Can Massage Chairs Massage Your Head?

Once in a while, we are asked if there are any massage chairs that massage the head and not just the back and extremities. Well, there are some models that have airbags in the headpiece that offer some compression to the temple and surface skin of the head, but there aren’t really any chairs that specifically offer roller massage to the back of the skull.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get the rollers to massage the skull, but a massage chair body scan is designed to avoid having the rollers go high enough on a user so as to massage the skull. The scan should limit the top end reach of the rollers to the muscles just below the skull (the suboccipital muscles). From personal experience, I can tell you that when the rollers do reach the skull, it is not very comfortable at all.

But, some folks seem to really like the roller-on-bone sensation so I will not let you down. Here is what you can do to get the rollers to massage the back of your skull:

1. Change body position – After the scan is completed, slide your body down in the chair a bit so that the rollers hit the skull after they move up the neck. The problem with this method is that you have to change your body position of comfort to accommodate the the skull massage. It will not be the most comfortable position for you over a 30′ program (the skull massage will not be that comfortable anyways, so you’ll want to at least be seated comfortably in the chair, at the very least).

2. Override the body scan – This is a little known trick that is typically used body can technology iconwhen a customer can’t seem to get the rollers to go high enough up the neck to hit the suboccipital muscles. This is particularly a problem for tall bodies. But, you can  use this hack for getting a skull massage, too. Here is what you do to override the body scan:

  • Sit in the massage chair.
  • Turn on one of the auto programs.
  • Let the chair go through the body scan.
  • Near the end of the scan, the chair will notify you, either by beeping or displaying some text on the screen, that you can adjust the shoulder position of the rollers.
  • At this point, hold the up arrow down and feel the rollers move all the way up to their highest point.
  • When the rollers have gone all the way up, let go of the up arrow button and you will be notified by the chair that the scan is completed, either by another beep or by text on the screen. Every time the rollers come back up the spine to the neck during the auto program, it will hit the skull at the apex of the roll.

3. Manual roller positioning – If you don’t want to use the scan override feature, just go to the manual setting of the chair, select the mode you want from the rollers (knead, tap, clap, etc.), select the point or spot massage option, and then move the rollers up to the highest position and let go, using the up arrow. This will get the rollers to massage the back of the skull at the same location for as long as you can bear it.  

The only thing that will prevent these last two methods from working is if the body of the user is too tall. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back to the #1 option above, changing your body position.

Here is a brief video that demonstrates the #2 option above, overriding the scan. I hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Massage Chairs for Bigger Bodies!

Rear view of two professionals in formal suites who stand in front of concrete wall.
Rear view of two professionals in formal suites who stand in front of concrete wall.

It can be a challenge to find a chair that has the right fit for a bigger body. However, “bigger body” can mean a few different things. First of all, weight can matter. Some folks are above the recommended threshold of maximum weight for a particular chair model. Even though their height may be just right, the weight may be too much. The body that is over the recommended weight limit will put undue stress on the chair’s components, primarily those of the roller track system, which will lead to higher rates of chair failure…and we don’t want that!

Secondly, a corollary to weight can be width. Some folks are large but their size projects forward, i.e. a large belly (the bane of the aging male’s existence!) so they can fit into a chair just fine, but their weight is over the weight limit threshold. Some others are below the weight threshold, but are too wide, i.e. broad shoulders or wide hips. It doesn’t matter if your weight is under a chair’s limits if your body shape won’t allow you to fit into a chair without the use of a very large shoe horn (do young folks even know what that is anymore?).

Lastly, height can be tough to accommodate. Not just the overall height, but the height proportions of the user’s body, i.e. legs and torso. Some people who are 6’5″ tall can fit into a chair with no problem, and get their neck massaged by the rollers, but their legs can never fully extend. On the other hand someone who is 6’1″ tall with a very long torso and shorter legs can also fit into a chair with no problem, with their legs can fully extended, but the chair’s rollers may never reach their neck on some models. So, height can be a challenge.

I am going to list the recommended chairs for height and weight with a two-pronged approach:

  1. Chairs that fit taller and bigger bodies, according to the massage chair companies literature/specifications.
  2. Chairs that fit taller and bigger bodies, based on our experience in the Massage Chair Relief showrooms.

The reason I am doing this is because our experience has shown that just because a massage chair company says that their chairs fit someone who is 6’4″, DOES NOT mean that, as mentioned above, that the legs will be able to fully extend or that the rollers will be able to massage the entire neck of someone that tall. Of course, if you are willing to slide down a chair to get the rollers to hit your neck, then you can make almost any chair work for you…but who wants to have to do that? Not many of our showroom visitors do! We have real life experience in our showrooms of taller folks and in what chairs they actually fit AND get a full neck massage….without having to change body position to do so.

Most chairs will allow you to over ride the body scan if you want to see if a chair’s rollers will go higher. Or, you can go into the manual mode and move the rollers as high up as they will go. If you do either of those and the rollers still don’t hit the top of your neck, the chair will not fit you even if the specs say the chair can fit your height.

When a chair is fully reclined, the rollers will go relatively higher up the neck because the body slides down relative to the top of the chair in a reclined position.

Here is a list of all the chairs that we carry on our website that can accommodate folks over 6′ tall (according to the massage chair company literature/specs), with the published maximum height and weight numbers. Next to those number are my abbreviated comments about what these chairs really do allow for a full neck massage for taller bodies (based on actual experience in our showrooms), along with any other size comments. My comments DO NOT take into account torso/legs ratios, which can affect the fit. If there are no comments, then we do not have experience with that chair in our showrooms.

  1. DreamWave M.8 – 6’5″/260 lbs; fits that tall, but headpiece needs to be raised to allow for someone that tall to get a neck massage.
  2. DreamWave Classic – 6’4″/285; fits that tall, but headpiece needs to be raised to allow for someone that tall to get a neck massage. The break-away arm rests allow for very wide bodies to fit in this model.
  3. Inada Flex 3S – 6’2″/240 lbs; rollers do not reach thetop of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall.
  4. Inada Nest – 6’2″/220 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall. Notice how low the weight limit is.
  5. Panasonic MAJ7 – 6’2″/264 lbs; fits as it reads.
  6. Panasonic MA73 – 6’4″/264 lbs; fits as it reads.
  7. Panasonic MA70 – 6’2″/264 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall.
  8. Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 – 6’3″/250 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall.
  9. Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium – 6’1″/285; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall.
  10. Osaki JP Premium 4S Japan – 6’4″/250 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall
  11. Osaki Pro Maxim & Pro Alpina – 6’4″/240 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall.
  12. Osaki Pro Cyber – 6’4″/265 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for folks 6′ tall and under.
  13. Osaki Pro Dreamer – 6’5″/265 lbs; fits as it reads.
  14. Osaki TP 8500 – 6’4″/265 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck. Better for folks under 6′ tall.
  15. Osaki 7200H – 6’5″/265 lbs; fits as it reads.
  16. Osaki 4000T – 6’4″/265 lbs; pretty close to how it reads. Maybe 6’2″ or less.
  17. Osaki 4000LS – 6’4″/265 lbs
  18. Osaki Pro Summit – 6’4″/240 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6’2″ tall.
  19. Osaki Pro Maestro – 6’4″/250 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6’2″ tall.
  20. Osaki Pro Ekon – 6’6″/250 lbs; fits as it reads for a shorter torso.
  21. Osaki Pro First Class – 6’5″/245 lbs; fits as it reads.
  22. Titan Jupiter XL – 6’6″/270 lbs; fits as it reads for a shorter torso.
  23. Titan Pro Executive – 6’3″/285 lbs; fits as it reads.
  24. Infinity Presidential – 6’4″/325 lbs; fits as it reads. Notice the higher weight allowance for most Infinity models.
  25. Infinity Overture – 6’6″/285 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6’4″ tall.
  26. Infinity Genesis – 6’5″/300 lbs; fits as reads for as shorter torso.
  27. Infinity Riage x3 – 6’5″/300 lbs; fits as reads for as shorter torso.
  28. Infinity Smart Chair x3 – 6’5″/300 lbs; fits as it reads.
  29. Infinity IT-8500 – 6’5″/285 lbs; fits as it reads.
  30. Infinity IT-9800 – 6’7″/350 lbs; fits as reads, mostly because their are not any foot massagers into which you place your feet, so you can slide down the chair comfortably and get your neck massaged at almost any height.
  31. Human Touch Novo XT2 – 6’9″/300 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6’4″ tall. You can set your own height on this chair, so select setting #9 and see if the rollers go all the way up your neck.
  32. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 – 6’/285 lbs; better fit for under 6′ tall.
  33. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 – 6’3″/285 lbs; fits as it reads.
  34. Cozzia 16027 & 16028 – 6’2″/300 lbs.
  35. Ogawa Touch 3D – 6’6″/300 lbs; fits as it reads.
  36. Ogawa Active L – 6’2″/300 lbs; fits as it reads.
  37. Ogawa Refresh Plus – 6’3″/300 lbs; fits as it reads.
  38. Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus – 6’7″/300 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6’5″ tall.
  39. Luraco Legend Plus – 6’5″/250 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for 6’2″ tall and under, depending on torso length.
  40. uKnead Lohas – 6’3″/285 lbs; fits as it reads.
  41. Johnson Wellness J6800, J5800, J5600 – 6’5″/300 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for 6’3″ tall and under.
  42. Synca Kagra – 6’5″/300 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for 6’3″ tall and under.
  43. Synca JP1100 – 6’4″/300 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall.
  44. Inner Balance Jin – 6’5″/300 lbs; fits as it reads.
  45. Health Mate HM-5200 – 6’4″/300 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for under 6′ tall.
  46. Fujimedic Kumo – 6’4″/265 lbs; rollers do not reach the top of the neck for that height. Better for 6’2″ tall and under.

As you can tell from these numbers, the specs from the massage chair companies are a bit misleading. I wouldn’t say deceptive because folks who are as tall as the recommended heights for each of these chairs will usually fit in these chairs. It really just boils down to whether your neck will get fully massaged, if at all with some models, or whether you can fully extend your legs when sitting in a chair.

Our “My Chair Finder” software uses the massage chair companies published specs/literature for the height section. This article should help you understand why those numbers are bit misleading. If you have a tall body (or a wide body, for that matter), you really won’t know what chairs fit you properly until you try them out.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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New Massage Chair Relief Store Coming to Arizona!!

Massage Chair Relief showroom
Massage Chair Relief showroom

I am so pleased to announce that we are going to open another Massage Chair Relief showroom, this one in Arizona! I traveled to Phoenix

lease signing for the new Massage Chair Relief store in AZ
Lease signing for the new AZ store

this morning and met with Ben Epstein at the Scottsdale offices of Arizona Partners Retail Investment Group, LLC, to sign the lease. They are the owners of the strip mall where our new store will be located.

The address of the new store is 1955 W. Baseline Road, Suite 105, in Mesa (right between XO Nails and Papa Murphy’s Pizza). The property is at the corner of Baseline and Dobson, close to both the 101 and 60 freeways. The anchor store in the strip mall is an Albertsons grocery store.

The journey to this decision has been a long time in the making. I actually started looking at potential spaces in the Phoenix area about 2 years ago. I had traveled down there a few times to scope out prospective locations that fit our search criteria. I had narrowed down my search to 4 different locations. Because I am a bit older now and far more loathe to risking the loss of hard earned capital, I took my sweet bloody time making the decision. It was not easy. The prices were much higher than I had expected (on par with our lease payments for the California store) plus I would have to commit to a longer lease than I would have liked.

Of course, the opening of a store is a lot more work than just finding a location. Licensing, business registration/incorporation, lease negotiations, finding suitable staff and then training them, finding a delivery company, finding a capable technician to take care of our Lifetime Labor Warranty, arranging and paying for a showroom build-out, and buying showroom inventory, just to name a few things, can be a bit overwhelming for a fiscally conservative older guy like me.

inside space of new Massage Chair Relief store
Inside space of new store
Massage Chair Relief showroom
New Massage Chair Relief storefront – 1955 Baseline Road, Suite #105, Mesa, AZ

After months of stewing over the decision, and driving myself nuts with that indecision, I took the dive and committed to this particular location, one I had actually felt good about right from the start. First thing this morning, I signed the lease. Later this morning, I met with the contractor and went over the details of the leasehold improvements (aka build-out). We are patterning the layout and look & feel after our SoCal showroom, but with different color schemes and NOT carpet (man, what was I thinking?!?!). The picture below represents the blank canvas with which the contractor gets to work. I will post pictures when it’s done.

We anticipate about a month for the build-out to be completed. In the meantime, the search for staff begins. I found my manager at the California store, Michael, by reaching out to my current and prospective customers. If any of you reading this article know of anyone who would be interested in working with us in this store, please have them reach out to me, via phone at 801-417-8240 or via email at for an interview. I would love to visit with them.

For those of you who have purchased your massage chair(s) from us, thank you for your patronage. That is what has made it possible for Massage Chair Relief to take this next step. For those who read my articles and watch my videos, thanks for motivating me to open another store. I want to bring the chairs to you to help with your decision-making process.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Advantage: Massage Chair Relief


Of course, there are plenty of retailers out there, both online and offline, from whom you can purchase your new massage chair. From big box stores to small, “home business” websites, everyone is trying to get your attention so that you purchase your chair from them. It truly is like a maze!

Naturally, price is a big thing for a lot of folks looking for a massage chair. But I have learned, after 14 years in this business, that finding the right chair and getting it at a good price is just the beginning of the journey…not the end. You don’t often realize what you’ve gotten  yourself into until you need some assistance after the purchase, be it with returning your chair, getting some tech support should something go wrong with your chair, or just getting some questions answered about your new chair.

Although Massage Chair Relief competes with pretty much anyone on price, it’s with the extra stuff where we shine and where we put most of our resources. In this article I want to highlight those things that make us quite unique and, in my opinion, make it a no-brainer to get your massage chair from my company.

  1. 90-Day Unconditional, No Questions Asked, Money Back Return Policy – Sometimes it takes awhile to get accustomed to a new chair and really know if it is the right chair for you. Even if you’ve sat on one at our showroom (or anywhere else, for that matter), you don’t really know how well it will work for you until you get it in your home and have the freedom to play around with it for hours. 90 days gives you all the time you need without feeling any pressure to have to make a decision right away. You might think the chair isn’t right for you, but after playing around with it for a few weeks or a month or two, you might realize that it is perfect for you. Or not. Our return policy makes it easy for you to decide without the time crunch.
  2. Truly Free Returns – If you do decide that your new chair isn’t right for you, and you want to return it or exchange it for another model, our free return policy takes the shipping expense off your shoulders. Needless to say, our returns have increased since we introduced this new policy in November 2017, but it has taken so much stress off the chair buyer knowing that this option is available if the chair doesn’t work out. You simply get the chair ready for shipping and our freight broker will call you to arrange a date and time for pick up. Oh, and we don’t back-bill you for the original shipping or throw in any restocking fees. Free return shipping is exactly what it means…no cost to you for the return freight. That’s on us!
  3. Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty – Any chair we carry will come with a factory warranty. That means that the chair will have in-home parts & labor coverage for a certain period of time, anywhere from 1 – 5 years. You can also purchase an extended warranty, which is anywhere from 1 – 4 additional years of parts only or parts & labor coverage. Massage Chair Relief offers  a Lifetime Labor warranty to cover the cost of the labor to fix your chair after the factory labor coverage ends. We use the same network of techs that the massage chair companies use to perform their warranty work. Our motto is “you get the parts, we take care of the labor.” As you probably already know from other mechanical and electronic items you own, the labor portion of the repair is usually the most expensive…and usually by a long shot! We cover that for you, for as long as you own your chair. You can read about the details here: Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty. Of course, this is an additional expense to my company that cuts into profits, but it is something I have felt very strongly about since being in this industry for as long as I have. Here is a little review written by one of my customers who needed to use our Lifetime Labor Warranty…”This is not an actual review of a massage chair per se, but more of a testament to Dr. Alan’s commitment to customer service after sale.
    “I’ve had this chair since May 2015 and it has performed well. About one month ago, one of the back rollers came off of the track. As I moved this chair twice between my homes, I cannot blame the chair quality. Anyway, I called Dr. Alan and he immediately started the ball rolling to get my chair repaired. I was able to secure the parts required for repair and scheduled a technician appointment. True to his word, as usual, Dr Alan covered the labor costs under his lifetime labor policy. I paid a reasonable amount for the part. The chair is working again 100%.”
  4. Make-A-Wish Foundation – Being a father of 6 kids and grandpa to 5 grand kids, I have a special place in my heart for children. Ever since I was in practice, my clinic involved itself in fundraising for this wonderful foundation. I have carried on that tradition after I sold my practice and sold massage chairs full time. I donate a portion of every chair sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can see my donation page on the Make-A-Wish site at this link: Dr. Weidner’s Make-A-Wish Donation Page. At the time of this article, we have donated about $50,000 to this worthwhile cause. If you choose not to get your new chair from me, your donations on this page are still very welcome.
  5. On-Demand Customer Support – Whether it’s reaching out via our chat support on our site, our toll-free phone number, our showroom phone numbers, our Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, the comment section of our blog, or my YouTube channel, you can always reach out to us…and we answer!! Yes, even after we’ve taken your money for the sale!!! Once you buy your chair, we do not disappear. Like I said at the intro to this article, and from what you’ve seen in these bullet points, after-sales support is hugely important to me and my staff. You will never be left alone or feel stranded. We are always here for you, before and after the sale.
  6. Online Resources – We have the most comprehensive list of resources for assisting you in the decision-making process. From our article library/blog, to our YouTube channel with close to 600 informational and educational videos, to our Comparison Chart, our “My Chair Finder” software, hundreds of chair reviews, our growing list of showrooms, my self-authored Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide book, and our own on-demand expert support, you will have as much information as you could possibly want or need to assist you in the search process.
  7. BBB A+ Rating – We encourage you to check us out at the Better Business Bureau. We are registered with them, and have been for 14 years, to make sure that an objective 3rd party can give you the confidence that you are buying from a reputable business. We have nothing to hide.

And, that is why I think it’s a no-brainer to get your new massage chair from us. Excuse me tooting our own horn, but I thought you needed to know. Happy Holidays!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Why Don’t Both Arm’s Airbags Inflate at the Same Time?

OS-Pro Ekon arm airbags
OS-Pro Ekon arm airbags

One of the things about 99% of all massage chairs that confuses the people who use them is why the arm airbags (aka air cells) inflate on one arm and then the other, rather than at the same time. Great question! And the answer has everything to do with safety and not symmetry.

When folks come to my showroom, many of them want to know why the arm airbags all don’t inflate in unison. It seems logical and intuitive that both arms would be compressed by airbags at the same time. After all, the legs, shoulders, and waist airbags all do. So, why not the arms?

inada nest massage chair
Right Arm Airbags

The thinking of the massage chair engineers is that if both arms are being squeezed at the same time and an immediate emergency arises, it can be quite difficult and time consuming to get an arm out from between compressing airbags in order to get to the remote control to turn it off. It can be a challenge if the airbags are at full squeezing capacity.

So, the came up with the idea of inflating the airbags on one side and then the other. That way, you can always easily escape your chair should the immediate need arise. Some folks also feel a little claustrophobic when both of their arms are restrained by the airbags. It can create a bit of panic in the user’s mind.

Well, that’s it! Pretty simple isn’t it? But helpful and practical when you think about it. There are still some models that have bilateral simultaneous arm airbag inflation, but we are seeing less and less of them.

Most, if not all, chairs have a full body stretch program. That is the only time in pretty much all massage chairs when both arms are compressed and grabbed by airbags at the same time, but even that event is fleeting. It is only done when the chair back is reclining and the leg rest is dropping to facilitate the stretch.

I believe the Osaki Dreamer and Cyber as well as the uKnead Lohas have the simultaneous arm grab.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Showroom Models in our California & Utah Stores

Massage Chair Relief - California Store Front
Massage Chair Relief - California Store Front

Since we get inquiries all the time about which floor models we have in our showrooms, I thought I’d just list them here for your perusal and information. We have many of the same models in each showroom, but some different ones as well.

In our Southern California showroom, which is located at 19117 Bloomfield Avenue in Cerritos, we carryFile Dec 03, 3 41 59 PM the following models:

  • Inada DreamWave
  • Inada Flex 3S
  • Luraco iRobotics 7
  • Panasonic MA73
  • Osaki OS-4D JP Premium
  • Osaki JP Premium 4S
  • Titan TP-Pro Executive
  • Titan TP-Pro Alpine
  • Apex Ultra
  • Infinity IT-8500
  • Infinity Iyashi
  • Infinity Escape
  • Ogawa Active
  • Ogawa Smart 3D
  • Human Touch Navitas Sleep
  • Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

In our Utah store, which is located at 2248 W. 5400 S. in Taylorsville, we have the following models forFile Apr 10, 7 28 36 AM your testing and enjoyment:

  • Inada DreamWave
  • Inada Flex 3S
  • Inada Yume
  • Luraco iRobotics 7
  • Panasonic MA73
  • Human Touch HT-Bali
  • Human Touch ZeroG 4.0
  • Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer
  • Osaki OS-7200H
  • Osaki OS-4000T
  • Titan TP-8400
  • Titan TP-Pro Alpine
  • Apex Ultra
  • Infinity IT-8500
  • Infinity Iyashi

Of the models we have in the Utah showroom, we have the ZeroG 4.0, HT-Bali, and the Osaki OS-7200H for sale as floor models. You can check out any and all of our used or floor models for sale on our pre-owned chair directory here:

Pre-Owned, Discontinued, Floor, Used chair directory

If you live outside of Utah or the Southern California area, please check out our Out-of-State Visitor Program. Confused about which chair to buy? Just come visit us and try them all out. Most of the major name brands popular sellers are in our stores and you will have a really good idea of which chair you will want once you have sat on them all and experienced their different features and “feels”.

Out-of-State Visitors Program

Jared Goff, 2016 #1 Overall NFL Pick, Wants What?

In closing, I was recently sent this clip of the Jimmy Kimmel show where Jimmy chats with the #1 overall pick of the Los Angeles Rams in the recent NFL draft, Jared Goff. Once you see the clip you’ll see why I wanted to share this with you. The first “silly” thing he wants to get with his recent windfall is…a massage chair!!

Good stuff, Jared! Please don’t hesitate to visit our store in Southern California when you are ready to get your new chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Inada DreamWave vs. Panasonic MA73

Inada DreamWave
Inada DreamWave
Inada DreamWave
Inada DreamWave

The Inada DreamWave has been the top luxury massage chair for so long now that most folks don’t even realize that there are some competitors out there in the same class. These competing models aren’t marketed as aggressively or as well as the DreamWave, but they do have some nice features and are quality models. The Panasonic MA73 is one of those chairs. It is priced at $7999, which is quite close to the DreamWave pricing, but it is quite a different chair. I will compare and contrast the two models in this article.

  1. Made in Japan vs. Made in China – Although the Panasonic MA73 is designed and engineered in Japan, it is manufactured in China. The DreamWave is not only designed and engineered in Japan, but also manufactured there, although it does have some components that are made in China. Advantage: Inada DreamWave.
  2. 3D Roller System – both chairs boast the 3D roller technology, but the feel of the roller massage is quite different. The DreamWave has a more gently or sophisticated roller feel, whereas the MA73 has a stronger default massage. The rollers of the MA73 are jade stone and smaller than the hard rubber rollers of the DreamWave, so they tend to dig a little deeper than those of the DreamWave. I describe the roller differences this way…the MA73 feels like knuckles are massaging your back, the DreamWave feels like elbows. Broader roller contact on your back from the DreamWave makes for a more gentle-feeling massage than the smaller roller contact on your back of the MA73. If you like a more vigorous massage that digs a little deeper, the MA73 is for you. If you like a broader, less intense roller massage, the DreamWave is for you. Having said that, though, about the DreamWave, I must say that when your remove the headpiece and attached back pad from the DreamWave (just lift it up and over the back of the chair), the massage is still very intense when you move the 3D rollers all the way forward. Advantage: Draw – Depends on what you like!
  3. Airbags – the DreamWave is famous for having over 100 air “cells”. It is the air cells that make the rest of the chair experience so comfortable. The MA73 has 33 airbags. It’s not just that the DreamWave has over 100 air cells, it’s how they’re used that is unique. Airbags have traditionally been used for just compression, but Inada uses them for trigger point massage in the shoulders, rotating the pelvis and torso, and moving the seat up-and-down and side-to-side with their patented DreamWave technology. Advantage: DreamWave.
  4. Trapezia Massage – I mentioned how the DreamWave uses air cells for trigger point massage on the shoulders. Well, it’s the traps that benefit from those air cells. They inflate from the base of the headpiece down onto both traps and it provides a lovely massage of an oft-neglected muscle by other massage chairs (it is actually intended to be a neck tractioning feature, but it really doubles nicely as a trap point massage). It is a nice feature. However, the MA73 uses its rollers to massage the traps. When the rollers come up the mid back, and before they continue on up the neck muscles, they move forward over the trapezia muscles to give a fantastic shiatsu-like massage to those muscles that are almost always tight on everyone! Advantage: MA73.
  5. Neck Massage – both chairs use the roller system to massage the neck, however, the DreamWave has more versatility in that area. The headpiece of the DreamWave has an air cell system built into it that offers air massage of the neck muscles. To me, it feels like someone is using their thumb and fore fingers to massage the neck musculature. It feels great. But, if you want a more intense neck massage, remove the headpiece and let the rollers have at it. Along with the 3D technology, the neck massage can be quite intense. Advantage: DreamWave.
  6. Heat – both chairs have heating elements, but it’s the uniqueness of the MA73 heater that impresses. The DreamWave has more traditional heating elements in the seat and low back. The MA73, on the other hand, has little heaters next to each of the 4 jade stone rollers. Those heaters warm up the rollers and, as they roll up and down your spine, they heat up your whole back! It is a very unique technology and one that most folks love when they use the chair. Advantage: MA73.
  7. Panasonic MA73
    Panasonic MA73

    Body Styling – the MA73 has a more traditional massage chair look, but it can double as a regular recliner. You can rotate the ottoman to hide the foot and calf wells, the arm rests hide the arm massage mechanism, and the attached back pad that has lumbar support, allows you to use this chair as a massage chair or as a regular recliner. Very clever. The DreamWave, on the other hand, is a massage chair, through and through. It can’t disguise itself as a regular recliner, but it has an award winning body design that pretty much changed the way all chairs came to be made over the last 8 years. Advantage: For style – DreamWave; for functionality – MA73.

  8.  Seat Massage – the MA73 uses airbags to inflate the seat up and down. That function is used not only as part of a buttock massage, but also in concert with the rollers in the stretch programs. The DreamWave, which gets it’s name from the patented DreamWave seat technology, uses aircells to not only inflate the seat, but to move it from side-to-side for pelvis and low back mobilization. As a chiropractor, I saw the benefit of this immediately for patients with a “hot” low back, where passive mobilization was the only thing that could be done to the inflamed area. Both chairs also use thigh airbags/cells that inflate onto the area of the IlioTibial Bands (ITB), but I find that those of the DreamWave work more therapeutically on the ITB region. Advantage: DreamWave. 
  9. Customer Support – not a direct chair feature, but a huge thing for the consumer after the purchase. Inada has a fantastic tech/warranty support team. They will repair or replace faulty parts in your home or business, no matter where you live. Panasonic does not offer in-home support, but they will have a local Panasonic Authorized Service Center come pick up your chair and take it away to repair it. Then they will return it when it is fixed. The only problem with that arrangement is if you don’t live anywhere close to a service center. Then you may have some trouble getting your chair fixed. Advantage: DreamWave.
  10. Chair Size – the Inada is a big chair. It requires packaging in two boxes in order to get the chair into a home. The arm rests and ottoman are in one box, the chair body in another. Once it is set up, it most likely won’t fit through a standard door frame in the event that you want to move it to another room. You’ll have to remove an arm rest to move it. The Panasonic, on the other hand, is smaller and narrower, and fits in one box. It will fit better in a home that is pressed for space. Once it is set up, it is very easy to move around your home or business. It is also easier to set up than the DreamWave. Advantage: MA73.
  11. Warranty – both chairs have 3 years parts and labor warranty, but the MA73 has an additional two years of parts coverage. The only problem with the Panasonic warranty, as mentioned in #9 above, is the potential hassle of getting service for your MA73, depending on where you live. Advantage: MA73.
  12. Inada DreamWave
    Inada Dreamwave

    Foot & Calf Massage – both chairs use airbags/cells for their foot & calf massage, as well as a rubber plate under the soles of the feet that have nobules that push up into the bottom of your feet by other airbags/cells. However, the MA73 foot massage is not as comfortable as that of the DreamWave, mostly because of one big nobule that sticks up into the arch of each foot on the MA73 that doesn’t feel great to some people. Advantage: DreamWave.

  13. Hand & Forearm Massage – the Inada has more air cells in the arms and hands region, but the set up on the MA73 feels better. It seems to do a more comprehensive air massage of the hands and forearms than the DreamWave. Advantage: MA73.
  14. Stretch Program – both chairs have stretch programs, but they are vastly different! The DreamWave employs a reclining chair back and a dropping ottoman to extend the spine out flat. The air cells in the foot and calf sections inflate to grab the feet and calves while the ottoman drops to intensity the low back stretch. The MA73, on the other hand, employs a whole different type of stretch. It has three regional stretches, i.e. neck, upper back, and hips, that are deployed sequentially to stretch out each region more specifically. It uses the rollers in concert with the airbags to create a very unique experience. It is different, but I really like how it works. Advantage: Draw – too different to equally compare.

I like the sacral massage by both chairs. That is the area of the tailbone. The rollers of both chairs reach down low in that region to give a great massage to the SI joints. I think the massage of the DreamWave in that area is superior, although the roller track length is slightly shorter on the DreamWave (28.4″ vs. 32″).

I might also mention that the DreamWave has upper arm air cells that surround and inflate upon the biceps and triceps. The MA73 has shoulder airbags instead that inflate to the outside of the shoulders to pin the upper torso down while the rollers go up and down the back.

As with all Japanese chairs at the time of this writing, neither chair has zero gravity or foot rollers.

I hope you found this review helpful.

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. Give us a “Like”, “Share”, or “+1” and leave me a comment or question below to share what you learned or ask any questions, so other folks can benefit from this material.

Exciting Changes at Massage Chair Relief… For You!!

Lifetime labor warrantly
Lifetime labor warrantly

You may or may not have heard by now that we have made some pretty exciting changes to Massage Chair Relief. I am going to review them with you today. This stuff is especially helpful right now before the holidays.

lifetime_labor_warranty_mcr1. Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty

For every massage chair purchase, beginning Novemver 1, 2015, you will get a lifetime labor warranty included with your new chair. This means that after the factory and extended warranties expire, you will have labor coverage for your chair should anything go wrong with it. You will still need to purchase the parts, if needed, but we will arrange for the labor to help diagnose the problem and then to install any parts that are necessary.

There are some conditions that apply, which you can ready about here…

If you have any questions about our new lifetime labor warranty, please don’t hesitate to call me at 888-259-5380 and I’ll explain it all. I try to explain a lot of it in this video, posted last week on our YouTube channel:

This has been in the works for almost a year and it is finally available to you. I am so excited to announce this because I know it will give my customers peace of mind for years to come. You can see the reference to our labor warranty on every product page on our site. And, when you purchase your chair, you will see the warranty listed on the receipt that is mailed to your inbox at the time of purchase.

2. Best Return Policy in the Industry…Still!

We have always had the best massage chair return policy in the business, but last week I added something to it that will make it irresistible to buy from anyone other than Massage Chair Relief. Here is what we include already in our return policy:

  • 90 days money back guarantee – You can keep your chair for up to 90 days to decide if it is the chair you want. If you don’t, then just pack it up and send it back to us. Just make sure it gets to us by the 90 day from the date of purchase. By the way, everyone else in our industry offers you only a 30-day return policy. Advantage: Massage Chair Relief
  • b.) No restocking/handling fees – When you send your chair back, you will not be deducted a “restocking or handling fee”. Every other company does this, but not us. The only thing that will be deducted from your refund will be the merchant processing fees that were charged us at the time of your purchase. These are the fees that Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Paypal, and Synchrony Bank charge us for the privilege of accepting their forms of payment on our website. These fees range from 3-6%. You can see a listing of these fees on our website here: will be one more thing that will be deducted from your refund…
  • c.) We will split the return shipping costs with you – That’s right, I will pay for half of the return shipping costs if you choose to send your chair back. You will still need to package it up, hopefully in the original packaging, but we will arrange for the pick-up, use our own shipping accounts to get the best shipping costs, and then deduct half of the shipping/freight costs from your check.Before now, you had to arrange for your own return shipping PLUS pay the full cost of that return shipping. Everyone else does it this way. Well, now we will split those costs with you and I’ll pay for half…of our already low contracted shipping costs!

Check out my YouTube video that explains our updated Return Policy in detail…

Well, there you have it! Our new Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty PLUS our industry-best Return/Exchange Policy makes purchasing your new massage chair from Massage Chair Relief a “No-Brainer”.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying a massage chair or trying to figure out from which retailer to buy it, these two things alone should convince you to jump off the fence and come on over to our site right away (not to mention that we also price match, donate a portion of your purchase price to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, have 2 actual Brick-and-Mortar showrooms, and have been around longer than almost everyone else!).

Feel free to call me if you have any questions about our awesome and exciting new developments. As you can tell, I love talking about them!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Cool Massage Chair History Lesson!

happy young family in white clothing have fun and play with beautiful dog at vacations on beautiful beach
happy young family in white clothing have fun and play with beautiful dog at vacations on beautiful beach

I came across this excellent video story, by Peter Barakan of NHK World News, on the history of massage chairs. I had always thought that Mr. Inada had invented the first massage chair in 1962, but this story pegs a sewing machine parts businessman in Japan as the inventor of the first massage chair in 1950 for his daugher, who suffered from “very bad knots in her shoulders.”

I am a real history buff, so I found this video fascinating. It is particularly interesting for me  to learn about the history of the massage chair and how the chairs have evolved into the technological masterpieces they are today. Here is the video. Please feel free to leave any comments about the videos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Continue reading “Cool Massage Chair History Lesson!”

Massage Chair Shipping – A Royal Pain in the Rumpus?

delivery truck
delivery truck

truck-delivery-1042539-mWhen everything goes well, buying a massage chair can be a splendid, stress-free experience. But, if not, it can be quite a bother. From my 10+ years in the business, I can tell you that most of the problems that arise in the massage chair buying process has to do with shipping!

Long haul freight shipping is an amazing service. What would we do without it? Most, if not all, of our groceries, consumer products, building materials, etc., are moved by freight trucks. We rely on them more than we sometimes realize. We are so used to everything being where we want it to be that we sometimes forget that it is truckers that make our economy move. If there is a break in the logistics channel, all heck would break loose. I’ve often thought that if all the truckers were to stop doing what they do, we’d be out of food in a matter of days, if not hours. We need freight movers!! Continue reading “Massage Chair Shipping – A Royal Pain in the Rumpus?”

Massage Chairs With 4D Rollers? Really?

Elderly man using a massage chair
Elderly man using a massage chair
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I am seeing more and more chairs that boast “4D” roller technology. The first time I saw this I wondered “I learned in physics class that there are only 3 dimensions – the x-axis, the y-axis, and the z-axis. Where is this 4th dimension?”

Well, of course, there really isn’t a 4th dimension, at least not on this planet, but massage chair manufacturers, in an ever-increasing attempt to differentiate their chairs from others use different terms to entice you to check out their chairs.  Continue reading “Massage Chairs With 4D Rollers? Really?”

Keep Your Cool During Tax Season

The very idea of doing taxes causes some people to have panic attacks, and April 15th, Tax Day, is known as one of the most stressful days of the year. This kind of stress can cause headaches and muscle aches, but you can avoid it if you plan ahead. Start early on your 2016 taxes. That alone will provide plenty of stress relief. If you’re really feeling the pressure this tax season, some tax firms are offering free chair massages to help you unwind!

Read the full article here: Don’t Let Tax Season Stress You Out

Quick Hits – iRobotics 7; 18 Month 0% Financing; Visit to Texas

rss icon
rss icon

rss-icon-1-970189-mHere are a few things of note that are going on in our business as well as the massage chair industry:

1. Luraco iRobotics 7

Luraco introduced a new model, the iRobotics 7, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas back in January. At that time, the chair was not fully completed but the body was on display at the show. That model is now about ready for market deployment and I will be checking it out next week during my trip to Texas (see #3 below).

Here is what I know about the chair so far: Continue reading “Quick Hits – iRobotics 7; 18 Month 0% Financing; Visit to Texas”

Benefits of Massage With Age

gorgeous hanging primula flowers in a pot on a brick wall background
gorgeous hanging primula flowers in a pot on a brick wall background

Massage isn’t just for those young half-naked people you see in resort photos, massage has a lot of benefits for people who are aging as well. More and more studies are showing the benefits of massage therapy for the aging population including increasing quality of life and alleviating pain that comes with aging. But not everyone feels comfortable or can afford going to a spa to get a massage, which is why at-home massage therapy should be considered.

Read the full story here :: Massage Therapy Benefits Aging People

Massage Therapy Can Save The Aging Population

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym
Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym


mcr-5-colorWith the increase of our population aging over 65 in the next few years, it is important to consider therapy treatments that promote health, and improve quality of life. Massage therapy has been shown to do just that by promoting relaxation, stability, reducing blood pressure, and even helping temper the effects of dementia.

Massage therapy also helps reduce aches and pains, as well as stress, and anxiety. Integrating massage therapy into a health and wellness plan is useful for all ages, but it holds particular value to the growing elder population.

Chronic pain is typically underreported in the aging population due to the assumption that with age, comes pain. However chronic pain is highly treatable, especially when incorporating massage therapy. Many people don’t have time, money, or feel comfortable going to get an actual massage, but an at home massage-chair is a great alternative, especially for those who are retired, and experiencing on-going pain.

Read the full story here :: Massage Therapy Shown to Promote Health, Improve Quality of Life for Aging Adults

Massage Could Cure Your Migraines

If you’re one of the many Americans suffering from migraines, massage therapy might be the cure to your problems. A Northern California physical therapist says he’s found something that isn’t being done anywhere else that really works – massage therapy. His patients say they have never been better. If you have chronic migraines, you should consider an at-home massage chair for 24/7 relief.

Read the full story here :: Migraine Cure Could Be A Massage Away

Wearable Back Massage for Stress Relief

If you work all day, then you probably have felt like you needed a back massage at the end of a long day. But going to a spa, or having someone around to give you a massage isn’t always possible, which is why having an in-home massage device can be a sweet investment for an any-time massage. There are some smaller, hand-held massagers, but why not just get a massage chair for the full experience?

Read the full story here :: Heated Wearable Back Massager Offers Sweet Relief After a Hard Day’s Work

Benefits of a Massage Chair

Did you know that the first massage chair was first produced in the 1980’s and intended to imitate an actual massage in the comfort of your own home? That includes the intention to relieve stress, tension, and back pain. So what makes a massage chair at the same par level as a traditional massage? These chairs are high tech. Computers can do pretty much anything these days, including assisting the adjustability of a massage chair to feel like the real thing. They also use nodes and rollers that vary in shapes and sized to pinpoint exact areas that need massaging.

Read the full story here :: Benefits of a Massage Chair


How To Choose A Massage Chair For You

In this article by Spine-Health, it answers the question of how to choose a massage chair that is right for you. It first recommends to find a comfortable massage chair, which is essential, especially if you’re going to be investing in using it often. The basic comfort of the chair needs to apply to the how your shape and contour is, to better suit your need. Next is the strength of the massage. Make sure you choose a chair whose intensity is appropriate for the type of relief you are seeking. If appearance is something that matters and you need it to match your living room, consider that aspect as well.

Read the full story here :: Choosing a Massage Chair


Massage Chairs Proven Beneficial For Pain Relief

Young businessman with his arms stretched upwards looking at laptop display
Young businessman with his arms stretched upwards looking at laptop display

Traditional massages are great and all, but they aren’t always convenient, available, or comfortable. This article by Spine-Health success explains how an electronic substitute, like a massage chair, can provide the benefits of the traditional human touch.

While massage chairs are typically viewed as a luxury item, they are certainly enjoyable, yet helpful to those living daily with back pain. The price may seem unattractive, but according to this article, the benefits of a massage chair outweigh the cost.

In addition to easing your back and neck pain, there are various other benefits of massage chairs. The massage can decrease tension and improve flexibility, increase endorphin levels, and also improve venous and lymphatic flow, meaning it can lower your blood pressure and stress. Plus you’ll never have to make an appointment or pay a hefty fee every time you go!

Read the full story here :: Massage Chairs For Pain Relief


The Pros & Cons of a Retractable Ottoman

Traditional ottoman
Traditional ottoman

One of the drawbacks of massage chairs, in general, is that they don’t look like recliners much at all. They are designed to be therapeutic devices and, with that, comes a styling that does not hide the fact that a chair is truly a therapeutic device! Some companies, like Human Touch, have gone to great design and engineering lengths to create chairs that look like recliners first, that have massage chair functions, second. Continue reading “The Pros & Cons of a Retractable Ottoman”

Mail Bag – Scoliosis; Health Insurance; IT-8500 vs DreamWave

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse


Can you recommend a massage chair or chairs that are best for my severe scoliosis (74% the larger curve).

Thank you, Dennis


Hi, Dennis
Thank you so much for your email. You certainly have a significant scoliosis and most chairs will address the thoracic musculature quite well. I would suggest sitting in a massage chair at a local store to make sure that it does not irritate your scoliosis. My only concern is that with a large Cobb angle the rollers might hit your vertabrae as well as your musculature. If that is the case, you might have some discomfort from the roller system. Let me know if you try, or have tried, one out and how the chair affected your back. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Scoliosis; Health Insurance; IT-8500 vs DreamWave”

How Pets Are Benefiting From Massage Therapy Too

If you already use some sort of massage therapy to reduce stress and pain, you know the health benefits that it can have for you. Those same health benefits now apply to pets who are beginning to get massage therapy as a preventative and rehabilitating measure. If you think it sounds crazy to get your dog a massage, check out how it’s been increasing in popularity, and how much people are spending on it.


Get the full story here: See Spot relax: Pet massage gaining popularity

Christmas Shopping Deadlines!

delivery truck
delivery truck

truck-delivery-1042539-mAs anticipated, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday was crazy busy! Because of the number of sales and the number of people who called me to see if they could have a few more days to decide on the right massage chair (it’s not really a spur of the moment decision!), we have extended our Cyber Monday pricing to the end of this week. I can’t put the deals on the website, so you’ve got to call me at 888-259-5380 to find out what pricing is available for the rest of this week. Continue reading “Christmas Shopping Deadlines!”

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales!!

snowman holding a gift
snowman holding a gift

snowman_with_surprise_-_no_bkgToday is Black Friday, and the start of the holiday shopping craziness. I will reiterate here what I say every year at the same time…Don’t wait until the last minute to get your massage chair holiday shopping done.

Shipping deadlines are one huge thing, and I’ll get into those on Monday’s post, but models and colors start to dwindle daily starting today as so many people start rushing to get their perfect massage chair.

No matter how much the massage chair companies plan on sufficient inventory, there always seems to be a model or color that goes into back order status this weekend. So, again, if you are thinking of getting a massage chair for someone for Christmas, don’t wait too much longer…or else you’ll have to settle for scraps.

Now, having gotten that off my chest, here is what is being offered for Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials: Continue reading “Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales!!”

Greasing A Massage Chair!


gearsI just realized that the title of this article doesn’t sound so good, but the info is pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. One of the things I get asked a lot about massage chairs is what kind of maintenance needs to go into keeping a new chair in great running order. Surprisingly, not much. I wrote an article some time ago about upkeep of a massage chair and you can read it here… Continue reading “Greasing A Massage Chair!”

Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; War Injury; Foot Roller Concerns

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse



Hi Doc, thanks for all your videos and a great website. In your opinion, can the Iyashi do as good a job for the neck and shoulders compared to the 8500 even without the Accuroll Function? One review says the Refresh Auto function on the Iyashi does a very strong neck and shoulder massage. Does it mean it is as capable in the neck area as the 8500, just have to learn how to turn it on??? Thanks. Regards, Simon Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; War Injury; Foot Roller Concerns”

New Massage Chair Category – Titan Chairs!

TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400

I have been carrying Osaki massage chairs for a few years now and they have become one of our best selling categories of chairs. In other words, I sell a lot of the Osaki massage chairs. Well, you may or may not know that Osaki and Titan chairs are both owned by the same company and are manufactured in many of the same factories. I have not carried Titan chairs before because of the lower grade components and the fact that many of their models were copies of some of the Osaki chairs I was already carrying.

A month or so ago, I was approached by the folks at Osaki/Titan to see if I would consider carrying a couple of new Titan models that they wanted to distribute through a few select retailers. They are quite high on these two chairs because they are affordable models that have features that can normally only be found on more expensive models. I checked them out and decided to carry them. You can check them out on our website. Although I haven’t sat on either of them yet, I am excited to see the rich feature-sets for the low price points. Continue reading “New Massage Chair Category – Titan Chairs!”

Foot and Calf Chair Measurements

calf and foot airbags
calf and foot airbags
Calf & Feet Airbags
Calf & Feet Airbags

Earlier this year I wrote an article about fitting into massage chairs. I was responding to increasing number of folks asking about whether their larger body frames would fit into these newer chairs that have hip and shoulder airbags. I listed the measurements of the distance between the airbags to help people know if a particular chair would fit them or not.

Some people have broad shoulders or larger upper bodies that will not fit between the shoulder airbag housings of a chair. Others have larger bottoms that will not fit comfortably between the hip/thigh airbags. If this information interests you, you can read that article hereContinue reading “Foot and Calf Chair Measurements”

Massage Chair and/or Recliner


More and more folks are asking about a massage chair that doesn’t look like a massage chair, but can double as a regular recliner. I think that as more shoppers come into the marketplace, there will be more of a relative demand for that type of massage chair. Aesthetics are important to people and making a massage chair fit in with existing decorum can be quite a challenge.

There is a trade-off when a massage chair chooses aesthetics over feature-set. Obviously, you can’t have a full-feature massage chair, with all the bells and whistles, and still have a chair that doesn’t resemble a massage chair at all. So, the trade off is aesthetics for features. The manufacturers are getting more and more clever in their ability to hide blatant massage chair features, but for a full service feature-set, you will most likely have to compromise on looks.

I thought that today I might discuss some massage chair options that would provide therapeutic benefit while at the same time providing some looks that don’t so blatantly scream “therapeutic massage chair” and can soothe the savage beast of your home or business decorator.  Continue reading “Massage Chair and/or Recliner”

Mail Bag – Iyashi Neck Massage; Arthritic Hip and Low Back

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse


emailHi, I am researching massage chairs and have a few questions: I’m a fitness enthusiast and exercise often. I often have sore glutes, quads, and hamstrings after an intense lower body workout. That’s why the 49″ roller track on the Infinity Iyashi is very interesting to me. My only concern is its shoulder and neck massage capability. My day job involves sitting in front of a computer all day, so I have tight neck and trapezius muscles. I’m reading conflicting reports on whether the Iyashi gives adequate massages in those areas. 1. Dr. Weidner mentioned that the auto-program isn’t as intense as he likes in those areas, but later mentioned that the manual program is pretty strong. He also once mentioned that the rollers seems to come forward a bit (like the Panasonic MA70) on top of the shoulders, but this was not mentioned again anywhere else. Can you confirm whether the Iyashi gives good massages on the neck and top of the shoulders? 2. Given my requirements, do you recommend anything other than the Iyashi? 3. What happens if something breaks down on the Iyashi in the 2nd year (when it’s under parts warranty, but not labor). Does Infinite Therapeutics still send someone out, but I’d just have to pay for labor myself? Roughly how much would it cost labor wise, for an in-house service visit? Thanks, Trent Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi Neck Massage; Arthritic Hip and Low Back”

To Infinity and Beyond…!

Photo of Dr. Weidner
Photo of Dr. Weidner

IMG_20140930_130145Last week I traveled to Boston, MA with the express purpose of visiting Infinite Therapeutic’s headquarters in Kingston, NH. I arrived late Monday night into the Boston Logan airport and was picked up by Michael Milone, the National Dealer Manager for IT, first thing Tuesday morning. Although the weather was raining and overcast, the surrounding vistas were fabulous. The 45 minute drive to New Hampshire was replete with autumn leaf colors…galore! Continue reading “To Infinity and Beyond…!”

Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Back; Montage Pro Warranty; Visiting IT

We are heading into the 4th quarter of the year and soon massage chairs will be flying “off the shelves.” I might suggest you start thinking seriously about getting your chair early to avoid a run on colors and models that leaves you without an option for the holiday gift-giving season.

Here are some things of note going on in the industry as of late: Continue reading “Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Back; Montage Pro Warranty; Visiting IT”

Mail Bag – OS-4000T vs. IT-8500; MA70 vs. OS-Pro Intelligent

emailCustomer Email #1

Hi, I’m continuing to research and look for the chair that will be best for me at the best possible price. Initially the Osaki OS-4000t was on the top of my list. My research is making me concerned about the ability of the OS-4000t to massage the shoulders and neck. This is where I carry my stress… I’ve found the Infinity IT-8200 and it sounds very similar to the OS-4000t, but with inversion therapy and hip stretch. It doesn’t look like you carry the IT-8200 anymore, but will ask if you can get the Infinity IT-8200 as well as the best price on this chair. Another chair that is much more expensive, but keeps coming up is the Panasonic EP-30007. Mostly because it seems it does a great neck massage and has foot massage rollers. Panasonic also has the reputation and brand familiarity. I’m not sure if the foot rollers are under the foot or above the foot? I’ve also read the OS-4000t roller range is really more like 26″ instead of the 30″ advertised. I’m not against the OS-4000t, but am trying to uncover its weaknesses. Is the OS-4000t going to give me a better bang for my buck than the IT-8200 and EP-30007? Or, will I be frustrated I didn’t get everything I wanted? And finally, design… Seems in this aspect the Infinity in Taupe is the most attractive and the OS-4000t looks a little space-age for a liviing room. Too bad the Panasonic isn’t available in Taupe or brown. On the other hand, smaller is better so the chair isn’t the “elephant in the room”, putting the OS-4000t back in favor. Is there one that, in person, has nicer leather, materials, and design over the others? Sorry for so many questions but I don’t have the ability to sit in or see any of these chairs near where I live, Fort Collins, Co. Thanks again, Doug. Continue reading “Mail Bag – OS-4000T vs. IT-8500; MA70 vs. OS-Pro Intelligent”

New Massage Chair Relief TV Commercials

Last Thursday we had a film crew come into our modest massage chair showroom to film footage for some new TV commercials that will be airing next month. We also recorded some of the footage in a beautiful home to show just how dandy these chairs can look in a residential setting.

It was a long day as we started at 6:30 a.m. and didn’t finish until after 5:00 p.m. We had to arrange for the “talent” to be there at certain hours of the day and my two sons showed up to move the chairs wherever the director asked them to go. Murphy’s Law also participated in the day’s events, as the air conditioner of our store malfunctioned and poured water through the ceiling tiles onto one of the chairs we were using in the shoot! Continue reading “New Massage Chair Relief TV Commercials”

“The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide” – Free Kindle Download!

massage chair buying guide
massage chair buying guide

massage chair buyer's guide imageAs you may or may not know, I have recently completed writing the first book of it’s kind in our massage chair industry – “The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Perfect Massage Chair For Your Home or Business.” It is a 221 page guide that will help pretty much anyone decide 1.) if a massage chair is the right thing for you, and 2.) which chair and retailer are best for them. Continue reading ““The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide” – Free Kindle Download!”

The Improved Inada DreamWave!!

DreamWave 2_FM_3090On August 1, 2014 Inada rolled out an upgraded version of the famous Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. They have renamed the chair Inada DreamWave for ease of pronouncement (“Sogno” was just hard to pronounce!) and have added some features, the list of which I will outline below.  Before I do list the changes in the chair, I might mention that it seems to me that most of the changes are programming/feature changes, with very few actually being hardware changes. In other words, I believe the motors, air compressors, and roller systems are all the same.  Continue reading “The Improved Inada DreamWave!!”

Inada Dreamwave Too Gentle? I Don’t Think So… And Here’s Why!

Inada Dreamwave
Inada Dreamwave

I recently had a customer call me up asking me for my opinion on the Inada Dreamwave and it’s ability to give a vigorous roller massage. He had tried it out at a local store and felt that it was too light or gently. You know, I hear this a lot and have even bought into it, to some degree. But, I had an experience today that got me straightened out on the matter rather promptly.

This customer wanted me to compare the roller massage intensity of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer to that of the Inada Dreamwave (by the way, starting tomorrow, Inada is changing the name of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave to just the Inada Dreamwave…too many folks struggled with the word Sogno and it’s pronunciation!). Since I have both chairs in my showroom, I offered to call him this morning and give him a “play-by-play” description of what I felt while on both chairs with their most vigorous automatic programs deployed.  Continue reading “Inada Dreamwave Too Gentle? I Don’t Think So… And Here’s Why!”

Inada Duet Owner Leaves Review!

inada duet blackFor those of you who are high on the Inada Duet and keeping your fingers crossed that someday it will come to the USA, here is a pretty thorough review of the chair left on our blog by Alex. His review also includes a bit of a comparison between the Duet and the famous Sogno model. Now, Alex lives in Russia and bought the chair there where he lives. This is the first review I’ve seen from someone who actually owns this model. Read it, for what it’s worth, and feel free to leave and questions or comments at the bottom of this post. This is wonderful information and a great review…  Continue reading “Inada Duet Owner Leaves Review!”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer

emailCustomer Email #1
Hi there! love the site, couldn’t find this here: Could you compare the Inada sogno to the Panasonic Ma70? I have SI joint dysfunction which do you think would be better for me in that regard? (I saw that you mentioned that you liked the sogno for that as you have the same problem but didn’t see a mention on the Panasonic side) Secondly, I have golfer’ sand tennis elbow in both arms – which do you feel is better here and does the airbag actually make that much of a difference in the arms? I tried the Ma70 and it just seemed to compress my forearms and hands is it really beneficial for my issues? Thanks!!! Paul Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer”

My Visit to Inada USA + First Impressions of New Flex 3S Chair!

inada usaLast Thursday I flew to Denver and took the beautiful 45 minute drive to Boulder, CO where Inada USA has their main offices. They had recently moved to a new facility and I went to check it out. I have recorded a video of the visit and will post that later this week.

The showroom is beautiful and spacious. It has a bunch of Sogno and Yume and the new Flex 3S chairs all over the place. They even have a museum of sorts of all the models that they have carried through the years. There are also some lovely decorative touches throughout the showroom highlighted the Japanese origin of these chairs.

As Inada USA employs approximately 12-15 people, behind the showroom is located all the offices of the staff. They also have a warehouse where refurbished chairs are worked on and a plethora of parts, for current and previous models, are inventoried. Of course, their chairs are inventoried in a logistics warehouse in Southern California. But, their new offices really are a nice facility.  Continue reading “My Visit to Inada USA + First Impressions of New Flex 3S Chair!”

New Human Touch Chair – WholeBody 5.1

WholeBody 5.1
WholeBody 5.1

I learned this week that Human Touch is discontinuing their WholeBody 2.0 model, which was the lower end model of their new Immersion Seating line of massage chairs. They are replacing it with the new WholeBody 5.1, which is a handsome, more stylish version of the WholeBody 2.0. I have not sat in the chair or seen it in person yet, but have received the images and brochure from the folks at Human Touch.

Here is what I know about the chair so far, aside from it’s nice design:

1. Swivel Base
Like the HT-125/135/136 and HT-7120 before it, this chair has a swivel base. That means that you can turn 55 degrees from one side to the other while you are sitting in the chair. This is a feature of convenience that quite a few people actually are looking for in a massage chair.

2. FlexGlide Orbital Massage Technology
I don’t know what this is exactly, but according to their brochure, it represents a patent pending roller technology where “…every contour of your body is therapeutically touched by [an] unparalleled flexibility and seamless glide.” The brochure also states that “the FlexGlide experience will have you basking in the glow of ultimate relaxation.” Sounds great. I am looking forward to checking out this new roller technology.

3. Simple, Easy-to-Use Remote Control
Not a lot of buttons encumber this remote control. It has 4 auto programs and a very simple-looking manual settings section.  It won’t take the user very long to get a handle on the functions of this chair.

WholeBody 5.1 reclined
WholeBody 5.1 reclined

4. Rotating Ottoman
In keeping with Human Touch’s attention to aesthetic detail, the WholeBody 5.1 has a retractable AND rotating ottoman. When not in use the chair can hide the ottoman from view.  When in use, the ottoman can also be rotated so that the calf wells are obscured from view.

The chair comes in only black and has the typical 3 year limited warranty (1st year parts and labor, 2nd year of parts only, and a 3rd year of structural coverage). It will retail for $1299. I hope to have it up on our website within a few days.

As I learn more about this new model, particularly the patent-pending FlexGlide roller technology, I will share it with you.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Foot & Calf Massage – The Options!

Foot and calf massagers can be found on pretty much every massage chair nowadays. The most typical type of foot and calf massager is the open calf wells…the very thing that makes a massage chair look like a massage chair. But you can also find chairs that have just calf wells or have a flat ottoman-like surface with airbags underneath, designed to NOT look like a typical massage chair. Yet other chairs have a retractable ottoman or rotating ottoman to completely obscure the calf and feet wells. It’s all about aesthetics for these types of chairs.

But, it is the massaging mechanism in the foot and calf massaging ottoman that I want to talk about today. What is it in the massager that facilitates the massage of the feet and calves. Here is a list of the different types of foot and calf massaging mechanisms found in massage chairs today: Continue reading “Foot & Calf Massage – The Options!”

Massage Chair Glossary – Part 2

dictionaryHere is part 2 of my 2-part massage chair glossary:

8. Inversion – True inversion involves turning the body upside down, or at least past horizontal, to decompress the spine. Many of my patients used inversion tables at home for back pain relief. Well, the definition of inversion as it relates to massage chairs is that if the chair back reclines past 180 degrees (horizontal), then it is inverting and, thus, the spine is decompressing to some degree. There are not many chairs that have a true inversion feature, but some come awfully close to a horizontal recline. If you come across a chair that touts an inversion feature, double check to make sure it truly has a reclining angle of greater than 180 degrees. Continue reading “Massage Chair Glossary – Part 2”

Quick Hits – OS-3D Pro Dreamer change, J6800 colors, Used chairs

rss-icon-1-970189-mI have a few things to go over today in our “Quick Hits” segment. I will post updated news and notes in this segment as they come over the wire to me. I also discuss most news and notes in my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update videos which you can see on our YouTube channel. Please feel free to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so that you can be updated the moment we post a new video. Continue reading “Quick Hits – OS-3D Pro Dreamer change, J6800 colors, Used chairs”

Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Discontinued, Used MA70, Make-A-Wish Update

A new year is upon us and we, at Massage Chair Relief, have a lot of wonderful things planned for 2014. I will keep you posted throughout the year as new things are introduced or changed. The Weidner family had a fun, massage chair filled New Year’s Eve at the showroom. My whole family came to the showroom, including grandchildren, and we sat on chairs for a couple of hours before everyone went their separate ways to bring in the New Year. I will say that we used up every chair in the showroom! Here are a couple of pics from the event (I absolutely love the picture on the left of my granddaughter Olive on the Panasonic 30007…what an angel!)… Continue reading “Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Discontinued, Used MA70, Make-A-Wish Update”

State of the (Massage-Chair-Relief) Union Address!!

new years 2014Happy New Year to everyone!! I have been pretty lazy when it comes to writing new articles for this blog over the last week. Our family has been in a sugar coma since Christmas Eve and I think we are all just beginning to  come out of it now. Of course, tonight is New Year’s Eve and who knows what will be ingested, but for this very moment I am ambitious enough to add some massage chair content for your perusal.

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday. At the Weidner home, we love this time of the year because, as alluded to above, we eat like crazy, we have the kids and grandkids over for festivities, we watch Home Alone and It’s A Wonderful Life, and I get to go sledding with the kids. Not only have I been in a sugar coma, but I am also exhausted from staying up late every night trying to eke every drop of joy from the season with my family. Continue reading “State of the (Massage-Chair-Relief) Union Address!!”

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!

golden-present-780326-mYES…’tis the season of sales for the massage chair industry and the lucky folks who are shopping for a massage chair. I will briefly tell you about the sales that are available from a couple of the massage chair companies, but before I do I want you to know that we have our own Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at which is ABOVE AND BEYOND anything the massage chair companies may offer.

**To find out what we are offering for our Holiday Sale, call us right now at 888-259-5380 and we’ll let you in on our sale prices.

But, in addition to our sale, here is what Infinite Therapeutics and Osaki are making available for you, too: Continue reading “Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!”

Make-A-Wish and Massage Chair Relief!

MAW Blue Stacked TransparentI am so proud to announce that Massage Chair Relief has begun a relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help fund the wishes of as many Wish Kids as we possibly can.

We are donating a portion of every massage chair sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, beginning November 1st, 2013. Our donations will be put toward one Wish Child at a time. When one child’s wish is granted, another will take his or her place and we will continue with this program perpetually so that from this point on, a portion of each chair will go towards granting a child’s wish. Continue reading “Make-A-Wish and Massage Chair Relief!”

New Sogno and Yume Videos…from Inada

I just received these video files today and immediately posted them to our YouTube channel. One is of the “rocking” Yume chair while the other is of the iconic Inada  Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. You can tell immediately that these are not my videos!! These are high quality, nicely edited videos with cool music…plus they are short (only a minute or so long!). LOL!


Infinity Iyashi vs. “Ultimate” Massage Chair

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair
Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the comment section of my 08/12/2013 Massage Chair Industry Update (posted to this blog on 08/16/2013), I was asked to compare these two models by a fellow named Jeff Payne. Here is that comparative review:

Right off the top, I’ll tell you that I’ve never sat on an Ultimate Massage Chair before. It is not a commonly known chair in the industry and appears to be imported by an individual named Scott Philo. I do not know what his resume is in the massage chair industry but I do know that he operates out of his home office in New Hampshire and offers two models, the Ultimate I and II. Based on the information I have gleaned from his site, including the features of his chairs, I can give you a review of the Ultimate I, along with some opinions and comments, while also comparing it to the Infinity Iyashi from Infinite Therapeutics: Continue reading “Infinity Iyashi vs. “Ultimate” Massage Chair”

5 Tips To Help You Decide Which Chair Is Right For You!

Making the decision of which massage chair to buy is a heavy one. So many chairs to pick from, so many models, so many colors, so many features. Even if you have a chance to sit on a chair, it is still hard to decide, especially if you have other models to try out at the same time.

Very confusing business. I get calls all day long about the differences between massage chairs and massage chair companies. Here are some suggestions when deciding which chair to get or which one may be right for you: Continue reading “5 Tips To Help You Decide Which Chair Is Right For You!”

HT-7450 vs. ZeroG 4.0

ZeroG 4.0

A customer of mine asked me to compare the HT-7450 massage chair to the new ZeroG 4.0, both from Human Touch. Here is the email exchange, including a bullet point comparison of the two chairs, both of which I happen to have in my showroom.

Dear Dr. Weidner

I spoke with you a couple months back about the Inada series chairs but I cannot afford one at this time. I’m debating between your HT-7450 and Zero G 4.0 chair. The price is fairly similar for both models and I’m not sure which one I should purchase. I’ve read the technical specs of each, but they are of limited assistance since I cannot sit in the chairs and try them out. Can you give me the pros and cons of each?

Thanks much for your help, I appreciate it!

Problem with a new massage chair? Rule #1 – Don’t freak out!

When I was a younger man, just after getting married, I took a job at a car dealership. The dealership sold new Hondas. The Honda was one of the most reliable cars on the road, yet once in a while, there was a problem with a brand new car that required the new owner to bring the car down to the dealership so that the service department could do the repair…all under warranty, of course.

This proved to be somewhat of an inconvenience for the customer as it took time from the customer’s life to come down to the dealership and leave the car there for a day or two. However, I don’t remember a lot of grumbling about it. It was just what you do…if there is a problem with a new car, you bring it in and get it fixed under warranty. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Standard operating procedure.  Continue reading “Problem with a new massage chair? Rule #1 – Don’t freak out!”

New Immersion Seating From Human Touch – My First Impressions

Last year (2012), Human Touch came out with their new Immersion Seating line of massage chairs. When I first saw them I was impressed with their outward appearance. Human Touch has always been true to the idea of creating chairs that didn’t look like massage chairs, but a piece of furniture that could fit in any room and with any decorum.

ZeroG 4.0

Well, they didn’t deviate from that MO with the new Immersion chairs. They have a contemporary look but not with the overt massage chair features that turn so many people off with traditional massage chairs.

The came out with three models, the lower-priced WholeBody 2.0, the mid-range ZeroG 2.0, and the top of the line ZeroG 4.0. You can check out our massage chair comparison chart to see the specific differences between the chairs, but I will focus a bit of my discussion today on the two ZeroG models.

I flew down to Southern California last month to visit Human Touch, one of my objectives being to try out the ZeroG 4.0 for the first time. I was not disappointed! Here are some of my first impressions: Continue reading “New Immersion Seating From Human Touch – My First Impressions”

Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Well, we are getting into the last week before Christmas, and I figured I better warn you about getting your orders in if you want any remote chance of getting a massage chair before the 25th. The problem is that the 25th falls on a Tuesday and many delivery companies are closed on Christmas Eve…which, this year, is a Monday. 

Of course, no one really delivers on Saturdays, so if you are getting a massage chair it will need to get to you by Friday the 21st, which is one week from yesterday. In other words, we are really pushing it.

It is actually quite possible to get the chair to you in one week, depending on where you live and from where your new chair is shipping, but the bottom line is you better act FAST and get your order in pronto if you want to have any chance of getting your new chair by next weekend.

If you do order a chair and there is no way it will get to  you in time, I can overnight a gift certificate to you that you can fill out and put under the tree. I can get that to you at the last minute. Then your family member or friend can look forward to getting their chair shortly after Christmas.

I will be available all weekend long and, of course, all week long next week to take your orders. You can order online or call me to process your order. I am always at your disposal…especially at Christmas delivery crunch time. We also have Christmas specials at the showroom that I can tell you about over the phone.

If you want White Glove Service, I think you just may be out of luck. If you live in Southern California and you order an Inada, Human Touch, Omega, or Panasonic chair, we can still get the chair delivered with white glove before the 25th. I have a Southern California guy who does all my deliveries there and can probably deliver all weekend long before the 24th. Who knows, he may even be able to deliver on Christmas Eve!

SOME GOOD NEWS:  The Osaki OS-7075R shipments that were held out at sea during the port strike at the LA harbor have arrived and will continue to arrive through next week. You can get a new 7075R but if you want it by Christmas, the chances are kinda slim. Order NOW to get the best possible chance of getting one.

Dr. Alan Weidner 

Video & Transcripts of Massage Chair Industry Update 12/04/12

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – December 4th, 2012”

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are doing our massage chair industry update for the week of 12-04-2012. And we have some fun stuff to talk about today. First of all, I just want to, again, go over stock and we’re getting close to Christmas. Continue reading “Video & Transcripts of Massage Chair Industry Update 12/04/12”

My Trip to Human Touch Headquarters and Inada’s Warehouse!

I went to Southern California last week to visit the Human Touch headquarters in Long  Beach, California (11/28/12) and Inada’s warehouse in Ontario, California (11/29/12) where Inada has all their inventory and from where their chairs are shipped.


But, before I went to Human Touch, I had breakfast with my Southern California delivery guy, Domenic. He has been delivering and setting up chairs in Southern California for me for years but this was the first time we’d actually met in person. It was great to visit with him at Denny’s in Long Beach (Lumberjack Slam…mmmmmm!).

After breakfast, I drove promptly over to Human Touch on Walnut Avenue and was greeted by a welcome sign and by Michael Hamm, Director of Commercial Accounts. Michael was so kind and warm towards me and my visit. He accompanied me the whole morning as they had set up a tour for me throughout the offices. It was so wonderfully enlightening to see how things worked there and to meet the brains behind the product that we know as Human Touch massage chairs. Continue reading “My Trip to Human Touch Headquarters and Inada’s Warehouse!”

Infinity IT-8500 vs. Osaki OS-7075R – Part 1 (Similarities)

Boy, have these two models become popular! Still not as popular, individually, as the Inada Sogno, but certainly giving the Sogno a run for the money. I get asked all the time what the difference is between the IT-8500 and the OS-7075R because of some similarties, principally in price and the mechanical foot roller feature. Well, here is my review of the two chairs, based on the literature and based on practical experience since we have both of them in our showroom.

Let’s start with the similarities and then move on to the differences (even among the similarities, there are some differences which I will explain): Continue reading “Infinity IT-8500 vs. Osaki OS-7075R – Part 1 (Similarities)”

Post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday Stock Status!

Well, it was a very busy weekend in the massage chair industry, as it is in most retail businesses. I thought a stock update would be helpful for you this morning so you know what is available as of today:

1. Human Touch – HT-9500 (espresso color) is back ordered until the first week of December; ZeroG 4.0 (espresso color) is back ordered until late December; the ZeroG 4.0 in black is in stock but under heavy inventory pressure and will be restocked in late December. It could be out of stock long before then.

2. Inada – the red Inada Sogno is back ordered until later this week; there is about 1 week of inventory left of the Inada Sogno in creme and the black leather Sogno. So, if you want those colors order NOW. All other models and colors are shipping without delay.

3. Infinite Therapeutics – stock is good on all chair models and colors for the time being. The new IT-8100 has not arrived yet for the first shipments, although that model is available for purchase. It should be here this week.

4. Osaki – The brown and ivory OS-7075R’s are back-ordered until mid-December; the black OS-7075R is back-ordered until December 6; the OS-3000 in black and brown is out of stock, but there is no date for a new shipment; all OS-1000 colors are out of stock until the end of the first week of December;  every other model is in good stock.

5. Panasonic – all available models are in stock, with some inventory pressure.

6. Omega – all chairs are in stock.

Considering that we just got through the busiest shopping weekend of the year, stock is not too bad. But, having said that, I will also say that it will change with each succeeding day as we march toward the Christmas cut-off. I feel pretty secure telling you that if you have your orders in by Monday, December 17th, there is a fabulous chance that your chair will get to you by the 24th. Of course, if you order white glove delivery or if you live in a remote place that may not be the case. But, call to be sure if you are concerned at all.

Dr. Alan Weidner


California…Here I Come!

Next week I will be taking a two-day road trip to Southern California to do some massage chair business. I’m quite excited because I will be getting a 4 hour tour of the Human Touch facility in Long Beach. I’ve been there before a few years back but I’ve never really had a tour throughout. Human Touch has been kind enough to set up a visit with the CEO, David Wood, a tour of the warehouse, a visit with their VP of Design (with whom I will be able to interview about the new Immersion Seating chairs), a visit to the Engineering Lab, and a discussion with their marketing people. Dang, this is going to be great! I will also be able to videotape my visit and the interview so that I can share what I learn with you, my site visitors, and my YouTube viewers. I am quite excited.

I will also be visiting the warehouse where all the Inada chairs are stored. It is from this location that all orders are shipped to all  points USA. I am excited to see how the logistics work and what kind of system they have set up. I will videotaping that visit as well to share with my viewers and readers.

I hope to have lunch with my Southern California delivery guy, Domenic, who takes care of most of my SoCal shipments. I’ve been doing business with Domenic for years but I have never met him face-to-face. If time permits I will also visit our Panasonic supplier who is also located in Southern California.

It will be a very busy trip, but I am so looking forward to it. While I am there I just might visit some old friends, since I went to Chiropractic College in Whittier, CA so many years ago. I still have a lot of connections in that area.

Well, that’s about it. I’m looking forward to going and learning. I’m also very excited about sharing with you what I have learned.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Alan Weidner

News and Notes for Thanksgiving Week!

A wonderful week ahead as we get into the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. I know my friends and family in Canada have already celebrated Thanksgiving in October, so consider this a late holiday greeting!

I am very grateful to all of our site visitors, our clients, and our YouTube viewers. You have made this such a fun industry for me to be a part of. I absolutely love being in the massage chair industry.

Lots of stuff to talk about today, most of which I will discuss later today in my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update video, which you will able to see on our YouTube channel, Continue reading “News and Notes for Thanksgiving Week!”

New Osaki OS-7075R Chair Live (plus a little chat about copy-cats)

The new Osaki OS-7075R massage chair is now up on our site here:

This chair is exactly the same chair as the Osaki OS-7000 except for the addition of mechanical foot rollers and a higher horsepower motor running the massage rollers. Of course, the foot rollers have been becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the early success of the IT-8200 and IT-8500 from Infinite Therapeutics. The Omega Montage Pro is the only other chair we carry that also has the foot rollers.

Pursuant to Osaki’s announcement of the new chair model, they also said that the OS-7000 will be discontinued. No new inventory of that model is coming in and as soon as the colors are all sold out, that chair will be removed from their list of available models. I understand that the brown and taupe colors are already gone so if you still want the OS-7000, which is $300 less than the new OS-7075R, than black and ivory are the only colors available…and, as I just said, they will only be available until they are sold out. Then, no more OS-7000.

Osaki OS-7075R

I had an interesting experience this morning as I was perusing the world of massage chairs on the internet.  I came across a website that had my comparison chart available for their clients, virtually word for word, without giving credit to the soure of the chart. Fascinating! I am told and have read that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I must say I’m  not sure if I’m flattered or bothered. I put about 4 months of research and work into that chart and love it like it’s my own child (now, that’s weird). I hope people appreciate the time and effort that went into it but I also hope that when content is plagiarized, that credit is given when credit is due. There…I got that off my chest. Now onto some true massage chair news…

Inada announced today that the price of their extremely popular Sogno Dreamwave will be going up AGAIN next year. This time the Minimum Advertised Price will go up $200 to $7999. It continues to amaze me how the price of this one model goes up every year and, yet, it continues to be a top seller. People just love this chair, especially the discriminating shoppers.

We are told that it is going up because of “ongoing exchange rate pressure, higher transit costs, and increased manufacturing expense.” The question I have is “Why is the price of the other Inada chairs staying the same if they are subject to the same “ongoing exchange rate pressure, higher transit costs, and increased manufacturing expense”?” The Yume and the i1 will remain at the same price schedule. Who knows?

The Sogno price increase will happen on February 1, 2013.

Dr. Alan Weidner