New Massage Chair Relief Store Coming to Arizona!!

Massage Chair Relief showroom
Massage Chair Relief showroom

I am so pleased to announce that we are going to open another Massage Chair Relief showroom, this one in Arizona! I traveled to Phoenix

lease signing for the new Massage Chair Relief store in AZ
Lease signing for the new AZ store

this morning and met with Ben Epstein at the Scottsdale offices of Arizona Partners Retail Investment Group, LLC, to sign the lease. They are the owners of the strip mall where our new store will be located.

The address of the new store is 1955 W. Baseline Road, Suite 105, in Mesa (right between XO Nails and Papa Murphy’s Pizza). The property is at the corner of Baseline and Dobson, close to both the 101 and 60 freeways. The anchor store in the strip mall is an Albertsons grocery store.

The journey to this decision has been a long time in the making. I actually started looking at potential spaces in the Phoenix area about 2 years ago. I had traveled down there a few times to scope out prospective locations that fit our search criteria. I had narrowed down my search to 4 different locations. Because I am a bit older now and far more loathe to risking the loss of hard earned capital, I took my sweet bloody time making the decision. It was not easy. The prices were much higher than I had expected (on par with our lease payments for the California store) plus I would have to commit to a longer lease than I would have liked.

Of course, the opening of a store is a lot more work than just finding a location. Licensing, business registration/incorporation, lease negotiations, finding suitable staff and then training them, finding a delivery company, finding a capable technician to take care of our Lifetime Labor Warranty, arranging and paying for a showroom build-out, and buying showroom inventory, just to name a few things, can be a bit overwhelming for a fiscally conservative older guy like me.

inside space of new Massage Chair Relief store
Inside space of new store
Massage Chair Relief showroom
New Massage Chair Relief storefront – 1955 Baseline Road, Suite #105, Mesa, AZ

After months of stewing over the decision, and driving myself nuts with that indecision, I took the dive and committed to this particular location, one I had actually felt good about right from the start. First thing this morning, I signed the lease. Later this morning, I met with the contractor and went over the details of the leasehold improvements (aka build-out). We are patterning the layout and look & feel after our SoCal showroom, but with different color schemes and NOT carpet (man, what was I thinking?!?!). The picture below represents the blank canvas with which the contractor gets to work. I will post pictures when it’s done.

We anticipate about a month for the build-out to be completed. In the meantime, the search for staff begins. I found my manager at the California store, Michael, by reaching out to my current and prospective customers. If any of you reading this article know of anyone who would be interested in working with us in this store, please have them reach out to me, via phone at 801-417-8240 or via email at for an interview. I would love to visit with them.

For those of you who have purchased your massage chair(s) from us, thank you for your patronage. That is what has made it possible for Massage Chair Relief to take this next step. For those who read my articles and watch my videos, thanks for motivating me to open another store. I want to bring the chairs to you to help with your decision-making process.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Massage Chair Relief & Make-A-Wish

Logo of Make-A-Wish foundation
Logo of Make-A-Wish foundation

As you may or may not know, I have been a big supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for years. It all began when I was still in practice and we sponsored a Wish Child who wanted to go to Disneyland. My chiropractic patients kindly donated to this project over a period of time and we ultimately ended up raising enough money to make this precious child’s dream come true. After the wish had been granted, the Make A Wish folks here in Utah arranged for us to meet the little girl, whose wish we were able to grant through our fundraiser. This whole experience impacted me deeply in a few ways:

  1. Visiting the Make A Wish of Utah headquarters was a very emotional experience. I had made an appointment with my contact there to go on a tour of the facility and learn more about the company and it’s program. When I arrived for my appointment, the receptionist told me that my contact would be out shortly and they wanted me to spend some time reading as many Make A Wish stories as I could that were posted on the walls of the reception area. There were so many and once I started reading, I couldn’t stop…reading or crying!! By the time my contact appeared for our appointment I literally could not speak because I was so emotional. Tears in my eyes, blowing my nose every couple of minutes, and trying to speak to this lovely lady with quivering lips was too much. I had to take some time to get myself together before I could carry on a conversation. Wow, what an experience! I have 6 kids and I could see every one of my children in every one of those Make A Wish kids. I STRONGLY recommend that you visit a Make A Wish facility if you have one in your town. Amazing all around.
  2. When the mother of this Wish Child brought her in to meet us, I was overwhelmed in a couple of ways: 1.) the little girl had a very debilitating disease that ravaged her body and left her limp in a wheelchair and her appearance alone elicited an emotional response from me and my staff, and 2.) when the mother told us how the trip to Disneyland had changed their daughter, we were all amazed. The little girl seemed very outgoing, engaging, and responsive with each of us in the clinic. Her mother told us that she was NEVER like that until she went to Disneyland. She said that her daughter came back a completely different person. To her it was miracle that her daughter was interacting with the staff…and it was all brought about by this Make A Wish gift.
  3. Pretty much all of the kids we learned about, including our Wish Child, had no choice about their disability or disease. They are innocent bystanders of something gone wrong in their bodies. To see how positive they and their families are in the face of a challenging quality of life as well as the prospect of early passing was so inspiring to me.
  4. The kindness of our patients and staff in donating to this fundraiser was impressive to me. Despite what we may see on the nightly news, I am a firm believer that human nature is inherently good and that most, if not all, people want to be kind and giving and supportive, if given the chance. People were so kind and I was overwhelmed by that kindness in this project.

Well, as a result of that experience, I decided that when I started my massage chair business a portion of every dollar that came to us through the business would go to the National Make-A-Wish Foundation. Soon after beginning Massage Chair Relief, we began donating. To this day, we have donated over $38,000 and helped a number of kids see their wishes come true. All this money really didn’t come from me…it came from folks like you who trusted us with your massage chair purchase. I am really just a middle man in the whole process.

massage chair relief and make a wish
Mark Simonson from Make-A-Wish (the tall one!)

Today, I was visited by Mark Simonson from the Make A Wish national headquarters in Phoenix and presented with a plaque to put on our Utah showroom wall for all to see. It is given to folks who have donated over $30,000 to the Make A Wish Foundation. I wanted to brag about this plaque because it really is a thank you to all of my customers who purchased a massage chair from me. If you are a current customer or a soon-to-be customer, this donation effort wouldn’t be happening. I am grateful for your patronage for many reasons, but this is one of the biggest. make a wish plaque

If you would like to donate without purchasing a chair from us, please go to my donation page and give whatever you feel inspired to give. Thank you.

Dr. Weidner’s Make-A-Wish Donation Page

Dr. Alan Weidner

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