This & That…Used Chairs, UL Certification, and More

I’ve got a mixed bag of stuff to cover today, so here it goes…

ul logo1. Luraco recently received a UL Certification for their family of massage chairs. What does UL Certification mean? You have probably seen the UL logo on many electronic devices. I know I have. Here is a link to a site that answers the question about UL Certification…

A simple definition of UL Certification is “Underwriters Laboratories grants the UL mark for products that are tested and found compliant to a specific established set of standard tests.” (

I am not aware of any other massage chair companies that have this certification in the US.

2. I have two used massage chairs for sale:

a.) Panasonic EP30007 (black) – this chair was returned by someone after only 1 month of ownership. It is in pristine condition and is already packed up and ready to go. The folks who returned it decided to get a used Inada Sogno instead. I am selling this chair for $3499 (regularly $3999). I’ll pay for the shipping, NO sales tax if you live outside of Utah, and the 3 year parts and labor, in-home warranty is in full effect.

b.) Infinity IT-8500 (dark brown) – I came to work yesterday and I customer of mine from Brownsville, Texas was waiting for me at my showroom with his IT-8500 to return. He didn’t want to pay the high shipping fee so he rented a uHaul trailer and drove the chair 16 hours to my showroom to bring it back himself. It is in perfect condition, as well. As with the Panasonic 30007, I will pay for shipping, NO sales tax, and the warranty is intact (1 year parts and labor, in-home; 2nd year parts; 3rd year structure/frame). This chair is going for $3295, but is normally our top selling model at $3695.

If either of these chairs interests you, call me at 888-259-5380 and I’ll process the order for you.

3. As far as stock goes, the IT-8200 in brown and taupe is back ordered for another 2 weeks, as are the brown, taupe, and ivory OS-7075R from Osaki. The black leather Inada Sogno is back ordered until October 6.

luraco_app4. I mentioned in a previous post that Luraco has come out with their app in the upgraded iRobotics 6S. This app is available for Droid devices and gives the user the ability to customize the massage experience on the chair, including the ability to adjust roller and airbag intensity. See the screenshot above.

I will be going over these and other items on this week’s Massage Chair Industry Update. Stay tuned…

Dr. Alan Weidner


Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs

Quite regularly I share emails with my readership that come from massage chair shoppers just like you. These are good questions that are probably being asked by others and I hope that my answers help with the massage chair buying experience.

Email #1

First, thank you for the informative suite of videos you all make available on Youtube. I’m working my way up to making this investment, but would like to understand what would work best and most reliably for my body type: 6’0″, 275 lbs, 35% Body Fat, 50″ chest, 42″ waist. Trouble spots: trapezoid, rhomboid, TFL & IT band (especially on the right leg) have had an L4/5 Laminectomy almost 20 years ago Your consideration and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Onwards and Upwards . . . Ralph Continue reading “Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs”

A Chair for a 4’10” Petite Woman?

I often have calls and inquiries about which chairs would be best suited for tall folks, but once in a while I get an email like this one asking for chair suggestions for someone quite short.


Hi Dr Weidner, I found your site while researching for a massage chair for my mom. Your website and reviews are truly great, the best I could find on google. My mom is very petite, only 4’10” tall. She has lower back pain close to the spine. I really want to get her a massage chair to alleviate her pains. I’m wondering which models would fit her better? I’ve seen some good reviews about osaki models, would osaki 7200h fit her size? I also saw a human touch model in costco, that chair looks pretty small but doesn’t have many fancy functionalities that Osaki does. Could you please give some suggestions on which brand/model would work better for her case? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Liang Continue reading “A Chair for a 4’10” Petite Woman?”

Inada Yume vs. Panasonic 30007

A question from a massage chair shopper dealt with the differences between the Inada Yume and the Panasonic EP30007. Here is the

Inada Yume

email exchange. By the way, Inada announced last week that they dropped the price of the Yume by $700 to $5299! Great news for Yume shoppers.

Hi Dr Weidner, Need your assistance please, I was looking @ Panasonic EP30007 and Inada Yume and need to know which is better in terms of full body massage and real bang for bucks, I have tried Yume but didn’t get chance to try EP30007. Thank you Chintan Continue reading “Inada Yume vs. Panasonic 30007”

Panasonic Warranty – Fine Toothed Comb (Part 1 of 8)

Panasonic Logo
Panasonic Logo

I rattle off warranties to customers all the time, based on the warranty basics of each company. For example, I will tell customers that Inada and Panasonic have 3 year parts and labor,  in-home warranties and that the chinese-made chairs have a 1 year parts and labor, in -home warranty. But, to be honest, there is a little more to it than that.

I thought I would write a series of articles on the warranties of each of the companies for which I am an authorized dealer, each article discussing the finer points of the warranty of each company. I will start this adventure today by reviewing the Panasonic warranty. Continue reading “Panasonic Warranty – Fine Toothed Comb (Part 1 of 8)”

Visit From Ed Cini of Panasonic Wellness Division

I had a wonderful visit from Ed Cini, sales manager for the Panasonic Wellness Division, yesterday. We spent the better part of the day together discussing massage chairs (or course), learning about the Panasonic way of doing things, and their flagship chair, the Panasonic MA70 massage chair. Ed had an MA70 shipped to my showroom, where it now sits.

I played around with the chair a bit and really enjoyed it. I will be doing a preliminary review of it in the days to come. We will also be recording some videos, as I do quite regularly on, to visually demonstrate particular features about the chair.

Ed has been with Panasonic for about 20 years and certainly had a thorough understanding of how things work over there. One of the reasons I was so excited to meet Ed was because in the 6 years that we have been carrying Panasonic products, I have never actually met a representative of the company before. I have dealt with my Panasonic distributor through the years, but they are not literal employees of the company. Whenever I had an issue or question about a Panasonic chair, i.e.  warranty concerns or model rumors, my distributor would always have to “get back to me” with the information. Obviously, they had a direct line of communication with Panasonic.  Continue reading “Visit From Ed Cini of Panasonic Wellness Division”

A Client Asks – “HT-7450 vs. HT-5320 vs. Panasonic 30007?”

A great email from another massage chair shopper regarding which chair is the better choice…


Just a few questions… What s the difference between Panasonic EP30006 and EP30007 ? Why has the EP30006 been discontinued? Which one s a better brand, Human Touch or Panasonic? I was looking the HT5320 and HT7540 It seen to me HT5320 has more features and is more complete then the HT7540… But it’s a lot cheaper… Why? Is it because the zero gravity? So, overall, what’s the best chair between these that I asked about? EP3007, HT5320 or HT7540 ? Thanks Continue reading “A Client Asks – “HT-7450 vs. HT-5320 vs. Panasonic 30007?””

Massage Chair Remote Controls – The Basics

All About The Massage Chair Remote Control

Every massage chairthat has any electronic component has a remote control. These remote controls have some similarities and some differences, no matter the chair size or type. In this article, I will go over these basics of the massage chair remotes:

1. Type of remotes– of all the massage chairs we have in our showroom or have on our website, remote controls come in three different ways: pedestal remotes that are on a stand that protrudes from the body of the chair (usually the chair side or an arm rest), “in-line” remotes that are either built into the arm rest or fit into a slot in the arm rest, or a detached remote that can be put into a side pocket on the outside of the arm rest. An example of each would be the Panasonic 30007 (pedestal), Osaki 7000 (in-line), and Inada Sogno (side pocket).

Osaki OS-6000 remote control

Some folks can’t stand the pedestal sticking up as it does so the other two options would be more appropriate. For those who don’t care, the remote can almost always detach from the pedestal so that it can sit on your lap while you recline. That way you don’t have to get up from a reclined position to reach the remote on the pedestal.

2. No cordless remotes…yet. All the massage chairs that we carry have a cord attached from the chair to the remote itself. It is a little annoying at times to have to deal with the cord, but it is all they’ve come up with at this point. I can see a day, however, when there will be cordless, wireless remotes on all the chairs. But, nothing yet in that department.

3. Automatic vs. manual function. Every massage chair has some sort of automatic programming that allows you, with the push of one button, to get into a massage program that is pre-set by the manufacturer. I like these auto programs for that very reason…I can just sit down, push one button, and then go through a 15-20 minute pre-programmed set of massage functions. You usually can’t adjust too much when you are in one of these auto programs, but they are very convenient.

Massage chairs can have anywhere from 1-9 different auto programs, depending on the price of the chair, for the most part. For example, the HT-7120 from Human Touch has 3 auto programs, upper back, lower back, and whole body. Yet, Human Touch also has the HT-9500 and HT-7450, which have 8 auto programs, from a morning program to a night program to a stretch to a sports massage, among others.

Every massage chair also has manual settings, wherein you can set the rollers where you want them, what airbags you want on, what width, speed, and/or intensity of the rollers you want, and more. These manual settings are great is you want to focus the massage in one spot and you just want one or two massage modes working on that spot.

Some massage chairs, like the Sanyo 7700, even have a hybrid of manual and auto massages. Pretty cool, but is it too much? Personal preference I guess.

Well, that about covers the remote controls of massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair “Stretch” Programs

Stretch Programs in Massage Chairs

As a chiropractor the term “stretch” has a totally different meaning than the term “stretch” does in the massage chair industry.

When I was a practicing chiropractor, we found that lots and lots of patients had imbalanced muscles groups. Some muscles were too tight and others were too weak. I spent an awful lot of my time coaching patients with stretching and strengthening regimens. Of course, the stretching was for tight muscles and the strengthening was for weak muscles.Massage Chair Stretching

For example, when a person had low back pain, almost in every case that person had tight hamstrings and hip flexors along with weak abdominals and gluteals. So, our treatment always included stretching those muscles groups in the clinic and then teaching the patient how to do it at home.

When patients followed the home exercise protocols that I prescribed, they almost always felt better and were pain-free in a fairly short period of time.

Stretch Done by a Massage Chair? No Way!

Well, then I got into the massage chair business. The first chair I ever owned and used in my clinic was the Human Touch HT-125, a very basic but durable massage chair. I noticed that it had a program on it called “Stretch”. I thought, “Holy Mackerel, how on earth did this company incorporate stretching into a massage chair and what muscles does this chair stretch?”massage chair stretch program

I had heard a few of the patients telling me how much they loved the stretch program. I had not used that program to that point (most massage chairs come with many different automatic programs and I always use the “Full Body” program, if there is one, so that I get a good once-over in a short period of time). I figured I’d better give this stretch program a shot.

It turned out to be nothing like what I had expected nor what I had been clinically trained for in my profession.

This is what I experienced: the chair would recline to 170 degrees (almost completely horizontal) and the ottoman would come up to a horizontal position. The, at that point, the airbags would inflate around my calves and hold them tightly. Once that happened, the ottoman would go down thus tractioning my whole body and the rollers would start to roll up and down my spine.

It was a little uncomfortable at first because my body was not used to being put in an “arched” position, which is how it felt. It seemed to hyper-extend my back. Now, I already have a lumbar (low back) spine curvature that is exaggerated, so the arching isn’t best for my type of spine. But for those clients who have a normal or decreased lumbar curve, the stretch function is awesome.

Oh, So That’s What They Meant by a Massage Chair Stretch!

So, regarding the HT-125, the stretching is more of an arching and tractioning of the spine.

When I began carrying other massage chairs, like the Inada Sogno and the Panasonic 30007, I noticed that they, too, had stretch programs. But, when I tried out their programs they were nothing like that of the Human Touch HT-125 massage chair.

The stretch programs in these chairs were more of a gently “milking”, as I like to call it, of the spine and discs. The ottomans went up and down while the chair backs alternately reclined and inclined. It was a very lovely feeling to have that going on with my spine. I actually loved the way it felt. But, again, very different from the HT-125 massage chair.

It really is a very personal preference, but it seems as though the stretch program is a popular one and will most likely be on many future massage chair models for years to come. I can not recall one person ever coming to our massage chair showroom and not enjoying the stretch program on at least one massage chair. And, in many cases, it was one of their favorite programs.

Dr. Alan  Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video – The Remote Control

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Remote Control

The remote control on a massage chair can be a very, very intimidating thing. For me, the remote control for a Panasonic 30007 or a Sanyo 7700  was quite intimidating when I first had these massage chairs in my showroom. On the other hand, the Inada and Human Touch massage chairs were quite user-friendly for me and I had little trouble getting used to working them.

Today, I am going to show you a video we made discussing the remote control of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. For such a sophisticated massage chair the remote is relatively simple and easy to use. It does not take much time to get accustomed to it.

It has the automatic programs visible on the top half of the remote and the manual settings under a cover on the bottom half of the remote. The only confusing things that take a bit of getting used to are:

1. The power lights. When the power button is green or yellow, the chair can be reclined and inclined. The button  must be green to use any of the programs. The yellow light is more of a standby signal. But, when the button is red, nothing works on the chair. I look at it as an emergency position where nothing will function, including the recline and incline functions.

2. You cannot adjust anything on the chair until the initial body scan has been completed by the chair. As soon as you turn on an automatic or manual program you must wait about 45 seconds for the chair to perform it’s sophisticated body scan, which determines what your body needs from the chair. During the scan nothing can be adjusted. You must wait. If you try to push another button, text will appear on the display that says something like “That function is not available.”  It doesn’t mean it is broken…just that it won’t be available until after the scan is completed.

One thing I like about the remote control of the Inada Sogno massage chair is the side pocket into which you can hide the remote when not in use. Some massage chairs have a pedestal remote which has the remote up on a stand that makes it look rather spaceship like, IMHO. The remote is a little more discreet with the Sogno.

Below is the video to which I have alluded. Enjoy…

I hope you learned something from that video. You can check out all of our videos on the Inada Sogno massage chair at our youtube channel,

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair News and Updates!

The Latest & Greatest Massage Chair News!

I hope you are enjoying this blog. I put an awful lot of time and attention into it, primarily for your benefit. It is my desire that massage chairs are in every home and business, but also I want every massage chair shopper to have the most information at their fingertips so that the decision to get a massage chair is supported by data and experience.

If you enjoy these massage chair updates, I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Every two weeks I put out a 10 minute or so video where I discuss in greater detail what is going on in the massage chair industry and in our store. We get a lot of views from folks just like you who want to know the latest and greatest. I will be putting out another one this Monday. Here is the channel address:

So, here is the latest I have for you:

1. The Sanyo 8700 massage chair has been discontinued. We learned of that earlier this week and I have already had that model removed from our site. Sanyo is going through some changes with their massage chair line…and it is something that doesn’t really surprise me. Since the merging of Panasonic and Sanyo a couple of years ago, I have been expecting some changes to the massage chair lines.

2. In the last Massage Chair Industry Update video, I mention that all the Panasonic massage chairs are now being manufactured in China. Even the Panasonic 30007 and ma70, which were previously manufactured in Japan, are now being made in China, too. I received a call from my Panasonic rep this week to tell me that although the Panasonic 30007 massage chair is now being created in China, the existing stock, of which there is plenty of chairs, is still all Japanese-made.

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair
Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

So, if you want a Japanese-made chair at a very, very good price, get a Panasonic 30007 massage chair before the current stock is all gone. When that happens, the 30007 will be a Chinese-made chair.

3. Human ‘Touch has a new line of massage chairs, called the Immersion chairs. In a nutshell, these are zero gravity chairs in a very nice looking chair design. Human Touch is notorious for making very nice, aesthetically pleasing massage chairs. These are no different. We should have these chairs up soon on the site. The models they are offering are:

a.) ZeroG 2.0 – this chair will be available next month and retails for $2499. It will come in black and espresso colors.

b.) ZeroG 4.0 – this chair will be available in the fall of 2012. It will retail for $3299 and comes in the following colors: black, espresso, and ivory.

c.) WholeBody 2.0 – this massage chair is currently available and retails for $1799. It comes in a black PU/Sofsuede combo upholstery.

I should have these chairs up on the website within a week or so.

4. We completed filming our assembly video for the new Osaki 7000 massage chair. This is a very popular massage chair so far but is a bit of a “bear” for assembly. This video will help with that. I should have it posted to our YouTube channel early next week, if not by the end of this weekend.

massage chair secret
"I've got a good deal on a Sogno!"

5. Inada is back ordered on the following models: Dark brown Sogno (until April 16), chocolate Sogno (April 30), black leather Sogno (April 16).

(By the way, here is a little secret! Call me at 801-651-2026 if you want a really good deal on a 2 month old perfect creme Inada  Sogno.)

Well, that should just about do it for today. Stay tuned for my Massage Chair Industry Update video this Monday.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Sanyo Massage Chairs Finished? Panasonic Now Made In China?

Panasonic and Sanyo Massage Chair News!

I had been hearing rumors for a few weeks that Sanyo massage chairs were being discontinued. I knew that Panasonic had acquired Sanyo a while back, but until now I had no idea how that would affect the Sanyo massage chair line, i.e. the Sanyo 7700 and 8700 models.Sanyo massage chair

Well, I called my Panasonic and Sanyo distributor and asked for an update on what was going on. This is the long and short of what he told me…

1. The Sanyo line of massage chairs was most likely going to be discontinued, if it hasn’t already been. I know that the Sanyo 8700 is not available to me at the present time and that the Sanyo 7700 is out of stock…and my distributor has no idea when that model will be in stock, and

2. The full line of Panasonic massage chairs, including the Panasonic 30007 and the new ma70, are all now being manufactured in China. The 30007 and ma70 had previously been manufactured in Japan, but now it is all being done in China. As a matter of fact, I am told that the Panasonic manufacturing plant in Japan has been shut down massage chair

I have also been told that this change in manufacturing locale is not limited to massage chairs but to many Panasonic products that were heretofore being manufactured in Japan.

I suspect that the reason for this is the strength of the Japanese Yen and the weakness of he USD. I have discussed in a previous blog post that the Inada chairs went significantly up in price because of that very reason…but they continue to manufacture in Japan.

So, I suspect that rather than increase the price of their massage chairs in the US, Panasonic decided to move their manufacturing to China, where the cost of production is apparently much lower.

Thus, the only massage chairs that are still manufactured in Japan are the Inada models.

We will probably be dropping the Sanyo models on our website soon. If either of the two models survive, I will probably then add it to the Panasonic category page since they are now one-in-the-same company.

New Massage Chair Line for

We will begin carrying the Infinite Therapeutics line of massage chairs. I have discussed my meeting with Kirk Jennings, IT’s sales manager, in one of my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update videos (see Kirk came to my showroom last week and we further discussed his line. Currently, they carry the IT-9800, which is a Taiwanese-made massage chair. It is made by the same manufacturing plant as the old Neox massage chair, which we used to see at all the local trade shows. A lovely, leather-upholstered chair that has an inversion feature and a side-to-side “swaying-like” calf massaging ottoman. Nice chair.

They also have the IT-7800, which is a Chinese-made model with a very reasonable price point. I will be having these models put up in the next couple of weeks or so. I understand they will also be coming out with a new model to add to their line, which allegedly will be a Sogno-lookalike model, which all the chinese plants seem to be coming out with.  Here is their website: You can go there to learn more about their chairs.

Hope this info assists you in your massage chair shopping experience.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair Review (Part 2)

Part 2 of my Review of the Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

In Part 1 of my review of the very popular Panasonic 30007 massage chair, I discussed price, durability of the Panasonic brand, the roller system, and the airbags of the hips and arms. In Part 2, I delve into many more of the features of this massage chair.

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair
Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

The Panasonic 30007 massage chair does not have any heat function. I’m pretty ambivalent about heat. I figure that with a few passes of the rollers over your backside your back is going to heat up anyway from the increased blood flow. Not a biggie to me, but if you love the heat function in a massage chair, the 30007 is not for you.

The chair does not fit a taller person very well. If you are over 6 feet tall, you may feel as though you are a tall person sitting in a small two-seater sports car. Your knees will be up higher than you would find comfortable. With the flexing foot massage component of the ottoman, you can always extend your legs and flatten out the foot massager, but then you have airbags squeezing on your ankles, which may not be optimal for you taller folks. This taller person issue is compounded if you just happen to have long legs. Your torso will be fine, but the legs will not like it too much. The ottoman does have a 5” extension feature but it doesn’t help much for the taller users.

More on the 30007 Massage Chair Rollers…

One thing I always look for in a massage chair is a good roller massage way down the back and even into the top of the buttocks. The Panasonic 30007 has a 30” roller track and it gets down below the belt line and into the sacral area (top of the buttocks). That is a nice feature if you suffer from low, low back pain.

The 30007 massage chair is available only in black. From the start, Panasonic said they would have black and brown models, but the brown has never been introduced to the US market in this model. If you want the brown color I suggest you look at the sister models to the 30007, which are the 30005 and 30006. They both come in the brown and there are very few differences between all three of these models.

The warranty is 1 year full, on-site comprehensive warranty with a 3 year limited warranty. Panasonic is pretty good about warranty work. Just give them a call and they have a local dealer pick up the chair, fix it for you, and then drop it back off at your home.

Next to the Inada Sogno massage chair, which covers over 1200 sq. inches of your body with massage, the Panasonic 30007 is the next highest in square inch coverage at 460+ of any name-brand chair of which we are aware.

Again, a great chair for the dollars spent. I love this chair a lot. It is very usable and functional. Gives a great massage and, if you’re not too tall, will really make you feel like you got a great work-over when your session is done. Oh, and it should last for a lot of years!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair Review (Part 1)

Part 1 of my Review of the Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

Panasonic introduced the 30007 model as their top of the line massage chair and it’s first chair manufactured in Japan in a long, long time. When it hit the market, it retailed at $5999. As with most Panasonic massage chairs, the price eventually was chopped down to around where it is today…about $4000! Quite a difference. But, that is another story.

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair
Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

Today, I will review the main features of the Panasonic 30007 massage chair in this article, along with some personal opinions and observations from having used it in our showroom many, many times over the last number of years.

First of all, I’d like to say that Panasonic makes a very durable massage chair. Whenever someone comes into our showroom looking for a new massage chair to replace their old one, I learn that their old one is usually a Panasonic and they’ve had it for years.

A Little Massage Chair History…

Inada may have been the company to come out with the first massage chair, back in 1962, but I think it is safe to say that Panasonic was the first company to take the idea of a massage chair and mass produce it. They were everywhere in years past. Of course, new companies come along and we have so many manufacturers to choose from today, but Panasonic was the first big player in the massage chair market.

The 30007 model, in my opinion, is a chair that gives a great bang for your buck. At around $4000 you get a Japanese-made chair with a bunch of features that you would typically see on a more expensive chair, i.e. foot and calf massager, hip airbags, seat massage, forearm/hand/wrist airbag massage, body scan technology, among other things. I think the chair is certainly not a $5999 chair, but for $4K it is a great bargain.

The massage rollers offer a very nice, vigorous massage. When the rollers hit the shoulder area they do an interesting thing: they roll forward over a portion of the trapezia muscles (those are the shoulder muscles that get sore when you sit at a computer for too long…you know, the ones you grab with the opposite hand to rub out the tightness). Most other massage chairs will have the rollers go up the low, mid, and upper back before going on to the neck but will just move along the contours of the spine. This shoulder massage feature of the roller actually moves forward somewhat at the shoulder area to give those trap muscles a little attention. It feels fantastic.

The hip air bags are nothing more than a way for the chair to anchor your pelvis in so that the massage rollers get a better traction effect and a deeper massage to the spine. The airbags don’t massage anything, unlike the Inada Sogno massage chair thigh airbags which actually massage the IlioTibial Bands of either leg, but it just compresses the thighs so that your pelvis doesn’t move forward when the rollers come down the back. That is how it anchors your pelvis and you get a deeper massage from the rollers as a result of it.

The arm airbags are actually built into the arm rests. Lift up the top of the armrests and you slide your hands and arms into a space where airbags compress from above and below to give your upper extremities and good work-over.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Shoulder Massage – What Really Is It and What Massage Chairs Have It?

black and white Synca Wellness CirC
black and white Synca Wellness CirC

Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags

Shoulder massage in a massage chair means different things to different people. The same kind of confusion occurs when someone says “hip” massage. It could mean the thighs, the low back, the pelvis, the buttocks, etc.

With shoulder massage, to some people it could mean the shoulder blades, the trapezius muscles, the upper back, the outside of the shoulders, etc. So, you see it can be very confusing.

For the sake of this article, I will break down each definition of shoulder and then discuss which massage chairs can cater to what a “shoulder” is according to those definitions.

1. Trapezius muscles (the “traps”)

These muscles are located at the top of your shoulders and constitute those muscles that get really tight when you are working at a desk, particularly at a computer. They are the muscles you grab when your “shoulders” feel sore and tight. When you look at the muscle-man they are the muscles that can get so big that they make the man look like he has no neck. They are the muscles that go from the base of the neck to your shoulder joint.

There are really one two massage chairs that can come close to addressing this area. First of all is the Inada  Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. It has a head piece that Inada calls the Cervical Traction Device. At the bottom of this head piece, there are two massage airbags, one on either side of the user’s neck, that will inflate and direct pressure downward onto those trap muscles. It is a very intense airbag massage and feels delightful. This is the only massage chair that has this direct airbag compression feature on the traps. The intensity of the airbag compression can be adjusted, but it truly feels like the elbows of a trained massage therapist digging down into those “shoulder” muscles.

The Panasonic 30007 massage chair does not have airbag compression onto those muscles, but it has a roller system that tries to hit that spot. Like all massage chairs, the 30007 has rollers that go up and down your spine. Unlike other massage chairs, when the rollers hit the shoulder area (the trap area), the track of those rollers allows the rollers to roll for forward over top of the trap muscles. It is not a significant roll forward but enough to make it feel like the user is getting the trap muscles addressed to some degree.

The Inada Sogno is definitely better than the 30007 in terms of hitting that area of the shoulder, but both chairs make the effort.

2. Shoulder blades/Mid Back

Of course, these are located in the back and are very common areas of soreness. Virtually every manufacturer addresses this area with their own proprietary roller system in their massage chairs.

No massage chair actually massages the whole shoulder blade, but they all hit the edges of the shoulder blades that are closest to the spine. The principle muscles at that area are called rhomboids and they tend to get sore with lots of sitting and a slumping posture. Most folks don’t even realize that they have a problem there until they sit in a massage chair and the rollers hit that spot.

Massage chairs are great at massaging this area. This area between the shoulder blades is a common point of soreness for many people with poor posture. Not only will the rollers of the massage chair work over the muscles in that area and give the user some relief, they will also push the spine forward and give the user the feeling that they are standing taller and straighter after a session.

So, if you have a slumping posture, prepare to feel taller and straighter after a session on virtually any massage chair with a roller

Inada Doctors Choice Massage Chair
Inada Doctors Choice Massage Chair


Inada has a massage chair called the Doctor’s Choice massage chair, which has a neat posture correction feature. It actually has airbags that compress the front of either shoulder while the rollers go up and down the mid/upper back and shoulder blade areas. It pins the shoulders back while the rollers are hitting this area, thus accentuating the proper posture position and working that area even more intensely than any other massage chair model.

3. Outside part of the shoulders

This area is where the deltoid muscles are located. The recent onslaught of Inada Sogno look-a-likes out of China have an airbag that

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags
Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags

inflates and pushes on the outside of the shouder where the deltoid muscle is, but their effectiveness are limited. A good sample of a chair with this feature would be the Osaki 6000 massage chair or the Omega Montage Pro massage chair. The Inada Sogno has a full arm massage feature which is very unique. The airbags that the Sogno employs get close to those muscles and do somewhat compress them, but it is not a full on deltoid massage.

This review of shoulder massage should assist in identifying what is meant by “shoulder” pain and what massage chair will cater to that issue.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Great Massage Chair Question (and my answer)?

Massage Chair Neck Pain Question

I received an email from a shopper yesterday with a great question about massage chairs and neck massage. I thought I’d share his question and my response with you for your own research because the question is a common one and the answer will help those of you looking for a massage chair to accommodate neck problems.

Massage Chair Question:

Dear Alan,

I am 5′ 8″ and am currently getting treated by a chiropractor. I work at a computer all day and neck gets very stiff along with headaches. Right arm gets sore during day as well as sore legs in the evening. I’m looking for a massage chair solution that will massage my neck as best as I can get as well as giving my spine, arms and legs a massage at same time. I currently use a hand held massager and works well but I’m looking a better and more effective solution.



My  Massage Chair Response:

Hello, Anthony

Great questions. I have 4 suggestions for you:

1. The Panasonic 30007 is coming to mind. It has a great neck and back massage, along with arms, calves, and feet airbag massage. It is great for folks under 6′ and is a very reliable and durable chair. You can check it out here:

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

2. If you want to get the top notch Panasonic chair, which does an even better job on the whole spine, I would also recommend

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

the Panasonic MA70. Brand new model and very good. It has jade heated rollers, which we’ ve never seen before in a massage chair. It has a very vigorous massage. More pricey, but apparently worth every dollar. It has arm and foot and calf massage too. Learn more about it here:

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

3. A third option would be the Sanyo 7700. It has a great neck and shoulder massage as well as going down low into the low back. It also has the zero gravity feature, which is somewhat in vogue right now. Also has feet and calf massage, but no arm massage. Here is more info on this model:

Sanyo 7700 Massage Chair

The Sanyo 7700 has a phenomenal feature called “Grip” which works the shoulders something fierce. It is a great feature that you would love.

4. The Human Touch HT-7120 is a lesser priced model and has a very vigorous neck massage. You can adjust the intensity to make it more or less vigorous. The drawback is that it doesn’t have foot or arm massage. However, it does have calf massage. Here it is:

HT-7120 Massage Chair

If you are interested in the Sanyo 7700 or the Panasonic 30007, check out our home page specials for each chair. If you decide on the Panasonic MA70 or HT-7120, go to Facebook and “Like” us to get a 5% off promo code for your purchase.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if you need any assistance placing your order. Feel free to email me back or call me on my cell phone at 801-651-2026 if you need anything.

By the way, you’ll love having a massage chair. When I was a practicing chiropractor, many folks got what they needed just from sitting on the massage chairs in my clinic. They would end up buying a chair and rarely returning to the clinic!!

It will benefit you greatly.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Airbags

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The Airbags of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

With the advent of the Inada Sogno massage chair, competition has been eliminated in regard to airbag technology.  The

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

additional descriptive name – Dreamwave  – is more than a marketing moniker. The previous best massage coverage of the body at 450 square inches was offered by the Panasonic 30007 and was considered pretty good.

Well, the Inada Sogno has trumped that chair by a wide margin boasting over 1200 square inches of massage coverage.  To be clear, square inch body coverage includes that provided by rollers as well as air bags.  Most massage chairs utilize the airbag concept of massage, but the Inada Sogno technological advances are truly astounding.

Here are 6 body areas massaged by Inada Sogno massage chair airbags:

1. Cervical headpiece airbags – The Inada Sogno has a wonderful feature that feels like human fingers working your neck muscles. I’m not aware of another name-brand massage chair that uses airbags for cervical massage.  There is the option of using the traditional roller massage by placing the headpiece over the chair’s back.  After using the airbags once, you will be ready to return again and again, just for that feature.

Similar to the way your licensed massage therapist digs elbows into your shoulder muscles, the cervical headpiece has airbags for both sides of your neck to push down on your upper shoulders.  For those of you that want to know, these are the trapezia muscles!  This great feature loosens those muscles that get tight and sore after working at a computer all day. The airbag massaging motion feels so relaxing.

2. Full arm airbags – includes fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm up to and including the upper arm.  I have not seen this thorough an arm massage in any other massage chair.

3. Lower lumbar airbags – airbags have been around for some time, but Inada’s technology is advanced.  For sufferers of low back pain, the rotation that mimics a chiropractic adjustment brings welcome relief.  The airbags inflate alternate sides to lift your low back forward on one side and then the other to produce rotation in that lower lumber area that so often needs corrective motion.

You can adjust the intensity of your massage experience with the remote control.  I have found that for some people, the intensity of the airbag massage can be too much.  It is easy enough to adjust to a lower setting for your comfort.

4. Seat airbags – this feature I have not seen in other massage chairs is known as Dreamwave technology.  Through airbag pressure, the seat moves up and down as well as going side to side in a figure 8 movement. The relief achieved by sufferers of acute low back pain is marvelous.

5. ITB airbags – Accompanying almost any hip, knee or back problem is tenderness on the outside of each thigh.  These sore spots are the Iliotibial Band (ITB) muscles. As you sit, the Inada Sogno ITB airbags massage your outer thighs.  At first it can be extremely sore, but with more use, the area will loosen up.  You will be pleased to find other problems in your lower quadrant resolving with regular use of this feature, not found in other massage chairs.

6. Calf and foot airbags – the Inada Sogno like most chairs does have a foot and calf massager.  These airbags are good, but nothing special.  With so many extraordinary functions that put the chair at the top of the line in most areas, my opinion is that the HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch offers the best foot and calf massage feature.

There you have my views of airbag features in the popular Inada Sogno massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

1-Week Old Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A Massage Chair For Only $4999

Doctors Choice 3A Massage Chair
Doctors Choice 3A Massage Chair

I haven’t written in a while with any specials because, quite frankly, we haven’t had any returns or exchanges for a while (and heaven knows the massage chair companies never lower their prices!).

Doctors Choice 3A Massage Chair
Doctors Choice 3A

That changed this week when a recent customer experienced “buyer’s remorse” and returned an Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair to my showroom on Monday. The chair is only a week old and still has a full warranty. It is brand new, for all intents and purposes.

If you have heard of this limited-edition massage chair from Inada before, then you know how great this chair is. It retails for $5799 but I have this 1-week old, gently-used one for $4999, while it lasts.

If you haven’t heard of it before, check it out here:

It was introduced in 2009 as a posture correction massage chair by Inada for Doctor’s offices, therapists, and other medical clinicians. It is in limited release and has been very popular.

I have one on display in my showroom and since we’ve had it, I’d say that folks who visited the showroom were split 50/50 on whether to get the famous Inada Sogno or the Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair.

When a customer would try this chair along with the Sanyo 7700 and Panasonic 30007 massage chairs, which are chairs in the same class and price range,  the Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A was picked virtually every time over the other two.

Yes…it is THAT good! I just love this chair.

Here are some of the cool features about the Doctor’s Choice chair:

1. It has shoulder airbags that push the shoulders down FROM THE FRONT! This allows the massage rollers to push your mid back forward while the shoulders are held back…that’s how the primary posture function works (don’t we all have slumped shoulders to some degree or another?)

2. Hand massage airbags on the SIDE of the chair and not on TOP of the armrests, like most conventional massage chairs. In a normal posture, aren’t your hands supposed to be at the SIDE of your body? Yes!

3. Seat airbags that inflate on your left side and then on your right, simulating the twisting/turning motion that your low back discs  need so badly to keep healthy and nourished…and which no other manufacturer’s chairs can do.

4. Low back stretch program that is heavenly…my personal favorite program on the chair.

5. The rollers go WAY down the back…all the way to the top part of of the buttock muscles…no other chairs’ rollers go so low in the low back (absolutely amazing if you have “sacral” or “sacroiliac” problems).

6. Like all Inada massage chairs, this chair is manufactured in Japan.


This gently-used chair is dark gray (slate, almost black) in color and is in absolutely PRISTINE condition. I will pay for shipping to your home or office. Inada’s famous, industry-best, 3 year comprehensive, on-site warranty applies to this chair.

The price for this 1-week old massage chair is only $4999 (regularly $5799).

You will need to call me at 801-2026 when you order this chair as I don’t have it on my website at this price.

Feel free to call me anytime also if you’d like to discuss this or any other massage chair we carry. I am always at your disposal, day or night.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Questions From A Shopper!

I received a great email from a visitor to our site…obviously someone who has been doing their massage chair homework. Below is their email to me followed by my response to them:

“Wanted to hear your thoughts. I have been struggling with for the last 6 months to try and make a chair selection. The issue I continue to run into is that there aren’t places in my area to try all the chairs.

The basics –
Details: Myself – 5’10, wife 5’6
Issues: Myself – C4 bulging disk, straight neck spine, slight curvature at base of spine. Regular discomfort usually located behind shoulder blades or in neck. Occasional issues with lower back. I do see a chiropractor.
My wife: Slight issues with hip (stiffness) and problems with circulation in legs and feet.
What we have sat in: Inada Dreamwave, Sanyo 8700DRK, Human Touch (most of them), Panasonic EP-MA51KU, Osim Ucomfort, Osim uAstro
Favorites (Mine): 8700DRK and Dreamwave. In particular, I really like the 3D massage. My issues is whether 3D is truly worth the cost variation. I am more about utility – what will truly be theraputic and helpful. Taking a step down I did like HT-7450. Didn’t like the other Human touch chairs. Was ok with Panasonic.
Favorites (Wife): Osom Ucomfort. Liked Sanyo and Inada. Others were “ok”. Didn’t really notice 3D.

In general we both like the 5 year warranties. I have been coming back to the Elite Optima – but really unsure since I can’t sit in the thing. Do you have thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks, Robert”

Dr. Weidner’s response:

“Hello, Robert
Since I didn’t hear from you via phone, I figured I’d write up as much as I could for you to answer your inquiries.

It sounds like you have tried most of the better chairs. Your height and your wife’s height does not preclude you from any chair model, actually. If you were over 6 feet tall, that would affect some model recommendations. I would suggest the Sanyo 7700 over the 8700 since the price differential is $1000 and the 8700 is much like the 7700 but for folks over 6′.

Your spine sounds like you need a massage chair…that’s for sure. I can pretty much promise you that you will get a tremendous amount of relief from a massage chair, especially if you use it daily. Here are some thoughts about the chairs you mention and the conditions you suffer from:

1. if your wife suffers from poor circulation in calves and feet, then I would probably suggest a chair with both foot and calf massage. The Human Touch chairs, for the most part, do not have a foot massage feature…only calf massage (unless you go to the HT-9500 or HT-5320).

2. I think it is safe to say that all massage chair models massage the the mid back (thoracic) region quite well. If you want a chair that massages “way down” into the low back, i.e. the top of the butt/sacrum, then I would suggest an Inada chair or a Sanyo chair. Human Touch chairs typically only go down to the belt line.

3. For the neck and shoulders, all models are pretty good. The Inada Sogno has a cervical traction device which uses air bags to traction your neck and massage it. You can lift the cervical traction device off and let rollers work your neck and shoulders, too, if you so choose. The cervical traction device and the dreamwave technology in the seat of the Inada Sogno are incredible features, unduplicated by any other manufacturer at this point. From my perspective as a chiropractor, I must say that I absolutely love those two features of the Inada Sogno chair. There is great therapeutic value in them.

4. I don’t know much about the Panasonic MA51, other than what I have read about it. You know more about the feel of the chair than I do. I’d love to hear from you what your opinion of it is. Panasonic’s are traditionally well built chairs that are not great for taller folks. Your height, again, is perfect for any manufacturer’s chair, including Panasonic.

5. I have sat in the OSIM chairs and they are a typical, generic Chinese-made chair. Nothing out of the ordinary. I would have to classify the Elite chair the same way, though I have never actually sat in one. Feedback from clients is that it is also a typical Chinese-made chair. I have also heard from other shoppers and clients that the customer support for the OSIM and Elite chairs is questionable, based on either their personal experience or what they have found through their research on the web.

6. The uAstro chair by OSIM is a copycat look-alike of the Inada Sogno body appearance, but it is nothing like the Sogno in feature and function. The Inada Sogno is a very unique chair that does feel quite different than other traditional massage chairs.

In our business, the Inada Sogno is the most popular-selling chair, for what it’s worth. I have written quite a bit on my blog about the Sogno, the Panasonic 30007, and the Sanyo 7700, including some comparisons between the chairs. Please go to my website,, and do a search for any of those models and you’ll find a lot of info. For example, here are 3 blog posts comparing the Inada Sogno to the Sanyo 8700:

I hope this input helps in some way. Please feel free to call me anytime on my personal cell number, 801-651-2026, and I’ll be happy to chat about any of the models you are interested in.

Dr. Alan Weidner

More Info on the New Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair!

I have been getting a number of calls about this massage chair for a couple of months now and I finally got the go ahead to be one of the few online retailers for this new Panasonic MA70 massage chair. It is a very hard to get chair with a very limited number of them in circulation here in the USA. I received a pdf brochure from Panasonic yesterday and wanted to share it with you right away. It is attached to this blog post for your enjoyment and learning.  I will have my webguy put up some of the images from that brochure on our site so that everyone can check it out.

Some of the features of this chair which I find very interesting and for which I am excited to try out in person include:

1. I really like the idea of thermal massage heads. Massage chairs that feature “heat” typically have a heating pad within the massage chair section that offers heat, i.e. back, butt, and/or legs/feet. What the Panasonic MA70 has is massage roller heads that incorporate a ceramic heating mechanism as well they showed us the ceramic donut. It is reminiscent of the jade roller heads in the Ceragem roller tables, which I really used to like (although I didn’t enjoy the roughness of the rollers in those tables).

2. Human Touch has had rotating ottomans for years, and for the aesthetically sensitive folks who don’t want their massage chair to look quite so “therapeutic”, the rotating ottoman feature is a nice touch. To allow for ottoman rotation, Human Touch has not incorporated foot massage, but only calf massage, because I assume it was too difficult to rotate an ottoman that had the bulky foot massager component sticking out. Well, Panasonic has figured out a way to rotate the whole mechanism, foot and calf massagers included. I like that feature.

3. I like the 7.2″ extending ottoman feature too. The major drawback on the Panasonic 30000 series has been that the chair is designed ideally for folks 5’10” and less. For people that are over that height, particularly over 6′, the chair feels a little too much like sitting in a small sports car with your knees up too high. Well, hopefully the 7.2″ extension deals with that issue (of course, now with the rotating ottoman, I suppose that people who are still too tall for the this chair can rotate the ottoman under and lay their legs on the flat surface of the ottoman underside, giving the taller person the ability to stretch out their legs…they just won’t get a leg and foot massage in this scenario).

4. Lateral shoulder airbags – now their are airbags at the side of the shoulders that massage the outside of the upper arm and shoulder. The 30007 just had airbags that pushed the shoulders forward…never could figure out the biomechanics in that feature (sorry…that’s the chiropractor in me trying to make sense of an airbag feature that probably didn’t need to be there). But, now with the MA70 it looks like there are airbags laterally that inflate and “massage” the outside of the upper arms and shoulders. Not the best, but better than what they had in the Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

5. Sliding arm rests when you recline. Now, there’s a good idea! The other Panasonic models with arm massage had a little problem when you reclined the chair all the way back…the arm rests didn’t move back with you. So, by the time the chair was reclined all the way, only your hands could fit in the arm rest massager. Now, with the new MA70, it looks like the arm rests recline with the upper body so that you can still get a full arm massage when you are fully reclined.

That’s about it so far, based on what I read and see in the brochure. Panasonic has never been terribly big on buttock massage. It looks like this one has extensive thigh and buttock airbag massage. They are also touting 3D massage in the brochure. So far as I know, Inada is the only other company to boast a 3D massage feature. I’ll be interested to see if it is a true 3D massage. Once we have the chair in our showroom, I can give a more thorough review. I think I will like this chair. It seems to address a few things that were lacking in previous Panasonic models. Price point is high at $6999, same price as the Inada Sogno. I won’t know if it is comparable until I try it out myself. It seems as though the typical 1 year comprehensive warranty will be applied to this chair. Panasonic’s are known for durability and toughness. I have no doubt that the MA70 will the much the same and last for years and years.

Hope this helps. For more information, check out

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30005 and Panasonic MA70 Massage Chairs Added to Massage Chair Relief!

We are pleased to announce that we have added the Panasonic 30005 massage chair to our Massage Chair Relief website. This chair had been previously available only through certain retail distribution channels, but is now available to us! It is comparable to the Panasonic 30007, but with less airbags and an Ultra Deep Massage feature. The chair retails for less than the 30007, but functions much the same way. You can check it out here:

This chair is manufactured in Japan.

Also, we have added the new Panasonic MA70 massage chair  which has come to the USA under a bit of a shroud of mystery. We are currently asked not to promote it too much and keep it under wraps. Why, I don’t know why. It is a very restricted model. It is manufactured in Japan, as well. I have had some calls about this model, inquiries from folks who have heard about it and want to know what it is like. But, to be honest with you and them, I’ve never seen it in person and it is nowhere to be found in the country, as far as I understand. Hopefully, we will see one in the next month or so. I have also been told that some stock will be in a week or two for purchase.  Here is the link:

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Oh, and by the way, a “bunch” of Panasonic 30007 massage chairs are now in stock (whew…finally!!). So, order anytime and you’ll get what you’re looking for right away.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Oops..I Forgot To Say There Is Lots Of Human Touch Massage Chair Stock!!

After my post yesterday decrying the lack of stock for the Inada Sogno and Panasonic 30007, I received a gentle reminder email from Human Touch to say that they have plenty of chairs in stock! I felt a little embarrassed because I focused on human touch massage chairswhat was lacking yesterday, rather than focusing on all the chairs from other manufacturers that are in stock.

Sorry about that 😉

So, if you are looking for an HT-9500 or HT-7450 or any other of the Human Touch massage chairs, order away!! Check them all out here:

Human Touch Massage Chairs

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Stock Update – Panasonic 30007 & Inada Sogno

Well, our frustrations continue with regards to stock issues and back-orders. There is a little light however. Inada emailed me yesterday and said that the Dark Brown Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair is in stock in good supply. The black leather is also available, but in very limited supply. Here is what we can expect with the rest of the Inada Sogno colors:

– HCP-10001A(HD) Sogno Dreamwave Slate – Orders placed now will be released by May 9th.

– HCP-10001A(CH) Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by May 9th .

– HCP-10001A(CW) Sogno DreamWave Creme – Orders placed now will be released by May 2nd.

– HCP-10001A(RD) Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by May 2nd.

Anyone interested in ordering any of these back-ordered chairs, order ASAP so that you can get whatever is available. If you wait until the chairs come in to order, you will probably not get one as those models will have already been spoken for.

Now, regarding the Panasonic 30007 massage chair. Very frustrating. We have had some orders back-ordered for almost a month, with the promise that the stock would be in “next week.” Well, today I learned that only 12 of the 35 they were expecting are coming in. I have a number of orders, but I will only get 1 chair to give to the first order. VERY FRUSTRATING! Panasonic has never been great with inventory management, to be quite frank. It is always a crapshoot. So, I should just tell you that if you want a Panasonic 30007, order it now…but expect to receive it next month. They will be spoken for very quickly.

By the way, all other chairs should be in stock, according to my suppliers (“should” being the emphasis!).

A new chair from Panasonic, by the way. I will give you the scoop in my next blog entry.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Relief Update

Perfect Chair
Perfect Chair

With all the snow and rain we are getting in Utah, I would venture to say that it feels more like Christmas than it does Easter! Can’t wait for spring.

Anyways, here are some things going on at

1. adding two models of the popular Perfect Chair series from Human Touch. The Perfect Chair is a zero gravity phenomenon that Human Touch came out with a number of years ago, but until recently, they did not have any models


with a massage feature. That is why I never carried them…I was intent to remain somewhat true to the massage chair niche. Well, Human Touch has now come out with two new models, the PC-086 Serenity (yes, the same name as the Omega chair!), which boasts air bag massage and jade stone-transmitted infrared heat, and the PC-085 Transitional, which doesn’t have air massage but is a sister chair to the PC-086.

2. adding the Panasonic 30005 massage chair model. We currently carry the Panasonic 30007 and, though not on the website, the 30006. The 30005 is very similar in appearance to the 30006 but made in Japan. It doesn’t have as many air bags as the 30006/30007 but has an ultra deep massage program, which apparently goes deeper than the most intense setting of the 30007/30006…which is already pretty intense. I am not sure of the pricing on this model yet, but we should be getting this and the Perfect Chairs up soon.

3. Product page layout changes. Folks love watching our videos. So, we are going to have the videos more prominent on the product pages. Right now, you have to click the Video tab, which some folks aren’t even aware of. We will make the massage chair videos more readily available for viewing.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Japan Disaster Affects Massage Chair Production?

flag of Japan
flag of Japan

We have had a lot of inquiries about the effect of the Japan tsunami on massage chair production, so I figured I’d address that in this blog post. But, first of all, I feel to mourn with those who have suffered so much as a result of this natural disaster. I am absolutely amazed at the grace with which the Japanese people handle this crisis, but so sad over the pain and suffering of this wonderful people. Our family’s thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

The only company that has addressed the effect of the disaster on massage chair production is Inada. Here is a quote from their last correspondence with their retailers, yesterday:

“As of right now the recent earthquake in Japan will not affect shipments in April. However, some components are manufactured in areas of Japan that were affected by the earthquake and, as a result, we may see some delays in May. We will pass along more information as soon as it becomes available. Please submit purchase orders immediately as dates for back orders are continuing to move back.”

The Inada chairs are already back-ordered until mid-April. That back-order status is not because of the Japan situation…it is just inventory control issues. But, May chair inventory will be affected.

I know the Panasonic 30007, which is the only Panasonic model manufactured in Japan, is back-ordered until April 10-15, but the US distributor did not know if that was related to the tsunami or not.

Human Touch and Omega chairs are not affected as far as I know because they ship from China and not Japan.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Some Questions About The Inada Sogno Massage Chair

I received an email today  from a lady inquiring about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair (we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries since I announced that the price of the Sogno will be going up on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 to $6999). She asked a bunch of questions about this chair and I figured I’d share the email and my response with you for your own perusal, particularly if you are thinking about getting this great chair…

(My answers are in red)

Good Afternoon Dr. Weidner,

I  had a few questions about the Inada Sogno:

1.  Is it easy to get in and out of the chair? We find it quite easy to get in the chair and out of the chair. The chair really envelopes the user so one that has significant mobility issues might need to slide forward on the seat once the chair is upright before trying to stand up and get out.

2.  Will the Sogno hold up to daily family use? I am not sure what you mean by “daily family use”, but I can tell you that we use them like crazy at trade shows and golf tournaments, one person after another, and we’ve never had a problem with a Sogno chair.

3.  How difficult is the chair to clean? It is a faux leather…very, very easy to wipe clean with a wet rag. The cloth material which is located in a few areas of the chair can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. We clean our showroom chair all the time and have yet to see a stain or smudge that wouldn’t come off.

4.  Does it run on 120v? How many watts or amps? Yes, it runs on 120 V; 170 watts.

5.  Can several family members use it in immediate succession or does it need to cool down after each use. See #2 above for first part of this question. The chair does not need to “cool down” after each use. It can be used in succession without a problem.

6.  How long can we expect it to last with daily use? If the chair is used 1x/day, the chair is designed to last up to as long as 15-20 years.

7.  Does it need any kind of regular servicing? None at all. Should there be a problem with the chair, Inada is always at your disposal to take care of that problem.

8.  Does the unit also contain a heating unit in the seat or back? Yes, in the seat, but it is very subtle. Please read my blog post about this feature:

9.  How does the Sogno compare to one of the high end Panasonic units? We feel that it is a more sophisticated and feature-rich chair than other models, including the Panasonic high end chairs. I wrote this blog post comparing the two chairs:

10. What does it weigh? 264 lbs.

11. Can a 6 ft. 2 in. adult fit in the chair comfortably? The chair is designed to fit folks from 4’11” up to 6’4″ comfortably.

Thank you for your help. You are welcome. I hope this assisted you in some way in your buying decision. I am always at your disposal, Deloris. Please remember that we have a 90-day money back guarantee and a 110% low price match guarantee. You can feel free to email me or call me at 801-651-2026 with any further questions or to assist you in placing your order. Make sure you do that before March 1st, though!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

What Massage Chairs Do We Have In Our Showroom?

MCR Showroom
MCR Showroom

We get calls all the time from folks around the country who want to know where they can go to find all the major massage chair manufacturer brands under one roof. When we tell them that we have such a showroom, many end up coming to

MCR Showroom
MCR Showroom
MCR Front Door

our showroom in Salt  Lake City,  just to try out the chairs. We’ve had people fly in from New York, Louisiana, Oregon, Illinois, California, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho, off the top of my head.

I figured I’d let you know what models we have in our showroom currently, just in case you were thinking of coming out for a visit (mind you, the showroom inventory changes periodically as we sell floor models of chairs that have become discontinued or that don’t get a lot of interest from our visitors, but for now this is what we have…priced from highest to lowest):

Inada  Sogno Dreamwave Plus
Inada Doctor’s  Choice 3A massage chair
Sanyo 7700
HT-9500 by Human Touch
Panasonic 30007
HT-7450 by Human Touch
HT-7120 by Human Touch
Panasonic 1285
Omega Serenity
iJoy 2580
Inada Cube

These massage chairs represent a great cross-section of prices, popularity, styles, and manufacturers. When someone calls us to tell us they are coming in for a visit, we always tell them to plan on 1-2 hours because they are going to want to sit on most of the chairs to get a good feeling for what is out there at their disposal.

Of course, the more chairs we have, the more confusing it can become when trying to find one that works. Then, if a spouse comes along too…look out, decision making gets taken to a whole new level!

I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of the showroom that I took this morning. You can see it is snowing here in Salt Lake City today!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Great Questions From A Massage Chair Shopper!

I received an email from Joe in the Netherlands. Though he is not buying a chair from me, he felt comfortable contacting me with some questions about the Panasonic 30007 massage chair and Sanyo 7700 massage chair. I thought this would assist all my readers to share his email and my response with you:

The Questions:

Hi Dr. Weidner,

Since I live in the Netherlands, I’m not likely to be able to purchase a chair from you. However, I hope you might be willing to answer a couple of questions I have concerning the purchase of a chair.
First, I am considering either the Sanyo 8700 or the Panasonic EP30007, the top models of each brand.

Is the Sensor system in the Sanyo reliable? Worth the extra cost?

Are the hip massage and outer shoulder massage airbags features of the Panasonic effective?

Does one really use these machines daily, or do they become a once-a-week or once-in-a-while accessory?

Are there people for whom these machines are not helpful? How could I tell based on one trial in a showroom? In other words, what are the most important signals when trying one out that would indicate I should or should not consider regular use of such a machine?

I would appreciate any time you could spare to help me with answers to the above. I find it a confusing market and a confusing choice.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I remain

Most sincerely yours,
Joe L.

The  Answers:

Hi, Joe
Thanks for your email. I appreciate your inquiry. It is so hard to evaluate the sensor system in the Sanyo because the technology and application is something that none of us fully understand. The chair remote just puts up red circles around the blue dots that represent your body parts. The red circles mean “problem area”. When we used to take the Sanyo to trade shows and people would use the sensors, many times the client would say “That is exactly where I am hurting!” when they saw the red circles on the remote after their spine was scanned. Is it worth the extra cost?…probably not.

The outer shoulder airbag of the Panasonic 30007 massage chair is a waste of airbag in my opinion. If anything the airbags should push the shoulders back, not forward (check out the Doctor’s Choice 3A chair by Inada www.inada-3a-massage-chair.

com…that is how it really should work, not from the back like with the Panasonic chairs).

The hip massage airbags in the Panasonic 30007 are not really designed to massage your hips…they are more for “pinning” your hips to the chair so that when the rollers go over your back, they get some traction while rolling because the hip airbags pin you in so that your body doesn’t move forward too much when the rollers go over the spine. I hope that makes sense (harder to describe in writing than in person!).

Yes, you can and WILL use it everyday. Massage chairs are fantastic…not like a treadmill, where you buy it and use it for a few days and then it becomes a clothing rack. The only person who won’t want a massage chair is someone who is hurt by massage. Most folks are a little sore when using a massage chair for the first time, but if pain persists or if there is a history of pain following massage, it might not be the best idea. But, I can say with absolute certainty that 99% of the folks who use a massage chair love them, even if there is a little pain the first few sessions.

I hope this helps, Joe. Feel free to contact me with any other inquiries. Best of luck in your massage chair shopping experience!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30005 vs. 30007 Massage Chairs

A common question we get from massage chair shoppers is the difference between the Panasonic 30005 and 30006 and 30007 massage chairs. I have previously written in this blog about the differences between the 30006 and 30007, which are relatively minor differences, i.e 30006 is made in China and has faux leather on arm rests, 30007 is made in Japan with wood on arm rests (

But, the differences between the 30005 and 30007 are a little more pronounced. I figured this would be a great forum to share those differences with you. The Panasonic 30000 series of chairs is their upper-echelon family of massage chairs. The are the most feature rich and more expensive of the Panasonic massage chairs army. I have been told that the Panasonic 30005 massage chair was made in conjunction with Premier Health Products. I think that they, and their family of websites, along with Panasonic’s own website, are the only retailers of the 30005 model. Here are the major differences between the two:

1. Total square inch coverage by the 30007 is 460 sq.  inches; coverage by the 30005 is only 296 sq. inches (other than the Inada Sogno massage chair, the 30007 has the most sq. inch coverage of any other of the major massage chair models – the Sogno covers over 1200 sq. inches, FYI),

2. 22 airbags in the 30005, compared to 36 airbags in the 30007,

3. Waist air massage and outer arm massage are available only in the Panasonic 30007 massage chair model. The outer arm massage is really a rear airbag shoulder massage that pushes the shoulders forward from behind,

4. The 30005 model has an “Ultra Deep Massage” feature that is not available on the 30007 model,

5. It seems as though the massage roller width is fixed on the 30005 and is adjustable on the 30007 (can be adjusted between 2″ and 8.3″),

6. Suggested retail price is $5999 on the 30007 and $4499 on the 30005. But, I can tell you that you can get the 30007 for around $4000 and I’ve seen the 3005 for around $3800.

Hope that assists you Panasonic massage chair shoppers.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Panasonic MA51 Massage Chair

I learned a little about the new massage chair from Panasonic, called the EP-MA51. Here are some of my observations and thoughts about it. I haven’t sat on it or even seen it in person, but from my review of the literature out there, I have some things to say:

1. The body styling looks a lot like the Panasonic 1285 massage chair. The only markedly obvious difference would be the arm rests having the familiar Panasonic arm massage feature, which is a “flapping” arm rest that comes down on the fingers, wrist and forearms to facilitate an airbag massage on the arms.

2. Panasonic touts a pelvic tilt and trunk rotation feature which seems pretty cool. Inada introduced that idea a couple of years ago with it’s Inada Sogno and Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chairs. The idea is for the seat airbags to rotate the hips so that the lower back joints are rotated instead of just pushed forward by the rollers. I love that feature on the Inada chairs, so I suspect it will be a lovely feature on the Panasonic MA51 model.

3. They’ve added a feature called a “Leg Stretch” which looks to me like a basic stretch program, which most massage chair manufacturers now employ on at least one of their models. Stretching is a nice feature in a massage chair. I particularly like the stretch function on the Human Touch HT-7120 family of massage chairs. My clients sure love it too.

4. Seems quite pricey at $5499. Of course, when Panasonic came out with it’s highly anticipated 30007 a couple of years ago, it ‘s initial price was $5999. And as you may or may not have read in an earlier post of mine on this blog, Panasonic’s dismal pricing integrity model allowed the price of the 30007 to drift, rather quickly, down to the $4000 range. Pricing and value tend to drop with Panasonic chairs. I suspect this chair will be no different. I suspect that competing retailers will gouge the price down to below $4000 before long….if the 30007 history (or any Panasonic massage chair for that matter) is any indicator.

When you compare this chair to the Inada Sogno or Doctor’s Choice massage chair, or the new Human Touch Acutouch 9500 massage chair, you’ll probably intuitively assess that the MA51 is over-priced at $5499.

5. I called my Panasonic distributor today but he was not aware of whether this chair is even on the market yet. I await his response. I will tell you more when I hear more. I will also notify you when we have placed this chair on our site.

Here is a link to a video that explains the chair visually:

One of my competitors has a neat comparison chart that will show you the differences (and similarities) between this chair and the 30007 and 1285 which are also Panasonic chairs or any other chair you wish to compare. Here is a link to their site:

Well, hope this helps you in some way, if you are considering this chair for your home or business. We will be posting it on my website shortly.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs Back-Ordered…And A Warning

There seems to be a lot of the popular massage chairs back ordered right now. I figured it might help some of you who are buying to know which models are back ordered right now and when you can expect to see them back in stock at the manufacturer’s warehouses. So, here is the scoop:

Panasonic 30007 massage chair
Just heard today that this chair, which has already been on back order for over a month, should arrive between May 12-16. We get calls on this chair all the time and it is very frustrating that the inventory management is so poor that we have to go for 2 months before a chair model is available.

Human Touch HT-1650 massage chair
This chair is a very popular model and the dark chocolate (cognac) color is back ordered until this week. I was told two days ago that the shipment should be in “any day now”. So, we expect to see this chair early next week at our showroom. We sold our floor model and have a list of folks who are waiting for it come in so that they can sit on it and try it out.

Inada Sogno massage chair
This chair is on back-order based on color. According to an email I received yesterday from Inada USA President, Cliff Levin, the chocolate is back-ordered until June 1st; the creme color is back-ordered until May 17th; the bright red color is back-ordered until May 10.

I should warn everyone who reads this post that if you want one of these models DO NOT wait until those dates to order your new chair!! The demand is high and if you wait until then, you may not get them because the folks who have already ordered will be in the queue to get a chair from those shipments long before you get your order in on those dates. Does that make sense? So, bottom line is that if you want one of these chairs, ORDER NOW and don’t wait until the dates I just gave you, cause you just might be too late.

Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions or to place your order. We are always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch HT-5005 Massage Chair Almost Finished!

I just heard from Human Touch that their HT-5005 massage chair is being phased out and the only color they have left is ivory. The black and espresso colors are sold out and will not be replenished. So, if you don’t like ivory, I’d look at another model altogether. If you are looking for something in a similar price range, i.e. between $1000-$2000, I might suggest the Human Touch HT-5040 or the HT-3300. Great chairs at very reasonable prices. Of course, they are not as feature-rich as more expensive chairs, but they are perfect for that price range. Human Touch also has a great customer service department should anything go wrong with your chair. These chairs have a 1 year comprehensive/5 year chasis warranty.

FYI, we just bumped up the price of our Panasonic 30007 massage chair from $3999 to $4299 to accommodate the price increase at our end from Panasonic. These chairs are backordered, but when they come in they will sell for more than they have in the past…so buyer beware!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Follow Up To My Panasonic Experience

I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago that talked about my experience with Panasonic after one of my clients experienced some trouble with a damaged Panasonic 30007 massage chair delivery ( ).  I am happy to announce that Panasonic has stepped up to the plate and offered to pay for delivery of a new chair and pick up of the damaged massage chair.  I don’t know if my blog post or the letters from  my client made any difference, but I am just happy that my client has a chair that is working for them now!

On another Panasonic note…I just heard yesterday that Panasonic is raising the price of their 30007 model by $450. I have been told by inside sources that the reason for the price increase is NOT because of an increase in the cost of production, but because Panasonic does not like it’s retailers/dealers selling the chair for so low. Remember in that same blog post I wrote a week ago what I thought about the lack of integrity in Panasonic’s terrible pricing policies (or lack thereof)? Well, who knew that this would be their answer!!

So, rather than police their retailers to maintain price and product integrity, Panasonic decides to raise it’s price by almost $500 to get retailers to charge more for the massage chair. Oh my…it’s a wonder that so many retailers, including myself,  put up with this for their clients and for themselves.  I have no idea if the price of the their other models will go up as well, but I am sure I will find on Monday morning price increases across the board.

For  now, I will keep my 30007 price at $3999 to see how things work out. But, I will also tell you, for sure, that I will not be doing any low price matches on Monday until the new pricing has filtered through to all the retailers. As it was, I was doing price matches that left me with such a minimal profit margin, that if the credit card that was used by the buyer was an American Express  card (which charges me 3.5% on a purchase) and if shipping was to the furthest corner of the country away from California (which is where the chairs ship from) I came extremely close to losing money on the transaction (in one or two situations, I actually DID lose money).

But I asked for that now, didn’t I, with my 110% low price match guarantee. So, I have to sleep in the same bed I make.

Well, there you have it folks. On Monday morning, the Inada massage chairs AND the Panasonic chairs are all going up in price. “Just another manic Monday…”! It will be so interesting to see how you, the consumer, reacts to all of this. By the way, if you are planning to beat the price woes, you had better give us a call this weekend to place your order. Call 888-259-5380 or call Steffanie, my showroom manager, at 801-680-4229.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Changes at Panasonic…Thank Goodness!! (I hope)

I just saw a press release announcing a new head of the Home and  Health Company at Panasonic. This division of Panasonic includes the massage chair division. A fellow named Dan Silver is moving up from the Home Appliances Group to head the Home and Health Company.–health-company-as-president-82784402.html

You may ask why I say “Thank Goodness” and why I say “I hope!”. Well here are my reasons:

1. Panasonic is notorious for pricing their “new” models high and then letting retailers butcher the pricing to where their is little to no profit margin. Why is this a concern? Let me explain…

When we carry a new model for Panasonic, we are told that we have to charge the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or else we can’t carry the model. So, we price it accordingly. For example, when the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair came out we were told that we had to charge $5999 for this massage chair. Obediently, we charged that amount (Panasonic still charges that amount on their website). Well, before long I get calls from folks around the country telling me that they can get the 30007 on another website for $5499…then, a little later, $4999…then, $4499, then $3999, etc. As a matter of fact, now you can get this $5999 massage chair for about $3300 – 3400!! It is laughable. It cheapens the image of the chair, it makes retailers who are obediently charging the MAP look like money-grubbing idiots, and it builds distrust in the mind of the consumer. They wonder, “What is wrong with this chair that it keeps dropping in price?”. I just tell them that Panasonic is terrible at price-integrity and, eventually, they will discontinue such-and-such model, and come out with some new super-duper chair that will be priced high and then butchered again. I have seen this happen already to the Panasonic 30003 and 30004, which were just introduced 2 years ago! They are already discontinued. Unbelievable. It won’t be long before the 30007, the top of the line Panasonic massage chair, is discontinued. Then I will get the same old questions, like “What is wrong with this chair?”, “Will I be able to get parts for this model now that it is discontinued?”, etc.

Needless to say, I have dropped my price and I STILL honor our 110% low price match on even these low priced chairs (I have actually LOST money on some of these price matches!). Inada and Human Touch have had many of their models around for years and their prices remain consistent. Hhhhmmmm…I wonder if there is a correlation between price integrity and longevity of a product in the market.

2. I had a very disturbing experience with a customer of mine, named Lou. Lou is a wonderful client who was great to work with every step of the way. Well, she ordered a Panasonic 30007. It was delivered on time, as promised. When she opened up her box and pulled out her new massage chair (which was a Christmas gift, by the way), she noticed that it was warped when she first sat on it. It didn’t sit level on her floor. The box it was delivered in was in perfect condition…no holes, no dented sides, no sign of abuse by the shippers. When she called Panasonic customer support they told her it was not their problem. She called me about this issue. I called my Panasonic rep. He provided two companies in her state who dealt with Panasonic warranty work. Lou called them both…only one would help her. They came out and, after working on the chair for awhile, determined that it could not be fixed. She would have to call Panasonic back.

So, Lou called Panasonic back and they said that there was nothing they could do about it. After some complaining and pleading, Panasonic agreed to replace her chair but that SHE had to ship it back…at her expense or at my expense!! Neither of us could believe it. Again, I called my Panasonic rep and told him what Panasonic was suggesting. He said he was aware of this situation and, when I said that it was ludicrous that myself or the client should be held responsible for the return shipping, he simply said, and these are his words, “They (Panasonic) just don’t care!” Unbelievable. Here is a chair that my customer ordered from me, that I ordered through Panasonic, and that Panasonic delivered. Yet, with a structural problem that neither of us had anything to do with, Panasonic would not replace their chair with a new one AT THEIR EXPENSE. Every single other massage chair manufacturer who I represent on my website would have changed out that chair in an instant, without a murmur of complaint or resistance. That is why I carry their chairs…because I love their customer service. This incident of customer service by Panasonic was atrocious. I shudder to think how many other innocent customers have gone through a similar experience.By the way, Lou is now thinking about exchanging her Panasonic for an Inada or Human Touch massage chair.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the chairs; I just can’t stand for customer service like this.

I sure “hope” Mr. Dan Silver can make a change for the better for his retailers and his product consumers!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs Fix The Darndest Things!

Our showroom had a fascinating opportunity experience with the Panasonic 30007 massage chair in our showroom a few weeks back. A man walked in, or should I say limped in, our office with his wife looking for a massage chair to sit in.  Apparently, he suffered from an Autonomic Nervous System disorder (I can’t remember the name of the disorder right now). His symptoms included, among other things,  a very pale face, inability to walk normally because of a gimped left leg,  and a drooping left side of his face. To be honest, he looked quite sick and appeared unable to function normally. His wife actually had to help him get through the door and into a chair. He appeared totally disabled. So, why a massage chair, you ask? Apparently, he had traveled to Japan for his work and had sat on a massage chair in an airport over there. He said that he thought there was a slight improvement in the way he felt when he got off the massage chair. He basically was coming by the showroom to see if that first ime in the chair was a fluke or a real therapeutic benefit.

Well, get  a load of this…after only sitting on the Panasonic 30007 for only 15 minutes, he got up and seemed like a totally different man. After only 15 minutes we were all amazed at the change in this man’s demeanor.  His normal face color was back, his limp was gone, the droop in his face was gone, and his general appearance and health was vastly improved…and I mean it was vastly improved. Once he got out of the chair he had a great urge to go to the washroom to void. Who knows, maybe the massage got his bowels going too! The man that came out of the washroom was a totally different man that came into our showroom that day. He then knew that it was not a fluke, but that a massage chair could actually make a dramatic contribution to his good health. He is on disability and applied for coverage of a massage chair so that he can have daily, regular therapy. For those of you who think that a massage chair is purely indulgent and just an interesting piece of furniture that happens to have a little massage feature as an aside, think again. A massage chair is truly a bonafide medical device that legitmately provides a notable therapeutic benefit. Try it…you’ll like it. And it just may surprise you how good you feel when you are done!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Be A Fan Of Our Massage Chair Relief Facebook Page!

Steffanie just set up our official Massage Chair Relief Facebook page. We’d love to have you visit us at

and become a fan of ours. I don’t know if you know,  but we are also on Twitter. You can get “tweeted” whenever we make some exciting announcement or when I put out a new blog post. You know me…I’ve always got something to say!

I’ve still got a 1 month old Panasonic 30007 massage chair and a 2 month old Inada i2A massage chair in my showroom that are looking for new homes. The prices are, respectively, $3499 (regularly $4999) and $2699 (regularly $3299). It does me absolutely no good to have extra inventory in my showroom. It is expensive and I’d rather sell them and get new models than have 2 of each model in the showroom. Give us a call at 801-417-8240 and we can give you more details and take your order. Either Steff or myself are here and can handle your calls. Once we sell these two chairs, we will bring the Sanyo 7700 zero gravity massage chair into the showroom. I am excited about making room for that model. It is a very popular selling chair and I’m looking forward to having it here for our clients.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30006 vs. Panasonic 30007 Massage Chairs

We get calls all the time asking about the difference between the Panasonic 30006 and 30007 massage chair models. They both come from the same 30000 series that Panasonic began a year or so ago withPanasonic 30007 massage chair the 30003. The design is the same, but there are a few subtle differences amongst all the 30000 series chairs…mostly with the number or airbags. Now, the differences between the 30006 and 30007 are as follows:

1.  same number of airbags; same appearance.

2. price difference. We sell the 30007 at $4499 and the 30006 at $3400. We do not have the 30006 on our website, but we do sell it.

3. the 30007 massage chair has wooden armrests; the 30006 has the faux leather material armrests.

4. the 30006 is manufactured in China; the 30007 is manufactured in Japan.

So, basically, what I am telling you is that the two models are pretty much exactly the same except for the material on the armrests and the fact that one is manufactured in China and one in Japan. Of course, there is a price difference. Some folks really appreciate the Japanese quality and will pay extra for it.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Question About Panasonic 30007 Vs. Sogno PLUS Massage Chairs

 Although the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are quite close between the Panasonic 30007 massage chair and the Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair, there are few similarities. I just had a client question me about the difference. Below is the question and my response. I hope this helps any of you working through making that decision right now. There are some insights we have that can’t be described in a bullet point feature section…but insights that we have gained through day-to-day experience with the chairs.


“i have been wanting a good quality massage chair for about a year now. Im tired of wasting money on those throw Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chairover the chair walmart style massage units. and it is so true about these shady companies online trying to just get your money and send you no name brands,and takes forever to even respond to an email request. now if im going to go for a massage chair i want the best their is. And i am falling in love with the inada sogno plus. I havnt tried it but from the features ive read and that it massages nearly every part of you is fantastic. My only concern is that the inada sogno plus only does a shiatsu style massage, unlike the panasonic 30007 which has different style massages. i could be wrong im still researching to this day, and perhaps you guys can help me out on this. One thing is for sure from what ive seen on your website and on youtube, you seem like an honest retailer, and i feel confident to invest in a chair with you, and feel im getting a great deal and hope to solve this problem as soon as possible so i can start enjoying my new chair.”Panasonic 30007 massage chair


“Hi, Don
Thank you so much for your inquiry. I don’t blame you for wanting something better than the small vibratory chair massagers. A massage chair is fantastic and no comparison, really. I agree with you on the Inada Sogno PLUS. It is an incredible massage chair and it DOES have more than just a shiatsu massage program on it. We just happen to have the Inada Sogno PLUS and the Panasonic 30007 in our showroom and it is no comparison, considering the similar pricing, although the 30007 is a very nice chair.

Here are the main differences as we see them:
1. the Sogno PLUS has the cervical traction unit, which allows for air bag massage of the top of the shoulders. This is a very innovative feature that no other chair has. It really feels like a massage therapist is using her/his elbows to massage your trapezius muscles. The Panasonic 30007 has a roller that also works on the shoulders but not as much as the Sogno. The Panasonic determines the whereabouts of your shoulders from the scan (which all good chairs now do) and then, from that scan finding, it rolls over your shoulders when it comes to them before working up your neck or down your back. It doesn’t roll very far forward to cover as much as the Sogno cervical traction unit does, but it still does more than virtually every other chair, with the exception of the Sogno of course.

2. the Sogno caters to taller people better than the Panasonic. If you are over 6 feet, you may find it a little confining on the Panasonic as the ottoman only extends about 6 inches and, unless you extend your feet completely out so that the foot massager is actually massaging your ankles, you will find your knees coming up toward your chest…not as easy to completely relax. The Sogno doesn’t have that problem.

3. the Sogno is a bigger chair and takes up more space than the Panasonic. So, if you are really confined with space, the Panasonic takes up less space.

4. the Panasonic 30007 massages about 400 sq. inches of your body, the Sogno over 1200 sq. in.

5. the Sogno PLUS has the amazing dream wave technology in the chair seat. It moves and undulates in a figure 8 pattern and up and down which to me, as a chiropractor, is a truly innovative and needed feature for low back pain sufferers, especially disc patients. You will love that feature.

6. full arm massage for the Sogno; hand, wrist and forearm massage on the Panasonic 30007.

7. Sogno PLUS is our top selling chair of ALL our chairs. We don’t sell many of the Panasonic 30007 chairs.

8. The intensity of the massage rollers is greater on the Sogno when the cervical traction unit and attached pad is lifted over the top of the chair. When the cervical traction unit and the pad are in place, the intensity of the massage may not feel as great as the Panasonic 30007. But, with the cervical traction unit and attached pad are out of the way, it is far more intense than the Panasonic 30007. 

You can probably tell that we are big Sogno PLUS fans. It is the favorite chair of all the staff at our company. Having said that, the Panasonic 30007 is a great chair. We love it too, but for the money, the Inada Sogno is the best.
Pricing on the Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair is $6499, but you will notice on our website that we give a $300 Visa Gift Card along with the purchase of a massage chair over $4000 (by the way, our 110% low price guarantee will match and beat any competitors price!)

With that price, you receive free shipping, free white glove delivery (set up and assembly and removal of all packaging material), and our famous unconditional, no-questions-asked 90 day money back guarantee.

Well, Don, I probably talked your ear off here. I hope you don’t mind all the info. I want you to have the best shopping experience and education will contribute to that for you. Please call me if you have any other questions or if you would like to place your order with us. My personal cell number is 801-651-2026 and I am available all day every day!

Thanks, so much, for giving me the chance to tell you about these chairs. I am at your disposal…

Dr. Alan Weidner

Dr. Weidner on Good Things Utah

Massage Chair Relief on TV
Massage Chair Relief on TV

I was invited to demonstrate a couple of our massage chairs on a local ABC morning show here in Salt Lake City called Good Things Utah. We brought down the HT-1650 massage chair and the Panasonic 30007 massage chair to show the 4 ladies who host the show. They loved the chairs! Even after the taping was done, the gals stuck around to sit on the chairs. I’ve included a shot of these lovely ladies with yours truly in the middle (dang the luck…I’ve got a tough job!). I will have the video of the segment up on the website and youtube before long.

One of the show’s hosts asked me how much per month it would cost to have a massage chair in her home. When I told her the amount, she was quite surprised since she spent as much as that or more on a monthly massage therapy visit and a monthly chiropractic visit. When she computed the numbers, she realized that using the massage chair every day far outweighed the benefit from her two therapy visits. She commented how much the massage chair felt like her human massage therapy experience. Of course, we hear that at the showroom all day long. By the way, I must say that I got a lot of comments about how good the cognac-colored HT-1650 massage chair looked in the decorum of the show’s set. It really looked good.

Anyway, if you think you can’t afford a massage chair…think again! Financing makes it possible for virtually everyone to have this amazing therapy in their home and available for use every single hour of every single day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs in our Showroom

We are getting more and more visitors to our website from surrounding states. We find ourselves constantly telling folks what massage chairs they can try out in our showroom. So, I figured it would do you, our cherished visitor, some good to know what massage chairs we carry in our showroom (the biggest complaint we get from massage chair shoppers is that there is no place to go to try out all the chairs):

iJoy 250
Panasonic 30007
Sanyo 5000
Inada i2A
Inada D5 Robochair
Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair

Once the HT-125/135/136 family is phased out later this year, we will probably replace our HT-125 with a Panasonic 1285 massage chair, which is becoming a fairly popular chair because of the price point and the features included. We may also finally carry the Perfect Chair which, though not a massage chair, is made by Human Touch and is a popular therapeutic chair for low back sufferers.

Now come down, visit us, and enjoy these awesome massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Very Massage Chair Christmas!!

WOW…was it busy this holiday season! The recession may be here, but I can tell that folks are spending their money on health and wellness products in their own home…like massage chairs. It has been a fun year. We introduced some new models just before Christmas to add to our showroom. We now have the iJoy 250, instead of the recently discontinued iJoy 130; we have the new HT-5005 by Human Touch; and, of course, we have the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

Here are a couple of other things I want to touch upon:

1. the biggest struggle I face as a massage chair retailer is the white glove service (WGS) contractors. Now, each of the manufacturers pick their own shippers, and those shippers sub contract out the local delivery and set up for the WGS. It seems that these sub-contractors cause us the greatest distress when it comes to delivering a chair with WGS. I’m not saying that every WGS delivery is a bother…but it seems that the biggest problem we have, when we have a problem (which is not very often) with new massage chairs is not broken down new chairs, but weak WGS.

2. I added a “Product Review” to every massage chair model page. Now, you can go to the product page of the chair you own, or have used, and write a product review about the chair. We welcome all comments, but please refrain from using swear words, vulgar words, racial comments, or pornographic comments.  I think the product reviews will greatly enhance the shopping experience for other massage chair buyers.

3. The Sogno PLUS massage chair is NOT upholstered in leather. Someone told us that somewhere on my blog or website I mentioned that it was a leather upholstery. I was mistaken!! It is a faux leather (which is just a fancy way of saying fake leather, or naugahyde). Most chairs are made of the faux leather because it claims to be more durable over time. Frankly, on the some the massage chairs, I can’t tell the difference, i.e. the Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

4. I have decided to offer the Visa Gift Card special permanently. It has been so well received that I figured you deserved it. You can call us at the showroom and ask for a chair price discount equivalent to the Visa Gift Card amount, in lieu of the gift card (but, don’t tell anyone I just said that!).

Well, that’s about it for now. I haven’t written in a while, what with the busy holiday season and all!

Happy New Year!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Relief TV Commercials!

I am excited to announce that we have had a television commercial created for local broadcast here in Utah for our showroom, Massage Chair Relief. The commercials began airing on Wednesday on ABC and NBC local affiliates.  Below 60 second version of the commercial for your enjoyment:

Massage Chair Commercial

If you are a football fan, you’ll know who Reno Mahe is, who played for 5 years with the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL.  Obviously he is a fan of our massage chairs. His favorite is the HT-1650 massage chair.

We also have a 15″ and 30″ versions of the same commercial. I will post them all  on so that they are available for everyone’s perusal.

Other than that, I must tell you that we had to raise our price on the Panasonic 30007 massage chair to $5999. I had kept it at $5499 for as long as I could, but Panasonic wants pricing to be the same across the board…so to $5999 it goes.

Dr. Alan Weidner

I’m Not Sure, But I Think I Lied About A Massage Chair!

Panasonic EP1285 urban massage chair
Panasonic EP1285 urban massage chair

Somewhere along the line I mentioned, either in print or word, that the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair is made of real leather. A studious client made me aware of that error. Also, somewhere along the line, it was mistakenly communicated to me that it was real leather and I shared that with some folks. The brochures, our site, and the Panasonic site all say that the chair is a faux leather (faux means synthetic and not real leather). Now I am not sure what the source of my erroneous information was, but I called my Panasonic rep yesterday to clarify and he told me that it definitely is a faux leather and NOT real leather.

So, if I told anyone that the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair is upholstered in real leather, I was mistaken. It is faux leather…but I will say that to see the chair, I think most folks would have difficulty telling the difference between the faux and real leather. It feels soft just like a nice, luxury leather chair would feel.

I can say, with confidence, however, that this chair is manufactured in Japan!! You see, I don’t lie about everything…

Oh, and before I forget, the new Panasonic EP 1285 massage chair (also called the urban massage chair) is now in stock and ready for order. Apparently that model is leather!! (I better  be telling you the truth!).

Dr. Alan Weidner

Out With The Old, In With The New Panasonic Massage Chairs!

Massage Chair Panasonic 30007
Massage Chair Panasonic 30007

As you know, Panasonic has discontinued it’s 30003 massage chair lounger. As you may also know, they have introduced the brand new, leather-upholstered, manufactured-in-Japan 30007 massage chair.
Well, we received our very own Panasonic 30007 massage chair for our showroom last Wednesday. It was quite easy to set up (much like the 30003) and it was up and running in no time.  Here are some of the things we noticed immediately upon assembling and using the chair:

1. Faux wood arm rests – they look quite classy. They are a shiny, dark wood accent to the chair. Underneath the faux wood armrests is….

2. Arm massage. The wooden arm rests lift up at the back end, allowing you to slide your arms to the front of the arm rest where the wood is attached to the arm rest frame. The air bags in the massagers squeeze your fingers, wrists, and forearms. I actually felt my carpal bones (wrist bones) pop like a chiropractic adjustment when the air bags squeezed/massaged my wrists. That reminds me also that…

3. The back massage rollers were vigorous enough to pop my mid back bones, also like a chiropractic adjustment. Although vigorous, I did not find the Panasonic 30007 massage to be too vigorous or painful in the least.

4. Seat and hip massage. The seat has airbags in it and, along with that, there are hip massagers on either side of the seat (ala Sogno massage chair hip massage) that inflate and massage the ITB’s on the outside of both thighs.

5. Shoulder/subscapularis massage feature. There are two flaps that inflate out towards the back of your shoulders (right where the subscapularis muscles are…if you know your anatomy!). They have nodules in the flaps to simulate a trigger point massage to the muscles at the back of the shoulders. Pretty cool…never seen that in another massage chair before.

6. Like virtually all Panasonic massage chairs, no heat function anywhere on the chair.

Well, that about does it for today. The Panasonic 30007 is a very nicely appointed massage chair. You’ll enjoy it.

Dr. Alan Weidner

November Massage Chair Special of the Month!

It is a new month, so I get to put up a new massage chair special of the month. For the month of November, we are going to give buyers an option!

If you purchase a massage chair this month, you can either

1. Get the Visa Gift Card (this was a popular promotion in October, so we are continuing it into November and December for holiday savings!):

  • $100 Visa Gift Card when a massage chair is purchased at a price below $2000.
  • $200 Visa Gift Card when a massage chair is purchased at a price between $2000 – $4000.
  • $300 Visa Gift Card when a massage chair is purchased at a price over $4000.


2. Get a “Wellness Package”, which includes a hand massager, a foot massager, a neck massager, and a chair massager (to be used on a regular chair or your car seat or at work). This package will only be included for chairs priced over $2000.

If you are ordering your new massage chair over the phone, just tell us when you call which gift you would like. If ordering online, just enter the code words “visa”  or “wellness” in the coupon field of the shopping cart checkout page, where it says “Enter your coupon code here” and we’ll take care of the rest.

By the way, we sold the Panasonic 30003 floor model over the weekend. So, we still have the HT-125 and the black HT-1650 massage chair floor models left. Better hurry!! Our new Panasonic 30007 massage chair will be in by week’s end. We are excited about this new model.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair Now Online!

Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro ULTRA Massage Chair
Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro ULTRA Massage Chair

We are happy to announce that we have the highly anticipated Panasonic 30007 massage chair up on our website. I have discussed this chair to some degree in previous blog posts, but now it is officially up. You can see it here:

We have also put up a page for the brand new Panasonic EP1285 massage chair, which they call the Urban massage chair. It is a very handsome and contemporary looking chair with very simple lines. It has a decent price point at $2699. I don’t know much about it, but we will have the details of the chair up on the site by week’s end.  Panasonic EP1285 urban massage chair

You will also notice that we took down the Panasonic 30003, although I still have the floor model available. Remember, you can get it for only $1899, which includes shipping and bonus gifts.

Here are a few of interesting features about the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair:

  • 4 different pre-programmed massage styles: Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Arm/Hip Stretch.
  • 5 minute “Refresher” function.
  • Customize your own program with over 1117 different combinations of massage modes.
  • Memory for up to 4 different users: 6 programs each for a total of 24 programs. So, after you have setup your custom massage you can program it in and have it available to you the next time you use your chair at the touch of a button!
  • Panasonic’s exclusive ultra-kneading “Junetsu” style massage.
  • 36 total air bags to work your feet, hips, shoulders, calves, buttocks, arm/hands, and waist.
  • High Tech Body Scanning Technology and the Voice Guidance System.
  • Ultra Soft and Durable Synthetic leather in Black or a rich Chocolate Brown upholster this beautiful chair and the faux wood inlays on the arms add to the classic richness of its style.
  • Grip/Closed Fist mode that is ideal for neck and shoulder massage!
  • Over 400 square inches of massage coverage for your body.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30003 Massage Chair Discontinued!

I just learned today from Panasonic rep that the 30003 massage chair model has been discontinued. We found out because we placed an order for one this morning and he told me that he wasn’t even sure if there was one left. Well, that was news to me! Fortunately, he was able to find one more for me…but it is the last one. By the way, I have my floor model 30003 massage chair that I guess I will be selling. I can sell it to anyone interested for $1899. Let me know if you want it…it is in perfect condition.

So, I guess Panasonic is putting all their energy behind the 30007 model now. We will have the new 30007 up on our site very shortly. We finally have some specs and images on it. As you recall, I put up a link to a pdf file that contained the brochure for the Panasonic 30007, but not many details were available. You can read about it here…

Below is a link to an information page on Panasonic’s website for the new Panasonic 30007:

They list the price at $5999, but for now I am offering it for $5499…until they tell me to change it. If you are interested in this chair and you want it before I get it up on our website, call me at 1-888-259-5380 and we’ll take your order over the phone.

Panasonic is also coming out with a new model chair called the 1285. It is available for pre-order only and it’s price point is $2699. I don’ t  know much about it, but here is a link to it’s product page on the Panasonic website:

As with the 30007, if you want it before we get it up on our site, call me at the same toll-free number you see above and we’ll get your on the pre-order list.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair Brochure

We have had quite a bit of interest expressed in the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair. Although we carry the chair now that it is available, we still do not have it up on our website,  because of the lack of images and information about the massage chair. Well, my Panasonic rep sent me the only brochure they have of the chair…in a .pdf file. So, I have attached the file to this blog entry so you can read up about it. As a matter of fact, if you type in “Panasonic 30007” into Google, our site is #1 and the only site that has any information about the 30007! That is how rare information is about it.

Here is a link to the brochure for your perusal:

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair brochure

Some of the highlights of the 30007 include:
1. total air massage square inches: 460

2. 200 sq. inches of air massage on back area

3. 5 preset programs

4. 8 manual programs

5. 1117 massage combinations

6. 30″ massage stroke

7. leg and arm stretch

8. wood design plate on the arm rests

9. manufactured in Japan (as opposed to China)

Read the Panasonic 30007 massage chair brochure to learn more. Although the images are dark, the chair looks good…much like the other 3000 series chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair Is Now Available!

I was notified last week that the Panasonic 30007 is now available. I talked about this chair a couple of weeks ago on this blog ( The funny thing though is that there is very little information available on the chair. If you can believe it, there are not even any pictures or specifications available…not even on the Panasonic website! But here is a list of what I do know about this new chair that Panasonic is so proud of:

1. This chair is proudly manufactured in Japan…they are very excited about this.

2. MSRP:  $5999 (but I can make it available to you for $4999 for the time being).

3. There are units available right now, in black. The first shipment came in last week.

4. Same features as Panasonic 30006, but adds wood design plate on the arms.  There may be more available above and beyond the 30006, but I am not aware of those things yet. If and when I find out about any other differences, I will post them on this blog.

5. Other features include Junetsu (ultra-fine kneading) massage, shiatsu, swedish, and fist massage, 36 airbags throughout the whole chair (sole of feet, calves, seat, arm, hand, waist, shoulder), 460 square inches of total massage, auto-body scanning system, 4/6 person memory, voice guidance system, intensity/speed control, ottoman has a 5 inch extension adjustment.

Hope this helps someone out there who is looking at this massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Green Screen in Massage Chair Relief Offices!

We are actually creating a green screen in our Massage Chair Relief offices. We will be recording a video clip of me to be put on the home page of the website in place of the the image of me that is there right now with the audio recording. I’ve never liked the quality of the audio recording and I really like the idea of a more interactive Dr. Weidner greeting my visitors. I have a neighbor that is a movie director and he is setting everything up for me. ( If you ever need some video work done, this guy is great and his prices are very reasonable. Contact me or visit him on his website if you have any inquiries. Here is his site:

On to massage chairs

The Panasonic 30007 is now available for the public. The only problem is that we have not much info on it yet. Our Panasonic rep said that the first shipment came from Japan on Friday last week, but the data on the chair has not arrived yet. Panasonic doesn’t even have the chair up on it’s site yet!

This much we know…it is an even better chair than the 30006, which was Panasonic’s previous top model.  This chair is made in Japan, not China, and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $5999. Call our office for special pricing, since the chair is not up on our website just yet. The Panasonic 30007 massage chair also only comes in black at this time.

The moment I have any info on this chair, we will pass it on to you.

Remember…until the end of this month, I am offering 2-for-1 massage chairs. If you buy an HT-1650 massage chair you get your choice of an iJoy 130, 300, or HT-2720 massage chair absolutely, 100% free!

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner