Mail Bag – Iyashi Concerns; Customer with Cancer; Zero-gravity vs. Zero Embrace

CUSTOMER EMAIL #1 (Infinity Iyashi concerns)

emailThanks for the follow-up Alan. There are certain things we really enjoy about the Iyashi but others that have us puzzled and unsure of our decision.

1. love the ‘wall-away’ feature
2. the bluetooth is nice cause it indicates to me that there may be future customization capabilities with programming
the routines of the chair (possibly just wishful thinking on my part?)
3. the very long track on the back rollers that takes it past the glutes to the upper thighs – very nice!
4. the heat and zero gravity features Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi Concerns; Customer with Cancer; Zero-gravity vs. Zero Embrace”

Does Osaki Have Backlit Remote Controls?

I recently had a comment on one of my posts asking if the Osaki chairs had backlit remote control buttons. What that means is if there is a light behind each button or behind the remote face as a whole that would allow the user to see the buttons in the dark. This is a legitimate question as many folks use the chair in a dark or poorly illuminated room and have trouble seeing the buttons if they are not backlit.

So, I emailed Osaki and asked one of their experts if their chairs had backlit remotes. Below is a list of each chair, whether or not it’s remote is backlit, any additional comment relayed to me by my Osaki contact, as well as images of each remote control. I hope this helps. Each company has a different type of remote and not all of them are backlit. Perhaps someday I will present a full article going through each company’s remote back lighting. Continue reading “Does Osaki Have Backlit Remote Controls?”

My Visit to Dallas, TX – OSAKI – Day 1

texas-flag-1192380-mYesterday morning I flew from Salt Lake City to Dallas for Day 1 of my 2 day adventure to the Lone Star State. I’ve never been to Texas before but was quite excited to come here. My plan is to visit Luraco today and see how they do things in the place where the first US-made chair is assembled (remember from previous posts that the iRobotics 6S is 60% manufactured and 100% assembled here in Dallas). I will report on that visit first thing tomorrow morning.

But, yesterday I left the airport and drove directly to Osaki’s main offices on Beltwood Parkway in Farmers Branch. I spent the rest of the day with Michael, the owner, Jack, Chris, and Manuel. It was a fabulous time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. We began our day together by sitting down in their conference room to talk about my business, their business, and the massage industry as a whole.  Continue reading “My Visit to Dallas, TX – OSAKI – Day 1”

The New and Improved OS-3000 from Osaki!

Osaki OS-3000

It’s been quite a couple of weeks in the massage chair industry. Infinity announces it’s new Iyashi model, Luraco announces an astounding $3000 jump in the price of the their new iRobotics 6, and Osaki comes out with it’s newly designed OS-3000.

Prior to the change, the OS-3000 was basically a “lesser” version of the very popular OS-4000, the chair that essentially put the Osaki chairs on the map. It didn’t have the feature set of the OS-4000 but it looked exactly like it. Well, I suspect that sales of the OS-3000 were suffering because of the similarities. My experience in this industry is that when two models are presented to the public, with a differentiation of features yet a similar body style, the sales of the more expensive of the two will be much greater. This could be said for the Inada Sogno vs. Inada Sogno  Plus when that chair first came to market in 2008, as well as the HT-7120 vs. the HT-5040 vs. the HT-3300 from the good folks at Human Touch.  Continue reading “The New and Improved OS-3000 from Osaki!”

Massage Chairs, Duck Dynasty, and More…!

Here is the latest news and notes of the massage chair industry…

1. Inada and Human Touch are both offering their extended 5 year warranties free through Father’s Day. Inada is offering it on all of their models and Human Touch is offering it on their ZeroG 4.0 model. You must order your chair before Father’s Day to qualify for the free warranty upgrade. Continue reading “Massage Chairs, Duck Dynasty, and More…!”