Study Finds 20 Percent of College Students Afflicted with Anxiety

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According to research recently published in the Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, some 20 percent of US college students are suffering from anxiety and 10 percent are currently afflicted by depression. As such, anxiety and depression are now the most common causes of academic failure and social dysfunction among college students. The reason for this unsettling increase in mental health issues among that demographic are obvious; as recent fluctuations in the economy have made good well-paying jobs harder to find, there is increased pressure to succeed academically. While a certain amount of stress can act as a useful motivator, a level of stress that induces social isolation, failing grades and depression is a serious problem.

Realizing the scope of the issue, colleges and universities across the country have begun taking proactive measures to treat on-campus stress. Some institutions have begun issuing students adult coloring books. Others have taken to making therapy animals available to all those who need them. And still others have started on-campus massage programs to help keep student stress levels at a manageable level. So far, regular 20 minute massages with qualified massage therapists or massage chairs have shown positive results when it comes to helping harried students relax. Click the link below to learn more about how stress impacts the lives of college students.

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