Study Finds Meditation More Effective at Treating Chronic Back Pain than Pain Medication

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With the US Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control now recommending that tighter controls be placed on prescription pain medication, or anticoagulant medications such as xarelto people who suffer from debilitating chronic back pain may be wondering where they should look to in order to find some relief. According to a study conducted by the Seattle-based Group Health Research Institute, there is one method of non-pharmaceutical chronic back pain treatment that’s more effective than prescription painkillers; mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). In essence, MBSR is a treatment program that utilizes yoga techniques and group meditation to help practitioners become more attuned to physical sensation and their emotions.

The Group Health Research Institute found that of the 342 chronic back pain sufferers they studied, those who participated in a MBSR program for a period of one year reported a 40 percent reduction in pain when compared to a subgroup that utilized more conventional treatments for their condition. This new study only backs up the growing amount of research that has found that unconventional pain treatments like meditation, yoga and massage are as or even more effective in helping chronic pain sufferers get relief. It should be also noted that holistic chronic pain treatments do not have the adverse side effects that come with the use of prescription pain medication.

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