Stress Awareness Month: My stress levels were so high they made me ill – Metro

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Everyone has felt the kind of stress ot up your game that ends with a great feeling of achievement. The bad kind is when you get ill, stop eating, and eventually stop functioning. This usually happens when you face very stressful things such as moving out or having a break up. It does not help that I am a pessimist and a perfectionist. I love the good stress though. I feel like it helps improve the quality of my work and make me feel better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everybody will have encountered both sorts.The great kind is the kind of stress that makes you up your amusement,
    the awful kind is the sort where everything gets on top of you.
  • The secret to overseeing stress is to catch it early and do what you can to de-stretch.
  • I’m particularly great at managing work push. Give me a huge amount of work due dates and will I hit each damn one.

“The trick to managing stress is to catch it early and do what you can to de-stress.”

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