Study Finds That Inflammation Makes Depression Worse

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In a recently published study, researchers from Rice University and Ohio State University noted that chronic inflammation can worsen the effects of depression. Because tissue and joint inflammation causes sufferers significant pain and the loss in mobility, they often become depressed. In addition to lowering quality of life, researchers also found that patients who suffered from inflammation related depression had a higher risk factor for contracting serious illnesses such as cancer and type II diabetes. While the study found that traditional therapies were not effective in treating the depression experienced by those afflicted with chronic inflammation, alternative methods like yoga did offer a measure of relief.

Since many types of yoga have the effect of greatly relaxing practitioners, it’s not a surprise that it was able to aid sufferers of inflammation related depression. Although it wasn’t covered in the Rice/Ohio State study, it’s likely that getting regular massage sessions would have similar positive effects. Previous studies of found that massage can treat the effects of inflammation by promoting proper blood circulation to affected areas. With increased blood circulation comes reduced pain and greater mobility. Additionally, massage has been found to be very beneficial to depressed individuals as a session can induce the body’s relaxation response, wherein the muscles and fascia began to loosen up and large quantities of endorphins are pumped into the bloodstream.

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