Suffering from back pain? Don’t reach for the paracetamol, go for a walk instead: Exercise reduces chronic lower … – Daily Mail

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If an individual is suffering from chronic back pain, it might be helpful to try moderate exercise before turning to medications to releive the issue. Being active can help reduce chronic lower back pain by up to 16%. It is important to note that exercising will not have an effect on short-term back pain, such as types of pain that cause hospitilization. For people already experiencing back pain, tennis and golf, which require twisting, are not good activities to relieve the pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr Press said: ‘We were meant to move. We were not meant to be stagnant in any way, so I think this study does confirm that.
  • Dr Press advises back pain sufferers avoid sports that involve a lot of twisting and turning, such as golf and tennis.
  • Yet, exercise does not have an impact on short-term back pain or that which causes hospitalisation or disability.

“Results revealed that being highly active reduces the risk of chronic lower back pain by 16 per cent compared to those who do not regularly exercise.”

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