Stress Almost Ruined Everything I’d Worked For—but It Also Taught Me How to Take Control

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For many of us, we thrive on stress it pushes us to work harder or move faster in different aspects of our lives. As a result, we can find ourselves teetering on the line of unhealthy and healthy stress. However, stress can’t be your only motivator, learn more about how to control your stress and not let it control you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress can cause problems with your relationship.
  • Stress can change your everyday mood and behavior.
  • You need to be aware of your tendency to put pressure on yourself and actively work to diffuse it.

“It’s easy to lose sight of priorities, especially when you’re a perfectionist. When you hold yourself to high standards, as I tend to do, you often feel like you’re underperforming or not doing enough.”–greatistcom-