full list of sales and discounts for this holiday season.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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