Stress Less At Work!

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For most people, the work place is the number one place that stresses you out, but don’t let it be! This is a great article for advice on how to stress less at work, such as by avoiding co-workers who stress you out, and spending time with those who are calm, motivated, and enthusiastic.

It includes five exercises you can use to create more calm and less stress during your workday as well. The first is starting the day with reflection, not email. Don’t let work stress you out before you even have time to think about your own life and outlook.

Another is paying attention to your actions, and ignoring battles that aren’t worth fighting. When you are feeling stressed about something, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Again, choosing your companions wisely is essential. It’s very easy for another persons mood or attitude to rub off on you, which is why it’s important to be around positive people rather than negative ones.

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