Stress Tracking App Receives Funding

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

Neumitra has developed a wearable that continuously measures and tracks stress levels and reports them to your phone. Thiel Foundation’s Breakout Labs has just investing funding in the company, along with other California-based companies like “EKG for the gut” device maker G-Tech.

The wearable device will measure skin conductance, ambient temperature, and tri-axis motion. Its battery lasts for about 50 hours before it needs to be charged for about four hours. The mobile software is made to gather contextual data such as events, locations, and activities, in order to map triggers of stress.

The company says its mission is to develop a “validated stress score” to help determine what makes us stressed, and what we can do to avoid it. The company also said that it aims to address the question of daily health with objective data streams – from veterans with PTSD and mothers with newborns, to CEOs and nurses with long schedules.

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