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Customer Question #1

Hi, I am keen on purchasing a massage chair but my problem is that I need to know how safe they are. I have three compression fractures in my spine because I used to have osteoporosis. After a decade of treatment my condition has improved to now be classified as osteopenia. I can not get any clear information about how appropriate a massage chair is for me and my doctor, who appears to know nothing about massage chairs, advises caution. If you have any information, advice or feedback I would very much appreciate your input before I make any decision. Thank you for your time, any qualified advice would be most welcome. Regards, Ben

Response #1

Hi, Ben

Thanks so much for your email. I have had quite a few customers (and patients) with osteoporosis and osteopenia use massage chairs and, to my knowledge, no one has had a problem with their spine from the roller mechanism of a massage chair. I suppose that there might be more risk for severely osteoporotic patients because of the decreased bone density, but the rollers, for the most part, only work on the paraspinal musculature and not on the vertebra themselves.

To be extra safe, here are a couple of suggestions for you when choosing a chair:

  1. Make sure the chair has a width adjustment feature (most chairs do), which will allow you to widen the rollers if you feel like they are hitting your vertebral bones at all, and
  1. Use a back pad or throw blanket when you first begin using your chair to make sure the intensity is accommodating enough for your spine. Some chairs come with 3D rollers, which means that you can move the rollers more forward or back to allow for a more or less intense massage experience, respectively. Then, if the massage feels too intense for your back, you can just retract the rollers a bit to a more comfortable position.


Customer Question #2

Hello. I have just started looking into massage chairs. I thought the Osaki 4000T would be a good fit for functionality and budget. I had read on your website that it is very similar to the Brookstone UAstro2, so I went to our local Brookstone to try out their model. It was nice, but I tried their newer model, the Renew, and found that I really liked the L-track on that model.

With that in mind, I saw that you mentioned the Iyashi as well as the Osaki 8500 & Osaki Summit as having L-tracks; the 8500 is the only one even close to my budget.  So I have a few questions about that model:

1) How do you think the 8500 compares to the Iyashi and Summit?  I see that you mentioned a more advanced roller system in the Summit.  Would that difference be very noticeable to a novice? From your comparison chart, it looks like other key differences are # of airbags (I’m not sure what the practical implications of this are), music (I don’t care about this at all), and twisting. Anything else?

2) If you’ve tried the  Brookstone Renew, is there anything you can tell me about how similar is it to the experience in the 8500? I understand this is quite subjective!

3) What is the non-reclined length of the 8500? I understand the chair back needs to be 6″ from the wall (which is a great feature!), but how much additional distance (on the floor) is there from the back of the chair to the front of the chair/ottoman? Is that the 60″ that’s noted on the comparison chart?

Thank you,

Response #2

Hi, Dana

Thanks so much for your email. I’ll just start off by saying that whatever massage chair you eventually decide upon, you are going to love it!!

Here are the answers to your questions:

IT-85001.) The 8500 is a great chair for the money, but it’s roller system is less sophisticated and does a bit less than the roller system of the Iyashi or Summit. If don’t know how the Renew feels, but I’ve heard it is a cheaper made chair. I don’t think you’d recognize much of a difference between the two if you’ve only sat on one…and it was a while back.

The other major difference would be the size of the chair…it is a smaller chair than either the Iyashi or the Summit, so it will ideally fit folks who are 6′ tall or shorter. The Iyashi and Alpine will comfortably fit people as tall as 6’5″. The Summit and Iyashi have hip airbags which are absent altogether on the 8500. The foot roller mechanism is quite intense on all three models, but even moreso in the 8500, in my honest opinion. You can actually adjust the foot roller speed with the 8500, which is quite unique.

2.)  Regarding the Renew, see my comment in #1 above.

3.) You only need about 3.5″ from the wall for the 8500. The 60″ length you saw is, as you assumed, the length from the back of the chair to the front of the ottoman.

If your budget allows a chair the price of the 8500, I might suggest you take a look at the Osaki Maxim, which is our top selling online L-track chair.


Customer Question #3

Hi Dr. Weidner,

First, thanks.  I’ve appreciated all that I’ve learned on your site, your Youtube videos, and the reviews your clients have given on the various chairs.   I’ve decided, based on their customer service reports, that you’re the one person I would do business with with respect to buying.

I can’t get over a few hurdles.  Obviously, this is a lot of money.  I’m looking at it as a long-term investment, but it’s still steep.  Adding to that is the fact that there’s so much in the way of chair failure out there.  I worry that when I drop several thousand dollars I’m going to end up having long-term problems to go with my long-term investment.

I looked at Osaki, but I’m a bit too big for the chair, and then there’s the Chinese manufacturing.

I can’t afford an Inada or a Panasonic chair that does what I would like it to do, though I know they are the most reliable.

I’ve been looking at the Infinity IT-8500 based on features, price point, and its accommodation of a person of larger size like me (6’2″, 285), but again, there’s the Chinese manufacturing, and all those airbags seem to be begging for a rupture.

So I’m stuck.  I would like to pull the trigger but I’m still doubting.  What do you say to people like me? What chair can you recommend as reliable?  Why should I buy, and what will allay regret and buyer’s remorse?   Thanks for listening.   Joy to you and your family,


Response #3

Hi, Paul
Thank you so much for your email and insightful questions. I truly appreciate your trust and confidence in me to assist you in this decision-making process.

I totally get your concern about the quality of Chinese-made chairs, especially when compared to the Japanese-made models, but I must say that the quality of the Chinese chairs has improved so much over years since I got in the business. The failure rates are between 2-5% and the chairs should last you 10 years.

I will also say that Infinity chairs are great! I rarely hear from my customers complaining about issues with their chair, which could mean one of two things, both of which are great for you, the buyer:

  1. Their chairs are not breaking down, or
  2. When they break down, Infinite Therapeutics (IT) takes such good care of the customer that I never hear back from them about the problem they had.

Now, some companies have a weak tech support department and, when that is the case, I hear back from an unhappy customer because they are not being taken care of as they should. I rarely, if ever, have a problem with the customer support at IT.

The IT-8500 is one of our most popular sellers currently. It is a fabulous bang-for-the-buck and has a vigorous massage, which is something that a lot of people are looking for. The foot rollers and stretch program are also awesome. It’s just a great combination of features for the price, IMHO. The only thing it lacks in today’s market is the L-track. If you are considering an L-track chair, I might suggest the Osaki Pro Summit, which has the L-track and is priced the same as the IT-8500.

I hope this helps put your mind at rest about a chair, especially a Chinese-made chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Some Massage Chairs for 6’3″ or Taller!

The motivation behind writing this article about massage chairs for tall bodies is two-fold:

  1. I get lots of calls and visits from folks who are looking for a massage chair that can fit AND fully massage someone quite tall, and
  2. Many chairs claim to fit folks this tall, but really fail to in a very big way, which I will explain in this article.

In our showrooms, we carry chairs that will cater to all kinds of body types, but there are only a few solid choices if you are 6’3″ or taller. Lots of chairs say that they will fit someone that tall or taller, and they usually do fit that size of a body. But, here is the kicker – although you may fit in one of those chairs, many of them will not have a roller track that will reach the neck area of your spine. In other words, yes, the chair will fit your body, but the massage itself will not reach your neck, let alone massage it. In my experience, you will certainly be left wanting.

So, just because you may read online literature that tells you that a chair can fit someone who is 6’3″ or taller, don’t believe that the chair will massage your neck. If you don’t care about a neck massage from your massage chair, pretty much any chair will “fit” you. But, if you want a good neck massage, MAKE SURE that the chair you are considering buying actually will provide a massage high enough up your back to reach your neck.

Here are some excellent choices of chairs that will handle the taller bodies AND still give you a good or great neck massage:

  1. Infinity IT-8500 or Infinity IT-8500X3 – This Chinese-made chair claims to fit someone who is 6’5″ tall and, by
    Infinity IT-8500

    golly, it really does! This has been our go-to chair for taller folks for years not just because it can fit taller people and truly give the user a great neck massage, but also because it provides a great overall massage experience, including arguably the best stretch feature of any chair and a strong, intense, deep tissue roller massage. The foot rollers are great too.

  2. Inada DreamWave – This Japanese model does a great job on folks up to 6’4″ tall, and that means a great neck massage. It has the headpiece which will give an aircell massage to the neck, but it also has rollers underneath the headpiece that can offer a whole different, more vigorous neck massage as well. This chair also has break-away side arms, which allow for very broad shouldered and broad chested users.
  3. Luraco iRobotics 7 – This American-made chair claims to fit folks as tall as 6’7″. Although it will FIT folks that tall, it will not give a good neck massage to someone that tall. It will miss most of your neck. However, for 6’3″ or 6’4″, it does a great job on the neck. This chair also has a dual roller system, as opposed to the more popular quad roller system, which will also provide you with a very methodical and deep neck massage.
  4. Human Touch Novo XT – This Chinese-made chair is stated in the literature to fit someone as tall as 6’9″! That sounds impressive, but it will certainly not massage the neck of someone that tall. However, it is one of the few L-track chairs that will reach the neck of someone as tall 6’3″. This chair also has a 3D L-track to boot, currently the only 3D L-track chair we carry!
  5. Ogawa SMART 3D – This is Chinese chair maker Ogawa’s top of the line chair and it’s literature states that it will fit
    Ogawa Smart 3D Tablet
    Ogawa Smart 3D Tablet

    someone 6’4″ tall. I don’t have this model in my Utah showroom so I can’t prove it myself, but we do have it in our Southern California showroom and my manager there assures me, through in-store customer experience, that it will fit someone 6’3″ – 6’4″ tall, just as the literature suggests.

  6. Infinity Iyashi – Another Infinity chair that will handle a bigger body. The Iyashi claims to fit folks as tall as 6’6″ tall. Based on my personal experience with this chair, I would have to agree. Although the neck massage itself is a bit weak compared to others on this list, the rollers will certainly hit the neck of the taller bodies, i.e. 6’3″ +.

So, there you have a good list of chairs that will fit you or a tall loved one. Feel free to give us a call if you want to find out what other chairs might be able to handle. We are always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Checking Out the Human Touch Novo!

HT Novo massage chair
HT Novo massage chair
HT Novo massage chair
Human Touch Novo

I visited my Southern California showroom this week and while I was there, I was invited to come to Human Touch’s headquarters in Long Beach to try out the new Novo massage chair. This is a model that they have been market testing through Costco roadshows and the response has been favorable. They are introducing a new model, the Novo XT, and they want to distribute it through regular retailers.

I had a great visit with Michael Yu and Andrew Cohen, discussing the feature set of the Novo and Novo XT. They will be introducing the new XT model in November, at which time we should have a floor model in at least one of our showrooms.

Here are some observations I made about the Novo massage chair:

  1. No assembly required. It comes fully assembled, but because of it’s size it may be difficult to maneuver in some homes. There is an assembly guide that will assist you in dealing with tough twists and turns in your home that make it difficult to move this chair around.
  2. Because of it’s sheer weight and size, Human Touch recommends getting white glove delivery on this model. We may choose to include that with each purchase of this model.
  3. It comes in some pretty cool colors. The Novo and Novo XT come in black, brown (a cool looking, leather-like brown), cream, red, and blue. The blue on the Novo is a bright, sky blue color, while the blue color of the XT is a little toned down. You can see both colors in the video.
  4. It has 6 programs, and each program has 4 variants: Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports, and Thai. There is also a 7th “Demo” program to give you a taste of all that the chairs can do.
  5. The arm airbags are sequentially inflated, as opposed to one big air bladder that inflates on the whole forearm at once.
  6. This chair has mechanical foot rollers and an L-track.
  7. The XT will have a 3D L-track (extended roller track).
  8. The remote control is very simple and easy to use. It looks much like the remotes of the Infinity Iyashi, Infinity Escape, and Infinity IT-8500. Made in the same Chinese factory.
  9. Calf airbags on the sides and back of the calves.
  10. The hip airbags moves your hips side to side across the extended roller track, much like that which is found in the Iyashi.
  11. Side shoulder airbags
  12. Bluetooth connectivity.
  13. Rocking is available in the Novo, but will not be available in the XT. Because the rocking feature will be removed, the XT will be able to provide the space-saving feature.
  14. The price of the XT will be $7999, which is quite expensive for a chinese-made L-track chair, in my opinion, but some test results in the some retail stores are promising as far as price point goes.

Check out this brief video of my visit to Human Touch earlier this week…

I’m eager to see how this chair is received in the market place.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Massage Chair Industry Update – March 24, 2016 (Video)

golden microphone
golden microphone

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – March 24, 2016”

microphoneAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Thursday, March 24th, 2016, and not a whole lot to talk about today. Of course, I always say that, and I end up yakking forever, but here’s the things that we’ve got cooking.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: Let me get in to stock just briefly. I emailed the massage chair companies last night for information about their stock, and the only one I heard back from was Infinite Therapeutics, so – or Infinity now, as they’re more commonly known as, they have the – oh, and then Human Touch also notified me that the WholeBody 5.1 is out of stock. They didn’t have an estimated time of arrival of the new models. So, that’s the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1. They discontinued the ZeroG 2.0, and I think they’re also discontinuing the Human Touch 7450, so there are some changes there. Now, Infinity, they’ve discontinued the ‘Ivory’ IT-8500, they’ve discontinued the Iyashi, white exterior with the caramel interior, and they’ve discontinued the IT-8100, but I’m going to talk about a new model that they just introduced, to kind of replace that one, and I’ll talk about that in a moment, and also, the black on black Iyashi is just on back-order. So, that’s the only chair they have on back-order, and that’s back-ordered for two to three weeks. As far as Inada goes, I think they’re all in stock there. I haven’t heard of any other Human Touch chairs that’re back-ordered. Osaki, Titan, and, Apex, I never really quite know until I place the order, if they’re back-ordered. I believe the Ogawa chairs are all in stock. I think the Ogawa Refresh was back-ordered until the middle of March, I believe that’s in stock now. So, anyway, if you have any questions about stock at the time of purchasing any particular model, let us know, and I will say that sometimes we think that they’re in stock, or that we’re told that they’re in stock, and then you know, a week later, someone places an order, and then we send the order in, and they tell us ‘Oh, that’s back-ordered.’ Well, sometimes they don’t know fully if the chairs are back-ordered or not, at the moment – well, let me put it to you this way – at the time that they tell me that they’re stocked, or not stocked, I believe that, but the stock could disappear in a day or two, or three, or four after I do this recording. So, a week from now, the stock may be gone, and we’ll let you know if the stock, if it’s back-ordered, and usually it doesn’t take longer than one or two weeks, except for the Infinity Escape, which took like two-and-a-half months. January, February, oh my goodness, yeah, we didn’t – we got it, January, February, half of March – yeah, it was two-and-a-half months. That’s rare, that’s very bothersome to me as a retailer, and very bothersome to my customers, but sometimes that happens. So, anyway, having said that, let’s move on.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Infinity IT-8500X3 & Infinity Evoke]

Alan: Infinity, now, I told you that they were discontinuing – or that they discontinued the IT-8100 – well, they’ve made a couple of exciting announcements, one of which is very interesting to me. The Infinity IT-8500, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the Infinity IT-8500 is a Chinese-made chair, all the Infinity, and Osaki, and Human Touch, they’re all Chinese chairs, but their chair, the IT-8500, has been our top selling Chinese chair for as long as I’ve been selling it. I figure that’s probably five, maybe five years, and our top selling Chinese brand, or Chinese model, made model. It just continues to be a popular chair, and the one thing that it lacked, in my humble opinion, was – it was a – it didn’t have the 3D rollers. Well, people were fine with that, because, and I’ll talk about this a little later as well, as far as adjusting intensity, for a chair that does not have 3D rollers, but this chair, the IT-8500, very popular chair, good bang for the buck. It was priced, for the longest time, at $3995. Now, it’s $4295; still a very good price, for a good feature set in a chair. Well, they’ve come out now, with the new IT-8500X3, and that has – and the X3 alludes to the 3D technology – so it has the same fit, and same body. I’m just looking at the thing here, excuse me, the spec sheets, and let you know what they have. They’ve got new 3D auto programs, they’ve got an auto extend neck feature, they’ve got five 3D intensity levels. Let’s see the chair is going to be selling – it’s going to be retailing for $5795, with a $300 off promo code, so that’s – instant savings, that is, so it’s $5495. So, it’s going to be $1200 more than the IT-8500, which will have the – but it’ll have the 3D rollers, it has – oh, it says here also, it has the Bluetooth compatibility. You know, the 8500 has the older, you know, download your music to a jump drive on your computer, and then plug it in to the USB port in the back of the IT-8500. Well, now it’s going to have Bluetooth connectivity, which is great because you can just connect from your cell phone, and play your music. It has a sleeker, redesigned remote, so I don’t know what sleeker looks like, but I know the remote right now, it’s a fairly, good rectangular shape. It’s a good size, easy to see, but we’ll see how it looks, and it still has the decompression stretch, and spinal alignment. They call it spinal alignment, it’s the shoulder airbags that pin the shoulders back. The stretch program on the IT-8500 is awesome, the neck massage, awesome, foot rollers, awesome, it’s a great chair. So, I’m very curious to see how this new IT-8500X3 is, and I’ll let you know once I find out more about it. I’m sure we’re going to get it in one of our showrooms – but one, maybe both of our showrooms – but definitely we’ll have it in the California showroom. Anyway, there’s another new model they’re sending out, or introducing now, to the market, called the Evoke, E-V-O-K-E, Evoke, and here are the basic features – and again, I’m sorry for not looking at the camera, I’m just looking at the stat sheet that they sent me – zero gravity, deep tissue massage, space saver, airbags from head to toe, well, everybody seems to have that, lumbar heat, foot rollers, heel rubber, and I think that’s the same thing that they have in their Escape, which is their lower priced L-track chair. And that heel rubber kind of – it’s a great foot massage – and I don’t know if it’s going to have the same six rollers per foot that the Escape has, but the heel rubber is pretty cool, as it grabs the heel, and gives that a massage. So, anyway, that’s the Evoke, and that one’s going to be selling for $2695, so it’s going to compete price wise, with the Osaki 4000T. The Osaki 4000T is a real – it’s a workhorse, it’s been around forever – it doesn’t fit some people very well. I’ve found that the Osaki 4000T, and probably the 4000 that you can get on Costco, the Dreamer, the Osaki Dreamer, and the Osaki 7200H, and 7200CR, they have shoulder airbag housing that’s a hard stop, and so what’ll happen is when you sit in the chair, and then you put your arms out, to go in to the armrests for airbag massage, the bottom of the housing, the shoulder airbag housing, digs in to your upper arms, and it can be quite uncomfortable. It’s worse on the Osaki 4000T, and the Osaki 4000, not as bad on the Dreamer, or on the 7200 series, but it is burdensome for a large, broad-shouldered person to sit in that bloody chair, it becomes irritating. Well, this is a chair, $2695, that kind of competes with the 4000T. It has the deep tissue massage, the 4000T is the more moderate, mild massage, this Evoke seems to be more deep tissue. It’s a space saving technology, none of the Osaki 4000, or 4000T models, have it, lumbar heat, foot rollers, the foot rollers on the Osaki 4000T are pretty mild. I suspect with Infinity, knowing their other chairs, it’s going to be a good, intense foot massage. Anyway, that’s the new Evoke, so I don’t know if I’m going to be having that in my showroom either, maybe I will. The 4000T is kind of an older technology, it’s been around for years. That’s kind of – that was the flagship chair for the Osaki brand, and then, of course, they’ve now got so many other models, and model – brand lines, and you know, whatever, so anyway, just so that you know.

[SCREEN TEXT: Update on the SoCal Showroom]

Alan: Alright, what else have we got cooking? Let’s see, oh, our Southern California store, I was just down there last week. We were doing some recording for a television commercial. Well, our walls are still as bare as the day is long, I mean, and they’re long walls. So, the guy that did our buildout is going to put up some sconce lighting for us, and some nice trim, and we’ll put up some pictures, and you know, we’ll have Mona kind of pick some nice artwork, or whatever, or maybe some nice pictures of massage chairs, heaven forbid, and we’ll put that up on the wall to kind of make the wall look a little busier. But I’ll take the videotape of that when we have that done, and it’ll look sharp, but we’ll post that up for you to take a look at, but that Southern California store is a nice store. I like it, it’s wider than our store here in Utah, it’s deeper than our store here in Utah. You feel like you can have more than one person in there at a time, looking at chairs, but I really like that store, great store, and great staff. So, go down and meet Michael and Chris, they’re just awesome, and for those of you that don’t know, and of course, if you’re only Vietnamese speaking, you’re not going to understand a word of what I’m saying now, but Michael Nguyen is our showroom manager, and he’s bilingual, Vietnamese and English. And so, you know, feel free to give us a call at that – at our, well, here – our number there is 562-865-4607, 562-865-4607. Go ahead and call, and you can talk to Michael, if you’re Vietnamese, of course, talk to him, but for Anglos, you can talk to Michael or Chris.

[SCREEN TEXT: Massage Chair Tip!]

Alan: And one last thing I’ll chitchat about, just – you know, I should do this every one of these video recordings – these biweekly updates, I should give like a massage chair tip, or something like that. But one thing that people – I tell people, all the time, about in our showroom is how to use – how to change the intensity of a massage chair if it’s too intense for you, and you don’t have the 3D rollers. Even if you do have 3D rollers – by the way, 3D rollers mean that the rollers can move forward or back to increase, or decrease, the intensity of the massage – well, what do you do if the lowest intensity setting of the 3D roller is still too much? Or, what do you do if you’ve got a chair like the IT-8500, which is a deep-tissue massage chair, but it doesn’t have the intensity adjustment ability, it doesn’t have the 3D rollers, or now it does, but if you can’t get it low enough? Well, what we always recommend is using something that we call a throw blanket. Now, I don’t know if you know what a throw blanket is, but a throw blanket is like a decorative blanket that a lot of people use for, you know, to decorate a couch, or a chair, and these massage chairs aren’t the prettiest things in the world, so a lot of people use throw blankets to kind of, you know, try to camouflage the chair. But well, you can use that throw blanket, if you fold it up in quarters, or whatever, and you use that as a back pad. It’ll, you know, lay it down the length of the chair, and use that as a back pad. It’s a wonderful way to do it, because sometimes people use pillows, like sleeping, bed pillows, or couch, decorative pillows. They’re too thick, you’re not going to feel much massage at all. So, you know, if you can get a thin foam pad, or something like that, that’d be great, a memory foam pad, like the iRobotics 7 comes with a memory foam pad now, which is great, but just use a throw blanket, it’s awesome. Plus, if you’re the decorator of the house, and you look at that chair, and you go ‘Oh my goodness, that is butt ugly,’ and you want to change the look of it, use a throw blanket for that too. Anyway, there’s my intensity adjustment advice, and my decorative advice, which is so amazing.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: Well, I think that just about does it for this week. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380, there you go, and of course, you can always email me, comment on our YouTube channel, or on our Facebook page, or you can go on our chat software, whatever. You can always reach me, and if you don’t get directly to me, I will always call you back, but anyway, feel free to give us a call. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on YouTube, and of course, share this, or any of our other videos, on your social media platforms to help us spread the word about massage chairs, we appreciate that. Massage chairs are kind of a new thing, relatively infantile in its stage of development here in the United States, and we appreciate you helping us spread the word about it, because this is a great thing. Duh, that’s why I do it. Well, anyway, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you in two weeks. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Massage Chair Industry Update on our YouTube channel.

Mail Bag – DreamWave Classic, iRobotics 7, and L-Track

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse

Customer Question #1a

Dear Alan,

I have been searching for a good massage chair, but I’m having trouble deciding which chair would be best for me.

Over the years I have tried the basic Panasonic, and brief demos of the newer technology chairs, but I have been disappointed. I’m trying to find a chair that can duplicate the feel and beneficial effects of a human massage on my main trouble spots: back, shoulders, and neck.

I tried using the comparison feature on your website, but it did not help me narrow down my search. Can you recommend a specific model that would solve my issue?



My Response #1a

Inada DreamWave

DreamWave Classic

Hi, Loren
Thank you for your email. Feedback from visitors to my showroom is that the DreamWave Classic massage chair comes the most close to mimicking human hands. It has some versatility as far as the neck and shoulders are concerned…a headpiece that has airbag massage of the neck and traps or rollers to give the neck and upper back a good, stiff massage. It also has a great low back massage. Check it out here…

Customer Question #1b

Thanks for the fast response Alan. I see why you recommend DreamWave; the specs and number of testimonials are very impressive.

One concern I still have: DreamWave uses Airbag pressure to do a lot of the functions. In the past when I briefly tried similar chairs, the Air cylinders held my neck or arms in place, but did not seem to really relax my muscles like an intense roller (or human hands) could do. Is there any airbag technology difference between DreamWave and the other high end chairs?


My Response #1b

Hi, Loren
Yes the DreamWave uses a lot of airbags but aside from the traditional use of airbags in other chairs and uses them a little more creatively…

1. airbags in the headpiece are used to massage the neck and offer compression onto the trap muscles…something we don’t really see in any other chair.

2. airbags on the lateral aspect of the thighs actually offer a pretty deep massage of the IlioTibial Bands…again, something we don’t see very much of. Most other chairs use the hip airbags simply to hold the hips in place while the rollers go up and down the lumbar spine. But, in the DreamWave the airbags actually perform a compression massage.

3. airbags are used to move the seat up and down and side to side…this is what the term “DreamWave” actually alludes to. This is the first chair to use airbags in the seat to introduce passive motion to the low back and pelvis. Again, quite unique and innovative.

4 waist airbags are used to move both sides of the low back forward, simulating a rotation or “twist” of the lumbar spine. Very innovative in this industry…but now everyone has employed that in their chairs.

I hope this helps a bit in understanding how DreamWave uses airbags, but not in a typical fashion. Of course, the rollers in the back reach the neck all the way down to the sacral area of the pelvic area. Great roller massage. Combined with the airbags this chair gives quite a remarkable overall massage experience.

Customer Question #2

After 11 years as a US army physician and more than a decade working at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, I have returned back to the great state of Texas. I have put off buying a massage chair due to the 220 vs 110 voltage difference. Too many sandbox tours have left me with chronic knee pain and lumbar pain. Also as a gastroenterologist, I am constantly looking at monitors while pushing scope and suffer from cervical/thoracic muscle strain. I am looking at a couple different chairs to include the Osaki, Inada, Panasonic and the Luraco. I have touched base with Luraco as they are in Dallas and they do offer veteran discounts. Not surprising as they are the only US massage chair manufacturer. FWIW, I am 5’11” 220 lb and my wife is 6’1” and 160lbs. Is there any particular chair that you would recommend? Jeffery

My Response #2

Hi, Doc
Thanks for your email. My experience is that many massage chairs don’t have the strongest neck massage, although most massage chairs have a great mid thoracic massage and a sufficient lumbar massage. Here are some thoughts that crossed my mind as I read your email:

1. There really aren’t any massage chairs that work directly on the knees, however there are a couple of models that have very good IlioTibial Band airbag massage, soft tissue that is typically affected by knee and back problems. Take a look at the DreamWave Classic and the Panasonic MA73. The Luraco iRobotics 7 has a 2-tiered calf massage mechanism that reaches up to just below the knee, which might also serve your knees well.

2. Most chairs hit the lumbar region well, but there are a couple of models that do an exceptional job in the sacro-iliac area. Again, consider the DreamWave Classic which has a roller track that hits the sacral area better than most. The trade-off is that the DreamWave does not have a zero gravity feature, which allows the roller track to hit lower down the spine. I wrote an article about that trade-off on my blog. Here is the link:

iRobotics 7

iRobotics 7

Incidentally, the Luraco iRobotics 7, mentioned above, does have the zero gravity feature. Another type of chair that might impress your lumbar and gluteal areas is the new L-Track chairs, where an extended roller track goes down the spine and under the seat to the top of the hamstrings. This is a wonderful new feature that really does a dang good job on the low back, glutes, and piriformis muscles. A couple of models to consider would be the Infinity Iyashi (although the neck massage is not stellar), Infinity Escape, the Apex Ultra, and the Titan TP-Pro Alpine. Take a look at those and see what you think.

3. The Osaki chairs are great overall chairs, but I often feel as though they are not outstanding in any one feature. But, they are a great bang for the buck.

4. Our most popular selling Chinese-made chair is the Infinity IT-8500. Awesome neck and upper back massage, good lumbar massage, mechanical foot rollers, and zero gravity to boot. Take a look at that model.

Our top selling Japanese chair is the DreamWave. Therapeutically, one of the best feature-sets around, and the quality, life expectancy, and failure rate are superb, but you pay for it. Great neck roller massage and, as I mentioned above, a great lumbo-sacral massage with a masterful combination of rollers and airbags working on that region. The US-made iRobotics 7 has taken the industry by storm and has a wonderful feature-set, too, including foot rollers and zero gravity.

I hope this helps somewhat. Let me know if you have any other questions or need assistance with your order. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Great Massage Chair Customer Inquiry

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse

emailAloha Dr. Weidner,


Thank you so much for your e-mails and your highly informative website and You-Tube videos. By all accounts (client testimonials in particular) you seem to be a man of impeccable integrity and honesty.  A very refreshing way for a man of business to build and maintain a loyal clientele. Thank you for providing us with your valuable services.


My wife and I are looking for the perfect massage chair (I know, I know, if you only had a nickel for every time you’ve heard that). I’m hoping that you’ll provide us with some guidance as to which of your chairs you might recommend for us.  Let me list some of the criteria we have in mind for a chair. Continue reading “A Great Massage Chair Customer Inquiry”

Mail Bag – Inada Flex 3S vs. IT-8500; Laundry List of Needs; Chair for 4’11”

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emailQuestion #1
Dr. Weidner I never thought I’d consider a massage chair due to the prohibitive cost for me. I’ve owned all sorts of cheaper massage gadgets over the years for tight muscles. I have very little flexibility in my muscles and have had two cervical spinal fusions with the last being in 12/13. I am fused C3-7 now. I also have lower lumbar tightness.

I’m a Teacher’s Assistant who works with developmentally disabled adults who doesn’t make a lot of money and I’m very careful how I spend my money. It then hit me in brookstone why don’t I invest in something that will benefit my health. This raised my budget from $1000-$3000 That being said I wasn’t going to go crazy. Being price conscious I first looked at Brookstone’s $1200 osim ustyle 2 chairs which gave a great rougher roller back, neck and foot massage but the chair wasn’t big and it wasn’t too comfortable. It was a really narrow small chair. I then tried the Osim divine S $3200 which was great in those same ways, but didn’t have Zero gravity. The Astro 2 $3800 had Zero gravity and stretch but the massage was real soft so I was left confused. I could buy a refurbished brookstone chair to lower cost but I hadn’t tried any others and heard that brookstone didn’t have great customer service if something broke.

I decided to do some research. I came across your massage chair relief site which is a wonderful resource, but my main dilemma has been that besides brookstone in Syracuse N.Y. there is no other place to try chairs out. As you know there are tons of chairs online. I also am not a big flyer so as much as I would love to travel to your store it would be hard given the time of year (school). I went to the recent New York State fair and tried some cozzia chairs last week in the 2-4 thousand range (my range) and wasn’t very impressed and then tried the Flex 3 inada chair which was a revelation. The roller was so wide across my back and the stretch was unbelievable, but the foot part wasn’t working at the time. The other chairs really did feel amateurish compared to the inada. It seems like the rollers were so smooth and well put together. The salesmen there though were very aggressive and after 10 minutes wanted a buy decision. Would anything compare to the inada for $6500 which was way out of my budget? Besides the inada wasn’t zero gravity and I didn’t get to feel the foot massage.

I’ve been looking at your site and amazon and reading reviews. It’s very important to me that if I am going to spend the money even 3-4 thousand that the company be reputable if there is a problem. This is what I’m looking for in a chair:

1. A tougher massage that I can pinpoint and adjust to certain areas to work out knots

2. The upper shoulder, neck and scapula region is very important to me.

3. The lower lumbar region is very important to me

4. The foot massage is very important to me. I like a stronger roller foot massage.

5. I’d like a zero gravity chair

6. I’d like a chair that can give a good stretch similar to the inada flex and works on posture

7. I’d like a 3D roller chair

8. Reputable company to back it up.

What I don’t care about so much is:

1. music

2. lights

3. Vibrational massage isn’t that effective for me

4. Soft massage

5. Forearm, and hand massage isn’t that important to me.

I’m wondering if in my price range 3-4 thousand anything can compare to the Inada feel of the flex 3 with the additional features I’m looking for. I wonder if you can help shed some light on this for me. What is your opinion of the Brookstone chairs? Thanks in advance Chip from Syracuse N.Y.

My Response #1


Hi, Chip
Thanks for your email. After reading your email and considering your pain presentation as well as your list of must-haves, I would strongly recommend that you consider the Infinity IT-8500. It has everything you are asking for, except for the 3D rollers. But, it defaults to a very intense, vigorous roller. You can make it less intense by using a pillow, pad, or folded up blanket. It has everything else you need. Great chair. It is our top selling Chinese-made chair. It’s not an Inada, but it is a very popular chair for our shoppers…particularly those who come to our showroom and try a bunch of chairs out. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Flex 3S vs. IT-8500; Laundry List of Needs; Chair for 4’11””

Introduction – Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair (Video)

TP-Pro 8400
TP-Pro 8400

Review of Titan TP-Pro Alpine

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair
Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair

Pro-Apline  45dThe new Titan TP-Pro Alpine has fast become one of my favorite chairs. It is one of two new chairs from Titan that features the extended roller track, a.k.a. L-Track. This model is a bigger-bodied chair than the 8400 and seems to have a more sophisticated roller mechanism. I will get into a comparison of the 3 L-Track chairs we carry (the Titan 8400, Titan Alpine, and Infinity Iyashi) in another article, but for today I just want to discuss the features of the Alpine. Continue reading “Review of Titan TP-Pro Alpine”

Review of Titan TP-Pro 8400

Just about a year and a half ago, Infinity came out with their Iyashi, the first massage chair that I was aware of that was officially on the market with an extended roller track, now commonly called an L-Track. What a great innovation in the massage chair industry. A couple of years prior to that I had sat on an Inada test model that had rollers extend from the neck down to the calves, covering everything in between. It was called the D2 or something like that but was never officially developed and brought to the USA.

Since the introduction of the Iyashi, we’ve not seen many more chairs with the L-Track, that are name-brands anyways. Until now!

Recently, the Titan line of chairs (same company as Osaki) introduced two new models, both with extended roller tracks…even an inch or two longer than the 49″ roller track of the Iyashi. Those models are the Titan TP-Pro 8400 and the TP-Pro Alpine. I have both of those models in my showroom and both deserve a review. Today, I will be reviewing the 8400. I have already started a playlist on YouTube for the Titan 8400 and, at the time of this writing, have the intro video up of this chair.

Here are my thoughts and experience of the Titan TP-Pro 8400:

1. It is a smaller looking chair so it won’t take up as much space in your room. I have taken a picture of it next to the Osaki OS-4000T model so that you can see the comparative sizes. The outer aesthetics of this chair are great. It is a beautiful looking chair with great lines. The colors that are available incorporate two-tone colors on the exterior vs. the interior. It is a more classic looking chair that I think will look a little more like it belongs in a room, regardless of the decorum.

2. The chair is very easy to assemble. It comes in one box, is relatively light, and does not require the attachment of arm rests, which is the hardest part of the multiple box chairs to assemble. You only have to attach the ottoman and you are good to go.

2014-12-12 12.52.343. The remote control can fit in either one of two side pockets, which makes it easy to reach as well as hides it from visibility (no pedestal).

4. When you first turn on the chair, the chair defaults to one of the 5 auto programs (the “Comfort” program). Just pushing that one button gets the chair in a reclined position and starts the massage program. The chair does not have 3D rollers (I don’t think any of the L-Track chairs have developed that versatility in the 3D roller system yet), so you are set with the default intensity.

5. If you haven’t experienced a massage chair with an extended roller track (L-Track), you’ve been missing out. The 8400 has a 50″ roller track that goes past your low back and into your butt and upper hamstrings. Before these L-Track chairs came along, the only thing in a massage chair that could address things like sciatica, piriformis syndrome, or gluteal muscle soreness or tightness was airbags in the seat. Now, with the extended roller track, this area gets the same attention that the neck, mid back, and low back have been enjoying for years.

It also seems as though this chair’s rollers extend a bit longer than those of the Infinity Iyashi, which was the pioneer L-Track chair in the market (July 2013). You can feel the difference when the rollers hit the top of the hamstrings. It just felt like the rollers in the 8400 were moving lower down the hamstrings.

I’ll just mention that the extended rollers tend to lift your butt up and forward when they hit your hip area. I had to remind myself to shift my butt back up against the chair back to make sure that I was getting the full benefit of the rollers in the glut region.

6. The mechanical foot rollers can be intense when they are on with the associated foot airbags pushing down on the top of your feet. You can drop the intensity of the foot massage in a couple of ways: a.) decrease the foot airbag intensity and b.) change the speed of the foot rollers. That’s right, this is the first massage chair with foot rollers that allows you to adjust something…in this case the speed of the rollers. There are 3 different speed settings. If it is still too intense, you can always shut off the foot rollers altogether.

Another thing I noticed about the foot rollers is that it feels like there are two different types of foot rollers working you over. I could swear that there is a roller at the balls of the feet moving in a circular motion, while at the same time some rollers working lengthwise along the arch of the feet. Pretty cool, if that is really what is happening.

While I’m on the topic of the feet massage, I thought I’d mention how much I like the heel airbags in this chair. There are some airbags that inflate around your heel and anchor them down as part of the foot and calf massage. Feels great and really keeps the feet anchored in the ottoman.

7. This chair does not have a vibration feature or a stretch program. There is a stretch button on the remote, but it does not appear to offer any kind of a stretch program. As near as I can tell, that button just affects how the rollers work on your spine. After having been on the Iyashi, the Titan Alpine, and the 8400, it is obvious that a stretch program is not especially viable in these types of chairs since the back and seat are all one moving unit in order to maintain the integrity of the extended roller track. The chair just can’t physically move the chair back independent of the seat. So, most stretching programs in these types of chairs involve nothing more than the ottoman airbags inflating on the legs and the ottoman extending, thus pulling the lower half of the body out.

8. There are no hip airbags in this chair. This can actually help larger folks fit in the chair (see #14 below).

9. The literature says that this chair accommodates folks as tall as 6’5″. I would totally disagree with that. The ottoman has a manual extension feature but  I haven’t found it to extend too terribly far. I would say that the chair would fit someone as tall as 6’1″ – 6’2″ tops. Otherwise, it seems that the user is too big for the chair.

10. The arm massage has what I have come to call sequential airbag inflation. There appears to be two air cells in each arm, one for the hand and fingers, the other for the forearm. These air cells inflate sequentially and simultaneously throughout a massage session. Both arms inflate at the same time, so if you have to get your arms out quickly to get out of the chair, you might have a little trouble pulling your arms out right away because of that.

11. There is a lower thoracic/upper lumbar heating element that you can feel pretty quickly after turning it on.

12. The chair has a 20′ massage session timer that is displayed on the remote control.

13. As with most massage chairs, the back roller speed and width can only be adjusted in the manual settings.

20140414. Titan designed this chair with shoulder airbags that flare out. This is a pretty smart move as it will allow broader shouldered users to fit in between the shoulder airbags more easily. One of the biggest beefs we have with the new modern massage chairs is the less than optimal distance between the two shoulder airbags and, more specifically, the shoulder airbag housings. It is a little thing but will allow larger bodies to fit in the chair better. The lack of hip airbags also allows for folks who have a larger bottom to fit in the chair.

Well, that’s about it for my review of the Titan TP-Pro 8400. I hope you found it helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have a question or something to add to this topic.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; War Injury; Foot Roller Concerns

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Hi Doc, thanks for all your videos and a great website. In your opinion, can the Iyashi do as good a job for the neck and shoulders compared to the 8500 even without the Accuroll Function? One review says the Refresh Auto function on the Iyashi does a very strong neck and shoulder massage. Does it mean it is as capable in the neck area as the 8500, just have to learn how to turn it on??? Thanks. Regards, Simon Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; War Injury; Foot Roller Concerns”

Mail Bag – Iyashi Neck Massage; Arthritic Hip and Low Back

email sign with mouse
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emailHi, I am researching massage chairs and have a few questions: I’m a fitness enthusiast and exercise often. I often have sore glutes, quads, and hamstrings after an intense lower body workout. That’s why the 49″ roller track on the Infinity Iyashi is very interesting to me. My only concern is its shoulder and neck massage capability. My day job involves sitting in front of a computer all day, so I have tight neck and trapezius muscles. I’m reading conflicting reports on whether the Iyashi gives adequate massages in those areas. 1. Dr. Weidner mentioned that the auto-program isn’t as intense as he likes in those areas, but later mentioned that the manual program is pretty strong. He also once mentioned that the rollers seems to come forward a bit (like the Panasonic MA70) on top of the shoulders, but this was not mentioned again anywhere else. Can you confirm whether the Iyashi gives good massages on the neck and top of the shoulders? 2. Given my requirements, do you recommend anything other than the Iyashi? 3. What happens if something breaks down on the Iyashi in the 2nd year (when it’s under parts warranty, but not labor). Does Infinite Therapeutics still send someone out, but I’d just have to pay for labor myself? Roughly how much would it cost labor wise, for an in-house service visit? Thanks, Trent Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi Neck Massage; Arthritic Hip and Low Back”

To Infinity and Beyond…!

Photo of Dr. Weidner
Photo of Dr. Weidner

IMG_20140930_130145Last week I traveled to Boston, MA with the express purpose of visiting Infinite Therapeutic’s headquarters in Kingston, NH. I arrived late Monday night into the Boston Logan airport and was picked up by Michael Milone, the National Dealer Manager for IT, first thing Tuesday morning. Although the weather was raining and overcast, the surrounding vistas were fabulous. The 45 minute drive to New Hampshire was replete with autumn leaf colors…galore! Continue reading “To Infinity and Beyond…!”

Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Back; Montage Pro Warranty; Visiting IT

We are heading into the 4th quarter of the year and soon massage chairs will be flying “off the shelves.” I might suggest you start thinking seriously about getting your chair early to avoid a run on colors and models that leaves you without an option for the holiday gift-giving season.

Here are some things of note going on in the industry as of late: Continue reading “Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Back; Montage Pro Warranty; Visiting IT”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Timer; Compact Chair; Intense Massage

emailEmail Question #1

Hi there. Is there any way to get around the built-in 15 minute timer on the Inada Sogno?

My Response #1

Thanks for your email. The sessions can last from 15-20 minutes in length depending on the body scan findings, but other than that you can’t adjust the session timer. The good thing with the Sogno, though, is when the program stops the chair will not come back up to the parked position but stay where you had it reclined. You just need to push the program button again and it will start up with you in the very same position. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Timer; Compact Chair; Intense Massage”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer

emailCustomer Email #1
Hi there! love the site, couldn’t find this here: Could you compare the Inada sogno to the Panasonic Ma70? I have SI joint dysfunction which do you think would be better for me in that regard? (I saw that you mentioned that you liked the sogno for that as you have the same problem but didn’t see a mention on the Panasonic side) Secondly, I have golfer’ sand tennis elbow in both arms – which do you feel is better here and does the airbag actually make that much of a difference in the arms? I tried the Ma70 and it just seemed to compress my forearms and hands is it really beneficial for my issues? Thanks!!! Paul Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer”

Quick Hits: 18 Months 0% Interest Financing & Iyashi App Update

rss-icon-1-970189-mGE Capital Memorial Day Financing Program – 18 Months 0% Interest on ANY Massage Chair!

Today is the first day of a 2 week promotion through GE Capital. You can get 18 months 0% financing through them for any chair on our site. This Memorial Day promotion runs through June 3, 2014. You see, GE lowers the processing fees it charges to it’s merchants, like me, so that it is affordable to run it.

I have a lot of customers that wait for these times to come to take advantage of the longer financing terms. And, of course, I look forward to those times as well as our sales increase because of the longer financing terms!

So, all you need to do to take advantage of this Memorial Day promotion is… Continue reading “Quick Hits: 18 Months 0% Interest Financing & Iyashi App Update”

Will You Fit In A Massage Chair?

measuring-tape-detail-3-1285564-mOne of the most frequently asked questions I get from massage chair shoppers lately is whether the chair they are interested in will fit them. I suspect that with a larger body frame, broader shoulders, and higher weight, some folks are concerned about getting a chair that doesn’t fit them right. When you take into consideration all the chairs that have integrated thigh and shoulder airbags, this becomes a valid concern.

I find myself running down to the showroom more and more, taking measurements of distances between shoulder airbags and thigh airbags to see if a chair will fit for a particular customer. Earlier this week I was doing that very thing when the thought came to me that I should take a measurement of each chair in my showroom that has thigh and/or shoulder airbags and post those measurements here on the blog so that it becomes a resource for you, the massage chair shopper. So, without further adieu, here is the list of chairs along with their accompanying measurements. The first number is the distance between the inside of each thigh airbag; the second number is the measurement between each shoulder airbag. If the chair does not have shoulder airbags, I put “N/A”, representing “Not Applicable”: Continue reading “Will You Fit In A Massage Chair?”

Mail Bag – Iyashi Questions; Sogno Armrests; S & L Roller Tracks

Question #1


Hi, I am researching massage chairs and have a few questions: I’m a fitness enthusiast and exercise often. I often have sore glutes, quads, and hamstrings after an intense lower body workout. That’s why the 49″ roller track on the Infinity Iyashi is very interesting to me. My only concern is its shoulder and neck massage capability. My day job involves sitting in front of a computer all day, so I have tight neck and trapezius muscles. I’m reading conflicting reports on whether the Iyashi gives adequate massages in those areas.

1. Dr. Weidner mentioned that the auto-program isn’t as intense as he likes in those areas, but later mentioned that the manual program is pretty strong. He also once mentioned that the rollers seems to come forward a bit (like the Panasonic MA70) on top of the shoulders, but this was not mentioned again anywhere else. Can you confirm whether the Iyashi gives good massages on the neck and top of the shoulders?

2. Given my requirements, do you recommend anything other than the Iyashi?

3. What happens if something breaks down on the Iyashi in the 2nd year (when it’s under parts warranty, but not labor). Does Infinite Therapeutics still send someone out, but I’d just have to pay for labor myself? Roughly how much would it cost labor wise, for an in-house service visit?

Thanks, Trent

Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi Questions; Sogno Armrests; S & L Roller Tracks”

Mail Bag: 3D Roller Technology; L-Tracks?; Inada Duet; White Glove Concerns

emailQuestion #1

Which massage chairs have 3D roller technology to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage rollers? Which feature do you feel is more important for a massage chair, 3D rollers or a long stroke, made available by the L-track?

My Response #1

Hi, Fletcher
Thanks so much for your email. The following chairs have 3D roller massage (either through actual 3D roller massage or airbag-assisted): Continue reading “Mail Bag: 3D Roller Technology; L-Tracks?; Inada Duet; White Glove Concerns”

Shoulder Airbags: What and How

Iyashi shoulder airbags
Iyashi shoulder airbags

I think that the first time I ever saw shoulder airbags was on the Panasonic Ep30007 chair. I remember being curious as to why the airbags were in the chair back and pushed the shoulders forward, as this seemed rather counter-intuitive to a chiropractor who worked on correcting forward slumping shoulders. Why on earth would a chair push the shoulders forward, when they obviously needed to be pulled back? That was exactly my sentiment when I saw that feature on that chair.

Then, a few years later Inada introduced the Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair, which had a shoulder housing on either side of the body that had airbags that inflated to the FRONT of the shoulders, thereby pinning the shoulders back. Now, that made sense to me. I remember being so impressed with the idea of airbags pinning the shoulders back in an effort to improve posture. I also remember sitting on that chair for the first time and feeling taller (and less “slumped” when I stood up afterwards. I was excited to have a chair to offer customers that had a feature like this. I felt it was very much needed and that it complimented the spinal correction I did as a chiropractor.  Continue reading “Shoulder Airbags: What and How”

Zero Gravity or Not – That is the Question!!

astronautZero gravity has become a very popular feature among massage chair models and among massage chair shoppers. I get asked all the time about whether a particular model has zero gravity or not. Funny thing is, most folks think they want it but have no idea what it really is!

But, is zero gravity something that you really want in a massage chair? I will define it and then explain to you the pros and cons of zero gravity, especially as it pertains to you, the user, and your therapeutic experience with or without it in your massage chair. Continue reading “Zero Gravity or Not – That is the Question!!”

Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; Sogno vs. iRobotics 6S; Broad-Chested Guy

Hi. The Iyashi has 49″ roller track,buttocks and thighs roller massage. I thought the 8500 also had a 49″ roller all the way down to the buttocks. When I do the compare models on your website I don’t see it listed for the 8500. Yes / No ? The newer Iyashi doesn’t have Neck/Head Airbags like the 8500 ..yes /no ? I also see the 8500 doesn’t have vibration and the new Iyashi does. Where does it vibrate on the Iyashi ? They both have Zero Gravity but I notice the 8500 has 2 stages and the Iyashi has only one. What are the pro and cons having 2 stages VS one stage ? I really like the Inversion feature on the 8500 and notice the Iyashi doesn’t have it. Is this the same as the Power Recline ? My job has me on my feet all day. I work outside here in NYC and walk 5-6 miles a day and have to wlk up 5-6 flights of stairs several times a day up and don. So my calves are in knots and feet on fire at the end of day so the foot rollers for the 8500 /Iyashi is a must. I also carry a backpack that weighs at least 20-25 lbs on a normal day. None of this is helping my back or neck (herniated discs) . I like deep hard massages so the least air bag features for back and legs is best for me. Too bad they don’t have the rollers for the arms or head What are Quad Style Rollers compared to other rollers ? Alos..Do any machines actually have Grasping/Gripping..I see that lisyed as a spec but haven’t found a model with that feature yet. Also. what is Junetsu ? Thanks for your time ..appreciate it ! Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; Sogno vs. iRobotics 6S; Broad-Chested Guy”

Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 2)

balanceI covered some pretty significant features in Part 1 of this comparative review between two very popular massage chairs. In Part 2, I will cover the remaining features, #6-10, some of which are quite significant as well.

6. Airbags
There aren’t many, if any, chairs that have more airbags than the Inada Sogno. The Sogno boasts 100 airbags, not all of which are utilized for compression. The patented Dreamwave technology of the Sogno, which  moves the seat up and down, and side to side, is all deployed by airbags.  Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 2)”

Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 1)

balanceEvery time a new, exciting massage chair model hits the market I invariably get asked how it compares to the Inada Sogno, widely considered the iconic chair of the industry. Well, recently I have had a lot of questions about the new Infinity Iyashi and how it compares to the Inada Sogno.

They are both very different chairs. Of course, every chair has similarities, i.e. rollers and airbags, but these two chairs differ quite radically and I’ll go into that in detail in this comparative review. I happen to love both of these chairs – both unique in their own right. Since there is so much to talk about with these two chairs, I have broken this article up into 2 parts. Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 1)”

Mail Bag – Iyashi Concerns; Customer with Cancer; Zero-gravity vs. Zero Embrace

CUSTOMER EMAIL #1 (Infinity Iyashi concerns)

emailThanks for the follow-up Alan. There are certain things we really enjoy about the Iyashi but others that have us puzzled and unsure of our decision.

1. love the ‘wall-away’ feature
2. the bluetooth is nice cause it indicates to me that there may be future customization capabilities with programming
the routines of the chair (possibly just wishful thinking on my part?)
3. the very long track on the back rollers that takes it past the glutes to the upper thighs – very nice!
4. the heat and zero gravity features Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi Concerns; Customer with Cancer; Zero-gravity vs. Zero Embrace”

Mail Bag – Chair for low back and neck pain; Iyashi vs. Cyber; Titan vs. Omega Pro

emailEMAIL #1
Hi Dr. Weidner, I was wondering if you could help me narrow my search for a chair based upon my specific issues. I currently have lumbar pain – which moves into the hip/buttocks as the day moves on. IT band and hamstrings are really tight. I have a long term tightness and pain in my neck- a result of a degenerated C5-C6. I enjoyed lounging on my brother in law’s Sanyo massage chair while in Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. We visited a local store and I tried out a Cozzia and Human Touch as well as one that had a feature called Dream Wave. The last one was the priciest, but was frustrating to me if I pulled my hand out for any reason, I was unable to re-insert it into the arm cradle. I live in West Michigan, an area that doesn’t seem to have retailers willing to invest in our market. The thought of traveling hours via plane to SLC makes my hip hurt, just wanted to see if you had any ideas for me. thanks for your consideration and ideas. Sue Continue reading “Mail Bag – Chair for low back and neck pain; Iyashi vs. Cyber; Titan vs. Omega Pro”

Why is the Infinity IT-8500 so dang popular?


The Infinity IT-8500 has been out a couple of years now and has become our most popular selling massage chair. It was originally introduced as a chair that was the same as the Inada Sogno but for half the price, but I could not disagree more with that sentiment. The Sogno is still the cream of the crop, the workmanship of which is second to none. But, the IT-8500 is a fabulous chair for the price and has a great feature-set that seems to appeal to the masses. Here are the main points, in my opinion, that make the IT-8500 such a winner: Continue reading “Why is the Infinity IT-8500 so dang popular?”

Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Discontinued, Used MA70, Make-A-Wish Update

A new year is upon us and we, at Massage Chair Relief, have a lot of wonderful things planned for 2014. I will keep you posted throughout the year as new things are introduced or changed. The Weidner family had a fun, massage chair filled New Year’s Eve at the showroom. My whole family came to the showroom, including grandchildren, and we sat on chairs for a couple of hours before everyone went their separate ways to bring in the New Year. I will say that we used up every chair in the showroom! Here are a couple of pics from the event (I absolutely love the picture on the left of my granddaughter Olive on the Panasonic 30007…what an angel!)… Continue reading “Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Discontinued, Used MA70, Make-A-Wish Update”

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!

golden-present-780326-mYES…’tis the season of sales for the massage chair industry and the lucky folks who are shopping for a massage chair. I will briefly tell you about the sales that are available from a couple of the massage chair companies, but before I do I want you to know that we have our own Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at which is ABOVE AND BEYOND anything the massage chair companies may offer.

**To find out what we are offering for our Holiday Sale, call us right now at 888-259-5380 and we’ll let you in on our sale prices.

But, in addition to our sale, here is what Infinite Therapeutics and Osaki are making available for you, too: Continue reading “Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!”

Mail Bag – Best Butt Massage, Broad Chest Fit, etc.

Iyasi Massage Chair Reclined Front angle
Iyasi Massage Chair Reclined Front angle

Customer Email #1

Message to Massage Chairs:

Which chairs have the best buttocks massage that also have a great arm massage?



My Response #1

Hi, Randy
Thanks for your inquiry. The chair that would fit your needs the best would be the Infinity Iyashi…hands down! It is a brand new model from Infinite Therapeutics and is the first chair to have a roller track that goes down into the buttocks, seat, and thighs. It is fabulous. It also has arm airbags that inflate sequentially from the forearm down to the hand to enhance circulation of the blood and lymph in the upper extremities. Not many chairs work that well on the arms. I really think this chair would be what you are looking for. Here is the link to the chair on my site…

Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner Continue reading “Mail Bag – Best Butt Massage, Broad Chest Fit, etc.”

News & Notes (new Iyashi color, ext. warranty for Dreamer, etc.)

Black Iyashi
Black Iyashi

New Iyashi Color!

Infinite Therapeutics announced this week that they are introducing a black interior synthetic color option, adding to their current red and tan options. You can see by the pictures how sharp the new contrasting colors are. This color will be available on December 6th. I might also mention that the tan color is back-ordered until that date, as well. In other words, you can only get the red interior color for the time being. And, as you heard on my interview with IT Vice-President, Jim Coppins, the company is working on getting a black exterior color option as well. But, that probably won’t be for a while.  Continue reading “News & Notes (new Iyashi color, ext. warranty for Dreamer, etc.)”

URGENT: IT-8500 & Iyashi Price Increase Announced for 10/11/13!!

price increaseI received an email notification from Infinite Therapeutics late yesterday afternoon that they are increasing the price of their IT-8100, IT-8500, and Iyashi models…beginning tomorrow, Friday October 11, 2013! We are to have our prices upgraded by end-of-day 10/11/13.

Yes, fairly short notice but that is why I am posting the price increase everywhere (blog, email list, Facebook, Twitter, Google +). I want everyone to know about this because there are so many people looking at the IT-8500 and the new Iyashi that are chewing on whether they want to take the plunge or not. This price increase may motivate you to  take action TODAY. Continue reading “URGENT: IT-8500 & Iyashi Price Increase Announced for 10/11/13!!”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Alternatives, $1000 Chairs, & Iyashi “Rubbing”

Another week of great questions from massage chair shoppers. I hope you get something from the questions and my responses. That is why I share them with you!

Email #1

Inada Sogno
Inada Sogno

Dr. Weidner, I’m located in Northern California and had the opportunity to try out the Inada Sogno at a local store but still trying to justify the steep price. I love how the Sogno made me feel wrapped and embraced during the massage. Is that from the 100 airbags and the 1200 sq in body coverage? Does the OS-3D’s airbag size or sq in body coverage come close to the Sogno? In your professional opinion, is the Sogno worth the $2700 difference compared to the OS-3D? Do you know if the Inada plan to come out with a new model that would incorporate foot rollers and zero gravity anytime soon? Linda

My Response #1

Hi, Linda
Thanks for your email and your great questions. Here are my responses along with some comments: Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Alternatives, $1000 Chairs, & Iyashi “Rubbing””

Infinity Iyashi vs. “Ultimate” Massage Chair

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair
Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the comment section of my 08/12/2013 Massage Chair Industry Update (posted to this blog on 08/16/2013), I was asked to compare these two models by a fellow named Jeff Payne. Here is that comparative review:

Right off the top, I’ll tell you that I’ve never sat on an Ultimate Massage Chair before. It is not a commonly known chair in the industry and appears to be imported by an individual named Scott Philo. I do not know what his resume is in the massage chair industry but I do know that he operates out of his home office in New Hampshire and offers two models, the Ultimate I and II. Based on the information I have gleaned from his site, including the features of his chairs, I can give you a review of the Ultimate I, along with some opinions and comments, while also comparing it to the Infinity Iyashi from Infinite Therapeutics: Continue reading “Infinity Iyashi vs. “Ultimate” Massage Chair”

News & Notes: Iyashi Late, New OS-2000, Sale on iRobotics 6S

Some things have come up, since my last Massage Chair Industry Update that I shared with you on August 27th, that I thought were noteworthy.

1. The arrival of the Infinity Iyashi to the USA has been delayed another week. It was scheduled to come 2 days ago on the 29th, but it has been changed to September 6. I have no idea why it was delayed.

2. The Inada Sogno in black leather was back ordered until September 12, but that shipment has already been spoken for so the next shipment of that chair is October 6. Again, another reason why you should pre-order a chair that is out of stock rather than wait for the chair to arrive before ordering. Some of these models go very quickly, even before they arrive in the US.

3. Luraco is dropping the price of their iRobotics 6S to $5990 on September 1. It is considered a “limited time special” so I have no idea how long that price will be up for. It is regularly priced at $7990. Good idea to drop the price for the 4th quarter when all massage chair sales go up. Remember that I recently spoke of the upgrade from the iRobotics 6 to the 6S. The new model has the following changes:

  • Human voice response in English, Spanish, Vietnamese & French.
  • Built in Music Speakers.
  • New software version with higher intelligence and advanced massage profiles, especially for foot massage.
  • Bluetooth control with free smart phone and tablet applications, customer can control massage chair from their tablet or android phone. Bluetooth is an optional feature.

4. Osaki has replaced the old OS-2000 with a  new model, OS-2000 Combo. Here are the main features of this new model:

OS-2000 Combo
  • 31″ roller track
  • Fits a person up to 6’4″ tall
  • Zero gravity
  • Airbag knee massage
  • Priced at $1999 with a $200 instant discount

I hope to have this chair up on our site this week.

Well, that’s about it. Have a super Labor Day weekend!

Dr. Alan Weidner

What Makes Each Massage Chair Unique?

Not all massage chairs are created equally! We carry so many different models of massage chairs, and each one has it’s own unique feature which each company has employed to try to differentiate that chair from the competition. I thought I would make a list of each of our top-selling and/or game-changing chairs and briefly list the feature(s) that differentiates them from the rest of the pack or, at the very least, makes them unique. Now some  of these chairs innovated a technology that was very unique at the time, but have since been imitated by others on this list. I will mention both in that case. Continue reading “What Makes Each Massage Chair Unique?”