Study Finds Chronic Stress Can Increase Risk Factor for Stroke, Heart Attack

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A recent study presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 65th Annual Scientific Session found that people who suffer from intense chronic stress also have a higher incidence of arterial inflammation. As arterial inflammation precursor to atherosclerotic disease, a condition that results in an increase in stroke and heart attack causing plaque within the arteries, it’s now clear than ever that chronic stress is a condition that has health risk factors that are as serious as alcoholism or morbid obesity. The one silver lining to this study over is that there are a number of quite pleasant ways to reduce the amount of stress in a person’s life to a manageable level.

One of the most effective and widely practiced methods of stress relief is regular cardiovascular exercise. By including a 30 minute run into your daily routine, you can balance out your blood pressure while also prompting your body to produce stress busting hormones. Another stress fighting method that’s become increasingly popular in recent years is to spend some time working on an adult coloring book. And, massage is an age old treatment for stress because it can loosen tense muscles and induce profound feelings of calm and relaxation.

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