Study Finds Physiotherapy is More Effective than Surgery for AC Joint Dislocation  

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A new study has found that those who opt for non-surgical treatments for their acromioclavicular joint dislocation injuries recover faster and with fewer complications than those who chose to undergo surgery. The most common surgical solution for AC dislocation is a procedure that involves inserting a metal plate and screws into the shoulder. The most common non- surgical treatment involves fixing the shoulder in place with a sling and a course of physiotherapy. The study followed two groups of people who were afflicted by AC joint dislocation and examined how they were coping after receiving treatment. The non-surgical group had a shorter recovery time and they didn’t have to deal with issues like plate shifting or screw loosening.

In addition to physiotherapy such as Inspire Atlanta, another treatment that has been found to be beneficial to people with joint injuries is massage, which is also available at Inspire Atlanta. Precisely targeted shiatsu massage can help relieve pain that is caused by inflamed joints by gently exerting pressure near the affected areas. As shiatsu only utilizes the fingers, it will not aggravate areas of the body that are already radiating with pain. Massage also has the effect of aiding blood circulation, which will help optimize immune function. Check out this article to learn about why noninvasive treatments for AC dislocation are more effective than surgery.

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