Christmas Shopping Deadlines!

delivery truck
delivery truck

truck-delivery-1042539-mAs anticipated, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday was crazy busy! Because of the number of sales and the number of people who called me to see if they could have a few more days to decide on the right massage chair (it’s not really a spur of the moment decision!), we have extended our Cyber Monday pricing to the end of this week. I can’t put the deals on the website, so you’ve got to call me at 888-259-5380 to find out what pricing is available for the rest of this week. Continue reading “Christmas Shopping Deadlines!”

Commercial Massage Chair Warranties

deniedI have been writing an 8 part series of reviews of the warranty coverage of each of the 8 companies I represent on my website and store. It is important to note that the discussions in those reviews pertain solely to residential chair placements and use. What about commercial coverage? Do the chairs have different coverage if they are placed and used in a business? Well, for the most  part, yes they do.

This article will address the commercial coverage offered by each company for their massage chairs. If you use the chair in a business setting where multiple employees and/or customers use the chair, then that would be considered commercial use. If you are buying a chair for your office and you are the principal user of the chair, then the normal warranty would typically apply. Some examples I have seen of commercial use meriting different warranty coverage would be spas, salons, tire stores, auto dealerships, employee perks in a business, doctor’s offices, dentist’s waiting or recovery rooms, retail outlets, gyms, teacher lounges at schools, etc.

I have contacted each of the massage chair companies that I represent and here are their commercial warranties: Continue reading “Commercial Massage Chair Warranties”

Massage Chair News and Notes

JPMedics Kumo with 4D thermal roller
JPMedics Kumo with 4D thermal roller

Lots of good stuff to go over today, so I’ll just get right into it…

1. The Panasonic MA70 is unexpectedly back-ordered until June. I guess Panasonic’s sales of this model were far greater than forecast, so we are stuck waiting for a new shipment to come in. I will notify you in my biweekly Massage Chair Industry updates about stock status of this and all other massage chair models.

By the way, I have put up some videos about the Panasonic MA70 on our YouTube channel. Take a look, it is a very nice, well-built, thorough massage chair…Panasonic’s best! Continue reading “Massage Chair News and Notes”

Customer Warranty Support – What Should You Expect!

One of the things that I hold most dear in my relationship with my customers is the ability to tell them that the chair they are buying is backed by a massage chair company with a  great warranty for their chairs. It is so important to me that my customer has the best support available when they buy a chair from me because they are committing thousands of dollars, often sight unseen, to a chair that is supposed to bring them pain and stress relief.  Continue reading “Customer Warranty Support – What Should You Expect!”

What I Learned at the Las Vegas Furniture Market Yesterday!

Once again, I made the trek to the Las Vegas Furniture Market to visit with some of my massage chair suppliers. And, once again, I was impressed and amazed at the size and enormity of this place. It is quite a place. If you ever have a chance to go, by all means check it out. It will blow your mind!
I spent some great time with Cliff Levin, President of Inada USA, and had a wonderful visit with Mark Holmes, COO for Cozzia massage chairs. I just recently picked up the Cozzia line for my website and wanted to meet with a principle of the company, do an interview and become more acquainted with this product line.

My visit with Mark was particularly interesting because he actually works for Easepal, aka Xiamen Comfort Science, who is the parent company and manufacturer of Cozzia massage chairs. I have never met or visited with anyone who works for one of the 3 big massage chair manufacturers in China. This was my first time. It was fascinating to hear the massage chair perspective from the manufacturing side. I was so impressed with the discussion that I invited Mr. Holmes to do a skype interview with me, ala my interviews with Cliff Levin of Inada and Jim Coppins of Infinite Therapeutics. He graciously accepted. I hope to cover much of what we discussed yesterday in our skype interview for your enjoyment and learning. We will be scheduling an interview time shortly.

Here are my “takeaways” from my day at the Furniture Market yesterday: Continue reading “What I Learned at the Las Vegas Furniture Market Yesterday!”