Massage Chair Industry Update – March 24, 2016 (Video)

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Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – March 24, 2016”

microphoneAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Thursday, March 24th, 2016, and not a whole lot to talk about today. Of course, I always say that, and I end up yakking forever, but here’s the things that we’ve got cooking.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: Let me get in to stock just briefly. I emailed the massage chair companies last night for information about their stock, and the only one I heard back from was Infinite Therapeutics, so – or Infinity now, as they’re more commonly known as, they have the – oh, and then Human Touch also notified me that the WholeBody 5.1 is out of stock. They didn’t have an estimated time of arrival of the new models. So, that’s the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1. They discontinued the ZeroG 2.0, and I think they’re also discontinuing the Human Touch 7450, so there are some changes there. Now, Infinity, they’ve discontinued the ‘Ivory’ IT-8500, they’ve discontinued the Iyashi, white exterior with the caramel interior, and they’ve discontinued the IT-8100, but I’m going to talk about a new model that they just introduced, to kind of replace that one, and I’ll talk about that in a moment, and also, the black on black Iyashi is just on back-order. So, that’s the only chair they have on back-order, and that’s back-ordered for two to three weeks. As far as Inada goes, I think they’re all in stock there. I haven’t heard of any other Human Touch chairs that’re back-ordered. Osaki, Titan, and, Apex, I never really quite know until I place the order, if they’re back-ordered. I believe the Ogawa chairs are all in stock. I think the Ogawa Refresh was back-ordered until the middle of March, I believe that’s in stock now. So, anyway, if you have any questions about stock at the time of purchasing any particular model, let us know, and I will say that sometimes we think that they’re in stock, or that we’re told that they’re in stock, and then you know, a week later, someone places an order, and then we send the order in, and they tell us ‘Oh, that’s back-ordered.’ Well, sometimes they don’t know fully if the chairs are back-ordered or not, at the moment – well, let me put it to you this way – at the time that they tell me that they’re stocked, or not stocked, I believe that, but the stock could disappear in a day or two, or three, or four after I do this recording. So, a week from now, the stock may be gone, and we’ll let you know if the stock, if it’s back-ordered, and usually it doesn’t take longer than one or two weeks, except for the Infinity Escape, which took like two-and-a-half months. January, February, oh my goodness, yeah, we didn’t – we got it, January, February, half of March – yeah, it was two-and-a-half months. That’s rare, that’s very bothersome to me as a retailer, and very bothersome to my customers, but sometimes that happens. So, anyway, having said that, let’s move on.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Infinity IT-8500X3 & Infinity Evoke]

Alan: Infinity, now, I told you that they were discontinuing – or that they discontinued the IT-8100 – well, they’ve made a couple of exciting announcements, one of which is very interesting to me. The Infinity IT-8500, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the Infinity IT-8500 is a Chinese-made chair, all the Infinity, and Osaki, and Human Touch, they’re all Chinese chairs, but their chair, the IT-8500, has been our top selling Chinese chair for as long as I’ve been selling it. I figure that’s probably five, maybe five years, and our top selling Chinese brand, or Chinese model, made model. It just continues to be a popular chair, and the one thing that it lacked, in my humble opinion, was – it was a – it didn’t have the 3D rollers. Well, people were fine with that, because, and I’ll talk about this a little later as well, as far as adjusting intensity, for a chair that does not have 3D rollers, but this chair, the IT-8500, very popular chair, good bang for the buck. It was priced, for the longest time, at $3995. Now, it’s $4295; still a very good price, for a good feature set in a chair. Well, they’ve come out now, with the new IT-8500X3, and that has – and the X3 alludes to the 3D technology – so it has the same fit, and same body. I’m just looking at the thing here, excuse me, the spec sheets, and let you know what they have. They’ve got new 3D auto programs, they’ve got an auto extend neck feature, they’ve got five 3D intensity levels. Let’s see the chair is going to be selling – it’s going to be retailing for $5795, with a $300 off promo code, so that’s – instant savings, that is, so it’s $5495. So, it’s going to be $1200 more than the IT-8500, which will have the – but it’ll have the 3D rollers, it has – oh, it says here also, it has the Bluetooth compatibility. You know, the 8500 has the older, you know, download your music to a jump drive on your computer, and then plug it in to the USB port in the back of the IT-8500. Well, now it’s going to have Bluetooth connectivity, which is great because you can just connect from your cell phone, and play your music. It has a sleeker, redesigned remote, so I don’t know what sleeker looks like, but I know the remote right now, it’s a fairly, good rectangular shape. It’s a good size, easy to see, but we’ll see how it looks, and it still has the decompression stretch, and spinal alignment. They call it spinal alignment, it’s the shoulder airbags that pin the shoulders back. The stretch program on the IT-8500 is awesome, the neck massage, awesome, foot rollers, awesome, it’s a great chair. So, I’m very curious to see how this new IT-8500X3 is, and I’ll let you know once I find out more about it. I’m sure we’re going to get it in one of our showrooms – but one, maybe both of our showrooms – but definitely we’ll have it in the California showroom. Anyway, there’s another new model they’re sending out, or introducing now, to the market, called the Evoke, E-V-O-K-E, Evoke, and here are the basic features – and again, I’m sorry for not looking at the camera, I’m just looking at the stat sheet that they sent me – zero gravity, deep tissue massage, space saver, airbags from head to toe, well, everybody seems to have that, lumbar heat, foot rollers, heel rubber, and I think that’s the same thing that they have in their Escape, which is their lower priced L-track chair. And that heel rubber kind of – it’s a great foot massage – and I don’t know if it’s going to have the same six rollers per foot that the Escape has, but the heel rubber is pretty cool, as it grabs the heel, and gives that a massage. So, anyway, that’s the Evoke, and that one’s going to be selling for $2695, so it’s going to compete price wise, with the Osaki 4000T. The Osaki 4000T is a real – it’s a workhorse, it’s been around forever – it doesn’t fit some people very well. I’ve found that the Osaki 4000T, and probably the 4000 that you can get on Costco, the Dreamer, the Osaki Dreamer, and the Osaki 7200H, and 7200CR, they have shoulder airbag housing that’s a hard stop, and so what’ll happen is when you sit in the chair, and then you put your arms out, to go in to the armrests for airbag massage, the bottom of the housing, the shoulder airbag housing, digs in to your upper arms, and it can be quite uncomfortable. It’s worse on the Osaki 4000T, and the Osaki 4000, not as bad on the Dreamer, or on the 7200 series, but it is burdensome for a large, broad-shouldered person to sit in that bloody chair, it becomes irritating. Well, this is a chair, $2695, that kind of competes with the 4000T. It has the deep tissue massage, the 4000T is the more moderate, mild massage, this Evoke seems to be more deep tissue. It’s a space saving technology, none of the Osaki 4000, or 4000T models, have it, lumbar heat, foot rollers, the foot rollers on the Osaki 4000T are pretty mild. I suspect with Infinity, knowing their other chairs, it’s going to be a good, intense foot massage. Anyway, that’s the new Evoke, so I don’t know if I’m going to be having that in my showroom either, maybe I will. The 4000T is kind of an older technology, it’s been around for years. That’s kind of – that was the flagship chair for the Osaki brand, and then, of course, they’ve now got so many other models, and model – brand lines, and you know, whatever, so anyway, just so that you know.

[SCREEN TEXT: Update on the SoCal Showroom]

Alan: Alright, what else have we got cooking? Let’s see, oh, our Southern California store, I was just down there last week. We were doing some recording for a television commercial. Well, our walls are still as bare as the day is long, I mean, and they’re long walls. So, the guy that did our buildout is going to put up some sconce lighting for us, and some nice trim, and we’ll put up some pictures, and you know, we’ll have Mona kind of pick some nice artwork, or whatever, or maybe some nice pictures of massage chairs, heaven forbid, and we’ll put that up on the wall to kind of make the wall look a little busier. But I’ll take the videotape of that when we have that done, and it’ll look sharp, but we’ll post that up for you to take a look at, but that Southern California store is a nice store. I like it, it’s wider than our store here in Utah, it’s deeper than our store here in Utah. You feel like you can have more than one person in there at a time, looking at chairs, but I really like that store, great store, and great staff. So, go down and meet Michael and Chris, they’re just awesome, and for those of you that don’t know, and of course, if you’re only Vietnamese speaking, you’re not going to understand a word of what I’m saying now, but Michael Nguyen is our showroom manager, and he’s bilingual, Vietnamese and English. And so, you know, feel free to give us a call at that – at our, well, here – our number there is 562-865-4607, 562-865-4607. Go ahead and call, and you can talk to Michael, if you’re Vietnamese, of course, talk to him, but for Anglos, you can talk to Michael or Chris.

[SCREEN TEXT: Massage Chair Tip!]

Alan: And one last thing I’ll chitchat about, just – you know, I should do this every one of these video recordings – these biweekly updates, I should give like a massage chair tip, or something like that. But one thing that people – I tell people, all the time, about in our showroom is how to use – how to change the intensity of a massage chair if it’s too intense for you, and you don’t have the 3D rollers. Even if you do have 3D rollers – by the way, 3D rollers mean that the rollers can move forward or back to increase, or decrease, the intensity of the massage – well, what do you do if the lowest intensity setting of the 3D roller is still too much? Or, what do you do if you’ve got a chair like the IT-8500, which is a deep-tissue massage chair, but it doesn’t have the intensity adjustment ability, it doesn’t have the 3D rollers, or now it does, but if you can’t get it low enough? Well, what we always recommend is using something that we call a throw blanket. Now, I don’t know if you know what a throw blanket is, but a throw blanket is like a decorative blanket that a lot of people use for, you know, to decorate a couch, or a chair, and these massage chairs aren’t the prettiest things in the world, so a lot of people use throw blankets to kind of, you know, try to camouflage the chair. But well, you can use that throw blanket, if you fold it up in quarters, or whatever, and you use that as a back pad. It’ll, you know, lay it down the length of the chair, and use that as a back pad. It’s a wonderful way to do it, because sometimes people use pillows, like sleeping, bed pillows, or couch, decorative pillows. They’re too thick, you’re not going to feel much massage at all. So, you know, if you can get a thin foam pad, or something like that, that’d be great, a memory foam pad, like the iRobotics 7 comes with a memory foam pad now, which is great, but just use a throw blanket, it’s awesome. Plus, if you’re the decorator of the house, and you look at that chair, and you go ‘Oh my goodness, that is butt ugly,’ and you want to change the look of it, use a throw blanket for that too. Anyway, there’s my intensity adjustment advice, and my decorative advice, which is so amazing.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: Well, I think that just about does it for this week. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380, there you go, and of course, you can always email me, comment on our YouTube channel, or on our Facebook page, or you can go on our chat software, whatever. You can always reach me, and if you don’t get directly to me, I will always call you back, but anyway, feel free to give us a call. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on YouTube, and of course, share this, or any of our other videos, on your social media platforms to help us spread the word about massage chairs, we appreciate that. Massage chairs are kind of a new thing, relatively infantile in its stage of development here in the United States, and we appreciate you helping us spread the word about it, because this is a great thing. Duh, that’s why I do it. Well, anyway, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you in two weeks. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Massage Chair Industry Update on our YouTube channel.

3D Rollers – ZeroG 4.0 Massage Chair (Video)

Zero G massage chair
Zero G massage chair

Transcript of Video Titled “3D Rollers – ZeroG 4.0 Massage Chair”

[SCREEN TEXT: 3D Roller Technology]

ZeroG 4.0Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today we’re going to discuss the 3D roller technology in the ZeroG 4.0 massage chair from Human Touch. Now, 3D roller technology means that the rollers can be moved forward or back, to increase or decrease the intensity of the roller massage, respectively. Now, this is a feature that’s fairly – it’s not been common in the past, or you don’t – you didn’t find it in a lot of chairs, but now it’s becoming increasingly popular, and you see it in more and more models. Well, Human Touch is one of the pioneers of 3D roller technology, and they’ve had it on their chairs as long, as far back as, I think, since I started in this business 9, 10 years ago. Anyway, what I’m going to show you is, on this remote control, I’ve already turned on the rollers here on the neck region of the 3D, and you’ll see on the remote control, there’s a section here called ‘Intensity and 3D.’ What’s unique about this chair is that you can increase and decrease the intensity of the shoulder region, independent of the low back region. You’ll see we’ve got a low intensity here on the shoulders, and a medium intensity on the low back. That is very unique, because in every other chair that has 3D roller technology, it’s one setting for all areas of the spine.

[SCREEN TEXT: ‘’ 888-259-5380]

Alan: So, if you increase the intensity of the rollers on, say, the Inada Sogno, or on one of the Osaki chairs, like the Cyber or the Dreamer, the chair, the rollers will move forward in, for the whole spine, not just a sectional area of the spine, and that’s what this chair does. So, you’ll see, you’ve got the shoulder region, and we’re going to show that here. We’ve got the rollers now, and if I push this button, it goes to the second level, and then it comes out to the third level, and it’s really hard to see this, but the rollers have actually moved forward. Now, now they’re coming forward, you can see them coming forward a little bit more, if I retract – if I bring this back up again, if we wait until it comes back up again, and I retract it back up to setting number one, now the rollers start to – now they’ll pull back in again, now they’re pulling back in. So, it’s hard to see there, but what I’m trying to show you is that, you can move the forward and back, for the shoulders, independent of the low back, which is very unique to this chair, you don’t see that in any other chair on the market. So, if you want a very nice-priced chair that has the zero gravity, and it has a phenomenal foot-and-calf massage, and has 3D roller technology, the ZeroG 4.0 is a great option. I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to share us and ‘Like’ us on all your social media platforms, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, and please, subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’d like to be updated with subsequent videos that we put out, and we try to put out one to three videos every week. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thanks so much for visiting today, and we will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Human Touch ZeroG 4.0 massage chair tutorial on our YouTube channel.

A Great Massage Chair Customer Inquiry

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse

emailAloha Dr. Weidner,


Thank you so much for your e-mails and your highly informative website and You-Tube videos. By all accounts (client testimonials in particular) you seem to be a man of impeccable integrity and honesty.  A very refreshing way for a man of business to build and maintain a loyal clientele. Thank you for providing us with your valuable services.


My wife and I are looking for the perfect massage chair (I know, I know, if you only had a nickel for every time you’ve heard that). I’m hoping that you’ll provide us with some guidance as to which of your chairs you might recommend for us.  Let me list some of the criteria we have in mind for a chair. Continue reading “A Great Massage Chair Customer Inquiry”

Hip & Seat Airbags – Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair (Video)

OS 3d pro Dreamer Massage Chair
OS 3d pro Dreamer Massage Chair

Massage Chair Industry Update – May 19, 2015 (Video)

golden microphone
golden microphone

Mail Bag – Scoliosis; Health Insurance; IT-8500 vs DreamWave

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse


Can you recommend a massage chair or chairs that are best for my severe scoliosis (74% the larger curve).

Thank you, Dennis


Hi, Dennis
Thank you so much for your email. You certainly have a significant scoliosis and most chairs will address the thoracic musculature quite well. I would suggest sitting in a massage chair at a local store to make sure that it does not irritate your scoliosis. My only concern is that with a large Cobb angle the rollers might hit your vertabrae as well as your musculature. If that is the case, you might have some discomfort from the roller system. Let me know if you try, or have tried, one out and how the chair affected your back. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Scoliosis; Health Insurance; IT-8500 vs DreamWave”

Inada DreamWave vs. Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 1)

DreamWave 2_FM_3090
Inada DreamWave

A couple of weeks ago I compared the roller massage intensity of the Inada DreamWave to that of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair. Whilst writing that article, I figured it might be a good idea to do an overall comparative review between the two chairs. Why just stop at the rollers!?!?

So, here is Part 1 of my 2-part comparative review. I will begin with the differences and wrap up in Part 2 with the similarities. Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 1)”

Inada Dreamwave Too Gentle? I Don’t Think So… And Here’s Why!

Inada Dreamwave
Inada Dreamwave

I recently had a customer call me up asking me for my opinion on the Inada Dreamwave and it’s ability to give a vigorous roller massage. He had tried it out at a local store and felt that it was too light or gently. You know, I hear this a lot and have even bought into it, to some degree. But, I had an experience today that got me straightened out on the matter rather promptly.

This customer wanted me to compare the roller massage intensity of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer to that of the Inada Dreamwave (by the way, starting tomorrow, Inada is changing the name of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave to just the Inada Dreamwave…too many folks struggled with the word Sogno and it’s pronunciation!). Since I have both chairs in my showroom, I offered to call him this morning and give him a “play-by-play” description of what I felt while on both chairs with their most vigorous automatic programs deployed.  Continue reading “Inada Dreamwave Too Gentle? I Don’t Think So… And Here’s Why!”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer

emailCustomer Email #1
Hi there! love the site, couldn’t find this here: Could you compare the Inada sogno to the Panasonic Ma70? I have SI joint dysfunction which do you think would be better for me in that regard? (I saw that you mentioned that you liked the sogno for that as you have the same problem but didn’t see a mention on the Panasonic side) Secondly, I have golfer’ sand tennis elbow in both arms – which do you feel is better here and does the airbag actually make that much of a difference in the arms? I tried the Ma70 and it just seemed to compress my forearms and hands is it really beneficial for my issues? Thanks!!! Paul Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer”

Will You Fit In A Massage Chair?

measuring-tape-detail-3-1285564-mOne of the most frequently asked questions I get from massage chair shoppers lately is whether the chair they are interested in will fit them. I suspect that with a larger body frame, broader shoulders, and higher weight, some folks are concerned about getting a chair that doesn’t fit them right. When you take into consideration all the chairs that have integrated thigh and shoulder airbags, this becomes a valid concern.

I find myself running down to the showroom more and more, taking measurements of distances between shoulder airbags and thigh airbags to see if a chair will fit for a particular customer. Earlier this week I was doing that very thing when the thought came to me that I should take a measurement of each chair in my showroom that has thigh and/or shoulder airbags and post those measurements here on the blog so that it becomes a resource for you, the massage chair shopper. So, without further adieu, here is the list of chairs along with their accompanying measurements. The first number is the distance between the inside of each thigh airbag; the second number is the measurement between each shoulder airbag. If the chair does not have shoulder airbags, I put “N/A”, representing “Not Applicable”: Continue reading “Will You Fit In A Massage Chair?”

OS-3D Pro Dreamer vs. OS-3D Pro Cyber (REVISITED)

Cyber & Dreamer
Cyber & Dreamer

I recently wrote a 2-part comparative review of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber and OS-3D Pro Dreamer, which I consider to be “sister chairs.” In that review, it appears that I give the Cyber a slight nod over the Dreamer. However, we are selling more Dreamer’s than we are Cyber’s, to this point…especially to folks who are visiting our showroom.

A customer recently called me to ask me why I thought that the Dreamer is outselling the Cyber, even though the Cyber is a less expensive chair. Great question. Based on my experience with both chairs in my showroom, along with feedback from owners of these chairs, here are the primary reasons that the Dreamer is outselling the Cyber: Continue reading “OS-3D Pro Dreamer vs. OS-3D Pro Cyber (REVISITED)”

Quick Hits – OS-3D Pro Dreamer change, J6800 colors, Used chairs

rss-icon-1-970189-mI have a few things to go over today in our “Quick Hits” segment. I will post updated news and notes in this segment as they come over the wire to me. I also discuss most news and notes in my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update videos which you can see on our YouTube channel. Please feel free to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so that you can be updated the moment we post a new video. Continue reading “Quick Hits – OS-3D Pro Dreamer change, J6800 colors, Used chairs”

Mail Bag – Sogno vs. Iyashi, WholeBody 2.0 Roller Track, Etc.

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse

Some more great questions from massage chair shoppers…and my responses:

QUESTION #1 – “Which chair is best for us?”
Good day…I’ve been reviewing your site for the last couple of weeks and have read many of the reviews and Dr. Weider’s articles. The problem, so many chairs, so many brands, so many features. I currently have 2 massage chairs: Fuji OX-575 and a Elite Optima. I have spend over $5000 for these chairs and I am not overly impressed. The Fuji has limited features and I don’t think it’s made anymore; the Elite is a little better, but sometimes it hurts me more than make me feel better. I need help in finding a chair I would be happy with. Going to your showroom in UT is not an option, so what is the best way to do so on-line? Some data: My wife and I are 62 years old; height 5’6″ (wife is 5’3″); weight 164 (wife 123); we particularly like upper shoulder/neck massage and middle of back (end of spine). Firmness should be adjustable since I like my massage a little harder than what the wife likes. Any recommendations to narrow down the search. In addition to giving a good massage, I am looking for reliability, maintainability, and future support in a chair. Thank you. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Sogno vs. Iyashi, WholeBody 2.0 Roller Track, Etc.”

Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 2)

Cyber & Dreamer
Cyber & Dreamer

Here is Part 2 of my Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer review:

6. Body Size Restrictions
I mentioned in Part 1 of this review how the shoulder housing of the OS-3D Pro Dreamer tends to dig into the middle of the upper arms for folks with broad shoulders and chests. That is one restriction we have seen in this model. Here are a couple of others:

a.) The Dreamer has a lower height limit of 5’2″. I have a customer who’s wife was that height and she found the chair to be a little big for her in two ways: the shoulder airbags inflated too much above her shoulders because her torso was too short and the rollers hit the back of her skull rather than the top of her neck just under the skull. Yes, even after the scan, the rollers went too high on her head and massaged the bones of her skull…not too comfortable. Of course, you can always use one of the neck pads to buffer the rollers on the head. Continue reading “Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 2)”

Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 1)

Cyber & Dreamer
Cyber & Dreamer

I wrote a fairly comprehensive review of the OS-3D Pro Cyber by Osaki a few weeks back and at the end of that review I listed some differences between the Cyber and the OS-3D Pro Dreamer. I consider the two chairs “sister” chairs and find them to be similar in many ways. But there are some important differences that I discovered while sitting on both, side-by-side in my showroom and while perusing the information found in the online literature.

Here is a more extensive, in-depth comparative review of these two very popular and new chairs from Osaki, broken into 2 parts: Continue reading “Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 1)”

News & Notes (new Iyashi color, ext. warranty for Dreamer, etc.)

Black Iyashi
Black Iyashi

New Iyashi Color!

Infinite Therapeutics announced this week that they are introducing a black interior synthetic color option, adding to their current red and tan options. You can see by the pictures how sharp the new contrasting colors are. This color will be available on December 6th. I might also mention that the tan color is back-ordered until that date, as well. In other words, you can only get the red interior color for the time being. And, as you heard on my interview with IT Vice-President, Jim Coppins, the company is working on getting a black exterior color option as well. But, that probably won’t be for a while.  Continue reading “News & Notes (new Iyashi color, ext. warranty for Dreamer, etc.)”

Review of the New Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber

OS-3D Pro Cyber
OS-3D Pro Cyber

I sat on this new OS-3D Pro Cyber offering from Osaki when I visited their headquarters in Dallas, TX on October 21, 2013. I loved the design from the moment I saw the image of it so I was quite looking forward to sitting on it when I made my trek to Dallas. It had the look of a sleeker, more contemporary designed OS-7075R, plus it had some features like 3D roller intensity technology that made it more unique.

I learned that this Cyber was not manufactured in the same Chinese factory as the OS-7075R, but just happened to have the same kinds of body lines by coincidence. I really enjoyed the chair when I sat in it and immediately ordered one for my showroom. It arrived last Thursday and I assembled it a day later. I am not a handyman in any sense of the word, whatsoever, but even I was able to assemble it by myself. It was a little hard getting the chair base out of the box, as well as getting the chair back out of the other box (yes, it comes in two boxes), but once I did have all the parts out, it was relatively easy to put it together.  Continue reading “Review of the New Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber”

Does Osaki Have Backlit Remote Controls?

I recently had a comment on one of my posts asking if the Osaki chairs had backlit remote control buttons. What that means is if there is a light behind each button or behind the remote face as a whole that would allow the user to see the buttons in the dark. This is a legitimate question as many folks use the chair in a dark or poorly illuminated room and have trouble seeing the buttons if they are not backlit.

So, I emailed Osaki and asked one of their experts if their chairs had backlit remotes. Below is a list of each chair, whether or not it’s remote is backlit, any additional comment relayed to me by my Osaki contact, as well as images of each remote control. I hope this helps. Each company has a different type of remote and not all of them are backlit. Perhaps someday I will present a full article going through each company’s remote back lighting. Continue reading “Does Osaki Have Backlit Remote Controls?”

My Visit to Dallas, TX – OSAKI – Day 1

texas-flag-1192380-mYesterday morning I flew from Salt Lake City to Dallas for Day 1 of my 2 day adventure to the Lone Star State. I’ve never been to Texas before but was quite excited to come here. My plan is to visit Luraco today and see how they do things in the place where the first US-made chair is assembled (remember from previous posts that the iRobotics 6S is 60% manufactured and 100% assembled here in Dallas). I will report on that visit first thing tomorrow morning.

But, yesterday I left the airport and drove directly to Osaki’s main offices on Beltwood Parkway in Farmers Branch. I spent the rest of the day with Michael, the owner, Jack, Chris, and Manuel. It was a fabulous time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. We began our day together by sitting down in their conference room to talk about my business, their business, and the massage industry as a whole.  Continue reading “My Visit to Dallas, TX – OSAKI – Day 1”

News & Notes for Week of 10/04/2013

I will be mentioning these things on my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update video next week, but for those who prefer the writtennews word, here are some things to be aware of currently:

  • Osaki is offering a 2 year parts and labor, in-home warranty, with two more additional years of parts only, on their new OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair. This offer is for chairs bought from and is good until the end of the year. A very nice promo for you who are interested in this chair.
  • By the way, we just got the OS-3D Pro Dreamer in our showroom and I wrote a review of it yesterday for your perusal. Here is the link… Continue reading “News & Notes for Week of 10/04/2013”

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer – My Initial Review!

os-3d pro dreamerWe received the new OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair by Osaki in our showroom this week and I finally got it all assembled yesterday. I actually assembled it myself, which is a real stretch for one of the most inept handymen around! But, I was able to put it together relatively easily. This model is pretty much exactly the same chair as the OS-6000/7200H, which I had in my showroom until recently, but with 3 differences: the dome at the top of the chair back which houses the music system speakers, the mechanical foot rollers, and the 3D massage rollers.

Here are my thoughts on the chair, including some input on the assembly process: Continue reading “Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer – My Initial Review!”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Alternatives, $1000 Chairs, & Iyashi “Rubbing”

Another week of great questions from massage chair shoppers. I hope you get something from the questions and my responses. That is why I share them with you!

Email #1

Inada Sogno
Inada Sogno

Dr. Weidner, I’m located in Northern California and had the opportunity to try out the Inada Sogno at a local store but still trying to justify the steep price. I love how the Sogno made me feel wrapped and embraced during the massage. Is that from the 100 airbags and the 1200 sq in body coverage? Does the OS-3D’s airbag size or sq in body coverage come close to the Sogno? In your professional opinion, is the Sogno worth the $2700 difference compared to the OS-3D? Do you know if the Inada plan to come out with a new model that would incorporate foot rollers and zero gravity anytime soon? Linda

My Response #1

Hi, Linda
Thanks for your email and your great questions. Here are my responses along with some comments: Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Alternatives, $1000 Chairs, & Iyashi “Rubbing””

New Osaki Models – and a Lesson on 3D Rollers!

Osaki has been very busy putting out new models over the last month. First there was the OS-7200CR, which is the same chair as the OS-7200H, except with mechanical foot rollers and a “dome-like” cover over the top of the chair.

Then, about a week after that chair was announced, another model, the OS-3D Pro Dreamer, was brought to market. This chair is the same as the OS-7200CR, but with 3D rollers. What are 3D rollers? Continue reading “New Osaki Models – and a Lesson on 3D Rollers!”

Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs

Quite regularly I share emails with my readership that come from massage chair shoppers just like you. These are good questions that are probably being asked by others and I hope that my answers help with the massage chair buying experience.

Email #1

First, thank you for the informative suite of videos you all make available on Youtube. I’m working my way up to making this investment, but would like to understand what would work best and most reliably for my body type: 6’0″, 275 lbs, 35% Body Fat, 50″ chest, 42″ waist. Trouble spots: trapezoid, rhomboid, TFL & IT band (especially on the right leg) have had an L4/5 Laminectomy almost 20 years ago Your consideration and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Onwards and Upwards . . . Ralph Continue reading “Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs”

What Makes Each Massage Chair Unique?

Not all massage chairs are created equally! We carry so many different models of massage chairs, and each one has it’s own unique feature which each company has employed to try to differentiate that chair from the competition. I thought I would make a list of each of our top-selling and/or game-changing chairs and briefly list the feature(s) that differentiates them from the rest of the pack or, at the very least, makes them unique. Now some  of these chairs innovated a technology that was very unique at the time, but have since been imitated by others on this list. I will mention both in that case. Continue reading “What Makes Each Massage Chair Unique?”

Mail Bag – Which Chair Has All Of These Features?

Hi, Dr. Weidner

Here in NY there is a dearth of information about massage chairs, and almost no place to go and see and try out the various chairs, so I rely on your information.
I believe we are about ready to purchase a chair but I need your input on what kind. I know you maintain that Japanese made chairs are the best, so I think we do want a Japanese made chair. However we are not prepared to spend what an Inada costs, so we need something reasonably priced.

Besides price, quality, and reliability, here are things that (we think) are important to us:
massage by rollers as well as airbags
large number of airbags
zero gravity
arms, shoulders, legs, feet (and maybe head?) massaging as well as the trunk
a fair amount of programs and intensity settings
a great warranty & service plan

Here are things that we don’t care about:
music compatibility or lights or any fancy effects

We’ve been interested in a chair for several years so we don’t want to make a mistake when we finally buy one, which is why we need your guidance & service. If you don’t sell what we are looking for, then we would appreciate your recommendation and referral.
If the chair you suggest is due to go on sale for the next holiday, kindly let us know and we’ll wait it out a bit longer.
Thanks very much for your time – Gail Continue reading “Mail Bag – Which Chair Has All Of These Features?”

Osaki OS-7200H vs. OS-7200CR vs OS-3D Pro Dreamer


Osaki has been very, very busy lately with adding new massage chair models to their line-up. It has created some confusion amongst massage chair shoppers, so I thought I’d lay out the differences between each of these models to make things more clear.

Originally, a couple of years ago, Osaki came out with the OS-6000 massage chair. A great chair with a small failure rate and a Sogno-like appearance. It had airbags in the head piece, which added an airbag massage to the neck muscles and the trapezia muscles on the top of the shoulders. It had a bunch of other features too, including chromotherapy LED lighting, zero gravity, arm/calf/foot airbag compression massage, waist airbags, seat airbags, a 30″ massage roller track, shoulder airbags, and a jack for your MP3 device with external speakers on the shoulder airbag mechanisms. What it did not have was a heating element. Continue reading “Osaki OS-7200H vs. OS-7200CR vs OS-3D Pro Dreamer”