How Stress Can Lead to Excessive Snacking

young couple people meditating yoga in lotus position at early morning on the beach

Being overweight can exert a significant amount of stress on your mind and body numerous studies is shown that high body mass index is associated with a high risk factor for contracting type II diabetes, hypertension, dementia, heart disease and cancer. Similarly, a number of medical organizations have found that one of the reasons obesity, which now afflicts 35 percent of US population, is due to the plethora of junk foods available to the populace and the American tendency to snack.

Recently Authority Nutrition post an article about how to curb snacking, specifically the heavy calorie, late-night snacking that can so easily expand the waistline.

The article notes that snacking has a number of causes and consequently, must be addressed holistically. To start it’s a good idea to increase the amount of protein in your diet so that your regular meals will be more satisfying in your snacking urges will decrease. It’s also important to identify your snacking triggers, which has been found to be caused by various stressors more than hunger.

Therefore, the next time you feel the urge to snack, consider what prompted the feeling. Then, a meeting greasy cheeseburger or sugar packed candy bar, engage in relaxing activity such as yoga or massage to lower your stress level. Once that happens, there’s a good chance your urge to snack will dissipate.

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