Using A Massage Chair For Your Feet and Calves

Massage Chairs with Calf Massage
Massage Chairs with Calf Massage

Foot and Calf Therapy in Massage Chairs

The feet and calves massage experience you enjoy depends largely on the mechanism used in your massage chair. You can get an idea of how extensive your massage might be by examining different chairs. The more the chair looks like a regular recliner in the calf and foot area, the less likely it will provide as intense a massage.

Massage Chair with Calf Massage
Massage Chair with Calf Massage

Nearly every massage chair does include some form of lower extremity massage. The calf massage feature alone is found on many chairs. Many users insist that the foot and calf chair massage is the feature they like most in any chair. Since most of us spend a fair amount of time on our feet, massaging the lower extremeties can make a world of difference in our quality of life.

Different Types of Massage Chair Ottomans

Many creative ideas have spawned the mechanisms that provide foot and calf massage. Sometimes, rollers are used, other times, airbags. Airbags are more common and create a wonderful experience by pressing on the feet and calves, sometimes sequentially, so you get the sensation of movement from one end of the massage area to the other.

Every company has a different take on the use of airbags to produce a good massage. The apparatus for lower extremities is generally referred to as an ottoman.

This typically is all one piece that attaches to the chair. Examples are the Omega Aires and Human Touch model – Acutouch HT-9500. These chairs massage both the feet and calves. Because this is the feature that makes a recliner look less than attractive, Human Touch has produced several models to deal with the problem.

The HT-9500 massage chair boasts an ottoman that retracts. Their HT-7450 and HT-7120 both feature an ottoman that rotates. They only massage the calves, but at least the calf wells aren’t visible.

To accommodate taller statures, some models like the Panasonic 30007 offer a detachable foot massager. This allows a person to position their calves for a proper massage of that area. The problem arising is that the ankle sides are massaged by the foot massager.

Inada has dealt with the needs of tall folks by designing a flexible attachment positioned between the calf massage mechanism
and that of the foot. This lets the person stretch the legs out while the foot mechanism remains perpendicular to the massage mechanism of the calf.

Also, Inada has a new technology on their Inada Yume massage chair, I’ve not seen before. They have named it Thera-Elliptical-Kneading. Using a combination of figure eight motions of the calf wells and compression of airbags, an amazing calf massage is the result.

A few companies utilize rollers for the bottoms of the feet. The effect is similar to that you get on your back with the usual rollers. The new Omega Montage Pro, the King Kong (now defunct), and Elite Optima chairs have advertised both airbags and rollers for the feet.

Having tried many massage chairs in my years as a chiropractor, I have never found a better foot and calf massage than that of the Human Touch HT-9500 mentioned several times above. The ottoman “paddles” are one of the features that make it special.

With so many variations available, you can see why there are so many types of massage chairs in the marketplace. Every individual has needs and there are certain chairs better for you than others. That is why we recommend your investigation of all the possibilities out there so you end up with the best massage chair for your calves and feet.

Dr. Alan Weidner


New Omega Aires Massage Chair in our Showroom!

I now have the new Omega Aires massage chair in our showroom. It is a cute little thing and I love the airbag massage that it provides. It does not have rollers, but has airbags for the hips, thighs, low and mid back, and the feet and calf. The Omega Airesretractable ottoman is very reminiscent of Human Touch’s HT-9500 and it is a very good foot and calf massage. The “gray” color that we have is really more like a tan color.  I put up a bunch of pictures of me in and next to the chair for your perusal and you will see that it is definitely more of a tan color than a gray color.

The airbag massage in the hips/thighs and low/mid back is great. Nothing too intense but therapeutic, nonetheless. The chair is smaller than I thought it would be, but it really is a perfect “lounge” type chair and it will fit in any decorum, at work or home. I’ve had a few people sit in it in our showroom since it arrived and everyone really seems to  like it. If you are hoping for a strong roller massage, like the Omega Montage or any other standard massage chair, you will be disappointed. The purpose of this chair is not to work you over like those other chairs. It is a wonderful relaxation chair with some therapeutic value in the airbag massage (especially the ottoman).

It feels solidly built. Great chair…I recommend it, especially at this price.

Check it the information on the chair and the images here:


Dr. Alan Weidner

New Aires Massage Chair by Omega Coming To Our Showroom!

Today I am having a gray Aires massage chair shipped to our showroom, compliments of Omega Massage. I am excited to get this cute little relaxation chair into our showroom. Omega has gone with this relaxation genre with this model andAires massage chair their two previous models…the Serenity and Skyline chairs. The difference between these chairs and the regular, full-blown massage chair, is that these are relaxation chairs, designed to fit in any decorum…with an air massage feature. The heavy duty massage chairs, like Omega’s own Montage massage chair, are pure massage chairs, which could possibly double as just a regular chair (but not very efficiently, except for maybe the HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch).

The new Aires comes in gray, red, and black. The gray looks like it might have a “tannish” tinge to it. I’ll let you know once I get it in the showroom, which should be mid-next week. It certainly looks like a cute chair, maybe something like a lounging/lounge chair. I am eager to give it a whirl. I’ll give you a report once we’ve had a chance to check it out.

Dr. Alan Weidner

More Info on New Omega Aires Massage Chair

Aires massage chair
Aires massage chair

Here is the additional information on this new airbag massage chair by Omega called the Aires massage chair, that I promised you last week. The price will be $999 and the chair will come in grey, black, and red colors.


It weighs 100 lbs andmeasures 28 X 32X 32 out of the box. It’s uphostery is PVC leather (easy to clean and very durable). It has heat in the soles of the feet (reminds me of the Sanyo massage chairs for that matter) as well as rollers in the feet.

Apparently, the ottoman does retract with a command from the remote control so that when it is retracted, it looks much like a “barrel” chair or lounge chair. You can see the retracted ottoman in the image to the right. I have no idea how the chair feels, but I am sure it will provide a decent airbag massage…particularly for a lower price point. It has 19 airbags: 14 in the legs, 2 for the waist, 2 for the back, and one for the buttocks.

Should be available in March 2011.

Dr. Alan Weidner