What Massage Chairs Do We Have In Our Showroom?

MCR Showroom
MCR Showroom

We get calls all the time from folks around the country who want to know where they can go to find all the major massage chair manufacturer brands under one roof. When we tell them that we have such a showroom, many end up coming to

MCR Showroom
MCR Showroom
MCR Front Door

our showroom in Salt  Lake City,  just to try out the chairs. We’ve had people fly in from New York, Louisiana, Oregon, Illinois, California, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho, off the top of my head.

I figured I’d let you know what models we have in our showroom currently, just in case you were thinking of coming out for a visit (mind you, the showroom inventory changes periodically as we sell floor models of chairs that have become discontinued or that don’t get a lot of interest from our visitors, but for now this is what we have…priced from highest to lowest):

Inada  Sogno Dreamwave Plus
Inada Doctor’s  Choice 3A massage chair
Sanyo 7700
HT-9500 by Human Touch
Panasonic 30007
HT-7450 by Human Touch
HT-7120 by Human Touch
Panasonic 1285
Omega Serenity
iJoy 2580
Inada Cube

These massage chairs represent a great cross-section of prices, popularity, styles, and manufacturers. When someone calls us to tell us they are coming in for a visit, we always tell them to plan on 1-2 hours because they are going to want to sit on most of the chairs to get a good feeling for what is out there at their disposal.

Of course, the more chairs we have, the more confusing it can become when trying to find one that works. Then, if a spouse comes along too…look out, decision making gets taken to a whole new level!

I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of the showroom that I took this morning. You can see it is snowing here in Salt Lake City today!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Omega Introduces a New Massage Chair!

I just got an email this morning from Omega Massage (www.omegamassage.com) announcing a new massage chair into their line-up. This one is called the Aires massage chair. It looks kinda cool. It seems Omega is going aft

omega aires massage chair
Omega Aires

er chairs that areaesthetically different to cater to the buyer who wants a chair to look like a chair and not a massage chair. I totally get that. There is something bothersome to a home decorator who is trying to match a massage chair to a well-decorated room. It is not so easy. So, these new models from Omega, like the Aires and the Serenity/Skyline massage chairs introduced last year, will really get your home decorating juices going.

The new Aires chair has the following functions/features:

  • 3 Manual Air Massage Programs
  • 3 Levels of Air Pressure Intensity
  • 19 Airbags (4 calves/feet, 1 seat, 2 back, 2 neck)
  • Heaters for the feet
  • Foot roller massage
  • Motorized leg rest

Looks like it doesn’t have back rollers, but massages primarily through airbags.

The picture looks kinda cool, doesn’t it? I like it. The ad says that the ottoman “is hidden underneath the chair when not in use”, but I can’t tell from the image how that happens. Does it fold under or “hide” in some other way? Not sure, but the look reminds me of a lounge chair. It looks like it doesn’t recline so laying back and watching the television may not be the most comfortable way to use the chair, but for reading or knitting or whatever you can do upright, it looks perfect.

I’ll share more with you once I learn more about this new massage chair from Omega, i.e. colors, price, etc. I’m sure we’ll be carrying it on our site soon enough.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The Acutouch HT-9500 Massage Chair by Human Touch Has Arrived!

I just received the shipping notices from Human Touch for my clients who pre-purchased the new Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair, which means they are here in the USA and have shipped! Great news for those of us anticipating this new model. As soon as we get one in our showroom, we will do some reviews on this exciting new chair and share them with you through this blog and website.

A couple of other things to tell you:

1. 3-week old Serenity zero gravity massage chair from Omega for only $1899 which includes free shipping.  Here is the link to learn about it and buy it, should you want it…


2. 2-month old Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair by Inada – their latest offering in the world of massage chairs. This is a chair that focuses on postural correction. Very unique with an exceptional massage…one of my favorites!


This chair goes for $5799. This chair has very limited production and is thus very hard to come by. We have this floor model for only $4899, which includes free shipping.

Jump on them while we have them. First come, first served!!

Some Info About The Omega Skyline and Serenity

We have learned some things about the Omega Serenity (and Skyline) massage chair since we have had the Serenity in our showroom. I thought it would be good to tell you about these things before you buy one of them. It is hard to find these chairs out there, but they serve a wonderful niche in the massage chair market…a zero gravity chair in the low $2000 range.

1. Very handsome and stylish chairs

2. Rollers stay in one place in the lumbar and lower thoracic region. The rollers are not on a track. They are restricted to the lower back area. Air bags in the upper thoracic (rib cage) and neck massage those areas.

3. The ottoman does not come up independent of the reclining chair back. On most massage chairs, you can elevate the ottoman independent of whether the chair back reclines or not. In these chairs, the chair back and ottoman move simultaneously.

These are some things I think you should know about these new models from Omega.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic Comes Out With New Massage Sofa

Panasonic MS40 massage chair sofa
Panasonic MS40 massage chair sofa

I just read a press release from Panasonic that talks about a new massage sofa that is suppose to be a great sofa, the EP-MS40, which is being introduced to the US market. It is a cute little thing, looking like a piece of furniture as opposed to the traditional massage chair. The


Human Touch HT-1650 massage chair has always been a fan favorite at our showroom because it looks more like a regular recliner than it does a massage chairs. Omega came out recently with their new Skyline and Serenity zero gravity massage chairs, which are also designed to look like a regular chair…getting away from the traditional massage chair look, too.

Here is the image of the MS40 for your perusal. I don’t know if we will be carrying this model, especially with my concerns about Panasonic’s customer service and price integrity (see blog post http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/blog/general/changes-at-panasonic-thank-goodness-i-hope/ ). But, I like the aesthetics of the chair (oops…I mean sofa). The only thing that concerns me with the improved aesthetics is the compromise of features to accommodate the appearance. Maybe it won’t just be another “pretty face” but a real therapeutic, feature-rich massage chair, too. I’ll have to try it out to be sure. If anyone has already tried this baby out, let me know what you thought.

Here are some of the specs: it will come in avocado green and latte colors, the airbag massage ottoman retracts underneath the chair seat (ala HT-1650), washable polyester upholstery (may be prone to getting dirtier than the regular leather or faux leather), 26 inch track, 4 pre-set programs and 2 manual programs, price tag of $2499.

Oh, by the way, I saw the coolest thing I think I have ever seen in the massage chair genre the other day. My next blog post will talk about that, along with a picture. It will blow you away.

Dr. Alan Weidner