Stress and obesity go hand in hand

relaxing in the living room

It turns out that stress and obesity both go hand in hand. Work related stress is leading to obesity problems all across the country. People are trying to cope with tough deadlines and in order to deal with this, they are turning to food in order to make them feel more calm. Short term stress does not cause this issue, long term stress does. If one experiences short term stress, then one will not have an appetite.

Key Takeaways:

  • Medical professionals say stress, from any source, is a common cause for weight gain.
  • Hormones, which are affected by high stress, can be further manipulated by certain foods; which can lead to relying on them to feel better.
  • Doctors continue to teach the best way to deal with both stress and weight gain is exercise and a healthy diet.

“In order to cope with tough deadlines and competitive environments, more and more people are resorting to foods like ice creams and chocolates”

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