Inada Nest Massage Chair Review

Inada Nest Massage Chair
Inada Nest Massage Chair

We welcomed the new Inada Nest massage chair to our California showroom a couple of months ago and I finally had the chance to sit on it for an extended period of time last week when I was spending the day at the showroom. Here are my observations:

  1. Right off the bat, especially lined up with our other massage chairs, I noticed how much smaller
    Inada Nest massage chair
    Inada Nest (right)

    the Nest is. It certainly does not leave a large footprint! The picture to the right shows the Nest next to a larger, more bulky Infinity IT-8500 and you can see that it is shorter and not as deep. The Inada Nest does not have a space saving feature, so you will need to place the chair 16″ or so away from the wall.

  2. The remote control looks virtually the same as that of the Inada Flex 3S. As a matter of fact, at first glance the whole chair is quite reminiscent of the Flex 3S. The buttons on the remote control are also similar to those of the Flex 3S remote.
    Inada Nest massage chair
    Inada Nest Remote Control

    One thing I thought was kinda handy was the remote storage space on the chair. It is built into the frame of the chair on the right hand side so that all you need to do is slide the remote into the slot and you are good to go.

  3. The rollers are very quiet and smooth. I noticed that immediately and loved it. This roller system on this chair offer the strongest massage of any of the current Inada models. You will notice that right away. There is no shortage of intensity with these bad boys…plus you can use the 3D roller intensity adjustment to make the massage stronger or weaker, to your liking.The rollers, if you recall from my previous discussions about the Nest, have the “pumpkin-shaped” surface. I’m not sure how much that had to do with the stronger intensity of
    Inada Nest massage chair
    Inada Nest Remote Holder

    the roller experience, but the rollers really did a number on my levator scapulae muscles…and I mean that in a good way! The levator scapulae muscles are the ones that begin at the top of your shoulder blade and go all the way up your neck. It is the muscle you usually dig into when you reach to your opposite shoulder and try to work out the knots. This chair does a great job with those muscles. A great all-around roller massage from this chair.

  4. The chair does not automatically recline to a default position when you turn on the chair and choose a program. You have to adjust the positioning yourself. Not a big deal, but it is a bit of extra work that you will need to do when you begin a massage session.
  5. One feature that is lacking in most massage chairs is the arm massage. The Inada Nest offers a
    inada nest massage chair
    Arm Aircells

    great, full coverage arm massage. The hand, wrist, and forearm have 3 airbags (or aircells, as Inada prefers to call them) that comprehensively cover the whole forearm. Then, the chair has another aircell for the bicep region, similar to the Inada DreamWave, as well as shoulder airbags, like the Flex 3S, for posture correction. I was quite pleased with the whole upper extremity airbag coverage.

  6. The head/neck pillow uses weights on either side of the neck to keep the pillow weighted down so that it doesn’t move up when the rollers hit that area. This is a source of frustration for many massage chair owners.
  7. The rollers also do a great job on the rhomboid muscles, which is the area between the spine and the shoulder blades. This is a common area of stress for folks with poor posture or folks who sit at a desk all day, or someone who does a lot of upper body repetitive stress stuff. The rollers dig into the whole area, working it thoroughly from left to right. It also uses a shiatsu modality quite effectively with the rollers here as well. To be honest, I felt my bones “pop” between my shoulder blades more on this chair than any other I’ve sat in.
  8. The rollers also do a great job on the lumbar and thoraco-lumbar region. They actually reach all the way down to the Sacro-Iliac joint and the top of the buttocks. Not an L-track, but the rollers reach down nicely to the top of the buttock area.
  9. The air cells that inflate underneath the soles of the feet feel fantastic. None of the Inada chairs,
    inada nest massage chair
    Calf massage

    or any of the Japanese chairs for that matter, have foot rollers. But, the airbags feel great. The calf airbag mechanism has a slot for each leg into which you can place a hard rubber plate with nodules on the surface. This provides a trigger point compression massage on the anterior tibialis muscles of the front shins. Great idea. Surprised I’ve not seen that much in the past.

  10. Finally, to address the 3DLR rollers, which is Inada’s innovation that allows separate, independent movement of the left rollers from the right rollers, it really did feel like the left and right rollers were working a little different from each other. Maybe my musculature was tighter on one side of my spine than the other, which facilitated a different movement of the rollers from one side to the other.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Overall, I really like this chair. Fantastic massage. If you want foot and calf rollers, or L-track, or zero gravity, you won’t get those in this Inada chair…or any Japanese-made chair, for that matter. But, for a fantastic, thorough, nuanced, and sophisticated massage, the Inada Nest does a fabulous job!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Pre-Owned Massage Chair Directory Update

clearance sale
clearance sale

On our website, we have a page dedicated to listing previously owned massage chairs. These chairs can include those returned by customers during our very generous 90 day return/exchange policy, floor models, refurbished chairs, or clearance chairs from the massage chair companies.

The chairs that are listed on this directory are always priced far below retail advertised pricing and usually include the remainder of the factory warranty (and any extended warranty originally purchased by the previous owner). We always include free shipping as well as our Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty with each chair posted on the directory.

Because of the low pricing and the benefit of the transferred warranty, these chairs usually sell quite quickly once they are posted. If you are looking to save money and are happy with a 1-3 month old chair (older if it is a floor model from one of our showrooms) that is in pristine condition, this is a very affordable and money-wise way to go. Check back regularly to see what we have going on. We didn’t have any for sale in April because nothing was returned, but I am seeing a few come in over the next week or so.

Here is what we have available:

  1. Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium – This is one of the Japanese-made chairs that Osaki has
    OS-4D Pro JP Premium
    Osaki OS-4D JP Pro Premium massage chair

    imported from Japan. It is not even a month old in usage and is in like-new condition. It is a chair that will give you 15+ years of life as well as a very low failure rate (<1%). Japanese workmanship, design, and engineering are evident in the smooth feel of the roller massage. It is well built and very solid/sturdy. It has 4D rollers, which provides a depth adjustment of the rollers to make your massage more or less intense, as well as 43 airbags to cover the rest of your body. 10 auto programs give you plenty of options for varying massage experiences. The remainder of the 2 year parts and labor warranty is intact and free shipping is included, not to mention our Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty. It is black in color and assembly is very easy. The chair retails for $4995, but we are letting this one go for only $3495.

  2. Osaki OS-7200H – This chair is a month old and is being returned to our California showroom this week. It was hardly used and is in near perfect condition. It is a perfect chair for the shopper looking for a good chair without too many bells and whistles. It is priced right at $2495 (regular price of $3795) and includes the remainder of Osaki’s 1 year parts & labor warranty and comes with our Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty. It is brown in color.
  3. Inada Flex 3S – This is our showroom model and is also brown in color. This is from the famous,
    Inada Flex 3s
    Inada Flex 3S massage chair

    well-made, Japanese built Inada massage chair family. It’s strong point is quality of build and feel as well as a fabulous stretch feature. It is normally $4299, but we are letting it go for only $1999! Yes, that’s right, a Japanese chair from Inada for only $1999.Free shipping and Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty included!

You can go to our Pre-Owned Directory at the following to learn more about these chairs and purchase one if you are so inclined. You can also call us anytime at 888-259-5380 if you have more questions about these or any other massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Mail Bag: Best ITB massage; L-Track suggestion; DreamWave vs. Flex 3S

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse

Customer Question #1

This site is amazing. I just can’t decide which chair to buy. I have been looking most closely at the Inada Dreamwave, Panasonic MA73, and Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer. I sit at the computer most of the day and get back pain (upper and lower) and lots of tightness around the shoulders, I also get very tight in the illiotibial area. I like tons of pressure when I get massages. Any recommendations on the chairs I am looking at or suggestions as to others to look at? Thank you so much.

My Response #1

The chairs that have the best IlioTibial band airbag massage are the Inada DreamWave and the

Inada DreamWave
Inada DreamWave

Panasonic MA73. Although the Osaki Dreamer has hip airbags they are designed to hold the hips in place to accentuate the low back roller massage. Those airbags don’t really do much to the IT Bands. All of those chairs, however, will give you a great shoulder/upper back massage along with a good lumbar massage.


Two other chairs you might consider would be the Infinity IT-8500, which is our most popular chinese-made chair. This model has a great neck and shoulder massage and is among our most intense and vigorous massage chairs. We also now have this new Titan Alpine chair that has the extended roller that goes down into the butt and top of the hamstrings. It offers an awesome lower back/hip/buttock massage. This extended L-Track has become the next big thing in massage chairs because finally massage chairs can offer roller massage to the buttock area, which has heretofore only been addressed by airbags in the seat. By the way, although both of these chairs have great massages, neither really does much for the IT Bands.


Customer Question #2

Hi Dr. Alan,
I liked your report, there are so many options and features in the chairs out there, it is good to get some condensed information as is in your report.

I recently started looking for a chair and one very important feature, probably number one in my book would be to have the chair work as much of my thigh area (from glutes to behind the knee) as possible. As such, it seems like the L track models would be the best, from what I’ve seen the Titan 8400 seems to have one of the longest travel lengths.

With that said, how would you describe how far below the glutes it would travel?
Any other thoughts in this area?
I know the Titan is a newer brand name for you to carry, what has your experience been with them?
Are there any new features in the thigh area coming out soon from other models/chair manufacturers?

Thanks very much, I appreciate your input.

My Response #2

Hi, Gary
Thanks for your email. The L-Track of the 8400 extends to the top of the hamstrings on me, and I am about 5’9″ tall. For a shorter-legged person, it may extend even further down. The new Titan TP-Pro Alpine has a similar roller track and hits about the same area. These new Titans along with the Infinity Iyashi (the original extended roller track massage chair) have become quite popular because of the L-track. It is a great feature for folks with low back, pelvic,and or gluteal issues.


Although Titan is a new category for us, they have been around for quite some time. These new models

uKnead lavita massage chair
uKnead Lavita

are an upgrade over previous, cheaper models and that is why we have begun carrying them. They are owned and imported by the same company that produces the Osaki chairs. I have had plenty of dealings with them.


You might also take a look at the uKnead Lavita massage chair, which has a longer L-track than most and seems to reach down to the belly of my hamstrings. It isn’t much more money than the 8400 but seems to do quite a bit more and reach a little further.


Customer Question #3


Dear Dr. Weidner,

First of all, I cannot thank you enough for using your contacts to try and negotiate the situation with Panasonic.  I must admit I am finding this imbroglio quite instructive.

So school is about to start again—I’m pursuing post-baccalaureate studies to earn credit toward a Master’s program I’m applying for–and I need a working chair in order to treat rather severe back spasms (and thus spare opioid analgesics).

Now, I am considering the Inada Dreamwave versus the Inada Flex.  I know that the Flex does not have the function that mobilises the lumbar vertebrae: but might you be able to explain to me the advantages of the “Dreamwave Technology”; and, what is your opinion as to the clinical mechanism by which it exerts the analgesic effect?

And might you be able to help me think about how the Dreamwave and the Flex compare in other respects?

As always, I am grateful for your assistance. Your help has been invaluable. Please let me know how I can implement my testimonial to your greatest advantage (facebook?).



My Response #3


Hi, James

Thanks for your email. Before I answer your questions, I will just let you know that Panasonic requested

Inada Flex 3s
Inada Flex 3S

your address and phone number yesterday because they will have someone calling you (this week, I suspect) to arrange pick up of your chair to repair it. I have been rather impressed with Ellison’s response to your issues. I hope you feel the same.


Now, regarding the DreamWave and Flex, I actually wrote a 2-part comparative review of these chairs. You can check out both parts here:


The DreamWave program of the chair actually involves a number of different components:


  1. The DreamWave feature itself, which is the seat moving up and down and side to side, through a sophisticated deployment of airbags, to mobilize the pelvis and lumbar spine. This is very soothing, particularly for someone in acute low back pain,


  1. The thigh airbags inflate to massage the IlioTibial Bands, which are invariably tight in folks with low back, hip, or knee pain. Not many chairs actually dig into the IT Bands, the DreamWave being one of them,


  1. Waist airbags inflate to rotate the lumbar spine, and


  1. The rollers work over the lumbar spine. One of the great features of the DreamWave is how low the rollers go. Not including the new extended L-Track chairs, the DreamWave goes lower into the sacral area than any other chair I know. You will love that about the chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Customer Review of Inada Flex 3S Massage Chair

Customer trying out Inada Flex 3S
Customer trying out Inada Flex 3S

I recently received a review from our customer, Mike T., discussing his experience with the Inada Flex 3S massage chair (which, I might mention, is on sale for $1000 off all summer long!). I liked the review and his two pictures, so I figured I’d post it all for you to peruse here.

After months of research, I ordered the Inada Flex 3S. We are so glad we found Doc Weidner as he took all the worries away of acquiring one. His passion on these chairs is unparraleled by the other places we inquired from. His knowledge on the chair is imparted without reservation to us.  This made us  quickly sense his honesty that he’s there to educate us so we could make the right choice, not to sell us any chair.
Now about the chair.  We’ve been using it almost everyday for a month now. I know this might still be a little early to give a full review.  I shall submit another review after 6 months.
Im 5’7″ and wife is 5’2″and its perfect for us.  It feels small when its fully upright, but when it reclines I bet it will easily satify a 6 foot person.
So far we have used all the pre programmed and manual sessions.   Very satisfied with all of them.  My wife loves program # 2 which is the full body stretch.  She loves how the rollers gently glides on the full lenght and contour of her back. Then how the upper part of the chair holds her down while the leg rest start streching her by moving down or vice versa in a progressing steps and intensity.   I myself like the full body massage from the pre programmed selections.   It hits all the right spots.  I have a posture problem and the Flex is perfect for holding me down to supposedly the correct posture.  I’m starting to use more and more the manual mode as I discover more of the chair’s capability.  I’d like to manually move the rollers to concentrate on my lumbar and neck.  Ive read on some reviews that its weaker on the neck reach, but I could adjust the intensity and it will excellently reach even all the way to the upper nape.  Also, I tend to move the pillow out of the way to get good reach of the nape.
The heat on the feet and palm is very soothing, I bet specially during the weather season.
Although I wish it had kneading capability for the sole of the feet. Thats is my only disapoinment.  It comes with the siatsu balls that you could put in the feet sole rest that kinda help when the feet airbags squeezes around your feet.  My wife does not mind not having feet sole kneading/massaging.  The air bags for the calves are great!    Over all, we love the chair.   I always feel stress-relieved after every session!
Again, Thanks Dr Weidner & Massage Chair Relief! ~Mike T., Chesapeake VA
I hope you found this Inada Flex 3S massage chair review useful. I thought it was great. Thanks, Mike!
inada flex 3s inada flex 3s massage chair

Mail Bag – Inada Flex 3S vs. IT-8500; Laundry List of Needs; Chair for 4’11”

email sign with mouse
email sign with mouse

emailQuestion #1
Dr. Weidner I never thought I’d consider a massage chair due to the prohibitive cost for me. I’ve owned all sorts of cheaper massage gadgets over the years for tight muscles. I have very little flexibility in my muscles and have had two cervical spinal fusions with the last being in 12/13. I am fused C3-7 now. I also have lower lumbar tightness.

I’m a Teacher’s Assistant who works with developmentally disabled adults who doesn’t make a lot of money and I’m very careful how I spend my money. It then hit me in brookstone why don’t I invest in something that will benefit my health. This raised my budget from $1000-$3000 That being said I wasn’t going to go crazy. Being price conscious I first looked at Brookstone’s $1200 osim ustyle 2 chairs which gave a great rougher roller back, neck and foot massage but the chair wasn’t big and it wasn’t too comfortable. It was a really narrow small chair. I then tried the Osim divine S $3200 which was great in those same ways, but didn’t have Zero gravity. The Astro 2 $3800 had Zero gravity and stretch but the massage was real soft so I was left confused. I could buy a refurbished brookstone chair to lower cost but I hadn’t tried any others and heard that brookstone didn’t have great customer service if something broke.

I decided to do some research. I came across your massage chair relief site which is a wonderful resource, but my main dilemma has been that besides brookstone in Syracuse N.Y. there is no other place to try chairs out. As you know there are tons of chairs online. I also am not a big flyer so as much as I would love to travel to your store it would be hard given the time of year (school). I went to the recent New York State fair and tried some cozzia chairs last week in the 2-4 thousand range (my range) and wasn’t very impressed and then tried the Flex 3 inada chair which was a revelation. The roller was so wide across my back and the stretch was unbelievable, but the foot part wasn’t working at the time. The other chairs really did feel amateurish compared to the inada. It seems like the rollers were so smooth and well put together. The salesmen there though were very aggressive and after 10 minutes wanted a buy decision. Would anything compare to the inada for $6500 which was way out of my budget? Besides the inada wasn’t zero gravity and I didn’t get to feel the foot massage.

I’ve been looking at your site and amazon and reading reviews. It’s very important to me that if I am going to spend the money even 3-4 thousand that the company be reputable if there is a problem. This is what I’m looking for in a chair:

1. A tougher massage that I can pinpoint and adjust to certain areas to work out knots

2. The upper shoulder, neck and scapula region is very important to me.

3. The lower lumbar region is very important to me

4. The foot massage is very important to me. I like a stronger roller foot massage.

5. I’d like a zero gravity chair

6. I’d like a chair that can give a good stretch similar to the inada flex and works on posture

7. I’d like a 3D roller chair

8. Reputable company to back it up.

What I don’t care about so much is:

1. music

2. lights

3. Vibrational massage isn’t that effective for me

4. Soft massage

5. Forearm, and hand massage isn’t that important to me.

I’m wondering if in my price range 3-4 thousand anything can compare to the Inada feel of the flex 3 with the additional features I’m looking for. I wonder if you can help shed some light on this for me. What is your opinion of the Brookstone chairs? Thanks in advance Chip from Syracuse N.Y.

My Response #1


Hi, Chip
Thanks for your email. After reading your email and considering your pain presentation as well as your list of must-haves, I would strongly recommend that you consider the Infinity IT-8500. It has everything you are asking for, except for the 3D rollers. But, it defaults to a very intense, vigorous roller. You can make it less intense by using a pillow, pad, or folded up blanket. It has everything else you need. Great chair. It is our top selling Chinese-made chair. It’s not an Inada, but it is a very popular chair for our shoppers…particularly those who come to our showroom and try a bunch of chairs out. Continue reading “Mail Bag – Inada Flex 3S vs. IT-8500; Laundry List of Needs; Chair for 4’11””

First Time Use – Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair (Video)

Inada Flex 3s
Inada Flex 3s

Transcript of Video Titled “First Time Use – Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair”

Continue reading “First Time Use – Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair (Video)”

Quick Hits – New iRobotics 6SL brown color; Apex Regent=Johnson J6800

rss icon
rss icon

rss-icon-1-970189-mHere are a couple of things to know that have recently come to light in the massage chair industry:

1. Luraco has changed the brown color of it’s iRobotics 6SL chair to a lighter, more chocolate-colored brown. And, when I say chocolate, I mean chocolate. In the words of Luraco, it is the color of a Snickers bar. Brown can mean a lot of different things to different people, from light brown to dark brown, to coffee brown, to yellowish brown, to chocolate brown, etc., etc. Every massage chair company has their own version or description of brown. Continue reading “Quick Hits – New iRobotics 6SL brown color; Apex Regent=Johnson J6800”

Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 2)

In Part 2, I go over the differences between these two popular Inada models.


1. Size

Inada Dreamwave
Inada Dreamwave

When the Inada DreamWave came on the scene, it’s body styling was unlike anything we had heretofore seen in this industry. Copycats started popping up everywhere, so much so that today a chair that doesn’t have similar body styling seems “out of place.” This new design made for much larger chairs that came in multiple boxes when shipped.

The Flex 3S takes this design and creates a much smaller chair. Though it looks similar to the DreamWave body styling, it is quite a bit smaller. It will leave a much smaller footprint in your home or business, should space be a concern. The Flex 3S comes in one box, fully assembled, whereas the DreamWave comes in two boxes, one with the chair body and the other with the ottoman and arm rests.

In conjunction with the size differences, the weight of each chair is quite different. The DreamWave weighs in at 265 lbs. while the Flex 3S tops the scales at 165 lbs. Needless to say, it is a heck of a lot easier to move the Flex 3S around your house than it is the DreamWave! Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 2)”

Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 1)

Now that I have both the Flex 3S and the DreamWave in my showroom, right next to each other, I am commonly asked what the differences are between the two since the Flex looks like nothing more than a mini-DreamWave. So, I figured it’s time to write a comparative review between the two models. Today, in Part 1, I will focus on the similarities and in Part 2 I go over the differences.

Even when I am covering the similarities, there will be some differences among the similarities (if that makes sense!), so I will lay that out for you in Part 1, as well. Continue reading “Inada DreamWave vs. Inada Flex 3S (Part 1)”

Inada Flex 3S Comprehensive Review – Part 2

Inada_Flex_3_pillow2150Here is Part 2 of my Inada Flex 3S massage chair review. In Part 1, I covered a list of the chair’s features that would give you a feeling as to what the chair is like. Today I will mention a few more features that I neglected to mention in Part 1 and then go into more detail about the massage and stretching capabilities of the 3S.

Nowhere in the owner’s manual does it mention a body scan, per se. It does have a “shiatsu point locator” which is essentially a scan program designed to locate particular areas of the spine where the musculature is hypertonic and spasmed. I cannot be sure, but I think the shiatsu point locator system will also fit the massage to the size of the person in the chair. If that is not an included component of the “scan” then I do know that you can adjust the roller height once the shiatsu points have been located. When the shiatsu point locator technology has done it’s work, the roller buttons will flash red. At that point you can move the rollers up or down manually by pressing the up or down arrows on the remote control. Continue reading “Inada Flex 3S Comprehensive Review – Part 2”

Inada Flex 3S Comprehensive Review – Part 1

Inada Flex 3S
Inada Flex 3S

About a month and a half ago, when I first received the new Inada Flex 3S massage chair in my showroom and after having visited Inada for the Grand Opening of their new headquarters in Boulder, CO, I wrote a preliminary review of that chair on this blog. In that review, I mentioned that the Flex seems to be a blend of features from the Sogno and Inada’s discontinued Doctor’s Choice 3A models.

Well, I recently spent a couple of hours on the chair and reading the owner’s manual to be able to provide you with a more comprehensive review of the chair. Here is Part 1 of that review.  Continue reading “Inada Flex 3S Comprehensive Review – Part 1”

Quick Hits – Inada Flex 3S, Inada Duet, + Used/Open Box Chairs!

Inada Flex 3S

Inada Flex 3S
Inada Flex 3S

I have already posted a couple of videos on YouTube about my visit to Inada USAs new headquarters and the new Inada Flex 3S massage chair. Well, we have the Flex 3S chair up on our site now and I should be receiving my floor model for the showroom any day now. I am quite excited to really get to know this chair and providing wonderful reviews and videos for your research.

I really like this chair and think that it will rival the popularity of the Sogno because of it’s feature-set, it’s Sogno-esque design, and the lower price point of $6499. I have a dark brown unit coming to the showroom and will begin recording videos right away. Stay tuned for more info about this new model from Inada. Continue reading “Quick Hits – Inada Flex 3S, Inada Duet, + Used/Open Box Chairs!”

My Visit to Inada USA + First Impressions of New Flex 3S Chair!

inada usaLast Thursday I flew to Denver and took the beautiful 45 minute drive to Boulder, CO where Inada USA has their main offices. They had recently moved to a new facility and I went to check it out. I have recorded a video of the visit and will post that later this week.

The showroom is beautiful and spacious. It has a bunch of Sogno and Yume and the new Flex 3S chairs all over the place. They even have a museum of sorts of all the models that they have carried through the years. There are also some lovely decorative touches throughout the showroom highlighted the Japanese origin of these chairs.

As Inada USA employs approximately 12-15 people, behind the showroom is located all the offices of the staff. They also have a warehouse where refurbished chairs are worked on and a plethora of parts, for current and previous models, are inventoried. Of course, their chairs are inventoried in a logistics warehouse in Southern California. But, their new offices really are a nice facility.  Continue reading “My Visit to Inada USA + First Impressions of New Flex 3S Chair!”