A Client Asks – “HT-7450 vs. HT-5320 vs. Panasonic 30007?”

A great email from another massage chair shopper regarding which chair is the better choice…


Just a few questions… What s the difference between Panasonic EP30006 and EP30007 ? Why has the EP30006 been discontinued? Which one s a better brand, Human Touch or Panasonic? I was looking the HT5320 and HT7540 It seen to me HT5320 has more features and is more complete then the HT7540… But it’s a lot cheaper… Why? Is it because the zero gravity? So, overall, what’s the best chair between these that I asked about? EP3007, HT5320 or HT7540 ? Thanks Continue reading “A Client Asks – “HT-7450 vs. HT-5320 vs. Panasonic 30007?””

Refurbished Massage Chairs!!

I hope you are having a super new year. We, at www.massage-chair-relief.com, just got the go ahead from Human Touch to offer some of their refurbished models to you. This means significant savings for you if you are still looking for a massage chair.

These chairs are factory refurbished AND tested. You will still get a 6 month factory warranty included with the chairs. They may have some cosmetic blemishes but, for all intents and purposes, these chairs are like brand new.

Here is what we have:

1. HT-7450 zero gravity massage chair for only $2395.

ht-7450 massage chair

This chair, new, goes for $3299. Available in black and dark chocolate (not espresso). I sold a used one in 2010 for $2699! So, this price is a very, very good bargain.

You can check it out here: www.massage-chair-relief.com/human_touch_ht7450_massage_chair.html

Just scroll to the bottom of the page and see the refurbished one there. Just click “Add to Cart” when you are ready to go for it!

This chair is one of Human Touch’s “Elite” chairs…top of the line.

2. HT-5320 massage chair for only $1995…normally $2999!

ht-5320 massage chair

Available in black, espresso, and dark chocolate. Check it out here:


Again, scroll to the bottom of the page and “Add to Cart”.

3. Omega Serenity massage chair (white color).

Omega Serenity zero gravity massage chair
Omega Serenity

Although not a Human Touch chair, this is a gently used, 1-month old massage chair that is still in the original packaging. It was hardly used by a very elderly lady and returned to us in pristine, perfect condition last month. Going for only $1699…regularly $2499.


You’ll see this deeply discounted model at the bottom of the page. This is part of the new zero-gravity relaxation chair line-up from Omega. Very stylish, very affordable. Oh yeah, you’ll also get the rest of the 1 year comprehensive warranty
that originally came with the chair.

For each chair you will get:

a.) f*ree shipping
b.) warranty
c.) f*ree bonus gifts that we include with every massage chair on
our website.
d.) in original packaging

(gift cards and 90-day money back guarantee do not apply to used or refurbished chairs)

Please feel f*ree to call me at 801-417-8240 if you have more questions or if you would like to order over the phone.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Refurbished Human Touch Massage Chairs

I got a call from Human Touch on Friday offering me the opportunity to sell some of their factory refurbished products, particularly the HT-7450 massage chair and the HT-5320 massage chair. I have posted those refurbished models in our

ht-7450 massage chair
HT-7450 massage chair

close-out section. The HT-7450 normally goes for $3299, but the refurbished units are going for $2395. The HT-5320 normally goes for $2999, but we have them refurbished for $1995. Great deals from Human Touch. Includes a 6 month warranty. There may be some slight cosmetic blemishes, but nothing terrible and certainly worth the savings.

The HT-7450 refurbished chairs can be had in black and the old dark chocolate (before the espresso came along). The HT-5320 massage chair can be had in black, dark chocolate, and espresso.

I also have some refurbished HT-1350 and HT-1340 foot and calf massagers, should you be interested. You’ll have to call to order those, as we don’t typically carry them on our website (massage chairs only!!).

Free shipping is included with all of these models!

By the way, not to beat a dead horse, but if you are still thinking about a massage chair for Christmas, there is still a chance that you can get one by the 25th. Please call our office at 801-417-8240 to see if we can do it for you.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Alan Weidner