Stop the Household Stress!

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Your kids, your dog, your chores, the mess, all of these things are included in household stress! It’s so easy to let all of these stressors pile up, which is why it’s important to know the best ways to minimize them so that they don’t add to our anxiety.

Household stress comes from secret stressors that slide in under the radar, sometimes without you even noticing until they’ve built up so much that you have an anxiety attack! Be sure to acknowledge these household stressors, so that you know how to handle them and prevent them from adding more stress than necessary! Also if you have just bought a new house do a TRI air test.

Some common household stressors include over-scheduling the kids, keeping too many pets, trying to multi-task too many tasks, talking about stressful topics, not allowing ample travel time, and allowing clutter to build up!

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