Study finds Massage Improves Quality of Life for Chinese Cancer Patients

healthy young woman stretching before Fitness and Exercise


In America, massages are largely known for their relaxation and rehabilitative properties. However, in other parts of the world massages are used to treat serious illnesses such as major depression and cancer. In fact, a recent study found that using traditional Chinese medicine techniques, such as acupuncture and massage, had a positive impact on the mental and physical health of Chinese cancer patients. Researchers discovered that after undergoing regular massage and acupuncture sessions, Chinese cancer patients had fewer gastrointestinal problems and their overall anxiety levels fell considerably.

The reason the Chinese cancer patients experienced an increase in the overall quality of life after undergoing acupuncture and massage treatments is due to their ability to reduce a person’s stress. In addition to its many negative effects on a person’s psychological well-being, having excess stress in one’s life can also have majorly deleterious effects on a person’s physical health. Many studies have found that stress can often present itself in the form of digestive dysfunction. While massage and acupuncture are not effective treatments for cancer, they are both effective at alleviating the symptoms of the disease. Given how important a person’s mental and physical health are to the success of cancer treatments like chemotherapy, it wouldn’t be surprising to see acupuncture and massage become standard medical treatments for cancer patients in the US soon.

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