A Good Neck and Upper Back Massage Chair?

I love getting emails from customers as they always ask questions that get me thinking and it also helps me to know what shoppers are really wanting out there. Here is a question from a fellow named Karl and I figured I’d share my answer with you, since it just might help you in your own buying process.


Hello Like the website, very interested in a chair that can offer me great neck and back massage. Other stuff not really relevant. Would I be correct in thinking the inada Hume or songo offer the BEST massage? Look forward to hearing from you. Continue reading “A Good Neck and Upper Back Massage Chair?”

HT-7120 Intro Video + Transcripts

Although I have posted the HT-7120 introduction video before, I’ve yet to post the transcripts to this video. I am including both the video and the transcripts here today.

Transcript of Video Titled “HT-7120 Massage Chair – Introduction”

[SCREEN TEXT: Introduction]

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘, and today we are going to introduce you to the Human Touch HT-7120 massage chair. The 7120 is an upgrade from the old HT-125, 135, 136 series, in that, it has adjusting roller intensity, adjusting airbag intensity in the calves, and it has heat. The look of it is changed a little bit as well, it’s a little bit nicer look, more executive look, it’s a faux leather, or what they call synthetic leather upholstery, feels and looks like leather, but it’s an imitation leather. It has a cloth cover here for the neck massage, you have a pillow covering over it. And you can use Velcro straps to raise or lower the pillow. Continue reading “HT-7120 Intro Video + Transcripts”

Under $4000 Massage Chair Question

I just love getting emails from massage chair shoppers. They represent what folks are really thinking about and concerned about based on their particular circumstances. I received this question from a podiatrist and it covers some good issues that many  shoppers may be considering.


I’m starting my research on massage chairs to add to my podiatry practice. I would like to find a chair less than $4000 that I can use for patients and employees as a free benefit. Also would like the chair to allow me to work on their feet while they get a massage. Any suggestions?

Answer: Continue reading “Under $4000 Massage Chair Question”

Some Recent Massage Chair Industry News

Luxurious Massage Chairs
Luxurious Massage Chairs

Some things have been happening lately in the industry that I thought I would share with you today:

1. As you probably already know, the Sanyo 7700 chair has been discontinued by Panasonic, who bought out Sanyo. I have written quite a bit lately about the poor customer support for the Sanyo chair and now, it all makes sense. So, the Sanyo 7700 is no more. If you’d like to buy my floor model, which is out of warranty but in amazing condition, I will give to you for $2300, which includes free shipping. It is regularly $4999, but it is 3 years old and out of warranty. But, having said that, these chairs are designed to last for years and years. Call me at 801-651-2026 if you are interested.

As a result of the demise of the Sanyo brand, we will be removing the Sanyo brand from our website within the next couple of weeks. Continue reading “Some Recent Massage Chair Industry News”

New HT-7120 Massage Chair Video Series

Previously, we have created videos for the Inada Sogno Dreamwave, the Osaki OS-6000, and the Osaki OS-7000 massage chairs. We are still adding video content for each of those chairs as the need arises, but we have started a new video series of the HT-7120 massage chair by Human Touch.

I really dig this chair. It is the newest generation of the old HT-125, which I used to have in my chiropractic clinic and was the first massage chair I ever owned. It was the impetus behind this whole business that we enjoy today.

The HT-7120 is a very simple, functional chair, without a lot of the bells and whistles that most new massage chairs boast. The HT-7120 is popular because of the following reasons:

1. Price – the chair is priced under $3000 and is produced by the biggest US massage chair company. It is a chinese-made chair which contributes to the lower cost.

2. Utilitarian – this chair is a very practical piece of furniture. It simply has rollers going up and down the back along with calf airbag massage. No airbags anywhere else. It is all you need for a basic massage in a quality-made chair. The ottoman even rotates under to obscure the calf airbags from view.

3. Aesthetics – this massage chair, along with pretty much every other product from Human Touch, looks great. The Americans are big on looks, and Human Touch delivers that in spades. This particular model looks a lot like an office chair. As a matter of fact, I have had clients purchase it for that very reason. They actually use it up against a desk in their office.

4. Improvements over the old HT-125/135/136 series – low back  heat, intensity adjustment of the  rollers, and calf airbag width adjustment spell out the improvements over the chair that I originally purchased so many years ago.

5. Great Human Touch Customer Support – I have always been so happy with the support I get from Human Touch’s customer support department. I have always been treated with respect, have always received prompt attention when I need assistance, and have never felt that I was getting a run-around when I had a problem with a chair. I believe that their customer support is one of their strongest benefits.

Here is a video that we created introducing you to the chair so that you can get acquainted with it’s functionality. I will be submitting more over time, but this will whet your appetite for more.

I have this massage chair in my showroom, so if you are a local or are planning on visiting us from out of state, drop on by and check out the HT-7120.

I hope you enjoyed that. Check out our YouTube channel for more good massage chair videos: http://www.youtube.com/massagechairrelief

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Warranty Confusion?

When Exactly Does A Massage Chair Warranty Begin??

I get this question a lot and, to be frank, I have always just said “When the chair ships out.” That sounds pretty good and most folks believed it…heck, I believed it. Well, I was discussing a massage chair purchase with a customer on the phone yesterday and the subject came up again.

This time, doggonit, I really wanted to know. I actually don’t like just saying stuff to satisfy a client, if I am not sure myself of the answer. So, I took it upon myself this morning to contact all of my massage chair manufacturer reps and find out exactly what the policy is regarding when the warranty kicks in.

Is it when the chair is purchased by the client? Is it when I place the order with the massage chair company? Is it when the chair ships? How about when it delivers? Of course this only really matters if a problem arises the week that the warranty is supposed to expire. Otherwise, a week or two won’t make that big of a difference. But, what happens if that scenario plays out…one year and two days after the client has purchased their massage chair, the warranty “expires” and something goes wrong with the chair. Will the massage chair company honor the warranty from the date of delivery to the home or business of the client? Well, here are the answers for each of the companies for which I sell massage chairs:

HT Massage Chairs

1. Human Touch – The company policy is that the warranty begins when the chair is purchased by the end user. So, I asked what happens if the order is placed and the chair is back ordered for a week or month…or more! I was told by the customer support rep at Human Touch that Human Touch is flexible in situations like that. If it comes to a situation like that, Human Touch will consider the delivery date as the beginning point of the warranty. Remember, this not in writing as company policy but it seems to be a general rule of thumb for customer support folks at Human Touch.

2. Inada – The purchase date of an Inada massage chair is considered the beginning of the warranty but, speaking with Inada directly, I am told that should a problem arise during that critical “end of warranty” period, Inada will check the Proof of Delivery date and go with that  date. No fuss, no muss.

3. Osaki – Osaki considers the delivery date to the client’s home or business as the beginning of the warranty period.

4. Infinite Therapeutics – Like Osaki, the company policy for IT chairs also considers the delivery date as the beginning of the warranty period.

5. Panasonic and  Sanyo – Same company now, so very similar policies. The purchase date is considered the beginning of the warranty, but should a situation arise, as I described above, Panasonic and Sanyo will side with the delivery date as the warranty beginning.

You know, come to think of it, it might not be a bad idea at all to save the receipt from the shipping company on the day of your massage chair delivery. You just might need it 1, 2, 3, or 5 years down the road if a problem arises on the “anniversary” of your warranty.

6. Omega – Date of purchase. Now, Omega was the only company that didn’t get back to me, so I can’t speak for them about using the Delivery Date as the warranty beginning. But, they are good folks over there, so I would assume that would be the case. When I hear from them I will share that info in this blog with an update.

By the way, if your massage chair comes with a warranty registration card, PLEASE MAKE SURE that you fill it out and send it back to the massage chair company. For some companies, like Omega, the policy is “no warranty registration card, no warranty.” So, just like saving the delivery receipt, make sure to send in the warranty registration card, should there be one with the massage chair you purchased.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair “Stretch” Programs

Stretch Programs in Massage Chairs

As a chiropractor the term “stretch” has a totally different meaning than the term “stretch” does in the massage chair industry.

When I was a practicing chiropractor, we found that lots and lots of patients had imbalanced muscles groups. Some muscles were too tight and others were too weak. I spent an awful lot of my time coaching patients with stretching and strengthening regimens. Of course, the stretching was for tight muscles and the strengthening was for weak muscles.Massage Chair Stretching

For example, when a person had low back pain, almost in every case that person had tight hamstrings and hip flexors along with weak abdominals and gluteals. So, our treatment always included stretching those muscles groups in the clinic and then teaching the patient how to do it at home.

When patients followed the home exercise protocols that I prescribed, they almost always felt better and were pain-free in a fairly short period of time.

Stretch Done by a Massage Chair? No Way!

Well, then I got into the massage chair business. The first chair I ever owned and used in my clinic was the Human Touch HT-125, a very basic but durable massage chair. I noticed that it had a program on it called “Stretch”. I thought, “Holy Mackerel, how on earth did this company incorporate stretching into a massage chair and what muscles does this chair stretch?”massage chair stretch program

I had heard a few of the patients telling me how much they loved the stretch program. I had not used that program to that point (most massage chairs come with many different automatic programs and I always use the “Full Body” program, if there is one, so that I get a good once-over in a short period of time). I figured I’d better give this stretch program a shot.

It turned out to be nothing like what I had expected nor what I had been clinically trained for in my profession.

This is what I experienced: the chair would recline to 170 degrees (almost completely horizontal) and the ottoman would come up to a horizontal position. The, at that point, the airbags would inflate around my calves and hold them tightly. Once that happened, the ottoman would go down thus tractioning my whole body and the rollers would start to roll up and down my spine.

It was a little uncomfortable at first because my body was not used to being put in an “arched” position, which is how it felt. It seemed to hyper-extend my back. Now, I already have a lumbar (low back) spine curvature that is exaggerated, so the arching isn’t best for my type of spine. But for those clients who have a normal or decreased lumbar curve, the stretch function is awesome.

Oh, So That’s What They Meant by a Massage Chair Stretch!

So, regarding the HT-125, the stretching is more of an arching and tractioning of the spine.

When I began carrying other massage chairs, like the Inada Sogno and the Panasonic 30007, I noticed that they, too, had stretch programs. But, when I tried out their programs they were nothing like that of the Human Touch HT-125 massage chair.

The stretch programs in these chairs were more of a gently “milking”, as I like to call it, of the spine and discs. The ottomans went up and down while the chair backs alternately reclined and inclined. It was a very lovely feeling to have that going on with my spine. I actually loved the way it felt. But, again, very different from the HT-125 massage chair.

It really is a very personal preference, but it seems as though the stretch program is a popular one and will most likely be on many future massage chair models for years to come. I can not recall one person ever coming to our massage chair showroom and not enjoying the stretch program on at least one massage chair. And, in many cases, it was one of their favorite programs.

Dr. Alan  Weidner

Massage Chair News and Updates!

The Latest & Greatest Massage Chair News!

I hope you are enjoying this blog. I put an awful lot of time and attention into it, primarily for your benefit. It is my desire that massage chairs are in every home and business, but also I want every massage chair shopper to have the most information at their fingertips so that the decision to get a massage chair is supported by data and experience.

If you enjoy these massage chair updates, I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Every two weeks I put out a 10 minute or so video where I discuss in greater detail what is going on in the massage chair industry and in our store. We get a lot of views from folks just like you who want to know the latest and greatest. I will be putting out another one this Monday. Here is the channel address: http://www.youtube.com/massagechairrelief/

So, here is the latest I have for you:

1. The Sanyo 8700 massage chair has been discontinued. We learned of that earlier this week and I have already had that model removed from our site. Sanyo is going through some changes with their massage chair line…and it is something that doesn’t really surprise me. Since the merging of Panasonic and Sanyo a couple of years ago, I have been expecting some changes to the massage chair lines.

2. In the last Massage Chair Industry Update video, I mention that all the Panasonic massage chairs are now being manufactured in China. Even the Panasonic 30007 and ma70, which were previously manufactured in Japan, are now being made in China, too. I received a call from my Panasonic rep this week to tell me that although the Panasonic 30007 massage chair is now being created in China, the existing stock, of which there is plenty of chairs, is still all Japanese-made.

Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair
Panasonic 30007 Massage Chair

So, if you want a Japanese-made chair at a very, very good price, get a Panasonic 30007 massage chair before the current stock is all gone. When that happens, the 30007 will be a Chinese-made chair.

3. Human ‘Touch has a new line of massage chairs, called the Immersion chairs. In a nutshell, these are zero gravity chairs in a very nice looking chair design. Human Touch is notorious for making very nice, aesthetically pleasing massage chairs. These are no different. We should have these chairs up soon on the site. The models they are offering are:

a.) ZeroG 2.0 – this chair will be available next month and retails for $2499. It will come in black and espresso colors.

b.) ZeroG 4.0 – this chair will be available in the fall of 2012. It will retail for $3299 and comes in the following colors: black, espresso, and ivory.

c.) WholeBody 2.0 – this massage chair is currently available and retails for $1799. It comes in a black PU/Sofsuede combo upholstery.

I should have these chairs up on the website within a week or so.

4. We completed filming our assembly video for the new Osaki 7000 massage chair. This is a very popular massage chair so far but is a bit of a “bear” for assembly. This video will help with that. I should have it posted to our YouTube channel early next week, if not by the end of this weekend.

massage chair secret
"I've got a good deal on a Sogno!"

5. Inada is back ordered on the following models: Dark brown Sogno (until April 16), chocolate Sogno (April 30), black leather Sogno (April 16).

(By the way, here is a little secret! Call me at 801-651-2026 if you want a really good deal on a 2 month old perfect creme Inada  Sogno.)

Well, that should just about do it for today. Stay tuned for my Massage Chair Industry Update video this Monday.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update 02/27/12 – 03/11/12

Massage Chair Industry Update Video

I recorded another massage chair industry update earlier this week and thought I’d share it here on our blog. I covered some pretty interesting stuff, from Panasonic’s massage chair manufacturing being moved completely to China to the possibility of the Sanyo massage chair line being discontinued.

I also go over some back order updates, particularly with regards to the Inada Sogno and the Osaki 7000, currently two of our most popular massage chairs.

I also mention that we have a 1 month old Inada  Sogno with a full 5 year head-to-toe in-home warranty for sale for only $6999. If you are interested in this chair, please give me a call at 801-651-2026 and I’ll get you hooked up with it right away. Pristine condition, hardly used. A client purchased it but his wife didn’t like it much. So, I have it back in my showroom waiting for a nice home to massage folks in.

ZeroG 2.0 massage chair
ZeroG 2.0 massage chair

I also discuss briefly the new Infinite Therapeutic massage chair line that we will be carrying here in the very near future. They have a couple of models that you will find interesting. One is all leather and has an inversion feature. The other is an under-$2k chair that is chinese-made with a nice set of features.

Human Touch came out with a new Immersion line of massage chairs. I talk about them a little bit. We will be carrying them on our site once new images of the products are out. I have included a photo here of one of the new models.

Here is the video for your enjoyment and information:

I hope you enjoyed this video and gleaned something from it.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – 2/27/2012

New Massage Chair Industry Update Video!

Last night I posted a video on our youtube channel (www.youtube.com/massagechairrelief) that goes over the latest and greatest in the massage chair industry and at Massage Chair Relief. I will post the video in this blog entry, but will give you a brief written summary of what I discussed:

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

1. Inada Sogno dark brown and chocolate colors are back-ordered. The dark brown until March 26, the chocolate until April 19.  If you are thinking of getting one of these colors, here is my advice: Don’t wait until those dates to order your chair. They will probably all be spoken for by then. Order NOW and get in on the queue.

2. Inada Cube and Inada i2A models have been discontinued. Some colors are still available, but as soon as existing stock is gone, the chairs will be gone for good.

3. Human Touch has introduced some new products on their home page, www.humantouch.com. The Acutouch 6.0 massage chair and the Immersion massage chairs (ZeroG 2.0 and WholeBody 2.0). Nice looking chairs, as Human Touch chairs tend to be. The Immersion chairs appear to be zero gravity massage chairs that don’t look like any of their other chairs at all. A whole new design and look. You can go to their site to learn more about them. I don’t know if they are available to me as a retailer or if they are just selling them on their site.

4. We have the Osaki 7000 in our showroom and are enjoying it daily. You can read more about my initial impressions of it in the blog post previous to this one.

5. The only difference between the new Osaki 7200H and the Osaki 6000 massage chair is heat.

6. I met with the national sales rep for Infinite Therapeutics here in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago and tried out one of their 2 models. He was here with this chairs at the Utah  Dental Association Trade Show at the Salt Palace. We are considering carrying their chairs. I enjoyed the IT-9800, which is  zero gravity and inversion therapy massage chair. Leather upholstery makes it a rich look and feel massage chair. Priced around $4K. They have another model in the under $2K price range called the IT-7800. Apparently they will be coming out with another Sogno lookalike in the near future.

7. Osaki extended warranty confusion among retail websites. Osaki only offers a 1 or 2 year extended warranty for parts and labor. I explain the confusion in the video.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I discuss the name change of the Inada Sogno and why it is now only called the Inada Sogno Dreamwave and it is the only Sogno model available. There has been a lot of questions from shoppers about this confusing name change.

Here is the video….Enjoy!

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-7450 Massage Chair Review – Zero Gravity PLUS More!

Review of the Zero-Gravity HT-7450 Massage Chair

I believe that the HT-7450 massage chair is the first foray into the zero gravity massage chair market, not only for Human Touch but by any massage chair manufacturer. I think the Sanyo 7700 massage chaircame shortly thereafter, but Human Touch was the first to really make the zero gravity concept a winner in this industry.

HT-7450 Massage Chair
HT-7450 Massage Chair

Human Touch had previously introduced their “Perfect Chairs” series, which was a group of zero gravity, non-massage chairs that offered pain relief and an “anti-gravity” positioning which took pressure off the low back.

The concept of zero gravity entails tilting the seat to a 30 degree angle in the reclined position, thus putting the body in the same anti-gravity positioning that NASA first introduced in it’s space program for astronauts who were in weightless environments for extended periods of time.

Along came the HT-7450 massage chair that was the first introduction of that technology to the massage chair market. And, I might add, it has become quite a catch-phrase in this industry. It seems that every company claims to have a zero gravity massage chair, but very few have a true zero gravity feature. Human Touch has won awards for it’s zero gravity massage chair integration.

Now let’s discuss some other features of the HT-7450 massage chair, aside from the zero gravity feature, which make this chair the popular selling chair that it is today.

HT-7450 Massage Chair  Features

  1. Decent price point of $3499 (at the time of this writing). The Sanyo 7700 sells for $4999 and although it has many more features and is manufactured inJapaninstead ofChina, if it’s the zero gravity feature you are after and it is important to you, it is a lot cheaper to go with the HT-7450.
  2. Buttock and thigh airbag massage. The seat has airbags that push up into the buttock and thigh muscles. This is the same airbag massage that the HT-9500 boasts. It is nothing overwhelming but it contributes to a more full body experience.
  3. 8 automatic programs. The remote is very similar to the remote of the HT-7120, but it has 8 automatic programs instead of the 3 of the HT-7120. Instead of just full body, upper back, and lower back programs, you’ll find programs like Sore Muscle Relief, Sports & Back Therapy, Leg/Foot/Hip Therapy, Neck/Shoulders Relief, After Work Stretch, Morning Energize, Night time Soothing, and Auto Demo. It is a very comprehensive program set that caters to pretty much any body needs.
  4. Body Scan technology. Nowadays, most of the nicer massage chair models have a body scan technology of some sort. What this technology does is do a cursory scan of the user’s spine and body morphology to get an idea of the size, width, and shape of the spine and musculature. The chair will then massage according to those scan findings. Human Touch calls their body scan the “Acupoint Detection System.”
  5. Vigorous massage rollers. Human Touch massage chairs are known for their intense roller massage. The HT-7450 is no different. The intensity can be adjusted if the user finds it a little too intense, but if it is a vigorous massage you are looking for, the HT-7450 can give it to you in spades.
  6. The look of the chair does not scream “Massage Chair” to the user. It looks like an executive-type chair. When the calf massaging ottoman is rotated under, one would be hard pressed to know that it is a massage chair. Human Touch is big on esthetics in their chair models. That is evident in the HT-7450.
  7. Safety Stop on the back of the chair base. One of the features I really like about this chair is the safety stop on the back part of the chair base. If a child is behind the chair when mom or dad go to recline the chair, the chair could crush a little one. When that child sits or puts pressure on the safety stop, the chair will not function. This is a very little known detail about this chair that is fantastic. I have two grandkids who love my massage chairs. If they were to be hurt by one, I would be devastated. Great safety feature from Human Touch.
  8. Low back heat feature. I think that heating elements on massage chairs are a little overrated since the rollers will warm up your muscles within moments of starting a program, but if you are after heat, the HT-7450 has it in the low back. You will definitely feel it when it is on!

Well, that about sums up the primary features that make this massage chair so popular. Just a couple of things worth mentioning for massage chair shoppers: it comes in black and espresso (at the time of this writing), with a 1 year comprehensive on-site warranty, and with a  very easy to follow users manual.

By the way, I should mention here also that Human Touch has a fantastic customer service department. It is a well staffed department and they take care of our clients promptly and kindly. Never had a problem with them and I’ve been selling their chairs for almost 10 years.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair News!

Massage Chair Relief News

Here is my most recent massage chair news update. I have a few things that to address today:

1. Price Increase for Inada Massage Chairs

I’ve already mentioned this ad nauseum, but it is good for you to know that the Inada massage chairs are going up in price on February 1, 2012. The Inada Sogno is jumping up $800 to $7799, while the Inada Yume is going up $500 to $5999. These are significant price increases and Inada blames the weakness of the US Dollar and the strength of the Japanese Yen for the new pricing. It will be interesting to see if the price of the Inada massage chairs come down when the US Dollar strengthens. Hmmmm…I wonder.

2. Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

The Osaki 6000 massage chair, which was just introduced earlier this month, is now  being followed up by the new OS-7000 massage chair. I

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair
Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

absolutely love the look of this chair and am excited to see how it works. I plan on getting one in my showroom soon. I have included a pic of it so you can see why I like the styling so much. Some of it’s unique features include: zero gravity, body scan technology, pelvis and hip massage, infrared heat, 13 motors, head air massage, and outer shoulder massage.

Like all Osaki models, this is a chinese-made massage chair. I believe that Osaki private labels volume-manufactured chairs from China. The price point of this model will be $3790 and will have the standard 1 year on-site parts & labor/2 year parts/3 year structural warranty. It will be available in beige, taupe, and black.

3. Human Touch Acutouch 6.0

Human Touch is coming out with a new model known as the Acutouch 6.0 massage chair. I am told that it will only be available through Costco stores at this point. On www.humantouch.com, it is priced at $4999 and the following features are highlighted:  cloud touch massage and 8 auto-immersion programs. Not sure what those mean, but they sound interesting. Nothing is mentioned about the roller system or whether the ottoman is retractable like the Acutouch 9500, but I am sure that data will come out as the chair enters the market.

This model will be available in black, espresso, and butter colors.

4. Massage Chair Comparison Feature

I have been working on this for months and it will finally be available this week. I am so excited about our massage chair comparison feature because it will be the first of it’s kind in our industry. It is a very comprehensive and detailed comparison chart that compares and contrasts 51 different massage chair features. This comparison feature will make shopping for massage chairs so much easier.

You will be able to check off a box on each massage chair model and then compare the ones you have checked off in a spreadsheet format. I believe you will be able to compare up to 5 massage chairs at a time.

That’s about it for this week. If you have any questions or any information about any old or new massage chairs that you’d like me to do a little homework on and report on this blog, let me know. You can always email me at alan@massage-chair-relief.com or call me directly on my personal cell phone, 801-651-2026.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Massage Chair News!

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair
Osaki 6000 Massage Chair

Up-to-the-Minute Massage Chair News

I’ve got a few things to go over for my readership, including some new massage chair models and price changes.

1. Osaki is introducing two new models, the Osaki 6000 and 7000. I haven’t seen pics of the 7000 yet, but the 6000 looks like an


upgrade to the very popular Osaki 3000 and 4000 models. They are all reminiscent of the Inada  Sogno, which has become the trendsetter in the massage chair industry. The Osaki 6000 will be available on our website in the next day or two. The 7000 will be available in the first quarter of 2012.

2. We are expecting our first Osaki floor model at our showroom this week. We are going to be putting up the Osaki 6000 for our showroom visitors to test and enjoy. Although I have set up an Osaki 4000 and briefly sat in it, I am really very unfamiliar with these chairs as far as first hand experience goes. They look great on  paper and seem to be very affordable for the feature-set, but I am looking forward to trying this 6000 model out for myself.

Massage Chair Price Increases!

3. The only massage chairs that are going up in price in the immediate future are the Inada massage chairs. Their prices are going up on February 1, 2012. The Inada Sogno will be jumping up $800 to $7799, while the Inada Yume will be going up $500 to $5999. The bottom line is…if you are thinking of getting either of these high-quality massage chairs, do it before February 1, 2012 unless you want to pay even more for them.

Massage Chair Promotions

4. The Human Touch promotions are continuing for the remainder of this week. When you purchase an HT-9500 massage chair you get an iPod Touch (I know how expensive these things are because we got a used one for my son for Christmas…and even that was expensive). When you purchase an HT-7450, Ht-7120, HT-5040, or an HT-3300, you get an extra year on the head to toe warranty, making it a 2 year full coverage warranty. Great deals…but they end this week!!

5. I’ve been getting more and more calls about the new Panasonic MA70 massage chair. I shared a brief review on this blog last week from a customer who purchased it. It is at the same price point as the Inada Sogno, but have not experienced it first hand to be able to give you a true comparison. Any feedback on this chair would be appreciated. It is on our site and I have read the literature, but anyone with actual experience would be welcome to comment.

6. I have been working on a comprehensive massage chair comparison chart over the last few months. It is almost ready. When it is, my webguy, Mike, will be putting it up on our website for your to actually compare chairs feature for feature. I think it will be magnificent for chair shopping.  We hope to have that functionality up on the site ASAP. I’ll let you know when it is up.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Have a super New Year and give the showroom a call for our New Year Sale pricing. Our number is 801-417-8240.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs Christmas Shipping Deadlines!!!

van illustration
van illustration

Christmas Massage Chairs Shipping Deadlines

The holiday season is upon us and it is crunch-time for getting  massage chairs before December 25th. Christmas falls on a Sunday this


year, so you are wanting to get your chair delivered by Friday, December 23rd. Each manufacturer and shipper has their own shipping deadlines to get you a massage chair by that date. Here is the schedule:

Osaki Massage Chairs:

  • December 16, 2011

Inada, Human Touch, Panasonic, Sanyo, and Omega Massage Chairs:

For standard delivery, plan on…

  • 5-6 days for the east coast
  • 4 days to Chicago to the states that boarder the east coast states
  • 3 days to the Midwest and Idaho.
  • 2-3 days to most western states
  • 2 days to Phoenix and northwest
  • Next day to California and Nevada

(Inada even has a shipping chart with more specific regions and dates. You can check it out here…
http://www.inadausa.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Holiday-Shipping.pdf )

For White Glove Delivery

  • Inada: 3 business days prior to the dates on the above-mentioned link.
  • Human Touch: December 14, 2011
  • Panasonic, Sanyo, Omega: December 14, 2011
  • Osaki: December 9, 2011

Here are a couple of things you need to also consider regarding the Christmas shipping deadlines:

1. Dates are never guaranteed because of inclement weather. It is snow season and these massage chairs do ship from California and Texas. They may have to go through a state where winter storms are a norm. Just be aware of that. In other words, order as early as possible to make sure you are not pushing your luck!

2. Since we are in Utah, we do the white glove delivery ourselves. That means that it will not take any longer time to get white glove delivery than standard delivery.

3. I have my own shipping guy in Southern California. He can deliver on Saturdays. So, if you order a massage chair during the last week before the 25th, we can most likely get you your chair by the 24th.

4. For confirmed, guaranteed delivery on a particular date, you will have to pay extra!

Well, that should do it. Get your orders in ASAP to avoid any hassle whatsoever with these deadlines and Christmas delivery.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Review of the Human Touch HT-7120 Massage Chair

HT-7120 Massage Chair Review

The HT-7120 Massage Chair from the well-known Human touch is a very popular massage chair. It comes as a newer model of the HT-125, HT-135, and HT-136, all of which had their share of popularity during the last 4 to 5 years. The HT-7120 comes with new and improved features that make it a fantastic and worthwhile massage chair.

HT-7120 Massage Chair
HT-7120 Massage Chair

HT-7120 Massage Chair Features

Adjustment of roller intensity. The HT-7120 comes with a button on the remote to adjust the intensity of the rollers, to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. The massage chair still provides a damper pillow, to further accommodate in case the lowest intensity is still not satisfactory. This model however, gives you the option to remove and hide the damper pillow in the chair back which can be zipped open and close.

Human Touch massage chairs are renowned for their intense rollers that provide nice vigorous massages. The HT-7120 possesses intense rollers just like its counterparts, but has the added benefit of being able to be adjusted to accommodate for different levels of intense massage.

Adjustment of calf airbags intensity. This is another valuable feature of the HT-7120. Older models came with default calf airbag intensity. The newer HT-7120 model enables adjustment of calf width, which regulates the amount of air pumped into the calf airbags to inflate it more or less, and adjust intensity. Additionally, as with other models, this massage chair gives you the option to remove the calf massage wells by rotating the ottoman and instead using it as a normal leg rest.

Low back heat. Previous massage chair models did not possess any form of heating. The HT-7120 features low back heat, which is a nice option for individuals who want to add extra warmth to their massage, and is especially helpful for massaging areas with chronic muscle scar tissue.

Sophisticated style and design. As opposed to older models which had very plain designs, the HT-7120 is very elegant, stylish and almost resembles an executive chair. While retaining identical bonded leather upholstery, its design is certainly an upgrade of previous models.

• The HT-7120 comes with a lever on the side of the chair to manually move the ottoman up and down, to adjust chair height.

Other notable features of the HT-7120 massage chair include:

• A swivel base feature. The HT-7120 has a swivel base that allows a 60 degree swivel of the massage chair, and is one of a handful of massage chairs that has this feature.

• Three automatic massage programs. The HT-7120 provides the basic full body, upper back and lower back massage programs, that enable effective massages for individuals.

• One year comprehensive on-site warranty.

• A ‘Stretch’ massage program. This program available with the HT-7120 is very popular among users. It involves the calf airbags working at your calves, and the rollers massage up and down your back, while the chair shifts up and down.

• No body scan technology. The HT-7120 does not have the scanning technology by Human Touch called the “Acupoint Detection System” that reads the spine and back of a user to determine a suitable massage. This feature is available in the HT-7450 and HT-9500 models.

Overall, the HT-7120 is a great massage chair that is worth its value. It costs under $3000, and manufactured in China. It is made by the giant and well-known US massage chair company, Human Touch, which provides an excellent customer service department that can assist with any enquiries about your chair. The HT-7120 is the perfect massage chair and provides an excellent and vigorous massage.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs: News and Specials

human touch premium protection plan
human touch premium protection plan

We are getting close to the holiday season, so it is time to get geared up for it as far as massage chairs are concerned. Here are some things you need to know before it gets too late:

1. Human Touch Promotions are going strong. There are three that apply to our massage chairs:

a.) If you purchase an Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair, you will also get a free iTouch with your purchase. Human Touch will mail that gift to you separately once you purchase the chair and fill out the redemption paperwork,

b.) Free 2 year extended warranty with the purchase of any Human Touch massage chair, except the HT-9500 and the iJoy and Perfect


Chair models. This is called the Premium Protection Plan and gives you on-site, in-home warranty support for 2 years, rather than the standard 1 year warranty. And finally…

c.) Free  Human Touch CirQlation foot and calf massager with the purchase of a PC-085 or PC-086 Perfect Chair. The bad news with this promotion is that there won’t be any PC-085 or PC-086 Perfect Chairs until early 2012. According to Human Touch’s own website…

Due to severe weather and flooding throughout Asia, our factory production is temporarily suspended. As a result, this product is out of stock online until early 2012.

So, go ahead and order anyway, so that you can still get the bonus gift when the chairs finally do come in.

2. Inada Sogno massage chairs stock update:

It seems that Inada is always backordered on one color or another of the popular Inada Sogno massage chair. Well, currently they are stocked up on every color, except chocolate which should be in next week. But, take it from me…if you are even remotely thinking about getting an Inada Sogno for Christmas, order NOW so that you can make sure to get one. They sell out like crazy!

3. Delivery of massage chairs by December 25th is a big deal.

I will be posting Christmas shipping deadlines for each  massage chair manufacturer within a week or so. That way you will know how far you can procrastinate! 😉

And, as always, please feel free to contact me by email or my personal cell phone (801-651-2026) anytime! I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan  Weidner


Brand Name Vs. No Name Massage Chair – How To Tell The Difference

HT-9500 Massage Chair
HT-9500 Massage Chair

Brand Name vs. No Name Massage Chairs

I get calls all the time from people searching for someone to help with their no name massage chair problems. They bought their chairs for “a song” and now they are paying the price for it. This article will help you see the difference between a no name chair and a brand name model.

When you buy a massage chair, it not unlike when you make other major purchases. You want to know there will be guarantees if something goes wrong. You expect good customer service if you need help figuring out how to operate an item.


The same goes for your massage chair purchase. You should do some research to find out about the manufacturer before you make a decision. You want a reputable company that serves its customers after the sale. High sales volume generally means the product is of good quality.

With an electronic gadget like a massage chair, things can go wrong. Rollers, airbags, or circuit boards can fail. You want a good warranty, but just because the warranty sounds great, doesn’t mean it is good. One of the best ways to check on a warranty is to ask for customer reviews. Reputable companies do not mind giving these out. They may post reviews on their website.

There are cheap Chinese knock-offs of name brand massage chairs sold for much less than their original counterparts. People get burned because they rush into a purchase without doing much research. It is such a good deal, they can’t pass it by. There is a saying, “Pay me now or pay me later.” This certainly applies to massage chairs.

Here are the pro’s and con’s of buying a name brand vs. a no-name massage chair:

No-Name Brand Massage Chairs


1. The products look good.

2. Big savings on a less expensive chair.

3. That’s about it


1. High rate of failure.

2. Warranty support lacking.

3. Usually cannot find parts.

4. Inaccessible customer support. Generally you have to email or leave a message and hope to hear back from them.

5. Generally the reseller does not stay in business more than a few months.

6. Outrageous warranty claims. I know of one reseller that boasted a ten year full warranty. No-names are lacking in warranty support.

Brand Name Massage Chairs


1. Parts are available. With thousands of chairs having been sold, the brand name companies have parts for your chair.

2. Customer reviews are more available now than ever before with so many chairs being sold. You can find them online.

3. Good customer service includes phone numbers that are generally answered right away and live chat on the company website. They stand ready to help you with any problem.

4. Continual upgrading of their chairs. Name brand companies spend money on research and development.

5. Even after expiration of the warranty, name brand companies can refer you to a technician nearby.


1. Cost. You will pay more for a brand name chair with the same features as a knock-off. Many brand name chairs are made in Japan and are generally higher quality than those from China.

2. Well…I realy can’t think of any other cons.

I hope this information convinces you to avoid the cheap, no-name massage chair trap. Maybe you like taking risks and don’t care if you lose money. If you want quality that will give you years of satisfaction, then go with the name brand.

Some good brand names include Inada, Panasonic, Elite, OSIM, Omega, Osaki, Sanyo, and Human Touch. There are other good ones, as well. The internet makes it easy for you to check on many companies and models for the features that interest you.

Do your homework if you decide to purchase from an online retailer. It is good to investigate customer support, even with brand name chairs. Call them before you buy and see how you are treated. Local showrooms will give you the opportunity to sit in the chairs and see how they feel.

Whatever you do, find a source with a solid reputation in the industry. With this information about no-names and brand names you should be able to decide wisely on a good massage chair for your home or office.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Foot Rollers in a Massage Chair?

Is There A Massage Chair Out There With Foot Rollers?

UPDATE TO THIS BLOG POST (02/15/2012):  Recently, Omega has introduced a new model, the Omega Montage Pro massage chair which has rollers in the feet. You can check out this new model here:  http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/massage-chairs/omega/omega-montage-pro/


I spoke to a gentleman yesterday afternoon who asked me about finding a replacement for his old King Kong massage chair. It had been irreparably damaged by flooding in his home and was looking to get a new chair.

The main thing he was looking for in a chair was rollers in the foot portion of the ottoman. The reason he just doesn’t get a new King Kong chair is because they exist no more. Apparently, they went out of business after they lost a law suit to Human Touch.


Other than the Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500, which has a phenomenal calf and foot massage ottoman, I couldn’t think of any other massage chair that has actual mechanical rollers under the foot. Virtually every other massage chair that I am aware of uses airbags in the ottoman. Even though each manufacturer uses airbags differently so that the feel is unique to their particular line of chairs, it is all still airbags. By the way, of all the massage chairs we sell, I’d have to say that the foot and calf massage of the Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair is the best, hands down. It really feels awesome!

I’d like to know if any of our readers are aware of a massage chair that has foot rollers. If you do, drop me a line at alan@massage-chair-relief.com or call me on my cell number at 801-651-2026. I’d be very interested, as would my client, to find out if there are any other massage chairs with mechanical foot rollers. Here is a picture


of the rollers, for your enjoyment and curiousity…

Massage Chair Foot Rollers
Massage Chair Foot Rollers

Dr. Alan Weidner

Price of HT-9500 Going Up November 1, 2011


Human Touch Massage Chair News…

Human Touch announced that the price of their popular HT-9500 massage chair will be going up to $5499 on November 1,, 2011. The


current price is $4999. If this is a chair that you are interested in, I would encourage you to buy before that date to avoid the price jump.


Coinciding with that price increase, Human Touch is offering an iPod touch with the purchase of an HT-9500 massage chair. This is a limited promotion from November 1 – December 31, 2011.

Other Promotions by Human Touch include:

Free 2 year extended warranty with the purchase of any Human Touch massage chair, not including the HT-9500 or any of the iJoy chairs. Valid from November 1 – December 31, 2011.

Free CirQlation foot and calf massager with the purchase of a Perfect Chair 085 (Transitional) or 086 (Serenity model recliner). Valid from November 1 – December 31, 2011.



Dr. Alan Weidner


Human Touch Massage Chair Review of HT-7120, HT-5040, and HT-3300 Massage Chairs

HT-7120 Massage Chair
HT-7120 Massage Chair

HT-3300 vs. HT-5040 vs. HT-7120 Massage Chairs

by Human Touch

If you are looking for a bargain on a good massage chair, look no further than the models produced by Human Touch. An American company with chinese-manufactured massage chairs, these quality chairs offer features once found only on more expensive chairs. For example, one of their biggest sellers is the HT-7120 massage chair, popular because of all the bells and whistles included for a reasonable price.

You can spend even less, and get either the HT-5040 or the HT-3300 with the same great roller technology. These models offer fewer features, but not everyone wants all the fancy additions found on higher priced chairs.

Since these three chairs are so closely related, I will review for you the similarities and differences between them.

HT-7120 Massage Chairs

A few years ago, the HT-125/135/136 series was popular, but improvements needed to be made. The HT-7120 was developed to include features absent from the older models, like adjustable intensity of massage rollers and calf airbags. Low back heat was not featured in older models.


The HT-7120 utilizes bonded leather instead of real leather upholstery which helps keep the cost down. The Human Touch massage chair specialty of a 60 degree swivel is included. Also, both the ottoman and chair back operate with a power recline feature.

HT-5040 and HT-3300 Massage Chairs

The HT-5040 massage chair is essentially the same chair as the HT-7120. However, intensity adjustments for the calf airbags or rollers, power recline, and low back heat are not included.

An even more basic chair is the HT-3300 with its manual feature to recline the chair back. It does include a power benefit for raising and lowering the ottoman which keeps you from having to bend over for adjustment.

HT-3300 Massage Chair

These three models all have the same basic look. The major difference in the HT-3300 massage chair is with the arm rests. The HT-7120 and HT-5040 both have soft and rounded upholstery on the arm rests, whereas the HT-3300 has arm rests of wood.

HT-3300 Massage Chair
HT-3300 Massage Chair

To justify prices for the HT-3300 and HT-5040 at lower levels, Human Touch has not included some of the features you will see in the higher priced models. At the time of writing this article, the HT-3300 sells for $1499, the HT-5040 for $1999, and the HT-7120 for $2899.

If you have priced quality massage chairs at all, you know that these are very good prices. I am certain you have not seen many name-brand massage chairs advertised for prices like these. However, it is good to be careful when you shop. There are incredible prices on chairs out there with lots of features and they sound wonderful. But, check around and be sure to find out the warranty and customer service guarantees before you buy.

These three Human Touch models all come with a standard one year comprehensive, on-site warranty, three year chassis/structure warranty, and two year parts warranty. One thing I have found with Human Touch is that their customer service is second to none. I love the fact that after the sale, they are always there to help whether offline or online.

It is good to think about things like warranties and customer service when you consider an off brand. If you have a problem with the chair, you want the company to be there to help you get it fixed. Human Touch has a great reputation for customer service and warranty support. Whether you decide on the HT-7120, HT-5040, or HT-3300, you will find that a Human Touch massage chair will serve you well.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Human Touch HT-9500 Massage Chair Price Going Up Nov. 1!

HT-9500 massage chair
HT-9500 massage chair

HT-9500 Massage Chair Price Going Up!

We received notification this last week that Human Touch will be increasing the price of their popular HT-9500 massage chair to $5499


from the current price of $4999.

The HT-9500 is the newly revamped version of the old HT-1650, which we found to be an extremely popular seller, on account of two things: 1.) great foot and calf massage, and 2.) the look and feel of a regular recliner. The new HT-9500 made some changes by adding an off-the-ground elevation feature of the ottoman to accommodate shorter body types and adding an iPhone app to run the chair from your iPhone.


The HT-9500 pricing of $5499 seems a little high for a chinese-made chair, but it is a great chair and we expect sales to continue without any ill-effect from the up-and-coming price increase.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Airbags

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The Airbags of the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

With the advent of the Inada Sogno massage chair, competition has been eliminated in regard to airbag technology.  The

Inada Sogno Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Massage Chair

additional descriptive name – Dreamwave  – is more than a marketing moniker. The previous best massage coverage of the body at 450 square inches was offered by the Panasonic 30007 and was considered pretty good.

Well, the Inada Sogno has trumped that chair by a wide margin boasting over 1200 square inches of massage coverage.  To be clear, square inch body coverage includes that provided by rollers as well as air bags.  Most massage chairs utilize the airbag concept of massage, but the Inada Sogno technological advances are truly astounding.

Here are 6 body areas massaged by Inada Sogno massage chair airbags:

1. Cervical headpiece airbags – The Inada Sogno has a wonderful feature that feels like human fingers working your neck muscles. I’m not aware of another name-brand massage chair that uses airbags for cervical massage.  There is the option of using the traditional roller massage by placing the headpiece over the chair’s back.  After using the airbags once, you will be ready to return again and again, just for that feature.

Similar to the way your licensed massage therapist digs elbows into your shoulder muscles, the cervical headpiece has airbags for both sides of your neck to push down on your upper shoulders.  For those of you that want to know, these are the trapezia muscles!  This great feature loosens those muscles that get tight and sore after working at a computer all day. The airbag massaging motion feels so relaxing.

2. Full arm airbags – includes fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm up to and including the upper arm.  I have not seen this thorough an arm massage in any other massage chair.

3. Lower lumbar airbags – airbags have been around for some time, but Inada’s technology is advanced.  For sufferers of low back pain, the rotation that mimics a chiropractic adjustment brings welcome relief.  The airbags inflate alternate sides to lift your low back forward on one side and then the other to produce rotation in that lower lumber area that so often needs corrective motion.

You can adjust the intensity of your massage experience with the remote control.  I have found that for some people, the intensity of the airbag massage can be too much.  It is easy enough to adjust to a lower setting for your comfort.

4. Seat airbags – this feature I have not seen in other massage chairs is known as Dreamwave technology.  Through airbag pressure, the seat moves up and down as well as going side to side in a figure 8 movement. The relief achieved by sufferers of acute low back pain is marvelous.

5. ITB airbags – Accompanying almost any hip, knee or back problem is tenderness on the outside of each thigh.  These sore spots are the Iliotibial Band (ITB) muscles. As you sit, the Inada Sogno ITB airbags massage your outer thighs.  At first it can be extremely sore, but with more use, the area will loosen up.  You will be pleased to find other problems in your lower quadrant resolving with regular use of this feature, not found in other massage chairs.

6. Calf and foot airbags – the Inada Sogno like most chairs does have a foot and calf massager.  These airbags are good, but nothing special.  With so many extraordinary functions that put the chair at the top of the line in most areas, my opinion is that the HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch offers the best foot and calf massage feature.

There you have my views of airbag features in the popular Inada Sogno massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair – The True Story

My 19 years of chiropractic and the last 9 years of massage chair usage bring me to some conclusions about the zero gravity massage chair. Also, termed “anti-gravity,” zero gravity has become a catch phrase with massage chair shoppers. It has become so

popular that much confusion about the term has resulted.

Unfortunately, many proponents of the feature make claims that cannot be supported. Nearly all sales people lately seem to be saying their chairs are zero gravity. Upon close examination of the chairs said to have this feature, I have to say the claims seem close to false advertising.

History of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity first became known from NASA studies in the space program. The largestUSmassage chair manufacturer, Human Touch, used the concept of zero-gravity to design chairs for the home. They called the line of chairs – Perfect Chair.

To paraphrase the Human Touch website, NASA’s Skylab program discovered a body position which feels like weightlessness.  It is the point at which muscles are balanced with lessened pressure from gravity and the result is true relaxation.  The Perfect Chair recliner is designed to produce zero gravity.

There is a reason you were encouraged to avoid slumping as a teenager. Gravity exerts a horrific force on the body throughout life. If your body is not in proper alignment, gravity will cause all kinds of health problems. By positioning your body at zero gravity, pressure on joints is relieved. All those places like your knees, neck, hips, lower and upper back can relax because gravitational force is lessened. By regular sessions in your chair, you can keep your body structure aligned and healthy.

To give you an example, a common malady is a slouched shoulder posture along with a forward head carriage. Gravitational “pull” adversely affects your spine when you continue in such a body position. Fatigue sets in because it takes energy to battle the effects of gravity on your off-kilter body. The pressure on your joints causes them to wear out with such musculoskeletal conditions as degenerative arthritis the tragic result.

Perhaps you have tried out a zero gravity chair. If so, you know how the term “weightlessness” applies to such a massage chair. Your position in the chair removes pressure and is very comfortable. Sufferers of low back pain are especially helped. I have heard many people say their sleep is better in a zero gravity chair than in their own bed.

So, What On Earth Is Zero Gravity Anyway?

The best seated position to produce “weightlessness” is for the seat to tilt up 30 degrees. That’s zero gravity. A simple idea is what Human Touch used to design the Perfect Chair line. Then they applied the same concept to the HT-7450 massage chair. This was the beginning of zero gravity in a massage chair. This, along with the massage feature, spawned a whole new level of therapy from massage chair manufacturers.

Soon Sanyo introduced the Sanyo 7700 massage chair. They employed the same technology with the 30 degree seat angle along with massage therapy. The true zero gravity chairs, the Sanyo 7700 and the Human Touch HT-7450 are very popular for their respective manufacturers. I believe the tilted seat is the key to their popularity. Since then many new massage chair models have come out with zero gravity as a primary feature. Examples of some of these models include the Osaki 4000, Osaki 6000, Osaki 7000, Omega Montage Pro,

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs – False Advertising?

It is beyond me why there are so many models claiming the zero gravity feature when their seats have nowhere near a 30 degree upward tilt. It appears to be a marketing scheme to take advantage of the current zero gravity frenzy.

Regardless of the massage chair you get for your office or home, whether anti-gravity or not, it will be life changing. You will love it, and your body will thank you. If you want to own a true zero gravity massage chair, now you know enough to ask the right questions before you buy.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Japanese vs. Chinese Made Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are made either in China or Japan, for the most part. All Inada massage chairs and Sanyo massage chairs are manufactured in Japan. Human Touch and Omega have their chairs manufactured in China. Panasonic has a couple of models made in Japan, with the rest being manufactured in China. Japanese massage chairs are typically more expensive than the less-expensive Chinese counter-part. Pretty much ALL of the cheap online massage chairs are what I like to call “Chinese knock-offs” because they are made in China at a lower price and many of these chairs are created to mimic quality name-brand massage chairs, but feedback we get is that those “knock offs” are of a poor quality.

Inherently, we tend to think that the Japanese chairs are of a better quality workmanship and that the Chinese chairs are of a lesser quality workmanship. I don’t know exact statistics from the massage chair manufacturers for which we carry their chairs, but based on feedback from clients, the Chinese-made chairs tend to have more warranty issues than do the Japanese chairs. Now, I don’t hear from every customer, but I do hear from some and there seems to be a tendency to a higher failure rate amongst Chinese-made chairs. I’d really like to see some legitimate stats from the manufacturers to support or debunk that hypothesis. But, I doubt that they would surrender that information for obvious reasons.

I did a little search on Google for any chatter or information about the comparison of Japanese and Chinese product quality…not just massage chairs. I didn’t find much, but I did happen upon an online political forum discussion that addressed the question. The reason I am putting it here is because the question and the responses are very similar to and indicative of what I hear from customers and shoppers in my industry (the link to this conversation is here: http://www.politicsforum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=123607)

Sphinx: I am wondering why there is much difference in quality between Japanese and Chinese products, although as far as I am concerned they have similar IQ statistics.

Potemkin: Japanese products weren’t always of high quality. Back in the 1950s and 60s, ‘Made in Japan’ meant pretty much what ‘Made in China’ means now – shoddy workmanship and poor quality control. It’s what you bought if you couldn’t afford to buy American or British. It has nothing to do with IQ points, and everything to do with infrastructure, training and investment.

Eauz: Part of this reason was that they were just advised to produce goods and services, not perfect upon them. The Japanese given an idea of a commodity, and were advised to just reproduce it or copy it, in the cheapest way, in order to provide cheap consumer goods to society. As the Japanese society grew, they started to design and manufactor their own products similar to those that were originally imported from a foreign country and were highly successful, as we saw that within the span of one decade, Japanese manufactured goods were covering the world, with products that were superior in quality and design. This concept of continuous improvement is found in the word Kaizen (改善).

Although, the Japanese had a more refined culture of analyzing and studying products (master-apprentice approach) to their smallest concept, from 1860’s until 1960, the Japanese, just like the Chinese were required to just copy and reproduce American made products in the cheapest way. It was not until the Japanese manufacturers became strong enough, in the global market, did they dump the foreign junk and start to reproduce more efficient commodities, with higher quality and design. I don’t think China has this concept of kaizen in its society, thus, I doubt it has anything to do with race or intelligence.

Potemkin: I believe the Chinese do have a concept similar to ‘kaizen’ in their culture. An interesting case study might be the recent development this year in Taiwan of a new and genuinely innovative fountain pen at an affordable price, which seeks to improve on the fountain pens available in the same price range in the West, as documented in this thread in The Fountain Pen Forum. The way in which the manufacturers have sought and incorporated feedback from the user base of consumers is exemplary, and bears comparison with the efforts of Japanese manufacturers to improve the quality of their products in the 1960s and 70s. The pen has even won a design award. This is clearly ‘kaizen’ at work, but in China (Taiwan) rather than Japan. Manufacturers in mainland China have also recently shown awareness of the need to improve their quality control and to produce genuinely innovative products.

I hope this post sheds some light on the Japanese vs. Chinese made massage chair issue. We are always asked about the country of manufacture for our massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Massage Chairs and Surge Protectors – a good mix!

We had a lightning storm here a few weeks back and a subsequent power outage as a result of it. Well, when the storm was all said and done and the power was back on, I learned that our HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch was “on the fritz.” It didn’t work and the red lights on the remote control were flashing incessantly. I immediately gave Human Touch a call (their customer service department is awesome, by the way) and told them about my problem. My customer support rep assumed it was a blown computer module from the storm’s power outage. They created a ticket for me and before I knew it, I was receiving emails from them noting the problem and that the damaged part was on it’s way. Within 24 hours, I received a phone call from a local technician who asked me to call him when the part arrived so that he could come out and replace it for me.

Pretty impressive service. When the part arrived and the technician replaced it for me, I was surprised to see that the part that needed replacing was just a little computer chip “thingy” and it took virtually no time to replace it. The service was great, but what bugged me was that I had to retire one of our popular massage chairs because I was ill-equipped during an electrical storm. I had to wait for about a week before my clients could sit in the HT-9500. I realized then that if I had had a surge protector between the outlet and my massage chair, the chair would never have been out of commission.

So, my message today is to get a surge protector for your massage chair! If it is under warranty, then you will still get your chair fixed at no monetary expense to you. The only expense is that you won’t be able to use your chair whilst waiting for the repair (and we all know how much we hate not having our chair available to us everyday!). If your chair is out of warranty, not only will you go without for a week or more, but you’ll also have to pay for the damaged part. That is a bummer!

I think you can pick up a cheap surge protector for a few bucks at a local store. It is worth the money!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Warranties – Who Covers What?

This is a frequent question for us at www.massage-chair-relief.com, so here is a brief overview of the warranties from the major massage chair manufacturers:

1. Human Touch Massage Chairs

Here is a chart that Human Touch uses on their website that explains the warranties very well for their chairs:

Standard Consumer Product Warranty 2011
In-Home Service Parts Structural
Elite Series 1 year 3 years 5 years
Signature Series 1 year 2 years 3 years
iJoy / Casual Series 90 days 1 year 2 years
Perfect Chair Recliners 1 year 2 years 3 years

The Elite Series includes the HT-9500 and the HT-7450. You can purchase a 5 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $369.

The Signature Series includes the HT-3300, HT-5320, HT-5040, and HT-7120. You can purchase a 2 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $199 and a 5 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $369.

The iJoy/Casual Series includes only the iJoy HT-2580 on our website. You can purchase a 2 year extended, in-home service and partswarranty for only $99.

The Perfect Chairs offer a 2 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty for $159 and $179 for a manual and power chair, respectively. There is also a 5 year extended, in-home service and parts warranty available for $279 and $299 for a manual and power chair, respectively.

You can purchase all of Human Touch’s extended warranties at www.massage-chair-relief.com.

2. Inada Massage Chairs

Inada offers industry best 3 year comprehensive, on-site warranty on all their massage chairs, including the new Yume massage chair. An extended 5 year on-site warranty can purchased for $449. We include that warranty on the Inada Sogno. It should be mentioned that, as with all warranties, there are some logical exceptions to the comprehensive, full warranties, and Inada lists theirs as follows (this applies to most manufacturer warranties as well):

EXCLUSIONS – This Limited Warranty does not include service needed on Equipment as a result of any of the following: (1) Installation, set-up, moving, or relocation from the originally installed location; (2) Cosmetic changes, tears, or failure of fabrics, woods, foam, pads, plastics, upholsteries, exterior coverings, and damages and changes resulting from normal wear and tear; (3) Negligence, misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, electrical disturbances and power surges, acts of nature, or work, attachments, additions, alterations, or modifications by persons other than authorized Administrator service providers. (4) Failure by the Customer to use a high-quality surge protector during the entire Service Period; (5) Improper operating environment; (6) Any problem not involving a defect; (7) Damage or malfunction whatsoever caused by an animal or pet; (8) Damage or malfunction whatsoever caused by liquids of any kind; (9) Rental, business, commercial, institutional or other non-residential use; (10) Unnecessary service calls. If no problem is found upon diagnosis by us or any other third party, you may be charged our standard rate for service calls, shipping costs, and parts; (11) Dropped product or components (including remote controls); and (12) Use of any item with the Equipment if the item is not designated for use with the Equipment. Floor models that have been on display for more than nine (9) months are not covered under any provisions of this Limited Warranty.

3. Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic offers a 1 year parts and labor in-home warranty on all their new chairs. They also have a 3 year limited warranty, which covers the “motor block” and mechanics parts, but not labor. You can get an extended warranty from Panasonic after your purchase and the chair is in your home. A card comes with the chair that offers the extended warranties, but you must purchase them directly from Panasonic. A 1 year extension on the parts and labor in-home warranty costs $199, while a 2 year extension costs $299.

4. Sanyo Massage Chairs

Sanyo explains their massage chair warranty as follows: “SANYO massage chairs are covered under a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty which includes in-home service. The roller mechanism is covered for three years from date of purchase.” The first year, like Panasonic, Human Touch, and Omega, is covered fully and comprehensively for 1 year. The next two years are limited in that the warranty only covers the roller mechanism and that coverage is for parts only…not service. Oddly enough, Sanyo claims that they do not offer any extended warranty at all, which is very interesting.

5. Omega Massage Chairs

Omega’s warranty varies according to the chair model, ala Human Touch. Here is the breakdown:

Aires/M-2 Orion:
6 months parts*
1 year frame

90 days in-home service (parts and labor)
2 years parts*
3 years frame

Montage Elite/Premier:
90 days in-home service (parts and labor)
3 years parts*
5 years frame

*motors, solid state controls, electrical or mechanical parts and assemblies or leg rest mechanisms (collectively the “parts”)

So, there you have it…a breakdown of the warranties for the major massage chair manufacturers. Hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Questions From A Massage-Chair-Relief.com Shopper!

I received a great email from a visitor to our site…obviously someone who has been doing their massage chair homework. Below is their email to me followed by my response to them:

“Wanted to hear your thoughts. I have been struggling with for the last 6 months to try and make a chair selection. The issue I continue to run into is that there aren’t places in my area to try all the chairs.

The basics –
Details: Myself – 5’10, wife 5’6
Issues: Myself – C4 bulging disk, straight neck spine, slight curvature at base of spine. Regular discomfort usually located behind shoulder blades or in neck. Occasional issues with lower back. I do see a chiropractor.
My wife: Slight issues with hip (stiffness) and problems with circulation in legs and feet.
What we have sat in: Inada Dreamwave, Sanyo 8700DRK, Human Touch (most of them), Panasonic EP-MA51KU, Osim Ucomfort, Osim uAstro
Favorites (Mine): 8700DRK and Dreamwave. In particular, I really like the 3D massage. My issues is whether 3D is truly worth the cost variation. I am more about utility – what will truly be theraputic and helpful. Taking a step down I did like HT-7450. Didn’t like the other Human touch chairs. Was ok with Panasonic.
Favorites (Wife): Osom Ucomfort. Liked Sanyo and Inada. Others were “ok”. Didn’t really notice 3D.

In general we both like the 5 year warranties. I have been coming back to the Elite Optima – but really unsure since I can’t sit in the thing. Do you have thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks, Robert”

Dr. Weidner’s response:

“Hello, Robert
Since I didn’t hear from you via phone, I figured I’d write up as much as I could for you to answer your inquiries.

It sounds like you have tried most of the better chairs. Your height and your wife’s height does not preclude you from any chair model, actually. If you were over 6 feet tall, that would affect some model recommendations. I would suggest the Sanyo 7700 over the 8700 since the price differential is $1000 and the 8700 is much like the 7700 but for folks over 6′.

Your spine sounds like you need a massage chair…that’s for sure. I can pretty much promise you that you will get a tremendous amount of relief from a massage chair, especially if you use it daily. Here are some thoughts about the chairs you mention and the conditions you suffer from:

1. if your wife suffers from poor circulation in calves and feet, then I would probably suggest a chair with both foot and calf massage. The Human Touch chairs, for the most part, do not have a foot massage feature…only calf massage (unless you go to the HT-9500 or HT-5320).

2. I think it is safe to say that all massage chair models massage the the mid back (thoracic) region quite well. If you want a chair that massages “way down” into the low back, i.e. the top of the butt/sacrum, then I would suggest an Inada chair or a Sanyo chair. Human Touch chairs typically only go down to the belt line.

3. For the neck and shoulders, all models are pretty good. The Inada Sogno has a cervical traction device which uses air bags to traction your neck and massage it. You can lift the cervical traction device off and let rollers work your neck and shoulders, too, if you so choose. The cervical traction device and the dreamwave technology in the seat of the Inada Sogno are incredible features, unduplicated by any other manufacturer at this point. From my perspective as a chiropractor, I must say that I absolutely love those two features of the Inada Sogno chair. There is great therapeutic value in them.

4. I don’t know much about the Panasonic MA51, other than what I have read about it. You know more about the feel of the chair than I do. I’d love to hear from you what your opinion of it is. Panasonic’s are traditionally well built chairs that are not great for taller folks. Your height, again, is perfect for any manufacturer’s chair, including Panasonic.

5. I have sat in the OSIM chairs and they are a typical, generic Chinese-made chair. Nothing out of the ordinary. I would have to classify the Elite chair the same way, though I have never actually sat in one. Feedback from clients is that it is also a typical Chinese-made chair. I have also heard from other shoppers and clients that the customer support for the OSIM and Elite chairs is questionable, based on either their personal experience or what they have found through their research on the web.

6. The uAstro chair by OSIM is a copycat look-alike of the Inada Sogno body appearance, but it is nothing like the Sogno in feature and function. The Inada Sogno is a very unique chair that does feel quite different than other traditional massage chairs.

In our business, the Inada Sogno is the most popular-selling chair, for what it’s worth. I have written quite a bit on my blog about the Sogno, the Panasonic 30007, and the Sanyo 7700, including some comparisons between the chairs. Please go to my website, www.massage-chair-relief.com, and do a search for any of those models and you’ll find a lot of info. For example, here are 3 blog posts comparing the Inada Sogno to the Sanyo 8700:




I hope this input helps in some way. Please feel free to call me anytime on my personal cell number, 801-651-2026, and I’ll be happy to chat about any of the models you are interested in.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Oops..I Forgot To Say There Is Lots Of Human Touch Massage Chair Stock!!

After my post yesterday decrying the lack of stock for the Inada Sogno and Panasonic 30007, I received a gentle reminder email from Human Touch to say that they have plenty of chairs in stock! I felt a little embarrassed because I focused on human touch massage chairswhat was lacking yesterday, rather than focusing on all the chairs from other manufacturers that are in stock.

Sorry about that 😉

So, if you are looking for an HT-9500 or HT-7450 or any other of the Human Touch massage chairs, order away!! Check them all out here:

Human Touch Massage Chairs

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Aires Massage Chair by Omega Coming To Our Showroom!

Today I am having a gray Aires massage chair shipped to our showroom, compliments of Omega Massage. I am excited to get this cute little relaxation chair into our showroom. Omega has gone with this relaxation genre with this model andAires massage chair their two previous models…the Serenity and Skyline chairs. The difference between these chairs and the regular, full-blown massage chair, is that these are relaxation chairs, designed to fit in any decorum…with an air massage feature. The heavy duty massage chairs, like Omega’s own Montage massage chair, are pure massage chairs, which could possibly double as just a regular chair (but not very efficiently, except for maybe the HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch).

The new Aires comes in gray, red, and black. The gray looks like it might have a “tannish” tinge to it. I’ll let you know once I get it in the showroom, which should be mid-next week. It certainly looks like a cute chair, maybe something like a lounging/lounge chair. I am eager to give it a whirl. I’ll give you a report once we’ve had a chance to check it out.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Change to Human Touch Massage Chair Warranty

I received notice today of a slight change in the warranty for the Human Touch massage chairs. Below is a chart displaying the new warranty terms:

The following warranty terms supersede any previous terms listed in Use & Care manuals for products purchased on or after April 1, 2011:

Standard Consumer Product Warranty 2011
In-Home Service Parts Structural
Elite Series 1 year 3 years 5 years
Signature Series 1 year 2 years 3 years
iJoy / Casual Series 90 days 1 year 2 years
Perfect Chair Recliners 1 year 2 years 3 years

The elite series includes the HT-9500 and the HT-7450 massage chair models. Other than the iJoy and Perfect Chairs, all other massage chair models are considered signature series and have now the 1/2/3 year warranty, as opposed to the 1/3/5 year warranty of the elite series.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Massage Chair Relief Update

Perfect Chair
Perfect Chair

With all the snow and rain we are getting in Utah, I would venture to say that it feels more like Christmas than it does Easter! Can’t wait for spring.

Anyways, here are some things going on at www.massage-chair-relief.com:

1. adding two models of the popular Perfect Chair series from Human Touch. The Perfect Chair is a zero gravity phenomenon that Human Touch came out with a number of years ago, but until recently, they did not have any models


with a massage feature. That is why I never carried them…I was intent to remain somewhat true to the massage chair niche. Well, Human Touch has now come out with two new models, the PC-086 Serenity (yes, the same name as the Omega chair!), which boasts air bag massage and jade stone-transmitted infrared heat, and the PC-085 Transitional, which doesn’t have air massage but is a sister chair to the PC-086.

2. adding the Panasonic 30005 massage chair model. We currently carry the Panasonic 30007 and, though not on the website, the 30006. The 30005 is very similar in appearance to the 30006 but made in Japan. It doesn’t have as many air bags as the 30006/30007 but has an ultra deep massage program, which apparently goes deeper than the most intense setting of the 30007/30006…which is already pretty intense. I am not sure of the pricing on this model yet, but we should be getting this and the Perfect Chairs up soon.

3. Product page layout changes. Folks love watching our videos. So, we are going to have the videos more prominent on the product pages. Right now, you have to click the Video tab, which some folks aren’t even aware of. We will make the massage chair videos more readily available for viewing.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Japan Disaster Affects Massage Chair Production?

flag of Japan
flag of Japan

We have had a lot of inquiries about the effect of the Japan tsunami on massage chair production, so I figured I’d address that in this blog post. But, first of all, I feel to mourn with those who have suffered so much as a result of this natural disaster. I am absolutely amazed at the grace with which the Japanese people handle this crisis, but so sad over the pain and suffering of this wonderful people. Our family’s thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

The only company that has addressed the effect of the disaster on massage chair production is Inada. Here is a quote from their last correspondence with their retailers, yesterday:

“As of right now the recent earthquake in Japan will not affect shipments in April. However, some components are manufactured in areas of Japan that were affected by the earthquake and, as a result, we may see some delays in May. We will pass along more information as soon as it becomes available. Please submit purchase orders immediately as dates for back orders are continuing to move back.”

The Inada chairs are already back-ordered until mid-April. That back-order status is not because of the Japan situation…it is just inventory control issues. But, May chair inventory will be affected.

I know the Panasonic 30007, which is the only Panasonic model manufactured in Japan, is back-ordered until April 10-15, but the US distributor did not know if that was related to the tsunami or not.

Human Touch and Omega chairs are not affected as far as I know because they ship from China and not Japan.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Question About the HT-3300 Massage Chair

I received a call yesterday from a massage chair shopper wondering if the Human Touch HT-3300 massage chair had a stretch function and if the width of the rollers could be adjusted. Now, the HT-3300 chair is somewhat patterned after the old HT-125/135 chairs that Human Touch has discontinued. The new HT-7120 is the current popular seller of this body design type. But, the HT-3300, at $1499, is a lower priced alternative. Similar body design, but lacking in features that a more expensive model, like the HT-7120, would have.

So, what I am saying is…the HT-3300 does not have the stretch function or a roller width adjustment feature. The stretch function is something that every massage chair manufacturer tries to incorporate into their chairs, and I might say that the Human Touch version of the stretch is very good. I love the way it feels, and have gotten plenty of the same feedback from clients, on the HT-7120. But, unfortunately, it is not available on the HT-3300.

By the way, I should qualify something here about the stretch function. In peoples minds, they see a stretch function as something that actually stretches a part of the body out, i.e. a hamstring or lumbar muscles. Nothing of the sort!! I like to think of it more as a “milking” function, as the up and down movement of the chair back and ottoman do more a “milking” motion for the spinal discs and pelvic bones. It is very comfortable and makes you feel great once the session is over. Stretch, to me, is an appropriate title for the feature, but putting “Milking” on the remote might put across a wierd connotation.

I could see it now, “Human Touch introduces the new “Milking” function, developed by engineers and farmers!!” It ain’t gonna happen 🙂

Well, have a great day.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Back-ordered Inada Sogno and HT-9500 Massage Chairs – Part II

Just got notice that Inada is back-ordered on all colors of the Inada Sogno massage chair, except for slate, which will probably be back ordered in the next 7 days. That is really the only chair they carry and they are back-ordered up the ying-yang on it. Delightful! I have noticed a 15% drop in visits for the Inada Sogno on my website since the price increase on March 1st. The phones have been rather silent as well, when ordinarily the phone is always ringing about the Inada Sogno. So, based on that feedback and statistic, I suspect that Inada will have plenty of chairs available once the inventory is replenished. If you haven’t been able to tell, I am a little grumpy  about the whole thing. Not only has the price gone up, but there are no chairs to be had…all in one nugget. Double whammy.

So, again, the red, chocolate, dark brown, and creme Inada Sogno chairs are back-ordered until mid-April. Slate is available for the next 7 days and the black leather is currently not under inventory pressure. PLEASE don’t wait until mid-April to order your Inada Sogno if you want one soon. By that time, the back-order date will probably be May or June. In other words, if you want an Inada Sogno…order it now!

Regarding the new Human Touch HT-9500 massage chair, it will not be in until near the end of March. Because of the popularity of this model, again I would encourage you to order your HT-9500 now so that you can have a chair spoken for when the shipment comes in at the end of the month.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno & HT-9500 Massage Chairs Back-Ordered!

I learned yesterday that both the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus and the Human Touch HT-9500 massage chairs are back ordered. The HT-9500 is back-ordered for 2-4 weeks, but I am told they will be ready for shipment before the end of the month. The Inada Sogno massage chair is back-ordered as follows (based on color availability):

– Sogno DreamWave Chocolate – Orders placed now will be released by April 14 .

– Sogno DreamWave Creme  – Orders placed now will be released by April 14th.

– Sogno Dreamwave Red – Orders placed now will be released by March 14.

– Sogno Dreamwave Dark Brown – Orders placed now will be released by March 14.

The only colors in stock right now are the slate and leather black Sognos.

When it rains, it pours! Of course, I should mention that if you wait until those dates to order your chair, they will probably be on back order at that time. So, it is important to know that if you want to get one of these chairs, order it NOW before the later release date inventories are all spoken for by the time the chairs arrive  here.

As I have warned you, the Inada Sogno price increase went into effect yesterday. That chair is now $6999.

The Human Touch chairs will go up in price on April 1, 2011. By the way, did you know you can get a Free Flip Ultra HD camcorder when you order an HT-5040 or HT-7120 massage chair from us?

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch Massage Chair Holiday Specials Almost Over!

I told you earlier this month about the free 5 year extended, comprehensive, head-to-toe, on-site warranty that Human Touch was throwing in, along with a brand new iPod Touch, with every HT-9500 massage chair purchase during the holiday season. Well, the holiday season officially ends for Human Touch on January 2, 2011 when this offer ends.

Human Touch is also offering a free 2-year extended, on-site warranty on all other Human Touch massage chairs, except the iJoy chairs, during the same time period. So, after January 2, 2011 these specials are gone…

We just received our HT-9500 massage chair in our showroom a couple of weeks ago, but with the busy-ness of the holiday season, we haven’t really had the chance to go over it. It is very similar to the HT-1650 massage chair. The ottoman  lifts off the ground and the leather upholstery doesn’t seem as “thick” as the old HT-1650, but it is the same feel. There is no arm vibration, but the rollers and the thigh/buttock airbags are all very familiar to me. I understand that the programs that can be operated from the iphone app are pretty cool, though we haven’t gone through that yet. Once we do, we will, of course, share with you.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Refurbished Human Touch Massage Chairs

I got a call from Human Touch on Friday offering me the opportunity to sell some of their factory refurbished products, particularly the HT-7450 massage chair and the HT-5320 massage chair. I have posted those refurbished models in our

ht-7450 massage chair
HT-7450 massage chair

close-out section. The HT-7450 normally goes for $3299, but the refurbished units are going for $2395. The HT-5320 normally goes for $2999, but we have them refurbished for $1995. Great deals from Human Touch. Includes a 6 month warranty. There may be some slight cosmetic blemishes, but nothing terrible and certainly worth the savings.

The HT-7450 refurbished chairs can be had in black and the old dark chocolate (before the espresso came along). The HT-5320 massage chair can be had in black, dark chocolate, and espresso.

I also have some refurbished HT-1350 and HT-1340 foot and calf massagers, should you be interested. You’ll have to call to order those, as we don’t typically carry them on our website (massage chairs only!!).

Free shipping is included with all of these models!

By the way, not to beat a dead horse, but if you are still thinking about a massage chair for Christmas, there is still a chance that you can get one by the 25th. Please call our office at 801-417-8240 to see if we can do it for you.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Alan Weidner


Christmas Massage Chair Shipping Deadlines!

This is a very important blog post, as it lays out for you the deadlines for ordering a massage chair. If you are considering a massage chair purchase for yourself or a loved one, you need to know these deadlines:

Human Touch Massage Chairs
Shipping to a business the deadline is Dec. 17th
Standard shipping to a residence is Dec. 16th
White Glove Delivery to a residence is Dec.15th

Inada Massage Chairs
California, Arizona
Dec 17 / Ground
Dec 20 / Expedite
Dec 21 / Expedite +
Dec 22 / Expedite ++
Dec 23 / Overnight

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
Dec 17 / Ground
Dec 20 / Expedite
Dec 21 / Expedite ++
Dec 22 / Expedite +++
Dec 23 / Overnight

Remainder of continental USA
Dec 17 / Ground
Dec 20 / Expedite ++
Dec 22 / Expedite +++
Dec 23 / Overnight

Panasonic, Sanyo, Omega
Anything that ships on or before Dec 15th should get anywhere in the country by Christmas.
To go back east or into FL it needs to ship by the 15th to be safe.  You might get away with the 16th as well.  Anywhere in the central part of the country needs to ship by the 17th possibly the 20th.  Utah, Colorado, Mtn states needs to ship  by Monday the 17th.  AZ, NV north cal should ship by the 21st, possibly 22nd.


We have our own personal delivery company that does our Southern California deliveries for us, who can deliver as late as Christmas Eve. If you order as late as the 23rd, we could probably accommodate you!

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-9500 Massage Chair by Human Touch Does NOT Have Arm Vibration!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (those of you in the US, anyway). Our family had a wonderful time together. As the kids get older and marry off, my wife and I find it harder and harder to corral every child together under one roof. We were able to do that over the weekend.

I learned something today about the exciting new HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch. As I have discussed in previous blog posts, the HT-9500 is the latest updated version of the old HT-1650. That chair was discontinued earlier this year to make room for this new bad-boy. Well, the old HT-1650 had an arm vibration feature, which we believed was originally planned to be a part of the new HT-9500. Well, a client of ours who recently purchased that model from us a few weeks ago just emailed me to tell me that it didn’t have the arm vibration.

Surprised, I called and wrote Human Touch to get the definitive response. I have been assured by my peeps at Human Touch that there is NOT an arm vibration feature on this update model. So, we have made the change on our website and will now start preaching the truth about the arm vibration, or lack thereof. Thanks, Tim, for the head up!

By the way, we are getting our first HT-9500 massage chair in our showroom within the week. I am so excited. Steff and I will go over every aspect of it and give you the straight goods on this new, fun chair from Human Touch. I only hope I am savvy enough to know how to use my iphone with it!

Dr. Alan Weidner


Human Touch Holiday Massage Chair Special!

Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500 Massage Chair
Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500 Massage Chair

Human Touch began an awesome promotion for their brand new, popular HT-9500 Acutouch massage chair. Beginning today, and throughout the whole holiday season, you will get a new iPod Touch AND Human Touch’s 5 year Premium


Assurance Warranty Plan (comprehensive, on-site, head-to-toe coverage) when you purchase the HT-9500 from www.massage-chair-relief.com.

It normally comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty…so this is really a fantastic offer.

So, if you are looking for a massage chair for Christmas, this might just be the one you would want to get…with these fantastic holiday bonuses. Check it out here:


It is the only massage chair that truly looks like a regular recliner. It is a very popular chair and it is fantastic…iphone app, premium leather, second-to-none foot and calf massager, massage intensity adjustment, and now a great warranty. A great buy.

By the way, for all their other massage chairs (except the iJoys) Human Touch is also offering a 2 year comprehensive, on-site, head-to-toe warranty – but NO iPod Touch on those chairs 🙁

You can order online or you can call us toll-free at 888-259-5380. Steffanie and I are in the showroom every day too, so you can reach us here at 801-417-8240.

We actually call forward all showroom calls to our cell phones after hours, so you can call anytime day or night (within reason, of course!!).

Bonus gifts and shipping are still free, too, with all our chairs. As a matter of fact, the HT-9500 comes with free white glove delivery, too!! You won’t have to lift a finger with this chair…the delivery guys will do everything for you, from delivery to set-up to taking away the packing material. You just can’t lose on this one.

Order now, while there is still stock before Christmas…


Oh, and don’t forget that we offer 6-month 0% interest/minimum payment financing…


Dr. Alan Weidner

“The Massage Chair Doctor Is In!”


We’ve added to our website what I think is a great feature for you, the massage chair shopper. If you look on our home page or any other page of the site, underneath the video on the top right hand corner, you will see a traffic light that is


either green or red. If it is green, and you see my name next to the light, that tells you that I am in the office and can handle your calls personally should you have any questions about any of the chairs or if you want me to assist you with placing your order. If it is red, and my name is next to the light, then I am not in.

If Steffanie is in, and I am not, you will see a green light with her name beside it. That way, you will know whenever there is someone in the showroom office with whom you can chat should you want to discuss massage chairs. Of course, you can call our toll-free number anytime and one of us should be able to take your call as well. But, this way you will know exactly who is in and who you can talk to should you have any questions or inquiries.

In other news, I will find out today the status of the arrival of the new Human Touch Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair. It has been a long time in coming and we are expecting it this week. When I learn more, I will post on this blog right away.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair by Human Touch now on our website!!

Well, we finally have the Acutouch 9500 massage chair product page up on our website. Check it out here:


You can see from the images that this chair looks almost exactly like the discontinued HT-1650.

You can order now, but the first shipment isn’t here until the first two weeks of October. Get your dibs in now.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair Arrival!

Acutouch 9500 massage chair
Acutouch 9500 massage chair

We got word that the Acutouch 9500 massage chair by Human Touch should be arriving the first two weeks of October. We are excited about this. Our website will have a product page up this week for you to pre-order. Our price will be $4799,


based on minimum advertised pricing (MAP) established for us by Human Touch. I recommend ordering this thing ASAP even though they are not in stock yet, or else all the chairs will be spoken for and shipped by the time you order. I have experienced this back-order game on new products before. Trust me…if you are expecting to get this massage chair when it first arrives in the USA, pre-order now to make sure you get a stake in that first shipment.

Once we get one in the showroom, we will test it thoroughly and give you a full review of the Acutouch 9500.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Panasonic MA51 Massage Chair

I learned a little about the new massage chair from Panasonic, called the EP-MA51. Here are some of my observations and thoughts about it. I haven’t sat on it or even seen it in person, but from my review of the literature out there, I have some things to say:

1. The body styling looks a lot like the Panasonic 1285 massage chair. The only markedly obvious difference would be the arm rests having the familiar Panasonic arm massage feature, which is a “flapping” arm rest that comes down on the fingers, wrist and forearms to facilitate an airbag massage on the arms.

2. Panasonic touts a pelvic tilt and trunk rotation feature which seems pretty cool. Inada introduced that idea a couple of years ago with it’s Inada Sogno and Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chairs. The idea is for the seat airbags to rotate the hips so that the lower back joints are rotated instead of just pushed forward by the rollers. I love that feature on the Inada chairs, so I suspect it will be a lovely feature on the Panasonic MA51 model.

3. They’ve added a feature called a “Leg Stretch” which looks to me like a basic stretch program, which most massage chair manufacturers now employ on at least one of their models. Stretching is a nice feature in a massage chair. I particularly like the stretch function on the Human Touch HT-7120 family of massage chairs. My clients sure love it too.

4. Seems quite pricey at $5499. Of course, when Panasonic came out with it’s highly anticipated 30007 a couple of years ago, it ‘s initial price was $5999. And as you may or may not have read in an earlier post of mine on this blog, Panasonic’s dismal pricing integrity model allowed the price of the 30007 to drift, rather quickly, down to the $4000 range. Pricing and value tend to drop with Panasonic chairs. I suspect this chair will be no different. I suspect that competing retailers will gouge the price down to below $4000 before long….if the 30007 history (or any Panasonic massage chair for that matter) is any indicator.

When you compare this chair to the Inada Sogno or Doctor’s Choice massage chair, or the new Human Touch Acutouch 9500 massage chair, you’ll probably intuitively assess that the MA51 is over-priced at $5499.

5. I called my Panasonic distributor today but he was not aware of whether this chair is even on the market yet. I await his response. I will tell you more when I hear more. I will also notify you when we have placed this chair on our site.

Here is a link to a video that explains the chair visually:


One of my competitors has a neat comparison chart that will show you the differences (and similarities) between this chair and the 30007 and 1285 which are also Panasonic chairs or any other chair you wish to compare. Here is a link to their site: http://www.massage-chairs.com/compare.php

Well, hope this helps you in some way, if you are considering this chair for your home or business. We will be posting it on my website shortly.

Dr. Alan Weidner

More Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair by Human Touch Info

I have learned that the new Acutouch 9500 massage chair from Human Touch will be shipping to the US during the first two weeks of October, 2010. It has been a long time in coming and is a very much anticipated massage chair. I have read countless articles and press releases about it. I will be very eager to get one in my showroom and begin getting a sense of the public response. My guess is that it will be a hit with our customers, as was the HT-1650, it’s predecessor. It was a very popular massage chair in our showroom while we had it.

Here is somemore data for the Human Touch Acutouch 9500 massage chair:

1. The ottoman raises 6 inches off the ground. The HT-1650 stayed on the ground keeping the calfs at a 45 degree angle. It was quite comfortable but made it difficult for shorter people to sit in the chair and get a good back massage at the same time as getting a good foot and calf massage. Good change!

2. It will come in the black and espresso colors. Espresso is a dark brown color, which is quite popular on the Human Touch product line. I have an HT-7120 massage chair in my showroom in that color and I can tell you it is a very handsome color.

3. The MSRP on the chair is $5999, but it’s minimum advertised price (MAP) will be $4799. This means that you should be able to get this chair for $4799. Human Touch is very, very good at maintaining pricing integrity of their chairs. If $4799 is the MAP, that is what you will find it for…not any less.

Hope this helps build your excitement for this chair. I know we are fired up about having one in our showroom.

Dr. Alan Weidner

More Info on the Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair by Human Touch

I saw a short review video from zedomax.com this week on the Acutouch 9500 massage chair by Human Touch. I have talked about this new model from Human Touch a few times on this blog. So far we know that:

1.) it’s MSRP will be $5999
2.) the 9500 will be an upgraded model of the popular HT-1650 massage chair by Human Touch, which has since been discontinued preparatory to the release of the Acutouch 9500.
3.) the 9500 will be released some time in the fall of 2010, perhaps as early as September.
4.) the chair look is like the HT-1650, but with a different stitching on the leather upholstery.
5.) the ottoman is supposed to lift off the floor, unlike the HT-1650, which sits on the floor in full position.

Well, I have included the video from zedomax.com for your perusal. It goes over the iPad/iTouch/iPhone interactivity with the chair, called HT-Connectivity. It has standard programs, but has also added programs designed specifically by certain professionals who have had input on the programs available through the HT-connectivity feature. I really like the feature where the user can pick three areas of focus and emphasis and the chair will work on those three areas, specifically.

Here is another video, this one created by Human Touch, which shows how to use the iPhone to control the massage:

Very cool! I will like this chair. We, at Massage Chair Relief, already loved the HT-1650 so we can’t wait for the Acutouch 9500 to hit the market.

Hhhhmmm, I wonder what percent of the population have iPhones/iTouch/iPads?

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Inada Sogno Massage Chair Video

I just realized that it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog entry. You are probably chomping at the bit for more massage chair info, aren’t you! 🙂 Well, nothing too terribly exciting to report. We are still waiting on the new Acutouch 9500 massage chair by Human Touch; Inada will be introducing a new color for the Sogno in a few weeks; we will finally be getting one of the new Omega zero gravity massage chairs in our showroom, now that we have sold the Montage floor model.

I also have another video to share with you of the Inada Sogno massage chair. We get asked all the time if we will make videos of other chairs. YES, we will. I am just too dang busy or lazy to get them done. But, we will be doing them later this summer on other models.

This video introduces the headpiece function of the Inada Sogno, which is very unique. It is the only chair that has a headpiece like this. Check it out…


Inada Sogno Headpiece Functions – Watch more funny videos here

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch HT-1650 massage chair officially done!

I just got word this morning that Human Touch is now out of the stock on the HT-1650 massage chair and no more will be made! That is it…the end of the life cycle of one of our most popular chairs. Of course, we can all now wait for the Acutouch 9500 massage chair, which is a sister to the HT-1650, but with some improvements. Rumor has it that it will be out in September for the general public. I am excited to see this new chair. Features that I’ve heard, which differentiate this chair from the HT-1650 include the ottoman being able to be lifted off the ground, remote programming from an iphone, different stitching of the leather upholstery, and a higher price point.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Acutouch 9500 massage chair – a little more info!

Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair
Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair

I just read a review today of the new Acutouch 9500 massage chair from Human Touch. You can read the review here:

Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair


Nothing new about the technology that we haven’t already discussed. But, for the first time I see a price for this bad boy. According to the author of this piece, the chair will retail for $5999. Quite a jump from the $3999 for the sister chair,and predecessor, the HT-1650 massage chair. I am very interested to see this chair in comparison to the HT-1650.

The author also mentions that it will be a “few months” before the chair is available to the public. My sources tell me September now. I have also learned that the ottoman on the Acutouch 9500 will actually raise off the ground to facilitate a more horizontal positioning. As you may or may not know, the foot and calf ottoman on the HT-1650, which we have always felt is the best foot and calf massage in the business, always rested on the ground at a 45 degree angle because, as we were told, it was too heavy to raise off the ground. Well, the new 9500 will actually raise off the ground. I think this is a good thing.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Now the HT-1650 massage chair is being discontinued

Dr. Weidner asleep on massage chair

I just heard this week that Human Touch plans to discontinue the popular HT-1650 massage chair once their stock of black models is gone. They figure another week or two and the chairs will be gone. Apparently, Huma

n Touch will replace the HT-1650 with the new Acutouch 9500 which won’t be out until summertime. I’ve not heard of anyone who has actually sat on the Acutouch 9500 massage chair, but I have heard that it looks a lot like the HT-1650. I was told by Human Touch yesterday that the ottoman will raise off the ground, which the ottoman did not do with the HT-1650. It is also supposed to be higher priced than the HT-1650.

Human Touch has told us that the new 9500 will not be sold through the usual distribution channels; it will be sold exclusively through one of their large chain retailers. Not sure who, but maybe Costco or someone like that. Hopefully we at Massage Chair Relief will be able to sell it as the HT-1650 was one of our most popular massage chairs.

You’d think that since my office is in back of the Massage Chair Relief showroom, I would be sitting on massage chairs all day long. Well, think again! I rarely sit on them because I am so busy at my desk. But, the other day I went onto one of the chairs, to do some work reading. I fell asleep and later, after I had woken up, I found a picture of me sleeping on the massage chair on my cell phone. Thanks, Steffanie! Dang, they feel so good but, man…I look like a corpse!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Just In…Dark Chocolate (Cognac) HT-1650 Discontinued!

I just got a call from Human Touch and they tell me that the last of the Dark Chocolate (Cognac) HT-1650 massage chairs have been shipped. They are not making any more of this chair in this color. The Black is still available, so the chair can still be purchased, but in black only. Also, I have been told that the new 9500 Human Touch massage chair will not be out until the summer time. I know there is a lot of chatter about this chair on the internet, but for now it is an unknown commodity. No one that I know at Human Touch has actually sat on one yet. It looks like an HT-1650 and it’s colors will probably be black and espresso, but other than that no one really knows much about it. Of course it has iphone app capabilities for programming it. Looking forward to checking it out.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs Back-Ordered…And A Warning

There seems to be a lot of the popular massage chairs back ordered right now. I figured it might help some of you who are buying to know which models are back ordered right now and when you can expect to see them back in stock at the manufacturer’s warehouses. So, here is the scoop:

Panasonic 30007 massage chair
Just heard today that this chair, which has already been on back order for over a month, should arrive between May 12-16. We get calls on this chair all the time and it is very frustrating that the inventory management is so poor that we have to go for 2 months before a chair model is available.

Human Touch HT-1650 massage chair
This chair is a very popular model and the dark chocolate (cognac) color is back ordered until this week. I was told two days ago that the shipment should be in “any day now”. So, we expect to see this chair early next week at our showroom. We sold our floor model and have a list of folks who are waiting for it come in so that they can sit on it and try it out.

Inada Sogno massage chair
This chair is on back-order based on color. According to an email I received yesterday from Inada USA President, Cliff Levin, the chocolate is back-ordered until June 1st; the creme color is back-ordered until May 17th; the bright red color is back-ordered until May 10.

I should warn everyone who reads this post that if you want one of these models DO NOT wait until those dates to order your new chair!! The demand is high and if you wait until then, you may not get them because the folks who have already ordered will be in the queue to get a chair from those shipments long before you get your order in on those dates. Does that make sense? So, bottom line is that if you want one of these chairs, ORDER NOW and don’t wait until the dates I just gave you, cause you just might be too late.

Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions or to place your order. We are always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs Help Relieve Stress!

You might be thinking, “Duh…of course massage chairs relieve stress”, especially those of you who own one already. Folks get massage chairs for different reasons, most of which have to do with back and neck pain, but it may surprise you to know that a massage chair can also help with some other health issues as well. From our experience, here are some other benefits of massage chair “therapy”:

1. increased arm and leg blood and lymph circulation

2. improved posture

3. easier deep breathing

4. increase flexibility/range of motion

5. general sense of well-being

6. better night’s sleep

7. some folks notice a change in neurological sensation in the legs and feet (this was quite an extraordinary and unexpected benefit that we began to see two years ago when we used to display our chairs at the home shows here in Utah. It surprised us, to say the least!)

8. immune system boost

9. and, of course, stress relief.

I got a tweet from Human Touch, one of our manufacturers, last week which talked about an article on stress benefits of massage. Stress, particularly evident in our fast-paced western culture, can lead to many health conditions, i.e. heart problems, unhealthy coping behaviors like overeating and inactivity, headaches, muscle tightness/spasm, sleeplessness, etc. etc.

So, the long and short of it all is massage, in the form of a massage chair, can help you battle the stress of human living each and every day within the walls of your own home.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Which Massage Chair is Most Intense?

We get this question ALOT at our showroom and over the phone when folks inquire about a massage chair.

I want to start by saying intensity is very subjective.  A chair that I may feel is very intense, another person may not feel is intense enough.  So, what I will share with you in this blog post is what my experience has been and the feedback that I have gotten from many customers.

Panasonic massage chairs have been known to offer a bit more of an aggressive massage overall compared to others.  They have Junetsu rollers that really get into the musculature and can be quite intense.  However, saying that, I have put some people on that chair fearing that it will overpower them and they have loved it, so again, who is to say!

Human Touch massage chairs are much the same way. I, personally, think that they are quite intense, generally speaking, but some folks who claim to be very delicate, sit in a Human Touch chair and find it “just right.”It is so hard to say. A lot of the nicer chairs have an intensity adjustment, just in case the chair is too intense for one person in the family or too light for another family member.

The other point that I would like to bring up about intensity is that the chair will be perceived to be more intense if it happens to roll over or work some areas on a person’s back that is already very tight, in spasm, or have trigger points throughout.  These are conditions that are most likely already firing pain signals but then with the added pressure from the massage seem to bring more awareness to the person.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that that chair in particular is not right for you; it just means that the chair is actually working out the areas that deserved to be worked the most, to decrease that sensitivity.    Hope this helps when it comes to deciding what chair is best for you!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch HT-5005 Massage Chair Almost Finished!

I just heard from Human Touch that their HT-5005 massage chair is being phased out and the only color they have left is ivory. The black and espresso colors are sold out and will not be replenished. So, if you don’t like ivory, I’d look at another model altogether. If you are looking for something in a similar price range, i.e. between $1000-$2000, I might suggest the Human Touch HT-5040 or the HT-3300. Great chairs at very reasonable prices. Of course, they are not as feature-rich as more expensive chairs, but they are perfect for that price range. Human Touch also has a great customer service department should anything go wrong with your chair. These chairs have a 1 year comprehensive/5 year chasis warranty.

FYI, we just bumped up the price of our Panasonic 30007 massage chair from $3999 to $4299 to accommodate the price increase at our end from Panasonic. These chairs are backordered, but when they come in they will sell for more than they have in the past…so buyer beware!

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair & iPhone App from Human Touch

I’d like to thank Steffanie, my commercial sales manager, for writing this little review and giving us her input on this new AcuTouch massage chair and iPhone app from Human Touch:

AcuTouch 9500 massage chair

Human Touch has a new technology- minded massage chair in the works to come out in May. It is called the AcuTouch 9500 massage chair.  It is able to be used with your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.  It has an app that you can download for free to personalize and customize your massage experience while using this chair.

I, myself, have not joined the iPhone bandwagon so this doesn’t mean a whole to me except, does this mean that MY massage in this chair will not be as good since I don’t have an iPhone?  However, if you do have an iPhone this app sounds pretty cool.  You can use it to customize what massage auto programs you want it to perform and you also have access to lots of health advice and tips for utilizing your chair to the best of its abilities.  Besides that, it will “save” the programs that you have done in your phone so that you can go back and see what program it was that you really enjoyed.

The AcuTouch 9500 has the same look and feel of the ever popular HT-1650 massage chair.  This has been a top seller for us and gives the best lower leg and foot massage of any chair in the market.  It has a very regal and classy look to the upholstery and can pass for a regular recliner.

Keep in mind that information on this chair has still been limited so take this blog post for what it’s worth!
Thanks, Steffanie. I like the idea of having info on the cell phone about the chair and the benefits of massage that I can access while I am sitting on the chair. I’m not sure, though, if the iPhone app is going to be that great of a deal for prospective buyers. Can the remote control be used just like with the other Human Touch massage chairs? I will be very curious to see how you, the shopper, respond to this chair when it hits the market in May. Any feedback would be appreciated from you. We will be carrying the chair if it will be available to us in May. We don’t even know what the price will be until closer to May. I’ll keep you posted.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Changes at Panasonic…Thank Goodness!! (I hope)

I just saw a press release announcing a new head of the Home and  Health Company at Panasonic. This division of Panasonic includes the massage chair division. A fellow named Dan Silver is moving up from the Home Appliances Group to head the Home and Health Company.


You may ask why I say “Thank Goodness” and why I say “I hope!”. Well here are my reasons:

1. Panasonic is notorious for pricing their “new” models high and then letting retailers butcher the pricing to where their is little to no profit margin. Why is this a concern? Let me explain…

When we carry a new model for Panasonic, we are told that we have to charge the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or else we can’t carry the model. So, we price it accordingly. For example, when the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair came out we were told that we had to charge $5999 for this massage chair. Obediently, we charged that amount (Panasonic still charges that amount on their website). Well, before long I get calls from folks around the country telling me that they can get the 30007 on another website for $5499…then, a little later, $4999…then, $4499, then $3999, etc. As a matter of fact, now you can get this $5999 massage chair for about $3300 – 3400!! It is laughable. It cheapens the image of the chair, it makes retailers who are obediently charging the MAP look like money-grubbing idiots, and it builds distrust in the mind of the consumer. They wonder, “What is wrong with this chair that it keeps dropping in price?”. I just tell them that Panasonic is terrible at price-integrity and, eventually, they will discontinue such-and-such model, and come out with some new super-duper chair that will be priced high and then butchered again. I have seen this happen already to the Panasonic 30003 and 30004, which were just introduced 2 years ago! They are already discontinued. Unbelievable. It won’t be long before the 30007, the top of the line Panasonic massage chair, is discontinued. Then I will get the same old questions, like “What is wrong with this chair?”, “Will I be able to get parts for this model now that it is discontinued?”, etc.

Needless to say, I have dropped my price and I STILL honor our 110% low price match on even these low priced chairs (I have actually LOST money on some of these price matches!). Inada and Human Touch have had many of their models around for years and their prices remain consistent. Hhhhmmmm…I wonder if there is a correlation between price integrity and longevity of a product in the market.

2. I had a very disturbing experience with a customer of mine, named Lou. Lou is a wonderful client who was great to work with every step of the way. Well, she ordered a Panasonic 30007. It was delivered on time, as promised. When she opened up her box and pulled out her new massage chair (which was a Christmas gift, by the way), she noticed that it was warped when she first sat on it. It didn’t sit level on her floor. The box it was delivered in was in perfect condition…no holes, no dented sides, no sign of abuse by the shippers. When she called Panasonic customer support they told her it was not their problem. She called me about this issue. I called my Panasonic rep. He provided two companies in her state who dealt with Panasonic warranty work. Lou called them both…only one would help her. They came out and, after working on the chair for awhile, determined that it could not be fixed. She would have to call Panasonic back.

So, Lou called Panasonic back and they said that there was nothing they could do about it. After some complaining and pleading, Panasonic agreed to replace her chair but that SHE had to ship it back…at her expense or at my expense!! Neither of us could believe it. Again, I called my Panasonic rep and told him what Panasonic was suggesting. He said he was aware of this situation and, when I said that it was ludicrous that myself or the client should be held responsible for the return shipping, he simply said, and these are his words, “They (Panasonic) just don’t care!” Unbelievable. Here is a chair that my customer ordered from me, that I ordered through Panasonic, and that Panasonic delivered. Yet, with a structural problem that neither of us had anything to do with, Panasonic would not replace their chair with a new one AT THEIR EXPENSE. Every single other massage chair manufacturer who I represent on my website would have changed out that chair in an instant, without a murmur of complaint or resistance. That is why I carry their chairs…because I love their customer service. This incident of customer service by Panasonic was atrocious. I shudder to think how many other innocent customers have gone through a similar experience.By the way, Lou is now thinking about exchanging her Panasonic for an Inada or Human Touch massage chair.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the chairs; I just can’t stand for customer service like this.

I sure “hope” Mr. Dan Silver can make a change for the better for his retailers and his product consumers!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Chair Wins ADEX Award

We are so excited and not really a bit surprised to see that the HT-1650 massage chair from Human Touch has received a Platinum Award in Design Journal’s 2009 Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) competition. This has been a very popular chair for us and one of the largest selling points about it is the design and the look of this very classy massage chair! It is fully featured and has all the perks a person would desire in a massage chair while also easily fitting into any décor, whether it be home or office.  This chair is also approved and recommended by the World Federation of Chiropractic.

Human Touch’s HT-7450 massage chair received the Silver Award.  This is an anti-gravity chair produced by Human touch that combines the comfort and relaxation of the zero-gravity positioning with the sophistication of the Human touch technology!  This chair maintains all this while also fitting into any home or office décor!

Both of these chairs offer features such as 8 different auto programs, seat massage, fantastic neck massage and lower leg and foot massage.  They both have the manual programmability to customize every massage chair experience to be a unique one, tailored to work those specific trouble spots! So, next time you are looking for a massage chair pick a certified Human Touch dealer and stop in and try them out, you will fall in love!
For more information go to  http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/ht1650.html

New Massage Chair Relief Showroom Hours

I hope you all had a happy and safe new year. 2010 looks to be a great year for all of us! First of all, I just want to express my deepest, most heart-felt appreciation to all of our website visitors and customers for making Massage Chair Relief the premier massage chair online store. We just love our customers and have had such wonderful experiences with you all.

We are making a small change to our showroom hours beginning this month. Instead of closing at 6:00 p.m., our showroom hours on Monday – Friday will be 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We have also changed our Saturday hours t0 noon to 4:00 p.m.

The Human Touch massage chair warranty special has ended, so the full 5 year comprehensive warranty on the 1650 and 7450 is now off the table. Also, the extended 2 year warranty for the rest of the Human Touch massage chairs is also not available anymore.

However, we are still offering the extended comprehensive 5 year on-site warranty on the Inada Sogno and i2A massage chairs.

I have 3 black Inada Cube massage chairs in stock at my showroom and I would like to clear them out of my back office. Dang cute chair…great gift idea. And, to be quite honest with you, a great air bag massage not just in the legs, but in the buttock and low back too. Check it out here…


New Year = New Year’s resolutions and new beginnings. Get a massage chair this year to assist you with your health goals.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Christmas Shipping Deadlines!!

With  Christmas fast approaching, I’m sure most of you are wondering when the last day to order a new massage chair is going to be, since you want to procrastinate until the last possible moment (we are kindred spirits!). Here is a list of last minute shipping dates for each of the manufacturers:

Human Touch Massage Chairs:
Monday, December 7: Last day to ship for guaranteed White Glove Delivery by December 23
Monday, December 14: Last day to ship for guaranteed business or residential delivery by December 23
Wednesday, December 23: Last day to ship for 2009

Inada Massage Chairs (White Glove Delivery only):
Monday, December 14: Last day to ship for guaranteed White Glove Delivery by December 23

Sanyo, Inada (non-white glove service), Panasonic, Omega:
Wednesday, December 16: Last day to ship for guaranteed business or residential delivery to East Coast by December 23
Friday, December 18: Last day to ship for guaranteed business or residential delivery to Central/Midwest states by December 23
Monday, December 21: Last day to ship for guaranteed business or residential delivery to West Coast by December 23

Remember, these dates are for GUARANTEED delivery. You can still have a chance to get your chair if you order after these dates. Last year, we had quite a few orders after the deadlines and they still got to their destinations in time for Christmas. So, don’t give up!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Omega Skyline and Serenity Massage Chairs Now On Massage Chair Relief

Regarding my blog post at the tail end of last week, the 5 year head to toe, comprehensive, in-home warranty that we are offering with the purchase of a Human Touch HT-1650 and HT-7450 massage chairs has been quite a hit! If you are considering one of these best sellers for Christmas, this $369 value is a nice perk to get the order done.

Now, we just recently put up the new Omega Zero Gravity massage chairs, the Serenity and Skyline massage chairs. Very contemporary chairs and priced very reasonably. I think that these chairs will be aSerenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Omega Massage home run for Omega. Take a look on my site at them and leave feedback as to what you think about what you read and see. The zero gravity massage chairs have been a hit since Human Touch came out with the HT-7450 and Sanyo followed suit with their 7700 massage chair. These new, lower priced models from Omega, competing with the Sanyo 3700 massage lounger, will be available this month, with the Skyline coming first within the next week. Apparently, they are in the port right now awaiting release to go Omega’s warehouse. The Serenity is on it’s way in just a bit.

The Omega 510 massage chair has now been officially discontinued. There are only 4 black ones left, 1 brown and 1 ivory one left.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch Massage Chair Extended Warranty Special

HT 1650 Massage Chair
HT 1650 Massage Chair

Hey, I just found out that Human Touch is offering a full 2 year on-site, comprehensive warranty for their massage chairs until early next year. What they have right now is a 5 year limited warranty, which is basically 1 year on-site parts and labor and 5 year structure/chasis. They are extending the 1 year on-site parts and labor to 2 years. A great offer for the holiday shoppers.

Massage Chair Relief is also offering a comprehensive 5 year warranty on the HT-7450 and HT-1650 massage chairs for the holidays! Aren’t we nice? Well, we know how much an extended warranty means to many of you, so we figured we’d offer that on the Human Touch chairs for this time of the year.

Some other massage chair notes:

1. Inada is offering a standard, factory 3-year warranty on their Sogno, i2A, and Doctor’s Choice massage chairs.
2. We have the Inada Cube massage chair in our showroom now and I sat on it for 1/2 hour last night and I must admit, for such a small and cute chair, it has a great low back and leg air bag massage. I was quite impressed. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because of it’s deceptively small size, but the quality of the massage truly impressed me. And only $799!!
3. Your company’s FLEX plan pays for massage chairs. Take advantage of that before year’s end.
4. We have the new zero gravity massage chairs from Omega on our site…the Serenity and Skyline models. Pretty cool, eh?
5. Omega is discontinuing the Prestigio 510 model. Manufacturing costs have gotten too high so they are selling existing stock and then it will be no more! So, the bottom line is…if you want an Omega 510 massage chair, you better order now before existing stock is gone.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-7120 Massage Chair by Human Touch Sale Ends Saturday!

HT 7120 Massage Chair
HT 7120 Massage Chair

I completely forgot to remind you that the sale on the HT-7120 massage chair by Human Touch ends tomorrow.
Lynn W. called me this morning to order one at the last minute at the sale price of $2499 and it suddenly dawned on me that the Human Touch special on this model ends tomorrow.

So, I figured I’d better send you out a quick reminder email before I head home for the weekend…just in case you were planning on taking advantage of this rare sale, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

Just to recap…

The HT-7120 lists for $2999 on Human Touch’s website. Our regular price is usually $2699. Until the end of October, the price of the chair has been dropped down to $2499.

Here is a link to the chair:


It is a beautiful leather-upholstered chair that features the swivel seat and Human Touch’s famous “Stretch” program. We sell an awful lot of this model and I can tell you it is one of Human Touch’s most popular massage chairs.

Remember that we offer f*ree shipping along with some other goodies when you get a massage chair from me at www.massage-chair-relief.com.

Don’t waste another minute!

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. Don’t forget that the $2499 price on the HT-7120 massage chair by Human Touch is only good until tomorrow. Order online at


or call us toll-free at 888-259-5380.

Massage Chair Relief at the Eastern Idaho State Fair

Massage Chairs in Idaho State Fair
Massage Chairs in Idaho State Fair

Our massage chairs are up in Blackfoot, Idaho this week for the Eastern Idaho State Fair. I know we have a lot of viewers from Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. If you are in the area, we’d love to have you come visit and enjoy and massage on one of our great chairs. We have the HT-1650 and Inada Sogno massage chairs up there. Apparently, this is a big event for Eastern Idaho and folks come from all around to do their shopping. Steffanie worked there with the chairs over the Labor Day weekend and said it was swamped with folks wanting to sit on the chairs.

Other news in the massage chair industry:

1. Omega massage chairs figures that the new Serenity zero gravity massage chair will sell for $2499 and the Skyline version will sell for $1999. They tell me though that the Serenity is a better featured and looking chair.

2. Inada is coming out with another massage chair to replace the D-5 and D-6 models which were discontinued a couple of months ago. When I hear more about it, I will let you know.

3. Although the Sanyo 5000 massage chair has been discontinued, I still have access to the tan colored version. You can’t order them on my website, but you can call the showroom and place the order while supplies last. Our showroom number is 801-417-8240.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch HT-7120 Massage Chair and Perfect Chair Special

Human touch 7120 Massage Chairs
Human touch 7120 Massage Chairs

We just received notification for the months of September and October 2009, that Human Touch is offering the following promotions:

1. They are taking $200 off the price of their HT-7120 massage chair.  This price is good until October 28, 2009. Here is a link to see the updated price on Massage-Chair-Relief.com:  http://www.massage-chair-relief.com/human_touch_ht7120_massage_chair.html

The HT-7120 is a very popular massage chair which is an upgrade from the old HT-125, 135, 136 massage chair family. Upgrades include nicer leather, calf width adjustment, massage roller intensity, and low back (lumbar) heat. Also has the 60 degree swivel that Human Touch introduced to the world through the HT-125, 135, 136 chairs.

2. The Perfect Chair models come with a FREE accessory table:

PC-6 w/ perfect chair base and Premium leather pad, standard leather pad, and SofSuede pad

PC-075 w/ perfect chair base and Premium leather pad, standard leather pad, Sofsuede pad

PC-095 w/ perfect chair base Premium leather pad, standard leather pad, Sofsuede pad

Model numbers for the FREE accessory tables are PC-ST-401-002, PC-ST-401-003, PC-ST-401-004.

Now, we don’t carry the Perfect Chair models on our website, but we do sell them offline. Call our showroom at 801-417-8240 and we can take care of your order. You can go to www.humantouch.com to view the chairs and then give us a call to complete your order. We include free shipping and bonus gifts with all our chair orders.

I know it sounds early to say this, but start thinking about massage chairs for Christmas gifts. Better to plan now than to try to beat the mad rush that inevitably goes on in December.

Dr. Alan Weidner


HT-7450 Becomes Exclusive to Human Touch September 1st

I was quite surprised to hear this morning in a bulletin from Human Touch that the HT-7450 massage chair and HT-125 massage chair will not be allowed to be sold through distributors such as Massage-Chair-Relief.com. They will be keeping the chairs in-house and sell them solely through their website, www.humantouch.com.

What does this mean? After September 1, 2009 you can only get the HT-7450 and HT-125 massage chairs through Human Touch, directly. You will not be able to get these models through our site or any other distributor. Of course, I am stuck with a floor model of the HT-7450 but that is good for my visitors because you can get this great 1 1/2 year old chair at a very discounted price ($1999). The downside is that we like that dang HT-7450 massage chair and have enjoyed having it in my showroom.  The zero gravity feature is a great feature. Of course, I have discussed the zero gravity issue, particularly with the new chairs coming our from Omega Massage and the new Sanyo zero gravity chair.

So, the bottom line is there are options if you want a zero gravity massage chair. The best option would be the Sanyo 7700 which is a very popular model. You can check it out here:


Call the showroom if you have any questions about the HT-7450 that we have.

Dr. Alan Weidner

International Massage Chair Orders

Massage Chairs International Shipping
Massage Chairs International Shipping

We have been selling a lot of massage chairs internationally lately. Just in the past 3 weeks, we have sold massage chairs to Costa Rica, India, Bermuda, and Chile. I suppose the dollar exchange rates are affecting this recent jump in international sales. I also find on my website statistics that we get quite a few visitors to our site from around the world. There are a couple of things to know about international orders:

1. some countries do not have the same electrical output as North America. For example, here in the USA we have 110 V outlets…in Europe it typically is 220 V. A transformer is necessary to make the transition. With a good transformer, it should not miss a beat when you plug your new massage chair in. Make sure that when you shop for a transformer, you get one that can handle the wattage of the chair model you want. We can provide you with the wattage of any particular model. We can provide a transformer for you too. Just let us know and we can get you hooked up with one to coincide with your chair shipment.

2. Warranties on some of the chairs do not apply overseas. For example, Human Touch massage chair warranties are void once their chairs leave US soil. Panasonic and Sanyo massage chairs have the largest worldwide distribution networks, so their warranties are typically supported in other countries. We have shipped all manufacturer models all over the world. But, the Panasonic and Sanyo models are probably the safest best for warranty support.

3. We, at Massage Chair Relief, will not ship the bonus gifts overseas.

4. Shipping costs for international orders are to be paid for by the buyer. We offer free shipping on all our domestic shipments, but not on our international orders. However, we won’t leave you high and dry. On some models, we can give you domestic shipping credit for your overseas shipping costs. For example, if our shipping cost would have been $150 to ship to continental USA, we could give you a $150 credit on  your shipping cost overseas.

5. We can get you ocean and air shipping quotes. Ocean freight is always cheaper, but it is not door-to-door. It will ship to the closest port and then you will be responsible for getting the massage chair to the final destination. Ocean freight will also take quite a while longer, sometimes up to 45 days (boats just travel slower than airplanes!). Air freight is more expensive, but goes door-to-door and only takes a matter of a few days to get to it’s destination.

6. Payment for international orders can be done by wire transfer, paypal, check or credit card. Of course, some overseas credit card transactions are considered a higher risk and would require some verification. Checks would have to clear before shipment is made.

7. Some countries have customs, duty, and/or import taxes/fees that they place products when they arrive to the destination country. You will be responsible for those fees so make sure you are aware of how much those taxes/fees are before you purchase your new chair.

8. We offer an industry-best 90 day money back guarantee on all our massage chairs, including international orders. However, you will be responsible for return shipping if you decide to return your new chair within the 90 day period. For transactions that required payment of fees, eg. credit card fees, wire transfer fees, etc., you will also be responsible for the fees. But, other than that, you will be refunded the total balance of your purchase, minus the initial shipping costs to your country.

Hope this information helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Difference Between HT-135 and Panasonic 1285 Massage Chairs

Panasonic 1285 Massage Chair
Panasonic 1285 Massage Chair

Some of the best material for my blog comes from questions that shoppers, like you, ask about different massage chairs. It actually challenges me to make sure I know the models well enough to offer constructive input on a chair, alone or in comparison to another. I had another email request for information about the differences between the HT-135 massage chair by Human Touch (same family as the HT-125 and HT-136 massage chairs….exact same chairs except for the looks!) and the Panasonic 1285 massage chair. Below is the question, as asked by the shopper, and my response to him. I hope this assists you good folks in your massage chair buying decision:


Hi I have spent much time on your website looking at massage chair info. I am considering the Panasonic ep1285 and the Human Touch HT135 and wondered if you had a preference of one or the other and if so why?
Thanks for any info you may be able to offer.
Also your web site is very informative.



Hi, Gary
Thank you so much for your email. Two great chairs you are looking at. Here are the differences and similarities as I see them (we have both chairs in our showroom):

1. both chairs have leather upholstery
2. the HT-135 has a swivel base, where the chair can be swivelled 60 degrees, whereas the Panasonic 1285 is fixed on the ground.
3. the Panasonic 1285 has a calf AND foot massager ottoman with a 6 inch extender for taller folks, whereas the HT-135 has just a calf massager (which can be rotated so that the calf wells do not show when not in use).
4. the HT-135 has 3 main auto programs: full back, low back, and upper back. The Panasonic 1285 has 4, more sophisticated, auto programs: Shiatsu, Swedish, Chiro, and Quick.
5. neither chair has an intensity adjustment for the rollers.
6. both chairs have vertical roller height adjustment for taller and shorter folks.
7. the Panasonic 1285 has the following manual functions: kneading, compression, swedish, hawaiian, soft shiatsu, tapping
8. the HT-135 has the following manual functions: kneading, compression, percussion, roller width adjustment.
9. the HT-135 has a stretch function, whereas the Panasonic 1285 has a leg stretch feature.
10. neither chair has thigh/buttock massage.
11. neither chair has heat function.
12. generally speaking, the HT-135 has a more vigorous roller massage on the back than does the Panasonic 1285.

Except for the less vigorous massage, I would prefer the Panasonic 1285 massage chair over the HT-135. The HT-135 model has been discontinued so will only be available until stock runs out.

Well, that about does it. I hope this helps in some way. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. You can always reach me on my personal cell phone, 801-651-2026.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Lots of Massage Chair News!

A lot is going on right now with the massage chair biz! I told you last week that Inada is discontinuing their D-5 Robo Chair and D-6 Robostic massage chair models because of the popularity of their new Sogno massage chairs.

Well, I learned last week that Human Touch has dropped their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) on the HT-1650 massage chair to $3999 (from $4795) and on the HT-7450 zero gravity massage chair to $3299 (from $3999). They have also dropped their MAP pricing on the HT-125 to $1999 (from $2299). I wondered if perhaps they were planning on discontinuing these models, too, especially the HT-1650 since they dropped the price on that chair to such a low MAP. I was frankly stunned by the low price on the HT-1650. But, it is great for you, the consumer.

The Panasonic 1285 “Urban” massage chair is now in stock. It has been a popular seller and was out of stock for quite some time. It is now in stock…but for how long, I have no idea.

We sold our Inada Sogno PLUS floor model last weekend because we wanted to bring in the chocolate Inada Sogno PLUS Chocolate with Black Interiormodel with the new black interior material. It had previously had gray interior, but I think with the ease with which that color dirtied, they decided on a black interior. Good move, if you ask me. It stays cleaner and it actually looks pretty sharp…don’t you agree? Well, we got our new Sogno PLUS on Wednesday and Steffanie and I put it together right away. It looks very handsome.

Well, that’s about it for today. Spring is finally in the air here in Utah. It has been a long and cool winter and spring so far. I am so looking forward to a warm summer (I love summer!!). I hope you all have a wonderful and rejuvenating spring.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Some Massage Chair Model Changes…And A Few Other Things

I haven’t written in my blog for a while and figured it was time to update you as to what is going on in the industry and in our business/showroom.

1. We have been notified that the HT-135 massage chair by Human Touch has been completely sold out and is now discontinued. We will be pulling it from our website within the next 24 hours.  They still have the HT-125 and HT-136 massage chairs available.

2. I added a Google search feature to our website. You will notice that underneath the financing image on each page of our site (on the upper right hand corner) there is a search field. Just type in any word, model, feature that you are curious about and this search engine will bring up every reference to that word that exists on our site. It may help you in your massage chair purchase process.

3. Some time ago I added a Google map feature to the home page to show where we our showroom is located. I don’ t know if you are aware of this, but their is a field by the map that asks you to “Enter your starting address”. For local folks, here in Utah, this is a great way to get directions to our showroom.

4. One of our massage chair manufacturers announced yesterday that they will be offering extremely low pricing on a couple of their models because they will be discontinuing those models after current stock is gone. I cannot mention who this company is or what models are being offered at an incredible price until April 15. I will post on this blog and send out an email blast to everyone on my “Special Report” list. If you have not requested my free report, “5 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Even Consider Investing In A High-Quality, Robotic Massage Chair”, you can go to the home page and sign up for it. Once on that list you will be notified of specials like the one I am talking about for the 15th.

5. I’ve added the Panasonic 1285 “Urban” massage chair to our showroom.  It is another $2699 chair that I felt would serve our clients who are looking for a less expensive, high quality massage chair.

Well, that’s about it for now.

Let me know if I can assist you in any way in your massage chair purchase decision process. We are always available to you. Our toll free number is 1-888-259-5380 and our local showroom number is 801-417-8240.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Maximum Weight Limits For Massage Chairs

One of the most common questions we get from visitors is “How much weight can a massage chair take?” Some of our visitors are concerned that their weight might damage the chair or void the warranty. Well, we called our manufacturers and asked them each what the weight limits are for their chairs. Now, these are the numbers that they publish, but I will suggest that these limits do not mean that a person weighing more than these numbers can’t get the chair. There is a good possibility that a 300 pound person can get just as many years out of a chair as a 250 pound person. These are just guidelines:

1. Human Touch Massage Chairs
All Human Touch massage chair models have a warranty that recommends the user weigh 285 lbs. or less. A user weighing over this may use the chair but if anything were to happen it might not be covered under warranty (I can’t imagine that they would ask you your weight when you call in for warranty work!).

2.  Inada Massage Chairs
“If you can fit, you can sit” is the slogan that Inada uses to describe their weight limits. In other words, if you can fit in one of their chairs, no matter your weight, you can sit in it without concern for breakdown or voiding the warranty.

3. Sanyo Massage Chairs
Maximum user weight on all models is 264 lbs.

4. Panasonic Massage Chairs
Maximum user weight on all models is 264 lbs.

5. Omega Massage Chairs
The maximum user weight is different, according to the model:
M2 – 225 lbs.
OM 510 – 250 lbs.
Montage Elite/Premier – 300 lbs.

I hope this helps those of you who are concerned about this common question.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Dr. Weidner on Good Things Utah

Massage Chair Relief on TV
Massage Chair Relief on TV

I was invited to demonstrate a couple of our massage chairs on a local ABC morning show here in Salt Lake City called Good Things Utah. We brought down the HT-1650 massage chair and the Panasonic 30007 massage chair to show the 4 ladies who host the show. They loved the chairs! Even after the taping was done, the gals stuck around to sit on the chairs. I’ve included a shot of these lovely ladies with yours truly in the middle (dang the luck…I’ve got a tough job!). I will have the video of the segment up on the website and youtube before long.

One of the show’s hosts asked me how much per month it would cost to have a massage chair in her home. When I told her the amount, she was quite surprised since she spent as much as that or more on a monthly massage therapy visit and a monthly chiropractic visit. When she computed the numbers, she realized that using the massage chair every day far outweighed the benefit from her two therapy visits. She commented how much the massage chair felt like her human massage therapy experience. Of course, we hear that at the showroom all day long. By the way, I must say that I got a lot of comments about how good the cognac-colored HT-1650 massage chair looked in the decorum of the show’s set. It really looked good.

Anyway, if you think you can’t afford a massage chair…think again! Financing makes it possible for virtually everyone to have this amazing therapy in their home and available for use every single hour of every single day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs in our Showroom

We are getting more and more visitors to our website from surrounding states. We find ourselves constantly telling folks what massage chairs they can try out in our showroom. So, I figured it would do you, our cherished visitor, some good to know what massage chairs we carry in our showroom (the biggest complaint we get from massage chair shoppers is that there is no place to go to try out all the chairs):

iJoy 250
Panasonic 30007
Sanyo 5000
Inada i2A
Inada D5 Robochair
Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair

Once the HT-125/135/136 family is phased out later this year, we will probably replace our HT-125 with a Panasonic 1285 massage chair, which is becoming a fairly popular chair because of the price point and the features included. We may also finally carry the Perfect Chair which, though not a massage chair, is made by Human Touch and is a popular therapeutic chair for low back sufferers.

Now come down, visit us, and enjoy these awesome massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

We’re Making Massage-Chair-Relief.com Better!

This last month we have made some changes to the Massage-Chair-Relief.com website to make it better and more convenient for our visitors. Here are just a few of the things that we have done for you…

1. added a Google Map of our location on the home page. Now that we have a showroom, we get lots of inquiries as to where we are located. This map makes it easy to put in your origination address and then get directions to Massage Chair Relief. Easy as pie!

2. added a “Bestseller List” of our top-selling massage chairs in each price category. This should help those of you who are shopping to know what others are deciding upon when it comes to getting a massage chair. We have broken up the categories by price: under $2000, between $2001-$3000, between $3001-$4000, and over $4000. Our top 2 selling massage chairs just happen to be priced over $4000: the Sogno PLUS massage chair (#1), and the HT-1650 massage chair (#2) . This bestsellers list also has the price of the chair along with stock availability for shipping.

3. added a “Product Review” section for each massage chair model at the bottom of every product page. You can also access the review by clicking on the “Submit a Customer Review Today” link under the “Add to Cart” button of each product page.  Now, when you get a massage chair model that we carry, whether you bought it from us or not, you can go onto the product page and give your two cents worth about the chair. I really appreciate constructive praise and criticism as a shopper. It helps educate me of things I need to be aware of a product. So, your review will help others make a decision about whether to get a particular model or not. We welcome your opinion.

4. added Estimated Delivery Times for each massage chair. We have put up an estimated delivery date for “Standard Delivery”, “White Glove Service”, and “Express Delivery”.  Now, these times are just well-educated estimates, based on the shipping company’s estimate and our experience. But, I will tell you that when it comes to shipping a massage chair, nothing is certain!! Just use these dates as guidelines. Often the chair comes earlier than the estimated time, but once in a great while, takes longer. But, at least this feature will give you a good idea of what you can plan on for delivery.

5. added a “Product Photos” section on each product page. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be adding every possible photo we can find for each massage chair model. We want you to see everything you can about the chair, especially if you don’t get much of an opportunity to sit in one.

6.  we altered slightly our showroom hours. We used to be open until 8:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. This served us well before Christmas, but now we are good to close up shop at 7:00 p.m. during the week.

We have lots of other plans, but this should be enough to keep your shopping experience positive for the time being.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Another Great Massage Chair Shopper’s Question!

I love sharing massage chair shopper’s questions with you on this blog  because I figure if one person is asking, their are probably others that are thinking the very same thing. So, I post the visitor’s question along with my response…

Here is the inquiry:

“Dear Dr. Weidner
I am extremely hopeful you will assist me in narrowing down my choices for a massage chair as I have never owned a massage chair, but have sat in models (at Relax-The-Back, the chiropractor, Sharper Image and a few furniture stores) made by Sanyo, Human Touch, iJoy and Inada, but not Panasonic or Omega. Relax-The-Back is the only viable option to purchase a chair in my area. However, I will not do so due to their extreme lack of product knowledge of and poor customer service. I am looking for the highest quality chair available equipped to provide a complete deep full body massage from head to toe. Price is not an issue as long as it suits my needs. I am 6’1″ and 225 pounds with a very long torso and a relatively athletic build. The chair need NOT be voice responsive, resemble a fashionable piece of living room furniture or be constructed with real leather. I do not desire an iJoy, and the Sogno Plus is the only option from Inada I will consider. My criteria eliminates a number of chairs so I hope you are able to steer me to my viable options. Thank you so very much in advance for your kind assistance. It is most appreciated. Yours Truly, “

Here is my response:

“Thank you so much for your insightful email. I can tell you have done a lot of research and I hope my input assists you in your search.

I will start off by saying that, hands down, my manager, who is a licensed massage therapist, and I, who am a chiropractor, believe the Inada Sogno PLUS is the best chair out there, with the best and most innovative features, for the dollar spent. We have one in our showroom, along with a number of other Inada chairs, Human Touch chairs, the Panasonic 30007, the Sanyo 5000, and the iJoy 250. We used to carry the Omega Montage in our showroom, but we had so many customer service issues with the chair that we stopped carrying it in our showroom.

The Panasonic is a great chair, but we find that for the money, the Inada Sogno PLUS beats it. The Panasonic chairs seem to be more suited for a shorter body, but it doesn’t have the Dream wave technology or the neck traction feature, both of which are so innovative in the Sogno that it is hard to compare that chair with anything else. We carry the 30007 in our showroom, which retails for $5999, but there are other models in the 30000 family that are less expensive, with the same rollers and internal function, but with some differing features and airbags.

Human Touch makes very good chairs that are quite aesthetically pleasing, but feature-wise, again, they can’t fully compare to the Sogno PLUS. I love the HT-1650, personally, but would still suggest the Sogno PLUS for complete therapeutic benefit.

Here are some other things about the Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair to take into consideration, pros and cons, especially relative to your input in your email to me:

1. it is not voice responsive

2. the pad, to which the cervical traction unit is attached, can be lifted and snapped into a position out of the way so that the user of the chair can have an even more vigorous massage from the rollers. When the pad and traction unit is down, the rollers must work through two pads to get to the spine of the user. Some who want a more vigorous roller massage can lift that pad and traction unit out of the way so that the rollers only have to go through one pad, as is the case with most other chairs. I hope this makes sense. (By the way, if anything I explain doesn’t make sense, feel free to call me at my personal cell number, 1-801-651-2026, and I can explain it moreso over the phone.)

3. the neck traction unit uses air bags and rubber nodular inserts to massage the trapezia and levator scap muscles…it is unlike anything else we have ever seen before. A great neck and shoulder massage.

4. square inch massage coverage for most massage chairs is around 400 sq. inches. The Sogno PLUS covers over 1200 sq. inches of your body. That addresses your comment “a complete deep full body massage from head to toe.” The arm airbags cover your arm, forearm, wrists, and hands (including fingers).

5. the dream wave technology for the hips is absolutely fantastic if you have any acute or chronic low back pain. I use it all the time for an unstable left SI joint in my back and it is wonderful. Also a very unique technology that we have not seen on any other massage chair.

6. it is upholstered in faux leather, a fancy way of saying “fake” leather or synthetic/manmade leather.

7. won a design and engineering award from the international CES symposium in November 2008.

8. it has a heat function in the lumbar region but it is not remarkable.

9. Like the Sanyo and the Panasonic, the vertical track of the rollers go down to the very low back, i.e. sacrum, which, I think is crucial for a low back massage. The Human Touch and iJoy typically do not go so low.

10. customer service on the Inada chairs, like the Panasonic, Sanyo, and Human Touch chairs, is great. Should you ever have a problem with this chair, or any of the chairs we carry, you will have great customer support from each of the manufacturers we represent. The head technician for Inada USA came by our showroom a few weeks ago and told us that they have a .01 percent problem rate on new chairs….which is extremely low. In other words, the chance of you having a functional problem with the Sogno PLUS when you get it is very low.

11. Sogno PLUS comfortably fits persons from 4’11” to 6’4″.

Well, Bruce, I hope I have covered everything. Again, I hope you call me if you have any questions that I can’t answer with the written word. If you have more questions about the other chair models we carry, I can give more info regarding those models as per any future request from you. Again, my number is 801-651-2026.

Just a reminder to you, also, that we offer bonus gifts, free shipping, and a $100 -$300 visa gift card (or $100-$300 off the price of the massage chair) when you purchase  from our site. If you decide to get the Inada Sogno PlUS from us, you must call to place the order, as Inada does not permit online purchases of this chair. You will also be free of sales tax if you live outside of Utah. We will also throw in free white glove delivery, which will take care of assembly of the Sogno PLUS (it comes in two boxes) and disposal of all the packing material when your chair is delivered to you. You can expect a 1 1/2 week wait for your chair. Inada delivers quite quickly…even with the white glove service.

I look forward to hearing from you again. Best of luck to you in your massage chair shopping. “

Hope this helps all of you in your massage chair search!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Visitors from Georgia!!

I had a great day today! We had our first Massage Chair Relief visitors from Georgia come to our showroom today. They flew in first thing this morning to attend the Sundance Film Festival. They had done some online homework about massage chairs before they left and saw that one of the sites they had visited, OURS, had a store in Salt Lake City so they figured they’d come for a visit once they landed. So, first thing this morning, Doug and Katrina and Skip came for a visit to our showroom. We had a wonderful visit and fast became friends.

Now, we have had visitors from Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho…all neighboring states within driving distance, but this was the first visitor that actually flew in to see us! I was just thrilled. They ended up getting the HT-1650 massage chair after having sat on all the chairs over the course of 3 hours. By the way, if you ever come to our Massage Chair Relief showroom, plan on spending AT LEAST 1 hour trying out the chairs. We have 11 in the store, and you will want to take your time trying them all out.

Should you ever come to Utah, please come visit us. We would absolutely love to have you. Call ahead and we’ll make arrangements for lunch or dinner. We’ll take care of you the moment you walk through the doors…yes, and that includes a meal for your effort to get here!

Dr. Alan Weidner

A Very Massage Chair Christmas!!

WOW…was it busy this holiday season! The recession may be here, but I can tell that folks are spending their money on health and wellness products in their own home…like massage chairs. It has been a fun year. We introduced some new models just before Christmas to add to our showroom. We now have the iJoy 250, instead of the recently discontinued iJoy 130; we have the new HT-5005 by Human Touch; and, of course, we have the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

Here are a couple of other things I want to touch upon:

1. the biggest struggle I face as a massage chair retailer is the white glove service (WGS) contractors. Now, each of the manufacturers pick their own shippers, and those shippers sub contract out the local delivery and set up for the WGS. It seems that these sub-contractors cause us the greatest distress when it comes to delivering a chair with WGS. I’m not saying that every WGS delivery is a bother…but it seems that the biggest problem we have, when we have a problem (which is not very often) with new massage chairs is not broken down new chairs, but weak WGS.

2. I added a “Product Review” to every massage chair model page. Now, you can go to the product page of the chair you own, or have used, and write a product review about the chair. We welcome all comments, but please refrain from using swear words, vulgar words, racial comments, or pornographic comments.  I think the product reviews will greatly enhance the shopping experience for other massage chair buyers.

3. The Sogno PLUS massage chair is NOT upholstered in leather. Someone told us that somewhere on my blog or website I mentioned that it was a leather upholstery. I was mistaken!! It is a faux leather (which is just a fancy way of saying fake leather, or naugahyde). Most chairs are made of the faux leather because it claims to be more durable over time. Frankly, on the some the massage chairs, I can’t tell the difference, i.e. the Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

4. I have decided to offer the Visa Gift Card special permanently. It has been so well received that I figured you deserved it. You can call us at the showroom and ask for a chair price discount equivalent to the Visa Gift Card amount, in lieu of the gift card (but, don’t tell anyone I just said that!).

Well, that’s about it for now. I haven’t written in a while, what with the busy holiday season and all!

Happy New Year!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Every year at about this time, folks start feeling anxious about how late they can order their massage chair in order for their chair to be delivered by December 25th.  Well, we’ve done our homework with the manufacturers who we represent and here is what you can expect if you want to get your new massage chair delivered by Christmas:

Regular freight to the East Coast: December 16, 2008
Regular freight to the West Coast: December 19, 2008
White Glove Service to the East Coast: December 10, 2008
White Glove Service to the West Coast:  December 15, 2008

Human Touch:
Last day for regular freight:  December  16, 2008
Last day for White Glove Service: December 12, 2008
Last day for any order to be shipped out for 2008: December 22, 2008

Sanyo and Panasonic:
Last day for regular freight: December 19, 2008
Last day for White Glove Service: December 15, 2008

Last day for regular freight: December 17, 2008
Last day for White Glove Service: December 13, 2008
So, the bottom line is that you better take a look at the calendar if you are going to get a massage chair for you or a loved one before December 25. Time is a wastin’!

Because the Visa Gift Cards take a little longer to process, if you wait until the last day for any of the manufacturers to order, you may not get your Visa Gift Card by Christmas. But, as long as you get the massage chair, I guess everything will work out perfectly. The bonus gifts, by the way, should be there by December 25th, as they only take 3-4 days to be shipped.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chairs In Our Showroom

It just occurred to me, after talking to a massage chair shopper, that I haven’t given a list of the massage chair models in our showroom. For the rest of America and the world, it probably doesn’t matter, but to Utah residents it just might be important to know. So, without further adieu, here is a list of the models that we carry in our Salt Lake showroom:

1. HT-1650 massage chair

2. HT-7450 massage chair

3. HT-7120 massage chair

4. Inada Sogno PLUS massage chair

5. Inada D5 Robo massage chair

6. Inada i2A massage chair

7. Panasonic 30007 massage lounger

8. Sanyo 5000 massage chair

9. ijoy 130 massage chair

10. HT-125 massage chair

11. HT-5005 massage chair (on the way!)

Please feel free to check them out on the site before coming down to the showroom so you know what to expect and what chairs you might want to take a look at while you are here.

Oh, and by the way, have a super Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Extra Bonus This Month For Human Touch Massage Chair Purchases!


As you may or may not know, our Special of the Month is a choice between a Visa Gift Card($100 – $300) and a Wellness Human Touch massage back padMassage Package (for massage chair purchases over $2000). Well, I just got a phone call from Human Touch and they told me that with every Human Touch massage chair sold, they will also ship to you the HT-1470 massage back pad along with the massage chair!

So, when you purchase any Human Touch massage chair from our website, you will also receive the HT-1470 massage back pad which retails for $249. This is a fantastic offer.

The bottom line is that when you purchase a massage chair from Massage Chair Relief in the month of November, you will get

1. your choice of a Visa Gift Card or a $225 Wellness Massage Package AND

2. if the chair you order is a Human Touch massage chair, you will also receive the $249 massage back pad.

Call if you have any questions.

Dr. Alan Weidner

November Massage Chair Special of the Month!

It is a new month, so I get to put up a new massage chair special of the month. For the month of November, we are going to give buyers an option!

If you purchase a massage chair this month, you can either

1. Get the Visa Gift Card (this was a popular promotion in October, so we are continuing it into November and December for holiday savings!):

  • $100 Visa Gift Card when a massage chair is purchased at a price below $2000.
  • $200 Visa Gift Card when a massage chair is purchased at a price between $2000 – $4000.
  • $300 Visa Gift Card when a massage chair is purchased at a price over $4000.


2. Get a “Wellness Package”, which includes a hand massager, a foot massager, a neck massager, and a chair massager (to be used on a regular chair or your car seat or at work). This package will only be included for chairs priced over $2000.

If you are ordering your new massage chair over the phone, just tell us when you call which gift you would like. If ordering online, just enter the code words “visa”  or “wellness” in the coupon field of the shopping cart checkout page, where it says “Enter your coupon code here” and we’ll take care of the rest.

By the way, we sold the Panasonic 30003 floor model over the weekend. So, we still have the HT-125 and the black HT-1650 massage chair floor models left. Better hurry!! Our new Panasonic 30007 massage chair will be in by week’s end. We are excited about this new model.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Floor Model Massage Chairs For Sale!

Well, as I mentioned in previous blog posts, their have been some developments with some of our massage chair models:

1. The Panasonic 30003 massage chair has been discontinued. The only reason we still have “In Stock” on our website is because we have our floor model available.

2. The HT-125 massage chair will be discontinued in 2009.

So, this means that I have two chairs on my showroom floor that must now be sold, since there are no news ones to sell! This is what I am making available to my website visitors:

1. Panasonic 30003 Massage Chair (black color)
Regular Price: $3999
Sale Price: $2499
Floor Model Price: $1899

2. HT-125 Massage Chair by Human Touch (cashew color)
Regular Price: $2299
Floor Model Price: $1299

3. I have two HT-1650 massage chairs in my showroom, with room for only 1. The HT-1650 is our 2nd most popular seller, behind the new Sogno PLUS massage chair. I am selling my black HT-1650 floor model for $3295!

HT-1650 Massage Chair by Human Touch (black)
Regular Price: $4795
Floor Model Price: $3295
The Panasonic 30003 and the HT-1650 are still under warranty. They are all good chairs, with a lot of mileage left in them. The upholstery is fantastic and they are all very, very clean.

I will pay for the shipping for you as well as throw in the bonus gifts that we offer with all our chairs. The Visa Gift Card special will not apply, however.

If you are interested in one or all of these chairs, you will have to call the office to place the order. Here is our toll free number: 1-888-259-5380. We’ll take good care of you over the phone.

By the way, we will be replacing these massage chairs but I am just not sure with what chairs! For sure, we will be carrying the Inada D5 Robo Massage Chair and the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair in the showroom and probably another HT model chair (either the HT-5005, HT-5270, or HT-5320…do you have an opinion as to which you would like to see in our showroom? Let us  know by responding to this blog entry and we’ll seriously consider your opinion). We may also carry the Perfect Chair, which is not a massage chair but one heckuva therapeutic chair made by Human Touch.

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-125/135/136 Massage Chairs Change in 2009

Human Touch 125 Massage Chair
Human Touch 125 Massage Chair

I was just notified by my people at Human Touch that HT-125/135/136 family of massage chairs will be discontinued at regular online and offline retailers, like massage-chair-relief.com, in 2009. I don’t know what the exact date is, but I was told to plan on it. Apparently, the models will not be discontinued altogether, but will only be available through certain discount stores as an exclusive for that store.

So, the long and short of it is, sometime in early 2009 we will not be carrying these models anymore. It is a popular set of chairs, so they will be missed, but Human Touch has come out with so many new and exciting models that the pain of losing these other models is not as severe.  We will be selling the HT-125 massage chair that I have in the showroom and will replace it with the HT-5005, I believe.

By the way, if you are interested in my floor model, which is a cashew model, let me know. HT-125 massage chair by Human Touch (cashew)It retails for $2299, but I could sell it to an interested buyer for $1299, and that INCLUDES SHIPPING from our showroom to your home or business AND it includes the bonus gifts that we include with every purchase. It does not, however,  include the Visa Gift Card offer this month. It is a few years old, but it is in excellent condition. It looks great in cashew! Feel free to call our toll-free number if you want to talk to me about it. Our number is 1-888-259-5380. Steffanie will probably answer the phone, but you can ask her about it too. It won’t last for long, so if you are interested before Christmas, let me know asap. You can see an image of it on the right. Not bad, eh?

Before I go, I just wanted you to know that I posted a new article on the internet about the HT-1650 massage chair…one of my favorites. Here is the link to the article:

(yes, that is me in the ht-1650 massage chair)

Enjoy. Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch Awarded $4.55 Million in Massage Chair Lawsuit

I reported back in January that Human Touch massage chair company had won a lawsuit against King Kong Chairs and Premier Health Products for patent infringement. You can check out my blog entry, and associated information, at this link:


Well, I just read a press release that mentions that Human Touch was just awarded  $4.55 million in a trademark infringement case. Here is a clip from the release:

“Human Touch®, the leading brand of high-performance, design-oriented massage chairs for today’s modern and traditional living spaces, announced today that a U.S. District Court jury awarded $4.55 million in damages to the company in its trademark/trade dress infringement and unfair competition action brought against American Lighting Industry, Inc for intentional infringement of Human Touch’s trademarks and trade dress as it relates to its Human Touch massage products and technology. The jury also awarded Human Touch $2.8 million against co-defendant King Kong U.S.A., Inc. and $425,000 against King Kong’s president, Bernard Koay.”

Later in the press release, it is also mentioned that in a separate ruling “another U.S. District Court jury awarded $1.7 million in damages to the company in a patent infringement action brought against WFO Imports, LLC.”

King Kong massage chairs is a subsidiary of American Lighting Industry Inc.
WFO Imports, LLC also does business as Premier Health Products.

Here is a link to the press release:


Who knows what will happen now, it’s in the hands of the Expert Witness for Patent Cases. I have heard rumors that American Lighting Industry Inc may sell off or shut down the King Kong massage chair division.  And can WFO sustain after being hit for $1.7 million. Don’t know, but time will tell…

Dr. Alan Weidner

Green Screen in Massage Chair Relief Offices!

We are actually creating a green screen in our Massage Chair Relief offices. We will be recording a video clip of me to be put on the home page of the website in place of the the image of me that is there right now with the audio recording. I’ve never liked the quality of the audio recording and I really like the idea of a more interactive Dr. Weidner greeting my visitors. I have a neighbor that is a movie director and he is setting everything up for me. ( If you ever need some video work done, this guy is great and his prices are very reasonable. Contact me or visit him on his website if you have any inquiries. Here is his site: http://jerrycraven.blogspot.com)

On to massage chairs

The Panasonic 30007 is now available for the public. The only problem is that we have not much info on it yet. Our Panasonic rep said that the first shipment came from Japan on Friday last week, but the data on the chair has not arrived yet. Panasonic doesn’t even have the chair up on it’s site yet!

This much we know…it is an even better chair than the 30006, which was Panasonic’s previous top model.  This chair is made in Japan, not China, and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $5999. Call our office for special pricing, since the chair is not up on our website just yet. The Panasonic 30007 massage chair also only comes in black at this time.

The moment I have any info on this chair, we will pass it on to you.

Remember…until the end of this month, I am offering 2-for-1 massage chairs. If you buy an HT-1650 massage chair you get your choice of an iJoy 130, 300, or HT-2720 massage chair absolutely, 100% free!

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

New www.massage-chair-relief.com Home Page Up and Running!

We are so excited to announce that our massage-chair-relief.com home page redesign is now up and running. We are still working on a few things to make your online experience even better, but for now here is what we have done…

1. added a “Special of the Month” to the top left of the site. Every month we will offer something great to our site visitors. This month, as I mentioned on yesterday’s blog post is a 2-for-1 massage chair special. Buy an HT-1650 massage chair and get your choice of an iJoy 130, 300 or HT-2720 absolutely FREE!!

2. added all our chair manufacturers, including the new Inada and iJoy chairs, to the home page alongside the other 4 manufacturers.

3. added a place for video clips. Today we put up “Yours Truly” demonstrating the HT-1650 on a local television program. We will put up various videos over time, like massage chair reviews, commercials, video blog posts, etc.

4. added my most recent blog post so folks can read the latest without having to navigate to the blog page.

5.  re-arranged some images, i.e. free shipping, 90-day money back guarantee.

6. new drop-down menus under each chair manufacturer to more easily navigate to the model you are looking for.

Things we are working on this week…

1. video greeting from Dr. Weidner, not just a static image with an audio clip like it is now. We will be taping that later this week and plan to have it up at the end of this week or early next week.

2. “Massage Chair Search” feature. We will provide a search field that will allow you to find chairs with the particular features that you want.  This will assist you in narrowing down the model you really want.

I’ve got lots of other things in my head that I’d like to see on the site. As we create them, I will notify you via this blog. Thanks for being such wonderful guests and clients of this site and business. I am grateful for all of you.

Have a wonderful day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

2-For-1 Massage Chairs in September Only!

I am excited to announce that for the month of September, 2008 I am able to offer a FREE iJoy massage chair with the purchase of the HT-1650 massage chair by Human Touch! Yes, that is right…a free iJoy 130 (any color), a free iJoy 300 (any color), or an iJoy HT-2720 massage chair (eggplant, green, or cashew) when you purchase an HT-1650 massage chair from our website.

You can order the HT-1650 over the phone or directly on this website.  When you call us, just tell us that you are taking us up on the 2-for-1 September Special and tell us which iJoy you want. If you order online, you will have to enter the iJoy model and color that you want in the “Coupon” section of the check out page of the shopping cart. When you get to that field, and let’s say you want an HT-2720 in Eggplant color, just enter those words “HT-2720 Eggplant” in that field and when we get the processed order we will see exactly which free chair you want with your order.

It’s that simple.

A couple of things you need to know about this promotion:

1. it is only good until midnight of Tuesday, September 30, 2008. If it is a smashing success, we may offer it again before Christmas (because the iJoy would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone else in!).

2. free shipping and bonus gifts still apply to all promotional sales.

3. GE Financing is also still available on all purchases, regardless of what the promotion is.

4. You must take the free massage chair. You cannot decline the iJoy massage in lieu of an equivalent dollar discount on the HT-1650 massage chair.

Well, that’s about it. Don’t hesitate one minute to call us if you have any questions or if you want to order your chair today. Our toll free number is 1-888-259-5380.

To Your Health,

Dr. Alan Weidner

“Red” HT-125 and HT-135 Massage Chair Models To Be Discontinued!

I just thought you’d like to know that the red color in the HT-125 massage chair and HT-135 massage chair are being discontinued this week. In other words, in 48 hours the red HT-125 and HT-135 massage chair models will not  be available anymore from Human Touch. Human Touch tells me that no other colors at present will replace the red models, but may at some time in the future.

I told you a couple of weeks ago that the dark chocolate color of the HT-7120 massage chair has also been discontinued and will be replaced by the Espresso color.The Espresso is now in stock. It is up on our website, although we don’t have the image up yet (the old dark chocolate image is still up). The price on the HT-7120 is still $2699 for all models.

The colors still available in the HT-125 massage chair are black and cashew. The colors remaining in the HT-135 are black and cappucino.

Unfortunately, there is no price deal for the remaining red HT-125’s and HT-135’s. They are still $2299 and $2399, respectively, although the red is gone in a couple of days.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Sprinklers Turned On Massage Chairs!!

PGA tour assembly photo
PGA tour assembly photo

Well, our week at the PGA Tour Championship at Willow Creek Golf Course in Sandy, Utah ended in a very interesting way. Saturday night the sprinklers went off in the tent where our massage chairs were stored and they were soaked throughout the night! Steffanie went to turn on the massage chairs Sunday morning and found them absolutely drenched by the water. The home entertainment vendor next to us had water dripping out of the back of his flat screen TV’s when he came in!

Needless to say, we didn’t plug in or turn on any massage chairs on that last day of the Tour. We just dried out the chairs and brought them back to the showroom Monday morning. We had the HT-1650 massage chair, the HT-7450 massage chair, and the Sogno PLUS massage chair in the tent. All I could think about was how good the liability classic car insurance quote was at the PGA!

Well, as it turned out, everything worked Monday morning and all is well at Massage Chair Relief!

What we get out of this experience is that the massage chairs we carry are durable and can survive a drenching from a golf course sprinkler system (have you ever seen a golf course sprinkler?? They put out a lot of water at a very impressive force!).

By the way, the picture above is a shot of the pro’s at the driving range prior to Saturday’s round.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Relief at the PGA Championship Tour!

PGA Tour Photo
PGA Tour Photo

When we had our chairs at the Longest Day Golf Tournament in Midway, Utah back in PGA Tour championshipJune, one of the higher-ups of the PGA Championship Tour sat in our massage chairs and thought they’d be great to have at their tournament. Well, this week we have our delightful massage chairs at the Tour Championship at Willow Creek Country Club in Sandy, Utah.

We actually have one of our chairs in the player’s lounge and I love peaking in there to see PGA pro’s using our massage chair (the HT-1650 massage chair).

The weather has been quite crisp and cool in the mornings since we had an Alaskan storm hit us and drop temperatures way down, but as the day warms up and the sun comes out, the weather is fantastic and the setting is so beautiful. I have never been a great golfer, but I have always loved the golf course settings…and Willow Creek is one of the most beautiful settings I have seen. You see the course is older so the trees are quite mature and the back drop to this course is the Wasatch mountain range. Oh my, it is so beautiful and serene. I wish you could all see it.

I will submit some more photos tomorrow when I go back to the tournament. I just included a pic of the Tour semi-truck to prove to you that I wasn’t kidding about being at the tour championship.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

HT-7120 Massage Chair Dark Chocolate Color Discontinued!

ht5005 massage chair - espresso color
ht5005 massage chair - espresso color

I received notice on Friday that the Dark Chocolate color in the HT-7120 massage chair by Human Touch has been discontinued. The company is filling back orders, but once they are filled, the Dark Chocolate will be replaced by “Espresso”, an even darker chocolate color which, according to Human Touch, looks like “semi-sweet chocolate”…a rich dark brown. I have put up an image of the HT-5005, a new chair that we carry from Human Touch, which is upholstered in the same espresso color. This will at least give you an idea of the color. It “kinda” looks like black I suppose, but it is a very dark, rich brown color.
So, although we still have the dark chocolate on the website, the color will be changed to espresso as soon as that chair color is available, and I am told that it will be around in late August or early September. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us about it.

Sorry about the loss of the dark chocolate. My experience of it is that it was a very popular color, relative to the black, but it is a corporate decision and that is how it is!

By the way, we should have the new chairs I spoke about on my last blog entry up within a week or so.

Dr. Alan Weidner

New Massage Chairs on the Way!

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to mention that I am quite excited about a whole bunch of new massage chairs that we are going to be carrying. Here is a list of them with their accompanying prices and links to Human Touch’s website to learn about the chairs before we get them up on our website:

1. iJoy 130 – $749

2. iJoy 300 – $999

3. HT-2720 (iJoy family) – $999

4. HT-5270 – $2499

5. HT-5320 – $2999

6. HT-5005 – $1999

7. HT-103 – $1499

For those of you who didn’t know, the iJoy brand, which is a very popular and inexpensive brand of massage chair, is also manufactured by Human Touch. Very affordable chairs, but not with the features that the HT family of chairs has. Even the HT-103 has more to offer than the iJoy brand. But, of course, the iJoys fit a perfect demographic…typically younger folks with a little less income.

Human Touch is a very innovative, progressive massage chair company and is constantly working on new designs and technologies. That is why we have new models like the HT-5270, HT-5320, and HT-5005. The HT-5005 is the second massage chair that Human Touch has put out that looks like a recliner and not a massage chair. the HT-5270 is also “kinda” like that too…in that it is a massage chair that is not blatantly a massage chair as far as the looks go.

The HT-5320 is a heavy chair and looks great, while trying to implement the same kind of ottoman as the HT-1650 massage chair in a less expensive, more contemporary massage chair. It also has an air “loop” that can go around the thighs or arms on both sides to massage those body parts as well. Very interesting addition…something I have never seen on another chair.

Of the chairs we are adding, so far we only have the iJoy 130 in our showroom. But all the chairs will be up on our website within the next week or so. I’ll notify you all when they are up and running.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Alan Weidner

Another Massage Chair Question From A Site Visitor…

I have decided that as I receive massage chair questions from visitors to our site, and if the question is one that I feel would benefit my readership and visitorship, I will post the question and my subsequent answer on this blog. How does that sound? I am sure that many, if not all, of you have similar questions on your minds as you shop for a massage chair.

Here is the question and response…

“Which chair has the best features for the lowest cost?”

Hi, Brian!
Thanks for your email. A great, but loaded question. I would have to say with the temporary low price on the Panasonic 30003 massage chair, that would be the best bang for your buck. If you are quite tall, however, this chair would not be the best for stretching out and also having the foot massage. When one is too tall, over 6’2″, the leg extends beyond the foot massager and the side of the foot and ankle get massaged instead. This chair has 5 auto programs, but no heat or seat massage. It comes in black or brown and is upholstered with man-made leather.

For aesthetics and function, we would also pick the Human Touch HT-7120 massage chair, which has a very nice look, leather upholstery, and has massage intensity adjustment along with calf width adjustment. It also has low back heat. No seat massage, no foot massager. The HT-125/135/136 chairs are a step down from the HT-7120…they do not have massage intensity adjustment, calf width adjustment, or lumbar heat. They are very reasonably priced quality chairs, however, but I would still take the HT-7120 over them for the few extra hundred  bucks.

We just received the Inada i2A massage chair and have been quite impressed with the chair. It feels very comfortable to sit in it and has pre-programmed settings, but we notice that it does not have massage intensity adjustment. Folks that have tried it out thus far, have given it rave reviews. You are looking at a little more money than the HT-7120 at $3299, but a very nice chair. It is also synthetic, man-made leather and does not have heat. It has pre-programmed settings and also has a seat massage.

I hope this helps in some way. Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. We are currently working on a chair comparison chart which will address so many comparative issues.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch Preferred Health Care Retailer

I am proud to report that we have been added to the list of Human Touch preferred health care retailers for the massage chair manufacturing giant. As a matter of fact, we are the largest health care retailer of Human Touch massage chairs in the country. It all started about 5 years ago when a patient asked me if I could find him a massage chair for his golf course club house. I got him an old HTT-110 from Human Touch, which is still in use today…even after all the usage you would expect at a golf course club house!

After that I figured I’d order a massage chair for the clinic so that I could see how they actually feel and how patient’s would respond to it as a form of therapy. Well, of course, the patients loved it and it has been used daily ever since. As a matter of fact, I still have that HT-125 massage chair in my new showroom.

We sold a few at Christmas time each year, which prompted me to petition Human Touch about building a website to sell them to my patients. They said it would be OK , although if I were to do it nowadays, I could only put them on my existing chiropractic site. Well, the rest, as they say, is history. Now, we are the largest health care provider of Human Touch massage chairs in the US. We also sell massage chairs around the world. It is a wonderful business for our family. All the kids have been involved in one way or another in the business and my wife just loves selling these chairs.

Thanks for all your support and patronage. It is a pleasure serving you.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Dr. Weidner Invited To Be Member Of Human Touch Wellness Council!

I have been invited to become a member of the  Human Touch Wellness Council, upon the recommendation of Human Touch. In case you are wondering what this means, here is a copy of their mission statement:

Mission Statement:

Human Touch’s Wellness Council is committed to educating professionals, sports-enthusiasts, back pain sufferers and consumers alike on the importance and benefits of taking control of their daily lives, maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit, and maximizing the overall health and wellness lifestyle by incorporating regular massage into their “wellness” routine through the use of personal massage products.  Human Touch has brought together influential persons with a variety of wellness lifestyle experience like how to lose cellulite as members of the Wellness Council to educate and from their own experience and practice of integrating massage into their everyday routine.

Human Touch recognizes its social responsibility and is proud to help individuals achieve wellness in their everyday lives, and by offering massage in affordable, accessible and stylish products, it empowers people to bring themselves one step closer to improving their overall quality of life.

Each Human Touch Wellness Council Member serves as an ambassador for everyday massage, communicating their key wellness messages through online and offline media, community events and public forums.
So, the long and short of it is,  as a chiropractor of 16 years, and as the top retailer for the Health Care Division of the Human Touch company, I have been invited to be an “ambassador” of sorts for the company and for the wellness concept. I actually am quite flattered by this invitation and look forward to being an active participant in the wellness community of which I have been invited to participate. I do know that they ask me to add a monthly blog entry to their website which will launch August 1st, 2008. I will let you know when this is available if you would like to participate in any wellness discussions on that site. Other folks who are also members of this Wellness Council include PGA golfer Tim Clark,  Jeff Galloway, Sarah Harding, Iona MacKenzie, Dr. Michael Nathanson, and  Ted Tryba.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner

The Sanyo 6700 Replacing the Sanyo 7700 Massage Chair

Sanyo 6700
Sanyo 6700

Apparently, from here on out, Sanyo is selling their zero-gravity Sanyo 7700 massage chair exclusively through Relax The Back stores. So, they have provided another model, almost identical to the 7700 called the Sanyo 6700 massage chair. What are the differences, you ask? Well, there are only 3 and here they are:

1. The Sanyo 6700 massage chair has one zero-gravity position, whereas the Sanyo 7700 has two.

2. The Sanyo 6700 has a Quick Course (a short pre-programmed auto program in addition to the regular automatic programs), which the Sanyo 7700 does not have, but the Sanyo 7700 has an “Air Only” course of massage which the 6700 does not have.

3. The Sanyo 7700 has 2 seat airbags and 2 upper bag airbags, which the Sanyo 6700 does not have. Of course, both chairs have the regular upper back rollers…the 6700 just doesn’t have the air bags in the upper back. The 7700 has two more airbags in the leg airbags than does the 6700 (20 vs. 18).

4. The Sanyo 7700 massage chair has an adjustable leg length extension. The Sanyo 6700 does not require that feature because it has the same ottoman design as the Sanyo 5000 which extends the foot rest to accommodate the longer leg of some users. The Sanyo 7700 has a ottoman similar in design to the HT-1650 which is one piece without a movable footrest. No big deal.

And that, my friends, is about it as far as differences between the two chairs. Oh yeah, and the price of the Sanyo 6700 is $500 less than the 7700! So, it’s regular retail price is $4499. So, from here on out, we will only be selling the Sanyo 6700 model on our website and in our showrooms.

Here is a link to the product brochure of the Sanyo 6700 massage chair: Sanyo 6700 massage chair brochure.

You can click on this link to take a look at a comparison chart of the 2 models: Sanyo 6700 and Sanyo 7700 comparison chart.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Our “Massage Chair Relief” Grand Opening Was Awesome!!


 weidners-grand-opening-0081.jpgweidners-grand-opening-0051.jpgI’d like to report to you that our Grand Opening of our Massage Chair Relief showroom was fantastic! We had GaryMichaels from Arrow 103.5 broadcast from the showroom and we had plenty of opportunity to talk about our new store showroom, products, and website on the air with Gary. He was very gracious to give us lots of air time.

Many people came by to visit and “test drive” our chairs. Everyone loves them. The highlight of the day was a visit from Suzette Willcox, the Sales Manager of the Health Care Division of Human Touch! She traveled from Long Beach early in the morning to be here on our special day. We so appreciate the support of Human Touch at our Grand Opening. Suzie brought a beautiful Human    weidners-grand-opening-0131.jpgweidners-grand-opening-0061.jpgTouch banner/sign as a showroom-warming gift. It is awesome and sits at the front of the showroom in the main window.

I’ve put up some pictures of the event so that you can see what was going on.

I also put up a link to an mp3 file of one of the on-air conversations we had with Gary Michaels, the DJ from Arrow 103.5. Enjoy:

Arrow 103.5 Air Check

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Grand Opening and to everyone who has supported us through the years, bringing us to this point and time in our business! We are so grateful.

Dr. Alan Weidner