Review of Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Infinity Massage Chair logo
Infinity Massage Chair logo

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is one of Infinity’s offerings into the high end 3D L-track massage chair market. I have written a blog post in the past about the differences between it, the Genesis, and the Imperial, but this article will be dedicated solely to  a review about just the Infinity Presidential.

The Presidential is a good sized chair, slightly wider and taller than the Human Touch Novo XT, but it a space saver, so you don’t have to worry too much about space between the wall and the back of the chair. It is a comfortable when you sit in it, unless you’ve got size 13 feet. The chair is designed to handle taller, bigger bodies, but we have found that the partially-encased foot massager can make the fit a bit uncomfortable for the feet of someone with size 13 or larger. The only other possible obstacle to fitting a taller body into the chair is the dome at the top of the chair that is part of the chair’s frame. We had a fellow who was 6’8″ tall who fit just fine in the chair, and received a good neck massage, but the top of his head hit the dome at the top of the chair. But, shorter than that, this chair will fit a bigger body quite well.

Foot & Calf massager
Foot & Calf massager

One additional comment about the foot massager: make sure that you put your toes underneath the toe airbags. If you are not conscious of where you are putting your feet when you sit in the chair, you may put your toes on top of the toe airbags, which will make the foot massager seem extremely limited in size. The reason I know this is because when we first got the chair in our showroom, customers were complaining about how little room they had for their feet. I just thought the chair had a design and engineering flaw since the chair is built for a bigger body, but small feet couldn’t fit in comfortably. Then, one day when I went to sit in it to experience the chair, my feet went right on top of the toe airbags which had been compressed down to the bottom of the foot massager. I got out of the chair to see what was going on and sure enough the toe airbags had been stepped on repeatedly and pushed down to the floor of the foot massager. It is rather unnoticeable if you aren’t paying attention.

J-Track vs. L-Track

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is considered an L-track chair, but it would be truer to say that it has a J-track. The folks at Infinity describe it this way: the traditional L-track chair, like all L-track models, has an S-track portion of the roller system that moves down the spine following the S-shape of the spine, with the rollers then changing direction to run directly under the seat and buttocks muscles. That is why it is called an L-track. Well, the Presidential has rollers that move down at about a 45 degree angle under the seat.

The significance of that is this allows the chair to recline further into a more horizontal position. What is intriguing about that design is the more horizontal the chair can be positioned, the greater the capacity for the chair to stretch the spine and body of the user.  The knock against L-track chairs is the weakness of the stretch program, when compared to regular S-track chairs like the Infinity IT-8500×3, the Luraco iRobotics 7, and the Inada DreamWave. The more horizontal the chair can be reclined, the greater the stretch. The Infinity Presidential offers the best of both worlds…buttock and hamstring roller massage with a recline that approaches a more horizontal chair position. You can read more about the differences here in this article…

Stretch Program: S-Track vs. L-Track Massage Chairs

Speaking of the stretch program, the Infinity Presidential, like most Infinity chairs, provides strong foot and ankle airbag support when the ottoman drops down. This enhances the overall pull on the spine, especially when coupled with the shoulders being pinned down by the shoulder airbags. Also, during the stretch program, the rollers of the Presidential are very active up and down the whole spine which, I feel, really contributes to the overall stretch experience.

Those same shoulder airbags are deployed in other programs in this chair and, when coupled with the rollers working over the mid back (thoracic spine), help improve the posture of the user. When you get out of this chair, you will feel like your shoulders are back further and you are standing taller. Good stuff!

Ottoman/Foot Rest

I’d just like to mention a few more words about the foot rest/ottoman. It is an electronic extension ottoman, which means that the chair will self adjust and, if you need to change the length of the legs, you can do so with the remote control. It’s a little odd to do it with this chair, but here is what you do if you want to change the length for your legs:

  1. Press “Manual” on the remote control
  2. Select “Foot Rest”
  3. Use the up and down arrows to move the legs out or back, respectively.

The foot rollers on this chair are quite comfortable. You can adjust the speed of the foot rollers to simulate greater or lesser intensity (“Quick” and “Soft” options).

This chair does not have calf rollers, but it does use airbags behind the calves to push hard rubber nobules into the calf muscles to simulate a compression massage.  Most chairs massage the calves this way.

Roller System

Now let’s talk a bit about the rollers. The roller balls feel a bit smaller than many other chairs. Because they are smaller, they have a tendency to dig into the muscles a bit deeper. I found this to be especially beneficial in the neck and suboccipital regions (under the base of the skull). This chair is one of the best at massaging those regions for an L-track chair, in my opinion.

I also find that the rollers are “busier” in this chair than many other models. There is a lot of tapping and knocking by the rollers in conjunction with the kneading and rolling. This lends to a feeling that the chair is really working you over.

One thing I like about this chair is how it deploys the 3D function in the rollers. As you may or may not know, 3D refers to the ability of the chair user to move the rollers further into your back for a deeper, more intense massage, or retract them for a lighter massage. That capacity for deeper forward movement is really utilized well during the auto massage programs. Many times during my massage session on this chair I felt the rollers stop and then move forward into my spinal muscles. This feels like a very effective shiatsu or trigger point therapy. This is part of the “busier” roller feeling. I found this feature to be especially beneficial in the neck and lower back regions, areas that are notoriously under-served by many, many other models.

Like in pretty much every other massage chair, the speed of the rollers can be adjusted to enhance a more intense massage experience. For marketing purposes, other chair companies boast of having 4D rollers. As I’ve written before, I think that’s just marketing mumbo jumbo, especially since our world really deals on a day to day basis in only 3 dimensions. Their 4th Dimension (4D) is really just speed. All 3D chairs have speed adjustment capabilities, so really all 3D chairs have 4D. Oh well.

In the manual settings, you have a roller mode option called “Back Rubbing”. This is different from kneading, which is side to side movement combined with up and down movement – aka kneading. In the “Back Rubbing” mode, the rollers move strictly from side to side without the up and down  circular movement of kneading. This feels a lot like what we used to call “Transfriction Massage” when I was a chiropractor. A very nice mode to use when breaking down trigger points or scar tissue.


Left arm airbags & cover

This chair has plenty of airbags, like most do nowadays. The number of airbags, in my opinion, is not nearly as important as how those airbags are being used. The Presidential has all the airbags in all the right places. I’ve already spoken about the foot and ankle airbags, as well as the shoulder airbags, which are all deployed wonderfully. Another area where I think they’ve excelled in this chair is the sequential arm airbags. The arm airbags are covered by a cloth material that, in turn, is covered with small rubber nobules. These nobules allow for the arm to be tractioned in the arm rest when the airbags compress so that the arms don’t get squeezed out. The arm airbags alternately inflate on the hand and wrist area and then the forearm. The left arm and then the right arm. In the manual settings you can deploy the airbags regionally, i.e. upper body, full body, waist & seat, or legs & feet. The intensity of the compression can also be adjusted, like pretty much every massage chair.


If you are looking for a massage chair with a good heat feature, you won’t find a better one than the Infinity Presidential. Not only does this chair come with heating pads in the back, waist, and seat, but you also can use the “Hot Rocks” program which will heat up the rollers themselves for up to 30′! The only other chairs I’ve known to have heated rollers are the Panasonic MA70 & MA73. But those models didn’t have the heating pads too. The “Hot Rocks” program is activated with a simple button the remote control. Each press of the button will heat up the rollers in 5′ increments.

When I was sitting on the Presidential writing up my findings for this article, I couldn’t believe how hot the pads in my back felt. It was fabulous. Of course, you can adjust the heat levels on the pads using the remote control settings, but if you want warm, man, this chair will give it to you! By the way, you can turn on and off each of the 3 heated areas independent of each other. When I was sitting on it, I turned off the low back and left the seat and waist on. It was too warm for me.

Menu vs. Quick Keys

Quick Keys
Quick Keys

The Infinity Presidential massage chairs have a full menu to scroll through on the remote control with all the regular options, including 12 auto programs. What makes the Presidential really convenient are what I like to call Quick Keys at the bottom of the remote control interface. Rather than having to go into the Menu and scroll through all the options to make an adjustment or program change, which can be slow and a bit cumbersome, you can use the Quick Keys to get it done in seconds. Here are the Quick Keys and what they operate:

  1. 3D+ – Move the rollers forward through 6 depth settings to dig deeper into the user’s back muscles.
  2. 3D-  – Retract the rollers back through 6 depth settings to lessen the depth of the massage.
  3. Auto – Each push of this button will allow the user to go through the main 7 auto programs. There are 5 additional “sub programs” that you can only access through the main menu.
  4. Manual – This allows you to select which mode you want the rollers to provide, i.e. kneading, tapping, knocking, back rubbing, etc.
  5. Air Intensity – 5 different compression settings to increase or decrease the intensity of the airbag compression.
  6. Air Massage – Move through the 4 different airbag regions (as described in the “Airbag” section of this article).
  7. ZeroG – 2-stage Zero Gravity positioning.
  8. Rollers – You can move the rollers up and down the spine once you’ve selected the mode you want the rollers to function in manually with the push of this button.
  9. Hot Rocks – This turns on the heated rollers in 5′ increments with each push of the button.

This & That

Here are a few other things this chair provides:


a. BlueTooth – You can pair your device to the chair and then play your music or whatnot from your phone through the speakers that are built into the chair.

b. Timer – You can increase your massage session in 5 minute increments up to a whopping 45 minutes! Very few chairs give you that much time in a single session.

LED Lights
LED Lights

c. LED Lights – Some lights on the side of the chair can be turned on to illuminate a dark room with a bit of ambience.

d. Multiple Language Displays – You can adjust the language on the remote screen display to English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese.

e. Remote control pouch sites on the outside of the arm rest.

Well, that’s about it. I hope you found this review helpful. I really like this chair for three main reasons: the strength of the rollers on the neck and suboccipital regions, the Quick Keys for easy operation, and the J-track with it’s associated stretch improvements over the other, traditional L-track models. Feel free to give me a call or leave a comment below with any questions about what I’ve written here or anything I haven’t covered. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Infinity Presidential vs. Genesis vs. Imperial

Sleek massage chair
Sleek massage chair

Infinity massage chairs have come out with a triumvirate of new chair models that offer the 3D L-track feature, something that has been lacking in our industry. The Genesis is a Costco exclusive, the Imperial is a Mattress Firm exclusive, while the Infinity Presidential massage chair is the model the rest of the retailers carry (including Mattress Firm, labeled as the Presidential 2).

I have the Presidential in both of my showrooms and it is a very popular model. It came to us in November 2017 and has been a top seller ever since. It competes very nicely with chairs like the Human Touch Novo XT, the Luraco Legend, and the Osaki Ekon…all 3D L-track chairs.

I figured I’d dedicate this brief article to describing the differences between the 3 Infinity models as it has become somewhat confusing to massage chair shoppers who have run across the names of all three in their research. I’ve only sat on the Presidential, so for the feel of the chairs, I can’t speak for the Genesis or the Imperial. So, my points below will be relative to what we have in the Presidential model:

  1. Infinity Genesis massage chair
    Infinity Genesis

    As mentioned above, the Genesis is sold through Costco road shows, while the Imperial is sold through Mattress Firms road shows. These models are not listed on their respective websites and can only be found through the road show sales model.

  2. They all have different looks, but essentially offer many of the same features, i.e. 3D rollers, L-track, foot rollers, lots of airbags, auto programs, manual settings, zero gravity, etc.
  3. The Genesis does not have the heated rollers, heated feet, or stretch program that the Infinity Presidential offers.
  4. Infinity Imperial massage chair
    Infinity Imperial

    The Imperial has calf rollers and an “air ionizer”. Not sure what that is, but it sounds cool. Here is the description as written on the Infinity website…”This feature gently blows fresh air from small vents in the headrest to facilitate healthy oxygen intake. You will feel invigorated and focused after inhaling freshly circulated air during your massage session.” The calf rollers and ionizer are not found on the other two models.

  5. Infinity Presidential massage chair
    Infinity Presidential

    The Presidential actually has a “J”-track, instead of a true L-track. The L-track extends beyond the back 90 degrees to directly under the buttocks. The J-track also extends under the buttocks but at a 45 degree angle. What this does is allow the chair to flatten out more like a true S-track chair to a more horizontal position and, thus, provide a better stretch action than the L-track chairs.


Dr. Alan Weidner

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CES and Massage Chairs – 2018

CES 2018
CES 2018

I once again had the pleasure of attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week to check up on the latest massage chairs. Although there was really only one new model from our list of suppliers on display this year, it was still a blast to be there and feel the energy of the show. CES is a major event in the electronics world and it is packed with people, wall to wall, in every venue.

The weather was delightful, as it usually is in Las Vegas at this time of year, but inside is where the adventure was. I had the opportunity of touching bases with some old friends from Inada, Panasonic, and Luraco. It is always wonderful to reacquaint with colleagues from these great companies.

Panasonic, now under the quality umbrella of Furniture For Life (along with Inada, Positive Posture, and Varier), introduced the new MAJ7. This is the first Japanese designed/engineered massage chair that has foot rollers! I enjoyed the chair quite a bit…and the foot rollers were formidable. It looks an awful lot like the MA73/MA70, but it feels a bit bulkier and more padded. It felt very “cushy” when I first sat in it. It also preserves some of the well-liked features of the MA73, i.e. innovative arm airbag massage, heated rollers, and great segmental stretching programs. It also adds a “Core” auto program and the ability to adjust the intensity of airbags independent of each other (most other chairs only allow a gross, systemic change of air pressure to all airbags). I also found the roller massage to feel more vigorous and deeper than that of it’s predecessors.

The ottoman cannot be rotated to hide the calf and foot wells. Other than that, the chair is pretty similar to the MA73. No surprises. It comes in 3 colors: black, brown, and beige. It will be on our website in the next week or so and will be priced at $9995.

Infinity had two booths but only had their Riage X3 model at both booths. Human Touch had a small 10 x 10 booth that only displayed the Novo XT, which is a great chair to display if it is the only one you’re showing. Inada displayed their DreamWave flagship model, while Luraco brought all their models, including the newly released 3D L-track Legend model, the flagship iRobotics 7, and “Sofy”, their offering for a coin operated chair and home theater chair.

Positive Posture had their upgraded Brio. They have made some subtle programming changes to the original Brio after input from our staff. Originally they had the chair set up so that the intensity of the airbags and the depth of the 3D rollers were linked to the same intensity adjustment button. They have separated those functions. Also, originally the user could not turn on the rollers independent of the airbags in the manual settings. That has been fixed as well.

Here is the the video from my CES visit…

3D L-Track & The New Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Sleek massage chair
Sleek massage chair

We have added quite a few new chairs to our website over the last few weeks, including the Infinity Presidential, 3 Johnson Wellness models, the Inner Balance Jin, the Synca CirC, the Ogawa Touch 3D, the Ogawa Refresh Plus, and the Luraco Legend. We still have the Titan Pro Jupiter XL, the new Panasonic MAJ7, Ogawa Active L, and Osaki TW-Pro 03 massage chairs to add to the site as well.

Courtesy of

Over the last two weeks we have also added the Infinity Presidential and the Luraco Legend to our showrooms. These are much needed 3D L-track chairs that customers want to know about. 3D L-tracks are a relatively new phenomenon and, until the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair came along, we didn’t even have one on our website or in our showrooms. Now, we have the Novo XT, the Positive Posture Brio, the Luraco Legend, and the Infinity Presidential.  All great chairs, all quite different. Osaki just announced their new Ekon, yet another contribution to the 3D L-track market.

I thought I’d type a few words and comments about my first impression of the Infinity Presidential massage chair. It is an L-track, but also considered a “J track”, which means that the track shape is a little different to accommodate more horizontal flattening of the seat and chair back and, thus, facilitate a better extension spinal stretch. The biggest knocks against any L-track vs. S-track chairs is the weaker stretch programs in the L-track chairs. The Presidential seems to offer a flatter recline and a stronger extension stretch for the user.

Infinity Presidential massage chair
Infinity Presidential

It has a strong roller massage at it’s maximum 3D roller depth adjustment. It is a noisier chair than the Novo XT from Human Touch, but offers a bit stronger roller massage at the maximum setting. It can handle a bit wider body size, while also being able to handle a fairly tall individual.

I like the quick keys it has at the bottom of the remote. These keys save you from having to go into the menu and scroll up and down looking to adjust settings. You can adjust the 3D roller depth, the air bag pressure intensity, scroll through the auto programs, and more from these buttons. It makes it so easy to operate the chair from these 8 buttons. Of course, you can go into the menu, which is quite intuitive, to operate all functions of the chair.

There is a program button called “Hot Rocks” which, from I have been told, is a semi automatic program that has 5′ increments with each push of the button and heats up the rollers of the chair. The chair already comes with heating elements for the back, seat, and feet, but by pushing the Hot Rocks button, you can get the rollers to heat up and give you a more comprehensive heating effect.

Well, there are some things to chew on about this chair. It is priced at $8495, which seems rather high, but it seems to be well received by everyone who has sat on it so far in our showrooms. I’ll write a more comprehensive review and post videos about this chair in the near future.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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2017 Holiday Massage Chair Specials!!

Season's sale tag
Season's sale tag

Well, ’tis the season once again and the special holiday sale prices from massage chair companies are beginning to come in. Since it is the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, kicking off the craziest buying season of the year, I am listing all the sales that are available to you. Some of these “deals” have already begun, and some begin this week. But, all in all, there are lots of offers to choose from. I am sure I will also hear about more that will come in this week…and will let you know when they happen.

If you’d like to be notified of all the sales that are and will be available for this holiday season, go ahead and download my free report, “8 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Even Consider Investing In A High Quality Robotic Massage Chair.” You don’t have to read my report, but downloading it puts you on my email list and it is to that list that I will be announcing all of the current and upcoming sales for this holiday season. Here is a link to download that report and get on my email list…

Now, here are the current sales offerings that I am aware of so far for this holiday season:

Human Touch – From now until January 15, 2017, Human Touch is offering $300 off their ZeroG 5.0, the ZeroG 3.0, and WholeBody 7.1 chairs. They are also offering a free 5 year extended warranty on their incredibly popular Novo XT.

Luraco – $500 off their flagship iRobotics 7 and $300 off of their new 3D L-track, the Luraco Legend. It will be up on our website this week and will be priced at $6990 before the $300 discount. We will have one in each of our showrooms when it ships out on November 27th (plan on the first week of December). The Luraco discounts will be good from midnight, Wednesday, November 22nd to December 31st, 2017.

Infinity – Monday, November 13th to Tuesday morning, November 27th – Free 3 year extended parts and labor warranty with any Infinity massage chair. By the way, we just added the new 3D L-track luxury chair, the Infinity Presidential, this last week. It’s a beauty!

Johnson Wellness – $500 off the J6800 massage chair and $300 off the Inner Balance Jin model. These sales will be in place from 5:00 pm PDT November 22nd to 8:00 am EDT on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

I can promise you that there will be additional offerings by Thanksgiving Thursday, but this is what we’ve got so far. Download my free report and get on my email list and notify you when I have a full list of sales and discounts for this holiday season.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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My Recent Visit to Human Touch

Massage Chair Relief logo
Massage Chair Relief logo

This week I paid a visit to my friends at Human Touch to see their new “digs” as well as to chat about what is up and coming. They have moved their business and their recently purchased Relax the Back business to a nice new facility near the Long Beach airport. It was my first visit there and it was quite impressive.

The warehouse is enormous! The number of trucks that go in and out of that place is overwhelming. They have the Relax the Back business upstairs and the Human Touch business downstairs. Their new showroom is “broken up” into two parts, one for each business entity. The showroom has a timeline of products that Human Touch has introduced through the years. The Novo XT massage chair is the offering they are really big on right now. From the number of sales we’ve had of it lately, I can see why. They haven’t introduced any new massage chair other than that model. For non-massage chair products, they are introducing a new Perfect Chair recliner that looks pretty cool, but since we don’t carry that model (no massage feature!), I won’t talk about it here.

Massage Anywhere Portable Massager
Massage Anywhere Portable Massager

They are introducing a nifty portable massager, called the Massage Anywhere. It actually has the massage robot of an iJoy massage chair and incorporates it into a portable “bag”, that you can use anywhere you sit, i.e. chair, car seat, bed, etc. It is pretty cool. I’ve seen portable massage seat covers that vibrate, but to see one that actually roller massages your back is quite interesting. It will retail for $229 USD. It just might be a phenomenal Christmas gift for someone.

This and That…

  • Ogawa is continuing their current sale through to 10/10. You can get the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair for $6499 and that includes the free 2 year extended parts & labor warranty.
  • The black-colored ZeroG 3.o from Human Touch is back-ordered until December.
  • The Luraco Legend launch date has been delayed until the anticipated date of November 22nd.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Mail Bag: Some Questions & Answers Involving the Panasonic MA73

Panasonic logo
Panasonic logo
Panasonic MA73 massage chair
Panasonic MA73

Customer Question #1:

Hi, incredible website with so much great information! I am thinking of ordering either the new Osaki Summit or the Panasonic EP-MA73. I was leaning towards the Osaki Summit because of the L-track but am wondering which one offers a stronger massage as I like a really deep massage, and which one offers a better neck/shoulder massage?

My Response #1:

Hi, Jeff
Thanks for your email. Great questions. Tough to answer actually. The Summit is awesome because of the L-track, which the MA73 can’t even touch. Even though the Summit has a good neck massage, I’d have to give the nod to the MA73 for the neck massage. The MA73 definitely gives a better shoulder massage (top of the shoulder – traps). Both give a great massage between the shoulder blades.

I really love the extended roller track (L-track) so I might be a little partial to the Summit.

Customer Question #2:

hi alan
need to get new chair soon
the panasonic MA-73 looks interesting to us (dad and i) – mostly because how you describe it as being used for a regular chair also (to sit and watch TV – etc)
this is why we LOVED the sanyo 8700  — as it is a nice chair to simply sit in by itself off — or when using its super smooth slow massage (with no big intruding shoulder bags or arm bags – etc,)
and this is why I kind of hate the pro-dreamer I use  – as the shoulder bags interfere – and the arm bags are too big to allow normal arm placement on top when just sitting
few concerns I have about MA-73 —
1 – its not zero gravity – right?  I realize you can get that effect somewhat – but never its quite the same? having the seat incline as it should is a big deal to me – as my lower back is bad
2 – I like arm bags – but when not using them can one place arms “comfortably” on top without feeling they’re being forced up too highly (for simply sitting and watching TV)
3 – would you say this has one of the best neck massages ? and for somebody 6’2” ?
4 – are the calf/ottoman bag area big enough to truly do a good wrap-around massage on calf area. I find that many of the folding type ottomans lack the bigness or surface area to do calfs well
conclusion — the chair really does seem to be an ideal chair for us – except the zero gravity which I’ll never understand panasonic decision there
Kim  Smile

My Response #2:

Hi, Kim

Thanks for your emails. Great to hear from you again! Here are my answers to your queries:
1. The MA73 does not have the zero gravity feature. It stays static throughout the recline and during each program.
2. Yes, the arm rests are optimal for use without the airbags. You will sit quite comfortably, including your arms, when using the chair as a recliner.
3. Yes, it has a great neck massage…especially on the top of the shoulders. Plus you can adjust the 3D rollers to make the massage even deeper.
4. The calf airbags do not wrap around the calves as you are hoping. They are pretty shallow.

Customer Question #3:

Hello Dr. Alan!

I loved the free report. Found it very informative and helpful. My husband and I are looking to purchase a massage chair. Ever since my first pregnancy I have had sciatica, and we just happened to have the occasion to sit in a Panasonic EP-MA10 and a Human Touch 5.0 this weekend while shopping for furniture for our new home.
So that’s what got me scouring the internet trying to figure out what chair we should invest in, since I am now expecting our 3rd, and the sciatica and pelvic pain are 3 times as bad, 3 times earlier along in my pregnancy than before.
I’m not sure I know yet what chair is the right one for us yet. I lean toward Panasonic at the moment. My husband is 6 ft 2, and I’m 5 ft 3. It is quite the investment, and I want to make sure we can both benefit fully. I have been watching your videos on Youtube and reading as much as I can to make the best possible investment decision.
Thanks for reaching out.
Kind regards,

My Response #3:

Hi, Juli-Anne
Thanks so much for downloading my report and emailing me. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’ve got 6 and it never got old!! I love just being a dad and a grandpa.
I might suggest taking a look at the chairs with the extended roller tracks (also called L-Tracks). They extend down the back and under the seat to give a roller massage to the gluts, piriformis muscles, and the top of the hamstrings. For someone who suffers from sciatica, I think this technology is an absolute revelation. You will be a butt massage like no other and it just may help your sciatica symptoms more than you’d expect.

Take a look at the Human Touch Novo XT, which is currently our best selling chair. It has the extended roller track, foot rollers, great neck and upper back massage, along with tons of other airbags and programs.

The uKnead Lavita is another L-Track chair that does a fantastic lower back and butt massage, as well as having a strong neck massage. Great foot rollers and arm airbags, as well as calf rollers!

Panasonics are fabulous chairs, but they don’t have the extended roller track. Take a look at the MA73, which has a roller track that goes down to the tailbone area and gives a fantastic roller massage. Great neck and shoulder massage (its roller actually massage the top of the shoulders, too. That is unique to the Panasonic MA73).

Check these models out and let me know what you think. When you are ready to buy, I’ll tell you what sales we have going on for each model.

Ask any other questions. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

uKnead Lohas Massage Chair

Massage Chair Relief logo
Massage Chair Relief logo
uKnead Lohas

We started carrying the uKnead line of chairs last year and began with the Lavita, which has been a pretty popular selling model for us. A few months ago they introduced the Lohas massage chair and we got a model for our Utah showroom. Here are my early impressions of the chair, without going into full “Review mode” and considering that the model we got for our showroom was an earlier Beta test chair and the current publicly released version is a bit different:

  1. Ergonomic Body Design – The body design is pretty sleek and is reminiscent of the Human Touch Novo XT. With this chair, the Novo XT and the new Infinity Altera, maybe this unibody design is the new standard of chair designs. I remember when the DreamWave came out in 2009 that many of the Chinese chairs released subsequent to it mimicked it’s design. Maybe this is the new trend.
  2. 50″ L-track – Just like the uKnead Lavita, the roller track is 50″ long. However, it feels different on the spine than does the Lavita. Of course each different model has it’s own feel, but I was kind of expecting the rollers to feel the same as the Lavita. It is definitely a different feel. And, although it is the same length as the Lavita, I didn’t feel like it hit as far down the hamstrings as does the Lavita.
  3. Foot & Calf Rollers – Most chairs nowadays have foot rollers, but still very few have any form of
    uKnead Lavita
    uKnead Lavita massage chair

    calf rollers. The Lohas (and Lavita) has a disk behind the calf muscles that rotate and stroke the gastrocnemius in the process.

  4. 3-Stage Zero Gravity – You have 3 options for zero gravity (although, honestly, there is only 1 true zero gravity position) so you can recline the whole chair while simultaneously raising the ottoman down to 3 different positions.
  5. Space Saver – You can place this chair close to the wall, if you’re tight for room space, because of the way the chair reclines. It rotates down and away from the wall when reclined, allowing you to place the chair only a couple of inches from the wall.
  6. BlueTooth Connectivity and Speakers – Pair up your device with the chair and listen to your device’s playlist over the stereo speaker set up.
  7. Other features include 48 airbags, 8 auto programs, heat, 1 year parts & labor in-home warranty (with a 2nd year of parts coverage), quad rollers, user weight recommendation of 285 lbs, user height recommendations of 5′ – 6’3″, and quick keys on the right arm rest for rapid deployment of the massage.

The Lohas is a nice, compact massage chair that gives you a vigorous massage while also looking pretty dang good at the same time. It comes in mocha or black interior with a cream outer shell. Priced at $3895 at the time of this writing.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Human Touch Novo XT Review (Condensed!)

Novo XT massage chair - red
Novo XT massage chair

A reader of my blog recently mentioned that my review of the Novo XT massage chair by Human Touch was too long and that he wouldn’t read it because of that. So, I got to thinking that perhaps it would help if I wrote a condensed version of my longer articles so that folks can get the meat of the review with less effort. This article is just that – a condensed version of my recent 2000 word review of the Novo XT massage chair. Here are the highlights in bullet point form for your perusal and ease of reading:

  1. Design and engineering in part by Human Touch in the USA. Manufactured in China (Rongtai factory).
  2. Unibody design, space saver.
  3. Comes in black, brown, red, dark gray, and cream colors.
  4. A surprisingly quiet massage chair when going through a massage program.
  5. Can fit up to 6’9″ according to literature, but 6’4″ for a full neck massage is more realistic.
  6. 3D L-track roller system – 5 roller depth settings.
  7. Arm rest pouches on the left and right for the remote control.
  8. Default program running time is 20′ but it can be adjusted up to 30′ or down to 10′.
  9. Mechanical foot rollers with adjustable roller speeds. Additional foot pads come with this chair if the foot massage is too intense.
  10. Rubber nobules on the linen that covers the arm airbags help keep your arm in place during the “sequential” back and forth inflation of the arm airbags.
  11. You manually set the height of the rollers during the body scan portion of each auto program. A display on the remote shows different body heights with associated numbers from 1-9 representing different body heights. You can also adjust the roller height long after the program is well under way.
  12. The regional massage option in the manual modes allows you to set one of 3 different zone sizes (short, medium, long), depending on what area of your spine you want to focus.
  13. The neck massage of the Novo XT is quite vigorous. Some chairs are very weak, but the Novo XT does a good job on the neck, not to mention the 3D depth adjustment which will allow for an even deeper neck massage.
  14. Rollers “rub” across the back muscles, in addition to kneading those same muscles.
  15. The Novo XT massage chair has a heat function that is easy to turn on or off from the remote control.
  16. Voice response feature is available in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese.
  17. Ending a program and bringing the chair back to the start up position involves a “Stop” or “Power Off” option and then a “Restore” option. Just pushing the power button will not do it alone.
  18. Electronic leg length adjustment feature.
  19. 30 different auto program options! 6 main auto programs, with 4-5 sub programs.
  20. Extension stretch feature, very similar to most other L-track chairs.
  21. BlueTooth connectivity allows you to pair your device with the chair and play your music over the chair’s music system.
  22. 1 zero gravity position.
Novo XT massage chair - brown
Novo XT massage chair – brown

Currently, the Novo XT massage chair is priced at $7999 and, through our store, that price includes white glove delivery and the 5 year Premium Protection extended warranty. Great chair, great massage. A very good high end Chinese-made massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Review: Novo XT Massage Chair by Human Touch

The Novo XT massage chair from Human Touch is a unique massage chair that offers a 3D L-track

Novo XT massage chair - red
Novo XT massage chair

feature that is not too common at the time of this writing. This chair is manufactured in China but some of the design and engineering input is made by the engineers at Human Touch here in the USA. It has taken me a bit to learn some of the nuances of this chair, which I mention below, but now that I have an understanding of how things work, I have found this chair to be very easy to use and understand. It has a lot of versatility, from the 3D L-track to 30 auto programs to a different type of body scan…and much more.

Here is a point by point discussion and review of this very popular addition to Human Touch’s Ascent line of massage chairs:

  • To begin with, the chair appearance is pretty sleek. It has a unibody-type design which creates a
    Novo XT massage chair - brown
    Novo XT massage chair – brown

    modern look. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, red, cream, dark gray. We have the brown and dark gray in our showrooms. Both very nice colors. The brown is not a dark espresso-type color. It is a somewhat lighter brown, but certainly not beige. You can see the brown color in the image to the right.

  • The Novo XT is manufactured in China at the Rongtai factory (same factory that manufactures some of the Infinity chairs, including the Iyashi). Rongtai chairs are known to be quite well built. Some of the designing and engineering is done at Human Touch’s main office in Long Beach, CA.
  • One of the first things you’ll notice in this chair is how surprisingly quiet it is for a Chinese-made chair. I was quite impressed by that.
  • The chair has a nice fit for pretty much any body type. When you sit in the chair, you feel comfortably snug and “surrounded” by the chair body. It is listed as being able to handle someone as tall as 6’9″, although I would say that the rollers would certainly not reach the neck of someone that tall. However, they could most likely still fit in the chair.
  • The Novo XT massage chair comes an L-track roller system, with 3D roller depth adjustment, and quad rollers (4 roller balls). The 3D adjustment button is found under the “Menu” and “Settings” navigation items. You can adjust the depth of the rollers in manual and auto programs, but you will notice that when you change the roller depth in an auto program, it may not remain at the number which you selected. There are 5 depth choices and if you choose 1 “3”, you may return to the menu later in the program and see that it is now a “1” or a “2”. I asked Human Touch why the selected depth did not remain constant and this was the reply from the engineers: “The intensity setting relates to the maximum intensity of the 3D movement, as opposed to a fixed setting. For example, if you set the intensity to a “3”, it will adjust during the program between the low end and the middle of the 3D movement range. If you set it to “Strong” (“5″), it will adjust during the program across the full 3D movement range.” I take this to mean that whatever depth number you select, the chair’s roller depth will fluctuate between the lowest setting and the number you select, in this case a “3”. If you choose the “5”, or strongest depth setting, the depth will fluctuate between “1” and “5”. I hope this makes sense. It is a dynamic, not static, depth setting based on the number you select.
  • The engineers go on to say that all the “Deep Tissue” programs are automatically set to full intensity, i.e. “5”.
  • There is a bar graph on the remote control main screen which represents the 3D depth of the rollers. It is NOT a precise correlation to the actual 3D intensity setting, but rather a general representation/image.
  • Speaking of the remote control, there are two pouches to house the remote when not in use. Both pouches are located at the inside aspect of each arm rest. Perfect for righties or lefties!
  • The default time for a program is 20 minutes, however you can adjust the program lengths in increments of 10′ up to 30′.
  • This chair comes with mechanical foot rollers and what’s kinda cool about them is that you can adjust the speed of the rollers. Foot pads also come with this chair so even at it’s slowest speed, you can make it feel less intense with those pads.
  • Besides the foot rollers, the Novo XT massage chair also comes with foot airbags that inflate on one side and then the other thus pushing the foot across the rollers from side to side. Among the airbags of the feet, there is one that grabs the heels to hold them in place nicely during the massage. The foot airbags began to feel a little much after a while (I was sitting in the chair for close to two hours evaluating the chair for this review!). You can adjust the intensity of the airbags pushing your feet across the rollers, but you can’t shut off the foot rollers. The foot pads would come in handy at a time like that.
  • The arm airbag cover material is linen with rubber nobules that “grab” your forearms so that your arms don’t slip out of the airbags when they inflate. This is very similar to that of the Infinity Iyashi, which is built in the same factory in China. The airbags inflate sequentially in the arms, as well, which enhances circulation of the blood and lymph. The arms have 3 sequential airbags while the calves have 2 sequential airbags behind the calves. The arm massage feels fabulous in the Novo XT.
  • The body scan of the Novo XT massage chair works a little differently on this model than others. Rather than the chair automatically determining your shoulder and head height, a screen pops up immediately with a body chart and numbers 1-9, “9” representing the tallest body and “1” representing a short body. You set your own height and if you don’t get it right at the beginning of the massage, you can adjust the roller height anytime during the program simply by changing the height number on the screen.
  • Another interesting feature I like about this chair is that you can select 3 different regional/zone massages in the manual settings. Most, if not all, other chairs have a spot massage and a regional massage option in the manual mode. The spot massage has the rollers stay in one place (of your choice) and the regional massage usually rolls up and down around the spot of your choice in a 6″ or so radius. With this chair, you can select short, medium, or long zone massages. That way, you can have the modalities you want covering a larger or smaller region rather than a spot massage or a whole spine massage. By the way, you can adjust the height of the rollers in the spot or regional manual massages.
  • Many massage chairs offer a weak neck massage. The Novo XT is not one of them. You can feel the rollers dig into your neck musculature very effectively. And remember that you can adjust the depth of the rollers in your neck to make it more or less intense.
  • The Novo XT also offers a good roller massage experience in the glutes and piriformis muscles. If you’ve never tried an L-track chair, you will love the butt massage. The Novo XT massage chair does a great job at it, plus, again, you can make it more or less intense with the 3D settings.
  • This chair offers a good low back and mid back massage in that it “rubs” across the muscles rather than just kneading the muscles. A great full-spine massage, in my opinion.
  • The roller width adjustment only works in modalities other than kneading.
  • You can turn on and off the heat function of the Novo XT massage chair, but there is not a heat intensity adjustment with this chair.
  • The remote control has a voice response and it comes in 4 different languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese.
  • When you end a program prematurely, you will have to select a couple of different things on the
    Novo XT massage chair - remote control
    Novo XT massage chair – remote control

    remote display to get the chair upright. First of all, press the power button. At that point, a “Stop” and “Power Off” selection will appear. Move to the “Power Off” option with the remote directional buttons and press the enter button (“OK”) to stop the chair’s functioning program. When that is selected, the word “Restore” will appear on the screen. Hit the enter button (“OK”) again to select that option. That will bring the chair back to it’s upright position. This last option is a safety feature. It reminds you to check under the ottoman to make sure a pet or child is not hiding underneath the calf and foot rollers before bringing the chair upright.

  • You can electronically adjust the length of the leg ottoman of the Novo XT massage chair by using the buttons on the remote control face. Usually the chair scans the leg length pretty good, but sometimes you will need to make a little adjustment to fit your legs better in the ottoman.
  • When you select the “Auto” button on the remote face, you will be given the option to select each of the 6 main auto programs. Each of those main auto programs also have 4 sub programs from which you can also choose: Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports, and Thai. The Energize main auto program also has a “Stretch” option, which is the chair’s stretch program. You can only reach those sub programs by pressing the “Menu” button and then selecting the auto programs button to sift through the options. Together with the 3- 3D programs, you have a total of 30 different auto programs to choose from. You could be using your chair for hours to finally get through all of the options!
  • The stretch program is something that I see a lot of people looking for on any massage chair. The stretch program (remember, it is a sub program of the main “Energize” program) of the Novo XT massage chair tightly squeezes the shoulders with the shoulder airbags and then the calf and foot airbags grab the legs before the ottoman drops down. This creates the extension stretch of the spine which so many people like about massage chairs. Because this is an L-track chair, the chair does not recline completely horizontally so the stretch on an L-track chair is never as strong as that of a regular S-track chair, i.e. Infinity IT-8500.
  • The stretch program involves primarily the rollers hitting the low back area while the shoulder, arm, and leg airbags do their thing.
  • This chair has BlueTooth connectivity so that you can play the music from your device over the chair’s speaker system once you have paired your device with the chair. Nothing to write home about as far as sound quality goes, but speakers are included nonetheless.
  • There is only 1 zero gravity setting and the button to recline the chair in that zero gravity position is on the remote face.

The Novo XT massage chair from Human Touch is a fantastic overall L-track chair, with all the features you could possibly want in a new massage chair, including the 3D roller feature. It’s priced at $7999 and on our site and showrooms we include the full 5 year premium protection extended warranty and white glove delivery with that price. When it first came out, I had my doubts about folks paying that price for a Chinese-made massage chair. But, Human Touch’s engineering and design input have been worth the money and customers are quite willing to spend their money on this latest addition to our high end line of massage chairs. It has become a very popular chair in our showroom because of it’s versatility for massage, overall feel, and body fitting.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this article below or call or chat with us at anytime. I am always at your disposal to assist you in the decision making process.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Some Massage Chairs for 6’3″ or Taller!

The motivation behind writing this article about massage chairs for tall bodies is two-fold:

  1. I get lots of calls and visits from folks who are looking for a massage chair that can fit AND fully massage someone quite tall, and
  2. Many chairs claim to fit folks this tall, but really fail to in a very big way, which I will explain in this article.

In our showrooms, we carry chairs that will cater to all kinds of body types, but there are only a few solid choices if you are 6’3″ or taller. Lots of chairs say that they will fit someone that tall or taller, and they usually do fit that size of a body. But, here is the kicker – although you may fit in one of those chairs, many of them will not have a roller track that will reach the neck area of your spine. In other words, yes, the chair will fit your body, but the massage itself will not reach your neck, let alone massage it. In my experience, you will certainly be left wanting.

So, just because you may read online literature that tells you that a chair can fit someone who is 6’3″ or taller, don’t believe that the chair will massage your neck. If you don’t care about a neck massage from your massage chair, pretty much any chair will “fit” you. But, if you want a good neck massage, MAKE SURE that the chair you are considering buying actually will provide a massage high enough up your back to reach your neck.

Here are some excellent choices of chairs that will handle the taller bodies AND still give you a good or great neck massage:

  1. Infinity IT-8500 or Infinity IT-8500X3 – This Chinese-made chair claims to fit someone who is 6’5″ tall and, by
    Infinity IT-8500

    golly, it really does! This has been our go-to chair for taller folks for years not just because it can fit taller people and truly give the user a great neck massage, but also because it provides a great overall massage experience, including arguably the best stretch feature of any chair and a strong, intense, deep tissue roller massage. The foot rollers are great too.

  2. Inada DreamWave – This Japanese model does a great job on folks up to 6’4″ tall, and that means a great neck massage. It has the headpiece which will give an aircell massage to the neck, but it also has rollers underneath the headpiece that can offer a whole different, more vigorous neck massage as well. This chair also has break-away side arms, which allow for very broad shouldered and broad chested users.
  3. Luraco iRobotics 7 – This American-made chair claims to fit folks as tall as 6’7″. Although it will FIT folks that tall, it will not give a good neck massage to someone that tall. It will miss most of your neck. However, for 6’3″ or 6’4″, it does a great job on the neck. This chair also has a dual roller system, as opposed to the more popular quad roller system, which will also provide you with a very methodical and deep neck massage.
  4. Human Touch Novo XT – This Chinese-made chair is stated in the literature to fit someone as tall as 6’9″! That sounds impressive, but it will certainly not massage the neck of someone that tall. However, it is one of the few L-track chairs that will reach the neck of someone as tall 6’3″. This chair also has a 3D L-track to boot, currently the only 3D L-track chair we carry!
  5. Ogawa SMART 3D – This is Chinese chair maker Ogawa’s top of the line chair and it’s literature states that it will fit
    Ogawa Smart 3D Tablet
    Ogawa Smart 3D Tablet

    someone 6’4″ tall. I don’t have this model in my Utah showroom so I can’t prove it myself, but we do have it in our Southern California showroom and my manager there assures me, through in-store customer experience, that it will fit someone 6’3″ – 6’4″ tall, just as the literature suggests.

  6. Infinity Iyashi – Another Infinity chair that will handle a bigger body. The Iyashi claims to fit folks as tall as 6’6″ tall. Based on my personal experience with this chair, I would have to agree. Although the neck massage itself is a bit weak compared to others on this list, the rollers will certainly hit the neck of the taller bodies, i.e. 6’3″ +.

So, there you have a good list of chairs that will fit you or a tall loved one. Feel free to give us a call if you want to find out what other chairs might be able to handle. We are always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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New Massage Chair Models at CES!


I visited Las Vegas from January 5-7 this month to meet with a bunch of the companies who supply the massage chairs we sell. I had the chance to meet with Inada, Infinity, Luraco, Human Touch, and uKnead. It was a great visit and I got some good video footage of some new models. The video is below, but here are the highlights for your perusal:

  1. Inada has a new model coming out in April called the Inada Nest. It will be priced at $5999 and has some pretty cool features that we’ve not seen before in a massage chair. First of all, the rollers are “pumpkin” shaped in that there are ridges on the massage rollers. It makes for a somewhat different massage experience, particularly in the top of the shoulders area. I really felt those rollers hit my levator scapulae muscles (tight muscles at the top of your shoulder blades).Secondly, the Inada Nest has quad rollers, each side of which are independent of each other. In other words, the left and right rollers work independently of each other as the rollers go up and down the spine. In my mind’s eye, the practical application of this would be for spines that have muscles imbalances from right to left, i.e. scoliosis perhaps. The rollers would address the hypertonicity of each side as differently as the muscle tightness might be from side to side. Pretty cool, actually.
  2. Luraco introduced it’s new 3D L-track chair, the Luraco Legend. This chair won’t be available until the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year, but it will be the first non-Chinese made L-track chair, which is interesting. It will be priced at $6499. Some of it’s features include a 58″ roller track, which actually massaged the belly of my hamstrings (I’ve never had an L-track reach that low down my thigh), 3D rollers that have separate intensity adjustments for different areas of your spine (in other words, you can make the neck massage stronger than that of the low back and/or buttock area), foot rollers, and can handle taller bodies as well as shorter bodies just like the iRobotics 7 does.
  3. Human Touch introduced their Novo XT around the beginning of the holiday season in 2016, but they never had inventory until the end of December. Now, they are out and about and there were some on display at CES. We actually have a floor model in each of our showrooms. Great chair. It is a 3D L-track chair that can handle taller bodies and has a very easy remote control to use, plus a lot of automatic programs to play with. It has foot rollers and Bluetooth, as well as a space saving feature. You can check out the chair already on our website.
  4. uKnead is introducing a new model, called the Lohas, to their line up. At this point, we only carry their L-track Lavita, which has been a pretty steady seller. The Lohas will also be an L-track, but has a sleeker body design. It also includes calf rollers, foot rollers, calf airbags that can flip up and massage the knees, quick access keys on the right armrest to control the positioning of the chair without having to fiddle with the remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and a space saving feature. It will be priced at approximately $3895 and it will not be available until April.

Here is the video of my visit to CES with some conversations with the company folks talking about their new chairs…

I hope you found this interesting and helpful!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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