Hey, Look Mom, I’m On TV!

We were invited to bring one of our massage chairs down to KSL, which is the local NBC affiliate, to demonstrate it on the noon hour TV show, Studio 5. So, I went down with my black HT-1650 massage chair and showed it to the great citizens of Utah. Below is a link. I am certainly not TV personality material, but I sure appreciated the chance to show our cool chair to the public. The host,  Darren, seemed to really enjoy it, don’t you think?

Here is the link to the segment:


My wife and I were over at the showroom last night putting some finishing touches on the showroom preparatory to our Grand Opening on Saturday. We are pretty excited about it. I will post some pictures of the event over the weekend so you can see what was going on.

Did I also mention that we will begin carrying the two of the iJoy models, the iJoy 300 and the HT-2720, as well as the Perfect Chair, all by Human Touch? These chairs should be on the website and the showroom this next month.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Dang…Massage Chairs Can Be So Cute!

I just came out of the back office to check on my son, who came to work with me today and I found him, fast asleep, on the Omega Montage massage chair, apparently listening to some soothing music on the headphones from the built-in mp3 player. It was so dang cute that I had to take a picture and share it with you all. This is one of the perks of owning a massage chair…putting your kids to sleep and then being able to adore them when they fall asleep (and some times that is the only time you can adore them!!). This son loves to help out his dad and mom when he can.

By the way, we are busy getting ready for the Grand Opening this Saturday. We are excited about it. We have been doing some radio ads and have a local classic rock station coming on Saturday to do a remote broadcast from the new showroom. Today, the electrician has been over all day putting up the sconce lighting that my good wife, Mona, purchased for the showroom. All the decorating, by the way, I leave to her…she has a real knack for decorating and making things look really good. Our showroom has a real “homey” feel to it, thanks to her. It truly feels like a lovely living room of a home.

In July, I mentioned that we will be having the new Inada massage chairs in the showroom, but I failed to mention that we will also be having an iJoy chair and a Perfect Chair, both manufactured by Human Touch, in the showroom too. The iJoy chairs are a lesser priced, less luxurious chair that are great for college kids and lesser budget massage chair shoppers. It does not have a leg/calf massager and it sits low to the ground. The Perfect Chair is not a massage chair, but an anti-gravity chair that is the predecessor to the HT-7450. It is a very comfortable chair, great for low back pain, and about half the price of the HT-7450. So, you get the anti-gravity feature without the massage.

Talk to you soon. I’ve got to get back to work on the showroom.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Bonus Gift Change

As you may or may not know, with every online purchase of a massage chair on www.massage-chair-relief.com, I include some complimentary bonus gifts. Those gifts include a 3-day, 2-night mini-vacation, a hand massager, a travel-core neck pillow, Sombra muscle cream, and a couple of ice packs. Well, I was just notified this morning that the hand massager has been discontinued, so from here on out, the bonus gift package will not include that gift. I apologize for that, but it is completely out of control. They claim to have a replacement massager that will be available in the fall, so perhaps we will add a new one at that time.

In the meantime, of course you will still receive the other gifts, just as before, but, best of all, you get a fantastic massage chair from any one of 5 major suppliers with a fantastic warranty (oh yeah, and don’t forget, if you buy before June 20, 2008, you also save some major bucks on the HT-7450 and HT-1650 from Human Touch!).

Have a super day!

By the way, stay tuned for some information in the weeks to come about our grand opening and the media hype around that.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Massage Chair Showroom Update

As I mentioned a week or so ago, we are moving our showroom to another suite, where we can dedicate the whole space to massage chairs and not share with the chiropractic clinic. Another Doctor is managing the clinic now, leaving me to look after the massage chair business full time. I absolutely love the massage chair business, especially the internet end of it.

We had the walls textured and painted at the end of last week. We also had some tile put in the front entrance and had the carpet laid today. It looks beautiful…like a living room. You will feel so comfortable when you come visit us; just like you are in your own home. Tomorrow we will move the massage chairs over to the showroom and my wife still has some decorating to do. We are also going to go with as much incandescent lighting as possible and stay away from the fluorescent which are built into this building where the showroom now is. We figure that the natural lighting will feel better and warmer than the fluorescent bulbs which are so commonplace in commercial businesses.

We should be getting the new Inada massage chairs this month, along with the HT-103 and the Perfect Chair by Human Touch. We are excited to expand our brick and mortar selection for the good people of Utah. Some day we will have such a massage chair showroom in your city!

Our new address will be 2248 W. 5400 S. , Taylorsville, Utah. Our local phone number will remain the same at 801-417-8240 and our toll free number is also still the same…1-888-259-5380. You can get a hold of us either way. Come visit this unique massage chair showroom. You will love it!

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Massage Chair In Iraq!

I was just having a chit-chat with our Licensed Massage Therapist, Steff, and I was telling her about all of our international sales of massage chairs. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we do sell a lot of massage chairs overseas.

Well, in the course of our discussion I mentioned a story about a massage we shipped to a client in Iraq. She thought the story was so cool that she thought I should share it with my readers. So, here is the story.

I get an email from an eastern European oil worker living in Kirkuk Iraq. I can’t mention her name because she asked me to never post her identity on the website because she was afraid her mother, back in Europe, would find out her daughter was working in war-torn Iraq! Wouldn’t that be a surprise to a parent?!?

She wanted to purchase a Human Touch Get-A-Way massage chair, which the company has since discontinued, and have us ship it to Iraq for her. I had never shipped to the Mid-East before (even though since then we have sold chairs to Azerbaijan and Jordan) so I was a little leery about a shipment to Iraq. Well, we got her a shipping quote and, upon her approval and payment, we trusted the massage chair to the shipping powers that be.

A couple of weeks later I got a letter from our client with notice that she had received her chair and that she was absolutely loving it. She also sent photos of the convoy vehicle that carried her massage chair from Bagdad to Kirkuk (the chair was flown to Bagdad and then couriered to Kirkuk by SUV). The truck was completely riddled with bullet holes along the side that was showing on the photo! I couldn’t believe it! She said that although the convoy was attacked by terrorists, the chair made it in one piece and they were absolutely loving it.

Quite a massage chair story, eh? Well, here are her words after sitting in the massage chair upon receiving it:

“Hi Alan, look at my new chair!!!! It’s awesome! It makes me so happy! Do You see those smiles on the faces? 🙂 Me and my Best Friend..

One of my colleague already cornered me and said he would like to order one, too, but he would have it shipped to his home address in the US, not to here..I let him check it out and I give him Your e-mail address..

I don’t even know how to thank You, Alan.

I’d like to thank You for all of Your help, Your honesty, Your full support, Your responsiveness, Your kindness,…Your friendship,…everything!

I am very grateful to You.

This chair will make my life so much nicer here in Kirkuk. I hope I can enjoy it for a long time..

Take care and keep in touch.”

A. V. .

Have a great day, wherever in the world you may be right now. And remember, no matter where you live, we can ship a massage chair to you.

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-7450 Anti-Gravity Article on Hub Pages

I thought you’d be interested in this article we wrote for the HT-7450 anti-gravity massage chair. I put it on hub pages so that it can get a little more distribution and readership. If you read the article and like it, feel free to leave a comment on Hubpages.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this blog.

Dr. Alan  Weidner

Massage Chair Relief Showroom Moving!

Well, it looks like we have outgrown our Massage Chair Relief Retail Outlet. We have been carrying 7 models in our current showroom, which is within the walls of our chiropractic clinic, but now, with the coming of the Inada models this month, we are out of room and are relocating our massage chair store to a different store front.

The good news is that we are relocating to a storefront within the same shopping center where the clinic and previous showroom are located. We will be dedicating about 500 square feet to a massage chair showroom. My good wife, Mona, is in charge of the interior decorating of the new showroom and I can tell you that she has the touch! She will be making the showroom feel like a living room so that visitors can get a feel for how their new massage chair would look and feel in their own living or family room.

We will also be carrying the Perfect Chair model P6 anti-gravity reclining chair by Human Touch, in addition to the 7 current models. This chair is not a massage chair, but is the motivation behind the new HT-7450 anti-gravity massage chair. I mentioned that we will be carrying the Inada massage chairs, but in the showroom we will begin with only the new Sogno massage chair and the model i2a chair.

This will give us 10 chair models available to the public. We will add more models as we go along, giving us, no doubt, the largest massage chair showroom in Utah, if not the rest of the western US (I will find out if there are any other showrooms in the country with as many models to choose from and try out as we have).

We are excited about the new showroom. It is going to be great to have a showroom solely dedicated to massage chairs and not have the chiropractic clinic as part of the display. Now, we can decorate as we see fit for the massage chair alone. We are excited to get this going. The construction, texturing, painting, baseboards, tile work, and carpet laying should be done this week. I will let you know when it is done, with some accompanying photos of the new showroom. I think you are going to love it!

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Client’s Letter About The HT-1650 Massage Chair

I received a letter the other day from a client who bought an HT-1650 massage chair from our site. Her inquiry addressed a very valid issue for shorter folks on this particular model. I wanted to share her letter and my response to her for your information.

I have a question about a chair that my husband ordered from you. It arrived two days ago and we have had a few days to try it out. We have found some drawbacks to it and wondered if you can help us…. maybe there is a way to make it work.

“I am 5’7” and so am not short, but I find it impossible to sit in the chair for a massage at the same time as my legs are getting a massage because the leg massager does not raise up or down and it is too low for my legs.. Most of the pre-programmed massage programs include the legs so I assume the company meant for you to be able to have a back massage and calf/foot massage at the same time. I can get the leg part to feel like it fits better but if you adjust it even a little bit… then it won’t turn on…. it only turns on when fully extended. This causes further problems because by fully extending it, it puts it to far out from the chair and so the back of my calfs hit against the top of the calf massager. I have bruises on the back of my calves from this. Is this really the way it is supposed to work. Is there supposed to be some adjustment as to placement of the leg/calf massager? The chair is nice… I’m just really surprised that you did not make this adjustable for height and leg length. Can you send me some feedback on this.

Also. we find that if we recline the seat than we lose any lower back massage that there is supposed to be. In order to feel it on our lower back we have to be sitting completely vertical. This is not very relaxing. Any ideas? The only way to possibly get comfortable is to use the optional pillows…but then you can’t feel the massage. I’m wondering what was the design thinking here.

Any help on this would be great. I’m hoping that my chair is malfunctioning and that there is a way to raise and lower the calf/foot massager.



“Hi, Lisa!
Thank you so much for your email. You have touched on the ultimate challenge for all massage chairs…being able to cater to every body morphology in the home! In other words, a chair that fits and works perfectly for one may not work ideally for another. We see it all the time. As a matter of fact, we even know of families that have 2 massage chairs…one for the husband and one for the wife, because of this great reconciliation challenge.

Regarding the HT-1650 massage chair, the ottoman has a very unique construction. It’s very construction is what makes it the best leg and foot massager of any chair we have ever experienced in the industry. But, it also creates the issue of which you speak of in your email. Let me explain…

The foot and calf portions of virtually all other chairs are detached and, therefor, separate. In other words, there is a hinge/joint between the two components. In this way, the ottoman can be fully extended to a horizontal position for tall people. The great problem with this is that the foot never gets the intended “reflexology” massage for which it was intended, because when the ottoman is horizontal the foot massager lies parallel and not perpendicular to the calf massager. The user, who wants a calf AND foot massage, now only gets a calf and ankle massage…and it is not very comfortable, quite painful to the ankle by most folks accounts. In order for the user to get a calf AND foot massage, the ottoman has to be at about 45 degrees from horizontal (the highest position of the HT-1650, as you know). Then, when the user fully reclines, with the ottoman at this approximate 45 degree position, the same problem exists that you are talking about with your HT-1650. I will also tell you that the massage on the foot and calf, even in this position, on other chairs, can’t even touch the massage of the HT-1650.

What Human Touch has done to provide the most luxurious and wonderful foot AND calf massage, is make the ottoman one, fixed component. This way, the massage is fantastic, but the ottoman will only go to about 45 degrees. But, to offset this, when the chair is fully reclined, as you mentioned in your letter, the ottoman tends to “lock” the calf and foot in that position and it can “pull” on the low back. Now, to be honest, that is one of the features that some folks absolutely love about the ottoman and full recline….it provides a low back stretch that is very therapeutic, especially for low back pain sufferers. But, for some it is uncomfortable (refer to my opening sentence of this email, regarding the “ultimate challenge” of every massage chair).

Now, this is what we recommend for the HT-1650: For FULL recline, if you struggle with discomfort, just bring the ottoman out to the point where it is horizontal on the ground before it starts to incline to the 45 degree angle. Fully recline the chair and just rest your feet on the ottoman, without putting our whole calf and foot in the ottoman. This will afford you the opportunity to shuffle your back right up against the chair back, take out the pillows, and enjoy an absolutely luxurious massage. When you want to focus on the foot and calf, and you are not comfortable with the ottoman incline and the full recline of the chair back, just incline the chair back to a position of comfort and enjoy. You have probably found that it is only a few degrees of difference to go from discomfort to comfort.

Another thing that might assist you in the use of this chair…the ottoman rotates so that when it is out and you would rather have the back massage without the leg massage, you can just rest your legs on the back of the ottoman massager and position yourself where ever you wish on the chair. There is a little lever on the right hand side of the extended ottoman (when you are sitting on it). Just pull it and rotate the ottoman massager around and then you will have a flat surface whereupon you can lay your legs while your back is being massaged!

I hope this assists you in more optimally using your new chair. It is my personal favorite (I am 5’9″ and I totally get what you are saying about the full recline/ottoman issue). You have chosen our most popular massage chair, BY FAR. It is the finest looking and it has the greatest therapeutic benefit, particularly for the foot and calf. Once you are accustomed to using it for your body type, you will grow to love it like I do.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Dr. Alan Weidner”

What Exactly Is White Glove Service?

I am seeing an increasing number of our patrons ordering the White Glove Service (WGS) with their new massage chair, not only on our website but also from our retail outlet. Most folks are not completely familiar with what the WGS is, so I figured I’d take a moment and explain exactly what WGS is.

When you order the WGS, you are essentially ordering a completely hassle-free service where your chair is not only delivered to your home or business, but the packaging is removed too. Now, you may not think that removing the packaging materials is a big deal, but you’d be amazed at how much cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam it takes to package a massage chair! It is quite a bit. As a matter of fact, the packaging from two new massage chairs completely fills our delivery cargo van (by the way, our massage chair delivery van has been come to be known amongst the staff as the “massage chair mobile”).

For some folks, it would be very difficult to put the packaging away in their garbage cans as it would take more than at least two of the large garbage bins to dispose of it all! The WGS takes all that packaging material and disposes of it.

Tip: some folks like to keep their massage chair packaging in their garage or basements in case they return the massage chair or resell it and want to have the same packaging available to them for shipment.

So, this is what you can expect when you order WGS with your new massage chair:
1. delivery of your new massage chair to your home,
2. assembly of your new massage chair in your home,
3. placement of your new massage chair where ever in your home you want it situated, and
4. removal of all packaging material from your home (unless you want to keep it and store in at your home for future use…my kids like to build “forts” from the huge cardboard boxes!).

When you order new massage chair and WGS from us locally, here in the Salt Lake Valley, we also walk you through how to use your new massage chair and remote control when we deliver it to you. We have that added service available, as part of the WGS, so that you can begin using your chair immediately upon receiving it without having to sift through the owner’s manual.

The cost for the WGS is $199.99. We feel it is money well spent. Not just for the chair assembly which, by the way, is really quite easy to do on your own, but for the moving of the chair around your home to where you want it placed and for the packaging material removal. Most, if not all, of our massage chairs are heavy enough that it could take two of you to move it around the house or business, especially when trying to lift it our of the box. Some of the massage chairs, like the Omega and Sanyo chairs, to name a few, have wheels on the back of the chair which allow for easy maneuverability of your new massage chair once it is unpacked.

To order WGS with your massage chair is very simple…you don’t have to do anything!! It is, by default, included in your shopping cart whenever you add a massage chair to the cart. If you DON’T want WGS, then you just have to remove it from the shopping cart, but clicking on the “x” next to the service and it will be removed from your cart. It’s that easy!

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. the WGS is included in the free shipping of the HT-1650 massage chair and, now, the HT-7450 massage chair.

Arm Massage on a Massage Chair? Who’s Got That?

I rarely get asked this question, but some folks like to know which chairs, if any, have an arm massage feature on them. Well, here is what we have and what else is out there.  

The Omega Montage massage chair comes with an additional feature if you want to order it…an arm massage device feature. They are large clamp-like gadgets that come off the arm rest into which you place your arms. They kinda look like large, metal blood pressure cuffs that fit on your forearm! It costs $200 extra for the feature, but some folks want that.

The other chairs that we carry that have this feature are the Panasonic 3222 and 30003. But it is also an additional feature for both these chairs. For example, if you want to get the arm massage feature on the Panasonic 30003 massage chair, you get to order the Panasonic 30004 massage chair. If you want the arm massage feature on the Panasonic 3222, then you order the Panasonic 3513. Brookstone used to carry the Panasonic 3513 but has since abandoned that model for their own OSIM chairs. Although we don’t have the Panasonic 3513 or 30004 models on our website, because they are not terribly popular chairs, we can get them for you. Just call us or email me and we can arrange it for you if you are interested in either one.

The HT-1650 massage chair has an arm vibration feature, but it is not a full massage like these other chairs. I wouldn’t consider it arm massage, but it at least is something for the neglected arms (neglected because all our massage chairs cater to eveything except arms!).

Dr. Alan Weidner

Our HT-7450 Massage Chair Has Arrived!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season so far. I am not a big fan of Christmas music at Halloween, but once Thanksgiving hits, I am into it all the way!

Well, our HT-7450 anti-gravity massage chair finally came into the showroom yesterday and I must say that, so far, I am quite impressed with it. The first thing I noticed about it was how small the box was. I am accustomed to bigger boxes, especially when they weigh a lot (the HT-7450 weighs about 230 lbs.). But, this box was relatively small. When we opened it up, I could see why. The back is shipped NOT attached to the bottom of the chair…it lays on top of the chair bottom. We found it to be quite easy to assemble; a couple of big screws and three wires hooked together and we were done. White glove service does come with this chair…it is included in the free shipping!

The second thing I noticed about it was how firm the seat and the back were. Because of that firmness, I was expecting a more “rough” massage than the rest of the chairs. Well, to my delight, the massage was wonderful.

With the anti-gravity feature, the chair seat reclines along with the chair back (you see, most other chairs have the seat remain stationary whilst the ottoman and the back move). I could actually feel the pressure on my back lessen as the seat tilted back. The ottoman raises to a horizontal position.

The remote is very easy to use, as are all Human Touch remote controls. It is a good blend between the HT-7120 and the HT-1650 remotes. Lots of features, but very easy to use and follow. One of our showroom visitors once mentioned the fact that they didn’t like the remotes that were sticking up on the pedestals attached to the side of the massage chair. They liked the Human Touch chairs because the remotes were stored in a side pocket and could not be seen when one happens upon the chair. Never thought about that, but an interesting point to consider when looking at massage chairs.

When I got up off the chair, I noticed that I felt quite a bit taller and straighter and I was only on the chair for about 5 minutes! It felt great. I wonder if that is a “side effect” of the massage or the anti-gravity incline. Either way, I felt great when I got off the chair.

This chair also has butt and thigh massage along with the adjustable-width calf massager. It does not have an extra foot massage attachment like the Panasonic, Sanyo, and Omega chairs.

Nice chair…it has already received some critical acclaim about it’s anti-gravity feature.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Today is the last day for Human Touch massage chair shipping for 2007

Human Touch performs their massage chair inventory every year at Christmas/New Years time. What this means to you is they don’t ship any chairs after today, Friday, December 21st, until Thursday, January 3rd. Of course, you can order a Human Touch massage chair anyday between now and then, but it won’t ship after today until the 3rd of January. So, if you want to order and GET a Human Touch massage chair ASAP, order today for sure.

Panasonic, Omega, and Sanyo chairs will continue to ship each day throughout the holiday season.

As we approach the end of 2007, I reflect upon all of our blessings and our massage chair clients rank amongst the greatest blessings in our lives.  Mona and I are so thankful for your patronage and kindness. You have made our business a wonderful experience for our family. Thank you for trusting us with your massage chair investment. May 2008 be awesome for all of us!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

The New HT-7450 (Anti-Gravity No Less)

I mentioned on my blog entry about the HT-7120 that I would talk next about the HT-7450, which is the Human Touch contribution to the anti-gravity massage chair market. Human Touch has always had the “Perfect Chair”, which is an anti-gravity chair, sans the massage features. Well, now they have integrated the anti-gravity function with the massage features that they are so famous for in their long line of massage chairs.

The whole idea with the anti-gravity is to not just recline your body, but to actually “tilt” it back so that you are seated in a position where the pressure on the lumbar (low back) discs and joints is minimized. A lot of back pain is made worse by the effects of gravity on the discs and the joints of the low back. I have seen it many, many times in practice. This is why the inversion therapies are so popular with so many low back sufferers. This therapy has worked moderately well for conditions like facet syndrome and herniated discs. Well, now you don’ t have to hand yourself upside down screaming for someone to set you back up straight…now you can just recline on the new HT-7450 and get much the same effect.

Now, here are some other features of the new HT-7450:
1. massage intensity adjustment.

2. calf width adjustment on the ottoman.

3. dual lumbar (low back) heaters.

4. seat and thigh massage.

All of these features are also on the new HT-7120 model PLUS the anti-gravity feature.

You see, the HT-7120, like most massage chairs has the back recline and the ottoman raise. What the HT-7450 does is have the whole chair tilt backwards, in addition to the standard reclining features.

You are going to see a lot more of the anti-gravity chairs come out into the mainstream massage chair market, as this is all the rage now in the industry. Sanyo has it’s new 7700 model which also is anti-gravity. But, the price tag on the 7700 is about $1000 more! Both great companies, but with significant price differences if you are just looking for the basic anti-gravity feature.

If any of you have one of these models or are familiar with other manufacturer’s competing models, please feel free to add your comments to this blog. We’d love to hear from you! By the way, we just received one of the new Omega Montage Elite massage chairs in our clinic/showroom. This is a honey of a chair and quite a bit larger than the HT-125 which sits beside it in our clinic.HT-7450 anti-gravity massage chair I can’t wait to learn more about this chair and let you know about it, too.

Dr. Alan Weidner

The new HT-7120 is here!


Human Touch has come out with a new massage chair that I absolutely adore! The new HT-7120 massage chair is like a glorified HT-125/135/136 model. It is a bulkier, richer looking chair than the other models I just mentioned. On top of that, it has a few features that the older models don’t have.Human Touch HT-7120 massage chair

1. Massage intensity adjustment. I have seen a few of my patients sit on my HT-125 and ask if we can make the massage less intense. The only way we could make the massage less intense was by putting the “dampening” pillow under the patient’s back (it comes with the HT-125/135/136) or by reclining the massage chair at a lesser angle. Now, the HT-7120 has a massage intensity adjustment which allows the chair to cater to all sorts of pain tolerances.

2. Dual lumbar heaters. I have always wanted to have heating pads on the backs of my patients when they are on the massage chairs. Now, we have it…built in!

3. Adjustable calf massager. Of all the features that massage chair has, the calf massager is probably the most controversial. I say controversial because folks either love it or hate it. The adjustable width now opens up the possibility of the calf massager assisting more folks because the level of comfort can be adjusted. The adjustment is right on the ottoman so you can just lean forward and push the “+” or “-” button to make it wider or narrower, respectively. A great feature!

There you have it. The HT-7120 is a great chair. It comes in a black or beautiful dark chocolate color. The dark chocolate color looks kinda like a deep red color. I love that color. This chair also comes with a 3 year warranty. You can check out the chair here:


If you have this chair or have had any experience with this chair, or if you have any questions, feel free to add your comment to this blog.

I will discuss the anti-gravity HT-7450 chair next time.

Dr. Alan Weidner