The New Super Novo from Human Touch

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Human Touch logo

Last week, I visited the head offices of Human Touch massage chairs in Long Beach, California, to see some old friends and check out their new Super Novo massage chair, the prototype of which was on display in their showroom.

The New Super Novo from Human Touch - IMG 0195 I met with David Wood, Human Touch CEO, and some of his staff including Vicki Lladoc, Cathy Lou, Michelle Guerin, and Suzie Willcox, my oldest friend in the massage chair industry (“oldest” meaning how long I’ve worked with her…not her age!!).

When I began selling massage chairs in 2005, Human Touch The New Super Novo from Human Touch - IMG 0192was the only major massage chair company in the USA and theirs were the only chairs I originally carried. Suzie was my contact person at Human Touch from the get-go and we have remained good friends through all these years. She and her daughter, Julia, even flew out to my Utah showroom grand opening in 2008! It was so good to see her again after many years and see that she is still working at Human Touch.

David went over the features of the new Super Novo massage chair with me. It looks much like the Novo XT2 which we already carry and have in our showrooms, but with some minor upholstery and body design changes. Here is a list of the other differences discussed during our meeting:

  1. Alexa-Enable Virtual Assistant – Human Touch has integrated Alexa with this model. With the use of a plug-in adapter, you can speak through your Alexa device to activate your chair’s functions. You can watch how that is done in the video below. Fascinating and very timely considering the current proliferation of voice command devices.
  2. 4D Rollers – You all know what I think about this term, but it means that the Super Novo has a 3D roller track system with a so-called “4th dimension”,The New Super Novo from Human Touch - 3d axesreferring to the variable speeds or rhythms of the rollers during an auto program. You see, 3D alludes to the 3 dimensions within which the rollers of the chair can operate. Those 3 dimensions are the x,y, and z axes of movement. Non-3D chairs (aka 2D chairs) have rollers that move side-to-side along the x-axis and up-and-down along the y-axis. Every single massage chair does that. The 3D refers to rollers that can also be adjusted forward-and-backward. There really isn’t a 4th dimension in our time and space continuum here on earth, but many massage chair companies use that term, in my opinion, as a marketing ploy to make you, the customer, believe that their 4D chair has something unusually unique and “out-of-this-world” compared to a 3D chair. The thing is, all massage chairs have the ability to adjust the roller speed, whether the chair has 2D or 3D rollers.  Enough of my ranting. But, the Super Novo has 4D.
  3. The stretch program of the Super Novo offers two different options…one involving leg extension and one involving knee flexion (bending the knees). I’ve not seen this dual stretch feature outside of the Human Touch Novo chairs.
  4. Heated feet and calves – If you love heat in your massage chair, this will only convince you more to seriously look at the Super Novo. Pretty much every massage chair has back heat, but it is not as common to find heated feet, much less heated calves. Nice feature.
  5. Optional remote control pedestal – Previous models of the Novo have a pouch on the side of the arm rest into which you can put the remote when not in use. Now, they have an optional pedestal that attaches to the arm rest onto which you can attach the remote control via a magnet. You can even put a magnetic sticker to your phone or device and attach it to the pedestal. It is so easy to remove the remote from the pedestal when it is magnetized. I like this feature. If you don’t want the pedestal, you can just lay down the remote on a “tray” on the right arm rest so it is out of your way you’re getting massaged.
  6. Apple and Android apps – You can download apps to your device and operate your chair from your device. That is one of the reasons why the magnetized remote control pedestal is kinda cool. With the technology of this chair and it’s apps, you can memorize up to 100 different user profiles!
  7. “Saddle” colored upholstery option – Novo chairs have always had wonderful and plentiful color options. The saddle color is new to this model and it looks great. It is a leather-like color that has a very nice look to it.
  8. Quick keys and dial on the arm rest allows you to activate various chair functions without having to handle the remote control. We are seeing more and more of these quick keys in the market. In the video below you can hear Vicki explain how the quick keys and dial work.
  9. Improved Altec-Lansing speakers – Altec Lansing speakers were introduced to the Novo XT2 and they are wonderful. The new speakers in the Super Novo are improved even more to make your sound experience second to none.

The Super Novo will be launched in June 2019. I will also be doing an online video interview with David Wood next Monday (March 18th). As the CEO of Human Touch, he can offer a unique perspective on topics not only related to his own company but also to the industry as a whole. I look forward to chatting with him in that format. I will post the interview to our YouTube channel later that same day. If you have any questions that you’d like me to ask him, just email me with those questions.

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Dr. Alan Weidner



Las Vegas Furniture Market 1/29/19 – What I Learned!

Dr. Alan Weidner and company
Dr. Alan Weidner and company

I had a wonderful visit to the Las Vegas Furniture Market this last week and will share with you what I learned. I have already posted 3 videos from the trip on our YouTube channel, each video representing a visit with a different supplier of ours.

My video of my visit with Jim Coppins, co-founder of Infinity Massage Chairs, and his demo of the new Overture model was somehow deleted from my video camera and I have been unable to recover it (I’m pretty sure that I’m the one who deleted it, being so savy with electronics and stuff!). So, I will be visiting them in March for a personal tour of their new facility and to go over the new Infinity Overture in greater detail.

Synca Wellnes JP110o & Kagra

These were the two models that Synca had on display at the Furniture Market. They are new models for Synca. The Synca JP1100 massage chair is the first Japanese-made massage chair with mechanical foot rollers. It also comes with a 5 year parts & labor, in-home warranty, which we’ve not seen before as a factory warranty. Quite impressive. It also comes with dual rollers, instead of 4 rollers, for a deeper more target-specific massage.

The Kagra is an upgraded version of the Johnson J6800, which I learned from the rep will be phased out along with the whole Johnson line. They are moving towards the Synca line being their primary line-up. The Kagra is a Chinese-made chair but with the design and engineering input from former Panasonic, Inada, and Fuji engineers.

You can see the video of my visit here…

DreamWave M8

As I have discussed before in my Massage Chair Industry Update, DreamWave is a new line of chairs. The old, familiar Inada DreamWave is now called the DreamWave Classic and the M8 is the newest model for this new line. It is the brainchild of Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA and Furniture For Life. It is a 3D L-track chair with a very unique feature that we’ve never seen before…arm rests that swing open like a car door. It allows for older, less mobile folks and people with back pain to get into the chair easier, a problem we’ve experienced in our showrooms. It is a beautiful chair, made in Japan, and is a great sequel to the DreamWave Classic. It also has mechanical foot rollers and chromotherapy that turns on when you approximate the chair in a darker room. You can check out my interview with Ian Hays, VP of Sales for FFL, in this video at the Furniture Market..

It won’t be fully deployed until May or June of this year. It will be priced in the $9500-$10,000 price range.

Osaki Titan

We dropped by the Osaki Titan showroom and saw an array of many of their models, some of which we carry. They had a new floor model called the Osaki First Class. It is also a 3D L-track chair with the usual features, i.e. mechanical foot rollers, zero gravity, BlueTooth, etc. It has a strong base of neck/shoulders massage, like the Maestro (made in the same factory). It has a comfortable fit and a great stretch program for an L-track. Not sure if we’ll be carrying it, but should have a better idea in the weeks to come. Take a look here…


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, my video interview with Jim Coppins mysteriously disappeared so I can’t show you the Overture. I can tell you, though, that is another high end 3D L-track chair and an upgrade of the Infinity Presidential. It is a J-track chair (you can search J-track vs. L-track on my site search field to see what the differences are) that also has air ionizing, voice recognition, calf rollers and oscillating calf airbags, a USB charging port and a very nice wireless remote. Although I don’t have the video, at least I have a picture of Jim Coppins, Michael Milone, and to prove I was really there!

I will do a thorough video on the Overture when I go visit their new headquarters in New Hampshire in March. Stay tuned.

Human Touch

Although Human Touch did not have a presence at Las Vegas Furniture Market this year, we met our contact from the company, Cathy Lou, at the Furniture Market for lunch and a chit chat about Human Touch’s newest offering, the Super Novo. It is like the XT2 but with some upgrades that escape me now, but I will discuss it in detail after I’ve sat on it at their headquarters in Long Beach, CA. It’s just a skip and a jump from our Cerritos showroom.

Las Vegas Furniture Market 1/29/19 - What I Learned! - IMG 0108 e1549173368652


I had a chance to see my friends, Nina and John, who own the run the uKnead massage chair business. Although they don’t have any new products right now, they still had a booth at the Furniture Market. They are working on a 3D L-track as we speak and hope to have it later this year. Great people, great visiting with them again.

Las Vegas Furniture Market 1/29/19 - What I Learned! - IMG 0111 e1549175481646


I visited the Cozzia showroom, although I only have a couple of their e-commerce models on my site. We can’t carry the “good” Cozzia chairs on my site unless I have at least 4 different Cozzia models in at least one of my showrooms. Well, I don’t have room for 4 models of any one brand in my showrooms, so it may be a long while before we can carry any fancy Cozzia models on our site. I put a brief video on our Facebook page of a blinged up Ogawa Smart 3D, which caught my eye when I walked into the showroom. Go check it out. I think you’ll get a kick out of it like I did.

I also had a chance to learn a bit more about the new Fujimedic Kumo massage chair, purportedly the first Japanese-made L-track chair. It is built by EasePal, which is the same company that builds the Cozzia and Ogawa models. It has been a bit of a mystery to all of us until this last week when I spoke with the Cozzia rep at the Market. I found out that it has Chinese-made components AND Japanese-made components. It looks just like the Cozzia QiSE, with the same body, roller mechanism, and non-critical components. The assembly, Quality Control, and some programming is done in Japan. It is not associated with other Fuji products, although the name is a bit misleading. The name will be changed to the JP Medics Kumo at some point.


More Info About the Human Touch Novo XT2

More Info About the Human Touch Novo XT2 - rsz novo brown 57a9154e92e8c
More Info About the Human Touch Novo XT2 - rsz novo brown 57a9154e92e8c

I received a message from Human Touch rep Lara Martin a couple of weeks ago that enlightened me as to some additional features that can be found on the new Human Touch Novo XT2 massage chair. I was unaware of these features, so I thought I’d add them in a separate blog post.

  1. The Novo XT2 can be run from both Android and Apple apps. Apps typically will circumvent the use of the actual remote control, giving you full chair functionality,  and, in some cases, give you some additional features that can’t be accessed directly from the remote control. You can access the apps for either device from these resources: a.) Android App for Novo XT2: Novo XT2 for Android – APK Download – ›, or b.) Apple App available at App store or: . These apps have always been around but I was not aware of them until Lara sent me these links.
  2. The Novo XT2 also has 8 pre-programmed soothing and relaxing sound themes you can listen to while you enjoy your massage; including wind chimes, beach, calm rain and others. I was not aware of this at all. So, when you are enjoying your therapeutic massage, you can heighten that enjoyment with the above-mentioned sound themes. They are designed to help you relax while experiencing your massage.

I might also mention, if I haven’t already in another piece, that the Novo XT2 is manufactured in the Rotai factory in China. Rotai is widely considered one of the top massage chair manufacturers in China that is also responsible for a select group of other well-made models from Infinity, Osaki Titan, and BodyFriend.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Review of the Osaki Pro Maestro Massage Chair

Using Osaki Pro Maestro
Using Osaki Pro Maestro

The new Osaki Pro Maestro massage chair is the latest in a growing list of high end 3D L-track massage chairs (3D refers to the ability of the chair’s rollers to be moved forward and back to increase or decrease roller massage intensity, respectively, and L-track refers to the roller mechanism going all the way from the neck down to under the seat). This seems to be a trend in the industry right now with some good models are already here, i.e. the Human Touch Novo XT & XT2, the Infinity Presidential, the Luraco Legend, and the Osaki Pro Ekon. I call this the “new generation” of 3D L-track models – feature rich and quite a bit more expensive than 2D L-tracks and the earlier generation of L-tracks. They are all built in good factories, which may justify, in part, the increased price point of this list.

Pro MaestroI will review the Osaki Pro Maestro massage chair based on having spent 2-3 uninterrupted hours sitting in it, reading the owner’s manual and trying to figure out how the remote control works. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy getting through the learning curve. Of course, I’m an older guy and I’m sure my kids could have done it in half the time, but I found this chair to be less intuitive and user friendly in terms of getting an understanding of how it works via the remote control. That could be attributed to a.) my age, b.) a remote control that is not very intuitive, and c.) an owner’s manual that doesn’t adequately show or explain the functionality of the model (this last point could be said for many massage chairs from most massage chair companies!). Reading the literature or a literature review will certainly NOT give you the gist and nuances of how this chair actually works. I hope that the time I spent on it will be reflected in my insights and observations and prove to be very helpful for you as you try to decide if this is the chair for you.

Having said all that, the Maestro does have an app by which the chair can be operated. I have not used the app yet and have not become familiar with how it works. But, one of our customers who did noted that the app is a far easier way to operate the chair than the remote  control. In my opinion, that is a good thing! Any comments about the app functionality would be greatly welcomed by everyone in the comments section below. Once I figure out how to make it work, I’ll add to this review.

I should mention that this chair is built in the EasePal factory in China, which is also the home of the Cozzia and Ogawa models.

Some of these points I make are very particular and detailed, which makes this review a bit long. You may even feel, at times, like I am just creating an update to the owner’s manual. In a way, I guess I am. But, I have to get this detailed so that you understand what is not intuitive and clear about this chair, which was a source of some frustration to me when I was going through everything on my own for the first time. So, let’s get down to it.

Overall, we all love this chair. Staff from both of my showrooms really think this chair is a winner, including myself. It has strengths and weaknesses like all chairs, but I would have to say that the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses.

      1. Owner’s manual – It does not answer some questions, like how to adjust the 3D rollers from the remote control, how to explain and adjust “Strength”, how to adjust speed, and what the manual settings entitled “Characteristic I-IV” mean to name a few. You will learn more from using the chair and figuring it out on your own. The manual gets you started but you have to labor through the learning curve to figure it all out (and I’m not sure that I have figured it all out yet myself!). The book itself and the text and images are easy to read and see, but the info doesn’t feel complete (again, this is common with many massage chair companies models).
      2. The Maestro is a nice looking chair, combining the harder plastic exterior and the softer synthetic interior. It’s trim and color combos are quite appealing in my opinion. The foot massager has the enclosed toes, which contributes to the more sleek and modern look of the chair. Just beware if your foot size is greater than a 13!
      3. Review of the Osaki Pro Maestro Massage Chair - IMG 1120 e1533754985813Speaking of the foot massager, when you first put your feet into it, foam pads on both sides of your feet will make it feel like you can’t get your feet in. Just wiggle your feet in between the pads and they will slide through to the bottom of the massager. The foot massager is definitely a strength of this model. Between the foot pads (which move from side to side in a wave-like pattern) and the mechanical foot rollers under your feet, you will love the way this chair works your feet over. No airbags at all for the feet in this chair.
      4. Calf Massage – like most massage chairs the Maestro uses airbags to compress the side and back of the calf muscles. But, it also uses the same airbags to knead the side of the calf muscles! A very nice feature if you suffer with tight calves or do a lot of standing, walking, or running during the day.
      5. This chair has a fabulous neck and shoulder massage. I would go so far as to say that it has the best neck and shoulder massage of any other 3D L-track chair I’ve tried (and we’ve got quite a few!). It does a particularly good job at the base of the neck where the shoulders meet the neck.
      6. I had my neighbor, who is 6’4″, try out the chair to see if he fit in it. The rollers actually went right up to the base of the skull, which is not a common occurrence in a lot of chairs. The only issue for him was that the foot massager, which is closed toe, was too small for his size 14 feet. Size 13 is probably the maximum foot size for a comfortable fit in this model. The width of the chair is comfortably snug and that snugness is a bit too tight and too narrow for some bodies. It is not as wide as the Novo XT2 or the Osaki Ekon, which are models you might want to check out if you are concerned about the narrowness of the fit of the Maestro.
      7. This chair has 3D/4D roller depth adjustment and, in my opinion, has the capacity to produce the deepest and strongest roller massage of any L-track chair on the market. It has 8 depth settings, the highest of which dug really into my spinal muscles. I was actually kind of shocked at how deep the rollers dug. So, if you want and L-track and a really deep, intense massage, the Maestro is a definite option.
      8. Interestingly enough, the only way to increase or decrease the depth of the 3D/4D rollers is through the quick keys on the right arm rest. You cannot adjust the depth from the remote control, which I found odd. I thought you might be able to touch the screen button 4D indicator to adjust it, but that won’t do it. Maybe it really can be adjusted from the remote control and I just couldn’t figure out how to do  it!
      9. Quick Keys – as I alluded to in the above point, the chair has what I like to call “Quick Keys”,
        Review of the Osaki Pro Maestro Massage Chair - IMG 1119 e1533754895647
        Quick Keys

        located on the inside aspect of the right arm rest. Those keys include the “4D” depth adjustment (“4D+” and “4D-“), a zero gravity positioning button, a power button, a pause button, and an “AUTO” button to initiate the Demo program. It also has a USB port to plug in your device for charging purposes.

      10. The remote control fits in a slot on the left arm rest. It has a spooled cord so you don’t have a loose cord to get stuck between the seat and the arm rest. A similar slot is located on the right arm rest, but that is for your phone. The remote control looks very simple at first glance. Don’t be fooled! Once you get into you’ll see what I meant earlier when I said it is not very intuitive. You may want to have the owner’s manual nearby when you get going with it. I was actually quite frustrated with I when I began going deep into the chair functionality (I hope the app makes the control of the chair easier and certainly more intuitive).
      11. You will see two basic sections of the remote: the touch screen at the top and the touch keys at the bottom. The screen will show you where you are and what the chair is doing. You will use the touch screen and touch keys for chair function and navigation. Their are 4 touch keys:
          1. Reset (upright chair schematic image) – this is a nice feature. When you select an auto program, the chair will recline to a pre-programmed default position. If you want to sit up and continue to enjoy your massage program, press this button and the chair will return to the upright position while still continuing your selected program.
          2. Main Page (up arrow) – this button will allow you to change the screen display from the
            Review of the Osaki Pro Maestro Massage Chair - IMG 1121 e1533755005877
            LED Lighting

            main page to the massage details page.

          3. Position (reclined chair schematic image) – this button will bring up the chair positioning screen where you can adjust the chair back and ottoman positioning by touching the respective arrows on the screen. You will also find the zero gravity positioning button and the button to turn on and off the side panel blue LED lights.
          4. AUTO – press this button and the chair will automatically start the Demo program.

        Osaki Maestro Remote Interface
        Maestro Remote Interface
      12. The main program screen is where most of your functions are selected and adjusted. The screen will show you the following 6 options: “Neck/Shoulder”, “Lower Back”, “Auto”, “Manual”, “Advanced”, and “Air Massage.” This is the part of the review where you could get confused. Why? Because I was quite confused figuring it all out. Bare with me and it should make some sense when I am done with points #13-20.
      13. “Neck/Shoulder” and “Lower Back” each have their own sub programs. For example, the 4 subprograms for the Neck/Shoulder option are “Relax”, “Recover”, “Rolling”, and “Shiatsu.” The 4 subprograms for the Lower Back option are “Relax”, “Recover”, “Deep Tissue”, and “Kidney Care.”
      14. “Auto” lists the main 8 auto programs of the Maestro: “Demo”, “Relax”, “Swing”, “Stretch”, “Scraping”, “Shiatsu”, “Lady”, and “Rejuvenate.” At the time of the writing of this article, the owner’s manual calls the Lady program “Gentle Relief” and the Gentleman program “Rejuvenation”.
      15. When you select any of these 8 auto programs, a screen display will appear that has 4 icons: “4D Mechanism”, “Strength”, “Intensity”, and “Speed.” Interestingly enough, I couldn’t find anywhere a way to adjust speed or strength. Only the 4D mechanism can be adjusted from the arm rest Quick Keys and the air bag intensity can be adjusted from the “Air Massage” option of the main screen. To further frustrate me, once you have changed the air massage intensity, you can’t go back to the display screen for the program you are in to see the changed level on the “Intensity” icon (or any of those 4 icons for that matter). Very strange indeed!
      16. When you go into the “Manual” section of the remote control, prepare to be confused! You’ll see 4 menu options: “Neck/Shoulder”, “Upper Back”, “Lower Back”, and “Full Back.” When you select “Neck/Shoulder”, “Upper Back”, or “Lower Back” the screen will display 4 options labeled “Characteristic I”, “Characteristic II”, “Characteristic III”, and “Characteristic IV”. It turns out that these are each auto programs for 3 of the 4 Manual program options. I have no idea what each one does or what makes one unique from another. That is nowhere to be found in the owner’s manual. The counter intuitive thing about this is that you can’t adjust the modes, speed, or permanent roller positioning during any of these “Manual” and “Characteristic” programs. So, from what I can tell, there isn’t anything manual about them. However, if you choose the last option, “Full Back”, you can now select and adjust the roller mode (kneading, tapping, shaitsu, and rolling) as well as select a spot or partial massage. This is the only place where the spot and partial massage and roller modes can be selected, adjusted, and set. Although the “Spot” and “Partial” options are displayed in all of the manual subprograms, it can only be permanently set in the “Full Back” program. If you try to move the rollers in those other programs, they will move but as soon as you take your finger off the screen the rollers will go back to the pre-set positioning for that particular program.
      17. By the way, 3 of the 4 modes in the “Full Back” manual program (kneading, tapping, shiatsu) have 2 options each. I noticed that roller speed was the primary difference between each mode option.
      18. The “Advanced” icon on the main program screen has 4 options to pick from: “Calf Kneading”, “Foot Kneading”, “Air”, and “Heating.” The first three options are their own programs. They cannot be deployed while another program is running, unless you want to immediately stop the program you are in and begin the program you just selected, i.e. “Calf Kneading”, “Foot Kneading”, or “Air.” “Calf Kneading” is a program where the calf airbags inflate and knead your calves. “Foot Kneading” involves the mechanical foot rollers and the foam pads moving from side to side in a wave-like pattern at the side of your feet. “Air” is a full body program where only airbags are used…no rollers. You CAN select the “Heating” option when you are in any program and it will immediately start up the heating element so that you can enjoy some warmth during your selected massage program.
      19. A side note to the heating topic. Unlike most other massage chairs, the Maestro does not have heating pads but uses heated rollers to provide therapeutic heat for the back. Not many chairs offer this, but it is a feature that customers really like.
      20. “Air Massage” – this is the place you go to when you want to adjust the air bag compression intensity. You can go here when you are in any program that uses airbags to adjust the degree of compression. Remember, though, from point #15 above, the chair remote won’t let you go back to the original screen of the program that you’re in once you’ve left it to adjust the airbag intensity. The literature states that the Maestro has 30 airbags. What’s interesting about the airbags is that, from the remote control, you can turn off and on any of the regional airbags. The vast majority of other massage chairs will allow you to turn off or on the airbags, too, but you can’t turn off certain airbags without shutting them all down. It is an all or nothing adjustment. The Maestro allows you to turn off certain airbag sections while also allowing you to adjust the compression intensity in those airbags.
      21. When it’s all said and done, this chair actually has more than the 8 auto programs that the literature says that it has. If you add up all the programs and subprograms I’ve listed over the last number of bullet points, you’ll get something closer to 27 auto and semi-auto programs.
      22. A note about the “Stretching” program. I found it to be a very weak program on this chair. Massage chairs typically perform a stretch by reclining the chair back as far back as possible, while at the same time dropping the ottoman with the airbags inflated, and most L-tracks don’t have fabulous stretch programs because of the inability of the L-track to flatten out. The Maestro doesn’t recline very far back because of the L-shaped roller track and when the ottoman drops all you feel are the calf airbags inflating on the calves. No pull or stretch of the low back at all. Very disappointing. Having said that, one thing the chair does well during the stretch program is combine shoulder airbag compression and mid to upper back roller movement, which really accentuates a good posture! If you want a 3D L-track (or any L-track for that matter) that has a good stretch, check out the Infinity Presidential massage chair. It’s J-track, a variation of the L-track, allows for a flatter recline and stretch. The best of any of the L-track models out there.
      23. The Maestro has a longer body scanning period than most Chinese-made chairs. I’m not sure what it’s doing, but the chair measured me well for my massage. I couldn’t find any info about it in the owner’s manual. No complaints at all about it, though. I’d just like to know how comprehensive the scan is. Like most other massage chairs, the Maestro gives you 3 seconds at the tail end of the scan to adjust the shoulder height if you feel the chair is not measuring you accurately.
      24. When the chair reclines at the beginning of a program or if you change a program or the zero gravity positioning during any program, the chair’s ottoman will electronically extend and retract. You will need to push down with your heels when the ottoman has retracted to your preferred leg length. If you don’t push your heels down to stop the retraction, you will have to go into the “Position” button of the touch keys and move the ottoman out to accommodate your leg length.
      25. As far as the BlueTooth connection goes, on my iPhone the chair is labeled/identified as MC171213135. Look for that on your BlueTooth phone settings and the chair will connect easily enough. The speakers are quite good for a massage chair, and that’s saying a lot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sound.
      26. If the remote control screen goes black (goes to sleep), just touch anywhere on the surface of the remote and the screen will wake up again. Also, the power button is located at the top edge of the remote and not on the main viewing surface.

      I hope you found this review helpful. It will help you appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of this chair as well as give you tips to help you climb that learning curve a little quicker.

      Dr. Alan Weidner

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The New Human Touch Novo XT2!

The New Human Touch Novo XT2! - rsz novo brown 57a9154e92e8c
The New Human Touch Novo XT2! - rsz novo brown 57a9154e92e8c

The Human Touch Novo XT massage chair was introduced to the market in December 2016. We received it in our showrooms in January 2017 and it has been a top selling chair ever since. As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing it has been our top selling 3D L-track massage chair. We really like it. The 3D L-track is great, but the chair fits a lot of different bodies just right. It also has space saving feature, BlueTooth technology, over 30 auto programs, a sleek and modern design, and a very versatile remote control that can navigate a lot of features that other chairs typically don’t have, like foot roller speed, length of manual massage coverage, and sub-categories of the auto programs. I really like this chair. It is also a fairly quiet chair for a Chinese-made chair.

Novo XT massage chair - red
Novo XT & XT2 massage chair body

Well, alas, Human Touch has discontinued this model as of July 2018 and is replacing it with the upgraded Novo XT2 massage chair model. I will discuss the changes in this new model. No need to worry, though, the overall massage feel and quality is the same. The changes are what I would consider “non-critical”. Here is what they’ve changed:

  1. The biggest thing is probably the upgraded Altec Lansing speaker system. Massage chairs are notorious for having pretty weak speakers, in terms of sound quality. The Novo XT was no different. Well, Human Touch has added some pretty awesome speakers from a very well-known company to make the sound system really high quality.
  2. The lighter brown color of the Novo XT has been replaced with the darker “Espresso” brown
    Novo XT2 Espresso Color

    color in the Novo XT2. Espresso is a pretty common color amongst most massage chair manufacturers. It is what I like to call “coffee brown” because of it’s dark shade. The Novo XT had a lighter brown, more like a leather brown color. I think the Espresso color is a nice improvement.

  3. The New Human Touch Novo XT2! - NovoXT2 remote 700x465The Advanced Tile Remote Control allows you to easily manage the chair’s full suite of 35 auto programs as well as the myriad of features using a very intuitive interface, featuring a crystal-clear LCD screen. The remote also makes it easy to create a personalized manual massage program with customization. There was a lot of redundancy in the XT when you wanted to change some of the programming and features. This new remote will make it easier and more intuitive to navigate your way through all the options, features, and programs.
  4. The XT2 is priced $500 higher (of course).

I love the Novo XT and will love the XT2. Everything else is the same, i.e. same massage track, same airbags, same low back heat, same foot rollers, same programs, etc.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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