My Recent Visit to Human Touch & Fujiiryoki

WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair
WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair
Me and Gino from Human Touch
Me and Gino from Human Touch

I spent 4 days in Southern  California last week visiting a couple of massage chair companies as well as checking out some other things relative to the business. I thought I’d give you a report of the visits.

Human Touch

I had a wonderful 2 hour visit with a group of folks, including CEO David Wood. We chatted about the Human Touch line, exciting things coming from them this year, the industry as a whole, as well as our plans at Massage Chair Relief for 2015. I just love talking shop with other folks in the industry. I always come away more excited about this industry and it’s future.  Continue reading “My Recent Visit to Human Touch & Fujiiryoki”

Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 2)

In Part 2, I go over the differences between these two popular Inada models.


1. Size

Inada Dreamwave
Inada Dreamwave

When the Inada DreamWave came on the scene, it’s body styling was unlike anything we had heretofore seen in this industry. Copycats started popping up everywhere, so much so that today a chair that doesn’t have similar body styling seems “out of place.” This new design made for much larger chairs that came in multiple boxes when shipped.

The Flex 3S takes this design and creates a much smaller chair. Though it looks similar to the DreamWave body styling, it is quite a bit smaller. It will leave a much smaller footprint in your home or business, should space be a concern. The Flex 3S comes in one box, fully assembled, whereas the DreamWave comes in two boxes, one with the chair body and the other with the ottoman and arm rests.

In conjunction with the size differences, the weight of each chair is quite different. The DreamWave weighs in at 265 lbs. while the Flex 3S tops the scales at 165 lbs. Needless to say, it is a heck of a lot easier to move the Flex 3S around your house than it is the DreamWave! Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 2)”

Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 1)

Now that I have both the Flex 3S and the DreamWave in my showroom, right next to each other, I am commonly asked what the differences are between the two since the Flex looks like nothing more than a mini-DreamWave. So, I figured it’s time to write a comparative review between the two models. Today, in Part 1, I will focus on the similarities and in Part 2 I go over the differences.

Even when I am covering the similarities, there will be some differences among the similarities (if that makes sense!), so I will lay that out for you in Part 1, as well. Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 1)”

Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Back; Montage Pro Warranty; Visiting IT

We are heading into the 4th quarter of the year and soon massage chairs will be flying “off the shelves.” I might suggest you start thinking seriously about getting your chair early to avoid a run on colors and models that leaves you without an option for the holiday gift-giving season.

Here are some things of note going on in the industry as of late: Continue reading “Quick Hits – Black Iyashi Back; Montage Pro Warranty; Visiting IT”

New Massage Chair Relief TV Commercials

Last Thursday we had a film crew come into our modest massage chair showroom to film footage for some new TV commercials that will be airing next month. We also recorded some of the footage in a beautiful home to show just how dandy these chairs can look in a residential setting.

It was a long day as we started at 6:30 a.m. and didn’t finish until after 5:00 p.m. We had to arrange for the “talent” to be there at certain hours of the day and my two sons showed up to move the chairs wherever the director asked them to go. Murphy’s Law also participated in the day’s events, as the air conditioner of our store malfunctioned and poured water through the ceiling tiles onto one of the chairs we were using in the shoot! Continue reading “New Massage Chair Relief TV Commercials”

Inada DreamWave vs. Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 1)

DreamWave 2_FM_3090
Inada DreamWave

A couple of weeks ago I compared the roller massage intensity of the Inada DreamWave to that of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair. Whilst writing that article, I figured it might be a good idea to do an overall comparative review between the two chairs. Why just stop at the rollers!?!?

So, here is Part 1 of my 2-part comparative review. I will begin with the differences and wrap up in Part 2 with the similarities. Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 1)”

Quick Hits – New Inada DreamWave; New Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide; Make-A-Wish

Lots of stuff going on in our massage chair world right now. You can check out my Massage Chair Industry Update for August 7, 2014 on our YouTube channel for more details, but here is a rundown on what is going on:

DreamWave 2_FM_30901. Inada has upgraded the Inada Sogno DreamWave as of August 1, 2014 and is now calling it simply the Inada DreamWave. You can go the product page on our website to see the list of new features. Most of the features seem to be programming changes and not so much hardware changes, except for new heating elements in the back and seat, different airbag technology in the forearms, a smart phone pocket, backlit remote control, and some extra bicep padding. Continue reading “Quick Hits – New Inada DreamWave; New Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide; Make-A-Wish”

The Improved Inada DreamWave!!

DreamWave 2_FM_3090On August 1, 2014 Inada rolled out an upgraded version of the famous Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. They have renamed the chair Inada DreamWave for ease of pronouncement (“Sogno” was just hard to pronounce!) and have added some features, the list of which I will outline below.  Before I do list the changes in the chair, I might mention that it seems to me that most of the changes are programming/feature changes, with very few actually being hardware changes. In other words, I believe the motors, air compressors, and roller systems are all the same.  Continue reading “The Improved Inada DreamWave!!”

Mail Bag – Panasonic MA70 vs. Dreamwave; Pro Cyber vs. Short Folks; DreamWave Remote Idea

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

Dear Alan, I have scoliosis and arthritis and had initially thought to buy a Panasonic EP-30007. I am 5’tall and like firm massages and a good stretch to get me out of spasm. I’ve had one lower back surgery thus far ( synovial cyst ) and one bout of shots to numb nerves for sciatic and severe pain.


Years ago at a Las Vegas trade show I thought the Panasonic was the best chair but as I recently started looking around for a showroom ( east coast NYC area) to try one I discovered out of three showrooms, NY, NH and PA, no one had a Panasonic on their floors even though they sold their chairs. I was told consistently that they had old technology and people didn’t seem to like them so the owners did not want to take up space on them. I tried contacting the Panasonic Website for a place to try them in my area but got no response. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Panasonic MA70 vs. Dreamwave; Pro Cyber vs. Short Folks; DreamWave Remote Idea”

Inada Dreamwave Too Gentle? I Don’t Think So… And Here’s Why!

Inada Dreamwave
Inada Dreamwave

I recently had a customer call me up asking me for my opinion on the Inada Dreamwave and it’s ability to give a vigorous roller massage. He had tried it out at a local store and felt that it was too light or gently. You know, I hear this a lot and have even bought into it, to some degree. But, I had an experience today that got me straightened out on the matter rather promptly.

This customer wanted me to compare the roller massage intensity of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer to that of the Inada Dreamwave (by the way, starting tomorrow, Inada is changing the name of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave to just the Inada Dreamwave…too many folks struggled with the word Sogno and it’s pronunciation!). Since I have both chairs in my showroom, I offered to call him this morning and give him a “play-by-play” description of what I felt while on both chairs with their most vigorous automatic programs deployed.  Continue reading “Inada Dreamwave Too Gentle? I Don’t Think So… And Here’s Why!”

Inada Duet Owner Leaves Review!

inada duet blackFor those of you who are high on the Inada Duet and keeping your fingers crossed that someday it will come to the USA, here is a pretty thorough review of the chair left on our blog by Alex. His review also includes a bit of a comparison between the Duet and the famous Sogno model. Now, Alex lives in Russia and bought the chair there where he lives. This is the first review I’ve seen from someone who actually owns this model. Read it, for what it’s worth, and feel free to leave and questions or comments at the bottom of this post. This is wonderful information and a great review…  Continue reading “Inada Duet Owner Leaves Review!”

Inada Flex 3S Comprehensive Review – Part 1

Inada Flex 3S
Inada Flex 3S

About a month and a half ago, when I first received the new Inada Flex 3S massage chair in my showroom and after having visited Inada for the Grand Opening of their new headquarters in Boulder, CO, I wrote a preliminary review of that chair on this blog. In that review, I mentioned that the Flex seems to be a blend of features from the Sogno and Inada’s discontinued Doctor’s Choice 3A models.

Well, I recently spent a couple of hours on the chair and reading the owner’s manual to be able to provide you with a more comprehensive review of the chair. Here is Part 1 of that review.  Continue reading “Inada Flex 3S Comprehensive Review – Part 1”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Timer; Compact Chair; Intense Massage

emailEmail Question #1

Hi there. Is there any way to get around the built-in 15 minute timer on the Inada Sogno?

My Response #1

Thanks for your email. The sessions can last from 15-20 minutes in length depending on the body scan findings, but other than that you can’t adjust the session timer. The good thing with the Sogno, though, is when the program stops the chair will not come back up to the parked position but stay where you had it reclined. You just need to push the program button again and it will start up with you in the very same position. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Timer; Compact Chair; Intense Massage”

My Visit to Inada USA + First Impressions of New Flex 3S Chair!

inada usaLast Thursday I flew to Denver and took the beautiful 45 minute drive to Boulder, CO where Inada USA has their main offices. They had recently moved to a new facility and I went to check it out. I have recorded a video of the visit and will post that later this week.

The showroom is beautiful and spacious. It has a bunch of Sogno and Yume and the new Flex 3S chairs all over the place. They even have a museum of sorts of all the models that they have carried through the years. There are also some lovely decorative touches throughout the showroom highlighted the Japanese origin of these chairs.

As Inada USA employs approximately 12-15 people, behind the showroom is located all the offices of the staff. They also have a warehouse where refurbished chairs are worked on and a plethora of parts, for current and previous models, are inventoried. Of course, their chairs are inventoried in a logistics warehouse in Southern California. But, their new offices really are a nice facility.  Continue reading “My Visit to Inada USA + First Impressions of New Flex 3S Chair!”

Will You Fit In A Massage Chair?

measuring-tape-detail-3-1285564-mOne of the most frequently asked questions I get from massage chair shoppers lately is whether the chair they are interested in will fit them. I suspect that with a larger body frame, broader shoulders, and higher weight, some folks are concerned about getting a chair that doesn’t fit them right. When you take into consideration all the chairs that have integrated thigh and shoulder airbags, this becomes a valid concern.

I find myself running down to the showroom more and more, taking measurements of distances between shoulder airbags and thigh airbags to see if a chair will fit for a particular customer. Earlier this week I was doing that very thing when the thought came to me that I should take a measurement of each chair in my showroom that has thigh and/or shoulder airbags and post those measurements here on the blog so that it becomes a resource for you, the massage chair shopper. So, without further adieu, here is the list of chairs along with their accompanying measurements. The first number is the distance between the inside of each thigh airbag; the second number is the measurement between each shoulder airbag. If the chair does not have shoulder airbags, I put “N/A”, representing “Not Applicable”: Continue reading “Will You Fit In A Massage Chair?”

Mail Bag – Iyashi Questions; Sogno Armrests; S & L Roller Tracks

Question #1


Hi, I am researching massage chairs and have a few questions: I’m a fitness enthusiast and exercise often. I often have sore glutes, quads, and hamstrings after an intense lower body workout. That’s why the 49″ roller track on the Infinity Iyashi is very interesting to me. My only concern is its shoulder and neck massage capability. My day job involves sitting in front of a computer all day, so I have tight neck and trapezius muscles. I’m reading conflicting reports on whether the Iyashi gives adequate massages in those areas.

1. Dr. Weidner mentioned that the auto-program isn’t as intense as he likes in those areas, but later mentioned that the manual program is pretty strong. He also once mentioned that the rollers seems to come forward a bit (like the Panasonic MA70) on top of the shoulders, but this was not mentioned again anywhere else. Can you confirm whether the Iyashi gives good massages on the neck and top of the shoulders?

2. Given my requirements, do you recommend anything other than the Iyashi?

3. What happens if something breaks down on the Iyashi in the 2nd year (when it’s under parts warranty, but not labor). Does Infinite Therapeutics still send someone out, but I’d just have to pay for labor myself? Roughly how much would it cost labor wise, for an in-house service visit?

Thanks, Trent

Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi Questions; Sogno Armrests; S & L Roller Tracks”

Mail Bag: 3D Roller Technology; L-Tracks?; Inada Duet; White Glove Concerns

emailQuestion #1

Which massage chairs have 3D roller technology to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage rollers? Which feature do you feel is more important for a massage chair, 3D rollers or a long stroke, made available by the L-track?

My Response #1

Hi, Fletcher
Thanks so much for your email. The following chairs have 3D roller massage (either through actual 3D roller massage or airbag-assisted): Continue reading “Mail Bag: 3D Roller Technology; L-Tracks?; Inada Duet; White Glove Concerns”

Cliff Levin of Inada USA Comes For A Visit!

2014-03-17 18.59.03I get to visit with Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA, a couple of times a year, but it is usually in Las Vegas at some trade show. Last night Cliff and his wife came to Salt Lake City for some business and we got to spend some time together talking shop and other things.

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Cucina Toscana here in downtown Salt Lake and talked for a few hours about all sorts of things. Man, those two know a lot about food and made the experience wonderful for Mona and I. The food was divine, I might add.  Continue reading “Cliff Levin of Inada USA Comes For A Visit!”

Shoulder Airbags: What and How

Iyashi shoulder airbags
Iyashi shoulder airbags

I think that the first time I ever saw shoulder airbags was on the Panasonic Ep30007 chair. I remember being curious as to why the airbags were in the chair back and pushed the shoulders forward, as this seemed rather counter-intuitive to a chiropractor who worked on correcting forward slumping shoulders. Why on earth would a chair push the shoulders forward, when they obviously needed to be pulled back? That was exactly my sentiment when I saw that feature on that chair.

Then, a few years later Inada introduced the Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair, which had a shoulder housing on either side of the body that had airbags that inflated to the FRONT of the shoulders, thereby pinning the shoulders back. Now, that made sense to me. I remember being so impressed with the idea of airbags pinning the shoulders back in an effort to improve posture. I also remember sitting on that chair for the first time and feeling taller (and less “slumped” when I stood up afterwards. I was excited to have a chair to offer customers that had a feature like this. I felt it was very much needed and that it complimented the spinal correction I did as a chiropractor.  Continue reading “Shoulder Airbags: What and How”

Zero Gravity or Not – That is the Question!!

astronautZero gravity has become a very popular feature among massage chair models and among massage chair shoppers. I get asked all the time about whether a particular model has zero gravity or not. Funny thing is, most folks think they want it but have no idea what it really is!

But, is zero gravity something that you really want in a massage chair? I will define it and then explain to you the pros and cons of zero gravity, especially as it pertains to you, the user, and your therapeutic experience with or without it in your massage chair. Continue reading “Zero Gravity or Not – That is the Question!!”

Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; Sogno vs. iRobotics 6S; Broad-Chested Guy

Hi. The Iyashi has 49″ roller track,buttocks and thighs roller massage. I thought the 8500 also had a 49″ roller all the way down to the buttocks. When I do the compare models on your website I don’t see it listed for the 8500. Yes / No ? The newer Iyashi doesn’t have Neck/Head Airbags like the 8500 ..yes /no ? I also see the 8500 doesn’t have vibration and the new Iyashi does. Where does it vibrate on the Iyashi ? They both have Zero Gravity but I notice the 8500 has 2 stages and the Iyashi has only one. What are the pro and cons having 2 stages VS one stage ? I really like the Inversion feature on the 8500 and notice the Iyashi doesn’t have it. Is this the same as the Power Recline ? My job has me on my feet all day. I work outside here in NYC and walk 5-6 miles a day and have to wlk up 5-6 flights of stairs several times a day up and don. So my calves are in knots and feet on fire at the end of day so the foot rollers for the 8500 /Iyashi is a must. I also carry a backpack that weighs at least 20-25 lbs on a normal day. None of this is helping my back or neck (herniated discs) . I like deep hard massages so the least air bag features for back and legs is best for me. Too bad they don’t have the rollers for the arms or head What are Quad Style Rollers compared to other rollers ? Alos..Do any machines actually have Grasping/Gripping..I see that lisyed as a spec but haven’t found a model with that feature yet. Also. what is Junetsu ? Thanks for your time ..appreciate it ! Continue reading “Mail Bag – Iyashi vs. IT-8500; Sogno vs. iRobotics 6S; Broad-Chested Guy”

Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 2)

balanceI covered some pretty significant features in Part 1 of this comparative review between two very popular massage chairs. In Part 2, I will cover the remaining features, #6-10, some of which are quite significant as well.

6. Airbags
There aren’t many, if any, chairs that have more airbags than the Inada Sogno. The Sogno boasts 100 airbags, not all of which are utilized for compression. The patented Dreamwave technology of the Sogno, which  moves the seat up and down, and side to side, is all deployed by airbags.  Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 2)”

Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 1)

balanceEvery time a new, exciting massage chair model hits the market I invariably get asked how it compares to the Inada Sogno, widely considered the iconic chair of the industry. Well, recently I have had a lot of questions about the new Infinity Iyashi and how it compares to the Inada Sogno.

They are both very different chairs. Of course, every chair has similarities, i.e. rollers and airbags, but these two chairs differ quite radically and I’ll go into that in detail in this comparative review. I happen to love both of these chairs – both unique in their own right. Since there is so much to talk about with these two chairs, I have broken this article up into 2 parts. Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Infinity Iyashi (Part 1)”

Quick Hits – $250 Inada Rebate; No More Johnson Chairs Online

$250 Mail-In Rebate for Inada Sogno

inada logo

Tonight is the deadline for getting an Inada Sogno massage chair,  if you want to get a $250 mail-in rebate from Inada. They are offering this rebate to all buyers of their wildly successful and industry changing Sogno model. But, the rebate offer ends tonight at midnight.  Continue reading “Quick Hits – $250 Inada Rebate; No More Johnson Chairs Online”

Mail Bag – Chair for low back and neck pain; Iyashi vs. Cyber; Titan vs. Omega Pro

emailEMAIL #1
Hi Dr. Weidner, I was wondering if you could help me narrow my search for a chair based upon my specific issues. I currently have lumbar pain – which moves into the hip/buttocks as the day moves on. IT band and hamstrings are really tight. I have a long term tightness and pain in my neck- a result of a degenerated C5-C6. I enjoyed lounging on my brother in law’s Sanyo massage chair while in Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. We visited a local store and I tried out a Cozzia and Human Touch as well as one that had a feature called Dream Wave. The last one was the priciest, but was frustrating to me if I pulled my hand out for any reason, I was unable to re-insert it into the arm cradle. I live in West Michigan, an area that doesn’t seem to have retailers willing to invest in our market. The thought of traveling hours via plane to SLC makes my hip hurt, just wanted to see if you had any ideas for me. thanks for your consideration and ideas. Sue Continue reading “Mail Bag – Chair for low back and neck pain; Iyashi vs. Cyber; Titan vs. Omega Pro”

Why is the Infinity IT-8500 so dang popular?


The Infinity IT-8500 has been out a couple of years now and has become our most popular selling massage chair. It was originally introduced as a chair that was the same as the Inada Sogno but for half the price, but I could not disagree more with that sentiment. The Sogno is still the cream of the crop, the workmanship of which is second to none. But, the IT-8500 is a fabulous chair for the price and has a great feature-set that seems to appeal to the masses. Here are the main points, in my opinion, that make the IT-8500 such a winner: Continue reading “Why is the Infinity IT-8500 so dang popular?”

Mail Bag – Sogno vs. Iyashi, WholeBody 2.0 Roller Track, Etc.

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse

Some more great questions from massage chair shoppers…and my responses:

QUESTION #1 – “Which chair is best for us?”
Good day…I’ve been reviewing your site for the last couple of weeks and have read many of the reviews and Dr. Weider’s articles. The problem, so many chairs, so many brands, so many features. I currently have 2 massage chairs: Fuji OX-575 and a Elite Optima. I have spend over $5000 for these chairs and I am not overly impressed. The Fuji has limited features and I don’t think it’s made anymore; the Elite is a little better, but sometimes it hurts me more than make me feel better. I need help in finding a chair I would be happy with. Going to your showroom in UT is not an option, so what is the best way to do so on-line? Some data: My wife and I are 62 years old; height 5’6″ (wife is 5’3″); weight 164 (wife 123); we particularly like upper shoulder/neck massage and middle of back (end of spine). Firmness should be adjustable since I like my massage a little harder than what the wife likes. Any recommendations to narrow down the search. In addition to giving a good massage, I am looking for reliability, maintainability, and future support in a chair. Thank you. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Sogno vs. Iyashi, WholeBody 2.0 Roller Track, Etc.”

Mail Bag – OS-7075R vs. OS-Marquis; Chair For Neck & Shoulder

emailHere are some great questions from customers, just like you, from our Mail Bag…

Hi there, I’m just wondering what would be the better chair out of the Osaki OS-7075R and the Osaki OS-Pro Marquis?

Hi, Henry
Thanks for your email. I would have to say, based on straight feature-to-feature comparison, that the OS-7075R is the better chairs. A little more money, but more features. Both chairs are made in the same Chinese factory, so they have body styles that are reminiscent of each other. The 7075R has had a few more tech support issues that Osaki has had to deal with, but the OS-Pro Marquis is very new and it’s reliability has yet to be determined. Continue reading “Mail Bag – OS-7075R vs. OS-Marquis; Chair For Neck & Shoulder”

News & Notes (inc. Yet Another New Osaki Model)- 10/16/2013

Lots of stuff to report this week.

OS-3D Pro Cyber
OS-3D Pro Cyber

1. Osaki has come out, yet again, with another model. This one is called the OS-3D Pro Cyber. I have a brochure on it, but the price has yet to be determined. It appears to be a more modern looking version of the OS-7075R with a couple of varied features from the 7075. For example, the brochure speaks of  “next generation air massage technology.” The explanation in the brochure is “Through innovative engineering, we have reduced the total number of air bags but have increased the volume and surface area of massage. By doing so the total number of working valves has drastically reduced from prior models, which ultimately put less stress on the chair, making it one of the most mechanically sound massage chairs in the market.Continue reading “News & Notes (inc. Yet Another New Osaki Model)- 10/16/2013”

News & Notes for Week of 10/04/2013

I will be mentioning these things on my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update video next week, but for those who prefer the writtennews word, here are some things to be aware of currently:

  • Osaki is offering a 2 year parts and labor, in-home warranty, with two more additional years of parts only, on their new OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair. This offer is for chairs bought from and is good until the end of the year. A very nice promo for you who are interested in this chair.
  • By the way, we just got the OS-3D Pro Dreamer in our showroom and I wrote a review of it yesterday for your perusal. Here is the link… Continue reading “News & Notes for Week of 10/04/2013”

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Alternatives, $1000 Chairs, & Iyashi “Rubbing”

Another week of great questions from massage chair shoppers. I hope you get something from the questions and my responses. That is why I share them with you!

Email #1

Inada Sogno
Inada Sogno

Dr. Weidner, I’m located in Northern California and had the opportunity to try out the Inada Sogno at a local store but still trying to justify the steep price. I love how the Sogno made me feel wrapped and embraced during the massage. Is that from the 100 airbags and the 1200 sq in body coverage? Does the OS-3D’s airbag size or sq in body coverage come close to the Sogno? In your professional opinion, is the Sogno worth the $2700 difference compared to the OS-3D? Do you know if the Inada plan to come out with a new model that would incorporate foot rollers and zero gravity anytime soon? Linda

My Response #1

Hi, Linda
Thanks for your email and your great questions. Here are my responses along with some comments: Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Alternatives, $1000 Chairs, & Iyashi “Rubbing””

New Sogno and Yume Videos…from Inada

I just received these video files today and immediately posted them to our YouTube channel. One is of the “rocking” Yume chair while the other is of the iconic Inada  Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. You can tell immediately that these are not my videos!! These are high quality, nicely edited videos with cool music…plus they are short (only a minute or so long!). LOL!


Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs

Quite regularly I share emails with my readership that come from massage chair shoppers just like you. These are good questions that are probably being asked by others and I hope that my answers help with the massage chair buying experience.

Email #1

First, thank you for the informative suite of videos you all make available on Youtube. I’m working my way up to making this investment, but would like to understand what would work best and most reliably for my body type: 6’0″, 275 lbs, 35% Body Fat, 50″ chest, 42″ waist. Trouble spots: trapezoid, rhomboid, TFL & IT band (especially on the right leg) have had an L4/5 Laminectomy almost 20 years ago Your consideration and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Onwards and Upwards . . . Ralph Continue reading “Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs”

News & Notes: Iyashi Late, New OS-2000, Sale on iRobotics 6S

Some things have come up, since my last Massage Chair Industry Update that I shared with you on August 27th, that I thought were noteworthy.

1. The arrival of the Infinity Iyashi to the USA has been delayed another week. It was scheduled to come 2 days ago on the 29th, but it has been changed to September 6. I have no idea why it was delayed.

2. The Inada Sogno in black leather was back ordered until September 12, but that shipment has already been spoken for so the next shipment of that chair is October 6. Again, another reason why you should pre-order a chair that is out of stock rather than wait for the chair to arrive before ordering. Some of these models go very quickly, even before they arrive in the US.

3. Luraco is dropping the price of their iRobotics 6S to $5990 on September 1. It is considered a “limited time special” so I have no idea how long that price will be up for. It is regularly priced at $7990. Good idea to drop the price for the 4th quarter when all massage chair sales go up. Remember that I recently spoke of the upgrade from the iRobotics 6 to the 6S. The new model has the following changes:

  • Human voice response in English, Spanish, Vietnamese & French.
  • Built in Music Speakers.
  • New software version with higher intelligence and advanced massage profiles, especially for foot massage.
  • Bluetooth control with free smart phone and tablet applications, customer can control massage chair from their tablet or android phone. Bluetooth is an optional feature.

4. Osaki has replaced the old OS-2000 with a  new model, OS-2000 Combo. Here are the main features of this new model:

OS-2000 Combo
  • 31″ roller track
  • Fits a person up to 6’4″ tall
  • Zero gravity
  • Airbag knee massage
  • Priced at $1999 with a $200 instant discount

I hope to have this chair up on our site this week.

Well, that’s about it. Have a super Labor Day weekend!

Dr. Alan Weidner

What Makes Each Massage Chair Unique?

Not all massage chairs are created equally! We carry so many different models of massage chairs, and each one has it’s own unique feature which each company has employed to try to differentiate that chair from the competition. I thought I would make a list of each of our top-selling and/or game-changing chairs and briefly list the feature(s) that differentiates them from the rest of the pack or, at the very least, makes them unique. Now some  of these chairs innovated a technology that was very unique at the time, but have since been imitated by others on this list. I will mention both in that case. Continue reading “What Makes Each Massage Chair Unique?”

Mail Bag – Which Chair Has All Of These Features?

Hi, Dr. Weidner

Here in NY there is a dearth of information about massage chairs, and almost no place to go and see and try out the various chairs, so I rely on your information.
I believe we are about ready to purchase a chair but I need your input on what kind. I know you maintain that Japanese made chairs are the best, so I think we do want a Japanese made chair. However we are not prepared to spend what an Inada costs, so we need something reasonably priced.

Besides price, quality, and reliability, here are things that (we think) are important to us:
massage by rollers as well as airbags
large number of airbags
zero gravity
arms, shoulders, legs, feet (and maybe head?) massaging as well as the trunk
a fair amount of programs and intensity settings
a great warranty & service plan

Here are things that we don’t care about:
music compatibility or lights or any fancy effects

We’ve been interested in a chair for several years so we don’t want to make a mistake when we finally buy one, which is why we need your guidance & service. If you don’t sell what we are looking for, then we would appreciate your recommendation and referral.
If the chair you suggest is due to go on sale for the next holiday, kindly let us know and we’ll wait it out a bit longer.
Thanks very much for your time – Gail Continue reading “Mail Bag – Which Chair Has All Of These Features?”

Best Choices After the Inada Sogno?

Inada Sogno

Here is a representation of a pretty typical email conversation about chairs and wondering which one to buy. I thought you might enjoy reading this email exchange and that you may get something from them…

Email #1a:

Are there ever sales on the Inada Sogno? The price has steadily gone up on this chair since its release but has the product changed at all? I’m guessing the increasing value of the yen had something to do with the price increases, but now that the yen has fallen back, I don’t guess they will be as quick to lower their prices. Anyway, I’ve just started researching massage chairs and appreciate your web site. From my limited research the Inada ranks as the top of the line with no real apparent close competitor. The Osaki 7200H seems a distant 2nd and possibly the best value. Is there that huge of a difference between the two? $3.5k verus $8k…is the Inada really 2.5x better? I’m afraid I’d feel sick using the Inada knowing how much I spent for it…but in its defense I haven’t seen many not happy with it…although buyers of the 7200H seem to be happy with that chair as well. Thanks for any help you can provide! -Jon Continue reading “Best Choices After the Inada Sogno?”

Mail Bag! Inada Sogno for 6’6″ Customer? Chair for $2500 Budget?

Synca Kagra remote
Synca Kagra remote

I get so many wonderful emails from massage chair shoppers each week. I try to save those that bring something new to the knowledge base and then post them, and my answers, to this blog. Here are a couple of great questions that even you may have asked yourself whilst doing your due diligence, along with my hopefully informative answers… Continue reading “Mail Bag! Inada Sogno for 6’6″ Customer? Chair for $2500 Budget?”

A Chair for a 4’10” Petite Woman?

I often have calls and inquiries about which chairs would be best suited for tall folks, but once in a while I get an email like this one asking for chair suggestions for someone quite short.


Hi Dr Weidner, I found your site while researching for a massage chair for my mom. Your website and reviews are truly great, the best I could find on google. My mom is very petite, only 4’10” tall. She has lower back pain close to the spine. I really want to get her a massage chair to alleviate her pains. I’m wondering which models would fit her better? I’ve seen some good reviews about osaki models, would osaki 7200h fit her size? I also saw a human touch model in costco, that chair looks pretty small but doesn’t have many fancy functionalities that Osaki does. Could you please give some suggestions on which brand/model would work better for her case? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Liang Continue reading “A Chair for a 4’10” Petite Woman?”

2 Month Old Black Leather Inada Sogno & 1 Week Old IT-8200 Available

From time to time I have chairs returned to me by folks who, for one reason or another, don’t want the chair or the people they bought the chair for don’t want it. Today I have 2 very slightly used chairs that are available for exceptional prices:

1. Black Leather Inada Sogno including the 5 Year Ext. Warranty

The black leather Sogno usually retails for $8799 and the 5 ext. warranty costs an additional $450. This chair was bought for $9249 as a gift for the parents of the shopper. They didn’t want it so it has been returned. It is only 2 months old and in absolutely perfect condition. It is boxed up and ready to be shipped to you for only $7999, which is the same price as the regular synthetic faux leather upholstered Sogno!

Yes, this is an exceptional price. Inada is always back-ordered on the black leather Sognos, so I don’t expect this one to last very long. If you are interested, give me a call at 801-651-2026.

If you live in Southern California, I can include white glove delivery with this chair, but for anyone outside of SoCal the chair will be shipped with regular curbside delivery at my expense.

You can check out the full feature-set of the Inada Sogno  here:

2.  Black Infinity IT-8200 


A local fellow here in Salt Lake City bought the chair for when he came home from prostate surgery. He wanted to use it during his  rehabilitation from the surgery. Unfortunately, he found it to be a bit too much for him to handle. It is only 1 WEEK OLD!! That’s right….we delivered it two Thursdays ago and we picked it up last Saturday.

New, this model retails for $3195. But, for this 1 week old unit, I am selling it for $2795, which includes curbside delivery and the remainder of the 1 year parts and labor, in-home warranty (including a 2nd year of parts and a 3rd year of structural coverage). The IT-8200 (along with the IT-8500) is a very popular model for Infinite Therapeutics, the importer of, and brand name on, the chair. I sell an awful lot of this model. You will love this barely used massage chair. Here is the full information on this model:

If you are interested, give me a call on my personal cell number at 801-651-2026 and I’ll take care of the order for you over the phone.

Remember, we accept all major credit cards and offer 6-12 month 0% interest financing on all of our chairs.

Well, that’s about it for great deals this week. Again, give me a call at 801-651-2026 if you would like to get either one of these chairs or if you have any questions about them. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

“Hey Doc! Do You Still Think The Inada Sogno Is All That…After All These Years?”

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

It’s been over 5 years since the Inada Sogno was introduced to the US market, after having been tested and tried in Japan. I remember first seeing the chair and being so dang impressed with it’s design. I also remember getting phone calls immediately after the chair was introduced to the US for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early in 2008. Folks wanted to know about this new chair as soon as they laid eyes on it.

Well, it finally came to my showroom in July of 2008, one of the first in a retail showroom in America and it has been our top-selling model ever since. Even today, with all the lower-priced Chinese imitations and the newer innovations in the industry, like mechanical foot rollers, butt and thigh rollers, and zero gravity, the Sogno still continues to be the iconic chair in the massage chair world. Why is that? What makes this chair so special? I get calls every week from massage chair shoppers asking me if there is anything comparable to the Sogno (for a lesser price, of course) and if I still feel that this chair at the top of the class. Well, let me try to explain a few things about the chair that I believe make it STILL the top massage chair that money can buy: Continue reading ““Hey Doc! Do You Still Think The Inada Sogno Is All That…After All These Years?””

Over 6′ Tall & 300 lbs – Which Massage Chair Is Right?

Things just come in waves. In the course of 2-3 days I had 3 inquiries from customers that had to do with size and weight and which chair would work. I had two folks that were over 6 feet and weighed between 300 – 350 lbs. On one of the days when I received an inquiry, I had a salesman at the showroom who overheard  me  talking on the phone with this customer about his size concerns. The salesman just happened to be 6’5″ tall and weigh 350 lbs and he just happened to offer to sit in all of my massage chairs in the showroom and give his honest opinion of which chairs fit OK and which did not.  Continue reading “Over 6′ Tall & 300 lbs – Which Massage Chair Is Right?”

Inada Warranty – Fine Toothed Comb (Part 2 of 8)

In our last review we discussed the Panasonic warranty. Today, I will go into detail on the warranty of the only Japanese-made chair that we carry…Inada.

The existing Inada warranty only applies to residential purchases. If you are buying your Inada chair for commercial use, i.e. doctor’s office, spa, store, etc., the standard warranty that comes with the chair is void and you will be required to buy a special commercial warranty, which cost $600 USD at the time of this writing. Be careful with this one. If you buy the chair and place it into a commercial environment for commercial use, hoping that the residential warranty will apply should something go wrong with the chair, you will be disappointed when warranty coverage is declined. Spend the extra bucks and get the commercial warranty…in the long run you’ll be better off.

Here are the points to consider in the Inada residential warranty: Continue reading “Inada Warranty – Fine Toothed Comb (Part 2 of 8)”

Top of Shoulder Massage – Which Chairs Have It?

When people ask me about whether a chair does a good shoulder massage, I always have to ask “What do you mean by “shoulder”?” You see, a shoulder to one person could mean between the shoulder blades, to another it could mean the outside of the shoulders (where the deltoid muscles are), and yet to another person the shoulder could mean the shoulder blades.

For today’s article, I am going to chat about the top of the shoulder, or the location of the trapezia muscles. There are not many chairs that cater to this part of the spine, but those that do, do a nice job. Continue reading “Top of Shoulder Massage – Which Chairs Have It?”

From the Mailbag: Raynaud’s and a Stinky Sogno?

Stinky Sogno

I had a customer contact me about a smell that was originating from his new Inada Sogno. He described it as a “strong plastic/chemical smell” that was not dissipating right away. He contacted Inada and was told that the oils and other lubricants of the new motor were the source of the odor and that it would go away within 2 weeks to 2 months.

The interesting thing is that I have been selling Sogno’s for almost 5 years and have never heard of this before. I suspect that if it happens with Sognos, other models of other companies may have this issue as well. I would love to hear from any of you if you have experienced this phenomenon before with your massage chair, be it a Sogno or any other model for that matter. Continue reading “From the Mailbag: Raynaud’s and a Stinky Sogno?”

Same As The Inada Sogno? I Don’t Think So!

Inada Sogno

If you’ve done any amount of research in the massage chair business whilst trying to decide what massage chair would be best for you, surely you’ve come across the Inada Sogno Dreamwave chair. It is, for the most part, known as the best chair out there (Inada has even trademarked the phrase “The World’s Best Massage Chair”). However it is also known as the most expensive chair out there too.

Because of it’s popularity and innovative feature-set, there have been a bunch of knock-offs, or look-a-likes, created to compete with the Sogno and try to get a part of the market that Inada owns with this iconic chair. That makes sense…if something is working in a big way, why not try to copy it and get a piece of the pie. Well, most massage chair manufacturing companies have tried to do just that and you can see a plethora of chairs in the marketplace now that, at the very least, have a similar body design to the Sogno. Here is a list of a few that come to mind… Continue reading “Same As The Inada Sogno? I Don’t Think So!”

10 Cool Massage Chair Features (Part 1)

I was just thinking about some of the cool and unique functions and features that I see on some of the chairs I carry. It is amazing to me how interesting and innovative some of these features are. Pretty smart designers and engineers have made the massage chair industry  a lot of fun. I will discuss 10 things between Part 1 and Part 2 of this article.

Here are the first 5 things I’ve found to be kinda cool in some of the chairs we carry: Continue reading “10 Cool Massage Chair Features (Part 1)”

What I Learned at the Las Vegas Furniture Market Yesterday!

Once again, I made the trek to the Las Vegas Furniture Market to visit with some of my massage chair suppliers. And, once again, I was impressed and amazed at the size and enormity of this place. It is quite a place. If you ever have a chance to go, by all means check it out. It will blow your mind!
I spent some great time with Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA, and had a wonderful visit with Mark Holmes, COO for Cozzia massage chairs. I just recently picked up the Cozzia line for my website and wanted to meet with a principle of the company, do an interview and become more acquainted with this product line.

My visit with Mark was particularly interesting because he actually works for Easepal, aka Xiamen Comfort Science, who is the parent company and manufacturer of Cozzia massage chairs. I have never met or visited with anyone who works for one of the 3 big massage chair manufacturers in China. This was my first time. It was fascinating to hear the massage chair perspective from the manufacturing side. I was so impressed with the discussion that I invited Mr. Holmes to do a skype interview with me, ala my interviews with Cliff Levin of Inada and Jim Coppins of Infinite Therapeutics. He graciously accepted. I hope to cover much of what we discussed yesterday in our skype interview for your enjoyment and learning. We will be scheduling an interview time shortly.

Here are my “takeaways” from my day at the Furniture Market yesterday: Continue reading “What I Learned at the Las Vegas Furniture Market Yesterday!”

News and Notes – 01/28/13

Here are some things of interest in the massage chair world…

ZeroG 4.0

1. We have the ZeroG 4.0 and the Panasonic MA70 in our showroom now. These are two chairs I’ve wanted to have in the showroom for a long time and now we have made the room and budget for them. Both great chairs. I will write a brief prelim review of both chairs in the weeks to come. Videos will also be coming soon for both models.

2. We added the 6 Cozzia massage chairs to our website. I still don’t have the details but the images and pricing is up. The Cozzia line is another Chinese-made line with a very low price point. It serves a niche in the industry not well served by other lines…most of their chairs are under $2000 making massage chairs very affordable for pretty much anyone. With PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” financing program along with our GE Capital financing, almost anyone can get a massage chair in their home or business.

I don’t have a Cozzia chair in my showroom yet, but hopefully will have one soon to write about and make videos about. I will be meeting with Cozzia VP, Greg Hunsucker, on Wednesday at the Las Vegas Furniture Market. I will be interviewing him about the chairs and the company. I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with this brand and learning more about how they came into existence. Continue reading “News and Notes – 01/28/13”

Roller Intensity Adjustments – How?

I have spoken before about a chair’s ability (or inability) to adjust the intensity of the back rollers. Most chairs have an intensity adjustment button on the remote control for the airbags in the chair, but very few have a roller intensity adjustment. For most chairs, “what you see is what you get” when it comes to the default intensity of a chair’s roller system. Of course, if one person in your household or business likes a gentle massage and another likes a vigorous massage, but the chair comes with a very intense default roller mechanism, or vice versa, it can be tough figuring out how to get the chair to accommodate both person’s preferences.

Of the chairs we carry, these are the models that have roller intensity adjustment: Continue reading “Roller Intensity Adjustments – How?”

Video & Transcripts of Massage Chair Industry Update 12/04/12

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – December 4th, 2012”

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are doing our massage chair industry update for the week of 12-04-2012. And we have some fun stuff to talk about today. First of all, I just want to, again, go over stock and we’re getting close to Christmas. Continue reading “Video & Transcripts of Massage Chair Industry Update 12/04/12”

Infinity IT-8500 vs. Osaki OS-7075R – Part 1 (Similarities)

Boy, have these two models become popular! Still not as popular, individually, as the Inada Sogno, but certainly giving the Sogno a run for the money. I get asked all the time what the difference is between the IT-8500 and the OS-7075R because of some similarties, principally in price and the mechanical foot roller feature. Well, here is my review of the two chairs, based on the literature and based on practical experience since we have both of them in our showroom.

Let’s start with the similarities and then move on to the differences (even among the similarities, there are some differences which I will explain): Continue reading “Infinity IT-8500 vs. Osaki OS-7075R – Part 1 (Similarities)”

Post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday Stock Status!

Well, it was a very busy weekend in the massage chair industry, as it is in most retail businesses. I thought a stock update would be helpful for you this morning so you know what is available as of today:

1. Human Touch – HT-9500 (espresso color) is back ordered until the first week of December; ZeroG 4.0 (espresso color) is back ordered until late December; the ZeroG 4.0 in black is in stock but under heavy inventory pressure and will be restocked in late December. It could be out of stock long before then.

2. Inada – the red Inada Sogno is back ordered until later this week; there is about 1 week of inventory left of the Inada Sogno in creme and the black leather Sogno. So, if you want those colors order NOW. All other models and colors are shipping without delay.

3. Infinite Therapeutics – stock is good on all chair models and colors for the time being. The new IT-8100 has not arrived yet for the first shipments, although that model is available for purchase. It should be here this week.

4. Osaki – The brown and ivory OS-7075R’s are back-ordered until mid-December; the black OS-7075R is back-ordered until December 6; the OS-3000 in black and brown is out of stock, but there is no date for a new shipment; all OS-1000 colors are out of stock until the end of the first week of December;  every other model is in good stock.

5. Panasonic – all available models are in stock, with some inventory pressure.

6. Omega – all chairs are in stock.

Considering that we just got through the busiest shopping weekend of the year, stock is not too bad. But, having said that, I will also say that it will change with each succeeding day as we march toward the Christmas cut-off. I feel pretty secure telling you that if you have your orders in by Monday, December 17th, there is a fabulous chance that your chair will get to you by the 24th. Of course, if you order white glove delivery or if you live in a remote place that may not be the case. But, call to be sure if you are concerned at all.

Dr. Alan Weidner


New Osaki OS-7075R Chair Live (plus a little chat about copy-cats)

The new Osaki OS-7075R massage chair is now up on our site here:

This chair is exactly the same chair as the Osaki OS-7000 except for the addition of mechanical foot rollers and a higher horsepower motor running the massage rollers. Of course, the foot rollers have been becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the early success of the IT-8200 and IT-8500 from Infinite Therapeutics. The Omega Montage Pro is the only other chair we carry that also has the foot rollers.

Pursuant to Osaki’s announcement of the new chair model, they also said that the OS-7000 will be discontinued. No new inventory of that model is coming in and as soon as the colors are all sold out, that chair will be removed from their list of available models. I understand that the brown and taupe colors are already gone so if you still want the OS-7000, which is $300 less than the new OS-7075R, than black and ivory are the only colors available…and, as I just said, they will only be available until they are sold out. Then, no more OS-7000.

Osaki OS-7075R

I had an interesting experience this morning as I was perusing the world of massage chairs on the internet.  I came across a website that had my comparison chart available for their clients, virtually word for word, without giving credit to the soure of the chart. Fascinating! I am told and have read that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I must say I’m  not sure if I’m flattered or bothered. I put about 4 months of research and work into that chart and love it like it’s my own child (now, that’s weird). I hope people appreciate the time and effort that went into it but I also hope that when content is plagiarized, that credit is given when credit is due. There…I got that off my chest. Now onto some true massage chair news…

Inada announced today that the price of their extremely popular Sogno Dreamwave will be going up AGAIN next year. This time the Minimum Advertised Price will go up $200 to $7999. It continues to amaze me how the price of this one model goes up every year and, yet, it continues to be a top seller. People just love this chair, especially the discriminating shoppers.

We are told that it is going up because of “ongoing exchange rate pressure, higher transit costs, and increased manufacturing expense.” The question I have is “Why is the price of the other Inada chairs staying the same if they are subject to the same “ongoing exchange rate pressure, higher transit costs, and increased manufacturing expense”?” The Yume and the i1 will remain at the same price schedule. Who knows?

The Sogno price increase will happen on February 1, 2013.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Is The Japanese-Made Inada Sogno Worth The Higher Price?

This issue comes up all the time as I speak to hundreds of massage chair shoppers. Pretty much everyone who calls knows about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair and in their heart of hearts want one, but many of these shoppers are looking for something much less expensive.

With so many Chinese-made Sogno look-a-likes in the market now (i.e. Osaki OS-4000, Osaki OS-6000, IT-8200, IT-8500, Omega Montage Pro, among others) that are less than half the price of the Sogno, the question arises as to whether the Sogno is really more than twice the chair in features and quality as it is in price.

Today’s blog post addresses this issue since it is so commonly asked. Continue reading “Is The Japanese-Made Inada Sogno Worth The Higher Price?”

Massage Chair Industry Update 8/27/12 (Video & Transcripts)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Relief Industry Update – 8/27/2012”

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ for our bi-weekly Massage-Chair-Relief industry update and today is August 27th. I cannot believe how fast summer has come and gone, but we do have some updates for you this week in the massage chair industry. Continue reading “Massage Chair Industry Update 8/27/12 (Video & Transcripts)”

IT-8200 vs. Osaki OS-7000 (Part I)

This article will be the first of three articles I write reviewing and comparing the new IT-8200 from Infinite Therapeutics to each of the top 3 Osaki models, OS-7000, OS-6000 (and 7200H), and the OS-4000.

Today I am going to focus on the IT-8200 and the Osaki OS-7000. This will be a 2-part article. Currently, these two chairs have fast become two of our 3 top sellers, behind the Inada Sogno  Dreamwave. I have been getting plenty of calls and emails lately asking me about the difference between the two. With instant discounts on our site, the prices of the two are only $300 apart. What are the similarities and differences between these two models? Is the price difference justified? Well, let’s talk about these two models… Continue reading “IT-8200 vs. Osaki OS-7000 (Part I)”

No-Name Brand Chairs – My Thoughts

I get a call, probably once a week, from a massage chair shopper or owner asking about some no-name brand massage chair. Either they want to know if I’ve heard about them, or if I know how they can get some customer support for a broken down chair from a company whose phone number is no longer in service.

Well, here is a question like that from a massage chair shopper. I thought I should post this one because the situation is so very common and scary!! Continue reading “No-Name Brand Chairs – My Thoughts”

Difference Between Inada Sogno Dreamwave and Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus?

I get this question a lot, so I figured I’d share a recent email from a client and my response to it so that you can all understand the difference…if there even is one (hint, hint!)…

What is the difference between the ( Inada Sogna Dreamwave Chair ) and the ( Inada Sogna Dreamwave Plus Chair )? Both are mentioned on your web site but I can’t determine the difference between the two chairs. Continue reading “Difference Between Inada Sogno Dreamwave and Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus?”

Massage Chair Industry Update – 07/05/12

I have been slacking off a bit with posting my massage chair industry video updates. Here is the one I did on July 5, 2012. You know, I do these updates every two weeks and you can check them all out here on this playlist: I’ll post the 7/16/12 update first thing tomorrow morning. Continue reading “Massage Chair Industry Update – 07/05/12”

Great Tip for the Osaki OS-7000 Chair

A client of mine who bought an Inada Sogno Dreamwave from me last year recently purhcased an Osaki OS-7000.  Earlier this week he wrote a fantastic review about his first impressions of  the OS-7000. It is posted on the Osaki OS-7000 product page on our site:

He discusses the OS-7000 in great detail some of which is in comparison to the Sogno, which he has had for quite some time already. I think you will enjoy his assessment of the chairs.

After he posted his review, he wrote me an email with an additional observation/tip on the OS-7000 that I thought I would share with you here in my blog. Here is his comment: Continue reading “Great Tip for the Osaki OS-7000 Chair”

Great Question About Inada Sogno vs. Osaki OS-7200H

I get plenty of questions about the Inada Sogno and how it compares to other models. Here is a great question from an Inada Sogno Dreamwave shopper and my response…

Client Question:

I’ve been researching your website and have a few questions if you don’t mind. As much as I’d like to buy an Inada Sogno, it simply isn’t in my budget at this time. I could probably save for a few months and get one, and I’m trying to determine whether or not to do that. It is expensive but I could recoup that money real quick by not paying for professional massages. It would be nice to get a thorough massage every day! I’ve read nothing but good things about the Sogno, but I do have concerns on whether or not it would be strong enough. I like very deep tissue massage.

Does latest Osaki chair (7200) give a similar massage? Have you sat in the 7200 yet? I like a very strong, aggressive massage. One criticism I’ve read online about the Osaki chairs is that they give a strong lower back massage but tend to be weaker on the mid and upper back area do to the “S” curve feature of the chair. Have you found this to be the case? Also, are the Osaki chairs built to last? I know the Sogno is made in Japan, compared to China for the Osaki’s. If I’m making such a big investment I really want it to last. A solid warranty is very important to me also.

Does the Sogno ever go on sale? Do you ever offer blemished models at a discount? I don’t think I’d want to purchase a used or demo chair though. Are the Inada’s and Osaki chairs the strongest models you offer?

Thanks for your time!

My Answer: Continue reading “Great Question About Inada Sogno vs. Osaki OS-7200H”

Infinite Therapeutics – Notes and Changes

IT-9800 Massage Chair
IT-9800 Massage Chair

We have recently begun carrying the Infinite Therapeutics massage chairs, their flagship chair being the IT-9800 model. A very nice chair which boasts some pretty neat features:


1. Leather upholstery – Very few of the chairs we carry have a leather upholstery or a leather option. Most chairs are covered in faux or synthetic leather. This chair looks great and could almost pass as a regular recliner. The leather upholstery contributes to that look and feel.

2. Inversion therapy – We commonly see zero gravity features nowadays, but inversion is not so common. Zero gravity is a feature highlighted by a 30 degree tilt up of the chair seat. Inversion, on the other hand, is the chair back reclining past horizontal when you put it all the way back.

You may or may not be familiar with inversion therapy where a person can clamp their feet into brackets on a frame that then swings upside down to provide a decompression of the discs and other soft tissue of the spine. The Teeter commercials on TV recently demonstrate this type of inversion therapy. The IT-9800 chair offers a past-horizontal recline which is an attempt to simulate that inversion therapy. The only other chair I’ve sat on that offers that feature is the OSIM uAstro, which is sold through Brookstone stores only. Continue reading “Infinite Therapeutics – Notes and Changes”