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Have you ever been extremely stressed out and found your self deep into a binge eating session? If so no worries we all have. The real question you might ask is how is that happening? And exactly why? We are built to do this. If we sense stress the adrenal gland will start pumping out cortisol. And it diffuses from the gland, and has radical and dramatic effects.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s just about finals week, and everybody knows that once week nine rolls around, things start to drop off quickly.
  • Meant to be sudden intense change in physiology that causes you to do something. Fight better. And presumably the stress goes away and cortisol goes back down.
  • Lab studies show that if you bring people into the lab it’s a selective increase in high sugar and high-fat foods. Your very stereotypical comfort foods.

“High-energy foods take a lot of time and effort to find. There’s no way there’s imminent danger if i had time to hunt this energy rich food. So your heart rate slows.”

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