My Trip to Human Touch Headquarters and Inada’s Warehouse!

I went to Southern California last week to visit the Human Touch headquarters in Long  Beach, California (11/28/12) and Inada’s warehouse in Ontario, California (11/29/12) where Inada has all their inventory and from where their chairs are shipped.


But, before I went to Human Touch, I had breakfast with my Southern California delivery guy, Domenic. He has been delivering and setting up chairs in Southern California for me for years but this was the first time we’d actually met in person. It was great to visit with him at Denny’s in Long Beach (Lumberjack Slam…mmmmmm!).

After breakfast, I drove promptly over to Human Touch on Walnut Avenue and was greeted by a welcome sign and by Michael Hamm, Director of Commercial Accounts. Michael was so kind and warm towards me and my visit. He accompanied me the whole morning as they had set up a tour for me throughout the offices. It was so wonderfully enlightening to see how things worked there and to meet the brains behind the product that we know as Human Touch massage chairs. Continue reading “My Trip to Human Touch Headquarters and Inada’s Warehouse!”

Under $4000 Massage Chair Question

I just love getting emails from massage chair shoppers. They represent what folks are really thinking about and concerned about based on their particular circumstances. I received this question from a podiatrist and it covers some good issues that many  shoppers may be considering.


I’m starting my research on massage chairs to add to my podiatry practice. I would like to find a chair less than $4000 that I can use for patients and employees as a free benefit. Also would like the chair to allow me to work on their feet while they get a massage. Any suggestions?

Answer: Continue reading “Under $4000 Massage Chair Question”

My Interview with Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA (Part 1)

I am going to post our 45 minute interview in 3 separate parts, including video and transcripts. Here is the Part 1 video with transcripts below:

Transcript of Interview with Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA Massage Chairs (Part One)

Cliff Levin: Hello?

Dr. Alan Weidner: Hey Cliff, how are you?

Cliff: Doing fine, thanks. How are you?

Alan: Good. This is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘, and today we are visiting with Cliff Levin who’s the president of Inada USA, and Inada USA, or Inada, is the manufacturer of of our top-selling massage chair, the Inada Sogno. They also have some other chairs that they sell, the Inada Yu•Me, the i1, and also the Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair, and we will talk about probably a good portion of those chairs today in our conversation, but Cliff, thanks for being on board with us today and taking time to visit. Hopefully, our listeners will be able to learn some things, and our viewers will be able to learn some things about Inada that I have not been able to maybe impart, or share with them, in the past, and some insights that you’ll have that I think will be beneficial to them. But, one of … Continue reading “My Interview with Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA (Part 1)”

Massage Chair Relief News!

Montage Pro Massage Chair
Montage Pro Massage Chair

Lots Happening in our Massage Chair World!

It is an exciting time of the year for us as massage chair retailers! Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday shopping and it starts to get a little crazy for us…and I absolutely love the energy associated with this time of year. I love getting your calls and inquiries about massage chairs. It is so fun interacting with all of you.

I get lots of calls about whether we have Black  Friday promotions going on at Massage Chair Relief. Well, yes we do! Call our showroom at 801-417-8240 and we’ll tell you what we have going on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here are some massage chair things you need to know:

1. The Inada i1 is replacing the i2A massage chair. The chairs are basically the same except that the i1 does not have arm vibration nor does it have the wood accent on the sides of the chair. Otherwise, it is the same chair. It is also a little cheaper at $3749.

2. Massage Chair Relief website redesign! Man, I am excited about this. We are completely revamping our website and it should be done this weekend. If you check in and find something lacking or anything that doesn’t work right, please let me know. It will be very easy to shop at with the new design. We’ve been working on it for quite some time.

3. With the new site design, we will be adding a new  line of massage chairs to our repertoire. The Osaki line of massage chairs is a


chinese-made line of massage chairs put out by the same company that introduced Titan chairs to the market. This line will provide a good line up of full-featured massage chair models in the under-$3000 price range. The models are the Osaki, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000. You can’t see them just yet…not until our site redesign is complete (see #2 above).

4. Omega massage chairsare introducing a new offering to the massage chair market. It is the Omega Montage Pro. I don’t know the

Montage Pro Massage Chair
Montage Pro Massage Chair

pricing yet, but I do know that it will be available after December 1. It appears to be, like the Osaki 3000 & 4000 models and OSIM uAstro, a lookalike model of the famous and extremely popular Inada Sogno massage chair. This is a chinese-manufactured chair with some nice features. Based on the other massage chairs already in the Omega Montage series, I suspect this chair will be priced in the $4000 range.

5. Inada has discontinued the Cube chair. A cute chair but it didn’t quite take off as they had hoped. It is still up on our website, as you can still buy inventory, but if you call me at 801-651-2026, I can get you a screaming deal on one! The Cube will not be on our site redesign. Inada massage chairs still include the Sogno, the Yume, and the i1.

Well, that’s about it. Have a fun shopping season. Please call with any and all massage chair questions. I’m always around. I told a customer last night in the showroom that my cell phone is like a body part to me…it goes with me everywhere I go and I use it at all times of the day and night.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada i2a/Inada i1 Massage Chairs vs. Panasonic 30005

I received an email from a massage chair shopper last night asking for the differences between the Panasonic 30005 massage chair and the Inada i2A massage chair. The Inada i2A has been discontinued, but the i1 is available in it’s place. The difference between those two Inada models is that the i2A has the wooden panels on the side and arm vibration, whereas the i1 does not have those features. Below is the question from the shopper and my email response to him:

Hi, I am looking to purchase a massage chair for my father. He has calf and back pain due to standing for most of his work hours. 2 of my current top choices are Inada i2a and Panasonic EP30005. I haven’t try these 2 chair; however, I am leaning more toward the i2a due to Inada’s history and reliability. What holding me back from placing the order is the i2a does not have the color i want (black) and it is already a discontinued item since 4/1/11. Please provide more information regarding which chair will better suit for my father (5’11”). If there is (or will be soon) any reliable good chair around the price range, please also share the information with me. Thanks.

My response:


Thank you for your inquiry.
I called Inada and they have only beige and chocolate in the i2A. Are you aware of the i1 chair by Inada? It is the same chair, minus the wooden side panels and arm vibration. It’s cost is $50 less than the i2A and also is available in black.

Now, comparing the i2A/i1 with the Panasonic 30005:

1. Panasonic chairs have foot massage, the Inada models do not.
2. Panasonic model is ideal for 5’10” and shorter. 5’11” may be pushing it as far as comfort goes for your father. If your dad has long legs, then the chair may fit him a bit small.
3. Inada has air bags in the seat, Panasonic does not.
4. Panasonic has air bag massage under the arm rests, whereas the i2A has arm vibration and the i1 does not have either.
5. Panasonic has an intensity adjustment for the rollers; the Inada i2A does not…it has one default setting, albeit comfortable.
6. Both chairs are manufactured in Japan.
7. Inada has a 3 year comprehensive, on-site warranty on all their chairs; Panasonic has a 1 year comprehensive, on-site warranty on all their chairs.
8. Both have great reputations for reliability and functionality…they are both very durable chairs with very low breakdown incidences.
9. One feels more like sitting in a bucket seat with the Inada, whereas the Panasonic chair has a more formal chair-like feel, if that makes sense. The Inada chair is a more snug fit when you sit in it.

That is about it, as far as I can recall. If I think of something else, I’ll let you know. Feel free to email me again or call me at 801-651-2026 if you’d like to discuss these chairs further.

Dr. Alan Weidner