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I hope you are enjoying this blog. I put an awful lot of time and attention into it, primarily for your benefit. It is my desire that massage chairs are in every home and business, but also I want every massage chair shopper to have the most information at their fingertips so that the decision to get a massage chair is supported by data and experience.

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So, here is the latest I have for you:

1. The Sanyo 8700 massage chair has been discontinued. We learned of that earlier this week and I have already had that model removed from our site. Sanyo is going through some changes with their massage chair line…and it is something that doesn’t really surprise me. Since the merging of Panasonic and Sanyo a couple of years ago, I have been expecting some changes to the massage chair lines.

2. In the last Massage Chair Industry Update video, I mention that all the Panasonic massage chairs are now being manufactured in China. Even the Panasonic 30007 and ma70, which were previously manufactured in Japan, are now being made in China, too. I received a call from my Panasonic rep this week to tell me that although the Panasonic 30007 massage chair is now being created in China, the existing stock, of which there is plenty of chairs, is still all Japanese-made.

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair
Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

So, if you want a Japanese-made chair at a very, very good price, get a Panasonic 30007 massage chair before the current stock is all gone. When that happens, the 30007 will be a Chinese-made chair.

3. Human ‘Touch has a new line of massage chairs, called the Immersion chairs. In a nutshell, these are zero gravity chairs in a very nice looking chair design. Human Touch is notorious for making very nice, aesthetically pleasing massage chairs. These are no different. We should have these chairs up soon on the site. The models they are offering are:

a.) ZeroG 2.0 – this chair will be available next month and retails for $2499. It will come in black and espresso colors.

b.) ZeroG 4.0 – this chair will be available in the fall of 2012. It will retail for $3299 and comes in the following colors: black, espresso, and ivory.

c.) WholeBody 2.0 – this massage chair is currently available and retails for $1799. It comes in a black PU/Sofsuede combo upholstery.

I should have these chairs up on the website within a week or so.

4. We completed filming our assembly video for the new Osaki 7000 massage chair. This is a very popular massage chair so far but is a bit of a “bear” for assembly. This video will help with that. I should have it posted to our YouTube channel early next week, if not by the end of this weekend.

massage chair secret
"I've got a good deal on a Sogno!"

5. Inada is back ordered on the following models: Dark brown Sogno (until April 16), chocolate Sogno (April 30), black leather Sogno (April 16).

(By the way, here is a little secret! Call me at 801-651-2026 if you want a really good deal on a 2 month old perfect creme Inada  Sogno.)

Well, that should just about do it for today. Stay tuned for my Massage Chair Industry Update video this Monday.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Benefits of Massage = Benefits of Massage Chairs?

Physiological Benefits From a Massage Chair

A massage chair client of mine forwarded a link to me from the Wall Street Journal regarding recent studies on the topic of massage and it’s  physiological benefits.Massage = massage chair?

Much of what the article discussed has already been addressed by yours truly in previous articles and blog posts, such as boosted immune system, improved lung function, and decreased pain and stiffness in osteoarthritis, but I thought I’d go into a bit more detail about each of them and the studies referenced in this article, along with a new study touting a new benefit that I found rather interesting.

Potential Massage Chair Benefits:

1.  Many of our massage chair clients buy massage chairs because they help with their pain from osteoarthritis. With osteoarthritis (or degenerative arthritis) joint pain and muscle pain are not uncommon. The study referenced in this article was a 2006 Archives of Internal Medicine piece showing how a full-body swedish massage helped reduce arthritis pain symptoms of the knee. The participants in the study were massaged 2x per week for 4 weeks and then 1x per week for another 4 weeks.

The results were pretty cool: less pain, less stiffness, increased range of motion, and less time to walk a 50 foot path. I have found in my personal experience that massage chairs to tend to reduce arthritis pain and stiffness in many joints of the body, as well as increase range of motion.

2. A 2009 study of 30 participants demonstrated boosted immune reponse and lower heart rate and blood pressure. The participants were women with breast cancer undergoing radiation treatment.

The notion that massage can reduce pain and stiffness is a natural given, but the idea of a more visceral benefit, i.e. immune system, heart rate, and blood pressure is fascinating.

3. Asthmatic children who received 20 minute massages nightly from their parents for 5 weeks, along with their standard asthma treatment, improved their lung function compared to a group of children who only received the standard asthma treatment. This is from a 2011 study.

I have seen many clients use a massage chair in our showroom and then mention that they felt they could breathe deeper after a session on the chair. It does not surprise me in the least that asthmatics lung function was improved following massage treatments.

4. A study done on 53 participants in 2010 compared the effects of one 45-minute swedish massage to a 45-minute session of just light touch. The results are pretty cool…the folks who had received the massage had 1.) a large decrease in arginine-vasopressin, which is a hormone that increases with stress and aggressive behavior, and 2.) lower levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone, and 3.) a decrease in cytokine proteins, which are active participants in the inflammation and allergic reactions of the body.

5. I found this final study to be very interesting, albeit a small study. This study found that a 10-minute massage promoted muscle recovery after exercising. The study involved 11 young men who were asked to exercise to exhaustion. Immediately after the exercise, each of the young men received a massage in one leg.

Muscle biopsies were taken right before the exercise, right after the massage, and then 2.5 hours after that. The biopsies were taken from each leg, the massaged leg and the unmassaged leg (quad muscles). The results of the biopsies showed that the massage boosted the production of mitochondria, which is the cellular component in everyone’s body that creates the energy for the body, and reduced proteins associated with inflammation in the muscles.

It all sounds pretty good, eh?

Well, the bottom line, in my mind, is massage is massage, whether it is from human hands or the robotic rollers of a massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

If you’d like to read the whole article, here it is:

A Dang Good Massage Chair Comparison Chart!!

The 1st Comprehensive Massage Chair Comparison Chart!

Although I mentioned my new massage chair comparison chart in one of my weekly industry updates, I thought I would devote an entire blog post to the chart. It is truly an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get a massage chair or anyone doing research on massage chairs, as part of their due diligence before making the big decision to shell out their hard-earned cash to get one of these awesome machines. 

This project has been in the back of my mind for over a year, but it wasn’t until the tail end of last year that I really put in the effort to create this feature of Between my knowledge of the chairs, the data from the manufacturers, and my own experience with the chairs in our Salt Lake City showroom, I had all the info I needed to put this chart together.

The concept of it began when I was getting overwhelmed by customers calling me with questions about various massage chairs that we carry and I didn’t have the information readily at hand to answer the questions comprehensively. I knew that Panasonic had a very comprehensive comparison chart…but only of their massage chair models. I saw on some other competing massage chair websites comparison charts that really weren’t very thorough and quite frankly didn’t help me out at all.

So, I began the labor of finally putting together a spreadsheet with the first column containing all the features that I thought shoppers and massage chair researchers would be looking for in a massage chair. The list was very rudimentary at first but after weeks and then months of tweaking and adding features, I ended up with a list of over 50 features that I felt would really give the massage chair shopper all the info, on paper, that they would need to assist in making an educated decision.

Of course, having the knowledge is one thing…but trying out a chair is an entirely different thing. But, together, the information and experience would give the shopper everything they needed to make the best decision. Just sitting on a chair was not enough for many folks,  because they really didn’t find out everything that a chair had to offer during a brief 15-30 minute massage chair session. It helps so much to know beforehand what a chair has to offer. Armed with the information that a comparison chart has to offer, a shopper is so much more prepared to experience the massage chair model.

The remaining columns are dedicated to the massage chair models of each of the massage chair companies.

Here is the link to the comparison chart for your perusal:

I have been working on it for about 3 months and we finally launched it last month.

How to use the massage chair comparison chart:

1. Once you have clicked on the link above, you will come to a page that has two tabs, one that is labeled “Comparison” (default) and one that is labeled “Select Models”. Click on the “Select Models” tab.

2. You will see images of all the massage chair models that we carry, each image accompanied by a check box to the left of the chair name. Check off the boxes of the chairs you are interested to compare. I suggest no more than 3-4 models so that the displayed data will be totally visible.

3. Once you have selected your chair models, click the button at the top of the page that is labeled “Compare Models Now.”

4. You will be now taken to the “Comparison” tab. You will see the models you have selected listed on this page, side by side, still with checked boxes next to the names of the chairs.

5. You will also see the long list of features on the left hand side. You can run down this chart and see which chair has which features. It should be very easy to read and compare.

6. If you want to delete  one of the chairs you selected, simply uncheck that chair at the top of this page and the page will auto-refresh with only the remaining chairs. If you want to add more massage chairs to the comparison page, just click on the “Select Models ” tab again and go to the chairs you want and check the boxes. Then, back to the top of that page and hit the “Compare Models Now” button again. You will be taken back to the “Comparison” tab.

And that just about does it! Enjoy and have fun making an educated decision now about which massage chair is going to adorn your home or office.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video – Moving the Chair!

How To Move An Inada Sogno Massage Chair Through A Door

Moving a massage chair is not an easy thing. They are big and bulky and can cause the very back pain you are probably trying to get rid of by getting one in the first place! Most massage chairs, when assembled, can fit through a regular 32″ door frame, but some, like the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chairare too wide to fit through.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

So, what to do? Well, there are two options really:

1. Remove the arm rests and unplug the hoses and plugs and then roll the chair through on it’s two rear wheels. This sounds easy, but removing the arm rests is too much work for me (I am not a very good handy man!). I choose option #2, which is what this video is all about…

2. Get a 4-wheeled dolly for about $20 and roll the chair over on it’s side onto the dolly. Then, roll the dolly through the door. Sounds hard, but it’s actually quite easy. I have done it so many times when moving the chair out of the showroom to a trade show, home show, golf tournament, etc. It is very easy to do and saves you the trouble of having to remove the armrests, which is something I refuse to do (knowing my  luck, I’d never get it put together again!).

The thing that you must remember to do when you roll the chair over on it’s side, as I am describing it, is to fully recline the chair and raise the ottoman. Otherwise, it will still be too wide to fit through a normal door width.

I know, I’m making it sound complicated. Have a look and see what you think…

Not too tough, eh?

That’s all there is to it. I might also mention that with the many, many number of times that I have moved the Inada Sogno massage chair this very way, I have never seen the chair malfunction or break down. It has taken this kind of moving and tilting many times without any ill-effects.

Thanks for watching. To see any of our other videos, on the Inada Sogno or anything else we have created, visit our YouTube channel,

Dr. Alan Weidner

If Not The Inada Sogno Massage Chair, How About The Osaki 6000 or 7000? (Part 2)

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair vs. Osaki 7000 Massage Chair – Part 2

UPDATE (12/02/12): 
Since this article was written, Osaki has added the OS-7200H and the OS-7075R, which are upgrades to the OS-6000 and OS-7000, respectively. The OS-7200H is the exact same chair as the OS-6000 but with a heat feature; the OS-7075R is the exact same chair as the OS-7000, but with foot rollers and a higher horsepower roller motor.  Everything discussed in this article still applies to all 4 models. 

Yesterday, in part 1, I went over some of the benefits of both the Osaki 6000 massage chair and Osaki 7000 massage chair. Two great models to consider when the Inada Sogno chair is just not feasible economically. Today, in part 2, I will go over 6 more contrasting points between the Osaki 6000 and Osaki 7000 massage chairs, in response to an email from Brian, a serious massage chair shopper:

4. Both models have a stretching program, with the stretch of the 6000 being more typical of most other models. But, the new Thai stretch is very intense. I’ve never felt anything like it before. I really pulls your body and decompresses your spine. It might be a bit much for some, especially if you are overly sensitive, but for most it will be just what the doctor ordered.

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

5. The airbag numbers are close, but the intensity and aggressiveness of the Osaki 7000 massage chair airbags seem to be more intense. Just like with the rollers for both chairs, you can adjust the airbag intensity on either model as well.

6. The neck traction on the Osaki 6000 massage chair is in imitation of the Cervical Traction Device of the Inada Sogno. The neck airbags on the 6000 are pretty weak…just two large airbags that inflate and push your head forward (nothing close to the discriminating massage of the Inada Sogno neck airbags). But, the shoulder airbags that push down onto the top of your shoulders are pretty good. That is what constitutes the tractioning action of the headpiece. Although I find it to not be as good as that of the Sogno, it certainly is better than the neck airbags. You will enjoy this feature if you or your wife work at a desk and/or computer and have tight trapezia muscles.

The Osaki 7000 does not have the neck traction at all.

7. The Osaki 7000 has the head airbag massage mechanism, which also has a neck massage as part of the contraption. I’ve never seen that before on a chair, but when I tried it out I had no idea it was going to be as intense as it was. I would be very interested to try it out when I have a headache to see what effect it might have on that pain.

8. The Osaki 7000 has full body heat, from head to foot. The Osaki 6000 has no heat at all.

9. The vertical roller track length on the Osaki is 1 inch longer than that of the 6000. The 31 inch length is, along with the Panasonic ma70, is the longest track we know of in a massage chair. The rollers go all the way from the base of your skull down to the buttocks. It is great. Even though the vertical track on the Osaki 6000 is only 30 inches long, it is still longer than most and will give you a great head to buttock massage. It just doesn’t go that extra inch down into the lower buttocks like the Osaki 7000 does.

Well, Brian, that about does it. I hope this helps you make up your mind regarding which model would be best for you. Please feel free to call me at 801-651-2026 or email me with any other questions or if you need any assistance placing your order on our site.

Dr. Alan Weidner

If Not The Inada Sogno, How About The Osaki 6000 or 7000? (Part 1)

Inada Sogno Massage Chair vs. Osaki 7000 or 6000 – Part 1

UPDATE (12/02/12): 
Since this article was written, Osaki has added the OS-7200H and the OS-7075R, which are upgrades to the OS-6000 and OS-7000, respectively. The OS-7200H is the exact same chair as the OS-6000 but with a heat feature; the OS-7075R is the exact same chair as the OS-7000, but with foot rollers and a higher horsepower roller motor.  Everything discussed in this article still applies to all 4 models. 

The Inada Sogno massage chair is the creme-de-la-creme of massage chairs, but is not always within the budget of many of our massage chair shoppers. Many are looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Inada Sogno, with as many features as possible (arent’ we all?!).

Here is a letter from a massage chair shopper who asks some questions that are typical of someone shopping for massage chairs, but not quite ready to fork over the big bucks for the Inada Sogno. His interest, in particular, is the in the Osaki 6000 or 7000 models.

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair
Osaki 6000 Massage Chair

Here are our emails, his question and my response, broken up into 2 parts:

Massage Chair Question:

Hi! First of all, I’d like to compliment you on your website. Since we’ve been in the market for a massage chair, your website has easily given us the most useful information. Last month we tested the Inada Sogno Dreamwave at a home and garden show in Denver and fell in love with everything but the price. I’m sure you hear that a lot.

We live in a small town in SE New Mexico and testing any other chair seems out of the question, meaning we have to trust reviews and our research to make our final decision. A couple of the key features that are important to us are the intensity of the massage (we like deep penetrating massages), the stretching and zero gravity option, hip/thigh/calf and foot massage, and heat (as extensive as possible).

Based on these, your review of the Osaki 7000 intrigued us but we still have some concerns. The head massage band, although interesting is an eye sore in every image we’ve seen. Can it be stored a different way? It also doesn’t appear to do as extensive of a massage to the shoulder area as say the 6000. We really liked the way you described how it moves and massages the hips, that and the intensity have us leaning towards it over the 6000 (that has no heat).

If the 7200H is to include heat, how would you compare them (assuming it’s functionally the same as the 6000 with added heat)? Also, if we were to consider the 7200H over the 7000, when would you expect it to become available? Any more of your thoughts regarding these chairs would be very helpful.

Thanks for your time!


Massage Chair  Answer:

Hi, Brian

Thank you for your email. Thanks for the thumbs up on our website. That means a lot to me. Heaven knows I spend a lot of time and energy on it!
Yes, the Inada Sogno is awesome…but expensive. But, if you like deep, penetrating massages and you don’t have the budget for the Sogno, the Osaki 7000 massage chair might just be the ticket for you. Man, we just got it in our showroom a couple of weeks ago and it is impressive. It stands a little taller than the Inada Sogno, but has a far more aggressive massage, both in rollers and airbags. The Thai stretch is the most vigorous and intense stretch program I have ever encountered in a massage chair. If you like intense, this chair is probably a good one for you.
Yes, the head band is a funny thing. A very intense head and neck massage but attached to hoses that can’t really be hidden. There actually is a protrusion at the top of the chair that you hand the head band on. What we have done in the showroom is hand the whole device over the back of the chair, where less folks can see it. But, yes, it is a big of a nuisance for aesthetics…even though it does a very unique and effective thing, which we’ve never seen before on a massage chair.
All the features that you list as important are found on the Osaki 7000. You are good there. The Osaki 7200H won’t be out until later in the summer, but it’s functionality and looks are apparently the exact same as the Osaki 6000, but with heat. I will list below the differences I see between the Osaki 6000 (and, therefore the Osaki 7200H) and the Osaki 7000:
1. Osaki 6000 massage chair has a music system with two external speakers. The Osaki 7000 does not.
2. The intensity of the massage is greater on the Osaki 7000. You can adjust the intensity on both of the chairs, but the default intensity of the 7000 is far greater than that of the 6000. If you want an intense massage, the Osaki 7000 if for you.
3. The look of the 6000, to me, is more sleak and has better lines. I like the LED lighting on the sides of the chair, but aesthetics don’t really have much to do with the function. The synthetic leather on the 6000 is shinier and more slick looking. The synthetic leather on the 7000 is more of a “flat” finish (I think that’s the term they use in the painting world!). The body style of the 7000 is very unique. The 6000 is patterned after the famous Inada Sogno massage chair, but the body styling of the 7000 is unique and new.
Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow where I go into 6 more points to consider when choosing either the Osaki 6000 or Osaki 7000 massage chair.
Dr. Alan Weidner

Sanyo Massage Chairs Finished? Panasonic Now Made In China?

Panasonic and Sanyo Massage Chair News!

I had been hearing rumors for a few weeks that Sanyo massage chairs were being discontinued. I knew that Panasonic had acquired Sanyo a while back, but until now I had no idea how that would affect the Sanyo massage chair line, i.e. the Sanyo 7700 and 8700 models.Sanyo massage chair

Well, I called my Panasonic and Sanyo distributor and asked for an update on what was going on. This is the long and short of what he told me…

1. The Sanyo line of massage chairs was most likely going to be discontinued, if it hasn’t already been. I know that the Sanyo 8700 is not available to me at the present time and that the Sanyo 7700 is out of stock…and my distributor has no idea when that model will be in stock, and

2. The full line of Panasonic massage chairs, including the Panasonic 30007 and the new ma70, are all now being manufactured in China. The 30007 and ma70 had previously been manufactured in Japan, but now it is all being done in China. As a matter of fact, I am told that the Panasonic manufacturing plant in Japan has been shut down massage chair

I have also been told that this change in manufacturing locale is not limited to massage chairs but to many Panasonic products that were heretofore being manufactured in Japan.

I suspect that the reason for this is the strength of the Japanese Yen and the weakness of he USD. I have discussed in a previous blog post that the Inada chairs went significantly up in price because of that very reason…but they continue to manufacture in Japan.

So, I suspect that rather than increase the price of their massage chairs in the US, Panasonic decided to move their manufacturing to China, where the cost of production is apparently much lower.

Thus, the only massage chairs that are still manufactured in Japan are the Inada models.

We will probably be dropping the Sanyo models on our website soon. If either of the two models survive, I will probably then add it to the Panasonic category page since they are now one-in-the-same company.

New Massage Chair Line for

We will begin carrying the Infinite Therapeutics line of massage chairs. I have discussed my meeting with Kirk Jennings, IT’s sales manager, in one of my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update videos (see Kirk came to my showroom last week and we further discussed his line. Currently, they carry the IT-9800, which is a Taiwanese-made massage chair. It is made by the same manufacturing plant as the old Neox massage chair, which we used to see at all the local trade shows. A lovely, leather-upholstered chair that has an inversion feature and a side-to-side “swaying-like” calf massaging ottoman. Nice chair.

They also have the IT-7800, which is a Chinese-made model with a very reasonable price point. I will be having these models put up in the next couple of weeks or so. I understand they will also be coming out with a new model to add to their line, which allegedly will be a Sogno-lookalike model, which all the chinese plants seem to be coming out with.  Here is their website: You can go there to learn more about their chairs.

Hope this info assists you in your massage chair shopping experience.

Dr. Alan Weidner

International Massage Chair Orders on the Rise! What Gives?

International Massage Chair Sales

Lately, I have been getting a lot of calls from international destinations. You know what that means? It means that the US Dollar is low and foreign currencies are stronger. This happens every so often. This last week I sold a massage chair to Sweden and one to Australia. The ocean freight costs are so minimal that it makes buying and shipping a massage chair overseas very affordable.Massage Chair International Shipping

The two chairs I shipped overseas were both Inada Sogno massage chairs. The cost of ocean freight  to Sweden was about $500 and the one to Australia was about $600. Not too bad, eh? It makes purchases by my international clients very manageable. The only real drawback to the overseas shipping is that once the massage chair leaves US soil, the warranty is more-or-less void.

I say more-or-less because some companies, like Inada and Human Touch, will provide the parts over the length of the warranty period but not the labor. The client just has to pay for the shipping of the parts, but the parts are covered. That is not a bad deal.

Massage Chair Voltage Difference?

Another thing to be aware of when shopping from out side the US is the voltage of the chair vs. the voltage your country’s electrical system, i.e. 110 v or 220 v. If you have 110v in your country you will need to get a step up transformer. I would strongly suggest that you get a good quality one that will last you for a long time. Don’t go cheap on the transformer. I am sure that you can get one in your country, but if you have difficulty getting a hold of one, we have access to a very good quality one here in the US, but between shipping and the cost of the dang thing, you’d be into your purchase another $200-250 depending on where you live.

Here is the link to our international shipping page on our website, for more information:

By the way, in case you haven’t already figured this out, but our toll-free number, 888-259-5380, only works for US-originated calls. It will NOT work for international calls. If you want to call and chat, and I’d love to chat anytime about massage chairs with you, you will have to call our showroom number, which is 1-801-417-8240.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic ma70 Massage Chair vs. Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Comparing the Inada Sogno and the Panasonic ma70 Massage Chair

It seems that when the discriminating massage chair shopper contacts me, it is usually a question about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, either a question specifically about it or how it compares to some other massage chair model. This is the email I received from a massage chair shopper asking for a comparison between the Sogno and the Panasonic ma70. I make a point by point comparison between these to higher-priced but popular models.

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

Massage Chair Question:

Hi Dr. Weidner

I am interested in a top of the line chair.

Obviously the inada sognio is not a bad pick.

I wondered about the panasonic ma70. You have not written a review on your page.
How does it compare to the inada?
I kind of like the sleeker design, but obviously that is not the main issue with a massage chair.
Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Massage Chair Answer:

Hi,  Marc

Thanks for your inquiry.
The Inada Sogno has typically been our top seller. However, the Panasonic ma70 is drawing a lot of interest and the clients of mine who own it…love it. The reason I haven’t done a review of it yet is because I don’t have one in my showroom at this point. When I do get one in the showroom, I will be doing written and video reviews of it.
Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair
I have written a brief literature review of the ma70 on my blog. Here is the link to that:

I also had a client buy the Panasonic ma70 massage chair after comparing it to the Inada Sogno. He wrote a brief review about his experience of the new ma70. Here is that review:

Here are the major differences between the two chairs, as I see them:

1. # of Airbags
The Inada Sogno has 100 airbags, while the Panasonic ma70 has 33. Once you see the Inada Sogno, you totally understand why there are more airbags. Between the calf, feet, full arms, seat, thigh, neck, and shoulders you will see more airbags than you have ever seen on any other chair.

2. Neck Traction
The Inada Sogno pioneered the idea of airbags in the neck area with its Cervical Traction Device, which really is a very fancy head piece. Airbags knead your neck muscles and it feels like fingers of a person massaging your neck. It also has the shoulder airbags that inflate and push down on the top of your shoulders (on the trapezia muscles). This is one of my favorite features of this chair. It feels like the elbows of a Licensed Massage Therapist digging into my trap muscles. Great for desk workers, by the way. 

The Panasonic ma70 does not have the cervical traction device, but does have some shoulder airbags that inflate towards the outside of the upper arm/shoulder area (deltoid muscles).

3. Dreamwave Technology
The Inada Sogno also pioneered airbags in the seat that make up what is known as Dreamwave Technology. These airbags move the seat from side to side in a figure-8 motion, as well as up and down. It is very soothing for the low back and pelvis, particularly if you acute low back pain. The ma70 has seat airbags which massage the buttock and thighs, but without the dreamwave motion.

4. Arm Massage
The Panasonic ma70 massage chair has arm rests that lift up and allow the user to slide their arms underneath for an airbag massage. It will massage the fingers, wrists, and forearms. The Inada Sogno has airbags that massage the fingers, wrists, forearms, and upper arms. 

5. Rotating Ottoman
One thing I really like about the ma70 is the rotating ottoman. It is a full foot and calf massager but you can rotate the ottoman when not in use to hide the calf and foot wells. This helps make the chair look more like a regular chair and not so much like a therapeutic massage chair. The user can just rotate the ottoman and lay their legs on the ottoman just like a regular recliner. The Inada Sogno has calf and foot wells in the ottoman but the ottoman is not reversible.

6. Heat
The Inada Sogno massage chair has heat in the form of a little element in a small area at the back of the seat. It is hardly noticeable when in use, but the heat creates the desired effect, which is to increase blood flow to the area. However, on the Panasonic ma70 massage chair, a new innovative heating system is built into the massage rollers. The rollers are actually jade stones that have a heating element built into the jade rollers. This provides a moving heat as the rollers go up and down the spine. It is a very deep heat as well.

7. Length of Roller Track
Because the Inada Sogno uses the airbags of the Cervical Traction Device (head piece), the roller track is shorter (28.4 inches) and extends deeper into the buttock area. You will love how low the rollers go in the buttock. This is a great massage for the Sacro-Iliac area, where many sciatica and buttock pain problems originate. The Panasonic ma70, on the other hand, has a 31 inch roller track, the longest of any chair we carry (along with the Osaki 7000 massage chair). The roller goes from the base of the skull down into the top of the buttocks. A nice long track that hits everything between the head and the buttocks.

8. Manufacturer Warranty
Inada has the best all-around parts and labor in-home warranty in the business. It is 3 years, whereas the head to toe in-home warranty for the Panasonic massage chairs is only 1 year, which is more typical of most other massage chairs in the market.

9. Auto Programs
The Inada Sogno has 8 automatic, pre-set programs, whereas the Panasonic ma70 only has 6. I don’t think that affects therapy too much, but it is fun to have different auto programs. 

10. UPDATE (03/10/12): I just learned that the Panasonic ma70, along with all other Panasonic massage chair models are now manufactured in China, and not in Japan as initially it was. So, this is another difference between the two models. The Inada Sogno is manufactured in Japan, while the Panasonic ma70 is now being made in China.

Some other minor differences include: massage speed adjustment in the Panasonic ma70, junetsu massage in the Panasonic ma70, less power consumption by the Inada Sogno, the Inada Sogno is a heavier chair, greater color selection with the Inada Sogno. 

I hope this helps you in your research, Marc. Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions or if you need assistance placing your order. You probably know this already, but we are offering $700 off on the ma70 for a limited time. You just have to check off the $700 discount box on the product page:

Dr. Alan Weidner

Which Massage Chair is Most Comfortable to Sit in While Turned Off?

Best Massage Chair Turned On OR Off?

I received an email from a massage chair shopper recently who asks this question…one that I just happen to get quite a bit from other shoppers. I thought that since I’m asked this a lot, I’d share it and my response with all of you since you may be asking the same thing.

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

Massage Chair Question:

Hi, Is the Inada Sogno DreamWave massage chair comfortable enough to use as an every day recliner/tv chair for stretches of a few hours at a time? I am interested in getting a massage chair yet want one that can also replace my lounge chair (just a simple Ikea Poang chair) in my bedroom which I use for tv use and reading. I am interested in this chair and the Panasonic MA70 which I see has that removable extra back pad when using it as a regular recliner. It is that added pad that makes me wonder if sitting in the Sogno for an extended period of time would start to get uncomfortable. I think the Sogno on paper seems like it would be more to my liking in terms of its massage features so it’d be nice to know it can also do the double duty as an every day chair. Oh and aesthetics do not matter to me. Thanks Rob


Hi, Rob

Thanks for your email. Great questions!

The Inada Sogno massage chair, in my opinion, is the best therapeutic massage chair out there. But, it is certainly not optimal when it comes to just sitting to watch TV or read, unless it is turned on. It is not the most comfortable chair just to sit in…it is hard enough sit comfortably on any massage chair when it is off because of the big empty space down the middle of the back where the rollers go when the chair is turned on.

Now, the Panasonic ma70 massage chair is a new model from Panasonic and is a very nice therapeutic massage chair. It has the jade heated rollers, which we have never before seen in a massage chair. However, with its extra pad, which you mentioned, its rotating ottoman, and its arm rests, it would definitely be a better chair to just sit on for relaxation purposes, without the chair actually turned on.

I hope this helps. Again, it is just my opinion, but based on my experience with both chairs, I’d have to say the ma70 is the better massage chair for using as a regular recliner/lounger.

Please feel free to contact me with any other queries or if you need assistance with your order. You can email me or call me directly at 801-651-2026. I am always available to chat about massage chairs! 

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair Review (Part 2)

Part 2 of my Review of the Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

In Part 1 of my review of the very popular Panasonic 30007 massage chair, I discussed price, durability of the Panasonic brand, the roller system, and the airbags of the hips and arms. In Part 2, I delve into many more of the features of this massage chair.

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair
Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

The Panasonic 30007 massage chair does not have any heat function. I’m pretty ambivalent about heat. I figure that with a few passes of the rollers over your backside your back is going to heat up anyway from the increased blood flow. Not a biggie to me, but if you love the heat function in a massage chair, the 30007 is not for you.

The chair does not fit a taller person very well. If you are over 6 feet tall, you may feel as though you are a tall person sitting in a small two-seater sports car. Your knees will be up higher than you would find comfortable. With the flexing foot massage component of the ottoman, you can always extend your legs and flatten out the foot massager, but then you have airbags squeezing on your ankles, which may not be optimal for you taller folks. This taller person issue is compounded if you just happen to have long legs. Your torso will be fine, but the legs will not like it too much. The ottoman does have a 5” extension feature but it doesn’t help much for the taller users.

More on the 30007 Massage Chair Rollers…

One thing I always look for in a massage chair is a good roller massage way down the back and even into the top of the buttocks. The Panasonic 30007 has a 30” roller track and it gets down below the belt line and into the sacral area (top of the buttocks). That is a nice feature if you suffer from low, low back pain.

The 30007 massage chair is available only in black. From the start, Panasonic said they would have black and brown models, but the brown has never been introduced to the US market in this model. If you want the brown color I suggest you look at the sister models to the 30007, which are the 30005 and 30006. They both come in the brown and there are very few differences between all three of these models.

The warranty is 1 year full, on-site comprehensive warranty with a 3 year limited warranty. Panasonic is pretty good about warranty work. Just give them a call and they have a local dealer pick up the chair, fix it for you, and then drop it back off at your home.

Next to the Inada Sogno massage chair, which covers over 1200 sq. inches of your body with massage, the Panasonic 30007 is the next highest in square inch coverage at 460+ of any name-brand chair of which we are aware.

Again, a great chair for the dollars spent. I love this chair a lot. It is very usable and functional. Gives a great massage and, if you’re not too tall, will really make you feel like you got a great work-over when your session is done. Oh, and it should last for a lot of years!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair Review (Part 1)

Part 1 of my Review of the Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

Panasonic introduced the 30007 model as their top of the line massage chair and it’s first chair manufactured in Japan in a long, long time. When it hit the market, it retailed at $5999. As with most Panasonic massage chairs, the price eventually was chopped down to around where it is today…about $4000! Quite a difference. But, that is another story.

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair
Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

Today, I will review the main features of the Panasonic 30007 massage chair in this article, along with some personal opinions and observations from having used it in our showroom many, many times over the last number of years.

First of all, I’d like to say that Panasonic makes a very durable massage chair. Whenever someone comes into our showroom looking for a new massage chair to replace their old one, I learn that their old one is usually a Panasonic and they’ve had it for years.

A Little Massage Chair History…

Inada may have been the company to come out with the first massage chair, back in 1962, but I think it is safe to say that Panasonic was the first company to take the idea of a massage chair and mass produce it. They were everywhere in years past. Of course, new companies come along and we have so many manufacturers to choose from today, but Panasonic was the first big player in the massage chair market.

The 30007 model, in my opinion, is a chair that gives a great bang for your buck. At around $4000 you get a Japanese-made chair with a bunch of features that you would typically see on a more expensive chair, i.e. foot and calf massager, hip airbags, seat massage, forearm/hand/wrist airbag massage, body scan technology, among other things. I think the chair is certainly not a $5999 chair, but for $4K it is a great bargain.

The massage rollers offer a very nice, vigorous massage. When the rollers hit the shoulder area they do an interesting thing: they roll forward over a portion of the trapezia muscles (those are the shoulder muscles that get sore when you sit at a computer for too long…you know, the ones you grab with the opposite hand to rub out the tightness). Most other massage chairs will have the rollers go up the low, mid, and upper back before going on to the neck but will just move along the contours of the spine. This shoulder massage feature of the roller actually moves forward somewhat at the shoulder area to give those trap muscles a little attention. It feels fantastic.

The hip air bags are nothing more than a way for the chair to anchor your pelvis in so that the massage rollers get a better traction effect and a deeper massage to the spine. The airbags don’t massage anything, unlike the Inada Sogno massage chair thigh airbags which actually massage the IlioTibial Bands of either leg, but it just compresses the thighs so that your pelvis doesn’t move forward when the rollers come down the back. That is how it anchors your pelvis and you get a deeper massage from the rollers as a result of it.

The arm airbags are actually built into the arm rests. Lift up the top of the armrests and you slide your hands and arms into a space where airbags compress from above and below to give your upper extremities and good work-over.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – 2/27/2012

New Massage Chair Industry Update Video!

Last night I posted a video on our youtube channel ( that goes over the latest and greatest in the massage chair industry and at Massage Chair Relief. I will post the video in this blog entry, but will give you a brief written summary of what I discussed:

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

1. Inada Sogno dark brown and chocolate colors are back-ordered. The dark brown until March 26, the chocolate until April 19.  If you are thinking of getting one of these colors, here is my advice: Don’t wait until those dates to order your chair. They will probably all be spoken for by then. Order NOW and get in on the queue.

2. Inada Cube and Inada i2A models have been discontinued. Some colors are still available, but as soon as existing stock is gone, the chairs will be gone for good.

3. Human Touch has introduced some new products on their home page, The Acutouch 6.0 massage chair and the Immersion massage chairs (ZeroG 2.0 and WholeBody 2.0). Nice looking chairs, as Human Touch chairs tend to be. The Immersion chairs appear to be zero gravity massage chairs that don’t look like any of their other chairs at all. A whole new design and look. You can go to their site to learn more about them. I don’t know if they are available to me as a retailer or if they are just selling them on their site.

4. We have the Osaki 7000 in our showroom and are enjoying it daily. You can read more about my initial impressions of it in the blog post previous to this one.

5. The only difference between the new Osaki 7200H and the Osaki 6000 massage chair is heat.

6. I met with the national sales rep for Infinite Therapeutics here in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago and tried out one of their 2 models. He was here with this chairs at the Utah  Dental Association Trade Show at the Salt Palace. We are considering carrying their chairs. I enjoyed the IT-9800, which is  zero gravity and inversion therapy massage chair. Leather upholstery makes it a rich look and feel massage chair. Priced around $4K. They have another model in the under $2K price range called the IT-7800. Apparently they will be coming out with another Sogno lookalike in the near future.

7. Osaki extended warranty confusion among retail websites. Osaki only offers a 1 or 2 year extended warranty for parts and labor. I explain the confusion in the video.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I discuss the name change of the Inada Sogno and why it is now only called the Inada Sogno Dreamwave and it is the only Sogno model available. There has been a lot of questions from shoppers about this confusing name change.

Here is the video….Enjoy!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair – Initial Impressions

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair Finally In Showroom!

Well, we finally got the Osaki 7000 massage chair up and running today. I sat on it for 20 minutes or so. Here are my initial impressions:

1. Very good, vigorous massage rollers. You will find them to be more vigorous than most other massage chairs. The roller feel was reminiscent of the Human Touch massage chair rollers. Plus you can adjust the intensity of the rollers to make them even more intense.

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
2. The airbags on the 7000 seem to be more prominent. The other chair with as many airbags, that I am familiar with is the Inada Sogno massage chair. The airbag massage on the Inada Sogno is more discriminating and gently, whereas the airbags on the 7000 really seem to play a big part of the overall massage experience.

3. Contrary to what I had been led to believe before getting the Osaki 7000, there is no music system or music synch. Bring your own iPod!

4. The head airbag massage is very interesting. I’ve never experienced anything like it before in a massage chair. I think you’d get a kick out of it, particularly if you have one of those throbbing headaches.

5. The 31″ roller track is great. It is the first chair that I have seen that has rollers that go all the way up to the back of the head as well as go all the way down to the buttocks and sacral area. Great vertical roller track.

6. I love the “Pelvic Swing” program which inflates shoulder air bags in the front of the shoulders and inflates one side of the seat at the same time. It really induces a rotation to the low back. I actually thought, for a moment during the massage, that my low back would “pop”, just like a chiropractic adjustment. It is an aggressive airbag program that will really move the low back and pelvis unlike anything you’d find on any other chair. The Osaki 7000 massage chair does not have the Dreamwave technology, which I love about the Inada Sogno, but the Pelvic Swing is the next best thing.

7.  The arms are not full arm airbags, like the Sogno, but they inflate quite aggressively. Not as thorough as the Sogno, either, but a decent airbag compression.

8. The foot and calf massage is OK, but nothing to write home about. It is pretty standard. One thing I noticed about the ottoman is that the foot and calf sections are equal in height. Every other massage chair with foot and calf components have a shorter foot massage and a longer calf massage. The height is equal for both on the Osaki 7000. It felt nice but nothing blatantly different in the feel of the foot and calf massager of the Osaki 7000.

9. The zero gravity feature, which Osaki calls the “Weightless” program on the 7000 is very nice. The seat tilts up and the legs are raised above the heart. You will enjoy that feature.

10. The Osaki 7000 massage chair does not have any neck and trapezia airbags, which is something I love about the Inada Sogno. Osaki has tried to mimic that feature in their Osaki 6000 and 5000 models, but they still don’t compare at all to the neck and shoulder airbags of the Inada Sogno.

The long and short of it is the Osaki 7000 is certainly worth the price. Although the massage is not as sophisticated and discriminating as that of the Inada Sogno, which is now the industry baseline, it is certainly a more aggressive and intense massage than that of the Inada Sogno. A very good bang for the buck.

Hope that helps in some way. I’ll give you more information as I become more familiar with the chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-7450 Massage Chair Review – Zero Gravity PLUS More!

Review of the Zero-Gravity HT-7450 Massage Chair

I believe that the HT-7450 massage chair is the first foray into the zero gravity massage chair market, not only for Human Touch but by any massage chair manufacturer. I think the Sanyo 7700 massage chaircame shortly thereafter, but Human Touch was the first to really make the zero gravity concept a winner in this industry.

HT-7450 Massage Chair
HT-7450 Massage Chair

Human Touch had previously introduced their “Perfect Chairs” series, which was a group of zero gravity, non-massage chairs that offered pain relief and an “anti-gravity” positioning which took pressure off the low back.

The concept of zero gravity entails tilting the seat to a 30 degree angle in the reclined position, thus putting the body in the same anti-gravity positioning that NASA first introduced in it’s space program for astronauts who were in weightless environments for extended periods of time.

Along came the HT-7450 massage chair that was the first introduction of that technology to the massage chair market. And, I might add, it has become quite a catch-phrase in this industry. It seems that every company claims to have a zero gravity massage chair, but very few have a true zero gravity feature. Human Touch has won awards for it’s zero gravity massage chair integration.

Now let’s discuss some other features of the HT-7450 massage chair, aside from the zero gravity feature, which make this chair the popular selling chair that it is today.

HT-7450 Massage Chair  Features

  1. Decent price point of $3499 (at the time of this writing). The Sanyo 7700 sells for $4999 and although it has many more features and is manufactured inJapaninstead ofChina, if it’s the zero gravity feature you are after and it is important to you, it is a lot cheaper to go with the HT-7450.
  2. Buttock and thigh airbag massage. The seat has airbags that push up into the buttock and thigh muscles. This is the same airbag massage that the HT-9500 boasts. It is nothing overwhelming but it contributes to a more full body experience.
  3. 8 automatic programs. The remote is very similar to the remote of the HT-7120, but it has 8 automatic programs instead of the 3 of the HT-7120. Instead of just full body, upper back, and lower back programs, you’ll find programs like Sore Muscle Relief, Sports & Back Therapy, Leg/Foot/Hip Therapy, Neck/Shoulders Relief, After Work Stretch, Morning Energize, Night time Soothing, and Auto Demo. It is a very comprehensive program set that caters to pretty much any body needs.
  4. Body Scan technology. Nowadays, most of the nicer massage chair models have a body scan technology of some sort. What this technology does is do a cursory scan of the user’s spine and body morphology to get an idea of the size, width, and shape of the spine and musculature. The chair will then massage according to those scan findings. Human Touch calls their body scan the “Acupoint Detection System.”
  5. Vigorous massage rollers. Human Touch massage chairs are known for their intense roller massage. The HT-7450 is no different. The intensity can be adjusted if the user finds it a little too intense, but if it is a vigorous massage you are looking for, the HT-7450 can give it to you in spades.
  6. The look of the chair does not scream “Massage Chair” to the user. It looks like an executive-type chair. When the calf massaging ottoman is rotated under, one would be hard pressed to know that it is a massage chair. Human Touch is big on esthetics in their chair models. That is evident in the HT-7450.
  7. Safety Stop on the back of the chair base. One of the features I really like about this chair is the safety stop on the back part of the chair base. If a child is behind the chair when mom or dad go to recline the chair, the chair could crush a little one. When that child sits or puts pressure on the safety stop, the chair will not function. This is a very little known detail about this chair that is fantastic. I have two grandkids who love my massage chairs. If they were to be hurt by one, I would be devastated. Great safety feature from Human Touch.
  8. Low back heat feature. I think that heating elements on massage chairs are a little overrated since the rollers will warm up your muscles within moments of starting a program, but if you are after heat, the HT-7450 has it in the low back. You will definitely feel it when it is on!

Well, that about sums up the primary features that make this massage chair so popular. Just a couple of things worth mentioning for massage chair shoppers: it comes in black and espresso (at the time of this writing), with a 1 year comprehensive on-site warranty, and with a  very easy to follow users manual.

By the way, I should mention here also that Human Touch has a fantastic customer service department. It is a well staffed department and they take care of our clients promptly and kindly. Never had a problem with them and I’ve been selling their chairs for almost 10 years.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Video – Arm Airbags

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair  Airbags

Since we have received the Osaki 6000 massage chair in our showroom, I have been playing quite a bit with it and making a bunch of new videos highlighting certain functions of the chair. It has a pretty extensive air bag system that allows for air compression in various parts of the body, including the arms, which is the subject of this video.

The arm airbag massage is focused primarily on the forearms. There are also some shoulder airbags which compress the outside of the shoulders in the deltoid muscle region, but that will be for another video. Air bag massage is not too terribly sophisticated. It is basically an air bladder that fills with air and compresses on the body part. But, it is better than no therapy at all on that body part. The compression in the arms does encourage lymph and blood circulation as well as massaging the muscle tissue to some degree. It is quite soothing.

On the Osaki 6000 massage chair, you can adjust the intensity of the air bag inflation from the remote control. Here is the video for your education and enjoyment:

Please feel free to visit our youtube channel at to see more videos on the Osaki 6000 massage chair and other models as well.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair vs. Osaki 4000 Massage Chair

The primary differences between the Osaki 70000 Massage Chair and the Osaki 4000 Massage Chair are as follows:

1. # of Airbags
The Osaki 7000 massage chair has 46, whereas the Osaki 4000 massage chair has only 32 airbags. The extra airbags in the Osaki 7000 are found in the head, hips and thighs, waist area, and seat. These extra airbags contribute to what Osaki calls the “swaying massage” in the 7000. The airbags move the pelvis, seat, and low back in such a way that the low back feels to be gently stretched in a rotation motion. Very soothing feature of the Osaki 7000.
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
2. Length of Vertical Roller Track
The length of the roller track on the Osaki 4000 is 30″, which is already a good length. The Osaki 7000 goes a bit further down the low back into the buttocks with a 31″ roller track. I believe this is the longest vertical track of any massage chair with which we are familiar.
3. # of Motors
The Osaki 4000 massage chair has 7 motors and the Osaki 7000 has 13 motors. More motors mean less wear and tear on one particular motor. The workload of the chair is distributed throughout more motors for less breakdowns.
4. Heat
The Osaki 4000 has low back heat, but the Osaki 7000 has a more full body heat, including heat in the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, calves, and feet. More comprehensive heat than in any other chair model that we carry.
Osaki 4000 Massage Chair
Osaki 4000 Massage Chair
5. Stretch Program
Osaki introduces a new Thai style stretching program with the Osaki 7000 massage chair. Stretching on a massage chair is more like a milking motion of the soft tissue. The chair back and ottoman raise up and down to induce a passive motion to the joints and soft tissues of the spine. The Osaki 4000 does not have this stretch function. The stretch function on most massage chairs is almost always a favorite for the user. You will enjoy the stretch function.
6. Zero Gravity
Both chairs boast a zero gravity feature, which is a great feature for low back pain sufferers. It allows for the weight of the body to be more evenly distributed in the reclined position so that less stress is placed on the low back.
7. Price
The price of the Osaki 4000 is $2895. The price of the Osaki 7000 is $3790. We always have a low price match on any of the models we carry. You just need to decide if the differences in the features is worth the difference in price.
Well, that should just about do it for a comparison between the Osaki 7000 and the Osaki 4000 massage chairs. I hope this helps you make your decision. Remember that the warranty on all Osaki massage chairs is 1 year comprehensive in-home. We offer a 90-day money back guarantee and our best price promise.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video – Dreamwave Technology

Video of Inada Sogno Massage Chair Dreamwave Function

I created a short video describing and demonstrating the innovative Dreamwave technology of the Inada Sogno massage chair. It is an airbag system that moves the seat from side to side in a figure-8 motion and up and down. It is a wonderful therapeutic benefit of this chair. All chairs will have rollers that go up and down the spine, some even down into the buttocks, but this is the first massage chair to have this style of airbag motion in the seat.

This feature is ideal for acute low back pain sufferers as it provides a passive way to move that terribly painful area when it has flared up. The gentle swaying motion of the seat gives the muscles a chance to relax and release. As a chiropractor, I used to agonize with my patients who came in with such intense low back pain that they couldn’t even get on the treatment table, let alone allow me to manually treat their spine. It was a very laborious and painful experience to try to adjust the bones or even just apply some soft muscular pressure to the affected muscles.

The dreamwave technology can take care of much of that, once the user is in the chair. I suppose that getting in the chair could be a task for someone in that acute pain stage, but once you are in, the massage chair will take over from there.

Here is the video. I hope you glean something useful from it:

You can check out all of my videos on the Inada Sogno massage chair or any other chair we’ve reviewed on my youtube channel:

Dr. Alan Weidner

Good Question from a Massage Chair Shopper!

Another Great Question From A Massage Chair Buyer

I get questions all the time from visitors to my massage chair site. I love that people feel comfortable enough with me to call or write when they have questions or concerns about massage chairs. Here is a great question from someone suffering from neck and upper extremity concerns. His questions about the differences between the Inada Sogno and Osaki 7000 massage chairs are legitimate. I hope you can glean something from his question and my response.

Massage Chair Question:

Originally I had my sights on the Dreamwave, but was somewhat put off by the price. Then the price went up. 
Since reading of the Osaki 7000 it is now the focus of my attention (thanks for your recent blogs describing the similarities/differences!), although with it only having about half of the airbags of the Sogno I’m concerned that the quality of the massage may not be comparable. 
I would like a chair that included a timer to do a massage session at night for 60min to put me to sleep, then automatically wake me up to a massage for about 30min in the morning…..none of the chairs seems to do this though.
My little finger and half of my ring finger have been numb for years since a car accident in 2003. The numbness subsided quite a bit while I was receiving chiropractic care and rehab on my neck. Yet since being cut off from treatment by the insurance co, after about 1year of treatment the numbness has become increasingly worse, and my left hand seems have weakened over the last year. One morning this past December, I woke up in bed stretching my arms out in front of me and caught a glimpse of the back of my left hand and realized that it has atrophied terribly! There is basically no muscle between my thumb and forefinger, nor on the outside of my hand between my wrist and little finger & the top of my hand is visibly not as meaty as my right. Unfortunately when the ins co cut me off from care, I was not financially able to continue it on my own and considered that the numbness in 1.5fingers (which although always there, I often don’t even notice) was not that big of a deal. However, I now believe that this has led to my hand atrophying at only 31yrs of age! My chiropractor tested my grip and said that it is only a 9# difference between my dominant right hand (within the normal 10# difference), and since I had/have been able to continue to perform all my usual tasks that that is probably why I had not spotted the problem sooner. 
My left hand, although not quite as bad, looks similar this guys

Massage Chair Answer:

Wow, David, I am very sorry about your predicament. Muscle atrophy is not a good thing. It goes without saying that you would want a chair that has a decent neck massage feature. The good thing about the Inada Sogno and the Osaki 7000 is that both of them have headrests with neck airbag massage (the Inada Sogno neck airbag massage is far more discriminating and superior to that of the Osaki 7000 massage chair) but the headrests can be lifted up and over the back of the chair and you can access the massage rollers on the neck. So, you have two neck massage options for both models.I might also mention that the Inada Sogno has a more intense airbag massage of the top of the shoulders where the trapezia muscles are located. It truly feels like a massage therapist is digging his/her elbows into your traps. This is the traction portion of the Inada  Sogno, which would serve you very well with your cervical (neck) condition. The Osaki 6000 massage chair has a feature similar to the Sogno but not nearly as specific and discriminating as the Sogno airbags. I don’t believe the Osaki 7000 has the shoulder airbags for the trap muscles.

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
The Osaki chairs have timers up to 30 minutes, which is the longest timer of any massage chair of which I am aware. The Inada Sogno only goes up to 15 minutes.
I hope this assists you in your decision-making process.
At your service,
Dr. Alan Weidner

Comparing the Osaki 7000 Massage Chair & Inada Sogno Massage Chair (Part 2)

Review of Osaki 7000 Massage Chair and the Inada Sogno (Part 2)

In Part 2 I discuss the remainder of the differences and then a bunch of similarities between the Inada Sogno and the Osaki 7000 massage chair.
7. Arm Airbag Massage
The Inada Sogno massage chair has hand and finger, wrist, forearm, and arm airbag massage. The Osaki 7000 has forearm massage with a shoulder airbag that compresses the outer area of the shoulder (AKA the deltoid muscles). The shoulder airbag also compresses down on the FRONT of the shoulders thus pulling the shoulders back when the rollers come up the spine. This is a great feature  for posture correction. The Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair pioneered this feature. I have that chair in my showroom and the postural shoulder airbags are phenomenal. You will certainly feel taller when you get out of the Osaki 7000.
8. Zero Gravity
Zero gravity means that the seat tilts up at 30 degrees when the chair is reclined. The Osaki 7000 has zero gravity positioning in the seat, whereas the Inada Sogno massage chair does not. The zero gravity feature is very comfortable for low back pain sufferers as it takes the strain off the low back when in a seated position. Apparently NASA came up with the idea for the astronauts and massage chair companies have employed the feature in many of their models.
9. Heat
The Inada Sogno has a very subtle heating element located at the back of the seat where your sacrum is located (tailbone area). The Osaki has heating elements located in the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, calves, and feet. It is very comprehensive coverage.
10. Price
The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is listed at $7799 while the Osaki 7000 massage chair costs $3790.
Now, here are some things that both chairs have in common that I really like…
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

Similarities Between Inada Sogno Massage Chair & Osaki 7000

1. Long Roller Track
One of the things that I absolutely love about the Inada Sogno massage chair is the way the rollers hit the pelvis and massage the buttocks. That is because of an extended roller track that can go that low. I’ve not sat on the Osaki 7000 but I see that the roller track length is 31″, which is one of the longest we’ve ever seen in a chair (other Osaki massage chairs only have up to 30″ tracks). I suspect that it, too, will hit the buttocks and tailbone area. If you have any kind of muscle tightness down in that area or if you struggle with sciatica, both of these chairs should do wonders for you.
2. Massage Roller Intensity Adjustment
On both chairs you can adjust the intensity of the massage rollers. If you want it more vigorous you can increase that intensity. For most chairs you can also lift the back pad up and over the chair back to increase the roller intensity even more. Of course, if you want to decrease the intensity of the roller massage, the chair’s remote control will allow you to do that as well.
3. Airbag Intensity Adjustment
Airbags are designed to compress your muscles. Sometimes compression (or squeezing) is not that comfortable, particularly if you have damaged or really sore muscles. To be able to adjust the airbag intensity is paramount, in my opinion, and both of these chairs allow you to do that.
4. Extendable Ottoman
To accommodate both taller and shorter body types, both chairs allow for the foot portion of the ottoman to be extended to accommodate the longer legged individual. The Osaki ottoman is adjusted electronically, which sounds fancy, but I prefer the spring-like extension and retraction mechanism in the Inada Sogno.
5. Body Design
The Inada Sogno pioneered the new design that is being imitated by so many chinese manufacturers. The Osaki 3000, 4000, and 6000 models are examples of that look-a-like design. The Osaki 7000 is another twist in the modern design changes that have been going on since the Sogno came to be. I really like the look of the new 7000 and am eager to get one in the showroom to see how it really looks and feels.

Bottom Line…You Just Need To Sit In These Massage Chairs

Now, after having listed all these differences and similarities, there is really nothing like sitting in the chairs. The Inada Sogno has a special something that the other traditional chairs don’t have. It is just a totally different experience when you sit in it and experience the massage programs.
I  hope this helped you in some way. Feel free to contact me anytime by email or phone (801-651-2026) to discuss these or any other models.
At your service,
Dr. Alan Weidner

New Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Assembly Video

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Assembly

We just completed a 25 minute long video walking step-by-step through the unpacking and assembly of the new Osaki 6000 massage chair. I really like this chair based on my experience so far with it. Only time will tell how it holds up to the daily wear and tear that a massage chair should expect to go through.

We shot this video in our showroom in Taylorsville, Utah and my delivery guys, Brock and Cole, did the assembly while I narrated what I saw them doing. When these two young men heard that they were going to be on a YouTube video they came to the showroom all decked out in pink dress shirts and ties!! Yes, I was shocked…and pretty impressed. They look great, eh?

For those of you who are thinking of purchasing this chair, this video will help greatly in figuring out the assembly. It comes in two boxes, with the arm rests in one box and the chair body and ottoman in another. The chair back is not attached to the seat, so the assembly basically involves attaching the arm rests and the chair back. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you see the video and get your chair with the written assembly instructions includes,  you will find that it will go rather smoothly for you.

When it comes to assembling this chair, as with any massage chair, I always recommend 2 people be involved in the process. The parts can be very heavy and having two people, one of them being a “spotter” if you will, can make the assembly go quite a bit smoother.

As a side note, the assembly of this model is almost exactly the same as the assembly of the Osaki 4000 massage chair. You can use this video to guide you through both assemblies.

Check out the video here:

Not bad, eh? If you have any questions, you can always give me a call on our toll-free number, 888-259-5380, or at our showroom, 801-417-8240, and I’ll assist you in any way I can.

By the way, you can see all of my massage chair videos at Lots of good stuff there, any I’m adding more videos all the time.

New Osaki Massage Chair Models

Osaki has been coming out with a whole bunch of massage chairs. The 6000 massage chair in this video is brand new. They also just came out with the Osaki 7000 massage chair and in another month or so the 7200 will be available. The 7000 is a very cool looking chair with a more intense massage than the 6000 or 4000. I am looking forward to having that model in my showroom. It retails for $3790. The 7200 is the same chair as the 6000, but with heat and a couple of additional auto programs. It will be priced $300 more than the 6000 ($3790, just like the 7000).

Have a confused you with all these massage chair models and their numbers? Don’t worry, I’ll be writing articles and showing videos about them. You’ll get the hang of them soon enough.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Shoulder Massage – What Really Is It and What Massage Chairs Have It?

black and white Synca Wellness CirC
black and white Synca Wellness CirC

Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags

Shoulder massage in a massage chair means different things to different people. The same kind of confusion occurs when someone says “hip” massage. It could mean the thighs, the low back, the pelvis, the buttocks, etc.

With shoulder massage, to some people it could mean the shoulder blades, the trapezius muscles, the upper back, the outside of the shoulders, etc. So, you see it can be very confusing.

For the sake of this article, I will break down each definition of shoulder and then discuss which massage chairs can cater to what a “shoulder” is according to those definitions.

1. Trapezius muscles (the “traps”)

These muscles are located at the top of your shoulders and constitute those muscles that get really tight when you are working at a desk, particularly at a computer. They are the muscles you grab when your “shoulders” feel sore and tight. When you look at the muscle-man they are the muscles that can get so big that they make the man look like he has no neck. They are the muscles that go from the base of the neck to your shoulder joint.

There are really one two massage chairs that can come close to addressing this area. First of all is the Inada  Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. It has a head piece that Inada calls the Cervical Traction Device. At the bottom of this head piece, there are two massage airbags, one on either side of the user’s neck, that will inflate and direct pressure downward onto those trap muscles. It is a very intense airbag massage and feels delightful. This is the only massage chair that has this direct airbag compression feature on the traps. The intensity of the airbag compression can be adjusted, but it truly feels like the elbows of a trained massage therapist digging down into those “shoulder” muscles.

The Panasonic 30007 massage chair does not have airbag compression onto those muscles, but it has a roller system that tries to hit that spot. Like all massage chairs, the 30007 has rollers that go up and down your spine. Unlike other massage chairs, when the rollers hit the shoulder area (the trap area), the track of those rollers allows the rollers to roll for forward over top of the trap muscles. It is not a significant roll forward but enough to make it feel like the user is getting the trap muscles addressed to some degree.

The Inada Sogno is definitely better than the 30007 in terms of hitting that area of the shoulder, but both chairs make the effort.

2. Shoulder blades/Mid Back

Of course, these are located in the back and are very common areas of soreness. Virtually every manufacturer addresses this area with their own proprietary roller system in their massage chairs.

No massage chair actually massages the whole shoulder blade, but they all hit the edges of the shoulder blades that are closest to the spine. The principle muscles at that area are called rhomboids and they tend to get sore with lots of sitting and a slumping posture. Most folks don’t even realize that they have a problem there until they sit in a massage chair and the rollers hit that spot.

Massage chairs are great at massaging this area. This area between the shoulder blades is a common point of soreness for many people with poor posture. Not only will the rollers of the massage chair work over the muscles in that area and give the user some relief, they will also push the spine forward and give the user the feeling that they are standing taller and straighter after a session.

So, if you have a slumping posture, prepare to feel taller and straighter after a session on virtually any massage chair with a roller

Inada Doctors Choice Massage Chair
Inada Doctors Choice Massage Chair


Inada has a massage chair called the Doctor’s Choice massage chair, which has a neat posture correction feature. It actually has airbags that compress the front of either shoulder while the rollers go up and down the mid/upper back and shoulder blade areas. It pins the shoulders back while the rollers are hitting this area, thus accentuating the proper posture position and working that area even more intensely than any other massage chair model.

3. Outside part of the shoulders

This area is where the deltoid muscles are located. The recent onslaught of Inada Sogno look-a-likes out of China have an airbag that

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags
Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags

inflates and pushes on the outside of the shouder where the deltoid muscle is, but their effectiveness are limited. A good sample of a chair with this feature would be the Osaki 6000 massage chair or the Omega Montage Pro massage chair. The Inada Sogno has a full arm massage feature which is very unique. The airbags that the Sogno employs get close to those muscles and do somewhat compress them, but it is not a full on deltoid massage.

This review of shoulder massage should assist in identifying what is meant by “shoulder” pain and what massage chair will cater to that issue.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Massage Chair Relief News Update – 02/01/12!

Here is what is going on at Massage Chair Relief this week:

1. Well, this last week has been hectic as folks went after the Inada massage chairs like crazy before the price increase last night. At midnight the price of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair jumped to $7799 and the Inada Yume went up to $5999. The Inada i1 chair also went up in price to $4499.

For those of you who got a chair at the old price…well done! For the rest of the massage chair shoppers out there, you will find the Inada Sogno massage chair to still be one of the finest chairs in the world and still worth the money (by the way, give me a call to see what I can do for you on the current price ;-)…we always have something going on at the showroom).

2. The new Osaki 7000 massage chair is now available for purchase. The entire Osaki line of massage chairs is Chinese-made and very

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

affordable, as far as massage chairs go. This new Osaki OS-7000 is quite a cool looking thing; I really like the design. I will be getting one in my showroom in the near future and then I will be able to give you the real goods on the chair. It is priced at $3790 USD. You can check out the Osaki 7000 here:

As I have mentioned on this blog before, we now have the Osaki 6000 on our showroom floor and we have really come to like that chair. It seems to be a quality machine. Only time will tell how well that chair will hold up with regular wear-and-tear.

3. Massage Chair Relief has a YouTube channel. I have always had the channel but it has been a mess for the longest time. I have finally cleaned up all the playlists and made the videos completely ready for your enjoyment. You can check out our channel here:

I’ve got a whole bunch of new videos coming online in the next few months for your enjoyment. Subscribe and stay in touch with what is going on with the massage chair industry. Later this week I will be posting a video showing the assembly of the new Osaki 6000 massage chair.

4. Did you know that you can use as many credit cards on a single purchase as you’d like? Most people use just one credit card to purchase their new massage chair, but we have used as many as 4 on one transaction!! It just takes a little back-office juggling and we can put your chair purchase on as many credit cards as you’d like.

Other Massage Chair Payment Options

Did you know you can also purchase a massage chair through Massage Chair Relief with a check? Most folks don’t do that in today’s day and age, but we still get checks mailed to us for a massage chair. With a check, though, we have to wait for the funds to clear before I can order the chair for you from the manufacturer.

Oh, and you can wire funds, too! That only takes minutes from the time you submit the wire at your bank. If you pay by check or wire, I can save you some money on your chair purchase. I can pass my savings, from not having to pay credit card fees, along to  you. Just let me know if you want to use cash, checks, or wiring and I’ll explain the savings available to you.

We only accept wire transfers from international orders, by the way.

Well, that about does it for this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this massage chair business so fun for my family and I. We all work in the business in one way or another.  We just love working with our clients.

If you have any questions whatsoever, you can always reach me on my cell number 801-651-2026 or our showroom number 801-417-8240 or our toll-free number 888-259-5380. Of course, you can always email me at, too. I would just love to visit with you about massage chairs!

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair vs. Omega Montage Pro (Part 2)

Part 2: Comparative Review of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair and Omega Montage Pro

Yesterday, in Part 1 of my comparison review between the Omega Montage Pro massage chair and the Inada  Sogno massage chair, I went over 6 points that differentiate the two massage chairs. Here are 6 more points for you to consider when considering these similar looking but quite different models:

7. Massage Intensity Adjustment
The Inada Sogno massage chair does have an intensity adjustment button on the remote but the Omega Montage Pro does not. I have a couple of tips that will make both chairs more intense for you should you want that. Regarding the Pro, there is no intensity adjustment built into the remote control, as there is with the Inada Sogno. However, for both chairs, to get a more intense massage you can lift the back pad up and over the back of the chair so that the only material between your spine and the rollers is a thin linen cloth. I have done that on the Sogno many times and that strategy turns the Sogno into one of the most intense massage chairs I have ever experienced. You can do the same with the Omega Montage Pro massage chair.
8. Ottoman Extension
On the Inada Sogno the ottoman extension is “manual” while the ottoman extension for the Pro is electronic and can be adjusted from the remote control. The Sogno works like an accordion. It is simple to push out the foot to where the length is right for you and then when you are done your massage and you pull your legs out of the ottoman the calf and foot massagers snap back to the neutral default position. Withe the Omega Pro the extension and retraction are all done electonically through a button no the remote control.
9. Mp3 player and Synchronization
The Omega Pro has a music system that includes synchronization of the beat of the music with the massage program. The Inada Sogno does not have the feature.
10. Cervical Traction Device/Headpiece
Although both chairs have neck airbag massage in the headpiece, only the Sogno has a more discriminating massage with the airbags. It actually kneads the neck muscles, simulating the fingers of a massage therapist.  The Pro merely inflates the airbags to compress the neck. The Inada Sogno also has airbags that inflate down onto the trapezia muscles at the top of the shoulders that simulates the elbow of a massage therapist digging into your trapezia muscles. I love this feature because my shoulder muscles are very tight from sitting at a computer for most of the day.
11.Massage Chair Stretch Program
Stretch programs move the ottoman up and down while simultaneously moving the chair back up and down to actually “milk” the spine as opposed to truly “stretching” it. It is a very soothing and relaxing program and most people absolutely love it. The Inada Sogno has that feature whereas the Omega Montage Pro does not.
12. Massage Chair Manufacture Country
The Omega Pro massage chair is manufactured in China. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is manufactured in Japan. Japanese-made chairs have a reputation of a smaller failure rate after purchase than do the Chinese-made chairs, but customer support for both companies is great.
Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

I hope this helps. I am always available anytime to answer any other questions.

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair
Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair
Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair vs. Omega Montage Pro (Part 1)

A great question from a massage chair shopper. Here is Part 1 of the 2 part email exchange between us:

Massage Chair Question:

Hello, I am trying to find a top end massage chair that will do a great job on a full body massage. I really want to have one that does a great job on the hands/forearms and the legs/feet. I had a chance to try the Sogno chair and like it a lot. But I was a little disappointed with the intensity of the massage and I was hoping the foot massage would be more mechanical than just air bags. So with all of that said, I was hoping you could give me more information in comparing the Sogno vs the Omega Montage Pro. Can you tell me more about the Omega’s intensity of massage and if the foot and forearm massage is better than the Sogno? Any other info. you have would be helpful. Thank you!  – Kevin

Massage Chair Answer:

Hi, Kevin

Thanks so much for your inquiry. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I have not sat on the Omega Pro yet so I put in a call to Omega to learn more about it before I answered you. Here are the main features of the two chairs that differentiate them from each other:

1. Foot Rollers
The foot and calf massage of the Inada Sogno dreamwave massage chair is more typical with airbags in the feet that compress the top of the feet down onto a nodular plate at the bottom which simulates a shiatsu type massage effect to the soles of the feet. The Omega Pro actually has rollers at the bottom of the feet. This is a rare feature by the way. The only other chair that I am aware of at this point that had rollers is the King Kong chair. But, King Kong went out of business a  year or two ago.

2. Heat
The Omega Montage Pro massage chair has heat in the foot rest, seat, and chair back. The Inada Sogno massage chair has heat at the back of the seat which is very subtle but therapeutically effective. The heat of the Montage Pro massage chair is far more obvious and is in far more places that contact the body.

3. Shoulder airbags
The airbags in the Inada Sogno inflate on the inside and outside of the upper arm, while the Pro has airbags that push on the outside of the shoulder, in the deltoid muscle region, similar to the Osaki 4000 and 6000 massage chairs.

4. Dreamwave Technology
Inada Sogno has the most sophisticated seat massage system that I have ever seen. The seat moves up and down and in a figure 8 motion from side to side which is spot on therapy for acute low back pain sufferers. It is also very relaxing for anyone, regardless of pain. The Omega Pro has airbags that inflate but are non-undulating like the Sogno. The Omega Pro also has vibration and more pronounced heat in the seat.

5. Zero Gravity 
Zero gravity is a very popular feature right now in the massage chair industry. The Pro has it in the form of two zero gravity positions. The Sogno does not have a true zero gravity feature although the seat does tilt up somewhat.

6. Remote Control
The Omega Pro has fingertip controls built into arm wells where fingers are – this is a convenience feature that allows the user to adjust the chair features without having to get up and access the main remote control, which is on a pedestal. The Sogno does not have a pedestal remote so it is easy to just lay the remote on your lap and use it when needed.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair
Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

(Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!)

Dr. Alan Weidner

1 Week Left Before Inada Massage Chairs Price Increase

Inada Massage Chair Price Increase Coming!

1 week from today the prices of the Inada massage chairs will go up…substantially! The Sogno Dreamwave massage chair goes up to $7799 and the Yume goes up to $5599. The fellows at Inada made a fun little 30 second video graphically describing the increase.  Enjoy…

If you want to beat the price increase AND get a few extra ways to save money, call me at the showroom at 801-417-8240 and I’ll take care of you.

Massage Chair Comparison Chart Now Available!

By the way, our new chair comparison chart is up and ready to access. You can go to any manufacturer category page on our site and click any massage chair to get a comparison of over 50 features. This should do wonders in helping you choose the right chair for you. Of course, knowing about a massage chair and actually experiencing one are two different things.

This new comparison chart has been in the works for 3 months and is the most comprehensive massage chair comparison chart available. I go over more than 50 features as they relate to the more than 30 models that we carry. I would suggest approaching it in two ways if you are not sure what chair to get:

1. Write down what features you know you want in a massage chair and then go to the chart to see what chairs  meet your criteria, or

2. Take a look at the chart and see what features spark your interest. Then you can get down to which model suits your fancy more than another.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair News!

Massage Chair Relief News

Here is my most recent massage chair news update. I have a few things that to address today:

1. Price Increase for Inada Massage Chairs

I’ve already mentioned this ad nauseum, but it is good for you to know that the Inada massage chairs are going up in price on February 1, 2012. The Inada Sogno is jumping up $800 to $7799, while the Inada Yume is going up $500 to $5999. These are significant price increases and Inada blames the weakness of the US Dollar and the strength of the Japanese Yen for the new pricing. It will be interesting to see if the price of the Inada massage chairs come down when the US Dollar strengthens. Hmmmm…I wonder.

2. Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

The Osaki 6000 massage chair, which was just introduced earlier this month, is now  being followed up by the new OS-7000 massage chair. I

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

absolutely love the look of this chair and am excited to see how it works. I plan on getting one in my showroom soon. I have included a pic of it so you can see why I like the styling so much. Some of it’s unique features include: zero gravity, body scan technology, pelvis and hip massage, infrared heat, 13 motors, head air massage, and outer shoulder massage.

Like all Osaki models, this is a chinese-made massage chair. I believe that Osaki private labels volume-manufactured chairs from China. The price point of this model will be $3790 and will have the standard 1 year on-site parts & labor/2 year parts/3 year structural warranty. It will be available in beige, taupe, and black.

3. Human Touch Acutouch 6.0

Human Touch is coming out with a new model known as the Acutouch 6.0 massage chair. I am told that it will only be available through Costco stores at this point. On, it is priced at $4999 and the following features are highlighted:  cloud touch massage and 8 auto-immersion programs. Not sure what those mean, but they sound interesting. Nothing is mentioned about the roller system or whether the ottoman is retractable like the Acutouch 9500, but I am sure that data will come out as the chair enters the market.

This model will be available in black, espresso, and butter colors.

4. Massage Chair Comparison Feature

I have been working on this for months and it will finally be available this week. I am so excited about our massage chair comparison feature because it will be the first of it’s kind in our industry. It is a very comprehensive and detailed comparison chart that compares and contrasts 51 different massage chair features. This comparison feature will make shopping for massage chairs so much easier.

You will be able to check off a box on each massage chair model and then compare the ones you have checked off in a spreadsheet format. I believe you will be able to compare up to 5 massage chairs at a time.

That’s about it for this week. If you have any questions or any information about any old or new massage chairs that you’d like me to do a little homework on and report on this blog, let me know. You can always email me at or call me directly on my personal cell phone, 801-651-2026.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Review (Part 2)

Part 2 of my Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Review

In Part 1 of my Osaki 6000 massage chair review, I discussed 4 of the 9 things I was impressed with once we had assembled the chair and tested it in our showroom.

5. Zero Gravity

Isn’t zero gravity just all the rage right now in the massage chair industry? It seems that everyone is coming out with, or at least saying that they have, zero gravity in their massage chairs. Although the tilt of the Osaki 6000 seat is not a full 30 degree tilt, by my observation, it is still a decent zero gravity position. This takes pressure off the low back and provides what the experts call a relatively “weightless” position. If you have a lot of low back pain, you will love this feature.

6. Foot and Calf Ottoman

I love how the foot and calf ottoman electronically adjusts to your leg length. When you first set up the zero gravity program, the

Osaki 6000 massage chair ottoman
Osaki 6000 massage chair ottoman

ottoman will automatically extend all the way out so it feels like it is way longer than your leg length. But, then it retracts and stops retracting when the pressure from your foot hitting the bottom of the foot massager tells the chair that it is at the optimal length.

It would probably be easier if it just had an accordion-like ottoman extender, but it is a neat electronic feature.

7. Remote Control

It is a pedestal remote and the control is very easy to read and use. It has a nice display with a simple button layout for ease of use. You will get accustomed to using this remote quite soon. Some chairs, i.e. the Sanyo 77oo and the Panasonic 30000 series, have remotes that are huge and look so intimidating to get started with the first time. This remote is quite easy to use. You can also remove it from the pedestal and hold it on your lap for adjustments to your massage while you are fully reclined.

Osaki 6000 massage chair remote
Osaki 6000 massage chair remote

8. Price

For all the features you get in this chair, I am so very pleasantly surprised that it only costs $3495, at the time of this writing. I am actually amazed at the price point. It comes with a pretty standard 1 year in-home, parts & labor warranty. It is a chinese-made chair, so that explains the lower cost. It is such a new chair that I am ignorant to how the long term function of the chair will be or how hard it will be to get replacement parts a few years down the road long after the warranty is over, but I suspect that Osaki will take good care of our customers. They would be idiots not to!!

9. Assembly

This is the second Osaki massage chair the assembly of which I have been a part. It is not as easy as a Sanyo or Human Touch massage chair, but it can be done within 45 minutes. I filmed the assembly of the chair when we put it together a couple of weeks ago and will have that edited for your use should you decide to get the chair. I will post the video on our website once I have it completed.

In a nutshell, you must attach the arm rests first, the chair back second, and then the back pads third. Each part you attach will have some associated air hoses and electrical plugs but those are easy to attach. It is the bolts that will take some time to insert. The tools you will need to attach those bolts are included with the chair.

I certainly hope you found some value in my little review and pics. You can see all the images on the Osaki 6000 product page on this website. Feel free to contact me at 801-651-2026 if you would like to talk more with me about the Osaki 6000 massage chair, or any other massage chair for that matter.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Review (Part 1)

Positive Posture Brio 4D
Positive Posture Brio 4D

Some Thoughts and Pics of the Osaki 6000 Massage Chair (Part 1)

We’ve had the Osaki 6000 massage chair in our showroom for over a week now and I have some initial observations I thought I would share with you about my experience with the chair:

1. The Massage Chair Design

It is a very nice, trendy looking massage chair with great “lines” (as we’d say about a car). Their design is what I consider a

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair
Osaki 6000 Massage Chair

knock-off design of the very famous and popular Inada Sogno massage chair, but a very nice and maybe even better looking design than the Sogno. I have the black model that also has silver accent stripes on the outside of each armrest. It is made of a synthetic material (faux leather, if you want to sound hip!)

Within the silver stripes, towards the back of the chair, LED lighting is blended within the stripes. The lights are blue and look fantastic and quite stylish. I haven’t used the chair in a dark room yet to see how the blue LED lights look that way, but the integration of the lights within the design of the chair is pretty cool.

2. Music System

I love the ease of use of the music system. The Omega Montage massage chairs had a jump drive that was included with the chair. You could download music to the jump drive and then plug it into a USB port at the back of the chair. With the Osaki 6000 massage chair, you have a simple plug as part of the remote control pedestal that plugs into your cell phone or iPod.

You can pick and choose your music and listen to what you want. You just pick your music as you would any other time from your

Music speaker
Music speaker (click to enlarge)

phone or mp3 player but now the music is getting pumped through a two-speaker system built into the shoulder airbag pieces. Now you can listen to your music in stereo while you are getting a great massage.

The music system also includes a “Music Synch” program that coordinates and synchronizes the chair massage to the beat of your music! Pretty cool stuff, actually.

3. 30″ Vertical Roller Track

I love the extra long vertical massage roller track; the rollers go way down in to the gluteal muscles thus providing a massage in the sacral area (the area just above the butt-crack, if you’ll pardon my vernacular!). Most chairs don’t go down there, except for the Inada Sogno, Inada Doctor’s Choice, and Sanyo 7700 and 8700 models. Those chairs are all priced considerably higher than the Osaki 6000 massage chair.

The drawback with a longer vertical track, if you want to call it a drawback, is that the rollers go so low into the back but at the opposite end of the spine, the rollers don’t go up real high in the neck. Like the Inada  Sogno massage chair, the head piece of the Osaki 6000 provides an airbag compression massage to the neck. Unlike the Inada Sogno, which actually provides a kneading massage with those airbags, the neck massage in the Osaki 6000 is really just some pretty mild compression by the airbags.

If you want to get a neck massage using the rollers, you can just lift the head piece up and over the back of the chair and set the rollers manually to go up to the neck muscles. If you are a taller body, then you may have to slide down the chair a bit and recline the chair back all the way to get the rollers to hit the neck muscles.

I had a couple come in last week to try the Osaki 6000 in comparison to the Inada Sogno. The husband was 6’2″ and the wife was 5’7″. Both had to slide down the chair a bit to get an optimal neck massage from the rollers. A little bit of an inconvenience.

The intensity of the rollers can be adjusted from the remote control. I like  an intense roller massage so I put the rollers on full-blast. I was quite happy with the massage and the intensity thereof.

4. Seat, Thigh, Calf & Foot Massage

The chair utilizes 51 airbags (vs.  32 in the Osaki 4000 massage chair) and a good portion of those

Thigh & Arm Airbags
Thigh & Arm Airbags (click to enlarge)

airbags are found in the lower body. They provide good airbag compression massage in those areas, no difference really compared to other chairs with airbags in the same areas. I love that you can adjust the intensity of the airbags to your comfort level.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this review. I will post it this weekend for your reading enjoyment.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Great Massage Chair Question (and my answer)?

Massage Chair Neck Pain Question

I received an email from a shopper yesterday with a great question about massage chairs and neck massage. I thought I’d share his question and my response with you for your own research because the question is a common one and the answer will help those of you looking for a massage chair to accommodate neck problems.

Massage Chair Question:

Dear Alan,

I am 5′ 8″ and am currently getting treated by a chiropractor. I work at a computer all day and neck gets very stiff along with headaches. Right arm gets sore during day as well as sore legs in the evening. I’m looking for a massage chair solution that will massage my neck as best as I can get as well as giving my spine, arms and legs a massage at same time. I currently use a hand held massager and works well but I’m looking a better and more effective solution.



My  Massage Chair Response:

Hello, Anthony

Great questions. I have 4 suggestions for you:

1. The Panasonic 30007 is coming to mind. It has a great neck and back massage, along with arms, calves, and feet airbag massage. It is great for folks under 6′ and is a very reliable and durable chair. You can check it out here:

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

2. If you want to get the top notch Panasonic chair, which does an even better job on the whole spine, I would also recommend

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

the Panasonic MA70. Brand new model and very good. It has jade heated rollers, which we’ ve never seen before in a massage chair. It has a very vigorous massage. More pricey, but apparently worth every dollar. It has arm and foot and calf massage too. Learn more about it here:

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

3. A third option would be the Sanyo 7700. It has a great neck and shoulder massage as well as going down low into the low back. It also has the zero gravity feature, which is somewhat in vogue right now. Also has feet and calf massage, but no arm massage. Here is more info on this model:

Sanyo 7700 Massage Chair

The Sanyo 7700 has a phenomenal feature called “Grip” which works the shoulders something fierce. It is a great feature that you would love.

4. The Human Touch HT-7120 is a lesser priced model and has a very vigorous neck massage. You can adjust the intensity to make it more or less vigorous. The drawback is that it doesn’t have foot or arm massage. However, it does have calf massage. Here it is:

HT-7120 Massage Chair

If you are interested in the Sanyo 7700 or the Panasonic 30007, check out our home page specials for each chair. If you decide on the Panasonic MA70 or HT-7120, go to Facebook and “Like” us to get a 5% off promo code for your purchase.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if you need any assistance placing your order. Feel free to email me back or call me on my cell phone at 801-651-2026 if you need anything.

By the way, you’ll love having a massage chair. When I was a practicing chiropractor, many folks got what they needed just from sitting on the massage chairs in my clinic. They would end up buying a chair and rarely returning to the clinic!!

It will benefit you greatly.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair in Our Showroom!

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair On-Board!

We just received our first Osaki massage chair for our showroom! We began carrying the Osaki massage chair line a couple of months

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair
Osaki 6000 Massage Chair

ago, but didn’t have them on our website until our site redesign was completed on December 7, 2011. Well, today we received our first Osaki chair, the Osaki 6000 massage chair, and assembled it for our showroom.

I had my delivery guys unpack it and assemble it for me this morning and I video taped it. I will have the tape edited for brevity and then post it on my site so that those of you who are looking at getting this chair can see how easy it is to assemble. The Osaki 4000 and 3000 set up very similarly.

Here are some “take-aways” from the assembly of this new massage chair:

1. the chair comes in two boxes, one large box with the chair body in it and one significantly smaller box with the arm rests in it. The ottoman is already attached to the chair body. The box with the chair body is very narrow so that it should fit through almost any door, regardless of the age of the house or business into which this chair would be going.

2. it helps to have 2 people when putting on the chair back. It is heavy and one person could hold the chair back forward while the second person attaches the hoses and electrical plugs to the base of the chair at the back.

3. you will need an allen wrench to attach the arm rests to the chair body and a phillips screwdriver to attach the remote control pedestal to the inside of the left arm rest. Both of those tools come with the chair, so you shouldn’t have to use any of your own tools.

4. the chair seat velcros to the body and the back pads velcro to the chair back. Very easy to remove or attach.

5. it should take about 1/2 hour to assemble the chair.

6. once the air hoses and electrical plugs are attached between the chair back and the chair body, you will need to join a hydraulic arm on the chair body to a bracket on the chair back. It will then need a pin to be slipped in the holes to hold the attachment. It is easy to do. Once the attachment is made, simply recline the chair back into position and you will hear a little “click” that will tell you that the chair back is ready to be used.

7. the Osaki 6000 massage chair assembly was very similar, if not exactly the same, as the assembly on the Osaki 4000 massage chair (and thus the Osaki massage 3000, too).

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair Review Coming…

Other than those points regarding installation, I must say that the chair is a nice looking model. I like the lines of it. It is definitely an Inada Sogno look-a-like, but still a very  nice looking chair in it’s own right. I will write a blog post reviewing my first impressions of the chair and then a more in-depth review once I am familiar with the chair in greater detail.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video – Arm Massage

Arm Airbags of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

I have another video for the Inada Sogno massage chair. This time I discuss the full arm airbag massage. We have always been accustomed to arm airbag massage in the past with other models. Many chair models have a forearm or hand/wrist massage, but this is the first time we had seen a full arm massage, including arm, forearm, hand, wrist, and finger massage.

The chair comes in two boxes, one of which has the ottoman and the arm rests. The reason the arm rests need to go into another box is because of their size…and their larger size can be attributed to the air bag massage. The airbags inflate not just on the outside of the arms, but also on the inside. Thus, the arm rests are attached in such a way that the arm rests will expand when the arm airbags inflate…of particular benefit for broad-chested users who will not be “crushed” or “squished” by the inflating airbags on either side of the arms.

Here is the video…

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Intensity Adjustment

Airbag intensity on the Inada Sogno massage chair can be adjusted to “Low”, “Medium”, and “High” settings. These settings also apply to all airbags in the chair. It has been my experience that many people can handle high intensity roller massage, but many folks also struggle with discomfort from airbag massage that is too intense, particularly in the arms and calves. These can all be adjusted in the Inada  Sogno massage chair.

Although the arm rests in the Inada Sogno have this sophisticated airbag arm massage, the chair is really not designed to use the arm rests as true arm rests. You would find it a bit un-natural to sit leisurely in the chair reading or doing something with your hands with the bulky arm rests and arm airbags.

But, therapeutically speaking, there is no other chair like this currently in the market. There are knock off lookalikes to the Sogno which even have shoulder/upper arm airbags but they only apply compression to the outside of the shoulders and arms. It is not a true bilateral airbag massage to the upper arms.

To see all of our videos on the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, go to You can also learn more about the Inada Sogno chair here on our website.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair News!

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair
Osaki 6000 Massage Chair

Up-to-the-Minute Massage Chair News

I’ve got a few things to go over for my readership, including some new massage chair models and price changes.

1. Osaki is introducing two new models, the Osaki 6000 and 7000. I haven’t seen pics of the 7000 yet, but the 6000 looks like an


upgrade to the very popular Osaki 3000 and 4000 models. They are all reminiscent of the Inada  Sogno, which has become the trendsetter in the massage chair industry. The Osaki 6000 will be available on our website in the next day or two. The 7000 will be available in the first quarter of 2012.

2. We are expecting our first Osaki floor model at our showroom this week. We are going to be putting up the Osaki 6000 for our showroom visitors to test and enjoy. Although I have set up an Osaki 4000 and briefly sat in it, I am really very unfamiliar with these chairs as far as first hand experience goes. They look great on  paper and seem to be very affordable for the feature-set, but I am looking forward to trying this 6000 model out for myself.

Massage Chair Price Increases!

3. The only massage chairs that are going up in price in the immediate future are the Inada massage chairs. Their prices are going up on February 1, 2012. The Inada Sogno will be jumping up $800 to $7799, while the Inada Yume will be going up $500 to $5999. The bottom line is…if you are thinking of getting either of these high-quality massage chairs, do it before February 1, 2012 unless you want to pay even more for them.

Massage Chair Promotions

4. The Human Touch promotions are continuing for the remainder of this week. When you purchase an HT-9500 massage chair you get an iPod Touch (I know how expensive these things are because we got a used one for my son for Christmas…and even that was expensive). When you purchase an HT-7450, Ht-7120, HT-5040, or an HT-3300, you get an extra year on the head to toe warranty, making it a 2 year full coverage warranty. Great deals…but they end this week!!

5. I’ve been getting more and more calls about the new Panasonic MA70 massage chair. I shared a brief review on this blog last week from a customer who purchased it. It is at the same price point as the Inada Sogno, but have not experienced it first hand to be able to give you a true comparison. Any feedback on this chair would be appreciated. It is on our site and I have read the literature, but anyone with actual experience would be welcome to comment.

6. I have been working on a comprehensive massage chair comparison chart over the last few months. It is almost ready. When it is, my webguy, Mike, will be putting it up on our website for your to actually compare chairs feature for feature. I think it will be magnificent for chair shopping.  We hope to have that functionality up on the site ASAP. I’ll let you know when it is up.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Have a super New Year and give the showroom a call for our New Year Sale pricing. Our number is 801-417-8240.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair – New!

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Omega has come out with a new massage chair and they are calling it the Montage Pro. It is a nice looking chair, apparently patterned

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair
Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

after the design of the very popular Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. We have seen Osaki, OSIM, and now Omega come out with Inada Sogno look-a-likes.

I can’t speak to how the Pro feels, since I’ve not sat in it yet, but I can certainly point out a few things about the chair which I feel are noteworthy.

1. Mechanical rollers in the feet. I wrote a blog post some time ago about mechanical foot rollers after a client asked me if I was aware of any massage chairs with mechanical foot rollers, and not just air bag compression massage. He had owned a King Kong chair which apparently had mechanical rollers, but they had gone out of business. Other than the “paddles” which the HT-9500 massage chair has (not rollers but air paddles), every other massage chair I could think of had only air bag compression massage in the feet. The Omega Pro HAS mechanical foot rollers.

2. 30″ Roller  Track. 30″ is a good long roller track. Some chairs have 25″ or less roller track length. If that is the case, the area that is compromised is the low, low back. The longer the track length the further down the low back the rollers will go. If you’ll pardon the pun, the long and short of what I’m trying to say is 30″ is a good long length.

3. It has an intensity control, unlike the other Omega chairs in the Montage family. So, if you want it one intensity and someone else in your home wants it at another intensity, the Pro provides that option.

4. No Stretch program. Stretch programs, regardless of the manufacturer, are usually well liked features of a massage chair. I noticed in the literature that stretch is not an available program on this chair.

5. Heat. Just like the other Montage models, heat is a big feature in the Pro.

Well, that about sums up my initial observations of this new chair from Omega. The price point is $6499. Compared to the Inada Sogno that is a bit pricey for a Chinese-made massage chair. When Inada raises the price of their Sogno to $7799 in February 2012 Omega’s price might seem a little more reasonable, relatively-speaking. Learn more about the chair here:

Dr. Alan Weidner

Differences Between the Osaki 3000 and Osaki 4000 Massage Chairs

Osaki 3000 Massage Chair
Osaki 3000 Massage Chair

Osaki 4000 Massage Chair vs. Osaki 3000 Massage Chair

Osaki has come onto the scene over the last couple of years with a lower priced line of massage chairs. These are Chinese-made chairs


which have a nice array of features, but are all priced below $3000. This line of chairs is owned by the same folks who brought the Titan massage chair line to market and are based inDallas,Texas. The Osaki line is a great offering for the very budget conscious massage chair consumer.

I am always hesitant to carry a new line of chairs without some sort of track record or positive history. I am seeing more and more of the Osaki massage chair line in the marketplace and have actually delivered and assembled one myself.

The assembly was not easy for me. I am by no means a handyman type of fellow, but a chair assembly should be simple for anyone. I know there are many folks like me out there who are pretty useless with a set of tools, but who still need a massage chair and its accompanying therapy. So, putting the chair together was a bit of a task for me. I did get it done, but it took me some time.

I followed the assembly instructions and they were pretty well laid out, but it was the difficulty in attaching the chair back and then putting in the 4 bolts that was quite a challenge for me. I needed my son to assist me with the install. It would have been very difficult otherwise.

The installation is the same for the 3000 or the 4000 massage chair models by Osaki. The chairs also look the same. But, there are some differences between the two models that justify the price difference.

Osaki Massage Chair Differences:

  1. 32 airbags in the Osaki 4000, 25 airbags in the Osaki 3000

The difference in the airbag number is explained by the arm, outer shouder, and thigh airbags that the Osaki 4000 has over the Osaki 3000. The Osaki 3000 also does not have airbags that inflate from the bottom of the headpiece down onto the trapezia muscles on top of the shoulders like the Osaki 4000 does.

  1. Heat

The Osaki 4000 massage chair has a heat element in the low back. The Osaki 3000 does not have a heat function.

  1. Stretch Program

The Osaki 4000 has a stretch program, whereas the Osaki 3000 does not. The stretch program basically entails the chair back and the ottoman going up and down throughout the massage session, thus inducing what I like to call a “milking” of the spinal tissue, including the discs, the muscles, and the ligaments. It is a very comfortable program and most folks love that program in a massage chair.

Osaki Massage Chair Similarities:

Both chairs have arm massage, seat massage, foot and calf massage, shiatsu and vibration, 6 automatic pre-programs, zero gravity positioning, intensity adjustment control, and body scan technology. Pretty much everything you need in a therapeutic massage chair, at a very decent price. The warranty is 1 year parts and labor (onsite), 2 years parts only, and 3 years structure/frame. It is a pretty typical warranty that will take care of you quite nicely for the first couple of years.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video – Rollers

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Rollers

I created a bunch of short videos going through many of the more subtle aspects of the popular Inada Sogno massage chair. I have one that I haven’t featured on this blog before so I figured I’d tell you about it. It discusses the roller system on the Inada Sogno. The rollers are very comfortable but can be made to quite vigorous, depending on what you are looking for. This video explains the rollers in greater detail.

You can check out more details about the Inada Sogno massage chair here:

A couple of things I really like about the rollers in the Inada Sogno massage chair is the fact that they go quite far down the back, even into the sacral/buttocks area. Compared to all the other chairs we carry, this the roller track on this model goes lower than any other manufacturer’s chairs. I also like the 3D function, wherein you can adjust the intensity of the rollers for those of us who enjoy a more vigorous massage.

Inada Sogno Price Going Up!!

Currently, we are offering the white glove delivery and 5 year extended warranty with the price of the chair. You should know that on February 1, 2012 the price of the Inada Sogno is going up to $7799. FYI!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair





Brief Review of New Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair!

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair Review!

I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately about the new Panasonic MA70 massage chair. I have done a couple of  literature reviews of it in the


past ( but you never really know how a chair feels until you sit in one or, at the very least, read about another person’s experience with the chair.

Well, I finally got some feedback from a recent customer who purchased the MA70. We delivered the chair to him last Saturday and he was kind enough to give me a preliminary review of his experience with it. Below is that review (unedited, in his own words)…

Install went fine. Chair is really cool and spent some time yesterday working it.

Keep u posted on my findings, I think I made the right choice. Already registered the product and extended my warranty by 2 yrs.

It’s a “mans mans” chair. Looks like a recliner which is also awesome (unlike some of the others that are not aesthetic)

Aside from looks, its super strong in the delivery of the massage, which to me is very important and the rollers are “3d” so they move around well to find that right spot on your neck or traps/shoulder area in manual mode to hit just the spot you may need work done on. The rollers may not feel “exactly” like a hand but its pretty darn close to “grasping” the shoulders if you ask me especially for a machine obviously and it definitely loosened me up.

There are basic stretch feature modes as well that it seems the instructions don’t describe well that seem to be auto modes unto themselves that are relaxing and nice.

Ill tell you more later but the biggest differences I can find between this and the inada involve looks, remote, and the rollers hit you like bricks (in a good way). Inada is more soothing and you can fall asleep in it (just like the ads say)

You wont fall asleep in this puppy.

The heating is nice too…it does not get “too” hot so no worries.

Great feedback and information for all of you checking out the new Panasonic MA70 massage chair. It sounds like it is a very vigorous massage which, to many, is ideal. I suppose that if you are looking for a gently pampering this may not be the massage chair for you.

Save $75 On Your Massage Chair Purchase

I hope this assist you in your buying massage chair decision. By the way, if you want to get $75 off the price of this chair, click on this Facebook image Follow on Facebook which will take you to our Facebook page. When you get there click on the “Like” button. You will then be given a promo code to use on our website shopping cart that will get you an instant $75 off the price of the chair that you want.

Just thought you’d want to know 🙂

Dr. Alan Weidner 

Massage Chair Heat Function – Helpful or Overrated?

Massage Chair Heat
Massage Chair Heat

Massage Chair Heat

A very common question from massage chairshoppers is “Does this or that model have heat?” I am going to discuss the different


types of heat that are available in the massage chair market and whether or not it is helpful or an overrated feature.

Surprising to many is that not all massage chairs have heat. I would say it is about half and half for those that do and those that don’t (based on my experience in this industry). I will only speak of the name-brand massage chairs, which are the only ones you can consistently and regularly trust for quality and warranty support.

Most massage chairs that have a heat function have it situated in or close to the low back. For example, the Human Touch HT-7450 massage chair and HT-7120 massage chair have a low back heater in the lower lumbar portion of the spine, which is around the belt line.

The Inada Sogno massage chair has a very interesting heat function, wherein there is a small heating element at the back of the seat, in the area of the sacrum, which is the hard bone in the middle of your spine just at the top of your buttocks. Some folks say that they don’t feel the heater in the Sogno, but it is there. Inada suggests a simple test if you don’t believe them. Put a dishtowel or washcloth over the back part of the seat and then sit in the chair for a session. When you are finished with the session feel the towel and you will feel heat in that one spot where the heating element is located.

A Massage Chair With Heat in the Feet!

Sanyo massage chairs do not have heat in the back, which is intuitively where you think a massage chair heater should be, but in the souls of the feet! Yes, at the very bottom of the chair underneath both feet is located a heating element. I suspect that this is geared towards the whole reflexology aspect of foot massage, which is a pretty popular thing in alternative health systems.

The Omega Montage has heat in the low back, the buttocks, and in the legs and feet. When you sit in that chair you will feel very warm, very fast. There is no doubt of the heat function when you are using the Omega massage chair. It can almost get too hot and you may need to shut off that feature if you want to sit for an extended period of time in that model.

Does Heat In A Massage Chair Really Do Anything?

Now, the big question is…is the heat function all that important? Well, I have a couple of opinions on that. The purpose of heat is to increase blood flow to an area. Cold is used to decrease blood flow to an area. You can tell when there is increased blood flow to an area by how red that area becomes when heat is applied or, as in the example of a soft tissue injury, when you see red swelling around the injured area.

As far as massage chairs are concerned, just the repetitive action of the rollers on your back will increase blood flow to the back muscles and skin. When you are finished a massage chair session and you look at your back in the mirror you will probably see red lines from the rollers going up and down your back.  That is a sign of increased blood flow, which is indicative of increased heat to that region. That will happen with our without a heating mechanism. You will also feel hotter in the massage chair while you are getting your therapy because of that increased blood flow.

So, if you are after heat when you are in your massage chair, you will get it no matter what, so long as the chair is on and the rollers are working. Adding a heating element will, in my opinion, just speed up the effects of heat. It will be introduced to your body as soon as you turn on that function on your chair anyway.

So, when it is all said and done, you will feel heat and benefit from the effects of heat regardless of whether  your chair has a heating element or not. Of course, for every extra feature that you get on a massage chair, you will pay a little bit more too. So, if cost is an issue, reducing features like heat will most likely save you some money in the process.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs Christmas Shipping Deadlines!!!

van illustration
van illustration

Christmas Massage Chairs Shipping Deadlines

The holiday season is upon us and it is crunch-time for getting  massage chairs before December 25th. Christmas falls on a Sunday this


year, so you are wanting to get your chair delivered by Friday, December 23rd. Each manufacturer and shipper has their own shipping deadlines to get you a massage chair by that date. Here is the schedule:

Osaki Massage Chairs:

  • December 16, 2011

Inada, Human Touch, Panasonic, Sanyo, and Omega Massage Chairs:

For standard delivery, plan on…

  • 5-6 days for the east coast
  • 4 days to Chicago to the states that boarder the east coast states
  • 3 days to the Midwest and Idaho.
  • 2-3 days to most western states
  • 2 days to Phoenix and northwest
  • Next day to California and Nevada

(Inada even has a shipping chart with more specific regions and dates. You can check it out here… )

For White Glove Delivery

  • Inada: 3 business days prior to the dates on the above-mentioned link.
  • Human Touch: December 14, 2011
  • Panasonic, Sanyo, Omega: December 14, 2011
  • Osaki: December 9, 2011

Here are a couple of things you need to also consider regarding the Christmas shipping deadlines:

1. Dates are never guaranteed because of inclement weather. It is snow season and these massage chairs do ship from California and Texas. They may have to go through a state where winter storms are a norm. Just be aware of that. In other words, order as early as possible to make sure you are not pushing your luck!

2. Since we are in Utah, we do the white glove delivery ourselves. That means that it will not take any longer time to get white glove delivery than standard delivery.

3. I have my own shipping guy in Southern California. He can deliver on Saturdays. So, if you order a massage chair during the last week before the 25th, we can most likely get you your chair by the 24th.

4. For confirmed, guaranteed delivery on a particular date, you will have to pay extra!

Well, that should do it. Get your orders in ASAP to avoid any hassle whatsoever with these deadlines and Christmas delivery.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Bliss – Inada Sogno and Inada Yume Models

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Inada Sogno and Inada Yume – Massage Chair Innovation!

Inada is the first name in massage chairs – literally. Mr. Inada, the founder of the company, actually invented the first massage chair in 1962. This year, the company bearing his name has produced two chair models that are simply superior to anything else on the market – the Inada Sogno and Inada Yume massage chairs.

Inada Yume Massage Chair

Pronounced “You Me”, the Inada Yume massage chair exemplifies the quality and innovation Inada devotes to its creations. The Yume at first appears a bit smaller than previous models, but this impression is misleading. The chair actually comes with significant new innovations, but everything is designed to be more compact and efficient. As a result, fluff items like arm chair air bags are no longer present, while new innovations that provide a better experience take their places.


There are three new elements to the Yume that make relaxing in it truly blissful. The first is an innovation that allows the chair to actually knead your calves. Other massage chairs use air bags to massage the calf area. Personally, I’ve found such an approach to be fairly useless, much like someone running balloons up and down your leg. The new kneading innovation on the Yume, titled Thera-Elliptical-Kneading, feels like a massage from a therapist. The calves are actually kneaded up and down as well as side to side to give one the sensation a person is doing the work. It is a delight, particularly if your feet and calves are barking from standing up all day.

The second innovation of note is the rocking mechanism. The Yume literally rocks the stress off of you. If you have ever spent time in a rocking chair, you will know what we mean. The Yume uses patented rotary rocking to lightly move you about. There is a something about the rotational rhythm that just brings on a sense of calm, something you will not find in any other massage chair.

The third innovation of note is the use of LED lights on the exterior of the ottoman. You can lower the lights in the room you are in and let the LED lights take over. Their soft glow adds to the atmosphere of bliss. It may sound like a little thing, but when combined with the calf kneading and rocking sensations, it makes for one amazing experience.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair has undoubtedly been the standard bearer for Inado the last four years. The innovations in the chair are so advanced that it was actually introduced in the United States at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, in 2008. It was an instant hit, particular for all the show goers who definitely needed to take a load off after walking around in the crowds and heat of Las Vegas for a few days.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The first innovation that sets the Sogno apart from other chairs is the Dreamwave technology it contains. This technology is designed to provide lower back relief by taking a new approach. It uses airbags to move the hips and lower back area in slow, slight vertical and horizontal movements. This loosens up the back muscles, allowing the inherent tightness found there to dissipate. This in turn loosens up the buttocks, hamstrings and upper back. I find it feels as though one’s body is actually unwinding from being in a tight ball. It is simply amazing.

The second major innovation with the Sogno is the approach it takes to dealing with cervical stress. If you sit at a desk all day, you are familiar with cervical tension. You experience it as tension across your shoulders and in the middle of your upper back just below the neck. This tension can cause you to hunch and can easily lead to blinding headaches. The Sogno uses an airbag process to massage these areas. Most people don’t realize how tense they are through the shoulders and upper back, so the massage of these areas provides a sense of almost immediate relief.

Inada Massage Chairs

Inada is the leader in massage chair innovations and quality. In addition to the highlighted elements of the Yume and Sogno mentioned above, each chair comes standard with the usual high quality elements you would expect to find in an Inada product – heating, deep back massage access and thigh massage airbags. Each serves as a part of the overall massage experience.

Inada was the first name in massage chairs when they were invented. Fortunately, neither Mr. Inada nor his company has rested on their laurels. Nearly half a century later, they continue to set the pace in the field of massage chairs. The Yume and Sogno models simply carry on this traditional of excellence.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Relief News!

Montage Pro Massage Chair
Montage Pro Massage Chair

Lots Happening in our Massage Chair World!

It is an exciting time of the year for us as massage chair retailers! Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday shopping and it starts to get a little crazy for us…and I absolutely love the energy associated with this time of year. I love getting your calls and inquiries about massage chairs. It is so fun interacting with all of you.

I get lots of calls about whether we have Black  Friday promotions going on at Massage Chair Relief. Well, yes we do! Call our showroom at 801-417-8240 and we’ll tell you what we have going on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here are some massage chair things you need to know:

1. The Inada i1 is replacing the i2A massage chair. The chairs are basically the same except that the i1 does not have arm vibration nor does it have the wood accent on the sides of the chair. Otherwise, it is the same chair. It is also a little cheaper at $3749.

2. Massage Chair Relief website redesign! Man, I am excited about this. We are completely revamping our website and it should be done this weekend. If you check in and find something lacking or anything that doesn’t work right, please let me know. It will be very easy to shop at with the new design. We’ve been working on it for quite some time.

3. With the new site design, we will be adding a new  line of massage chairs to our repertoire. The Osaki line of massage chairs is a


chinese-made line of massage chairs put out by the same company that introduced Titan chairs to the market. This line will provide a good line up of full-featured massage chair models in the under-$3000 price range. The models are the Osaki, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000. You can’t see them just yet…not until our site redesign is complete (see #2 above).

4. Omega massage chairsare introducing a new offering to the massage chair market. It is the Omega Montage Pro. I don’t know the

Montage Pro Massage Chair
Montage Pro Massage Chair

pricing yet, but I do know that it will be available after December 1. It appears to be, like the Osaki 3000 & 4000 models and OSIM uAstro, a lookalike model of the famous and extremely popular Inada Sogno massage chair. This is a chinese-manufactured chair with some nice features. Based on the other massage chairs already in the Omega Montage series, I suspect this chair will be priced in the $4000 range.

5. Inada has discontinued the Cube chair. A cute chair but it didn’t quite take off as they had hoped. It is still up on our website, as you can still buy inventory, but if you call me at 801-651-2026, I can get you a screaming deal on one! The Cube will not be on our site redesign. Inada massage chairs still include the Sogno, the Yume, and the i1.

Well, that’s about it. Have a fun shopping season. Please call with any and all massage chair questions. I’m always around. I told a customer last night in the showroom that my cell phone is like a body part to me…it goes with me everywhere I go and I use it at all times of the day and night.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Review of the Human Touch HT-7120 Massage Chair

HT-7120 Massage Chair Review

The HT-7120 Massage Chair from the well-known Human touch is a very popular massage chair. It comes as a newer model of the HT-125, HT-135, and HT-136, all of which had their share of popularity during the last 4 to 5 years. The HT-7120 comes with new and improved features that make it a fantastic and worthwhile massage chair.

HT-7120 Massage Chair
HT-7120 Massage Chair

HT-7120 Massage Chair Features

Adjustment of roller intensity. The HT-7120 comes with a button on the remote to adjust the intensity of the rollers, to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. The massage chair still provides a damper pillow, to further accommodate in case the lowest intensity is still not satisfactory. This model however, gives you the option to remove and hide the damper pillow in the chair back which can be zipped open and close.

Human Touch massage chairs are renowned for their intense rollers that provide nice vigorous massages. The HT-7120 possesses intense rollers just like its counterparts, but has the added benefit of being able to be adjusted to accommodate for different levels of intense massage.

Adjustment of calf airbags intensity. This is another valuable feature of the HT-7120. Older models came with default calf airbag intensity. The newer HT-7120 model enables adjustment of calf width, which regulates the amount of air pumped into the calf airbags to inflate it more or less, and adjust intensity. Additionally, as with other models, this massage chair gives you the option to remove the calf massage wells by rotating the ottoman and instead using it as a normal leg rest.

Low back heat. Previous massage chair models did not possess any form of heating. The HT-7120 features low back heat, which is a nice option for individuals who want to add extra warmth to their massage, and is especially helpful for massaging areas with chronic muscle scar tissue.

Sophisticated style and design. As opposed to older models which had very plain designs, the HT-7120 is very elegant, stylish and almost resembles an executive chair. While retaining identical bonded leather upholstery, its design is certainly an upgrade of previous models.

• The HT-7120 comes with a lever on the side of the chair to manually move the ottoman up and down, to adjust chair height.

Other notable features of the HT-7120 massage chair include:

• A swivel base feature. The HT-7120 has a swivel base that allows a 60 degree swivel of the massage chair, and is one of a handful of massage chairs that has this feature.

• Three automatic massage programs. The HT-7120 provides the basic full body, upper back and lower back massage programs, that enable effective massages for individuals.

• One year comprehensive on-site warranty.

• A ‘Stretch’ massage program. This program available with the HT-7120 is very popular among users. It involves the calf airbags working at your calves, and the rollers massage up and down your back, while the chair shifts up and down.

• No body scan technology. The HT-7120 does not have the scanning technology by Human Touch called the “Acupoint Detection System” that reads the spine and back of a user to determine a suitable massage. This feature is available in the HT-7450 and HT-9500 models.

Overall, the HT-7120 is a great massage chair that is worth its value. It costs under $3000, and manufactured in China. It is made by the giant and well-known US massage chair company, Human Touch, which provides an excellent customer service department that can assist with any enquiries about your chair. The HT-7120 is the perfect massage chair and provides an excellent and vigorous massage.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Spanking Massage Chairs???

screaming man
screaming man

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I just had to share this news story with you. I read in the New York Post that Russian police ordered spanking massage chairs! I have no idea what the spanking feature is. I’ve never seen a chair with that feature included and I’m not sure I ever will. Wouldn’t that hurt?[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”NY Post Article” style=”custom” custom_background=”#fb8000″ custom_text=”#ffffff” link=”||target:%20_blank|”][vc_column_text]Maybe it is a form of heat therapy. I remember getting spanked as a kid and I also remember my butt burning after the spanking. Hmmm..

Dr. Alan Weidner[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Can I Use A Massage Chair When I Am Pregnant?

Woman holding her tummy
Woman holding her tummy

Massage Chair and Pregnancy

Since my days in chiropractic up to my current involvement in the massage chair marketplace, I have been asked questions often about whether massage is safe for use during pregnancy. In addition, people wonder whether chiropractic adjustments, licensed massage therapy, and use of massage chairs are recommended for pregnant women.


My answer is always the same for all situations, and that is “Yes.” Of course, if there are unique concerns about the baby’s health or that of yourself, of course, it is prudent to check with your physician before embarking on a program of massage therapy.

In my practice through the years I have treated many pregnant women, in all stages from the beginning to the last trimester. Naturally, there may be some tweaking of a massage regimen in the last few months because of the body’s physical changes. There never have been any problems.

With all that is going on in a woman’s body during pregnancy, massage has wonderful benefits during the entire nine months.
For years I found that hands-on and manual massage were of great help to pregnant women. Since I have been involved in the massage chair industry, I have discovered no difference in the benefits from robotic massage therapy in a chair.

There is a pretty long list of health issues that can come up during pregnancy. Some of these are back and neck pain with headaches, muscle spasms, difficulty with breathing, poor circulation, insomnia, reduced mobility, and strained posture. Along with any other complaints you may have, even a few of the issues on this list can make your life miserable.

A massage chair is useful to help with all of these issues:

1. Aches and pains, muscle spasm – Your body will experience strain on your muscles as the baby grows. This can result in pain anywhere. Your best bet is to relax your muscles. Your massage chair not only relaxes your muscles, but also, helps flush toxins out that have settled there and can cause pain. When your muscles relax, pain and muscle spasm subside.

I’m sure you have heard of endorphins, nature’s answer to pain killers. They are released into your blood stream as you enjoy your massage chair. This is another causative factor in reducing those aches and pains in your body.

2. Poor Circulation with Swelling – Calf and foot massage features in massage chairs compress the legs which helps the lymph and blood circulate better. Edema (swelling) will be reduced and toxins (discussed above) flushed from the body more efficiently.

3. Poor Posture (Postural Stress) – Any pregnant woman knows about this health issue. You have this mass sticking out from your middle that throws you off-kilter. Your posture suffers. Maybe you started out your pregnancy with poor posture, as well. The added strain on your muscles from postural stress often produces pain and aching.

You will find, as most folks do, that your posture improves after a massage chair session. You will stand straighter because of the massage chair’s working of your muscles.

4. Reduced Mobility – With forty pounds of baby, fluids, and tissue added to your body, you can’t move as readily. Your joints don’t seem to cooperate when you try to turn. Your massage chair sessions will amaze you as you check yourself afterwards. You will be able to turn far more easily than before.

5. Headaches, Neck and Back Pain – All the above benefits to posture, muscles, etc, will aid in reduction of any pain, no matter where it is located.

6. Difficulty with Breathing – How in the world are you supposed to breath deeply with that precious cargo pressing in on you. Actually, aside from the obvious, most pregnant women unconsciously develop a slouch. Your posture will be dramatically improved by the roller action over the middle of your back. In addition to your relaxed muscles, you will have better posture and ability to breath more deeply. Improved sleep can result, as well.

7. Insomnia (Sleeping Problems) – Countless people have told me how surprised they were to find that after their massage chair sessions, they slept better. Your “nerves” relax as well as your muscles. While trying to sleep a month before you are due can be a challenge with any therapy you are involved in, the relaxation alone from your massage chair will undoubtedly help get a better night’s sleep.

With this information, your mind should be at ease about using your massage chair while pregnant.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Important Inada Sogno and Inada Yume Massage Chair Info

Inada Sogno and Inada Yume Going Up In Price!

The latest news from Inada is that their chair prices will increase on February 1, 2012. The price increase doesn’t surprise me, as they have increased their prices each year since the Inada Sogno was introduced to the market (and it still continues to outsell everything else!).

What surprises me is the amount of the increase this time around. Regarding the Inada  Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, it has always been around a $200 jump in price each year. This year the price will jump from $6999 to $7799!  Yeah, I know…kinda shocking. But, apparently the US dollar is still very weak against the Japanese Yen and weakening so relative manufacturing costs continue to climb.

The leather Sogno price will increase to $8999 from $7999.

The new Inada Yume, which just came out in May of this year, will jump from $5499 up to $5999.

All I can say is that I hope their prices go down when the US dollar gets stronger! It is interesting to me that the Panasonic and Sanyo chairs that are manufactured in Japan have held their pricing for the last 3-5 years. I wonder if they will ever go up in price, like the Inada chairs have. If they do, you can be sure I’ll be the first to break the news to you.

So, bottom line is if you are thinking of getting a new Inada massage chair, order soon so that you get in on the current pricing schedule. If you snooze, you will definitely lose ($800 on the Inada Sogno and $500 on the Inada Yume).

It is the holiday season, so go get your massage chairs now.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Using A Massage Chair For Your Feet and Calves

Massage Chairs with Calf Massage
Massage Chairs with Calf Massage

Foot and Calf Therapy in Massage Chairs

The feet and calves massage experience you enjoy depends largely on the mechanism used in your massage chair. You can get an idea of how extensive your massage might be by examining different chairs. The more the chair looks like a regular recliner in the calf and foot area, the less likely it will provide as intense a massage.

Massage Chair with Calf Massage
Massage Chair with Calf Massage

Nearly every massage chair does include some form of lower extremity massage. The calf massage feature alone is found on many chairs. Many users insist that the foot and calf chair massage is the feature they like most in any chair. Since most of us spend a fair amount of time on our feet, massaging the lower extremeties can make a world of difference in our quality of life.

Different Types of Massage Chair Ottomans

Many creative ideas have spawned the mechanisms that provide foot and calf massage. Sometimes, rollers are used, other times, airbags. Airbags are more common and create a wonderful experience by pressing on the feet and calves, sometimes sequentially, so you get the sensation of movement from one end of the massage area to the other.

Every company has a different take on the use of airbags to produce a good massage. The apparatus for lower extremities is generally referred to as an ottoman.

This typically is all one piece that attaches to the chair. Examples are the Omega Aires and Human Touch model – Acutouch HT-9500. These chairs massage both the feet and calves. Because this is the feature that makes a recliner look less than attractive, Human Touch has produced several models to deal with the problem.

The HT-9500 massage chair boasts an ottoman that retracts. Their HT-7450 and HT-7120 both feature an ottoman that rotates. They only massage the calves, but at least the calf wells aren’t visible.

To accommodate taller statures, some models like the Panasonic 30007 offer a detachable foot massager. This allows a person to position their calves for a proper massage of that area. The problem arising is that the ankle sides are massaged by the foot massager.

Inada has dealt with the needs of tall folks by designing a flexible attachment positioned between the calf massage mechanism
and that of the foot. This lets the person stretch the legs out while the foot mechanism remains perpendicular to the massage mechanism of the calf.

Also, Inada has a new technology on their Inada Yume massage chair, I’ve not seen before. They have named it Thera-Elliptical-Kneading. Using a combination of figure eight motions of the calf wells and compression of airbags, an amazing calf massage is the result.

A few companies utilize rollers for the bottoms of the feet. The effect is similar to that you get on your back with the usual rollers. The new Omega Montage Pro, the King Kong (now defunct), and Elite Optima chairs have advertised both airbags and rollers for the feet.

Having tried many massage chairs in my years as a chiropractor, I have never found a better foot and calf massage than that of the Human Touch HT-9500 mentioned several times above. The ottoman “paddles” are one of the features that make it special.

With so many variations available, you can see why there are so many types of massage chairs in the marketplace. Every individual has needs and there are certain chairs better for you than others. That is why we recommend your investigation of all the possibilities out there so you end up with the best massage chair for your calves and feet.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Inada Sogno Massage Chair – Dreamwave/Low Back Airbag Technology

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Dreamwave and Low Back Airbag Technology of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

I am a chiropractor that has treated numerous patients that suffer with pain in their lower back. Naturally, as a chiropractor, I employed the rotary lower back adjustment which helps to loosen the joints in the lower back area, and also to stimulate normal motion for the lower back joints. If you have been to a chiropractor before then you know all about “the move.” This is the move when the chiropractor tries to twist your body into a pretzel, in order to get your back to “pop.”

Most of the time, this is the chiropractic manipulation or adjustment that is used to alleviate low back pain. It usually takes a couple of office visits to receive the complete benefits of the effective treatment.


For anyone who has used a massage chair in the past, you are aware that the primary feature of just about every massage chair are those up/down rollers that basically move from your skull’s base and go down to the very bottom part of your back. The problem that many massage chairs have is that they do not have any rotary motion that is applied to your low back.

I really never expected any types of massage chairs to “pop” a person’s bones, but I always thought lower back rotary motion would be very helpful. I never thought a massage chair could do this until I saw the new Inada Sogno massage chair that just became available in market. This chair featured not one, but two, low back functions that absolutely grabbed my attention. First of all, the waist airbags inflated alternately which induced a rotation motion for the lower back. Secondly, I was impressed by the advanced technology of the Dreamwave feature in the seat because it passively and very effectively moved the pelvis.

The Waist Airbags of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Other types of massage chairs also have the waist airbags feature, however, for the first time ever, I saw airbags that inflated on one side first and the other side next, in other words, alternating. Right away I noticed the chair’s motions felt very much like the technique that a chiropractor uses when performing the side posture for the low back adjustment. Naturally, it did not give the same kind of torque that chiropractors apply manually, but it was amazing to see a massage chair manufacturer attempt to imitate that very same motion.

Technology Of The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Dreamwave Technology gives that passive motion that’s so very difficult to carry out in most clinical situations. All you have to do is sit down on the seat and this massage chair will work its wonders. When you use the Dreamwave feature, right away you will notice the chair seat starts moving in a smooth undulating figure-8 motion that goes sideways.

Needless to say, you do not have to be experiencing any debilitating pain to appreciate this feature. It’s so gentle and soothing that you’ll really enjoy experiencing it. The motion that is applied is a very gentle motion that is passive, which helps to hydrate the discs in your lower back, as well as, to relax your pelvis and the areas of the lower back. It’s an extremely remarkable feature and will most likely be replicated by different manufacturers in the future.

Both of these features that Inada Sogno massage chairs have really do make it, quite possibly, the most distinctive and effective therapeutic massage chair ever made.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs: News and Specials

human touch premium protection plan
human touch premium protection plan

We are getting close to the holiday season, so it is time to get geared up for it as far as massage chairs are concerned. Here are some things you need to know before it gets too late:

1. Human Touch Promotions are going strong. There are three that apply to our massage chairs:

a.) If you purchase an Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair, you will also get a free iTouch with your purchase. Human Touch will mail that gift to you separately once you purchase the chair and fill out the redemption paperwork,

b.) Free 2 year extended warranty with the purchase of any Human Touch massage chair, except the HT-9500 and the iJoy and Perfect


Chair models. This is called the Premium Protection Plan and gives you on-site, in-home warranty support for 2 years, rather than the standard 1 year warranty. And finally…

c.) Free  Human Touch CirQlation foot and calf massager with the purchase of a PC-085 or PC-086 Perfect Chair. The bad news with this promotion is that there won’t be any PC-085 or PC-086 Perfect Chairs until early 2012. According to Human Touch’s own website…

Due to severe weather and flooding throughout Asia, our factory production is temporarily suspended. As a result, this product is out of stock online until early 2012.

So, go ahead and order anyway, so that you can still get the bonus gift when the chairs finally do come in.

2. Inada Sogno massage chairs stock update:

It seems that Inada is always backordered on one color or another of the popular Inada Sogno massage chair. Well, currently they are stocked up on every color, except chocolate which should be in next week. But, take it from me…if you are even remotely thinking about getting an Inada Sogno for Christmas, order NOW so that you can make sure to get one. They sell out like crazy!

3. Delivery of massage chairs by December 25th is a big deal.

I will be posting Christmas shipping deadlines for each  massage chair manufacturer within a week or so. That way you will know how far you can procrastinate! 😉

And, as always, please feel free to contact me by email or my personal cell phone (801-651-2026) anytime! I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan  Weidner 


Massage Chair Intensity Adjustments For Your Inada Sogno

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Intensity Adjustments

Loaded with features, this is the most incredible massage chair we have seen enter the marketplace. By massaging over 1200 square inches, the closest competitor only covers about 450 square inches.


While most people like the Inada Sogno immediately, there are those folks who feel like more intensity is needed. In order to please more users, Inada has made the roller default setting lower than some people might like. They wanted to be sure sensitive folks didn’t experience too intense of a massage the first time they used the chair.

To one not accustomed to massage, the powerful features available in this chair could be overwhelming with all settings in high gear. To borrow a phrase from the automotive industry, “This is not your father’s massage chair.”

Most folks don’t realize that there are several easy ways to increase intensity. By making these simple adjustments, you can enjoy a much more rigorous massage with your chair.

Here are a few other ways to increase the massage chair intensity:

1. Adjusting the 3-D roller system. Older massage chairs used pretty simple roller technology. The Inada Sogno massage chair features a three dimensional system called 3-D. Without getting too technical, there are different motions along 3 axes to produce a thorough and intense massage. These 3 features are rarely found together in chairs.

The z-axis motion is less often found. You can regulate it with your remote. Push the “+” to increase and the “-” button to decrease the intensity. If you want a more vigorous massage, push the “+” button. You will see the movement of your chest forward in response. To get less intensity, just press the “-” button and the rollers will pull back.

While this is the easier way to regulate intensity, you may prefer an even more vigorous massage. There is yet another way to impact your massage experience.

2. The place where you rest your head on your massage chair is detachable. It can be lifted up and flipped over the chair or buttoned onto the chair back.

With that piece and its pad removed, there is nothing but thin material separating you from the rollers from your neck down to your lower back. You experience a very rigorous massage with this feature in motion.

Now, by pressing the 3-D “+” button again, the intensity is increased all the more. Experienced massage chair users say that with the 3-D rollers on highest intensity along with the headpiece and pad removed, it is the most vigorous chair massage they have experienced. With so many intense systems for massage available, that is saying a lot.

3. 100 airbags are featured. With so many airbags ccompressing your thighs, legs, or arms all at once, it can be pretty intense.

The good news is that Inada gives you options for adjusting the intensity. Every airbag can be changed from Low to Medium to High settings by remote. Adjust everything at once or one area of your body at a time.

These are some simple ways to make your massage experience as gentle or as intense as you like. The options are many, as you can see, in this amazing massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner 

Brand Name Vs. No Name Massage Chair – How To Tell The Difference

HT-9500 Massage Chair
HT-9500 Massage Chair

Brand Name vs. No Name Massage Chairs

I get calls all the time from people searching for someone to help with their no name massage chair problems. They bought their chairs for “a song” and now they are paying the price for it. This article will help you see the difference between a no name chair and a brand name model.

When you buy a massage chair, it not unlike when you make other major purchases. You want to know there will be guarantees if something goes wrong. You expect good customer service if you need help figuring out how to operate an item.


The same goes for your massage chair purchase. You should do some research to find out about the manufacturer before you make a decision. You want a reputable company that serves its customers after the sale. High sales volume generally means the product is of good quality.

With an electronic gadget like a massage chair, things can go wrong. Rollers, airbags, or circuit boards can fail. You want a good warranty, but just because the warranty sounds great, doesn’t mean it is good. One of the best ways to check on a warranty is to ask for customer reviews. Reputable companies do not mind giving these out. They may post reviews on their website.

There are cheap Chinese knock-offs of name brand massage chairs sold for much less than their original counterparts. People get burned because they rush into a purchase without doing much research. It is such a good deal, they can’t pass it by. There is a saying, “Pay me now or pay me later.” This certainly applies to massage chairs.

Here are the pro’s and con’s of buying a name brand vs. a no-name massage chair:

No-Name Brand Massage Chairs


1. The products look good.

2. Big savings on a less expensive chair.

3. That’s about it


1. High rate of failure.

2. Warranty support lacking.

3. Usually cannot find parts.

4. Inaccessible customer support. Generally you have to email or leave a message and hope to hear back from them.

5. Generally the reseller does not stay in business more than a few months.

6. Outrageous warranty claims. I know of one reseller that boasted a ten year full warranty. No-names are lacking in warranty support.

Brand Name Massage Chairs


1. Parts are available. With thousands of chairs having been sold, the brand name companies have parts for your chair.

2. Customer reviews are more available now than ever before with so many chairs being sold. You can find them online.

3. Good customer service includes phone numbers that are generally answered right away and live chat on the company website. They stand ready to help you with any problem.

4. Continual upgrading of their chairs. Name brand companies spend money on research and development.

5. Even after expiration of the warranty, name brand companies can refer you to a technician nearby.


1. Cost. You will pay more for a brand name chair with the same features as a knock-off. Many brand name chairs are made in Japan and are generally higher quality than those from China.

2. Well…I realy can’t think of any other cons.

I hope this information convinces you to avoid the cheap, no-name massage chair trap. Maybe you like taking risks and don’t care if you lose money. If you want quality that will give you years of satisfaction, then go with the name brand.

Some good brand names include Inada, Panasonic, Elite, OSIM, Omega, Osaki, Sanyo, and Human Touch. There are other good ones, as well. The internet makes it easy for you to check on many companies and models for the features that interest you.

Do your homework if you decide to purchase from an online retailer. It is good to investigate customer support, even with brand name chairs. Call them before you buy and see how you are treated. Local showrooms will give you the opportunity to sit in the chairs and see how they feel.

Whatever you do, find a source with a solid reputation in the industry. With this information about no-names and brand names you should be able to decide wisely on a good massage chair for your home or office.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The Inada Yume And Inada Sogno Massage Chair – Here Are The differences

Inada Sogno vs. Inada Yume Massage Chair

Inada comes up with a new massage chair every few years. These offerings are not rehashed old models, but are marked by advances in technology and innovation. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair came to market in 2008, with the Inada Yume following in 2011.

Inada has lived up to its pioneering reputation with these two models. They boast functions not seen up to now in the massage chair industry. I will go through the differences between these very popular Inada chairs, so you can see what works better for you.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair

1. Thigh massage with airbag compression (works the ITBs – Ilio-Tibial Bands).

2. Full arm massage with airbag compression (includes hands, wrists, forearms, and arms).

3. Cervical Traction Headpiece – airbag massage for neck and upper shoulder (trapezia) muscles.

4. Dreamwave technology for the seat (provides side to side with up and down pelvic movement with low back airbags). This feature especially is beneficial for acute low back pain. The technology is revolutionary enough that Inada chose to use Inada Sogno Dreamwave as the full name of this model.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

5. Airbag massage for foot and calf.

6. Rollers move below the lower back to the upper buttocks via a vertical track. They reach lower than other massage chairs.

7. The seat includes a heating mechanism.

8. Contemporary design (Award winning).

9. Colors offered include black leather, creme, red, chocolate, dark brown and black.

10. White glove delivery offered, including setup and removal of shipping materials.

11. This is a very large massage chair – with two boxes (324 lbs. total) required for shipping.

12. Comprehensive standard three year on-site warranty.

13. Price is $6999 (at this writing).

Inada Yume Massage Chair

1. Rocking chair motion (5-7 rocks per minute)

2. Therapeutic Calf Massage – Calf Muscles are massaged with a Thera-Elliptical-Kneading process. The calf wells move up and down in a kneading motion along with airbag compression to produce an intense massage.

Inada Yume Massage Chair
Inada Yume Massage Chair

3. LED lighting on the sides of the calf wells to produce a relaxing atmosphere when room lights are turned off.

4. Neck airbags to stretch the neck by alternating inflation on the head and shoulder on one side at a time. Less sophistocated than the Inada Sogno, but still effective.

5. Seat airbags for low back rotation. (The Inada Sogno gets this effect with low back airbags.

6. No thigh, arm, or foot airbags like those found with the Inada Sogno.

7. No heating mechanism.

8. Usually regular door-to-door delivery.

9. Comprehensive standard three year on-site warranty

10. Colors include black, dark brown, creme, and red.

11. Much smaller massage chair than the Inada Sogno. It ships in one box at 271 lbs.

12. Price (at this writing): $5499.

To sum up, the Inada Yume and Inada Sogno primarily differ as follows:

1. Inada Sogno employs Dreamwave technology in the seat, a cervical traction device or headpiece, calf and foot airbag massage, thigh airbags, and full arm airbags.

2. Inada Yume uses airbag technology for neck stretching massage and seat massage. There is no foot, arm, or thigh airbag massage. It does include thera-elliptical-kneading for the calves and rotary rocking.

3. No heating mechanism in the Inada Yume while the Inada Sogno includes a subtle heating mechanism at the back of the seat.

4. More color choices with the Inada Sogno.

5. The Inada Sogno is a much larger chair than the Inada Yume.

6. Price – There is a $1500 difference.

There you have a comparison of the two most popular Inada chairs. You cannot go wrong with either of them; it simply depends on what features of these high quality massage chairs will meet your needs.

Dr. Alan  Weidner 

Foot Rollers in a Massage Chair?

Is There A Massage Chair Out There With Foot Rollers?

UPDATE TO THIS BLOG POST (02/15/2012):  Recently, Omega has introduced a new model, the Omega Montage Pro massage chair which has rollers in the feet. You can check out this new model here:


I spoke to a gentleman yesterday afternoon who asked me about finding a replacement for his old King Kong massage chair. It had been irreparably damaged by flooding in his home and was looking to get a new chair.

The main thing he was looking for in a chair was rollers in the foot portion of the ottoman. The reason he just doesn’t get a new King Kong chair is because they exist no more. Apparently, they went out of business after they lost a law suit to Human Touch.

Other than the Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500, which has a phenomenal calf and foot massage ottoman, I couldn’t think of any other massage chair that has actual mechanical rollers under the foot. Virtually every other massage chair that I am aware of uses airbags in the ottoman. Even though each manufacturer uses airbags differently so that the feel is unique to their particular line of chairs, it is all still airbags. By the way, of all the massage chairs we sell, I’d have to say that the foot and calf massage of the Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair is the best, hands down. It really feels awesome!

I’d like to know if any of our readers are aware of a massage chair that has foot rollers. If you do, drop me a line at or call me on my cell number at 801-651-2026. I’d be very interested, as would my client, to find out if there are any other massage chairs with mechanical foot rollers. Here is a picture


of the rollers, for your enjoyment and curiousity…

Massage Chair Foot Rollers
Massage Chair Foot Rollers

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Neck Options Of The Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Roller or Airbag Massage of the Inada Sogno

You will find yourself amazed more than once at the versatility of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. An incredible feature for neck massage allows you to control intensity by repositioning the cervical traction device (headrest) along with the pad attached to it. With the headpiece in its normal position you experience a more gentle massage on your neck. When you easily remove it for more vigorous massage, traditional roller technology will aggressively work your neck and upper shoulder muscles.


The neck and head traction device uses air cells to massage your neck and head. At the same time, airbags at the bottom of the headpiece massage the upper shoulder muscles. There are nodules attached there to simulate the kneading of human fingers. Along with pressure on the shoulders is a stretching of the neck. It is a fabulous experience to relax in your Inada Sogno massage chair and feel tensions melt away from your neck and upper shoulders.

Deeper Neck Massage With The Inada Sogno Massage Chair!

You may enjoy the gentler airbag massage, but still want a deeper working of your neck muscles by using traditional rollers. This is where the versatility of moving the airbag apparatus (cervical traction device) up over the back of the chair comes into play. After snapping the headpiece onto the top of the chair back you are ready for a serious neck massage.

You cannot beat the intensity of a good roller massage. By lifting the head piece with its padding from the rollers, there is only a thin layer of material separating your body from the rollers. This position will aggressively massage the sore muscles of your neck and upper back.

Most folks, when they first experience the Inada Sogno massage chair, do not realize this more intense roller massage feature exists beneath the fancy headpiece. Some shoppers, after trying the chair in the usual position, have told us they thought the massage experience was too gentle for them. The great thing about this versatile chair is that you can have it both ways, gentle or intense, with a flip of the headpiece.

Check out this video we made to explain it visually to you…

The Stretch Program of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The “stretch” is another feature to enjoy with the head unit placed over the chair back. What I love about this automatic program is the way the rollers start rolling from the lowest part of your back (sacrum) near the top of your buttocks and work their way up your spine to the base of your head. At that point, the position is held so your muscles can relax, making the stretch more effective and long lasting.

If you find yourself using the more vigorous massage features for your neck and upper back, be sure to pay attention to the clearance behind your chair. When you reposition the headpiece (cervical traction device) out of the way, and fully recline, you will need more room behind your chair.

The advanced neck massage features alone are what draw many shoppers to this amazing chair. The versatility offered for both gentle and more vigorous massage is fantastic. Members of the same family can experience their own unique style of massage from the same chair. The Inada Sogno is a wonderful massage chair that will look great in your home or office and will be certain to improve your life.

Dr. Alan Weidner 

Human Touch Massage Chair Review of HT-7120, HT-5040, and HT-3300 Massage Chairs

HT-7120 Massage Chair
HT-7120 Massage Chair

HT-3300 vs. HT-5040 vs. HT-7120 Massage Chairs

by Human Touch

If you are looking for a bargain on a good massage chair, look no further than the models produced by Human Touch. An American company with chinese-manufactured massage chairs, these quality chairs offer features once found only on more expensive chairs. For example, one of their biggest sellers is the HT-7120 massage chair, popular because of all the bells and whistles included for a reasonable price.

You can spend even less, and get either the HT-5040 or the HT-3300 with the same great roller technology. These models offer fewer features, but not everyone wants all the fancy additions found on higher priced chairs.

Since these three chairs are so closely related, I will review for you the similarities and differences between them.

HT-7120 Massage Chairs

A few years ago, the HT-125/135/136 series was popular, but improvements needed to be made. The HT-7120 was developed to include features absent from the older models, like adjustable intensity of massage rollers and calf airbags. Low back heat was not featured in older models.


The HT-7120 utilizes bonded leather instead of real leather upholstery which helps keep the cost down. The Human Touch massage chair specialty of a 60 degree swivel is included. Also, both the ottoman and chair back operate with a power recline feature.

HT-5040 and HT-3300 Massage Chairs

The HT-5040 massage chair is essentially the same chair as the HT-7120. However, intensity adjustments for the calf airbags or rollers, power recline, and low back heat are not included.

An even more basic chair is the HT-3300 with its manual feature to recline the chair back. It does include a power benefit for raising and lowering the ottoman which keeps you from having to bend over for adjustment.

HT-3300 Massage Chair

These three models all have the same basic look. The major difference in the HT-3300 massage chair is with the arm rests. The HT-7120 and HT-5040 both have soft and rounded upholstery on the arm rests, whereas the HT-3300 has arm rests of wood.

HT-3300 Massage Chair
HT-3300 Massage Chair

To justify prices for the HT-3300 and HT-5040 at lower levels, Human Touch has not included some of the features you will see in the higher priced models. At the time of writing this article, the HT-3300 sells for $1499, the HT-5040 for $1999, and the HT-7120 for $2899.

If you have priced quality massage chairs at all, you know that these are very good prices. I am certain you have not seen many name-brand massage chairs advertised for prices like these. However, it is good to be careful when you shop. There are incredible prices on chairs out there with lots of features and they sound wonderful. But, check around and be sure to find out the warranty and customer service guarantees before you buy.

These three Human Touch models all come with a standard one year comprehensive, on-site warranty, three year chassis/structure warranty, and two year parts warranty. One thing I have found with Human Touch is that their customer service is second to none. I love the fact that after the sale, they are always there to help whether offline or online.

It is good to think about things like warranties and customer service when you consider an off brand. If you have a problem with the chair, you want the company to be there to help you get it fixed. Human Touch has a great reputation for customer service and warranty support. Whether you decide on the HT-7120, HT-5040, or HT-3300, you will find that a Human Touch massage chair will serve you well.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Fine Tune The Intensity Of Your Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Adjusting the Massage Intensity of the Inada Sogno

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair offers unique features so you can control the intensity of your massage from day to day. On some days, you may want a good muscle work out from an aggressive massage. You can experience the kind of massage that leaves you with some lingering soreness for a day. This is not for everyone, but it is attainable for those of you who prefer it.


On other days, especially after an intense massage, you may prefer to dial down to a more gentle massage. Of course, there are many of you that prefer a gentle massage every day you use your chair. It is up to you. That is what makes the Inada Sogno massage chair so great!

The versatility of this wonderful massage chair gives you many choices on how you can experience your massage. An integral part of most massage chairs is the roller mechanism. The Inada Sogno includes rollers that move from the base of your skull all the way down your spine to your upper buttocks. Most other chairs only reach the lower back.

To achieve massage in the areas of your body not reached by rollers, airbags are employed. These air cells can produce incredible compression on your hands, arms, thighs, legs, hips, waist, and buttocks. You control the intensity and areas of your body you want massaged.

Three Ways To Adjust Your Inada Sogno Massage Chair Roller Intensity

1. Here are several adjustments you can make with your remote to change back roller intensity on your Inada Sogno. On the top half of the remote, you can see the arrows pointing up and down beside the “Back 3-D” button. By pushing this button you can control the intensity of your back massage. It causes a forward motion of the rollers when you push “up” which feels like you are being pushed forward as you lie in the chair.

2. Another way to increase massage intensity is to flip the cervical traction device and pad over the back of the chair. In its usual position, the padding serves to provide a gentler massage. When it is no longer in place, only unpadded material separates your body from the rollers. For those of you looking for an intense massage, this may be one of your favorite features on the Inada Sogo massage chair.

3. The third way to fine tune your massage chair is to take advantage of gravity. By completely reclining the chair (180 degrees), your body will be exerting more pressure down onto the chair. You will feel the increased intensity of a horizontal massage when contrasted with one in a sitting position.

Two Ways To Adjust Your Inada Sogno Massage Chair Airbag Intensity

The Inada Sogno massage chair offers you even more versatility in controlling the intensity of your massage. The airbags are designed to reach those areas of the body not massaged by the back rollers.

1. With your remote you can control the strength of the airbags. As you look at the lower portion of your remote, you will see a door opening to several manual settings. You can change the setting on any part of the body the airbags touch to get the desired intensity. For example, just push the button for arm air and only that area will respond to your command.

The default setting as you start your program is “Medium.” By pushing the button it will change to “High” (more intense). Push it again and you will see “Cancelled.” Yet another push will bring you to the least intense setting, “Low.” This simple method allows you to achieve your desired massage level with the push of one button!

2. Even though it is nice to have the option of setting intensity for individual areas of the body, at some point in your massage chair program, you may want to change all the airbags at the same time. There is a button marked “Air Level” on the top portion of the remote just above the door opening the bottom part of the remote.

By pushing this button you control the intensity of all the air cells at once. It is a one button control and works like the one I explained above. From whatever setting a part of your body is on, this button will take it and the other settings to whatever the next level is. Press it again and it will move to the next level and so on.

It is wonderful to have this ability to change intensity so easily as you progress through your program. If you are wondering about any of the functions, your owner’s manual will go into more detail for you.

You May Be Surprised At The Intensity Of The Inada Sogno Massage Chair

As you can see, adjustments on this magnificent massage chair can take you all the way from gentle to aggressive massage experiences. By using some of the techniques and settings I’ve mentioned in this article, you may be surprised at the intensity you can achieve with your Inada Sogno massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch HT-9500 Massage Chair Price Going Up Nov. 1!

HT-9500 massage chair
HT-9500 massage chair

HT-9500 Massage Chair Price Going Up!

We received notification this last week that Human Touch will be increasing the price of their popular HT-9500 massage chair to $5499


from the current price of $4999.

The HT-9500 is the newly revamped version of the old HT-1650, which we found to be an extremely popular seller, on account of two things: 1.) great foot and calf massage, and 2.) the look and feel of a regular recliner. The new HT-9500 made some changes by adding an off-the-ground elevation feature of the ottoman to accommodate shorter body types and adding an iPhone app to run the chair from your iPhone.

The HT-9500 pricing of $5499 seems a little high for a chinese-made chair, but it is a great chair and we expect sales to continue without any ill-effect from the up-and-coming price increase.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair – The True Story

My 19 years of chiropractic and the last 9 years of massage chair usage bring me to some conclusions about the zero gravity massage chair. Also, termed “anti-gravity,” zero gravity has become a catch phrase with massage chair shoppers. It has become so

popular that much confusion about the term has resulted.

Unfortunately, many proponents of the feature make claims that cannot be supported. Nearly all sales people lately seem to be saying their chairs are zero gravity. Upon close examination of the chairs said to have this feature, I have to say the claims seem close to false advertising.

History of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity first became known from NASA studies in the space program. The largestUSmassage chair manufacturer, Human Touch, used the concept of zero-gravity to design chairs for the home. They called the line of chairs – Perfect Chair.

To paraphrase the Human Touch website, NASA’s Skylab program discovered a body position which feels like weightlessness.  It is the point at which muscles are balanced with lessened pressure from gravity and the result is true relaxation.  The Perfect Chair recliner is designed to produce zero gravity.

There is a reason you were encouraged to avoid slumping as a teenager. Gravity exerts a horrific force on the body throughout life. If your body is not in proper alignment, gravity will cause all kinds of health problems. By positioning your body at zero gravity, pressure on joints is relieved. All those places like your knees, neck, hips, lower and upper back can relax because gravitational force is lessened. By regular sessions in your chair, you can keep your body structure aligned and healthy.

To give you an example, a common malady is a slouched shoulder posture along with a forward head carriage. Gravitational “pull” adversely affects your spine when you continue in such a body position. Fatigue sets in because it takes energy to battle the effects of gravity on your off-kilter body. The pressure on your joints causes them to wear out with such musculoskeletal conditions as degenerative arthritis the tragic result.

Perhaps you have tried out a zero gravity chair. If so, you know how the term “weightlessness” applies to such a massage chair. Your position in the chair removes pressure and is very comfortable. Sufferers of low back pain are especially helped. I have heard many people say their sleep is better in a zero gravity chair than in their own bed.

So, What On Earth Is Zero Gravity Anyway?

The best seated position to produce “weightlessness” is for the seat to tilt up 30 degrees. That’s zero gravity. A simple idea is what Human Touch used to design the Perfect Chair line. Then they applied the same concept to the HT-7450 massage chair. This was the beginning of zero gravity in a massage chair. This, along with the massage feature, spawned a whole new level of therapy from massage chair manufacturers.

Soon Sanyo introduced the Sanyo 7700 massage chair. They employed the same technology with the 30 degree seat angle along with massage therapy. The true zero gravity chairs, the Sanyo 7700 and the Human Touch HT-7450 are very popular for their respective manufacturers. I believe the tilted seat is the key to their popularity. Since then many new massage chair models have come out with zero gravity as a primary feature. Examples of some of these models include the Osaki 4000, Osaki 6000, Osaki 7000, Omega Montage Pro,

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs – False Advertising?

It is beyond me why there are so many models claiming the zero gravity feature when their seats have nowhere near a 30 degree upward tilt. It appears to be a marketing scheme to take advantage of the current zero gravity frenzy.

Regardless of the massage chair you get for your office or home, whether anti-gravity or not, it will be life changing. You will love it, and your body will thank you. If you want to own a true zero gravity massage chair, now you know enough to ask the right questions before you buy.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The New Inada Yume Massage Chair – Review Part 2

Part 2 of my Review of the Inada Yume Massage Chair

In Part I of this article I shared the features that initially impacted me when I used the new Inada Yume massage chair.  The Japanese firm, Family Inada, has produced a chair with two remarkable features that place it miles ahead of other chairs in the massage chair arena.

Inada Yume
Inada Yume

1. Thera-Elliptical-Kneading (TEK)

TEK is what I referred to in Part I of this Inada Yume review as a solution to leaving out the foot massage feature. This elliptical calf massage is a new twist on an older chair massage feature.  Traditionally, ottoman airbags press on the calves from the outside in.  Not only does the new TEK accomplish that, but at the same time the sides of the ottoman elliptically move along both sides of each calf.  The result is a surprising and innovative calf massage.

For those of you suffering with leg circulation maladies, this massage chair is worth every penny.  Many users report that this feature alone is worth the price of the Inada Yume.  My sessions in the chair resulted in my calves tingling more than any other part of my body.  Elliptical calf massage is a true advancement for massage chairs that will delight every user.

2. Rocking

Yes, the Inada Yume rocks, really rocks in the traditional sense of the word.  It rocks back and forth like a rocking chair and is the first massage chair to do so.  One client that tried it out in our showroom said he was reminded of his grandmother rocking him in his youth.  In addition to the physical effects of the session, he enjoyed even more relaxation by experiencing that memory from his childhood.

The speed of this rocking motion is between 5 and 7 rocks in a minute.  With this feature, the chair also moves to a 142 degree tilt up to a 157 degree tilt.  I must confess, the first time I tried this rocking feature with my eyes closed, I did experience some nausea.  After one or two sessions, though, the nausea disappeared.  All things considered, this is a feature that many of you will enjoy.

Not covered in Part I, here is more information for you about the Inada Yume Massage Chair

a.) Inada offers a 3 year warranty which covers both labor and parts.  If desired, you can purchase a 2 year extended warranty.  The basic factory warranty included with your purchase is the best in the business.

b.) Because the Inada Yume is made inJapan, the cost is greater than the cost of a Chinese made chair.  It is common belief that the quality ofJapan’s manufacturing is better than that fromChina.

c.) As mentioned in Part I, the two colors available are black and bright red.  The material is faux leather.

d.) The back rollers are very helpful for SI joint pain or low back pain.  They are situated lower than on some chairs so that they reach down into the top of the buttocks.  Some patients with sciatica even find relief with this feature.

e.) Like most massage chairs, the Inada weight limit is 300 lbs.

f.) By using the chair once a day, your chair should last about 24 years.

g.) A great feature for those of you with low back pain is the zero gravity seat.  The seat tilts at an angle to produce the “weightless” sensation when you use the chair.

h.) At last, a remote control that is easy to use.  The Inada Yume massage chair remote is not at all complicated and slips easily into the side pocket after use.

The Inada Yume massage chair retails for $5999 and is available at, where you can also learn more about the chair. Just go to the top of this page and click “Inada”. You can then click on the Inada Yume chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The New Inada Yume Massage Chair – Review Part 1

Part 1 Review of the Inada Yume Massage Chair

By producing the new Inada Yume Massage Chair, Inada has once again remained true to its desire for all new models to feature unique benefits not seen before in the massage chair industry. This company philosophy of innovation has earned Inada a reputation for excellence that other companies tend to copy.

Inada Yume massage chair
Inada Yume

The new Inada Yume (pronounced “You Me”) massage chair showcases two features I’ve not seen in other chairs, elliptical calf massage and rocking.

I will elaborate on those two features in Part II of this article. Here, in Part I, I want to share with you my initial impressions of this latest model from Inada.

The first thing I noticed about the Inada Yume…

The first thing I noticed is the dramatic size difference compared with the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, its predecessor. The Inada Yume is narrower and a bit shorter, however, it is not tiny at all. The smaller design allows this new chair to fit better into tight spaces. This model was designed to meet the complaint that massage chairs take up too much room. If you are looking for an ample massage chair that takes up little space, the Inada Yume may be for you.

The rolling mechanism differs quite a bit from other Inada chairs, yet is comfortable and firm. I found it to be quite an enjoyable roll. Your neck is stretched by pillow airbags that inflate and alternate pushing on each shoulder. It is a little different from the roller massage on the neck you may have been used to in the past. However, I did figure out how to get that roller massage effect with this chair.

I found that by moving the neck stretching pillow over the back of the chair out of the way and reclining the chair as far as it would go, I could manually set the roller. Then I moved the rollers up as high as possible and enjoyed a wonderful neck massage. This may not work as well for a taller person, but with some body maneuvers most of you can accomplish a good roller neck massage with this chair.

Like the Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair, the airbags in the Inada Yume seat inflate one side and then the other to rotate the pelvis. I am impressed with this feature because many massage chairs do not provide any low back rotation. The closest thing you may find in a chair is a feature that pushes you forward without any rotation.

For some reason, the color choices, are limited to red and black with the Inada Yume. Note that the red is not burgundy or maroon, but bright red.

Another feature is the LED lighting on the sides of the ottoman. It is not visible from the chair unless the room lights are off. The idea is to produce a relaxed ambiance for your session in the chair.

There are some features you may expect to find in a massage chair that are not included in the Inada Yume. There is no arm massage. Many people think the airbag arm massage feature is unimportant, so it depends on your preference. Interestingly, it has been included in the last two Inada models, the Doctor’s Choice 3A and Sogno.

In addition, foot massage is not included because the Inada Yume provides calf massage for the leg. Elimination of foot massage in this chair will make more sense to you when you see how calf massage works.

Elliptical calf massage and rocking will be discussed in Part II of this article on the new Inada Yume massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Japanese vs. Chinese Made Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are made either in China or Japan, for the most part. All Inada massage chairs and Sanyo massage chairs are manufactured in Japan. Human Touch and Omega have their chairs manufactured in China. Panasonic has a couple of models made in Japan, with the rest being manufactured in China. Japanese massage chairs are typically more expensive than the less-expensive Chinese counter-part. Pretty much ALL of the cheap online massage chairs are what I like to call “Chinese knock-offs” because they are made in China at a lower price and many of these chairs are created to mimic quality name-brand massage chairs, but feedback we get is that those “knock offs” are of a poor quality.

Inherently, we tend to think that the Japanese chairs are of a better quality workmanship and that the Chinese chairs are of a lesser quality workmanship. I don’t know exact statistics from the massage chair manufacturers for which we carry their chairs, but based on feedback from clients, the Chinese-made chairs tend to have more warranty issues than do the Japanese chairs. Now, I don’t hear from every customer, but I do hear from some and there seems to be a tendency to a higher failure rate amongst Chinese-made chairs. I’d really like to see some legitimate stats from the manufacturers to support or debunk that hypothesis. But, I doubt that they would surrender that information for obvious reasons.

I did a little search on Google for any chatter or information about the comparison of Japanese and Chinese product quality…not just massage chairs. I didn’t find much, but I did happen upon an online political forum discussion that addressed the question. The reason I am putting it here is because the question and the responses are very similar to and indicative of what I hear from customers and shoppers in my industry (the link to this conversation is here:

Sphinx: I am wondering why there is much difference in quality between Japanese and Chinese products, although as far as I am concerned they have similar IQ statistics.

Potemkin: Japanese products weren’t always of high quality. Back in the 1950s and 60s, ‘Made in Japan’ meant pretty much what ‘Made in China’ means now – shoddy workmanship and poor quality control. It’s what you bought if you couldn’t afford to buy American or British. It has nothing to do with IQ points, and everything to do with infrastructure, training and investment.

Eauz: Part of this reason was that they were just advised to produce goods and services, not perfect upon them. The Japanese given an idea of a commodity, and were advised to just reproduce it or copy it, in the cheapest way, in order to provide cheap consumer goods to society. As the Japanese society grew, they started to design and manufactor their own products similar to those that were originally imported from a foreign country and were highly successful, as we saw that within the span of one decade, Japanese manufactured goods were covering the world, with products that were superior in quality and design. This concept of continuous improvement is found in the word Kaizen (改善).

Although, the Japanese had a more refined culture of analyzing and studying products (master-apprentice approach) to their smallest concept, from 1860’s until 1960, the Japanese, just like the Chinese were required to just copy and reproduce American made products in the cheapest way. It was not until the Japanese manufacturers became strong enough, in the global market, did they dump the foreign junk and start to reproduce more efficient commodities, with higher quality and design. I don’t think China has this concept of kaizen in its society, thus, I doubt it has anything to do with race or intelligence.

Potemkin: I believe the Chinese do have a concept similar to ‘kaizen’ in their culture. An interesting case study might be the recent development this year in Taiwan of a new and genuinely innovative fountain pen at an affordable price, which seeks to improve on the fountain pens available in the same price range in the West, as documented in this thread in The Fountain Pen Forum. The way in which the manufacturers have sought and incorporated feedback from the user base of consumers is exemplary, and bears comparison with the efforts of Japanese manufacturers to improve the quality of their products in the 1960s and 70s. The pen has even won a design award. This is clearly ‘kaizen’ at work, but in China (Taiwan) rather than Japan. Manufacturers in mainland China have also recently shown awareness of the need to improve their quality control and to produce genuinely innovative products.

I hope this post sheds some light on the Japanese vs. Chinese made massage chair issue. We are always asked about the country of manufacture for our massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Comments From a Massage Chair Customer

I received a letter from one of my massage chair clients last week and I thought I’d share his letter and my response with you:

Hi Dr Alan,

My chair arrived in good time and good shape.  It was easy to assemble as you described.  
That said, your emails are clearly part of your sales deal, you’re using a lot of sales pressure to move the chairs that are actually shipped from the supplier, not your showroom or stock.  Maybe you’re confident that it works on Americans, but I’m not sure that I’m to confident that all of your repetitive emails to interested parties are actually doing you a lot of good.  I automatically resist sales pressure as soon as I detect sales insincerity or generic email reminders that sound like you just wrote them but are obviously rehashed.  
I only bought from you, almost reluctantly, after doing some significant online research.  I actually found the chair $900 cheaper than the price I paid you, cheaper than the websites that I sent you to reduce my price, but didn’t trust them or the lack of information that they gave.  The $900 was probably worth spending if your word is as you say it is…  I really don’t understand why you aren’t still a practicing chiropractor after spending all that time training and learning such wonderful knowledge.  People need your abilities if you’re any good at it, someone else could take the call from the office.  Any sales person can sell chairs.
Looking at the list of published satisfied customers, I can’t really be bothered adding further comments apart from the fact that the Panasonic chair I bought works well, it’s used up to an hour a day and is working well in keeping this aging ex-pat Australian rancher in Texas functional.  It’s not as good as a similarly priced machine that I rode in Australia but this isn’t Australia.  That seemed to be a machine with much more finesse for the same money, but then, my impression has to be subjective.
So, Dr Alan, “you can talk about anything you want. The chair, the customer service, anything you want”, do I get my lollipop for being honest?  I’ll be seriously impressed if you use this comment as it is written, unedited…


(completely unedited, by the way)

Hi, Ralph

Thanks for your feedback. I love feedback, whether it is flattering or not. I’ll address a few of your points below:
“…your emails are clearly part of your sales deal, you’re using a lot of sales pressure to move the chairs that are actually shipped from the supplier, not your showroom or stock.  Maybe you’re confident that it works on Americans, but I’m not sure that I’m to confident that all of your repetitive emails to interested parties are actually doing you a lot of good.  I automatically resist sales pressure as soon as I detect sales insincerity or generic email reminders that sound like you just wrote them but are obviously rehashed. “


Once in a great while I get a complaint about my email campaign, but it is very, very seldom. I use one campaign for folks who are shopping for a new massage chair and have downloaded my free report from my website. I use another email campaign to follow-up with clients who have purchased a massage chair from us to keep them updated as to delivery and chair care. Frequently, I have people call me 1-3 years after downloading the free report saying that they decided to buy from me because I stayed in touch with them…both US and international customers, by the way. But, I get that some folks, like yourself, don’t care much for that. That is why we have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each of our emails so that subscribers can opt-out anytime they choose.


The purpose of those emails is to keep my name in the shoppers consciousness, which is crucially important for an e-commerce business, so that when they are ready to buy they will think of me (not everyone who visits my site is ready to buy at that moment!). I know that you have an e-commerce business too, Ralph, and you might consider using a newsletter, e-course, or some sort of email sequence to stay in touch with prospects so that when they are ready to buy…they will buy from you simply because you have stayed in touch with them. The follow up emails are very much appreciated by the buyers, too. They feel good knowing that I haven’t forgotten about them after trusting me with so many of their hard-earned dollars.
“I only bought from you, almost reluctantly, after doing some significant online research.  I actually found the chair $900 cheaper than the price I paid you, cheaper than the websites that I sent you to reduce my price, but didn’t trust them or the lack of information that they gave.  The $900 was probably worth spending if your word is as you say it is…  I really don’t understand why you aren’t still a practicing chiropractor after spending all that time training and learning such wonderful knowledge.  People need your abilities if you’re any good at it, someone else could take the call from the office.  Any sales person can sell chairs.”


Thank you so much for this comment. I really love educating people in the buying process so that they make the best choice for them. I also love working with people. If you send me the link of website with the $900 less price I will take a look at it. That would bring the price of the chair, compared to what you paid, to much, much less than my cost. I am not sure how that other online retailer can afford to charge that amount as we all pay the same amount for the chairs. But, I’d be happy to look at it.


The primary reason I am not in chiropractic anymore is because we struggled financially for each of the 19 years we were in the profession. I pride myself on being a great clinician and technician, but not a great chiropractic businessman. I am not an extravagant man…we buy used cars, own no “toys”, live in a modest home, and have 6 children to clothe and feed. We just couldn’t make ends meet for so many years. It was a very difficult thing for me to see my wife suffer from that lack for so long. There were times when we didn’t even have money for groceries…no joke. My wife, to this day, says the reason I failed at the chiropractic business was because I was too honest.So, I started a website business thinking that I could maybe make a couple of hundred bucks each month to help with the mortgage. Well, it turned into so much more than that. We  knew we had something special here.We had to choose one or the other, so we went with the website. I absolutely love what I am doing now. I might mention that within a month of selling my practice, back in 2008, my lower back pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain were gone! (maybe I wasn’t going to the chiropractor enough!!). I am still able to use my knowledge when consulting with shoppers and clients. Most of them have some sort of musculo-skeletal complaint for which I can give some advice. I still use my chiro knowledge almost every day in the massage chair business.


Well, Ralph and the rest of my readers, thanks for the feedback and the time you took to read this. I hope you didn’t mind me getting a little personal about my life and family and I also hope that you gleaned something of import from the letter and my response. You will have to come to the showroom for your lollipop, though 😉


Massage Chairs and Surge Protectors – a good mix!

We had a lightning storm here a few weeks back and a subsequent power outage as a result of it. Well, when the storm was all said and done and the power was back on, I learned that our HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch was “on the fritz.” It didn’t work and the red lights on the remote control were flashing incessantly. I immediately gave Human Touch a call (their customer service department is awesome, by the way) and told them about my problem. My customer support rep assumed it was a blown computer module from the storm’s power outage. They created a ticket for me and before I knew it, I was receiving emails from them noting the problem and that the damaged part was on it’s way. Within 24 hours, I received a phone call from a local technician who asked me to call him when the part arrived so that he could come out and replace it for me.

Pretty impressive service. When the part arrived and the technician replaced it for me, I was surprised to see that the part that needed replacing was just a little computer chip “thingy” and it took virtually no time to replace it. The service was great, but what bugged me was that I had to retire one of our popular massage chairs because I was ill-equipped during an electrical storm. I had to wait for about a week before my clients could sit in the HT-9500. I realized then that if I had had a surge protector between the outlet and my massage chair, the chair would never have been out of commission.

So, my message today is to get a surge protector for your massage chair! If it is under warranty, then you will still get your chair fixed at no monetary expense to you. The only expense is that you won’t be able to use your chair whilst waiting for the repair (and we all know how much we hate not having our chair available to us everyday!). If your chair is out of warranty, not only will you go without for a week or more, but you’ll also have to pay for the damaged part. That is a bummer!

I think you can pick up a cheap surge protector for a few bucks at a local store. It is worth the money!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Warranties – Who Covers What?

This is a frequent question for us at, so here is a brief overview of the warranties from the major massage chair manufacturers:

1. Human Touch Massage Chairs

Here is a chart that Human Touch uses on their website that explains the warranties very well for their chairs:

Standard Consumer Product Warranty 2011
In-Home Service Parts Structural
Elite Series 1 year 3 years 5 years
Signature Series 1 year 2 years 3 years
iJoy / Casual Series 90 days 1 year 2 years
Perfect Chair Recliners 1 year 2 years 3 years

The Elite Series includes the HT-9500 and the HT-7450. You can purchase a 5 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $369.

The Signature Series includes the HT-3300, HT-5320, HT-5040, and HT-7120. You can purchase a 2 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $199 and a 5 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $369.

The iJoy/Casual Series includes only the iJoy HT-2580 on our website. You can purchase a 2 year extended, in-home service and partswarranty for only $99.

The Perfect Chairs offer a 2 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $159 and $179 for a manual and power chair, respectively. There is also a 5 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty available for $279 and $299 for a manual and power chair, respectively.

You can purchase all of Human Touch’s extended warranties at

2. Inada Massage Chairs

Inada offers industry best 3 year comprehensive, on-site warranty on all their massage chairs, including the new Yume massage chair. An extended 5 year on-site warranty can purchased for $449. We include that warranty on the Inada Sogno. It should be mentioned that, as with all warranties, there are some logical exceptions to the comprehensive, full warranties, and Inada lists theirs as follows (this applies to most manufacturer warranties as well):

EXCLUSIONS – This Limited Warranty does not include service needed on Equipment as a result of any of the following: (1) Installation, set-up, moving, or relocation from the originally installed location; (2) Cosmetic changes, tears, or failure of fabrics, woods, foam, pads, plastics, upholsteries, exterior coverings, and damages and changes resulting from normal wear and tear; (3) Negligence, misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, electrical disturbances and power surges, acts of nature, or work, attachments, additions, alterations, or modifications by persons other than authorized Administrator service providers. (4) Failure by the Customer to use a high-quality surge protector during the entire Service Period; (5) Improper operating environment; (6) Any problem not involving a defect; (7) Damage or malfunction whatsoever caused by an animal or pet; (8) Damage or malfunction whatsoever caused by liquids of any kind; (9) Rental, business, commercial, institutional or other non-residential use; (10) Unnecessary service calls. If no problem is found upon diagnosis by us or any other third party, you may be charged our standard rate for service calls, shipping costs, and parts; (11) Dropped product or components (including remote controls); and (12) Use of any item with the Equipment if the item is not designated for use with the Equipment. Floor models that have been on display for more than nine (9) months are not covered under any provisions of this Limited Warranty.

3. Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic offers a 1 year parts and labor in-home warranty on all their new chairs. They also have a 3 year limited warranty, which covers the “motor block” and mechanics parts, but not labor. You can get an extended warranty from Panasonic after your purchase and the chair is in your home. A card comes with the chair that offers the extended warranties, but you must purchase them directly from Panasonic. A 1 year extension on the parts and labor in-home warranty costs $199, while a 2 year extension costs $299.

4. Sanyo Massage Chairs

Sanyo explains their massage chair warranty as follows: “SANYO massage chairs are covered under a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty which includes in-home service. The roller mechanism is covered for three years from date of purchase.” The first year, like Panasonic, Human Touch, and Omega, is covered fully and comprehensively for 1 year. The next two years are limited in that the warranty only covers the roller mechanism and that coverage is for parts only…not service. Oddly enough, Sanyo claims that they do not offer any extended warranty at all, which is very interesting.

5. Omega Massage Chairs

Omega’s warranty varies according to the chair model, ala Human Touch. Here is the breakdown:

Aires/M-2 Orion:
6 months parts*
1 year frame

90 days in-home service (parts and labor)
2 years parts*
3 years frame

Montage Elite/Premier:
90 days in-home service (parts and labor)
3 years parts*
5 years frame

*motors, solid state controls, electrical or mechanical parts and assemblies or leg rest mechanisms (collectively the “parts”)

So, there you have it…a breakdown of the warranties for the major massage chair manufacturers. Hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

More On The New Inada YUME Massage Chair

More On The New Inada YUME Massage Chair

Inada just came out with an English translation of a previously Japanese-only video of the Inada Yume. I watched it this morning and it looks great. It clarifies and highlights a couple of things that I alluded to in my previous post on the Inada YUME massage chair and a couple of other things I wasn’t aware of at the time of that blog post.

Here are some highlights…

1. There are some lights on the outside of the ottoman, which Inada calls “Color-Kinetic Light Emitting Diodes.” Inada says it “Adds visual calm to your massage.” Actually it may add some calm to someone watching you sit in the massage chair as the lights are not visible from the seated position in the chair!

2. The cool calf massage I told you about in my previous post is called “Thera-Elliptical Kneading” (TEK). The Inada Yume is the only massage chair that has this innovative feature.

3. The neck pillow with the airbags is actually designed to stretch the neck muscles by inflating on one side and then the other. This is how it is designed to work: there are airbags that push down on the shoulder while another pillow tractions at the base of the skull, thus creating a stretching or elongating motion of the neck muscles. It does it on one side and then the other. But, again, to get a good neck massage with the rollers, recline the chair fully, lift up the neck stretching pillow out of the way, and use the manual settings to move the rollers as high as possible.

I hope you enjoy the video. I think it’s pretty cool how the narrator goes over the history of the Inada massage chairs. You will see that the oldest massage chair company in the world also pioneered many of the standard massage chair functions that you enjoy in almost any manufacturer’s massage chair models.

Dr. Alan Weidner

1-Week Old Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A Massage Chair For Only $4999

Doctors Choice 3A Massage Chair
Doctors Choice 3A Massage Chair

I haven’t written in a while with any specials because, quite frankly, we haven’t had any returns or exchanges for a while (and heaven knows the massage chair companies never lower their prices!).

Doctors Choice 3A Massage Chair
Doctors Choice 3A

That changed this week when a recent customer experienced “buyer’s remorse” and returned an Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair to my showroom on Monday. The chair is only a week old and still has a full warranty. It is brand new, for all intents and purposes.

If you have heard of this limited-edition massage chair from Inada before, then you know how great this chair is. It retails for $5799 but I have this 1-week old, gently-used one for $4999, while it lasts.

If you haven’t heard of it before, check it out here:

It was introduced in 2009 as a posture correction massage chair by Inada for Doctor’s offices, therapists, and other medical clinicians. It is in limited release and has been very popular.

I have one on display in my showroom and since we’ve had it, I’d say that folks who visited the showroom were split 50/50 on whether to get the famous Inada Sogno or the Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair.

When a customer would try this chair along with the Sanyo 7700 and Panasonic 30007 massage chairs, which are chairs in the same class and price range,  the Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A was picked virtually every time over the other two.

Yes…it is THAT good! I just love this chair.

Here are some of the cool features about the Doctor’s Choice chair:

1. It has shoulder airbags that push the shoulders down FROM THE FRONT! This allows the massage rollers to push your mid back forward while the shoulders are held back…that’s how the primary posture function works (don’t we all have slumped shoulders to some degree or another?)

2. Hand massage airbags on the SIDE of the chair and not on TOP of the armrests, like most conventional massage chairs. In a normal posture, aren’t your hands supposed to be at the SIDE of your body? Yes!

3. Seat airbags that inflate on your left side and then on your right, simulating the twisting/turning motion that your low back discs  need so badly to keep healthy and nourished…and which no other manufacturer’s chairs can do.

4. Low back stretch program that is heavenly…my personal favorite program on the chair.

5. The rollers go WAY down the back…all the way to the top part of of the buttock muscles…no other chairs’ rollers go so low in the low back (absolutely amazing if you have “sacral” or “sacroiliac” problems).

6. Like all Inada massage chairs, this chair is manufactured in Japan.


This gently-used chair is dark gray (slate, almost black) in color and is in absolutely PRISTINE condition. I will pay for shipping to your home or office. Inada’s famous, industry-best, 3 year comprehensive, on-site warranty applies to this chair.

The price for this 1-week old massage chair is only $4999 (regularly $5799).

You will need to call me at 801-2026 when you order this chair as I don’t have it on my website at this price.

Feel free to call me anytime also if you’d like to discuss this or any other massage chair we carry. I am always at your disposal, day or night.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Leather on the Inada Sogno Massage Chair? Really?

One of our clients called me and was concerned that the black leather Inada Sogno massage chair he ordered was not really all leather, but that just a portion of the seat was leather. He said the rest of the black upholstery seemed to shiny and slick to be leather and he wanted to know if he paid extra for a chair that only had a leather seat and faux leather throughout the rest of the chair. Well, I had never been asked that before and didn’t believe that Inada would advertise black leather AND charge $1000 more for a chair that only had a small portion of the upholstery as leather.

So, I asked the client to call Inada himself to find out and then to get back to me so that I heard it from the customer’s mouth. I figured he’d want to hear it straight from Inada’s mouth rather than me, since he might think I am just making stuff up about something I wasn’t really sure about to begin with 😉

Well, he called me up shortly thereafter to confirm that the whole chair, in fact, was upholstered in black leather…not just any black leather, but fine, premium Italian leather! Apparently, the quality of the leather is so good that the chair actually looks artificial, if that makes any sense. My client was not only relieved about this news flash, but he was very excited about the quality of leather and workmanship that went into this Inada  Sogno massage chair.

There you have it…the black leather Inada Sogno massage chair is actually upholstered in black leather…duh (I would never, in a million years, expect a top-notch company like Inada to misrepresent anything about their products…they are too good for that).

Dr. Alan Weidner

Early Review of New Yume Robo Massage Chair From Inada

Yume Robo massage chair
Yume Robo massage chair

Early Review of New Yume Robo Massage Chair From Inada

I have been hearing about this chair for quite some time out of the Inada massage chair camp. Well, I finally received the Yume massage chair in my showroom this week. It is a very cool massage chair. I have sat in it once and will be recording some

Yume Robo massage chair
Yume Robo

video footage about it as I get more familiar with it.

But, for now, here are some features and observations about the chair right off the bat:

1. Smaller-looking size. The chair back does not goes as high as other chairs around it in our showroom, so it gives the chair the appearance of being smaller, although the chair width and depth is similar to comparable massage chairs.

2. Inada is known for innovation and this chair has two features that I’ve never seen before. The first one is the movable ottoman. When I say “movable” I don’t mean up and down…I mean the inner and outer “plates” of the ottoman calf massage for each leg actually rotate and massage the calf muscles in a figure 8 motion. It is really one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a massage chair ottoman. There is no foot component of the ottoman; there was probably no practical room for the foot component because the plates of the calf portion move around so much in this new configuration that a foot ottoman would get in the way and not be practical. It is hard to explain in text, but I will demonstrate it completely on video.

3. The second innovation is the rocking motion of the chair while it massages you. It is like a mechanical rocking chair and the rocking feature can be turned on or off while you are being massaged. I actually felt a little nausea, almost like motion sickness, the first time I sat in it. I sat in the chair with my eyes closed while I was being “rocked” and massaged. I will try again later this week to see if the feeling returns of if it was just a one-time event (no, I was not ill the day I sat on the chair…I feel the motion sickness came from the rocking motion of the chair).

4. The massage roller mechanism is rock solid! I love the massaging roller mechanism in the chair back. Like all other Inada massage chairs, the rollers go way down the low back, almost into the gluteal region. I loved that. But, beyond that, the overall feel of the chair back roller massage mechanism was very solid and firm. I really enjoyed the massage feel.

5. The neck pillow has some airbags that inflate and compress the region at the base of your neck. It took me a while to figure out how to get the rollers to massage my neck and this is what I had to do: I had to lift the neck pillow off the back of the chair and then recline the chair fully to horizontal. Next, I had to manually choose a massage function (in this case I chose “Knead and Tap”) and then move the rollers up to the very top of the roller track. Once I was fully horizontal and the rollers were moved to the very top of the track, my neck got a great massage. I suspect that the shorter you are, the less you would have to recline the chair to get your neck effectively roller-massaged. The taller you are, the more reclined you should be for a neck massage…you may even have to slide down the chair a bit to get a full neck massage. I am 5’10” tall and it worked perfectly for me in the full recline position. I didn’t have to shift my body down the chair to accommodate a neck massage.

6. Inflatable seat airbags. Very similar to the seat airbag massage of the Inada Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair, the Yume chair has airbags that inflate together and then one side and then another to affect a rotation motion on the low back. Great feature and I’m glad to see it replicated in the Yume Robo massage chair.

7. Very simple remote control display. Inada has really made the remote easy to use, as they do with most of their chairs.

8. Price is listed at $5499, which includes free delivery and 3 year comprehensive, on-site warranty. It’s only available color is black.

Well, that’s about it for now. I will share more in text and video as I review this wonderful chair further. Because of limited stock, we have been asked by Inada to not put the chair up for sale on our site yet. But, if you are interested, just call me at 801-417-8240 and I’ll answer your questions and take your orders over the phone.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Omega Aires Massage Chair in our Showroom!

I now have the new Omega Aires massage chair in our showroom. It is a cute little thing and I love the airbag massage that it provides. It does not have rollers, but has airbags for the hips, thighs, low and mid back, and the feet and calf. The Omega Airesretractable ottoman is very reminiscent of Human Touch’s HT-9500 and it is a very good foot and calf massage. The “gray” color that we have is really more like a tan color.  I put up a bunch of pictures of me in and next to the chair for your perusal and you will see that it is definitely more of a tan color than a gray color.

The airbag massage in the hips/thighs and low/mid back is great. Nothing too intense but therapeutic, nonetheless. The chair is smaller than I thought it would be, but it really is a perfect “lounge” type chair and it will fit in any decorum, at work or home. I’ve had a few people sit in it in our showroom since it arrived and everyone really seems to  like it. If you are hoping for a strong roller massage, like the Omega Montage or any other standard massage chair, you will be disappointed. The purpose of this chair is not to work you over like those other chairs. It is a wonderful relaxation chair with some therapeutic value in the airbag massage (especially the ottoman).

It feels solidly built. Great chair…I recommend it, especially at this price.

Check it the information on the chair and the images here:


Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair NOW In Stock!

smiley face
smiley face

Well, it’s been a long while since I could say that, but the Inada Sogno stock came in earlier than expected and all colors, except slate, are now in stock and ready for immediate order. The slate will be in by May 9 and, if today’s news is any indication, perhaps the slate models will come in a little early too (wink, wink, nudge, nudge Inada, if you are out there!).

Feel free to order directly from our website,, or give me a call at 801-417-8240 and we’ll take care of you over the phone. I have both our toll free number and our showroom numbers forwarded to me after hours, so I am always available to chat about massage chairs. So, don’t hesitate to call anytime.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Stock Update – Panasonic 30007 & Inada Sogno

Well, our frustrations continue with regards to stock issues and back-orders. There is a little light however. Inada emailed me yesterday and said that the Dark Brown Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair is in stock in good supply. The black leather is also available, but in very limited supply. Here is what we can expect with the rest of the Inada Sogno colors:

– HCP-10001A(HD) Sogno Dreamwave Slate – Orders placed now will be released by May 9th.

– HCP-10001A(CH) Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by May 9th .

– HCP-10001A(CW) Sogno DreamWave Creme – Orders placed now will be released by May 2nd.

– HCP-10001A(RD) Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by May 2nd.

Anyone interested in ordering any of these back-ordered chairs, order ASAP so that you can get whatever is available. If you wait until the chairs come in to order, you will probably not get one as those models will have already been spoken for.

Now, regarding the Panasonic 30007 massage chair. Very frustrating. We have had some orders back-ordered for almost a month, with the promise that the stock would be in “next week.” Well, today I learned that only 12 of the 35 they were expecting are coming in. I have a number of orders, but I will only get 1 chair to give to the first order. VERY FRUSTRATING! Panasonic has never been great with inventory management, to be quite frank. It is always a crapshoot. So, I should just tell you that if you want a Panasonic 30007, order it now…but expect to receive it next month. They will be spoken for very quickly.

By the way, all other chairs should be in stock, according to my suppliers (“should” being the emphasis!).

A new chair from Panasonic, by the way. I will give you the scoop in my next blog entry.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Aires Massage Chair by Omega Coming To Our Showroom!

Today I am having a gray Aires massage chair shipped to our showroom, compliments of Omega Massage. I am excited to get this cute little relaxation chair into our showroom. Omega has gone with this relaxation genre with this model andAires massage chair their two previous models…the Serenity and Skyline chairs. The difference between these chairs and the regular, full-blown massage chair, is that these are relaxation chairs, designed to fit in any decorum…with an air massage feature. The heavy duty massage chairs, like Omega’s own Montage massage chair, are pure massage chairs, which could possibly double as just a regular chair (but not very efficiently, except for maybe the HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch).

The new Aires comes in gray, red, and black. The gray looks like it might have a “tannish” tinge to it. I’ll let you know once I get it in the showroom, which should be mid-next week. It certainly looks like a cute chair, maybe something like a lounging/lounge chair. I am eager to give it a whirl. I’ll give you a report once we’ve had a chance to check it out.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Change to Human Touch Massage Chair Warranty

I received notice today of a slight change in the warranty for the Human Touch massage chairs. Below is a chart displaying the new warranty terms:

The following warranty terms supersede any previous terms listed in Use & Care manuals for products purchased on or after April 1, 2011:

Standard Consumer Product Warranty 2011
In-Home Service Parts Structural
Elite Series 1 year 3 years 5 years
Signature Series 1 year 2 years 3 years
iJoy / Casual Series 90 days 1 year 2 years
Perfect Chair Recliners 1 year 2 years 3 years

The elite series includes the HT-9500 and the HT-7450 massage chair models. Other than the iJoy and Perfect Chairs, all other massage chair models are considered signature series and have now the 1/2/3 year warranty, as opposed to the 1/3/5 year warranty of the elite series.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Massage Chair Relief Update

Perfect Chair
Perfect Chair

With all the snow and rain we are getting in Utah, I would venture to say that it feels more like Christmas than it does Easter! Can’t wait for spring.

Anyways, here are some things going on at

1. adding two models of the popular Perfect Chair series from Human Touch. The Perfect Chair is a zero gravity phenomenon that Human Touch came out with a number of years ago, but until recently, they did not have any models


with a massage feature. That is why I never carried them…I was intent to remain somewhat true to the massage chair niche. Well, Human Touch has now come out with two new models, the PC-086 Serenity (yes, the same name as the Omega chair!), which boasts air bag massage and jade stone-transmitted infrared heat, and the PC-085 Transitional, which doesn’t have air massage but is a sister chair to the PC-086.

2. adding the Panasonic 30005 massage chair model. We currently carry the Panasonic 30007 and, though not on the website, the 30006. The 30005 is very similar in appearance to the 30006 but made in Japan. It doesn’t have as many air bags as the 30006/30007 but has an ultra deep massage program, which apparently goes deeper than the most intense setting of the 30007/30006…which is already pretty intense. I am not sure of the pricing on this model yet, but we should be getting this and the Perfect Chairs up soon.

3. Product page layout changes. Folks love watching our videos. So, we are going to have the videos more prominent on the product pages. Right now, you have to click the Video tab, which some folks aren’t even aware of. We will make the massage chair videos more readily available for viewing.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Stock Nightmare Continues!

I received notice yesterday of the continuing back order saga/nightmare for the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair. Our most popular selling chair has been on back order since the first of the month and continues to be way behind (is it me, or does it seem that this chair is ALWAYS on back order?). This is the text of the notice that I received:


-HCP-10001A(HD) Sogno Dreamwave Slate – Orders placed now will be released by May 8th. Anyone interested in Slate is encouraged to place orders immediately.

– HCP-10001A(CH) Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by May 5th . Anyone interested in Chocolate is encouraged to place orders immediately.

– HCP-10001A(CW) Sogno DreamWave Creme  – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in Creme is encouraged to place orders immediately.

– HCP-10001A(RD) Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in Red is encouraged to place orders immediately.

-HCP-10001A(BR) Sogno Dreamwave Dark Brown – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in Dark Brown is encouraged to place orders immediately. We will have good quantities after April 23rd

– HCP-10001A(BKLEA) Sogno DreamWave TruBlack Leather – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in TruBlack Leather is encouraged to place orders immediately.

So, the bottom line is that EVERY color of Inada Sogno is back-ordered!! Not one bloody  Sogno to be seen. Now, this is a very popular chair. Before the price increase on March 1, we would get calls on this chair all the time…every day in fact. But, demand has died since the price increase..which may have something to do with no stock, as well. It’s pretty ugly. For me, as a retailer of this chair, it is quite bothersome that it takes so long to have inventory in stock.

Again, I reiterate as I have before, if you want an Inada Sogno massage chair, order now or else when the back-order shipments arrive, they will all have been spoken for…and we will be waiting on back-order AGAIN.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Japan Disaster Affects Massage Chair Production?

flag of Japan
flag of Japan

We have had a lot of inquiries about the effect of the Japan tsunami on massage chair production, so I figured I’d address that in this blog post. But, first of all, I feel to mourn with those who have suffered so much as a result of this natural disaster. I am absolutely amazed at the grace with which the Japanese people handle this crisis, but so sad over the pain and suffering of this wonderful people. Our family’s thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

The only company that has addressed the effect of the disaster on massage chair production is Inada. Here is a quote from their last correspondence with their retailers, yesterday:

“As of right now the recent earthquake in Japan will not affect shipments in April. However, some components are manufactured in areas of Japan that were affected by the earthquake and, as a result, we may see some delays in May. We will pass along more information as soon as it becomes available. Please submit purchase orders immediately as dates for back orders are continuing to move back.”

The Inada chairs are already back-ordered until mid-April. That back-order status is not because of the Japan situation…it is just inventory control issues. But, May chair inventory will be affected.

I know the Panasonic 30007, which is the only Panasonic model manufactured in Japan, is back-ordered until April 10-15, but the US distributor did not know if that was related to the tsunami or not.

Human Touch and Omega chairs are not affected as far as I know because they ship from China and not Japan.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Question About the HT-3300 Massage Chair

I received a call yesterday from a massage chair shopper wondering if the Human Touch HT-3300 massage chair had a stretch function and if the width of the rollers could be adjusted. Now, the HT-3300 chair is somewhat patterned after the old HT-125/135 chairs that Human Touch has discontinued. The new HT-7120 is the current popular seller of this body design type. But, the HT-3300, at $1499, is a lower priced alternative. Similar body design, but lacking in features that a more expensive model, like the HT-7120, would have.

So, what I am saying is…the HT-3300 does not have the stretch function or a roller width adjustment feature. The stretch function is something that every massage chair manufacturer tries to incorporate into their chairs, and I might say that the Human Touch version of the stretch is very good. I love the way it feels, and have gotten plenty of the same feedback from clients, on the HT-7120. But, unfortunately, it is not available on the HT-3300.

By the way, I should qualify something here about the stretch function. In peoples minds, they see a stretch function as something that actually stretches a part of the body out, i.e. a hamstring or lumbar muscles. Nothing of the sort!! I like to think of it more as a “milking” function, as the up and down movement of the chair back and ottoman do more a “milking” motion for the spinal discs and pelvic bones. It is very comfortable and makes you feel great once the session is over. Stretch, to me, is an appropriate title for the feature, but putting “Milking” on the remote might put across a wierd connotation.

I could see it now, “Human Touch introduces the new “Milking” function, developed by engineers and farmers!!” It ain’t gonna happen 🙂

Well, have a great day.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Back-ordered Inada Sogno and HT-9500 Massage Chairs – Part II

Just got notice that Inada is back-ordered on all colors of the Inada Sogno massage chair, except for slate, which will probably be back ordered in the next 7 days. That is really the only chair they carry and they are back-ordered up the ying-yang on it. Delightful! I have noticed a 15% drop in visits for the Inada Sogno on my website since the price increase on March 1st. The phones have been rather silent as well, when ordinarily the phone is always ringing about the Inada Sogno. So, based on that feedback and statistic, I suspect that Inada will have plenty of chairs available once the inventory is replenished. If you haven’t been able to tell, I am a little grumpy  about the whole thing. Not only has the price gone up, but there are no chairs to be had…all in one nugget. Double whammy.

So, again, the red, chocolate, dark brown, and creme Inada Sogno chairs are back-ordered until mid-April. Slate is available for the next 7 days and the black leather is currently not under inventory pressure. PLEASE don’t wait until mid-April to order your Inada Sogno if you want one soon. By that time, the back-order date will probably be May or June. In other words, if you want an Inada Sogno…order it now!

Regarding the new Human Touch HT-9500 massage chair, it will not be in until near the end of March. Because of the popularity of this model, again I would encourage you to order your HT-9500 now so that you can have a chair spoken for when the shipment comes in at the end of the month.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno & HT-9500 Massage Chairs Back-Ordered!

I learned yesterday that both the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus and the Human Touch HT-9500 massage chairs are back ordered. The HT-9500 is back-ordered for 2-4 weeks, but I am told they will be ready for shipment before the end of the month. The Inada Sogno massage chair is back-ordered as follows (based on color availability):

– Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by April 14 .

– Sogno DreamWave Creme  – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th.

– Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by March 14.

– Sogno Dreamwave Dark Brown – Orders placed now will be released by March 14.

The only colors in stock right now are the slate and leather black Sognos.

When it rains, it pours! Of course, I should mention that if you wait until those dates to order your chair, they will probably be on back order at that time. So, it is important to know that if you want to get one of these chairs, order it NOW before the later release date inventories are all spoken for by the time the chairs arrive  here.

As I have warned you, the Inada Sogno price increase went into effect yesterday. That chair is now $6999.

The Human Touch chairs will go up in price on April 1, 2011. By the way, did you know you can get a Free Flip Ultra HD camcorder when you order an HT-5040 or HT-7120 massage chair from us?

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Notes 02/25/11

I have had a few things on my mind this week, mostly from what clients are asking/saying, that I want to share with you before I forget…

1. Don’t forget that the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair goes up in price to $6999 next  Tuesday, March 1, 2011. A bummer, but from what Inada tells us, a necessary evil. Save $200, buy before Tuesday.

2. Human Touch has 3 models going up in price on April 1, 2011…the HT-7120 (up to $2899), the HT-7450 (up to $3499), and the HT-9500 (up to $4999).

3. The only country that has any warranty on a massage chair other than the USA for chairs purchased from a US retailer is Canada and that only applies to Inada and Human Touch chairs. Otherwise, all international orders from a US retailer (like will not have a warranty once the chair leaves US soil. So, you, as an international shopper, will need to weigh the cost of a less expensive chair, which the US typically has compared to other countries, with no warranty. And…don’t forget customs/duty taxes!

4. I absolutely love what I do! I love having this massage chair business; I love working with massage chairs; I love working with shoppers, like you, who are seriously considering getting a massage chair for whatever reason; I love hearing back from so many happy customers telling me how much their new massage chair has helped them; I love it when I get an order from Kirkuk, Iraq, or Russia, or India; I love working with the manufacturers, I love that my back, wrists, and shoulders don’t hurt anymore now that I am doing massage chair full-time and not chiropractic!

5. If you are considering getting an Inada Sogno massage chair, please check out my videos on our product page. They go through so many neat features of the chair that most folks aren’t aware of.

6. It has been my experience that massage chairs can help so many body ailments. Here are just a few ailments that people have told us were helped by their massage chair: back pain, neck pain, headaches, better sleep, more energy, increased feeling in legs and feet of some diabetics, can breathe deeper, feel taller, improved circulation…and the list continues to grow. Just imagine what a chair could do for you.

Dr.  Alan Weidner

1-month old HT-9500 massage chair for only $4299!

I have a client who exchanged his brand new HT-9500 massage chair for another chair, so I have this 1-month old chair available for the first interested person.

As you may or may not know, the HT-9500 retails for $4799, until April 1, 2011, when it goes up to $4999. I am willing to sell this 1-month old chair for only $4299.
It is in the Espresso color and comes with the extended 5 year warranty, which alone costs $369. You can check out the details of the HT-9500 massage chair here:

It is in perfect, pristine condition (“like new” because it is new!). I will also ship this chair to you free of charge!

Just in case you didn’t know, the HT-9500 is the brand new, top-of-the-line massage chair from Human Touch. It has a premium leather upholstery and what we feel is the best foot and calf massager in the business. It also can now be operated by an iPhone app, which is a very unique feature.

This chair is also the only chair in our store that actually “looks” like a recliner and not like a massage chair. It has a retractable ottoman that you can’t see when it is retracted. The chair is absolutely beautiful.

You can call me to order this chair at 801-651-2026 or you can just go online and order it. You can find it in the “Close-out/Discontinued/Floor/ Used” section of our website:

Just click on the chair picture and you will be taken to the HT-9500 page on our website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the used one…click “Add to Cart” and you will be on your way.


Just a gentle reminder that the Inada Sogno price increases to $6999 on March 1, 2011 .


Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Some Questions About The Inada Sogno Massage Chair

I received an email today  from a lady inquiring about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair (we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries since I announced that the price of the Sogno will be going up on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 to $6999). She asked a bunch of questions about this chair and I figured I’d share the email and my response with you for your own perusal, particularly if you are thinking about getting this great chair…

(My answers are in red)

Good Afternoon Dr. Weidner,

I  had a few questions about the Inada Sogno:

1.  Is it easy to get in and out of the chair? We find it quite easy to get in the chair and out of the chair. The chair really envelopes the user so one that has significant mobility issues might need to slide forward on the seat once the chair is upright before trying to stand up and get out.

2.  Will the Sogno hold up to daily family use? I am not sure what you mean by “daily family use”, but I can tell you that we use them like crazy at trade shows and golf tournaments, one person after another, and we’ve never had a problem with a Sogno chair.

3.  How difficult is the chair to clean? It is a faux leather…very, very easy to wipe clean with a wet rag. The cloth material which is located in a few areas of the chair can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. We clean our showroom chair all the time and have yet to see a stain or smudge that wouldn’t come off.

4.  Does it run on 120v? How many watts or amps? Yes, it runs on 120 V; 170 watts.

5.  Can several family members use it in immediate succession or does it need to cool down after each use. See #2 above for first part of this question. The chair does not need to “cool down” after each use. It can be used in succession without a problem.

6.  How long can we expect it to last with daily use? If the chair is used 1x/day, the chair is designed to last up to as long as 15-20 years.

7.  Does it need any kind of regular servicing? None at all. Should there be a problem with the chair, Inada is always at your disposal to take care of that problem.

8.  Does the unit also contain a heating unit in the seat or back? Yes, in the seat, but it is very subtle. Please read my blog post about this feature:

9.  How does the Sogno compare to one of the high end Panasonic units? We feel that it is a more sophisticated and feature-rich chair than other models, including the Panasonic high end chairs. I wrote this blog post comparing the two chairs:

10. What does it weigh? 264 lbs.

11. Can a 6 ft. 2 in. adult fit in the chair comfortably? The chair is designed to fit folks from 4’11” up to 6’4″ comfortably.

Thank you for your help. You are welcome. I hope this assisted you in some way in your buying decision. I am always at your disposal, Deloris. Please remember that we have a 90-day money back guarantee and a 110% low price match guarantee. You can feel free to email me or call me at 801-651-2026 with any further questions or to assist you in placing your order. Make sure you do that before March 1st, though!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chair Price Increase 03/01/2011

I know I have already mentioned this in my blog and I know we have this up on our website, but I know constant reminders help. Inada is raising the price of their popular Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair to $6999 on March 1, 2011. It has been $6799 for the last 12 months, but it is time for another price increase, apparently due to the weaker US Dollar against the Japanese Yen.

Needless to say, will always still offer our 90-day unconditional money back guarantee and our 110% low price match. What do these mean? Read on…

1. 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee – should you want to return or exchange your massage chair, you have 90 days to make up your mind. Your only cost would be the cost of shipping of the massage chair back to us. Please keep the original packaging if you are not sure about keeping the chair in the first place. It is much more expensive to ship a chair without the original packaging (and it is already kind of pricey with the regular packaging!). You will only be charged the credit card fees from the original transaction (3.0% – 3.5% depending on which credit card you used at the time of purchase). We don’t charge “restocking” or “handling” fees. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy!!

2. 110% Low Price Match – should you find the same chair for less ANYWHERE, we will not only match that competitor’s price, but we will beat it by 10% of the difference between their price and ours! You will ALWAYS get the lowest possible price at

So, if you are thinking about getting an Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair…do it before March 1, 2011 to save $200.

Dr. Alan Weidner

What Massage Chairs Do We Have In Our Showroom?

MCR Showroom
MCR Showroom

We get calls all the time from folks around the country who want to know where they can go to find all the major massage chair manufacturer brands under one roof. When we tell them that we have such a showroom, many end up coming to

MCR Showroom
MCR Showroom
MCR Front Door

our showroom in Salt  Lake City,  just to try out the chairs. We’ve had people fly in from New York, Louisiana, Oregon, Illinois, California, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho, off the top of my head.

I figured I’d let you know what models we have in our showroom currently, just in case you were thinking of coming out for a visit (mind you, the showroom inventory changes periodically as we sell floor models of chairs that have become discontinued or that don’t get a lot of interest from our visitors, but for now this is what we have…priced from highest to lowest):

Inada  Sogno Dreamwave Plus
Inada Doctor’s  Choice 3A massage chair
Sanyo 7700
HT-9500 by Human Touch
Panasonic 30007
HT-7450 by Human Touch
HT-7120 by Human Touch
Panasonic 1285
Omega Serenity
iJoy 2580
Inada Cube

These massage chairs represent a great cross-section of prices, popularity, styles, and manufacturers. When someone calls us to tell us they are coming in for a visit, we always tell them to plan on 1-2 hours because they are going to want to sit on most of the chairs to get a good feeling for what is out there at their disposal.

Of course, the more chairs we have, the more confusing it can become when trying to find one that works. Then, if a spouse comes along too…look out, decision making gets taken to a whole new level!

I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of the showroom that I took this morning. You can see it is snowing here in Salt Lake City today!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Some Good and Bad News for Human Touch Massage Chairs!!

I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. The good news is that from January 24 – March 31, 2011, if you purchase an HT-7120 massage chair or an HT-5040 massage chair, you will receive a FREE Flip Ultra HD Camcorder…a $150 value!! Not bad, eh? I like these promotions from Human Touch, probably because I like getting bonus gifts when I purchase something. That is one of the main reasons we have offered bonus gifts on our website since we first began selling massage chairs online in 2005. So, when you order an HT-7120 or HT-5040 on our website before March 31, 2011 we’ll make arrangements to have a new Camcorder sent to you.

Now, the bad news from Human Touch: Prices of the HT-7120, HT-7450, and the new HT-9500 massage chairs will be going up on April 2o11. The price of the HT-7120 will increase to $2899 (currently $2699), the price of the HT-7450 will increase to $3499 (currently $3299), and the price of the new Acutouch HT-9500 will increase to $4999 (currently $4799).

I get lots of calls from massage chair shoppers asking if the prices of the massage chairs will be going down. I will just tell you this much…they RARELY go down in price. If anything, as we see with Human Touch and the Inada Sogno massage chair, prices seem to only go up. If you are waiting for prices to go down…don’t hold your breath! By the way, don’t forget that the Inada Sogno increases in price to $6999 on March 31, 2011.

Dr. Alan Weidner

More Info on New Omega Aires Massage Chair

Aires massage chair
Aires massage chair

Here is the additional information on this new airbag massage chair by Omega called the Aires massage chair, that I promised you last week. The price will be $999 and the chair will come in grey, black, and red colors.


It weighs 100 lbs andmeasures 28 X 32X 32 out of the box. It’s uphostery is PVC leather (easy to clean and very durable). It has heat in the soles of the feet (reminds me of the Sanyo massage chairs for that matter) as well as rollers in the feet.

Apparently, the ottoman does retract with a command from the remote control so that when it is retracted, it looks much like a “barrel” chair or lounge chair. You can see the retracted ottoman in the image to the right. I have no idea how the chair feels, but I am sure it will provide a decent airbag massage…particularly for a lower price point. It has 19 airbags: 14 in the legs, 2 for the waist, 2 for the back, and one for the buttocks.

Should be available in March 2011.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Refurbished Massage Chairs!!

I hope you are having a super new year. We, at, just got the go ahead from Human Touch to offer some of their refurbished models to you. This means significant savings for you if you are still looking for a massage chair.

These chairs are factory refurbished AND tested. You will still get a 6 month factory warranty included with the chairs. They may have some cosmetic blemishes but, for all intents and purposes, these chairs are like brand new.

Here is what we have:

1. HT-7450 zero gravity massage chair for only $2395.

ht-7450 massage chair

This chair, new, goes for $3299. Available in black and dark chocolate (not espresso). I sold a used one in 2010 for $2699! So, this price is a very, very good bargain.

You can check it out here:

Just scroll to the bottom of the page and see the refurbished one there. Just click “Add to Cart” when you are ready to go for it!

This chair is one of Human Touch’s “Elite” chairs…top of the line.

2. HT-5320 massage chair for only $1995…normally $2999!

ht-5320 massage chair

Available in black, espresso, and dark chocolate. Check it out here:

Again, scroll to the bottom of the page and “Add to Cart”.

3. Omega Serenity massage chair (white color).

Omega Serenity zero gravity massage chair
Omega Serenity

Although not a Human Touch chair, this is a gently used, 1-month old massage chair that is still in the original packaging. It was hardly used by a very elderly lady and returned to us in pristine, perfect condition last month. Going for only $1699…regularly $2499.

You’ll see this deeply discounted model at the bottom of the page. This is part of the new zero-gravity relaxation chair line-up from Omega. Very stylish, very affordable. Oh yeah, you’ll also get the rest of the 1 year comprehensive warranty
that originally came with the chair.

For each chair you will get:

a.) f*ree shipping
b.) warranty
c.) f*ree bonus gifts that we include with every massage chair on
our website.
d.) in original packaging

(gift cards and 90-day money back guarantee do not apply to used or refurbished chairs)

Please feel f*ree to call me at 801-417-8240 if you have more questions or if you would like to order over the phone.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Great Questions From A Massage Chair Shopper!

I received an email from Joe in the Netherlands. Though he is not buying a chair from me, he felt comfortable contacting me with some questions about the Panasonic 30007 massage chair and Sanyo 7700 massage chair. I thought this would assist all my readers to share his email and my response with you:

The Questions:

Hi Dr. Weidner,

Since I live in the Netherlands, I’m not likely to be able to purchase a chair from you. However, I hope you might be willing to answer a couple of questions I have concerning the purchase of a chair.
First, I am considering either the Sanyo 8700 or the Panasonic EP30007, the top models of each brand.

Is the Sensor system in the Sanyo reliable? Worth the extra cost?

Are the hip massage and outer shoulder massage airbags features of the Panasonic effective?

Does one really use these machines daily, or do they become a once-a-week or once-in-a-while accessory?

Are there people for whom these machines are not helpful? How could I tell based on one trial in a showroom? In other words, what are the most important signals when trying one out that would indicate I should or should not consider regular use of such a machine?

I would appreciate any time you could spare to help me with answers to the above. I find it a confusing market and a confusing choice.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I remain

Most sincerely yours,
Joe L.

The  Answers:

Hi, Joe
Thanks for your email. I appreciate your inquiry. It is so hard to evaluate the sensor system in the Sanyo because the technology and application is something that none of us fully understand. The chair remote just puts up red circles around the blue dots that represent your body parts. The red circles mean “problem area”. When we used to take the Sanyo to trade shows and people would use the sensors, many times the client would say “That is exactly where I am hurting!” when they saw the red circles on the remote after their spine was scanned. Is it worth the extra cost?…probably not.

The outer shoulder airbag of the Panasonic 30007 massage chair is a waste of airbag in my opinion. If anything the airbags should push the shoulders back, not forward (check out the Doctor’s Choice 3A chair by Inada www.inada-3a-massage-chair.

com…that is how it really should work, not from the back like with the Panasonic chairs).

The hip massage airbags in the Panasonic 30007 are not really designed to massage your hips…they are more for “pinning” your hips to the chair so that when the rollers go over your back, they get some traction while rolling because the hip airbags pin you in so that your body doesn’t move forward too much when the rollers go over the spine. I hope that makes sense (harder to describe in writing than in person!).

Yes, you can and WILL use it everyday. Massage chairs are fantastic…not like a treadmill, where you buy it and use it for a few days and then it becomes a clothing rack. The only person who won’t want a massage chair is someone who is hurt by massage. Most folks are a little sore when using a massage chair for the first time, but if pain persists or if there is a history of pain following massage, it might not be the best idea. But, I can say with absolute certainty that 99% of the folks who use a massage chair love them, even if there is a little pain the first few sessions.

I hope this helps, Joe. Feel free to contact me with any other inquiries. Best of luck in your massage chair shopping experience!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Panasonic 30005 vs. 30007 Massage Chairs

A common question we get from massage chair shoppers is the difference between the Panasonic 30005 and 30006 and 30007 massage chairs. I have previously written in this blog about the differences between the 30006 and 30007, which are relatively minor differences, i.e 30006 is made in China and has faux leather on arm rests, 30007 is made in Japan with wood on arm rests (

But, the differences between the 30005 and 30007 are a little more pronounced. I figured this would be a great forum to share those differences with you. The Panasonic 30000 series of chairs is their upper-echelon family of massage chairs. The are the most feature rich and more expensive of the Panasonic massage chairs army. I have been told that the Panasonic 30005 massage chair was made in conjunction with Premier Health Products. I think that they, and their family of websites, along with Panasonic’s own website, are the only retailers of the 30005 model. Here are the major differences between the two:

1. Total square inch coverage by the 30007 is 460 sq.  inches; coverage by the 30005 is only 296 sq. inches (other than the Inada Sogno massage chair, the 30007 has the most sq. inch coverage of any other of the major massage chair models – the Sogno covers over 1200 sq. inches, FYI),

2. 22 airbags in the 30005, compared to 36 airbags in the 30007,

3. Waist air massage and outer arm massage are available only in the Panasonic 30007 massage chair model. The outer arm massage is really a rear airbag shoulder massage that pushes the shoulders forward from behind,

4. The 30005 model has an “Ultra Deep Massage” feature that is not available on the 30007 model,

5. It seems as though the massage roller width is fixed on the 30005 and is adjustable on the 30007 (can be adjusted between 2″ and 8.3″),

6. Suggested retail price is $5999 on the 30007 and $4499 on the 30005. But, I can tell you that you can get the 30007 for around $4000 and I’ve seen the 3005 for around $3800.

Hope that assists you Panasonic massage chair shoppers.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch Massage Chair Holiday Specials Almost Over!

I told you earlier this month about the free 5 year extended, comprehensive, head-to-toe, on-site warranty that Human Touch was throwing in, along with a brand new iPod Touch, with every HT-9500 massage chair purchase during the holiday season. Well, the holiday season officially ends for Human Touch on January 2, 2011 when this offer ends.

Human Touch is also offering a free 2-year extended, on-site warranty on all other Human Touch massage chairs, except the iJoy chairs, during the same time period. So, after January 2, 2011 these specials are gone…

We just received our HT-9500 massage chair in our showroom a couple of weeks ago, but with the busy-ness of the holiday season, we haven’t really had the chance to go over it. It is very similar to the HT-1650 massage chair. The ottoman  lifts off the ground and the leather upholstery doesn’t seem as “thick” as the old HT-1650, but it is the same feel. There is no arm vibration, but the rollers and the thigh/buttock airbags are all very familiar to me. I understand that the programs that can be operated from the iphone app are pretty cool, though we haven’t gone through that yet. Once we do, we will, of course, share with you.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Base Colors

Inada Sogno massage chair
Inada Sogno massage chair

I am always grateful to our clients who point out things about our chair and our website that often escape us. One of our clients asked me about the color of the base of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair. The pictures that we


have on our website for the Inada Sogno show different base colors depending on the model. Well, we were asked by our client if it was possible to choose the base color for their new chair prior to ordering it. Well, I contacted Inada because it did appear that different color chairs had different base colors (the base is the bottom part of the chair that sits on the floor and supports the whole chair).

We were told by Inada that the base on ALL the Inada Sogno massage chairs was the light gray color. Well, that answered that! So, we naturally asked for new images from Inada that showed the true base color on all the models. They are working on that presently. We will update the images once they are sent to us by Inada, but in the meantime, just know that the base color on ALL the Inada Sogno massage chairs is the light gray color.

On another Inada side-note: the D-5 and D-6 massage chairs are officially gone. These chairs were discontinued some time ago and now all existing stock has been sold. They are now dead and gone. The i2A massage chair has also been discontinued but there will still be available stock until March or April of 2011. I’ll keep you in the loop of that inventory situation.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Refurbished Human Touch Massage Chairs

I got a call from Human Touch on Friday offering me the opportunity to sell some of their factory refurbished products, particularly the HT-7450 massage chair and the HT-5320 massage chair. I have posted those refurbished models in our

ht-7450 massage chair
HT-7450 massage chair

close-out section. The HT-7450 normally goes for $3299, but the refurbished units are going for $2395. The HT-5320 normally goes for $2999, but we have them refurbished for $1995. Great deals from Human Touch. Includes a 6 month warranty. There may be some slight cosmetic blemishes, but nothing terrible and certainly worth the savings.

The HT-7450 refurbished chairs can be had in black and the old dark chocolate (before the espresso came along). The HT-5320 massage chair can be had in black, dark chocolate, and espresso.

I also have some refurbished HT-1350 and HT-1340 foot and calf massagers, should you be interested. You’ll have to call to order those, as we don’t typically carry them on our website (massage chairs only!!).

Free shipping is included with all of these models!

By the way, not to beat a dead horse, but if you are still thinking about a massage chair for Christmas, there is still a chance that you can get one by the 25th. Please call our office at 801-417-8240 to see if we can do it for you.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Alan Weidner

12/17 Last Day For Guaranteed Christmas Massage Chair Delivery!

snowman holding a gift
snowman holding a gift

Well, today is the last day I can guarantee Christmas delivery for your new massage chair. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t order tomorrow or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or even Wednesday or Thursday and still get your chair by the 25th, but I just can’t guarantee delivery to EVERY spot in the country.

But, if you order after today, I will do my “dang-dest” to get your chair to you by the 25th.

I received an email from a client of a new Inada Sogno massage chair. Rossel gave some great insights in his email that I want to share with you here (especially if you are considering ordering an Inada Sogno). Before I give that excerpt, I want to mention that Rossel ordered the chair with regular free delivery and not white glove delivery (to save money on the price of the chair). So, when he talks about the delivery guy, it is relative to free “threshold” or door-to-door delivery…and not white glove delivery.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for helping me with the chair purchase and the great pricing (and the gifts).

I did get it in with the help of  friend – delivery guy started by saying there was one package at 350 lbs so I got a bit annoyed. Turns out it was 2 boxes (and one of the boxes had 2 inside so we could have split that too to make it a bit easier). Just letting you know to help you with future orders/clients. The chair was a breeze to put together, and the video help was great. One thing I noticed was that the right (looking from the back) hand turned knob/nut only grabbed the threads with about 1/2 a turn and was tight already – was thinking thread was stripped or bolt was too short, but got it on and think all will be ok – would be nice though if they designed the bolt to be a little longer – did you find the same? The left one seemed to turn about 2 times (also on the video) before tightening.

Thanks and have a great day. I am glad to have ordered with you – most expensive thing I have ever ordered on the internet, and I am so glad that you guys were directly and easily  available (humans without going through 8 layers of menu choices – Yay!!). It was a good experience for me – keep up the great customer service. Please forward my thanks to Stephanie for the help that she supplied. Hope it is not too cold out there in Utah!

Time for a massage!

Thanks for the input, Rossel! By the way, on my way to work this morning, it was only 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Important Inada Massage Chair News!

Some big news out of Inada this week that I thought you should know about:

1. Inada i.2 Massage Chair to be Discontinued on April 1, 2011
A remarkable 10-year run of the world’s best selling massage chair is coming to an end. If any customers have ever expressed an interest in the i.2, there is no time like the present. This product’s official discontinuation date is April 1, 2011.
As is the case with all discontinued product, we will provide parts and product support for a minimum of 5 years from its official discontinuation date.  We will most likely run out of the i2 in Chocolate and Black by year end 2010. Beige should be available through the first quarter of 2011.

2. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chair Price Going Up
It’s official! Due to the devalued US Dollar and the strength of the Japanese Yen, the price of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus will increase by $200 to $6999 on March 1, 2011. The MSRP will be $8499, but our price will always be the Minimum Advertised Price, which will be $6999. This price increase will occur on March 1, 2011.

The price of the Genuine Black Leather Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus will not increase. It will remain at $7999.

By the way, all colors are in stock right now for the holiday shopping season. Order soon so that you don’t miss out on the color or model you want.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Christmas Massage Chair Shipping Deadlines!

This is a very important blog post, as it lays out for you the deadlines for ordering a massage chair. If you are considering a massage chair purchase for yourself or a loved one, you need to know these deadlines:

Human Touch Massage Chairs
Shipping to a business the deadline is Dec. 17th
Standard shipping to a residence is Dec. 16th
White Glove Delivery to a residence is Dec.15th

Inada Massage Chairs
California, Arizona
Dec 17 / Ground
Dec 20 / Expedite
Dec 21 / Expedite +
Dec 22 / Expedite ++
Dec 23 / Overnight

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
Dec 17 / Ground
Dec 20 / Expedite
Dec 21 / Expedite ++
Dec 22 / Expedite +++
Dec 23 / Overnight

Remainder of continental USA
Dec 17 / Ground
Dec 20 / Expedite ++
Dec 22 / Expedite +++
Dec 23 / Overnight

Panasonic, Sanyo, Omega
Anything that ships on or before Dec 15th should get anywhere in the country by Christmas.
To go back east or into FL it needs to ship by the 15th to be safe.  You might get away with the 16th as well.  Anywhere in the central part of the country needs to ship by the 17th possibly the 20th.  Utah, Colorado, Mtn states needs to ship  by Monday the 17th.  AZ, NV north cal should ship by the 21st, possibly 22nd.


We have our own personal delivery company that does our Southern California deliveries for us, who can deliver as late as Christmas Eve. If you order as late as the 23rd, we could probably accommodate you!

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-9500 Massage Chair by Human Touch Does NOT Have Arm Vibration!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (those of you in the US, anyway). Our family had a wonderful time together. As the kids get older and marry off, my wife and I find it harder and harder to corral every child together under one roof. We were able to do that over the weekend.

I learned something today about the exciting new HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch. As I have discussed in previous blog posts, the HT-9500 is the latest updated version of the old HT-1650. That chair was discontinued earlier this year to make room for this new bad-boy. Well, the old HT-1650 had an arm vibration feature, which we believed was originally planned to be a part of the new HT-9500. Well, a client of ours who recently purchased that model from us a few weeks ago just emailed me to tell me that it didn’t have the arm vibration.

Surprised, I called and wrote Human Touch to get the definitive response. I have been assured by my peeps at Human Touch that there is NOT an arm vibration feature on this update model. So, we have made the change on our website and will now start preaching the truth about the arm vibration, or lack thereof. Thanks, Tim, for the head up!

By the way, we are getting our first HT-9500 massage chair in our showroom within the week. I am so excited. Steff and I will go over every aspect of it and give you the straight goods on this new, fun chair from Human Touch. I only hope I am savvy enough to know how to use my iphone with it!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch Holiday Massage Chair Special!

Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500 Massage Chair
Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500 Massage Chair

Human Touch began an awesome promotion for their brand new, popular HT-9500 Acutouch massage chair. Beginning today, and throughout the whole holiday season, you will get a new iPod Touch AND Human Touch’s 5 year Premium


Assurance Warranty Plan (comprehensive, on-site, head-to-toe coverage) when you purchase the HT-9500 from

It normally comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty…so this is really a fantastic offer.

So, if you are looking for a massage chair for Christmas, this might just be the one you would want to get…with these fantastic holiday bonuses. Check it out here:

It is the only massage chair that truly looks like a regular recliner. It is a very popular chair and it is fantastic…iphone app, premium leather, second-to-none foot and calf massager, massage intensity adjustment, and now a great warranty. A great buy.

By the way, for all their other massage chairs (except the iJoys) Human Touch is also offering a 2 year comprehensive, on-site, head-to-toe warranty – but NO iPod Touch on those chairs 🙁

You can order online or you can call us toll-free at 888-259-5380. Steffanie and I are in the showroom every day too, so you can reach us here at 801-417-8240.

We actually call forward all showroom calls to our cell phones after hours, so you can call anytime day or night (within reason, of course!!).

Bonus gifts and shipping are still free, too, with all our chairs. As a matter of fact, the HT-9500 comes with free white glove delivery, too!! You won’t have to lift a finger with this chair…the delivery guys will do everything for you, from delivery to set-up to taking away the packing material. You just can’t lose on this one.

Order now, while there is still stock before Christmas…

Oh, and don’t forget that we offer 6-month 0% interest/minimum payment financing…

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Shipping

box with smiley face
box with smiley face

We are getting close to Christmas and holiday shopping (for some, it is already done…not at the Weidner home, though!). If you are considering getting a massage chair for someone for the holidays, make sure you budget time for shipping. As you may or may not know, massage chairs can take up to 10 days to get to where they are going. Each manufacturer will have different deadline times for shipping out their chairs to get to you by December 25th. Shipping times also are affected by what part of the country you live in.

For example, since most of the chairs ship out of the west coast, if you live in the East your shipping time will take longer than if you live in Oregon. I will post a shipping deadline schedule for you in the weeks to come so that you can know what time frame you can expect.

Speaking of shipping, I must add a disclaimer to this blog post. Whenever a person orders a massage chair, 99.999% of the time the buyer is completely and utterly happy with their massage chair, the shopping experience, and the customer support from our store. There is only ONE thing that folks are not happy with ALL the time…and that is shipping. We get complaints about shipping from time to time and, although the owner knows that shipping is done by a separate company over which we have very little control. But, we want folks to really know that the manufacturers pick the shipping companies. They are also at the mercy of the shipping company.

I must say that most folks are completely content with how the chair was delivered, but, like I said, once in a great while the shipping is delayed, or inadequate, or problematic in some way. We apologize in advance for that. Although we do not have control over it, we can call the shipping company and share your concerns with them. Patience is a great virtue when those shipping problems occur. Everything always gets worked out, but in the heat of the moment, you might get really frustrated (as do I!!). We will do what we can in the process, but things still happen.

Have a super day!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Inada is discontinuing the i2A massage chair in December. It has been a long-standing stalwart in the Inada line-up, but it’s days are almost over. Great chair…get one while you can. Mid-December is the expected “run-out” time.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Start Thinking About Holiday Massage Chair Shopping!!

I don’t think I need to tell you that we are now fast approaching the busiest massage chair shopping season of the year. And, it never fails that as this time of the year progresses, shortages of manufacturer’s stock becomes a real problem for procrastinating massage chair shoppers.

Of course, as I do every year, I will keep you posted for last minute shipping deadlines for each massage chair manufacturer as we get closer to Christmas. If you want a particular color or model, order early!! Don’t get caught having to order what’s available and not what you really want.

If you want white glove delivery on any chair, order earlier than for chairs with our free regular door-to-door delivery. White glove delivery always takes longer than standard delivery. Why? Well, standard delivery involves a shipping company going to the manufacturer to pick up your chair and then deliver it across the country to your door. You get a call from them to arrange a delivery time. With white glove delivery, the primary shipping company usually hands off the delivery assignment to another 3rd party company who then calls you to schedule a white glove delivery time. This “hand-off” is what eats up the additional time on the white glove delivery service.

I thought you’d like to know that!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Update on Omega Massage Chairs

I spoke for quite a bit of time with Jimi Hahm, national sales manager for Omega Massage chairs ( and thought I’d share some very interesting info regarding their line-up of massage chairs.

1. The new and popular Serenity and Skyline zero gravity massage chairs are available to compete with the Sanyo RX1, which is a Relax the Back exclusive. The Sanyo RX1 is an airbag-only zero gravity chair that retails for $2799. The Serenity and Skyline models are the same genre of massage chair, but with rollers in the lower back, in addition to the air bags. These chairs also go for $2499 and $2199, respectively. We have a white Serenity model in our showroom and it is very striking, as far as looks go. That is the other thing that these new Omega chairs have over the Sanyo chair…they are very contemporary looking and would fit in the decorum of any room of any home or office. Designed to look like a regular piece of furniture.

2. As you know from previous blog posts on my blog, the Omega 510 was discontinued quite some time ago. It was one of our favorite chairs because of the rich feature set that came for a very reasonable price. Omega is working on another mid-range priced model right now which would replace the 510. This new model will have full-body heat, which I’ve never seen before in any other chair, zero gravity function (which Omega seems to be going to in all their new models), and a 3D roller, which they will call Slimline. Inada is the only other chair that we know of that carries a 3D massage roller function. I’ll be curious to see this one when it comes to market.

3. Omega will eventually come out with another high end chair, in the Montage massage chair range, that will be an improvement on the old faithful Montage model.

That’s about it for today.

Dr. Alan Weidner

“The Massage Chair Doctor Is In!”


We’ve added to our website what I think is a great feature for you, the massage chair shopper. If you look on our home page or any other page of the site, underneath the video on the top right hand corner, you will see a traffic light that is


either green or red. If it is green, and you see my name next to the light, that tells you that I am in the office and can handle your calls personally should you have any questions about any of the chairs or if you want me to assist you with placing your order. If it is red, and my name is next to the light, then I am not in.

If Steffanie is in, and I am not, you will see a green light with her name beside it. That way, you will know whenever there is someone in the showroom office with whom you can chat should you want to discuss massage chairs. Of course, you can call our toll-free number anytime and one of us should be able to take your call as well. But, this way you will know exactly who is in and who you can talk to should you have any questions or inquiries.

In other news, I will find out today the status of the arrival of the new Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair. It has been a long time in coming and we are expecting it this week. When I learn more, I will post on this blog right away.

Dr. Alan Weidner