Difference Between Inada Sogno Dreamwave and Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus?

I get this question a lot, so I figured I’d share a recent email from a client and my response to it so that you can all understand the difference…if there even is one (hint, hint!)…

What is the difference between the ( Inada Sogna Dreamwave Chair ) and the ( Inada Sogna Dreamwave Plus Chair )? Both are mentioned on your web site but I can’t determine the difference between the two chairs. Continue reading “Difference Between Inada Sogno Dreamwave and Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus?”

New Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video – Rollers

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Rollers

I created a bunch of short videos going through many of the more subtle aspects of the popular Inada Sogno massage chair. I have one that I haven’t featured on this blog before so I figured I’d tell you about it. It discusses the roller system on the Inada Sogno. The rollers are very comfortable but can be made to quite vigorous, depending on what you are looking for. This video explains the rollers in greater detail.

You can check out more details about the Inada Sogno massage chair here:


A couple of things I really like about the rollers in the Inada Sogno massage chair is the fact that they go quite far down the back, even into the sacral/buttocks area. Compared to all the other chairs we carry, this the roller track on this model goes lower than any other manufacturer’s chairs. I also like the 3D function, wherein you can adjust the intensity of the rollers for those of us who enjoy a more vigorous massage.

Inada Sogno Price Going Up!!

Currently, we are offering the white glove delivery and 5 year extended warranty with the price of the chair. You should know that on February 1, 2012 the price of the Inada Sogno is going up to $7799. FYI!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair





Inada Sogno Massage Chair – Dreamwave/Low Back Airbag Technology

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Dreamwave and Low Back Airbag Technology of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

I am a chiropractor that has treated numerous patients that suffer with pain in their lower back. Naturally, as a chiropractor, I employed the rotary lower back adjustment which helps to loosen the joints in the lower back area, and also to stimulate normal motion for the lower back joints. If you have been to a chiropractor before then you know all about “the move.” This is the move when the chiropractor tries to twist your body into a pretzel, in order to get your back to “pop.”

Most of the time, this is the chiropractic manipulation or adjustment that is used to alleviate low back pain. It usually takes a couple of office visits to receive the complete benefits of the effective treatment.


For anyone who has used a massage chair in the past, you are aware that the primary feature of just about every massage chair are those up/down rollers that basically move from your skull’s base and go down to the very bottom part of your back. The problem that many massage chairs have is that they do not have any rotary motion that is applied to your low back.

I really never expected any types of massage chairs to “pop” a person’s bones, but I always thought lower back rotary motion would be very helpful. I never thought a massage chair could do this until I saw the new Inada Sogno massage chair that just became available in market. This chair featured not one, but two, low back functions that absolutely grabbed my attention. First of all, the waist airbags inflated alternately which induced a rotation motion for the lower back. Secondly, I was impressed by the advanced technology of the Dreamwave feature in the seat because it passively and very effectively moved the pelvis.

The Waist Airbags of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Other types of massage chairs also have the waist airbags feature, however, for the first time ever, I saw airbags that inflated on one side first and the other side next, in other words, alternating. Right away I noticed the chair’s motions felt very much like the technique that a chiropractor uses when performing the side posture for the low back adjustment. Naturally, it did not give the same kind of torque that chiropractors apply manually, but it was amazing to see a massage chair manufacturer attempt to imitate that very same motion.

Technology Of The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Dreamwave Technology gives that passive motion that’s so very difficult to carry out in most clinical situations. All you have to do is sit down on the seat and this massage chair will work its wonders. When you use the Dreamwave feature, right away you will notice the chair seat starts moving in a smooth undulating figure-8 motion that goes sideways.

Needless to say, you do not have to be experiencing any debilitating pain to appreciate this feature. It’s so gentle and soothing that you’ll really enjoy experiencing it. The motion that is applied is a very gentle motion that is passive, which helps to hydrate the discs in your lower back, as well as, to relax your pelvis and the areas of the lower back. It’s an extremely remarkable feature and will most likely be replicated by different manufacturers in the future.

Both of these features that Inada Sogno massage chairs have really do make it, quite possibly, the most distinctive and effective therapeutic massage chair ever made.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Airbags

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The Airbags of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

With the advent of the Inada Sogno massage chair, competition has been eliminated in regard to airbag technology.  The

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

additional descriptive name – Dreamwave  – is more than a marketing moniker. The previous best massage coverage of the body at 450 square inches was offered by the Panasonic 30007 and was considered pretty good.

Well, the Inada Sogno has trumped that chair by a wide margin boasting over 1200 square inches of massage coverage.  To be clear, square inch body coverage includes that provided by rollers as well as air bags.  Most massage chairs utilize the airbag concept of massage, but the Inada Sogno technological advances are truly astounding.

Here are 6 body areas massaged by Inada Sogno massage chair airbags:

1. Cervical headpiece airbags – The Inada Sogno has a wonderful feature that feels like human fingers working your neck muscles. I’m not aware of another name-brand massage chair that uses airbags for cervical massage.  There is the option of using the traditional roller massage by placing the headpiece over the chair’s back.  After using the airbags once, you will be ready to return again and again, just for that feature.

Similar to the way your licensed massage therapist digs elbows into your shoulder muscles, the cervical headpiece has airbags for both sides of your neck to push down on your upper shoulders.  For those of you that want to know, these are the trapezia muscles!  This great feature loosens those muscles that get tight and sore after working at a computer all day. The airbag massaging motion feels so relaxing.

2. Full arm airbags – includes fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm up to and including the upper arm.  I have not seen this thorough an arm massage in any other massage chair.

3. Lower lumbar airbags – airbags have been around for some time, but Inada’s technology is advanced.  For sufferers of low back pain, the rotation that mimics a chiropractic adjustment brings welcome relief.  The airbags inflate alternate sides to lift your low back forward on one side and then the other to produce rotation in that lower lumber area that so often needs corrective motion.

You can adjust the intensity of your massage experience with the remote control.  I have found that for some people, the intensity of the airbag massage can be too much.  It is easy enough to adjust to a lower setting for your comfort.

4. Seat airbags – this feature I have not seen in other massage chairs is known as Dreamwave technology.  Through airbag pressure, the seat moves up and down as well as going side to side in a figure 8 movement. The relief achieved by sufferers of acute low back pain is marvelous.

5. ITB airbags – Accompanying almost any hip, knee or back problem is tenderness on the outside of each thigh.  These sore spots are the Iliotibial Band (ITB) muscles. As you sit, the Inada Sogno ITB airbags massage your outer thighs.  At first it can be extremely sore, but with more use, the area will loosen up.  You will be pleased to find other problems in your lower quadrant resolving with regular use of this feature, not found in other massage chairs.

6. Calf and foot airbags – the Inada Sogno like most chairs does have a foot and calf massager.  These airbags are good, but nothing special.  With so many extraordinary functions that put the chair at the top of the line in most areas, my opinion is that the HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch offers the best foot and calf massage feature.

There you have my views of airbag features in the popular Inada Sogno massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Yume Massage Chair Delivery Date

Inada Yume
Inada Yume

The new Inada Yume massage chair is scheduled to arrive in the US on the last week of July. It will be ready to ship out the first week of August. We have this chair in our showroom and it has been very well received so far. Most people who


come to the showroom gravitate to the Sogno right away, but now they are checking out the Yume because of it’s looks and the feature set, which, once again and as expected from Inada, is quite unique.

I received a customer email last week that I thought I’d share with you. We get asked alot about the old Sogno Standard model and the current Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair. This email inquires about them. I tie in the new Yume chair into my response:

Dear Dr Alan Weidner,

I’m still interested in the Sogno Massage chair but the price is still too high, however will you tell me the differences between the Inada Sogno Dream wave and the Sogno Dream wave Plus (the newest Inada product).

Thank you very  much.

H. Nguyen

Thank you for your inquiry.

When the Sogno first came to the USA in 2008, there were two models, the Sogno Standard and the Sogno Dreamwave Plus. Because of the popularity of the Sogno Dreamwave Plus, the Sogno Standard was discontinued by the end of that year. Now, the Sogno Dreamwave is the only Sogno model that Inada still has available. If you’d like to know the difference between those two models, you can read this blog entry I wrote back when they first came out: http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/blog/chair-models/sogno-massage-chair-news-and-interviews-with-fius-president/

Just two weeks ago, Inada came out with a new massage chair, called the YuMe massage chair. I have written a review on it and you can see what it is about here, on my Facebook page (the chair won’t be available in stores until mid July, so we are asked not to have the chair on our site yet, although we can take orders for it over the phone): http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/notes/massage-chair-relief/early-review-of-new-yume-robo-massage-chair-from-inada/10150201840789061

and here is a bit more about it: http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/blog/chair-models/more-on-the-new-inada-yume-massage-chair/

The price of the new YuMe chair is $5499. It is not nearly as feature-rich as the Sogno, but a great chair with new and unique features on it (like the rocking and the calf massage).

I will be writing a review comparing the two chairs in the near future. If you have any other questions, or would like to place an order for either chair, please feel free to email me back or call me on my personal cell number 801-651-2026.

Thanks, again, for your inquiry.

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. By the way…the Yume massage chair is now up permanently on our website, where you can go and place your order: http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/inada_yume.html

Massage Chair Stock Update – Panasonic 30007 & Inada Sogno

Well, our frustrations continue with regards to stock issues and back-orders. There is a little light however. Inada emailed me yesterday and said that the Dark Brown Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair is in stock in good supply. The black leather is also available, but in very limited supply. Here is what we can expect with the rest of the Inada Sogno colors:

– HCP-10001A(HD) Sogno Dreamwave Slate – Orders placed now will be released by May 9th.

– HCP-10001A(CH) Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by May 9th .

– HCP-10001A(CW) Sogno DreamWave Creme – Orders placed now will be released by May 2nd.

– HCP-10001A(RD) Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by May 2nd.

Anyone interested in ordering any of these back-ordered chairs, order ASAP so that you can get whatever is available. If you wait until the chairs come in to order, you will probably not get one as those models will have already been spoken for.

Now, regarding the Panasonic 30007 massage chair. Very frustrating. We have had some orders back-ordered for almost a month, with the promise that the stock would be in “next week.” Well, today I learned that only 12 of the 35 they were expecting are coming in. I have a number of orders, but I will only get 1 chair to give to the first order. VERY FRUSTRATING! Panasonic has never been great with inventory management, to be quite frank. It is always a crapshoot. So, I should just tell you that if you want a Panasonic 30007, order it now…but expect to receive it next month. They will be spoken for very quickly.

By the way, all other chairs should be in stock, according to my suppliers (“should” being the emphasis!).

A new chair from Panasonic, by the way. I will give you the scoop in my next blog entry.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Stock Nightmare Continues!

I received notice yesterday of the continuing back order saga/nightmare for the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair. Our most popular selling chair has been on back order since the first of the month and continues to be way behind (is it me, or does it seem that this chair is ALWAYS on back order?). This is the text of the notice that I received:


-HCP-10001A(HD) Sogno Dreamwave Slate – Orders placed now will be released by May 8th. Anyone interested in Slate is encouraged to place orders immediately.

– HCP-10001A(CH) Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by May 5th . Anyone interested in Chocolate is encouraged to place orders immediately.

– HCP-10001A(CW) Sogno DreamWave Creme  – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in Creme is encouraged to place orders immediately.

– HCP-10001A(RD) Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in Red is encouraged to place orders immediately.

-HCP-10001A(BR) Sogno Dreamwave Dark Brown – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in Dark Brown is encouraged to place orders immediately. We will have good quantities after April 23rd

– HCP-10001A(BKLEA) Sogno DreamWave TruBlack Leather – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th. Anyone interested in TruBlack Leather is encouraged to place orders immediately.

So, the bottom line is that EVERY color of Inada Sogno is back-ordered!! Not one bloody  Sogno to be seen. Now, this is a very popular chair. Before the price increase on March 1, we would get calls on this chair all the time…every day in fact. But, demand has died since the price increase..which may have something to do with no stock, as well. It’s pretty ugly. For me, as a retailer of this chair, it is quite bothersome that it takes so long to have inventory in stock.

Again, I reiterate as I have before, if you want an Inada Sogno massage chair, order now or else when the back-order shipments arrive, they will all have been spoken for…and we will be waiting on back-order AGAIN.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno & HT-9500 Massage Chairs Back-Ordered!

I learned yesterday that both the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus and the Human Touch HT-9500 massage chairs are back ordered. The HT-9500 is back-ordered for 2-4 weeks, but I am told they will be ready for shipment before the end of the month. The Inada Sogno massage chair is back-ordered as follows (based on color availability):

– Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by April 14 .

– Sogno DreamWave Creme  – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th.

– Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by March 14.

– Sogno Dreamwave Dark Brown – Orders placed now will be released by March 14.

The only colors in stock right now are the slate and leather black Sognos.

When it rains, it pours! Of course, I should mention that if you wait until those dates to order your chair, they will probably be on back order at that time. So, it is important to know that if you want to get one of these chairs, order it NOW before the later release date inventories are all spoken for by the time the chairs arrive  here.

As I have warned you, the Inada Sogno price increase went into effect yesterday. That chair is now $6999.

The Human Touch chairs will go up in price on April 1, 2011. By the way, did you know you can get a Free Flip Ultra HD camcorder when you order an HT-5040 or HT-7120 massage chair from us?

Dr. Alan Weidner

Some Questions About The Inada Sogno Massage Chair

I received an email today  from a lady inquiring about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair (we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries since I announced that the price of the Sogno will be going up on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 to $6999). She asked a bunch of questions about this chair and I figured I’d share the email and my response with you for your own perusal, particularly if you are thinking about getting this great chair…

(My answers are in red)

Good Afternoon Dr. Weidner,

I  had a few questions about the Inada Sogno:

1.  Is it easy to get in and out of the chair? We find it quite easy to get in the chair and out of the chair. The chair really envelopes the user so one that has significant mobility issues might need to slide forward on the seat once the chair is upright before trying to stand up and get out.

2.  Will the Sogno hold up to daily family use? I am not sure what you mean by “daily family use”, but I can tell you that we use them like crazy at trade shows and golf tournaments, one person after another, and we’ve never had a problem with a Sogno chair.

3.  How difficult is the chair to clean? It is a faux leather…very, very easy to wipe clean with a wet rag. The cloth material which is located in a few areas of the chair can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. We clean our showroom chair all the time and have yet to see a stain or smudge that wouldn’t come off.

4.  Does it run on 120v? How many watts or amps? Yes, it runs on 120 V; 170 watts.

5.  Can several family members use it in immediate succession or does it need to cool down after each use. See #2 above for first part of this question. The chair does not need to “cool down” after each use. It can be used in succession without a problem.

6.  How long can we expect it to last with daily use? If the chair is used 1x/day, the chair is designed to last up to as long as 15-20 years.

7.  Does it need any kind of regular servicing? None at all. Should there be a problem with the chair, Inada is always at your disposal to take care of that problem.

8.  Does the unit also contain a heating unit in the seat or back? Yes, in the seat, but it is very subtle. Please read my blog post about this feature: http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/blog/tag/inada-sogno-dreamwave-plus/

9.  How does the Sogno compare to one of the high end Panasonic units? We feel that it is a more sophisticated and feature-rich chair than other models, including the Panasonic high end chairs. I wrote this blog post comparing the two chairs: http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/blog/chair-models/question-about-panasonic-30007-vs-sogno-plus-massage-chairs/

10. What does it weigh? 264 lbs.

11. Can a 6 ft. 2 in. adult fit in the chair comfortably? The chair is designed to fit folks from 4’11” up to 6’4″ comfortably.

Thank you for your help. You are welcome. I hope this assisted you in some way in your buying decision. I am always at your disposal, Deloris. Please remember that we have a 90-day money back guarantee and a 110% low price match guarantee. You can feel free to email me or call me at 801-651-2026 with any further questions or to assist you in placing your order. Make sure you do that before March 1st, though!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chair Price Increase 03/01/2011

I know I have already mentioned this in my blog and I know we have this up on our website, but I know constant reminders help. Inada is raising the price of their popular Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair to $6999 on March 1, 2011. It has been $6799 for the last 12 months, but it is time for another price increase, apparently due to the weaker US Dollar against the Japanese Yen.

Needless to say, www.massage-chair-relief.com will always still offer our 90-day unconditional money back guarantee and our 110% low price match. What do these mean? Read on…

1. 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee – should you want to return or exchange your massage chair, you have 90 days to make up your mind. Your only cost would be the cost of shipping of the massage chair back to us. Please keep the original packaging if you are not sure about keeping the chair in the first place. It is much more expensive to ship a chair without the original packaging (and it is already kind of pricey with the regular packaging!). You will only be charged the credit card fees from the original transaction (3.0% – 3.5% depending on which credit card you used at the time of purchase). We don’t charge “restocking” or “handling” fees. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy!!


2. 110% Low Price Match – should you find the same chair for less ANYWHERE, we will not only match that competitor’s price, but we will beat it by 10% of the difference between their price and ours! You will ALWAYS get the lowest possible price at www.massage-chair-relief.com.


So, if you are thinking about getting an Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair…do it before March 1, 2011 to save $200.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Base Colors

Inada Sogno massage chair
Inada Sogno massage chair

I am always grateful to our clients who point out things about our chair and our website that often escape us. One of our clients asked me about the color of the base of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair. The pictures that we


have on our website for the Inada Sogno show different base colors depending on the model. Well, we were asked by our client if it was possible to choose the base color for their new chair prior to ordering it. Well, I contacted Inada because it did appear that different color chairs had different base colors (the base is the bottom part of the chair that sits on the floor and supports the whole chair).

We were told by Inada that the base on ALL the Inada Sogno massage chairs was the light gray color. Well, that answered that! So, we naturally asked for new images from Inada that showed the true base color on all the models. They are working on that presently. We will update the images once they are sent to us by Inada, but in the meantime, just know that the base color on ALL the Inada Sogno massage chairs is the light gray color.

On another Inada side-note: the D-5 and D-6 massage chairs are officially gone. These chairs were discontinued some time ago and now all existing stock has been sold. They are now dead and gone. The i2A massage chair has also been discontinued but there will still be available stock until March or April of 2011. I’ll keep you in the loop of that inventory situation.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Important Inada Massage Chair News!

Some big news out of Inada this week that I thought you should know about:

1. Inada i.2 Massage Chair to be Discontinued on April 1, 2011
A remarkable 10-year run of the world’s best selling massage chair is coming to an end. If any customers have ever expressed an interest in the i.2, there is no time like the present. This product’s official discontinuation date is April 1, 2011.
As is the case with all discontinued product, we will provide parts and product support for a minimum of 5 years from its official discontinuation date.  We will most likely run out of the i2 in Chocolate and Black by year end 2010. Beige should be available through the first quarter of 2011.

2. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chair Price Going Up
It’s official! Due to the devalued US Dollar and the strength of the Japanese Yen, the price of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus will increase by $200 to $6999 on March 1, 2011. The MSRP will be $8499, but our price will always be the Minimum Advertised Price, which will be $6999. This price increase will occur on March 1, 2011.

The price of the Genuine Black Leather Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus will not increase. It will remain at $7999.

By the way, all colors are in stock right now for the holiday shopping season. Order soon so that you don’t miss out on the color or model you want.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The Heat Feature of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave

I got this email from a customer earlier this week and thought it was important enough to share with you, regarding the heating feature of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair:

“I thought you may be interested in learning something about the Sogno. I recently purchased one and absolutely love it. However, I did not think the heater was working, so I called Inada. They said they get this kind of call often, but the heater is probably working as they’ve only had one ever in the world actually not work. They said there is no heater in the back. The only heater is a small square section in the back of the seat the feels like it is in the low back. He said you don’t really feel it much because a) it’s not all that hot, and b) the massage gets your blood flow going and body head up, so you don’t really notice. He said to put a pillow or blanket on the seat of the chair, turn on the heat, check it in about 10 minutes and see if it has warmed up the pillow or blanket. I did and can now confirm that the heat does work. I think you do a great job with your site and share a lot of good info, so wanted to share this with you.”

We learn something from our clients every day, it seems. Thanks, Dave, for this tidbit of info for other Inada Sogno shoppers!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video-The Headpiece

Inada calls their headpiece on the Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair a cervical traction device. Maybe a little too technical or medical for most of us, but just a fancy name for a headpiece. But, this headpiece does some pretty interesting stuff which differentiate it from other massage chairs. First of all, it has airbags that massage your neck like fingers and airbags that push down on the shoulders, i.e. the trapezia muscles. This is where the “traction” title comes from…the airbags push down on your shoulders thus tractioning your neck, while it is being massaged by those airbags.

But, if you like the old-fashioned roller massage on the neck, the headpiece can be lifted out of the way and the neck can be then massaged by the underlying rollers. I love the trapezius massage. It is very unique to this model and feels great on tight shoulder muscles. Check it out here on this video we created discussing this feature in more detail…


Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chairs in very low supply until February 2010!

Red Inada Sogno massage chair
Red Inada Sogno massage chair

The demand for the Inada Sogno massage chair has been so great that Inada USA has been caught with low stock of the creme and slate colors. We were just notified that these colors are out of stock until mid-February. And the


stock that is coming is quite limited, from what I am told.
Remember, also, that the price of the Inada Sogno is being raised by Inada USA to $6799 on February 15, 2010.

What this means to you is…
1. If you are thinking of ordering a Sogno massage chair, and you like the creme or slate color, ORDER NOW so that you will have first “dibs” on the new chairs when they come in AND before the price increase.

2. With the price going up on February 15, 2010, if you wait until the chairs come in you will have to pay the higher prices. So, ORDER NOW to get the chairs at the current price of $6499.

3. Inada has made their bright red Sogno and the genuine leather Sogno available to our customers, previously exclusive to Relax the Back. We also still have the chocolate color in stock. So, Sogno’s are still available right now. T

he red Sogno is at the same price as the slate, creme, and chocolate. However, the genuine leather Sogno is priced higher at $8999.

So, Inada feels terrible about the stock issues, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that chairs are scarce right now. When they do come, they will go to those folks who have already ordered…”first come, first served”. What I am basically saying is, if you want to get this chair before the price increase and not be too low on the back-order totem pole, call me right now to get your order in.

Call me if you have any questions or if you are ready to place your order, at 801-651-2026.

By the way, here is the link to the Inada Sogno if you want to know what all the hub-bub is about (it really is a very popular chair).

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Creme Colored Massage Chairs Out of Stock!

Inada Sogno massage chair (red)
Inada Sogno massage chair (red)

I just received an email from Inada stating that the creme color of the Inada Sogno massage chair is out of stock, due to huge demand for this chair. They will be getting a new shipment in February 9, 2010 but even then the inventory of this


color will be slim until March. Chocolate and Slate colors are in stock for sure. I’d like to also let you know that we can now offer the bright red color Inada Sogno model, which was featured on “30 Rock” television show. Tracy Morgan uses it in his office. It is a very contemporary and sharp color but not for the conservative decorator that’s for sure! We will have that color on the website product page later this week, but you can order it right away by calling us at 888-259-5380. I’ve put in a pic of the chair in this blog post for your perusal. It looks kinda like the chocolate color in this picture. Trust me that it is quite a bit brighter red color.

Just a reminder, also, that the Inada Sogno massage chair will be going up in price on February 15, 2010 to $6799. Get it now if y0u are thinking of getting it at all!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair vs. New Sanyo 8700 Massage Chair PART I

Sanyo 8700 zero gravity massage chair
Sanyo 8700 zero gravity massage chair

I just had an inquiry about the difference between the new zero gravity Sanyo 8700 massage chair, which was released last month in the USA market, and the popular Inada Sogno massage chair. It seems everyone wants to compare chairs to


the Inada Sogno. No problem. Here is Part I of a three part series on the comparison between the two chair models (written by our showroom manager, Steffanie Wistos, LMT):

Comparison between Sanyo 8700 and the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus Massage Chairs (Part I)

Let’s start from the top and work our way down!

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair has an amazing head cradling unit, called a cervical traction unit, that not only kneads and massages the neck muscles but also provides gentle neck traction.  It also has the capability of working the muscles on the top of the shoulders (traps); this is a great way to release tension in these easily abused muscles.  This traction unit is also able to be moved and easily secured at the top of the chair and out of the way, to allow for 2 different ways to use this chair allowing for stronger intensity if so desired.   The Sanyo 8700 incorporates neck massage into the back massage created by the rollers that run the length of the track.   In other words, it does not have a separate unit to specialize in working the neck muscles, like the Sogno.  It does, however, have a neck pillow that allows for some extra support in that area if needed or you can move this pillow out of the way and that will allow for stronger intensity to be felt as well.

The back massage on the Inada Sogno massage chair is going to feel very different than the massage you get while sitting on the Sanyo 8700 massage chair.  The Inada Sogno has 3-D Roller technology.  This is a sophisticated mechanism that works the body from all different planes and not just the X-Y axis.  It feels a lot more realistic…more akin to a massage done by human hands.  The Sanyo has exclusive GK rollers that are wider and have been redesigned and reshaped from the rollers in older Sanyo models. Like most other massage chair models, it only works the X-Y axis of the body.  The track on the Inada Sogno goes very low into the mid-buttocks area and up all the way into the neck. The Sanyo track is also very long and runs from head to hip, but does not go down as low into the buttocks as does the Inada Sogno.

Tomorrow I will post Part II for your enjoyment.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Price Increase Coming For Popular Inada Massage Chairs!

We just learned today from Inada USA that they will be increasing their prices on their famous Sogno Inada massage chair to $6799 from the current price of $6499 on February 15, 2010. The i2A massage chair price will increase from $3299 to $3799 on that same date. This is a big deal to us. We are very eager to see how this affects the amazing response we have seen on the very popular Sogno massage chair since it was introduced to the U.S. market in February 2008. The Inada Sogno has been, by far, our most popular seller and price has been an issue with many of our customers. I am interested to see if the popularity of the chair outweighs price sensitivity in this economy.

I have been so pleasantly surprised to see how massage chair sales have remained strong for us during this economic downturn. Well, this price increase will be an interesting “test” for you, our massage-chair-relief.com visitor. You never know how folks will respond until you test a variable. Price is a very important variable to test…something that most people are sensitive to, in one way or the other. Some people will think the price too high and will bow out of the market for this model. Others will see the price increase as a contributing factor to enhanced exclusivity that this product already enjoys. I will be so interested to see the consumer’s response to this. I will report on  it later next year once I have a good feeling for how it is going.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Guest Stars on “30 Rock”!

Inada Sogno Massage Chair featured on 30 Rock
Inada Sogno Massage Chair featured on 30 Rock

The wonderful Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair will be debuting this fall in it’s new role as the massage chair of choice for Tracy Morgan on  the popular TV comedy “30 Rock.” The picture shows a red model, which I have never heard of or seen before. I am afraid that everyone will now be calling our showroom wanting the red Inada Sogno chair! I think it is a pretty cool color. What do you think? You can read the story where I learned about it here:


The article also talks about a Cube from Inada. Never heard of it. I will find out what that is all about and get back to you on this blog with more information.

By the way, if you want a new Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair for yourself, you have to call our showroom to place the order. Our number is 801-417-8240. You can also call our toll-free number at 888-259-5380. Inada does not allow online sales of their chair, although online display of the massage chair is ok.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Free 5 Year Warranty For Inada Sogno and i2A Massage Chairs

Massage Chair Relief just added a little something special for our readers interested in the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair and the Inada i2A massage chair…a free 5 year extended warranty. So, now for every purchase of the crazy-popular Sogno Plus massage chair and the near-zero failure rate i2A massage chair, you will get the extra peace of mind that comes with a full head-to-toe warranty.

Currently, both chairs have a standard 1/3/5 year warranty for comprehensive, parts, and structure, respectively. But, the new 5 year extended warranty covers everything from top to bottom should ANYTHING go wrong with this chair for a full 5 years. Not bad, eh.  The price of the chairs remains the same, but Massage Chair Relief will foot the bill for the extended warranty. Remember you also get free shipping for both chairs (and free white glove delivery and setup for the Sogno chair).

Dr. Alan Weidner

Cliff Levin from Inada USA visits Massage Chair Relief!


We had the distinct pleasure of having Cliff Levin, President of the Family Inada USA, spend the day with us at Massage Chair Relief. The day started with 18 holes at Mountain View Golf Course, with Cliff beating me by 4 strokes (I could have sworn that I was ahead!! – I will keep score next time). The clouds were out, but we only got drizzled upon once. Otherwise a beautiful day for golfing. If you would like to know what kind of golfer I am, two words – Happy Gillmore!

Then it was off to lunch at Cafe Rio, a wonderful local chain of mexican restaurants. My wife, Mona, met us there and we got to talk even more about massage chairs and Massage Chair Relief with Cliff. The Cliff Levin of Inada and Dr. Weidner of Massage Chair Relieffood was spectacular. Cliff gave us some advice for our business plan and then we discussed the Sogno, the i2A, the recently discontinued D-5 and D-6, and the soon-to-be-discontinued Sogno Standard model. We also touched on future projects at Inada that may come to the USA.

Then Cliff came to our Massage Chair Relief showroom where we got to sit with Steffanie, my office manager and corporate sales manager, and chat for the next 3.5 hours. Cliff went over the Inada Sogno with her in detail while I fell asleep on an Inada prototype chair. We learned that the stretch program is best used with the cervical traction unit lifted up and out of the way, leaving just the rollers of the chair to work the head and neck. Steffanie said it was the best suboccipital lift that she had ever experienced on a massage chair (suboccipital means under the head). You see, there is something to be learned every day.

Cliff left us at 5:30 to head to the airport, but not without a photo as you can see to your right (he’s the tall one). It was wonderful to have Cliff here. He is a very good man with integrity. We have known that from the get-go of our relationship with Inada over a year ago.  But, getting to know him better has been a great experience. We look forward to a strong relationship with Inada Massage Chairs for years to come. Thanks for the visit Cliff. We thoroughly enjoyed (except for that golf score thing!).

Speaking of golf, Massage Chair Relief has been invited back to the Longest Day Golf Tournament in Midway, Utah this weekend (golfers love massage chairs…they help their game). Hope to see you up there.

By the way, one last reminder…this weekend is Father’s Day. If you haven’t got anything yet, get a doggone massage chair today or tomorrow. You won’t have the chair for Sunday but at least you can tell your father, husband, grandfather, son, self that you have one on the way. Now, get on the phone and call me right now to get the order in before the big day. Dads, TVs, and massage chairs just seem to go together really well!

Happy Father’s Day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Sogno Standard Massage Chair To Be Discontinued July 1, 2009 + Better Warranty + A Personal Note!

We just received notification from Inada on Friday that they will be discontinuing the Standard version of the Sogno massage chair. The success of the Sogno PLUS and lack of sales of the Standard version facilitated this action. To be honest, I have never sold a Standard model in the year or so since the chairs were released. And, I must say that we sell many, many of the Inada Sogno PLUS models. To quote their newsletter, here is what Inada had to say about the massage chair change:

“We have learned that having two similar models of Sogno has caused some confusion for dealers and consumers alike. We expect this confusion to abate rapidly with the discontinuation of the standard model.”

So, the bottom  line is that in the last month, Inada USA has discontinued 3 chair models: the D-5 Robo Massage Chair, the D-6 Robostic, and the Sogno Standard model. Let’s see what chair they come out with next. I know, for a fact, that they have been working on some different models, one of which I have seen…and I’ve got to tell you, it is cool! Can’t wait!! I’ll keep you posted the moment I can tell you anything without getting in trouble.

Another important thing that Inada alluded to in the newsletter was that their warranty has changed…FOR THE BETTER!! Here are the changes:

1. On-site service has been increased from 3 months to one year.
2. Factory service has been eliminated and replaced with upgraded on-site service.
3. Customers receive full coverage when they purchase a floor model that has been on our store floor for 6 months or less.
4. On-site service has been added for floor models that have been on display for more than 6 months.

Not bad, eh? Good company…good warranty. Makes sense!Dr. Weidner on Sogno massage chair with fruit bouquet

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I hope you don’t mind this personal tidbit, but at the showroom yesterday I received a special delivery from my wife for our 27th anniversary (June 12, 1982). So, I sat down on my favorite Sogno PLUS massage chair, holding the fruit bouquet from my favorite person, Mona, and had Steffanie, our corporate sales manager take a pic of me with both in tow.  I thought I’d share it with you.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Lots of Massage Chair News!

A lot is going on right now with the massage chair biz! I told you last week that Inada is discontinuing their D-5 Robo Chair and D-6 Robostic massage chair models because of the popularity of their new Sogno massage chairs.

Well, I learned last week that Human Touch has dropped their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) on the HT-1650 massage chair to $3999 (from $4795) and on the HT-7450 zero gravity massage chair to $3299 (from $3999). They have also dropped their MAP pricing on the HT-125 to $1999 (from $2299). I wondered if perhaps they were planning on discontinuing these models, too, especially the HT-1650 since they dropped the price on that chair to such a low MAP. I was frankly stunned by the low price on the HT-1650. But, it is great for you, the consumer.

The Panasonic 1285 “Urban” massage chair is now in stock. It has been a popular seller and was out of stock for quite some time. It is now in stock…but for how long, I have no idea.

We sold our Inada Sogno PLUS floor model last weekend because we wanted to bring in the chocolate Inada Sogno PLUS Chocolate with Black Interiormodel with the new black interior material. It had previously had gray interior, but I think with the ease with which that color dirtied, they decided on a black interior. Good move, if you ask me. It stays cleaner and it actually looks pretty sharp…don’t you agree? Well, we got our new Sogno PLUS on Wednesday and Steffanie and I put it together right away. It looks very handsome.

Well, that’s about it for today. Spring is finally in the air here in Utah. It has been a long and cool winter and spring so far. I am so looking forward to a warm summer (I love summer!!). I hope you all have a wonderful and rejuvenating spring.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada D-5 and D-6 Massage Chairs To Be Discontinued…Great Pricing Now!

First of all, I must say that Inada NEVER offers price discounts on any of their chairs. Well, that has changed for a very limited time.

Since you have been shopping for a massage chair, you haveprobably heard all about the new Sogno PLUS massage chair by Inada. It has become the biggest selling massage chair because of it’s unique cervical neck traction, Dreamwave seat massage, and contemporary look (among many other things).


Well, this chair has become so popular that Inada has decided to discontinue it’s previously popular D-5 Robo Chair and
D-6 Robostic models. Their prices have always been $5799 and $6799, respectively. This is where you come in…

Until existing stock is gone and the chairs are completely discontinued, you can get the D-5 Robo Chair for $4299 or the D-6 Robostic massage chair for $4799.

These are absolutely unheard of prices. I’ll do the math for you…that’s $1500 off the price of the D-5 Robo Chair and $2000 off the price of the D-6 Robostic chair. In my opinion, these prices are unbelievable.

But, once the existing stock is gone, so are the prices…these chairs will no longer be available for purchase AT ALL.

Here are links for you to take a look at these models:

(notice the voice response microphone…amazing feature)

(notice the joy stick remote…another amazing feature)

By the way, here are a couple of other things you need to know about:

1. These chairs are manufactured and assembled in Japan (virtually all other massage chairs are made in China).
2. Inada has a reputation of making some of the finest massage chairs in the world.
3. Both these chairs have 5 year warranties.
4. Our Visa Gift Card offer does NOT apply to these sale prices.
5. Both chairs include free shipping, bonus gifts, and free white glove delivery.
6. Your new massage chair will arrive in about 7 days.

Well, I thought you’d appreciate knowing about this deeply discounted pricing since I know you have been shopping for a massage chair. Please take advantage of this while these chairs are in stock.

You can call us anytime if you have any questions. Our toll-free number is 1-888-259-5380. If you are overseas, you can call us at our showroom number at 1-801-417-8240. You can order these chair online (we changed the pricing today) or call us and we’ll handle it for you over the phone.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Maximum Weight Limits For Massage Chairs

One of the most common questions we get from visitors is “How much weight can a massage chair take?” Some of our visitors are concerned that their weight might damage the chair or void the warranty. Well, we called our manufacturers and asked them each what the weight limits are for their chairs. Now, these are the numbers that they publish, but I will suggest that these limits do not mean that a person weighing more than these numbers can’t get the chair. There is a good possibility that a 300 pound person can get just as many years out of a chair as a 250 pound person. These are just guidelines:

1. Human Touch Massage Chairs
All Human Touch massage chair models have a warranty that recommends the user weigh 285 lbs. or less. A user weighing over this may use the chair but if anything were to happen it might not be covered under warranty (I can’t imagine that they would ask you your weight when you call in for warranty work!).

2.  Inada Massage Chairs
“If you can fit, you can sit” is the slogan that Inada uses to describe their weight limits. In other words, if you can fit in one of their chairs, no matter your weight, you can sit in it without concern for breakdown or voiding the warranty.

3. Sanyo Massage Chairs
Maximum user weight on all models is 264 lbs.

4. Panasonic Massage Chairs
Maximum user weight on all models is 264 lbs.

5. Omega Massage Chairs
The maximum user weight is different, according to the model:
M2 – 225 lbs.
OM 510 – 250 lbs.
Montage Elite/Premier – 300 lbs.

I hope this helps those of you who are concerned about this common question.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs in our Showroom

We are getting more and more visitors to our website from surrounding states. We find ourselves constantly telling folks what massage chairs they can try out in our showroom. So, I figured it would do you, our cherished visitor, some good to know what massage chairs we carry in our showroom (the biggest complaint we get from massage chair shoppers is that there is no place to go to try out all the chairs):

iJoy 250
Panasonic 30007
Sanyo 5000
Inada i2A
Inada D5 Robochair
Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair

Once the HT-125/135/136 family is phased out later this year, we will probably replace our HT-125 with a Panasonic 1285 massage chair, which is becoming a fairly popular chair because of the price point and the features included. We may also finally carry the Perfect Chair which, though not a massage chair, is made by Human Touch and is a popular therapeutic chair for low back sufferers.

Now come down, visit us, and enjoy these awesome massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

We’re Making Massage-Chair-Relief.com Better!

This last month we have made some changes to the Massage-Chair-Relief.com website to make it better and more convenient for our visitors. Here are just a few of the things that we have done for you…

1. added a Google Map of our location on the home page. Now that we have a showroom, we get lots of inquiries as to where we are located. This map makes it easy to put in your origination address and then get directions to Massage Chair Relief. Easy as pie!

2. added a “Bestseller List” of our top-selling massage chairs in each price category. This should help those of you who are shopping to know what others are deciding upon when it comes to getting a massage chair. We have broken up the categories by price: under $2000, between $2001-$3000, between $3001-$4000, and over $4000. Our top 2 selling massage chairs just happen to be priced over $4000: the Sogno PLUS massage chair (#1), and the HT-1650 massage chair (#2) . This bestsellers list also has the price of the chair along with stock availability for shipping.

3. added a “Product Review” section for each massage chair model at the bottom of every product page. You can also access the review by clicking on the “Submit a Customer Review Today” link under the “Add to Cart” button of each product page.  Now, when you get a massage chair model that we carry, whether you bought it from us or not, you can go onto the product page and give your two cents worth about the chair. I really appreciate constructive praise and criticism as a shopper. It helps educate me of things I need to be aware of a product. So, your review will help others make a decision about whether to get a particular model or not. We welcome your opinion.

4. added Estimated Delivery Times for each massage chair. We have put up an estimated delivery date for “Standard Delivery”, “White Glove Service”, and “Express Delivery”.  Now, these times are just well-educated estimates, based on the shipping company’s estimate and our experience. But, I will tell you that when it comes to shipping a massage chair, nothing is certain!! Just use these dates as guidelines. Often the chair comes earlier than the estimated time, but once in a great while, takes longer. But, at least this feature will give you a good idea of what you can plan on for delivery.

5. added a “Product Photos” section on each product page. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be adding every possible photo we can find for each massage chair model. We want you to see everything you can about the chair, especially if you don’t get much of an opportunity to sit in one.

6.  we altered slightly our showroom hours. We used to be open until 8:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. This served us well before Christmas, but now we are good to close up shop at 7:00 p.m. during the week.

We have lots of other plans, but this should be enough to keep your shopping experience positive for the time being.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Another Great Massage Chair Shopper’s Question!

I love sharing massage chair shopper’s questions with you on this blog  because I figure if one person is asking, their are probably others that are thinking the very same thing. So, I post the visitor’s question along with my response…

Here is the inquiry:

“Dear Dr. Weidner
I am extremely hopeful you will assist me in narrowing down my choices for a massage chair as I have never owned a massage chair, but have sat in models (at Relax-The-Back, the chiropractor, Sharper Image and a few furniture stores) made by Sanyo, Human Touch, iJoy and Inada, but not Panasonic or Omega. Relax-The-Back is the only viable option to purchase a chair in my area. However, I will not do so due to their extreme lack of product knowledge of and poor customer service. I am looking for the highest quality chair available equipped to provide a complete deep full body massage from head to toe. Price is not an issue as long as it suits my needs. I am 6’1″ and 225 pounds with a very long torso and a relatively athletic build. The chair need NOT be voice responsive, resemble a fashionable piece of living room furniture or be constructed with real leather. I do not desire an iJoy, and the Sogno Plus is the only option from Inada I will consider. My criteria eliminates a number of chairs so I hope you are able to steer me to my viable options. Thank you so very much in advance for your kind assistance. It is most appreciated. Yours Truly, “

Here is my response:

“Thank you so much for your insightful email. I can tell you have done a lot of research and I hope my input assists you in your search.

I will start off by saying that, hands down, my manager, who is a licensed massage therapist, and I, who am a chiropractor, believe the Inada Sogno PLUS is the best chair out there, with the best and most innovative features, for the dollar spent. We have one in our showroom, along with a number of other Inada chairs, Human Touch chairs, the Panasonic 30007, the Sanyo 5000, and the iJoy 250. We used to carry the Omega Montage in our showroom, but we had so many customer service issues with the chair that we stopped carrying it in our showroom.

The Panasonic is a great chair, but we find that for the money, the Inada Sogno PLUS beats it. The Panasonic chairs seem to be more suited for a shorter body, but it doesn’t have the Dream wave technology or the neck traction feature, both of which are so innovative in the Sogno that it is hard to compare that chair with anything else. We carry the 30007 in our showroom, which retails for $5999, but there are other models in the 30000 family that are less expensive, with the same rollers and internal function, but with some differing features and airbags.

Human Touch makes very good chairs that are quite aesthetically pleasing, but feature-wise, again, they can’t fully compare to the Sogno PLUS. I love the HT-1650, personally, but would still suggest the Sogno PLUS for complete therapeutic benefit.

Here are some other things about the Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair to take into consideration, pros and cons, especially relative to your input in your email to me:

1. it is not voice responsive

2. the pad, to which the cervical traction unit is attached, can be lifted and snapped into a position out of the way so that the user of the chair can have an even more vigorous massage from the rollers. When the pad and traction unit is down, the rollers must work through two pads to get to the spine of the user. Some who want a more vigorous roller massage can lift that pad and traction unit out of the way so that the rollers only have to go through one pad, as is the case with most other chairs. I hope this makes sense. (By the way, if anything I explain doesn’t make sense, feel free to call me at my personal cell number, 1-801-651-2026, and I can explain it moreso over the phone.)

3. the neck traction unit uses air bags and rubber nodular inserts to massage the trapezia and levator scap muscles…it is unlike anything else we have ever seen before. A great neck and shoulder massage.

4. square inch massage coverage for most massage chairs is around 400 sq. inches. The Sogno PLUS covers over 1200 sq. inches of your body. That addresses your comment “a complete deep full body massage from head to toe.” The arm airbags cover your arm, forearm, wrists, and hands (including fingers).

5. the dream wave technology for the hips is absolutely fantastic if you have any acute or chronic low back pain. I use it all the time for an unstable left SI joint in my back and it is wonderful. Also a very unique technology that we have not seen on any other massage chair.

6. it is upholstered in faux leather, a fancy way of saying “fake” leather or synthetic/manmade leather.

7. won a design and engineering award from the international CES symposium in November 2008.

8. it has a heat function in the lumbar region but it is not remarkable.

9. Like the Sanyo and the Panasonic, the vertical track of the rollers go down to the very low back, i.e. sacrum, which, I think is crucial for a low back massage. The Human Touch and iJoy typically do not go so low.

10. customer service on the Inada chairs, like the Panasonic, Sanyo, and Human Touch chairs, is great. Should you ever have a problem with this chair, or any of the chairs we carry, you will have great customer support from each of the manufacturers we represent. The head technician for Inada USA came by our showroom a few weeks ago and told us that they have a .01 percent problem rate on new chairs….which is extremely low. In other words, the chance of you having a functional problem with the Sogno PLUS when you get it is very low.

11. Sogno PLUS comfortably fits persons from 4’11” to 6’4″.

Well, Bruce, I hope I have covered everything. Again, I hope you call me if you have any questions that I can’t answer with the written word. If you have more questions about the other chair models we carry, I can give more info regarding those models as per any future request from you. Again, my number is 801-651-2026.

Just a reminder to you, also, that we offer bonus gifts, free shipping, and a $100 -$300 visa gift card (or $100-$300 off the price of the massage chair) when you purchase  from our site. If you decide to get the Inada Sogno PlUS from us, you must call to place the order, as Inada does not permit online purchases of this chair. You will also be free of sales tax if you live outside of Utah. We will also throw in free white glove delivery, which will take care of assembly of the Sogno PLUS (it comes in two boxes) and disposal of all the packing material when your chair is delivered to you. You can expect a 1 1/2 week wait for your chair. Inada delivers quite quickly…even with the white glove service.

I look forward to hearing from you again. Best of luck to you in your massage chair shopping. “

Hope this helps all of you in your massage chair search!

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Very Massage Chair Christmas!!

WOW…was it busy this holiday season! The recession may be here, but I can tell that folks are spending their money on health and wellness products in their own home…like massage chairs. It has been a fun year. We introduced some new models just before Christmas to add to our showroom. We now have the iJoy 250, instead of the recently discontinued iJoy 130; we have the new HT-5005 by Human Touch; and, of course, we have the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

Here are a couple of other things I want to touch upon:

1. the biggest struggle I face as a massage chair retailer is the white glove service (WGS) contractors. Now, each of the manufacturers pick their own shippers, and those shippers sub contract out the local delivery and set up for the WGS. It seems that these sub-contractors cause us the greatest distress when it comes to delivering a chair with WGS. I’m not saying that every WGS delivery is a bother…but it seems that the biggest problem we have, when we have a problem (which is not very often) with new massage chairs is not broken down new chairs, but weak WGS.

2. I added a “Product Review” to every massage chair model page. Now, you can go to the product page of the chair you own, or have used, and write a product review about the chair. We welcome all comments, but please refrain from using swear words, vulgar words, racial comments, or pornographic comments.  I think the product reviews will greatly enhance the shopping experience for other massage chair buyers.

3. The Sogno PLUS massage chair is NOT upholstered in leather. Someone told us that somewhere on my blog or website I mentioned that it was a leather upholstery. I was mistaken!! It is a faux leather (which is just a fancy way of saying fake leather, or naugahyde). Most chairs are made of the faux leather because it claims to be more durable over time. Frankly, on the some the massage chairs, I can’t tell the difference, i.e. the Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

4. I have decided to offer the Visa Gift Card special permanently. It has been so well received that I figured you deserved it. You can call us at the showroom and ask for a chair price discount equivalent to the Visa Gift Card amount, in lieu of the gift card (but, don’t tell anyone I just said that!).

Well, that’s about it for now. I haven’t written in a while, what with the busy holiday season and all!

Happy New Year!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs In Our Showroom

It just occurred to me, after talking to a massage chair shopper, that I haven’t given a list of the massage chair models in our showroom. For the rest of America and the world, it probably doesn’t matter, but to Utah residents it just might be important to know. So, without further adieu, here is a list of the models that we carry in our Salt Lake showroom:

1. HT-1650 massage chair

2. HT-7450 massage chair

3. HT-7120 massage chair

4. Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair

5. Inada D5 Robo massage chair

6. Inada i2A massage chair

7. Panasonic 30007 massage lounger

8. Sanyo 5000 massage chair

9. ijoy 130 massage chair

10. HT-125 massage chair

11. HT-5005 massage chair (on the way!)

Please feel free to check them out on the site before coming down to the showroom so you know what to expect and what chairs you might want to take a look at while you are here.

Oh, and by the way, have a super Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Visit From Inada Massage Chairs!


We were privileged to have Ken Kojima from Inada come visit our showroom on Saturday. Ken is the chief technician for  Ken Kojima from Inada Massage Chairs Inada Massage Chairs in the US and came over to visit Inada vendors in Utah. We spent an afternoon together visiting about the Inada massage chairs, and Ken showed us some interesting things about each of the Inada chairs that we have in our showroom…the Sogno PLUS massage chair, the Robo Massage Chair, and the i2 massage chair.

Among other things, he told us that the Sogno PLUS chocolate colored chair has black material covering the interior portions of the chair, rather than the creme colored material that is on our original chair. I will have to get those new pictures on our website. The creme colored interior material is still on the Standard model.

I also learned about how to rearrange the shoulder nodules on the cervical traction unit of our Sogno PLUS massage chair to optimize the trigger point therapy on the traps and levator scapulae muscles.  He also went over the voice response system of the new D5 Robo Massage Chair that we just got a couple of weeks ago. It is absolutely fascinating. These folks make some great chairs.

Ken also told me a little about the history of the Inada company and the president, Mr. Inada. Apparently, Mr. Inada made his first massage chair in 1962 by adding some rollers to the back of one of his chairs. That was the beginning. Now, they are one of the largest massage chair companies.

Thanks for the visit Ken. It was great to get to know you. Mydaughter, Melissa, was at the showroom for her first day of training, so this visit from Ken was extra special since my daughter got to hear about these fine chairs from the source. She really appreciated the visit. (also, thanks for your pliers, Ken, to pull our key out of the showroom door…I don’t know what we would have done without you. We got new keys this morning!!).

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada D5 Robo Massage Chair Now In Our Showroom!

Inada D5 RoboChair
Inada D5 RoboChair

Oh, man, this is a cool massage chair! We got the D5 Robo massage chair from Inada  on Thursday and it is quite a chair. Just off the top, I’ll tell you about a few of the features that seemed really cool to me:
1. It has a voice response microphone that will take your voice commands to do what you want the massage chair to do. If you look at the picture on our site, you can see the microphone come around the right side of the chair at about head level. You speak into the mic and the chair does what you tell it to do. Very cool!

2. It also has arm  massagers that attach to the arm rests that can be moved (slid) along the arm rest to massage different parts of your arms. They look a little gaudy on the photo and they actually look the same in real life, but they are great massagers. They can also be removed so that the chair doesn’t have to look like something too terribly bulky.

3.  It is a very sharp looking chair. Very handsome and nice looking.  We got the black one.

4. This is a heavy massage chair! It is one of the heaviest if not the heaviest chair we carry.  Cliff at Inada tells me that the ottoman can easily be removed to make lifing easier. It also has wheels on the back of the legs to make for easier moving around your house or business. It is a very sturdy massage chair.

5. 3-D massage rollers. The back massage is very good and strong.  The 3-D massage pushes your body forward and back whilst rolling up and down. It is quite a unique massage experience. It is also available on the Sogno massage chair but not quite as pronounced.

Dr. Alan Weidner

International Massage Chair Shipments

I have had a lot of overseas inquiries lately from interested massage chair buyers. I don’ t know if it is the strength of the foreign dollar or the outrageous costs of massage chairs outside of the US, but the bottom  line is we get a lot of inquiries. We do not offer free shipping to orders outside of the continental USA, but we always offer to get a shipping quote for our visitors.

In the past, we have always just gotten an air freight shipping quote, but recently we have been looking into ocean freight.

Here is the pro and con of ocean freight versus air freight:

PRO:  Ocean freight is definitely cheaper in most cases…sometimes up to 60% less!

CON: Ocean freight takes longer to get to it’s destination…sometimes up to 45 days!

So, the trade-off with ocean freight is that you get a massage chair to you a lot cheaper but it is going to take a while longer to get there.

I just got a shipping quote for a Sogno Plus massage chair to Brazil. The air freight was about $1400, the ocean freight was $658. That is a significant savings. And, in this case, the shipping by ocean would “only” take about 26 days. That is about two weeks longer than an air freight shipment to the same place.

If you live overseas and are thinking of getting a massage chair as a Christmas gift,  you better get busy placing your order as soon as possible.

Just call or email us and give us your city and postal code and the model you are considering and I’ll get a shipping quote for you usually within 24 hours.

By the way, and this is the biggest thing, if you order any massage chair through our site, www.massage-chair-relief.com,  for international delivery, we will give you anywhere from $100 – $400 credit in shipping costs, depending on the chair model you order. You see, if you order a chair to be shipped within the continental USA, you get free shipping. It is free for you, but it costs me between $100-$400 depending on the chair model. So, if you are shipping internationally, we don’t have to pay the shipping for the chair and can pass the savings on to you!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Another Great Massage Chair Question From One Of You!!

I had another question today from another visitor to our massage chair site. This is from a fellow in Europe, so the topic of shipping massage chairs internationally comes up. I hope his questions  and my answers help you answer some of your massage chair shopping questions.

“Hi great website ! I am going to buy a massage chair for the first time and I want to buy the best chair on the market. Main points include heat, calf massage and general all rounfd body massage. Preferably The chair should be comfortable & stylish enough to use as a recliner. I am interested in the following chairs, PHP2030 OSIM Uspace Inada Sogno Omega Premier Panasonic 3006 Sanyo 7700 I would be grateful for youu advice on these chairs? Final question ,,, I live in Switzerland, do you know how much shipping would be or do you have any local European partners.

Many Thanks,


Here is my response…

“Hi, David
Thank you for your inquiry. It sounds like you have been doing some homework!

We are not familiar with the PHP chairs and I know that the OSIM brand is Brookstones, but I have only sat in one OSIM model and there was nothing remarkable about it relative to the other chairs you mention. However, we are very familiar with the other models you are asking about. Here are answers to your questions:

1. “heat” –  all the chairs have heat, but the Panasonic 30006. The Sanyo has only heat in the legs. The Omega has the most comprehensive heat, in the back, seat, and legs. The Sogno has heat in the low back.

2. “calf massage” – All the chairs you speak of have a calf AND foot massager. They are all of good quality, as well.

3. “general all round body massage” – I love the Sogno PLUS massage personally because it covers more square inches of the body than any other chair in the world. It also has the Dream Wave technology which massages the seat and buttocks more than any other chair. This Dream Wave technology is quite revolutionary.  It is my favorite and since it came to America, it has become our best seller…by far.

4. “comfortable & stylish enough to use as a recliner” – The only chair that looks different than a typical massage chair, which is how most chairs look, is the new Inada Sogno. It is very stylish and contemporary looking, although the ottoman and arm massagers are quite overt and obvious. The Omega Premier has the arm massagers as attachments to the arm rests and does not look aesthetically pleasing if you are looking for a recliner-looking massage chair. 

5. “how much shipping would be or do you have any local European partners” – We will need to have your city, postal code, and model you decide upon to get an accurate shipping quote for you. Yes, we can ship to Switzerland, but we do not have any local European partners. I am told that the price of most massage chairs in Europe is so cost-prohibitive that even with the shipping cost, the combined cost is more than the standard price of a chair in Europe.

I hope this answers some of your questions and helps make your buying decision a little easier. Please email again if you have more questions or inquiries. You can also call our showroom at 1-801-417-8240 to speak to Steffanie or myself.

I await your response with your postal code and city and model you are interested in so that I can get you an accurate shippng quote…

Dr. Alan Weidner”

2-For-1 Massage Chairs in September Only!

I am excited to announce that for the month of September, 2008 I am able to offer a FREE iJoy massage chair with the purchase of the HT-1650 massage chair by Human Touch! Yes, that is right…a free iJoy 130 (any color), a free iJoy 300 (any color), or an iJoy HT-2720 massage chair (eggplant, green, or cashew) when you purchase an HT-1650 massage chair from our website.

You can order the HT-1650 over the phone or directly on this website.  When you call us, just tell us that you are taking us up on the 2-for-1 September Special and tell us which iJoy you want. If you order online, you will have to enter the iJoy model and color that you want in the “Coupon” section of the check out page of the shopping cart. When you get to that field, and let’s say you want an HT-2720 in Eggplant color, just enter those words “HT-2720 Eggplant” in that field and when we get the processed order we will see exactly which free chair you want with your order.

It’s that simple.

A couple of things you need to know about this promotion:

1. it is only good until midnight of Tuesday, September 30, 2008. If it is a smashing success, we may offer it again before Christmas (because the iJoy would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone else in!).

2. free shipping and bonus gifts still apply to all promotional sales.

3. GE Financing is also still available on all purchases, regardless of what the promotion is.

4. You must take the free massage chair. You cannot decline the iJoy massage in lieu of an equivalent dollar discount on the HT-1650 massage chair.

Well, that’s about it. Don’t hesitate one minute to call us if you have any questions or if you want to order your chair today. Our toll free number is 1-888-259-5380.

To Your Health,

Dr. Alan Weidner

Sprinklers Turned On Massage Chairs!!

PGA tour assembly photo
PGA tour assembly photo

Well, our week at the PGA Tour Championship at Willow Creek Golf Course in Sandy, Utah ended in a very interesting way. Saturday night the sprinklers went off in the tent where our massage chairs were stored and they were soaked throughout the night! Steffanie went to turn on the massage chairs Sunday morning and found them absolutely drenched by the water. The home entertainment vendor next to us had water dripping out of the back of his flat screen TV’s when he came in!

Needless to say, we didn’t plug in or turn on any massage chairs on that last day of the Tour. We just dried out the chairs and brought them back to the showroom Monday morning. We had the HT-1650 massage chair, the HT-7450 massage chair, and the Sogno PLUS massage chair in the tent. All I could think about was how good the liability classic car insurance quote was at the PGA!

Well, as it turned out, everything worked Monday morning and all is well at Massage Chair Relief!

What we get out of this experience is that the massage chairs we carry are durable and can survive a drenching from a golf course sprinkler system (have you ever seen a golf course sprinkler?? They put out a lot of water at a very impressive force!).

By the way, the picture above is a shot of the pro’s at the driving range prior to Saturday’s round.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Warranty Change for September 2008!

inada sogno massage chair
inada sogno massage chair

I just received an email from Cliff Levin, president of FIUS, the US distributor for Inada massage chairs. He tells me that for the month of September, 2008 Inada will offer a FULL 5-year warranty for the Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair!

Yes, that is right…a full, 5-year home coverage warranty that a client typically has to typically purchase in addition to standard warranty coverage.  Here is the text of the email:

Dear Inada Dealer:

The finest massage chair on the market now comes with the best pre-packaged warranty plan!
SOGNO is now the hottest chair with the hottest warranty to back it up! People who have yet to jump in will not want to be left in the dust as this goldmine heats up to Q4. There is no time like the present to get on board with SOGNO.

All SOGNO Plus purchases made between September 1 and September 30, 2008 will AUTOMATICALLY come with a 5 YEAR FULL IN HOME SERVICE & PARTS WARRANTY which includes our standard “repair or replace” promise.   The warranty coverage extends for 5 years from the date of PURCHASE on the register receipt. As far as I know, no other massage chair company has ever offered such a plan! If this plan is popular and successful, INADA will consider extending it for an additional month or more.

I ask that you share this as soon as possible with the entire network. It deals with 3 issues that may come up as objections:

1)      It takes away any risk (real or perceived) of malfunction associated with the purchase;
2)      It addresses price objections by “pegging” the cost over the first 5 years of use. If you buy another chair without such a warranty – especially if it is not of the quality of INADA – costs can increase over time as you spend to keep your chair operational;
3)      It demonstrates the underlying quality of INADA to begin with. We can only afford this because, due to initial product quality, our warranty costs over time are extremely low.

Register receipts must be dated between September 1 and 30, 2008 and we must be asked to ship the order immediately / very soon. This may be advertised as a savings from the regular warranty retail price ($479) or with something like “the only massage chair on the market with a 5 year FULL parts and FULL labor warranty”. Stores may purchase extended warranties for floor model they sell, but they are not free with sale of a floor model.

In a nutshell, here is how the coverage works:
–          Your Sogno PLUS will be serviced in home. If there is no tech within a reasonable distance, we will pay to ship the chair for factory service.
–          The warranty covers all defects for 5 full years from purchase. Parts AND labor are fully covered.
–          If we are unable to repair the chair, it will be replaced with a similarly priced or identical chair at no cost to the consumer.
–          It is good in the USA and Canada.
–          Like all warranties, it does not cover abuse by people or pets or being dropped out a window

At this moment – it will change week to week due to demand – we are shipping all SOGNO colors within 1 week of receiving a P/O.
Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with this exceptional promotion.

Best regards,

Cliff Levin
FIUS Distributors

So, there you go…an extended 5-year warranty on our currently most popular chair.  If you haven’t tried out this chair yet, please do. It will blow you away. Remember that this warranty offer is only applicable to the Sogno PLUS, and not the Standard Sogno.

Please call us at toll-free at 1-888-259-5380 if you have any additional questions or if you would like to purchase this chair. As I have mentioned before on this blog, you can only purchase this massage chair over the phone or in our store. You cannot place the order on our website…so just give us a call.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Special Orders!

inada sogno massage chair creme color
inada sogno massage chair creme color

I had a phone call a couple of weeks ago about getting the Inada Sogno massage chair in a green color. This customer had Inada Sogno Massage Chairseen a green one in his mother-in-laws home that she had purchased in Taiwan and wanted to know if we could get him the same color. I called the distributor and they said “Sure”, but with a couple of caveats:

1. $1000 extra to make a special order (you see, green is not a standard color in either of the Sogno models), and

2. the buyer has to pay for shipping from Inada in Japan to USA.

So, after learning that the customer decided to get a regular “stock” color.  But, this is good information for those of you that may be pondering a special order. I’m sure it will make some of you think twice!

Also, I just wrote an article about the Inada Sogno massage chair and posted it on the web. Here is a link to the article:

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Article

I rather like this article, if I don’t mind saying so myself! I hope you enjoy it, too. If you are interested in more information on this amazing chair or if you would like to purchase one, feel free to call us at our showroom, 1-801-417-8240, or call us toll-free on our website at 1-888-259-5380. Steffanie or I will gladly take care of you.

Did you know that the Sogno massage chair comes in two boxes?  White Glove Service (WGS) is a must-have when ordering these chairs. We include the WGS whenever a Sogno is ordered through our website. Steffanie and I actually put together our Sogno Dream Wave PLUS on our own when we received it and it did take us quite a bit of time to assemble it. It is not that it is terribly hard, but it is just time-consuming. It definitely is better to take advantage of the WGS when ordering this chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Great Massage Chair Question… And My Answer

I received a good question from one of my website visitors yesterday. He lives in England and asked a question that probably a lot of folks have…about low back pain, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease, and which massage chair would be most suitable. Below is the question and my response. I hope it assists you in some way…

Hello Dr Weidner,

I am 54 years old, fit and not overweight, but my surgeon has told me i have degenerative disc disease. I regular get bouts of sciatica in the legs usually after playing tennis or doing gardening activities and always suffering with stiffness in the back (stretching helps me very much).


Could you please advice which chair would be most helpful with my condition.

(I would want it situated in my very contempory lounge


Kind regards


Hello, again, S.D.!
Thanks for the information. Sciatica has always been a difficult condition to handle, since it can be secondary to severe muscle spasm, herniated disc, or degenerative arthritis.

The Sogno is a delightful chair, but what makes it so interesting is this new Dream Wave technology. I am including a link to my site where a video of the chair is available. Take a look at how the seat shifts and the hip airbags work the hips. The chair, at the same time, also rotates the lumbar spine one way and then the other, while the seat is shifting and the hips are being massaged. It is certainly the most thorough of any massage chair in this area that I have ever seen.

Here is the link: http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/sogno_massage_chair.html
(Just click on the “product video” section and enjoy.)

While I was in practice, I always had a concern with other massage chairs, that the buttock and sacroiliac joints didn’t
get the attention they deserved. This Sogno is the first to take a decent stab at it.
Also, the Sogno is the most contemporary looking massage chair I have ever seen.

Now, having said that about the Sogno, let me talk a little bit about the anti/zero gravity massage chairs, the HT-7450 by Human Touch and the Sanyo 6700. These chairs were born of the decompression fad going on here in the US. Spinal decompression is all the rage for low back pain sufferers, particularly those of discogenic origin (disc problems). Human Touch and Sanyo have taken that decompression idea and coupled it with regular massage chair function. It is a novel idea and my clients seem to love it. I have the HT-7450 in my showroom and on the website, but the Sanyo 6700 is only on my website. I have never sat in the 6700. We sell quite a few of them. The idea of these chairs is to tilt the whole body back, by reclining the chair back AND tilting the seat up to about 45 degrees. Most other chairs have a reclining back of course, but the seat normally stays horizontal. The antigravity chairs tilt evetything back…almost to the point where you feel like the chair is going to slide you off the back! It opens up – decompresses – the back, particularly the low back.

You can take a look at the images through the links below to see if they look contemporary enough. The HT-7450 can look like an executive office chair when it is upright. The Sanyo looks like a pretty traditional massage chair.


I will get a shipping quote later today for the Sogno. If you would like a shipping quote for any of these other chairs, let me know. By the way, the Sogno ships in two boxes, whereas the other two models ship in one.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The Sogno PLUS Massage Chair Has Arrived!

sogno massage chair with Dr Weidner Sitting
sogno massage chair with Dr Weidner Sitting

After months of waiting, the wait is over! We received our Inada Sogno PLUS and i2A massage chairs this morning. It took us most of the morning to assemble the Sogno chair. It was quite a task to put it together. The foot rest and the sides have to be assembled. The chair came in two large boxes, but assembled it weighed 250 pounds, 40 lbs. less than the HT-1650. The assembling instructions are pretty straight forward, but the time it took to assemble was quite a while. Fortunately for all Songo buyers, the chair comes with White Glove Service…in other words, the shippers will assemble the chair in your home and/or business.

We got the creme colored Sogno PLUS massage chair. Now, I have been calling it the Dream Weaver PLUS chair in previous blog posts, but it is actually the Dream WAVE PLUS chair. I was messed up with the name for a time, but now we have straightened ourselves out. I sat in the chair this afternoon for the first time and it was quite a ride! I actually fell asleep while Steffanie was explaining the chair functions to me.

We also set up our Inada i2A massage chair this morning and took it for a test drive too. A very nice massage. I am embarrassed to say but this was the first time I had ever sat in an Inada massage chair. Human Touch used to carry the i2A, but called it the RMS-10, years ago when I first began selling massage chairs, but I had never actually sat in one. It is a very nice massage chair…you can tell that this company’s chairs are built with quality, just with the look and feel of the chairs. I also noticed that the Sogno massage chair is made in Japan, while the i2A is made in China.

Steffanie and I both are taking notes about the chairs and will provide a more in-depth review of theSogno massage chair front view chairs in future blog posts. But, for now, we are really enjoying them. Comments from the showroom visitors today share our feeling that these are very nice massage chairs. Here are a couple of pics of me on the new Sogno massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Sogno PLUS Massage Chairs First Shipment Already Sold Out!

I got off the phone yesterday with Cliff Levin, President of the FIUS, the US Distributor for Family Inada massage chairs, after telling me that the shipment of Inada Sogno Dreamweaver PLUS massage chairs that was to have reached folks by the third week of July is completely SOLD OUT already! Fortunately we had some orders that were filled with this shipment, but I have plenty of other folks that are waiting till the last minute to place their order with us.

This is all I have to say…if you want a Sogno Dreamweaver PLUS massage chair (and I rarely get calls about the standard Sogno model, by the way) you better get ordering today, because these chairs are so “hot” that they are pre-sold before the shipment even comes in and if you don’t have your stake in one, you will have to wait…and wait…and wait…

The next shipment is coming in the first week of August and Cliff tells me that their are only a few chairs unspoken for at this point…but they will be taken very soon. So, if you are considering getting one of these revolutionary new massage chairs, don’t sit on your butt. Get on the phone and call us right now to assure that you get your chair before anyone else does.

Since ordering these chairs online is a “no-no”, you must call us to place your order. You can all us toll-free at 1-888-259-5380 or you can call our showroom’s local Utah number at 1-801-417-8240 and speak to Steffanie about placing your order for you.

We are finally getting our new Sogno Dreamweaver PLUS massage chair next week and, I’ve got to tell you, we are so excited about it. I’ll give you a full report on this blog once I get the chair tested and evaluated.

Did I also mention that the Sogno PLUS is only sold through select health care providers. I am your man (or doctor)!!

Have a super day…and don’t delay.

Dr. Alan Weidner

My Interview With Family Inada US Distribution President, Cliff Levin


I mentioned last week that I had a telephone interview with Cliff Levin, president of the US Distribution arm of Family Inada massage chairs. I said I would post a link to the interview once I had it edited and ready to go. Well, it is ready to go. Below is the link to that interview. It is about 50 minutes long and we discuss a number of things, from the new and exciting Sogno massage chair to the other Inada models to some of the industry issues at the current time. I hope you enjoy it.


The Sogno massage chair is available right now to order. The Sogno Dreamweaver Plus will not be available until the third week in June. You must call our showroom or our toll free number if you wish to order a new Sogno massage chair. Sogno massage chairOnline shopping cart sales are not part of the retail agreement with Inada. So, give us a call at either 1-888-259-5380 or 801-417-8240.

Have a great day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Sogno Massage Chair News and Interviews With Fius President


I just found out today that the delivery date of the Sogno Dreamweaver PLUS massage chair, of which I am so excited to finally see and experience, is being pushed back to the third week of July. It is going to be such a big deal with this chair that I totally get why it is hard to find one around. I pre-ordered mine way back at the beginning of the year, and am still awaiting it’s arrival. The moment I get it in the showroom, I will test and retest it (which means I’ll be sitting in it all day!!) and then will post on the blog so that you can get my feedback about it.

The regular Sogno massage chair is now out on the market and is available to be bought for $5999. It costs about $500 less than the Dreamweaver Plus chair ($6499), but doesn’t have the following features that only the Sogno PLUS does have:

1. heated seat
2. dreamweaver seat massage
3. 3-D massage rollers.
4. the cream color that you see on the video and images is only available on the PLUS model, NOT the Standard model.Sogno massage chair

I have far more requests for the Dreamweaver PLUS Sogno chair because of these four features. It seems to be far more popular at this point. I suppose that is why it is back ordered for so long.

Here is an interesting thing you should know about the Inada massage chairs…although I can display it on my website, Inada will not allow online retailers to sell the massage chairs using an online shopping cart. The pricing is displayed and the chair information is all on the site, but to order one, you must call us over the phone to place the order. As a matter of fact, the Sogno Dreamweaver PLUS cannot even be displayed on the website…it is only to be demonstrated in a health care provider’s clinic or in a specialty retail store showroom.

In the meantime, I had a phone interview on May 27, 2008 with the president of FIUS, which is the US distributor for Inada chairs. His name is Cliff Levin and he spent close to an hour answering my questions and telling us a lot about the Sogno chair, the workings of family Inada in Japan, and brief overviews of most of the products we will be selling in our store in July. He is a wonderful fellow and really answered my questions thoroughly and clearly. FIUS, by the way, stands for Family Inada US.

I will provide a link to the interview as soon as it is edited and I have it posted to my website.

Dr. Alan Weidner