Study Shows Online Obsessed Teens at Risk for High Blood Pressure


These days, you’re much more likely to find a teenager parked in front of a computer than engaging in any kind of physical activity. The reason why is obvious; the proliferation of laptops, tablets and smart phones. But as teens are now able to stay in constant contact with their peer groups and access a seemingly endless stream of media, it’s having a negative effect on their stress levels and their interest in staying physically active. One study has found that all that stress and inactivity is manifesting itself in teenagers with increased rates of high blood pressure

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Nursing Medicine, teens who spend more than 14 hours a week online have an increased risk factor for contracting high blood pressure. The reason those two things are linked should be obvious to anyone who is currently the parent of a teenager. Remaining in constant contact with other people without physical interaction can raise a person’s stress levels over time. Spend inordinate amounts of time using the Internet has been linked with a decrease in physical activity. Together, chronic stress and a sedentary lifestyle are two aliments that can lead to the development of high blood pressure. Although they may not like the idea, sometimes kids need to put down their phones and connect with the real world if they want to keep their stress levels under control.

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