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Inada Flex 3s

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Inada Flex 3sAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going talk about the stretch function of the Inada Flex 3s massage chair. This is a new model from Inada. It kind of looks like the old, the DreamWave, as far as the body design, but it’s a smaller chair, and the accent, or the features of choice for this chair, are the stretch, and posture-correction features. And the stretch on this chair, which is pretty typical of most massage chairs, includes the arching of the back – the lowering of the chair back, and the ottoman dropping, with airbags grabbing your feet, and airbags pinning back the shoulders – in to a reclined, extended position. That’s pretty typical on most massage chairs, but what this chair does, is it brings the body of the person up in to a seated position, so the hips are flexing, and then it also pins the shoulders back, and has the rollers moving up and down the spine, just like it does in extension. And this is first chair that we’ve seen, where it integrates the posture correction, and the rolling of the rollers up and on the spine, not only while the spine is extended, but also when it is flexed. So, let’s take a look at the chair here, we’ve got it turned on right now. These are the shoulder airbags I speak of; they will inflate on to the shoulders. Now you’ll see the chair back is reclining, this is the extension portion of the stretch, see how the legs are going down, and the chair back is reclining. Imagine your body in there – and we’ll show a picture of someone in the chair as well – but these airbags are inflated, they are pushing against the shoulders of the user, and the airbags down here in the calves and in the feet are inflated, to grab the feet, and it drops the chair back down, it drops the ottoman down, and the rollers are also moving.

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Alan: You can feel them moving, rollers moving somewhat in the low back, it’s not the entire time, but the rollers move in the low back, while this – while the body is in this position, and so that is – oh, also the waist airbags inflate, and I forgot to mention that, the waist airbags inflate to arch the back even more. You’ll see also the seat is inflating on both sides of the seat, to elevate the seat up higher as well. So, you’re getting the back dropped, the ottoman dropped, with airbags grabbing the shoulders and the feet, respectively. You’re getting waist airbags inflating and seat airbags inflating, to not only arch your – to lay you back flat, but also to raise up your mid – the middle part of your back, or the middle part of your body, which is your hips. And then you can also see the rollers moving up and down a little bit, and now they’re going down a bit, the rollers move up and down the spine to kind of accentuate that arched position. So, that’s the extension stretch of the Inada Flex. Well, what this chair also does, and now you can – oh, you can also see airbags inflating up here behind the shoulders – so there were airbags that inflated on the waist, now there’s airbags also in the shoulders. The essence of these airbags is to lift the body, while the shoulder airbags are pinning them back, pinning the shoulders back.

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Alan: Now, the second part of the stretch for the Inada Flex 3s is what’s very unique to this chair. You’ll see that the chair is coming up now, the airbags are inflating, OK, so now imagine that you’re sitting in this chair, your legs are upright, it’s not dropping, and it’s bringing you upright, and now these airbags are inflating against your shoulders, and you’ve got airbags in the waist, and in the mid back pushing against your spine to arch your back again. Now, of course, it’s going back down in to the extension stretch, but when it comes back up in to flexion, you will see these airbags continue to push the shoulders back, the waist airbags inflate, and the shoulder airbags inflate, and the rollers going up and down your back while the chair is upright. So, let’s watch and see while that happens. Well, now we see the seat inflating again, elevating the seat, and now when all the airbags will deflate, the chair will come up again in to the flexed position. Now you see the legs are coming up, the legs will come up, to bring the user’s legs straight up, and then when that is done, the chair back will come up again. The airbags on the shoulders will inflate, and the airbags in the back and the shoulders will inflate, and the rollers will also move up and down the spine, as they are now, but with the body in an upright, flexed position.

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Alan: So, let’s see – well, let’s wait for that to happen as well – now the airbags are inflating to pin the shoulders back, now the chair is coming up again, now the airbags are inflating, now the body will be upright. So, once again, the chair does the flexion component of the stretch, so I don’t know if you’ve ever sat in a chair that’s done this, since this is the first chair that’s ever done it. There’s other chairs that do come upright, but they don’t pin your shoulders back, they don’t have airbags inflating, and they don’t have the rollers moving up and down your back. It’s really quite an intense stretch, and it’s a fantastic, fantastic stretch, but also, at the same time it’s stretching you, it works on your posture. So, now you can see the airbags inflating, and imagine that you’re upright now, and your back – and your shoulders are getting pinned back, and your body – the rollers are pushing your body forward. And then you’ve got – there’s the rollers down there, you can see the rollers moving down the back – plus, you got these airbags inflating. That’s the flexion/extension stretch of the Inada Flex 3s.

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Alan: I’m sorry about the down time there while we were waiting for the chair to come up again, but I want you to understand that this is a very unique feature that only this chair has. Stretching in extension, stretching in flexion – that is the Inada Flex 3s massage chair – that’s one of the primary features of this chair that make it a very special chair. So, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you found it helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us, subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can be updated about subsequent videos that we create, and we try to put out one to three videos a week. Also, feel free to ‘Like’ us, or share us on your social media properties, and help us spread the word about massage chairs. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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